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MONDAY, December 31st, 2007, AT 6:40 PM, PT

Our Good Friend Joe Corley of Atlanta, Georgia past this on to us today, and we would like to pass it on to you.
Thanks Joe.

At a Time When So Many of Us Face So Many Challenges
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One of the Planet's Greatest Inspirational Speakers
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From All of Us at the ISCF & IKF


FRIDAY, December 28th, 2007, AT 5:20 PM, PT


ISCF Makes Amateur Matchmaking
EASIER For Promoters & Fighters
But Maintains Accountability

After a successful year as the ONLY MMA Sanctioning Body that does Fighter Background checks to assure Amateurs are TRUE Amateurs and not Professional MMA Fighters, the ISCF looked back to see where changes could be made to assist Promoters as well as Fighters for Amateur Fights. Several aspects of the new Amateur Matchmaking rule were discussed among ISCF Representatives and in the end, several changes were made. "We wanted to see what could be done to make it easier for ISCF Promoters to register fighters for their events." Said ISCF President Steve Fossum. "At the Same time we didn't want to lose our Integrity." Said ISCF World Representative Steve Crawford. This being said, here are just some of the changes for the Amateur Matchmaking rule for 2008.

  • NEW FOR 2008
    1. No More Fighter Registration Late Fees!
    2. No More Fighter Spelling Error Fees!
    3. No More "OVER 12 BOUT" Match Fees!
      • Promoters can Register Fighters at their event Weigh-Ins with the Official ISCF Event Representative, as long as the ISCF Event Representative is given access to the internet via computer to check the status of the newly added fighter in the ISCF Rankings as well as on various MMA Fighter Databases.
      • The ISCF Event Representative has the right to approve or not approve the fighter from fighting based upon his/her findings during the background check.
      • In the case of a Late Replacement or Fill-In
        • The Promoter, Trainer or Fighter must pay to the Official ISCF Event Representative at the event weigh-ins the Fighters Registration Fee.
        • The Promoter, Trainer or Fighter must also give to the Official ISCF Event Representative at the event weigh-ins the "FULLY COMPLETED" fighters Registration FORM signed by the Fighter.
        • Before being approved to fight, Promoter must FAX the Fighters COMPLETED Registration FORM to the ISCF Headquarters with a cover letter explaining that this is a LATE Registered Fighter, with the name and date of the event included to: 916 663-4510.
        • After doing so, it is the Responsibility of the ISCF Event Representative to mail the fighters Registration FORM and Registration Fees to the ISCF within 72 hours following the event.

To see all the changes to the Amateur Matchmaking rule, Click HERE.

  • With the completion of another successful year, The ISCF still remains the ONLY MMA Sanctioning Body that;
    1. Has Men's Amateur Rankings found in 3 areas:
    2. Has Woman's Amateur Rankings found HERE.
    3. Has Professional Men's Rankings found HERE.
    4. Has Professional Women's Rankings found HERE.
    5. List ALL Upcoming Sanctioned events found HERE.
    6. Has an updated current News Page.
    7. Lists fighter and Trainer contact info in their rankings.
    8. Does LEGIT Amateur fighter background checks to assure Amateurs are TRUE Amateurs.
    9. Has LEGIT Champions listed in their Official Rankings.
    10. Lists ALL "Past and Former" ISCF Champions on our Past Champions Page found HERE.
    11. Has a complete Past News Database found HERE.
    12. Has a full listing of "LEGIT" Certified event Officials found HERE.
    13. Offers the ONLY - Open Amateur "Golden Gloves Style" Amateur MMA Tournament found HERE.

Simply put, you will never find the following comments on ANY ISCF Page... "Under Construction"... some of those other "Rubber Stamp" organizations out there have been "Under Construction" since they started.. and if you check, they STILL have "Under Construction" on many of their web pages today....

ISCF... A REAL MMA Sanctioning Body for REAL Champions & Fighters! NOT A "Rubber Stamp, Rubber Champion" Organization!


ISCF Adjusts
Sanctioning Fee Schedule

Another change the ISCF has made for 2008 is a more open time frame for sanctioning fees. Instead of a 30 day prior to event deadline, the general sanction fee now extends to 20 days prior to an event before any late/penalty fee is assessed.

In addition, for those promoters who choose to sanction their events inside 20 days prior to their event, the ISCF has accessed less of a penalty for sanctioning fees paid inside 20 days prior to the Promoters events. To see the new adjustments click HERE!


International Fight League Presents
Uncasville, Conn, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday, December 29th, 2007
  • WHO: International Fight League
  • WHERE: Mohegan Sun Arena - - Uncasville, Conn, USA
    • IFL WORLD GRAND PRIX "Battle For The Belts" 2007
  • ISCF Representative: Mohegan Tribe, Department Of Athletic Regulation Appointed
  • ISCF Referee: Mohegan Tribe, Department Of Athletic Regulation Appointed


Wagnney Fabiano Vs L.C Davis
Ryan Schultz Vs Chris Horodecki
Delson Heleno Vs Jay Hieron
Benji Radach Vs Matt Horwich
Antoine Jaoude Vs Roy Nelson


Brett Cooper Vs Rory Markham
Marcello Salazar Vs Alex Cook
Elias Rivera Vs Tim Kennedy

WEDNESDAY, December 26th, 2007, AT 9:45 PM, PT

December 15th, 2007 - Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

Submitted by IKF/ISCF Representative Michael Storm: Some drove for hours through a snowstorm to make it to Tinley Park, Illinois just to be a part of an all amateur Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Full Contact Rules extravaganza"Pure Force VI-The Return". The crowd of spectators was treated to a full night of hard hitting action put on by the guys at HCX International Entertainment at the Tinley Park Convention Center.
Here are the results of the night…

  1. Men's Junior Middleweight Muay Thai
    Marcus Hurt, 1-0-0, Rebels of Destruction, Chicago, IL, vs Bob Hoogland, 0-1-0, Premier Martial Arts, John Geyston, Springfield, IL
    Round 1: Hurt starts with kicks to Hoogland's legs and body. Hoogland responds with a series of left/right punching combinations toward Hurt's head that knock Hurt's headgear off of his head and appears to briefly stun Hurt. Once the headgear is replaced, Hurt uses kicks to keep some distance between Hoogland and himself but Hoogland comes in with the punches to Hurt's head and again knocks Hurt's headgear off. The edge in the round went to Hoogland on all scorecards.
    Round 2: The second round was a closer round and a better round for Hurt. He began with leg kicks to Hoogland and followed up with punching combinations of his own that back Hoogland up. When Hoogland was backed to the rope, he would clinch and Hurt would start with the knees to Hoogland's body. Hoogland pushed Hurt off and landed a couple of well placed and strong hooks to Hurt's head which stalled Hurt's attack. The edge in the round went to Hurt on two of the three judges scorecards.
    Round 3: Hurt begins with the leg kicks which Hoogland tries to side step as he delivers several more power punches to Hurt's head. Hurt clinches Hoogland and begins to attack with his knees. Hoogland pushes Hurt off and throws more punches to Hurt's head. Hurt decides to stand and trade head shots with Hoogland toward the end of the fight with both fighters trying to deliver the knockout shot that will take the decision of a very close fight out of the hands of the judges but to no avail as the bell rang to end the fight.
    The judges scored the fight 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28. Winner by Split Decision-Marcus Hurt.

  2. Women's Featherweight Muay Thai
    Katie Klimansky, 1-2-0, Jeff Webber, Chicago, IL, vs Amber Gallagher, 2-0-0, Ryan Blackorby, Peoria, IL
    Round 1: Gallagher attacks with kicks to the legs and body of Klimansky. Klimansky tries to tie her up but then starts taking knees to the body from Gallagher which causes Klimansky to shove her off. They trade several leg kicks from the outside and some knees from the inside. Eventually Gallagher catches a body kick thrown by Klimansky and punches her right in the face as she drives Klimansky to the ropes where Klimansky ties her up. Gallagher steps back and finishes the round with a series of leg kicks to give her the edge in the round on all judges' scorecards.
    Round 2: Gallagher tries to begin the round as she ended the first with leg kicks followed up by punches. Klimansky ties her up and they exchange knees before Gallagher pushes Klimansky off. Gallagher appears determined to break Klimansky down with a lead leg kick followed up by punching combinations throughout most of the round. All judges gave Gallagher the edge in the round.
    Round 3: Gallagher, clearly the aggressor in the final round, continues attacking Klimansky's legs with powerful kicks that back Klimansky up to the ropes. When Gallagher is able to get inside, she's able to throw knees to the body and punches to the face that kept a tired Klimansky on the defensive throughout most of the round. Klimansky repeatedly tried to stall the action with tight clinches but due to inactivity in the clinch, Referee Terri Storm was forced to break the fighters giving Gallagher the opportunity to start a new attack.
    All judges scored the fight 30-27. Winner by Unanimous Decision-Amber Gallagher.

  3. Men's Super Middleweight Muay Thai
    Nick Beideman, 1-0-0, Hackney's Fight Crew, Bloomington, IL, vs Michelo Pryor, 0-1-0, Premier Martial Arts, John Geyston, Springfield, IL
    Round 1: Beideman comes across the ring throwing punches at Pryor. Pryor responds with kicks followed up by a flying knee to Beideman's body that backs Beideman off. Beideman lands a right hook to Pryor's head that causes him to tie Beideman up. Beideman pushes Pryor off, attempts a round kick to Pryor's head that Pryor avoids but lands a series of punches to Pryor's head. Beideman appears to be trying to load up the right hand. He lands several that Pryor manages to shake off but none the less score. The edge in the round went to Beideman on the judges' cards.
    Round 2: Beideman begins with kicks to the legs, body and head of Pryor followed up by punches, many of which were partially blocked. Pryor answers back with kicks and punches of his own causing Beideman to tie him up to stall his attack. Beideman steps back and renews his attack. Although Pryor is able to block many of the blows from Beideman, Beideman dictates the pace as the clear aggressor in the round. As the round ends, Beideman throws a series of punches to Pryor's body finishing with a round kick to the head. The judges gave the edge in the round to Beideman on all cards.
    Round 3: Beideman begins with a round kick to Pryor's body followed up with a series of punches to the head. Pryor answers with punches of his own, neither fighter showing any damage. Both fighters are tired and neither appears to want to take the dominant position in the round. Eventually, Beideman throws a left/right combination to Pryor's head that forces Pryor to tie him up. Beideman pushes him off and continues the combinations to Pryor's head as the round ends.
    All judges scored the fight 30-27. Winner by Unanimous Decision, Nick Beideman.

  4. Men's Welterweight MMA
    Ben Gladem, 0-0-0, 1 No Contest, Independent, Janesville, WI, Vs Joe Powers 1-1-0, 1 No Contest, Ryan Blackorby, Peoria, Il
    Both fighters begin with an exchange of jabs when Gladem hits Powers with a hook to the jaw that drops Powers and causes him to try a takedown. Gladem wraps his arm around Powers' head and attempts a guillotine. Powers gets his head out and pushes Gladem up against the ropes in a side mount and throws knees to Gladem's body. Powers throws an illegal knee that hits Gladem in the head causing Referee Robert Hinds to stop time to give Gladem time to recover. Dr. Bruce Hertz comes in to check Gladem out as Referee Robert Hinds deducts a point from Powers for the knee strike. Gladem tells the doctor he's ready to continue. As the fight continues, they both start standing in the ring and exchange a couple of combinations to each others head as the round ends. At the end of the round, Gladem says he can't continue because of the knee to the head.
    At the event: Referee Robert Hinds ruled the fight a "NO CONTEST" Bout.
    ISCF Has Reviewed the circumstances of this bout and Ruled as follows:
    "If a fighter chooses to continue after ANY type of an injury, the bout is scored as any other bout. This is because the fighter made the decision him/herself to continue. Thus, the official result will be;
    Powers defeated Gladem by TKO when Gladem could not answer the bell in round 2.
  5. Men's Lightweight MMA
    Jeff Charlebois, 1-1-0, James & Ron Hill, Shorewood, IL., Vs Floyd Hodges 0-1-0, Craig Monyelle, Illinois
    Round 1: Charlebois begins with a lead leg kick which Hodges answers with a couple of punches. Charlebois ducks the punches and goes in for a single leg takedown. He picks Hodges up to dump him but Hodges falls on top of Charlebois in a half mount and attempts an armbar. Charlebois turns into Hodges and gets his arm out but Hodges maintains the half mount on top. After a period of inactivity, the referee stands them up to continue in the middle of the ring. Charlebois fakes a punch and shoots in for a takedown. Hodges turns to his knees allowing Charlebois to grab him around the waist and dump him again, Hodges on the bottom, Charlebois on the top as the round ends. As Charlebois proved the more aggressive with his several takedown attempts, he received the edge in the round on all judges' scorecards.
    Round 2: The fighters exchange kicks before Hodges moves in and wraps his arms around Charlebois' waist. Charlebois throws a couple of knees to Hodges' body and turns him into the ropes. Charlebois picks Hodges up and dumps him on the ground with a side mount. Charlebois throws knees to the body and repositions himself with his knees up around Hodges' head so he can punch both sides of Hodges' body. Hodges manages to twist, facing Charlebois and stands up. Charlebois shoots for a takedown but Hodges sprawls and controls the top position until the end of the round. All judges gave the edge in the round to Charlebois.
    Round 3: Hodges tries a front kick but Charlebois backs off and avoids it. Charlebois charges in, picks up Hodges and throws him down. Charlebois, in a side mount, starts kneeing Hodges body. Charlebois swings his leg over into a full mount and attempts a ground and pound. Hodges pulls him down to neutralize the attack. Charlebois continues hitting Hodges in the head forcing Referee Robert Hinds to stop the fight at 2:05 of the round.
    Winner by TKO-Jeff Charlebois.

  6. Men's Heavyweight Muay Thai
    Lukas Grabowski, 0-1-0, Hackney's Fight Crew, Bloomington, IL., vs David Gaston, 1-0-0, Ryan Blackorby, Peoria, IL.
    Round 1: Grabowski comes across the ring and throws a barrage of kicks and punches that back Gaston into the corner. He continues to attack Gaston in the corner where Gaston covers up and blocks most of the blows. Referee Mike Storm tells Gaston to fight out of the corner to show him he's unhurt. Gaston bursts out of the corner with his own flurry of punches which backs Grabowski up to the middle of the ring. Both fighters in the middle of the ring now begin to exchange techniques. Each fighter throwing every shot as a power shot. Gaston hits Grabowski in the face and bloodies his nose. The time stops when Gaston's headgear is knocked off. Referee Mike Storm sends Grabowski to the neutral corner as he gets Gaston's headgear replaced. Grabowski's corner comes onto the apron and attempts to go to the neutral corner. Referee Mike Storm admonishes the cornerman and explains that his fighter can be disqualified for such an action. As the fight continues Gaston appears determined to take charge forcing Grabowski back with some vicious body and head shots but Grabowski continued to fight back. As the bell rang to end the round, both fighters refused to stop fighting which forced the referee to step in and warn both fighters. Two of the three judges gave the edge to Gaston in the round.
    Round 2: Grabowski begins the round as he started the first round, with a barrage of kicks and punches backing Gaston into the corner. Gaston blocks most of the shots and shows that he is unhurt as he again bursts out of the corner with an explosion of punches to the head and body of Grabowski which back Grabowski into a corner and forces him to turn away from Gaston to avoid getting punched. He began fighting back briefly but soon turned his back again to Gaston and leaned over the ropes to avoid the attack forcing the referee to issue a standing 8-count. Grabowski's corner was upset claiming that he had lost his mouthpiece. The referee warned him that he can't spit his mouthpiece out to avoid getting hit. The mouthpiece was replaced and the fight continued. Both fighters came at each other with ferocious intent. Another exchange of head shots knocks Gaston's headgear off again. As time is stopped both fighters taunt each other to "bring it on". Gaston is sent to the corner to replace his headgear as the referee calls the doctor to ringside to look at Grabowski's bloody nose and again has to warn Grabowski's corner not to come onto the apron. Headgear replaced and Grabowski given the doctor's OK, the referee calls both fighters to the center and warns them that no more foolishness will be tolerated and someone will be disqualified if it continued. The fight resumes. Gaston hits Grabowski, Grabowski hits Gaston. Both fighters try to take the other out with one shot. All judges gave the edge in the round to Gaston due to the 8-count. Round 3 Grabowski comes across and throws several shots at Gaston's head. Gaston responds with a powerful shot to the face of Grabowski which again knocks his mouthpiece out. Time stopped, the mouthpiece is replaced and Grabowski is again warned for losing his mouthpiece. Gaston senses Grabowski is hurt and comes with the stronger shots but a tough yet bloody Grabowski fights back with a series of punches of his own. Gaston counters with a hook to the head and Grabowski again loses his mouthpiece forcing the referee to stop time and take a point away for spitting his mouthpiece out. Grabowski is very tired during the closing seconds of the round. He is sitting against the corner of the ring as both fighters exchange punches at the final bell. Referee Mike Storm steps between the fighters to stop them when Grabowski throws a punch around the referee and hits Gaston in the head. At that time, Referee Mike Storm pulled Grabowski out of the corner and disqualified him for unsportsmanlike conduct, hitting after the bell.
    Winner by Disqualification-David Gaston.

  7. Men's Welterweight MMA
    Brian Sharwarko, 0-1-0, Charles Wilson, Plainfield, IL, Vs Tommy Benson 2-0-0, Mokena, IL.
    Shawarko comes forward and throws punches at Benson. Benson responds with a hook to Sharwarko's jaw that puts him down but Benson fails to jump on him. Benson allows Sharwarko to stand and resume the fight. Sharwarko attempts a head lock takedown but Benson pulls out of it as Sharwarko falls down with Benson on top in a side mount throwing knees to Sharwarko's body. Benson stands and allows Sharwarko to get up. Benson then throws a left hook that puts Sharwarko down. Benson now jumps on him and begins a vicious ground and pound that forces Referee Robert Hinds to stop the fight at 1:11 of the first round.
    Winner by TKO-Tommy Benson.

  8. Men's Cruiserweight Muay Thai
    Vincent Eazelle, 1-0-0, Premier Martial Arts, John Geyston, Springfield, IL., vs Sean Whalen, 0-1-0, Ryan Blackorby, Peoria, IL.
    Round 1: Eazelle comes across with a round kick to Whalen's head scoring a flash knockdown. Referee Mike Storm stands him and the fight continues. Eazelle comes back with a couple of hooks to Whalen's head for another flash knockdown. Again he stands and the fight continues. Eazelle begins as the aggressor and tries to keep Whalen off balance. After a little while, Whalen gets his wits about him and is able to keep a safe recovery distance and/or begin to block a lot of Eazelle's shots. Whalen begins to attack Eazelle as the round nears the end but it was too little too late as all judges gave the edge in the round to Eazelle.
    Round 2: Eazelle comes in with a series of front kicks to the body of Whalen and a round kick to the head which Whalen handles better than he did in the first round. Whalen starts to connect with punches to Eazelle's body but not enough power to hurt him. Eazell was able to do a lot of effective fighting while backing up to maintain the edge in the round according to all judges.
    Round 3: Both fighters begin the round attempting to keep a safe distance in order to lure the other into making a mistake. There were a lot of shots thrown by both fighters this round; many of them not landing effectively. Whalen tried to show more aggression in the round but not sufficient to win the round. Two of the three judges gave the edge to Eazelle in the round.
    The judges scored the fight 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27. Winner by Unanimous Decision-Vincent Eazelle.

  9. Men's Welterweight MMA
    Jerry Hall, 2-0-0, A. Garcia, Byron, MI., Vs Sonny Bordonado 1-1-0, FORMMA
    Round 1: Bordonado throws a left hook which Hall ducks under and takes Bordonado down with a double leg takedown. Hall moves Bordonado into the corner as both fighters jockey for position. Bordonado swings his leg up and tries a triangle choke but Hall stands up and pulls out of it and then drops back onto Bordonado. Both fighters cautiously trying to work into a position of dominance but after a period of inactivity, Referee Robert Hinds stops them and stands them to begin again. Hall throws a left hook to the head and successfully shoots for a takedown as the round ends. All judges gave the edge to Hall in the round.
    Round 2: Bordonado attempts a left hook to Hall's head, Hall ducks under and uses a double leg takedown to put Bordonado on his back. Hall sweeps Bordonado's leg around into a side mount and then swings his leg over for a full mount. Bordonado twists around and allows Hall to grab his arm. Hall sits into a straight armbar but Bordonado fights it for nearly 30 seconds until he is able to turn into it and get his arm out while switching positions with Hall. Bordonado now on top, he tries to sweep Hall's leg aside but Hall twists and gives Bordonado his back. Bordonado jumps on and tries a rear naked choke on Hall. Hall blocks the choke and makes it to the end of the round. All judges gave the edge to Hall in the round for the nearly fight ending straight armbar.
    Round 3: Bordonado again tries a left/right punching combination which Hall ducks under and takes him down. Bordonado, on the bottom, works his legs up around Halls head and shoulders in a triangle choke attempt but Hall stands and get out of it. Bordonado was busier in this round from the bottom than in previous rounds but not enough to give him an edge. Two of the three judges gave the edge to Hall.
    The judges scored the fight 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27. Winner by Unanimous Decision- Jerry Hall.

  10. Women's Bantamweight Full Contact
    Kim Gross, 0-1-0, Gia Wilson, Double Tap Fight Crew, vs Lisa Wells, 7-7-0, Craig Monyelle, So. Beloit, WI.
    Round 1: Gross comes across with some wild punches that Wells is able to block and counter with some hooks to the body of Gross. Wells, the taller fighter is able to use a jab to control the distance between them. Gross throwing kicks now and trying to connect with looping punches to catch Wells off balance but Wells is able to maintain control as all judges gave the edge in the round to her.
    Round 2: Gross comes forward with her head down and throws looping punches in an attempt to connect with Wells. Wells uses jabs and round kicks to keep Gross away. Gross showing fatigue as Wells throws a round kick and a punching combination that puts Gross down earning her an 8-count. When asked if she wanted to continue, she responded that she did not. Referee Mike Storm stopped the fight at 1:50 of the round.
    Winner by TKO, Lisa Wells.

  11. Men's Super Welterweight Muay Thai
    Efrin Vazquez, 0-1-0, James & Ron Hill, Plainfield, IL., vs Sean Dowling, 2-0-0, Ricardo Perez, Force-Toro
    Round 1: Dowling begins with an inside leg kick but Vazquez responds with a round kick to Dowling's head. They clinch and Dowling begins to throw knee after knee to Vazquez' body. Vazquez possibly sensing that Dowling is stronger in the clinch, chooses to break so he can use his speed to kick Dowling. Vazquez manages to throw fast high kicks to the head and upper body of Dowling while Dowling answered back with possibly stronger sidekicks and punches to Vazquez' body. Dowling manages to get inside and throw more knees from the clinch as the round ends. All judges gave the edge in the round to Dowling.
    Round 2: Both fighters exchange a series of blows with neither taking the early edge in the round. Eventually, Dowling starts to focus on kicking the inside of Vazquez' left leg. Vazquez, the faster of the two, is able to throw a lot of shots but Dowling appears to throw the harder shots. A better round for Vazquez but Dowling took the edge on two of the three judges' scorecards.
    Round 3: Vazquez came out with an early round kick to the head of Dowling. Dowling blocked most of it and began the campaign to assault the legs of Vazquez again. Vazquez does a jump round kick to Dowling's head that was again mostly blocked and seemed not to bother Dowling as Dowling continued to work on Vazquez' leg with powerful kicks throughout the round. Vazquez appeared to be the busier of the two but it appeared he was unable to match the power of Dowling.
    The judges scored the fight 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28. Winner by Split Decision, Sean Dowling.

  12. Men's Super Heavyweight MMA
    Mike Morrissey 0-1-0, Champaign, IL., Vs Arnold Adams 1-0-0, Rachal's Hapkido, Chicago, IL.
    Round 1: Morrissey starts with a series of punch/kick combinations on Adams. Adams responds with punches of his own. They get close, clinch and decide to step back unwilling to take the fight to the ground so early. Adams throws a "Superman" punch and knocks Morrissey to his hands and knees. Adams moves down onto Morrissey's back but not able to do much. Morrissey shrugs him off and turns so both fighters are on their knees facing each other. After a period of inactivity, Referee Robert Hinds stands them and restarts them. They exchange kicks that don't connect and then they exchange punches that are ineffective. They clinch and lay on each other toward the end of the round and roll on the ropes as the bell rings to end the round. All judges gave the edge to Adams in the round.
    Round 2: They exchange jabs in the beginning right before Morrissey shoots for a takedown but Adams sprawls and blocks it. Morrissey reach out and pulls both legs in putting Adams down with Morrissey on top. Morrissey throws punches to the head and body of Adams as Adams attempts to block many of them. Adams turns over and gives Morrissey his back. Morrissey is unable to do anything with Adams on his knees in a "turtle" position as the round ends. The edge in the round went to Morrissey on all judges' cards.
    Round 3: Both fighters are very exhausted as they touch gloves to start the last round. Morrissey attempts a single leg takedown as Adams sprawls on top of him. Both tired fighters are admonished by Referee Robert Hinds to pick up the action. Morrissey shoots again but gets it blocked by Adams who throws punches to the body of Morrissey. At the final bell, both fighters are so tired, they stay on the mat for a few moments before going to their corners.
    All three judges scored the fight 29-28. Winner by Unanimous Decision, Arnold Adams.

  13. Men's Welterweight MMA
    Christopher Descourouez, 0-1-0, Ryan Stanitsch, Rockford, IL., vs Nam Do, 2-1-0, Peoria Athletic Club, Ryan Blackorby, Peoria, IL.
    Do comes across punching as Descourouez ducks under and takes Do down. Do twists out and stands up. Descourouez tries to punch Do in the head but Do clinches him and throws a couple of knees. Referee Robert Hinds stops time to let Dr. Bruce Hertz examine a cut on the side of Descourouez' head. The doctor said it was not a problem and the fight resumed. Descourouez came across the ring with a wild looping punch that Do ducked under and took Descourouez' back throwing a rear naked choke on him and forcing Referee Robert Hinds to stop the fight at 1:44 of the first round.
    Winner by TapOut, Nam Do

In addition to this outstanding fight card, we would like to recognize Mike Bleecha and Jimmy Bullock as well as Anthony Fearn and Cameron Law for putting on two fine Muay Thai Rules exhibitions. The two sets of fighters train together everyday in the gym. They trained for other opponents but when no one could be found to compete against them, they decided to get in the ring and give the fans a lesson on what to expect in a muay thai match-up.


December 22nd, 2007 - Joplin, Missouri, USA

Xtreme Cage Fighting of Springfield Missouri held its first amateur mixed martial arts event sanctioned by the ISCF at Memorial Hall in Joplin Missouri. Promoter Doug Bland put on a top notch show for his first mixed martial arts promotion. Memorial Hall was an excellent venue where there was not a bad seat in the house. The accommodations for the fighters and officials were well planned out and left everyone very pleased. The fighters and officials were well taken care of before, during and after the event. The fight card consisted of twelve bouts. This was a great show first show for Xtreme Cage Fighting have secured a fan base in Joplin and would have no trouble filling an arena for another show.
Here are the nights results below.

  1. AMATEUR Bantamweight
    Andy Chiu Vs Kyle Pangborn
    Winner Andy Chiu at 1:30 of Round. 1 by Tapout - (Armbar.

    Mariah Reed, Vs Amber Stautzenberger
    Winner Mariah Reed at 1:20 of Round 1 by TKO - Strikes.

  3. AMATEUR Featherweight
    Brad Ogle Vs Tim Tripp
    Winner Tim Tripp at 2:10 of Round 2 by TKO - Strikes.

  4. AMATEUR Lightweight
    Chris Hale Vs Jesse Wolf
    Winner Chris Hale at :45 of Round 1 by Tapout - Guillotine choke.
  5. AMATEUR Lightweight
    Cody Williams Vs William Morgan
    Winner William Morgan at 1:08 of Round 1 by TKO - Strikes.
  6. AMATEUR Welterweight
    Justice Helton Vs Randall Pickup
    Winner Randall Pickup at :37 of Round 1 by Tapout - Armbar.

  7. AMATEUR Middleweight
    Landon Dirks Vs Matt Miller
    Winner Matt Miller at 1:21 of Round 1 by Tapout - Armbar.

  8. AMATEUR Middleweight
    Chris DeLaGarza Vs Kyle Sanders
    Winner Kyle Sanders at 2:17 of Round 1 by Tapout - Armbar.

  9. AMATEUR Light Heavyweight
    Darryl Cantrell Vs Todd Pickup
    Winner Todd Pickup at :37 of Round 1 by Knockout.
  10. AMATEUR Bantam
    Shad Lankford Vs AJ Van Camp
    Winner Shad Lankford by Unanimous Decision.

  11. AMATEUR Lightweight
    Michael Johnson Vs Cody Carrillo
    Winner Michael Johnson by Unanimous Decision.
  12. AMATEUR Heavyweight
    Rob Haney Vs James Williams
    Winner Rob Haney by Unanimous Decision.


November 17th, 2007 - Knob Noster, Missouri, USA

    Patrick Hill Vs Robby Crismon
    Winner Patrick Hill 2:10 of Round 1 by Tapout. - Rear Naked Choke.

    David Miller Vs Troy Richardson
    Winner David Miller by verbal Submission - Opponent did not answer bell for the third round.

    Blaine Whitworth Vs Joe Stark
    Winner Blaine Whitworth at 2:37 of Round 2. - Tapout

    Eddie Granado Vs Ben Strake
    Winner Eddie Granado by Unanimous Decision

    Kenan Rucker Vs Chris Perez
    Chris Perez at :47 of Round 1 by TKO - Strikes.

    Rey Vega Vs Cam Moore
    Ray Vega by verbal submission - Opponent did not answer bell for the second round.

    Danny Kinnison Jr. Vs Justin Wright
    Winner Justin Wright at 1:56 of Round 1 by TKO - Strikes.
    Kris Luzano Vs Mark Hanks
    Winner Mark Hanks at :30 of Round 1 by Tapout - Armbar.

    James Bunch Vs Kyle Sanders
    Winner James Bunch at 1:35 of Round 1 by Tapout - Guillotine choke.

    Pat Walsh Vs Denny Phillips
    Winner Pat Walsh at 1:02 of Round 1 by TKO - Strikes.

    Jesse Wolf Vs Chris Barnes
    Winner Jesse Wolf at :48 of Round 2 by Tapout - Armbar.

    Billy - John -Walker Vs James Phillips
    Winner James Phillips at 1:01 of Round 2 by Tapout - From Strikes

    Chris Andrade Vs Nick hunt
    Winner Nick Hunt at 1:36 of Round 1 by Tapout - Submission.


"Scorched Earth"
December 15th, 2007 - Lebanon, Missouri, USA

"Scorched Earth" is as ancient as the Persians, then Romans in battle! It's a war-term meaning punitive destruction of an enemy's resources, which is done for strategic rather than tactical reasons ~ destroying anything that's useful to the "enemy". Tonights warriors used this strategy decisively and swiftly - taking what their enemies offered in battle in the cage, destroying their tools and ultimately coming out victorious. The weapons utilized tonight included the brain, brawn and bravery! Don't miss the next exciting event - it could be the "Mother of all Events"!
Results as follows:

  1. Amateur Heavyweight MMA
    JD Hunter (2-3) VS Tyrel Jackson (1-1)
    WINNER: HUNTER by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:43 of Round One.

  2. Amateur Featherweight MMA
    Clint Toler (2-0) VS Jake Morgan (0-1)
    WINNER: TOLER by TAP OUT (Guillotine Choke) at 1:54 of Round One.

  3. Amateur Light Heavyweight MMA
    Brian Schuerger (3-0) vs Richard Holliday (0-1)
    WINNER: SCHUERGER by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:08 of Round One.
  4. Amateur Light Heavyweight MMA
    Zach Hertel (0-1) VS Drew Whisenhunt (1-0)
    WINNER: WHISENHUNT by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:42 of Round One.

  5. Amateur Lightweight MMA
    AJ Hunter (1-1) VS Kyle Bain (0-1)

  6. Amateur Lightweight MMA
    Erik Steenberg (5-0) vs Scott Fuller (0-1)
  7. Amateur Lightweight MMA
    WINNER: MITCHELL by TAP OUT (Guillotine Choke) at 1:39 of Round One.
  8. Amateur Heavyweight MMA
    James Williams VS Mike McCabe
    WINNER: WILLIAMS by TAP OUT (Guillotine Choke) at 2:42 of Round One.
  9. Amateur Light Heavyweight MMA
    Todd Brown VS John Asbury
    WINNER: ASBURY by VERBAL SUBMISSION (Brown cannot answer bell to 2nd round) due to STRIKES at 3:00 of Round One.

SATURDAY, December 22nd, 2007, AT 9:30 PM, PT


"SECOND" Annual


US Cellular Center & Crowne Plaza Hotel
May 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 2008 - In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

A lot of this may sound the same from last year, which makes it easy for us, and everyone else. It had come down to 3 locations of the over 50 Bid Proposals we received from around North America. One location in Missouri, one from Indiana and the Iowa location.

In the end, it was the combined efforts of the US Cellular Center ( The same Event Arena used for last years first ISCF MMA Tournament and he 2003 and 2006 IKF Annual Kickboxing Tournament), the Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel and the Cedar Rapids Convention Visitors Bureau in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.

The US Cellular Center is the same Arena that the UFC used when they came to Iowa back in the 90's before settling in Las Vegas.

At last years first ever ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC we only used 1 cage. It won't be until about two weeks prior to the event whether or not we will use 1 or two for 2008. On the idea board again for 2008 is whether or not we will have a "Non Striking" Grappling Tournament during the same weekend. This has yet to be determined.

The US Cellular Center is a beautiful 28,000 square foot "Stadium Seating Arena" which has held the title of the FINEST Venue we have ever had over all the years (9 straight years now) of the annual IKF Kickboxing Tournament. There is a total of 16,200 square feet on the actual arena floor space, and add in the Stadium Seating area and there is plenty of seating for spectators. Better yet, since nearly all the seating is elevated, there is not a bad seat in the house!

It is one of the most impressive entertainment venues in the Midwest. It also has 4 complete locker rooms (Showers, lockers etc.) for the participants and plenty of warm-up area surrounding the outside of the arena bowl under the elevated seating areas. As far as sporting events, in the past it has hosted as mentioned above, the UFC along with the Taekwondo Nationals and many Wrestling Championships and even WWF wrestling (Now WWE), not to mention many stars like the Harlem Globetrotters as well as concerts including KISS, Prince, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Amy Grant, Diana Ross, Pantera, Motley Crue, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Styx, AC/DC, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Diamond Rio, Martina McBride, Gaither Homecoming, Barry Manilow, Chicago, Bon Jovi, Blue Collar Comedy, Chicago, Beach Boys and Bob Dylan.

The 275 room Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel is also Fantastic! The 16-story hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Cedar Rapids and is conveniently located just 10 minutes (eight miles) from Cedar Rapids Airport (Eastern Iowa Airport). The Hotel will provide Free Shuttle Service for all tournament Attendees (Fighters, trainers, officials and of course, fight families and fans!)

It is connected by hallway to the US Cellular Center and connected by 12-block skywalk system to numerous shopping and dining options and 2 theatres, the Theatre Cedar Rapids and the IMAX Theatre. All 275 rooms in the 16-story hotel feature cable TV and in-room movies, coffee maker, hair dryer, ironing board/iron and there are of course, non-smoking rooms available. There is also a business center, fitness center, indoor pool, and sauna. Top of the Five rooftop restaurant and Front Street Lounge, serving lighter fare, are both open 7 days a week. The room rate for a weekend at the Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel is usually $140.00 per night, however our special ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC rate will only be $109.00 per night. The US Cellular Center is simply down an elevator and a hallway from everyone's hotel room.

ALL Participants are required to stay in the Host Hotel.
This is a lesson we learned at a past IKF Tournament. The lessons learned happened at back to back IKF Tournaments before we made the decision to put in place the mandatory host hotel rule. At one of our past IKF Kickboxing Tournaments we had Fighters get injured in their bout and we needed to contact their parents who were not in the venue at the time of their bouts. At another past tournament we had some fighters we needed to locate due to bout changes but we could not find them in the event room or in the hotel because they were at another hotel sleeping. Due to these issues causing a lot of problems, we do not want to face such issues again. This is why this is a MANDATORY RULE now for competitors at not only the IKF Kickboxing Tournament, but it will also be a rule for the ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC. At Registration we will be asking each fighter and trainer for their room number and room confirmation code in case we need to contact them for bout or schedule changes or in case of any emergency. The ISCF will have a main Headquarters Suite for all event organizations duties. The hotel layout also allows us to block off a private floor for all the ISCF Event Officials to book their rooms on.

EVERY FIGHTER will walk away with some type of Award(s) or Gift(s) from the ISCF and other Sponsors!
The awards for this event alone will be a major expense. Awards will be broken down into two different divisions.

  • In both the OPEN and NOVICE Division there will be 8 weight Classes
    1. Bantamweight: 125.1 to 135 lbs. - 56.82 kg - 61.36 kg
    2. Featherweight: 135.1 to 145 lbs. - 61.37 kg - 65.90 kg
    3. Lightweight: 145.1 to 155 lbs. - 65.91 kg - 70.45 kg
    4. Welterweight: 155.1 to 170 lbs. - 70.45.1 kg - 77.27 kg
    5. Middleweight: 170.1 to 185 lbs. - 77.28 kg - 84.09 kg
    6. Light Heavyweight: 185.1 to 205 lbs. - 84.10 kg - 93.18 kg
    7. Heavyweight: 205.1 to 265 lbs. - 93.19 kg - 120.45 kg
    8. Super Heavyweight: 265.1 lbs. & Above - 120.46 kg & Above
  • OPEN DIVISION: The Fighter must have 3 OR MORE MMA FIGHTS.
      • $1,500 ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Title Belts. - Shown at right and above.
      • Glass ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Champions Plaques.
      • Full Color ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Champions Certificates.
      • Along with some other special gifts from various vendors and sponsors.
          • Full Color Placement Certificates, Plaques, Medals, Various Clothing and Gifts from the ISCF and other Sponsors.
  • NOVICE DIVISION: The Fighter CAN NOT have more than 3 "MMA" fights. Unlike last year, when this was noted as no more than 3 fights in ANY fighting style, (MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing) THIS YEAR, all that counts will be MMA Experience.
      • $265.00 ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Title Belts. - Shown at right.
      • Glass ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC "NOVICE" Champions Plaques.
      • Full Color ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC "NOVICE" Champions Certificates.
      • Along with some other special gifts from various vendors and sponsors.
          • Full Color Placement Certificates, Plaques, Medals, Various Clothing and Gifts from the ISCF and other Sponsors.


OK Ladies, you got your wish, so don't let us down!
The 2008 ISCF World Classic will welcome "6" Woman's Divisions.
They will all be OPEN Divisions. The weightclasses will be;

125 lbs. & Below - 56.81 kg & Below

125.1 to 135 lbs. - 56.82 - 61.36

135.1 to 145 lbs. - 61.37 - 65.90

145.1 to 155 lbs. - 65.91 - 70.45

155.1 to 170 lbs. - 70.45.1 - 77.27

185.1 lbs. -84.10 & UP

Danny Tims

US Cellular Center

Rudy Bears

Brett Chism

      • $265.00 ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Title Belts. - Shown at right.
      • Glass ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Champions Plaque..
      • Full Color ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Champions Certificates.
      • Along with some other special gifts from various vendors and sponsors.
          • Full Color Placement Certificates, Plaques, Medals, Various Clothing and Gifts from the ISCF and other Sponsors.

Looking at the numbers above, once one does the math for 8 belts at $1,500.00 each ($12,000.00) plus the other 14 at $265.00 each ($3,710.00) and already we have over $15,000 in just Belt Awards. This does not include the Thousands of dollars in additional awards which will of course add more $$ to the mix. Overall we plan to give out between $20 and $25,000 in awards and gifts alone. This event is the ISCF's opportunity to "Give Back" to the Amateur side of our sport because as you can add up here, there will not be any profit for us in this event unless we sell a lot of spectator tickets, so "Bring your Fans!" Like with the yearly IKF Tournament, that started as a USA only, than grew to a North American and is now a WORLD Amateur Kickboxing Tournament, we feel it is our obligation and duty to create the Ultimate "Golden Glove" style tournaments for our fight sports! The expenses for this Tournament and the other Tournaments we host are necessary to create "Legit Amateur Champions" and a "First Class Event and Venue" for these Top Amateurs to fight in and at! We hope you agree.

As would be expected, an event of this size will be needing a lot of Officials (Judges, Timekeepers, Referees and assistants). Those of you who are either local to the event or already going, please let us know by e-mail if you can volunteer to be an official at this event. We have received a lot of request for officials however most of them are asking for us to pay their travel fees and we simply cannot afford this because of the cost of the venue, awards and the many other items that go into promoting such an event. There simply is no budget for 50+ Officials. For these very reasons, officials (or trainers who can assist as officials) who can pay their own travel fees will be selected first as the event officials as we have done every year for our IKF Tournament. Once we have you confirmed, we will list you on our ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC OFFICIALS PAGE. Each official will receive a free ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Officials Shirt and the ISCF will pay for your lunch on both days of the Tournament just as the IKF does for Officials at our annual IKF Tournament. So, If you are able to volunteer to be an Official at 2008 ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC please let the us know by e-mail at:


The Registration fee for the 2008 ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC is the same as last year, $55.00 Per Fighter.

Those wanting to Register now can go to the Official Registration form by Clicking HERE!

In order for everything to run smooth, all fighter applications and registration fees must be received here at the ISCF Headquarters by The DEADLINE date of APRIL 4th, 2008. Any fighter who's Registration form is RECEIVED (Not Postmarked) Here at the ISCF Headquarters AFTER APRIL 4th, 2008 will be charged a Late Fee as noted below.

There Are "SIX" Registration Deadlines

  1. REGISTRATIONS Received After APRIL 4th, 2008
    will be charged a $20 Late Fee.


  2. REGISTRATIONS Received After April 10th, 2007
    will be charged a $30 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.


  3. REGISTRATIONS Received After April 15th, 2007
    will be charged a $40 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.

  4. REGISTRATIONS Received After April 17th, 2006
    will be charged a $50 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.

  5. REGISTRATIONS Received After April 20th, 2007
    will be charged a $125.00 "TOTAL" Registration Fee - "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
    This Late Fee Must be paid along with your registration.


ONLY 8 Fighters Will Be Accepted for EACH Division Bracket!
Not only will the weightclasses be limited to "EIGHT" Divisions, each weightclass bracket will also be limited to "EIGHT" Amateur MMA fighters! This is because we do not want the fighters to have to fight more than 3 times over the weekend. Twice on Prelim Saturday, and their Championship bout on Championship Sunday. For this reason, registrations will be taken on a FIRST COME basis! So if you want to reserve your spot in your desired bracket you need to register AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! ALL registered fighters will be posted on our Registered Fighters page located HERE! Fighters are urged to keep watch of this page because "IF" your division fills up, you need to keep watch to see if anyone drops out of your division so that you can take their place.
So Again...Those wanting to Register now can go to the Official Registration form by Clicking HERE!

Like last years ISCF MMA World Classic and like every year with our IKF Kickboxing Tournament, there are a lot of people who try to sneak into these events claiming to be assistant trainers, officials, etc. etc. For this reason, as we do at our IKF Tournament now, we will charge for an Official ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Cornerman/Trainers Badge.

This will prevent individuals just attaining a cornermans pass for free only to watch the event. The other reason for this is to police each fighters corner so that only Registered Cornermen and Trainers are in each fighters corner in "The Pit" and the warm-up area. Only registered cornermen/women will be allowed into each fighters corner and "The Pit."

  • The cost of each Official ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Cornerman/Trainers Badge are
    • CHIEF/HEAD Trainer/Cornerman: $10
    • Assistant Trainer/Cornerman $20 for up to a limit of 3 per Fight Camp/Team. (Not per fighter)
    • Any requested Trainer/Cornerman passes past these first 4 can be purchased for $30.00.

When you mail in your registration form and fee, you MUST INCLUDE A HEADSHOT PHOTO OF YOURSELF in your mailing! This photo and fee will need to be mailed in PRIOR to the event so that we can have your Official PHOTO ID Badge made for you prior to the event. The photo you send in should be no larger than 2 inches X 2 inches.

IF you bring your own 2" x 2" headshot photo to Registration: You will be charged $25 for your Official PHOTO ID Badge.

If we have to take your Photo at Registration: You will be Charged $35 $35.00 for your Official PHOTO ID Badge.

ALL Cornermen/women must be at least 18 years of age. Cornermen and Trainers will register on Friday during the hours of 2:00 PM and 6:PM at the Trainers Registration Table which will be marked in the Venue.

    • Tickets can be purchased in advance.
    • GYMS can purchase blocks of tickets at discount rates to re-sell to raise travel fees.
    • Tickets will also be Available At The Door.
    • ALL SEATS will be GENERAL ADMISSION which means spectators can sit wherever they wish to.
        • This will be the first two rounds of brackets in all divisions.
        • This event is FREE to topurnament Registered Fighters, trainers & Officials.
      • ALL THREE EVENT PASSES: $60.00 (Save $20.00)
        • The Saturday second prelim round will begin immediatly following the last first round bout.
        • The Sunday Championship event will start around 5/6 PM (Official time to be determined) For this reason, DO NOT book your plane flights to return Sunday, since you may be fighting in the Championship Nights event.

It's pretty well known that the Annual IKF Amateur Kickboxing Tournament has had many different Special Guests attend the event along with Kickboxing event Promoters and Pro Fight Scouts for large Pro Events. This will be no different for the ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC We already have a plan on who will be our Special Celebrity Guests and we will be making that announcement after the first of the year. However we would also like to let you up and coming Amateurs know that THERE WILL be Pro Scouts there from "SEVERAL" Large Pro MMA Promotions.

One of those Large Pro MMA Promotions is the IFL, the International Fight League. ( The IFL is a League of Pro MMA Teams that compete on a circuit throughout a season towards their own Championship Event. We will announce other scouts in the coming weeks.

For those who are in the MMA Game, you know Sponsors Love MMA! Sponsors will LOVE this Tournament! If you know of someone who would like to be one of the sponsor this event, or the Main Lead Sponsor or donate gifts for the Athletes, please let us know by e-mail at:

We will also have Vendor Booth space available inside the arena at the event. Our plan is to make this not just an MMA Tournament but an MMA Fair! As with the Sponsorship, those interested in Vendor Booth Space, Banner placement, Program Ads and more, please let us know by e-mail at:

Fighters... It's time once again to stop "Talking The Talk!" If you think you are the BEST Amateur MMA Fighter in the World, It's time for you to come join us, and prove it to the WORLD as we all "WALK The WALK" at the 2008 ISCF MMA Classic - Amateur MMA Championship Tournament!


Word has it that there will be several fighters from Europe attending this years event, so Welcome Europe!

      • Saturday Prelim Bouts & Sunday Championship Bouts: 3, 3 minute rounds.
      • Saturday Prelim Bout: 3, 3 minute rounds.
      • Sunday Championship Bouts: 3, 4 minute rounds.
      • GLOVES:
        • These will be supplied by the ISCF.
        • They are 6 ounce.
        • Fighters will wear either RED or BLUE.
      • SHIN PADS
        • For the NOVICE Division, Shin pads are Mandatory.
        • For the OPEN Division, Shin pads are NOT mandatory.
        • Fighters must supply their own mouth guard.
      • GROIN CUP
        • Fighters must supply their own Groin Cup.
      • HAND WRAPS
        • Fighters may tape their wrists and hands but not over their knuckles. Pro wraps are OK with tape and gauze. Also, regular training handwraps secured by tape are OK too. Fighter handwarps must be "SIGNED OFF" by the ISCF event representative in "The Pit" PRIOR to the beginning of the bout.
      • DRESS CODE
        • MALE Fighters are encouraged to not wear any shirt. However, you may wear a RASH GUARD,
        • Shorts Only, NO Pants.
          • MMA, Boxing or Kickboxing shorts, Latex bike style shorts, "speedos" are all OK.
        • The use of BenGay, IcyHot, and other such sports cremes is prohibited.

        • Fighters may strike with a closed fist or an open hand/palm of their hand.
        • Finger strikes or rakes are not allowed. Strikes to the throat are not allowed.
        • NO Forearm strikes and elbow of ANY kind are NOT Allowed.
      • LEGS
        • Fighters may strike with their knees, shins and feet to all parts of the body when the fight is standing up.
        • Once one fighter's knee touches the ring floor, NO kicks are allowed to that fighter's head as he is then considered "on the ground". (a fighter is determined "ON THE GROUND" when that fighter's knee touches the ring floor or he is otherwise not supported by his two feet, alone, supporting him in a standing or crouched position.)
        • All wrestling, judo, and jujitsu throws and takedowns are permitted EXCEPT A "PILE DRIVE" of the head into the mat.
      • CHOKES
        • All chokes can be done with the arms and legs EXCEPT SINGLE HAND OR FINGERTIP THROAT CHOKES WHICH ARE ILLEGAL.
      • LOCKS:
        • Elbow, shoulder, wrist, knee, and ankle locks are allowed. Single digit locks to the fingers or toes are not legal.

      • A maximum of "3" cornermen will be allowed in each fighters corner and all "3" must have their OWN Cornerman's pass.
      • ALL Cornermen must be a minimum of "18" years old.
      • Other Cornerman Rules CLICK HERE

      • CLICK HERE
        • If a bout ends in a draw or majority draw after the scheduled 3 rounds, the fighters will an extra "2 MINUTE" round to break the draw and continue this if necessary until 2 of the 3 judges determine majority winner or all 3 judges pick the same winner.

      • Fighters must be a minimum of 18 years old.

    • After Registrations and Weigh-ins are complete on Friday, the fighter match-ups will be determined by a HAT DRAW. This will assure fairness for all participants. The HAT DRAW is where the names of each of the 8 fighters in each bracket are placed into a hat or bowl and drawn out one by one. the first being the number 1 seed, the second being the number 2 seed, etc. etc. until all 8 names are drawn. If less than 8 in a Division, the draw will go until all names are picked.

    • Once a division fills up with 8 fighters, all fighters registering after the division fills up will be placed on the fighters page as ALTERNATES. Prior to the Tournament, if a fighter drops out, the first alternate in line will take his/her spot. After weigh-ins, if one of the 8 fighters "No Shows", doesn't make weight or simply drops out of the Tournament, again, the first alternate in line will take his/her spot. Alternates will be listed in order of the date their registration is received.
  • APRIL, 2007
    1. There were a total of 46 bouts fought at the first ever ISCF MMA World Classic.
    2. Of the fights fought, only 11 went the distance for a decision win.
      • Of them, 5 were scored split decisions and 5 were unanimous decisions and 1 was a majority decision.
    3. 12 bouts ended by rear naked choke.
    4. 11 bouts were stopped by the referees due to Strikes.
    5. 6 bouts ended by armbar tapout.
    6. 2 bouts ended by triangle choke.
    7. 4 ended in other submissions.
    8. There were 6 Novice division titles.
      • 1 was won by decision.
      • 1 was won by armbar tapout
      • 2 were won by Referee stoppage due to strikes.
      • 2 were won by choke tapout.
    9. The Novice Champions came from the following states:
      • 3 from Missouri
      • 1 from Iowa.
      • 1 from Illinois.
    10. There were 6 Open division titles.
      • 3 were won by decision.
      • 3 were won by choke tapout.
    11. The Open Champions came from the following states:
      • 1 from Missouri.
      • 1 from Oklahoma.
      • 2 from Georgia.
      • 1 from Virginia.
      • 1 from Kansas
    12. Only one fight was forced to an additional overtime round. Rodney Borden of Kansas City, Missouri, USA fought Decarlo Johnson II of Chicago, Illinois, USA to a split decision draw, 29-28, 28-29 & 29-29. In their tie breaking 4th round (overtime round) Borden won by split decision.
    13. The Championship bout for BOTH the Featherweight Divisions (Open & Novice) ended in the exact same round at the exact same time, 2:47 of round 1.
    14. The quickest victory was in the Novice Light Heavyweight division when Dan Bolden defeated Matt Stuefen of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA by Tapout by rear naked choke at :17 seconds of round 1.
    15. Of the overall 103 fighters that signed up, 58 showed up to "Walk The Walk" and fight.
    16. Fighters came from the following USA States:
      1. Missouri
      2. Iowa
      3. Nevada
      4. California
      5. New York
      6. Virginia
      7. Texas
      8. Oklahoma
      9. Mississippi
      10. Indiana
      11. Kansas
      12. North Carolina
      13. Illinois
      14. Nebraska
      15. Michigan
      16. Georgia
      17. Colorado
      18. Ohio
      19. Wisconsin
    17. Only one fighter attended from outside the USA, Simon Ellis-Toddington of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
    18. To see the fighters who registered for the 2007 ISCF MMA World Classic click HERE.

We look forward to seeing you ALL there...

Scott Bear

Kamrin Naville

Brad Wright

Tom Aaron

Brian Kleck

Greg Tudor

Courtney Landis

For more info about the
Amateur Championship Tournament

Click HERE!

The ISCF Mission For
Mixed Martial Arts...

"Safety, Credibility, Fairness, Recognition, Support & Unification
of Mixed Martial Arts Around The World"

"The goal of the International Sport Combat Federation is to regulate safe and fair rules and regulations and help provide exposure and opportunities for local, regional, national and international competition among amateur and professional mixed martial arts fighters, trainers, promoters and officials. We will, through adherence to and enforcement of these rules and regulations, strive to make competitive mixed martial arts fighting a safe and fair sport as we continue to help bring exposure to and enhance the present as well as the future of the sport we serve, Mixed Martial Arts."
Steve Fossum, President International Sport Combat Federation

THURSDAY, December 20th, 2007, AT 6:10 PM, PT


B & H Promotions Inc. Presents
Joplin, Missouri, USA


"MMA In The Valley"
December 8th, 2007 - Winchester, Virginia, USA

  1. AMATEUR Lightweight MMA
    Shaun Rose Vs Daniel Ready
    Fighters touch gloves and start their game stand up with a flurry of round kicks and punches. They clash in the middle and then go to the ground. Both fighters are working their positions and trading off advantages. Late into the round Ready gets the mount and pounds Rose. Rose tries to defend but the Referee stops the contest due to strikes.
    Winner: Daniel Ready - RSC due to strikes at 2:45 minutes of round 1.

  2. AMATEUR Welterweight MMA
    C R Hess Vs Eddie Barker
    Bout Scratched
    Both fighters were from the same gym. The promoter was unable to secure a match for either fighter, and they initially said they were willing to fight each other. Upon discussion with the promoter, it was decided that since one of them would have a loss incurred on their record as a result of this fight, they preferred to have a loss to someone from a different gym. The promoter and the fighters agreed to scratch this bout, no harm - no foul, and they would be re-scheduled for a later event with new opponents. Fighters and promoter made a handshake agreement to scratch the bout with no fine or punishment. Both fighters did want to do an exhibition match to show case their martial arts schools style. The promoter agreed and they performed an exhibition bout.

  3. AMATEUR Welterweight MMA
    Chris Conner Vs Toby Caudill
    Toby exploded out of his corner with a flying knee that didn't connect well then followed with a spinning back kick. Fighters then squared off in the middle and sized each other up. Chris took him down and mounted him and Toby had to cover up to defend the strikes. Toby tried to escape and Chris took his back and started to work the RNC. Toby worked his position hard to effect and escape and then suddenly signaled to the Referee that his shoulder was out. (Dislocated shoulder ) Referee stops contest.
    Winner: Chris Conner, RSC Due to opponent injury at 1:11 minutes of Round: 1.

  4. AMATEUR Middleweight MMA
    Joseph Harrison Vs Josh Guyer
    Guyer starts off the 1st round with a flurry of round kicks and then gets Harrison in a partial Guillotine and the go to the ground with Guyer on his back with Harrison in his guard and still trying to make the Guillotine. Harrison escapes and they stand up and they clash again and go to the ground again.
    Round, 2 they clash in the middle and smash into the cage and go to the ground. Both fighters working to effect punches and strikes, Harrison works the Guillotine and tried to maintain his positions. Guyer escapes and tried to ground and pound. Harrison kicks Guyer off him and they stand up and circle each other around the ring, both are tired and wary.
    3rd round starts off with round kicks and wary circling. Harrison tackles him and they go to the ground, Guyer keeping Harrison tight, Harrison trying to strike. Harrison stacks Guyer and they almost reverse positions. Harrison punches heavily and Guyer tries to fend him off.
    Winner: Joseph Harrison by Unanimous Decision, Judge Angie Brooks: 29-28, Judge Gary Crim: 30-27, Judge Brad Duruttya: 29-28.

  5. AMATEUR Heavyweight MMA
    Anthony Horn Vs Len Smith Both big boys start the match by circling each other and looking for the big strike openings. Smith starts off with a front kick Horn answers with a spinning back fist, neither finding the mark. They clash and run into the cage and go to the ground. Smith gets Horn in his guard and works the Guillotine. Horn escapes the guillotine and tries to escape, Smith takes his back gets the Rear Naked Choke.
    Winner: Len Smith by Rear Naked Choke at 1:52 of round 1.

  6. AMATEUR Flyweight MMA
    Billy Barrett Vs Brandon Presnell
    Fighters meet in the middle, Presnell swings Barrett goes for the tackle and they crash into the side of the cage and go to the ground. Presnell goes for the heelhook, Barrett struggles to escape, does so then takes the side mount. Presnell works the triangle Barrett defends and makes him relase and they go to the guard, Barrett tries to stack him and Barrett slams him while Presnell continues to work the triangle.
    Round 2 fighters exchange kicks and punches, they clash and go to the ground. Presnell trying to keep Barrett in the guard and work the triangle, Barrett stacks him and makes contact with punches to the head. Presnell continues to work the triangle and gets Barrett to tap.
    Winner: Brandon Presnell by tap out from Triangle choke at 1:32 of round 2.

  7. AMATEUR Female Flyweight MMA
    Krissy Barrett Vs Laruen Feldman
    Both girls were determined to make this the most exciting match of the evening. Many of the spectators felt this was one of the premiere fights they saw all evening. Both girls had good striking and kicking techniques, Krissy starts off with a high round kick that connects with Laurens face. Lauren clashes and they go to the ground with Lauren working the Guillotine, Krissy tries to slam and stack her but no go. They work positions on the ground, Krissy seems to tire but does not relent. They stand up and trade swings and kicks in the middle of the ring then clash and crash into the cage and go to the ground, Lauren landing knees to the body while they are on the ground, Krissy punching the body. They stand up and trade punches and knees.
    Round 2 starts out clashing and trading knees, it goes to the ground and Lauren tries to work the triangle, Krissy stacks her and punches her face. Fighters reverse positions on the ground several times, and then get back to standing.
    Round 3 they trade kicks and Krissy takes some knee strikes and gives one back. They go to the ground and each work for dominate positions. Lauren goes for the Guillotine and Krissy stacks her, they stand up then go to the ground again. They stand in the middle of the ring and trade punches both getting and giving. Krissy goes for the double leg and Lauren sprawls and they both sand up, trading blows both swinging hard.
    Winner : Krissy Barrett by Split Decision: Judge Angie Brooks: 29-28, Judge Gary Crim: 29-28, Judge Mike Boyce: 28-29.

  8. AMATEUR Featherweight MMA
    Zach McBreen Vs Fitz Philogene
    The round started with a flurry with McBreen giving a high round kick and Fitz going for the takedown, they go to the mat with McBreen working the triangle. Fitz was game and not going to make it easy for Zack. Both fighters maneuvered for position but Zack was quick to maintain his dominant position and keep Fitz in his guard until he could finalize the Triangle. Fitz fought hard and tried to escape but Zack pulled his head down and the tap came soon afterwards.
    Winner: Zack McBreen by Tap Out from Triangle choke at 1:10 of round 1.

  9. AMATEUR Welterweight MMA
    Cole Presley Vs Adam Prickett
    Presley and Prikett touched gloves and it immediately went to the mat. Presley dominated early and took Prikett's back and quickly worked in the rear naked choke.
    Winner: Cole Presley by rear naked choke at :54 seconds of round 1.

  10. AMATEUR Middleweight MMA
    Robert Conner Vs Angel Ortiz
    Fighter touched gloves and both initiated strikes but it soon went to the mat when Conner shot in and took Ortiz down. Conner worked the positions and took Ortiz's back and went in for the rear naked choke. Ortiz was not giving up easily and held out longer than most men, struggling to keep his chin down and work his position for an escape.
    Winner: Robert Conner by rear naked choke at 1:52 of round 1.

  11. AMATEUR Light Heavyweight MMA
    Jeremy Simms Vs Jose Cabraja
    Great battle of the strikers. Both fighters kept it standing and made tremendous strikes on both sides. Late in the 1st round it appeared Cabreja's stamina was waning and he looked like he was just maintaining his distance. Simms tried to capitalize but failed to make the big connections. Both fighters were bleeding badly from cuts and from their noses. Cabreja would hold back while Simms advanced then would launch and explosive uppercut that would miss by a fraction.
    Just as the 3rd round was getting on Simms was advancing steadily on Cabreja, who was retreating, when Cabreja launched another explosive uppercut that found its mark this time, sending Simms to the mat.
    Winner: Jose Cabreja by KO at :44 seconds of round 3.

  12. AMATEUR Heavyweight MMA
    Michael Oldson Sr. Vs Christopher Stanton
    Mike Oldson did not report to the event as scheduled. There were unconfirmed reports (hearsay) that he was on the road and stuck in traffic from Roanoke, Virginia. This was not confirmed by the ISCF Representative Robert Zingg. Mr. Oldson was a no show at weigh-in and has been suspended for 30 days and assessed a promoters reimbursement fee of $100.00 to be paid to the Promoter, Mr. Lionel Royer, unless he can show just cause to Mr. Royer for missing the event. Mr. Oldson, please contact the ISCF, the Promoter, Mr. Lionel Royer (304) 283-3053, or at to take care of this matter.
    Winner: Chris Stanton by Forfeit.

  13. AMATEUR Super Heavyweight MMA
    Nick Hoover vs Scott Carson Hoover came out with the game plan of trying to stalk and make the big connection to KO on Carson. Carson worked the ring and kept away for the most part and was able to connect with good strikes and some kicks. Hoover was able to trap Carson against the cage and side mount him and made the efforts to ground and pound. Carson was able to escape and keep it standing. Good strikes from both sides, but Hoovers stamina was lacking and he was ineffective in capitalizing on his larger size.
    Winner: Scott Carson by Unanimous Decision, Judge Angie Brooks: 27-30, Judge Gary Crim: 27-30, Judge Mike Boyce: 28-29.

  14. AMATEUR Lightweight MMA
    Cory Popanz Vs Jacob Kirwan
    Kirwin dominated the ground game and frustrated Popanz attempts to keep it swinging and making it a standup contest. Even while spending most of his time on his back defending Kirwins attempts to submit, Popanz was never relenting and continued to press his striking game while mounted and did a tremendous job of defending the ground and pound of Kirwin. Popanz was like an eel always working his position to try and gain advantage and escape, but Kirwin was too well balanced in the mount and kept Popanz contained.
    Winner: Jacob Kirwin by Unanimous Decision, Judge Angie Brooks: 27-30, Judge Gary Crim: 27-30, Judge Brad Duruttya: 27-30

TUESDAY, December 18th, 2007, AT 8:15 PM, PT

More Safety... And Accountability.

Over the last year we have come across situations where a fighter has fought as a Professional MMA Fighter one night, and turned around and fought as a Amateur MMA fighter the same weekend. We have also seen a fighter get Knocked Out, or stopped due to strikes, and turn around and fight as quickly as the next night.

When this happens, it makes it nearly impossible for "ANY" Sanctioning body to assure a fighter is an AMATEUR for an Amateur bout or assure a fighters medical safety because there is no time between the two fights to report the results to inform those associated with the next event. Worse yet, if a fighter is knocked out, or stopped due to excessive strikes, it allows for no time for the fighter to be evaluated by a licensed physician to assure his safety for the next fight he/she has booked.

Because of this, we here at the ISCF are taking a pro-active move for the safety of the Amateur Fighter, as well as Pro Fighters.

Beginning January 1st, 2008, the ISCF will implement a rule that most states that sanction MMA already have in place. It is known as the "Safety Time Rule" or STR.

The first part of this rule (time between bouts if the fighter wins or does not lose by KO/TKO) does not apply to "Tournament Fighting" of course because the fighter would be fighting within the same event where he/she can be checked out between fights by the event ringside physician and the event sanctioning body representatives. This new rule is to avoid a fighter, fighting on a "Different Promotional" event less then 7 days after a fight or a fighter fighting too soon after being defeated by a Knock Out or by too many striking blows.

This new "Safety Time Rule" or STR. can be found on it's own page by clicking HERE.


Now More Affordable For Events
Overseen By State Commissions

Before today, to sanction an ISCF Pro event, that is also sanctioned and overseen by a State Athletic/Boxing Commission would have cost a pro promoter a minimum, $350.00. However, we have had several requests for us to help Pro MMA events in several areas from Pro Promoters who are already paying a lot of money to their State Commissions and don't have that extra $350 in their promotional budget for sanctioning fees. Most of these promoters have been asking for a discount in sanctioning fees from the ISCF because they like the advertising we offer on our events page and news page. They also like that their fighters can gain additional exposure from the news page results and more so, from their own contact information being listed in the ISCF Rankings. Adding to this, having their fighters ranked by a neutral ranking system offers yet another plus for ISCF Sanctioning. Especially since the ISCF is the ONLY MMA Sanctioning body with rankings for both Professional and amateur MMA fighters.

With this being said, the cost to have the ISCF Sanction an ALL PRO event that already has a State Commission overseeing the event is only $50.00. Yes... $50.00!

That's a pretty good deal when you consider the amount of advertising exposure alone the promoter will receive for their events.

As for additional fees, the promoter will be required to pay for what we are calling an "ISCF Witness Representative" who will basically be there to witness the event and send in a fight results report to the ISCF Headquarters after the event for our posting here on the news page. The cost of the "ISCF Witness Representative"" for these ALL PRO events is only $100.00 plus the travel expenses if necessary. Travel expenses will depend on the location of the event in reference to the "ISCF Witness Representative" appointed to the event.

For shows where a State Commission oversees the Pro bouts, but not the Amateur bouts, regular ISCF Amateur Sanctioning will be required, but there will be NO FEE for the pro fights since the Promoter would already be paying for the ISCF Amateur Sanctioning and ISCF Event Representative.


For States where a State Commission oversees an Amateur MMA event such as Kansas, Georgia or Ohio, the ISCF will reduce the sanctioning fee by 40%. So instead of paying $250.00 for sanctioning (If paid 45 days in advance) the promoter would only pay $150.00. In addition, the fighters who are already booked on these events but not registered with the ISCF, these fighters would not be required to pay the full $25 Fighters Registration Fee. This is because they are most likely already paying a fee to the State for Registration. So, for these Amateur fighters, the ISCF Registration fee would only be $15.00, ($20 if paid by cc).

As with the Pro event Sanctioning above, the only additional fees the promoter will be required to pay for will be for the "ISCF Witness Representative" who will again, simply be at the event to witness it and send in a fight results report to the ISCF Headquarters after the event for our posting here on the news page. The cost of the "ISCF Witness Representative"" for these events is only $100.00 plus the travel expenses if necessary. Travel expenses will depend on the location of the event in reference to the "ISCF Witness Representative" appointed to the event.

Hopefully these additions will answer the call of the many Pro MMA Promoters who have asked for assistance on sanctioning their State Commissioned MMA events. We look forward to working with you.

These new fees can be found on their own page by clicking HERE.

WEDNESDAY, December 12th, 2007, AT 12:30 PM, PT


HCX International Entertainment LLC Presents
Tinley Park, Illinois, USA


Proving Grounds Fight League Presents
"Scorched Earth"
Lebanon, Missouri, USA


"Midwest Fight Fest"
December 8th, 2007 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Closing Out 2007

Another year is coming to a close and all we can do is prepare to bring better fights to the fans in the Midwest. The final event of 2007 took place this past Saturday night and from the feedback from some fans, it was one of the best ones in a long time. With that being said we can only concentrate on putting on more great fights in 2008. Below are the results from Saturday:

  1. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
    John Duever Vs Chris Perez
    John Duever defeated Chris Perez by TKO.

  2. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
    Mike Green Vs Gregory Wilson Jr.
    Mike Green defeated Greg Wilson by Decision.

  3. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
    Rocky Vercher Vs Damian Jeffro
    Rocky Vercher defeated Damian Jeffro by TKO.

  4. Kickboxing
    Josh Devore defeated Luke Gualtry by Decision.

  5. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
    Jeff Proctor Vs Terry Morgan
    Jeff Proctor defeated Terry Morgan by Arm Bar.

  6. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
    Demetrius Jordan Vs Justin Forner
    Demetrius Jordan defeated Justin Forner by Decision.

  7. Kickboxing
    Nick Reeder defeated George Smith by decision.

  8. Boxing
    Pat Recer defeated Josh Spain by decision.

  9. Boxing
    DeAndre Williams defeated Jordan Osmeck by Decision.

  10. Boxing
    Josh Devore defeated Doveed Linder by Decision.

For more information on classes or fights call: (314) 497-6959.


"Holiday Havoc"
December 8th, 2007 - Texarkana, Arkansas, USA

  1. Submission Match
    Daniel Payne defeated Bryce Williams by Unanimous Decision.

  2. Amateur MMA
    Kevin Ham Vs Wes Baxter
    Wes Baxter defeated Kevin Ham by Referee Stoppage due to punches at 1:09 in Round 1.

  3. Amateur MMA
    Brent Mason Vs Jamie McLendon
    Brent Mason defeated Jamie McLendon by KO due to punches at 1:46 in Round 1.

  4. Amateur MMA
    Wesley Branch Vs Dustin Poirier
    Dustin Poirier defeated Wesley Branch by Referee Stoppage due to punches at 1:52 in Round 1.

  5. Amateur MMA
    Mike Ambern Vs Jim Saintignan
    Mike Ambern defeated Jim Saintignan by Doctor Stoppage at 2:09 in Round 2.

  6. Amateur MMA
    Chase Herrera Vs Douglas Frey
    Douglas Frey defeated Chase Herrera by tapout due to Rear Naked Choke at 1:09 in Round 1.

  7. Amateur MMA
    Nathan Elliott Vs Cecil Stroud
    Cecil Stroud defeated Nathan Elliot by tapout due to Guillotine Choke at 0:28 in Round 1.

  8. Amateur MMA
    Eric Scallan Vs Scott Earl
    Scott Earl defeated Eric Scallan by tapout due to Rear Naked Choke at 2:30 in Round 1.

  9. Amateur MMA
    Mitchell Thelen Vs Alden Herbert
    Alden Herbert defeated Mitchell Thelen by tapout due to Armbar at 2:35 in Round 2.

  10. Amateur MMA
    Josh Spencer Vs Wayne Barnes
    Josh Spencer defeated Wayne Barnes by Barnes not answering to bell of Round 3.

  11. Amateur MMA
    Travis Bennett Vs Brian Green
    Travis Bennett defeated Brian Green by Unanimous Decision.
  12. ISCF South Central Regional Welterweight Title
    Derrick Krantz Vs Nick Nuila
    Nick Nuila defeated Derrick Krantz by Referee Stoppage due to punches at 3:50 of Round 1
    Nick Nuila is the South Central Regional Welterweight Champion.

TUESDAY, December 11th, 2007, AT 10:45 PM, PT

December 1st, 2007 - Pekin, Illinois, USA

Pekin, Illinois was experiencing the first major ice storm of the season. The parking lot was so slick you couldn't even walk on it, the wind blew right through you and it was freezing cold outside but inside the Pekin Dragon's Dome, it was "red hot" when the folks at "The Hive" threw MMA Evolution VI on Saturday, December 1st. They had 2 title fights scheduled on an all amateur card and those fans that braved the weather were treated to a fantastic event.

  1. Men's Amateur Bantamweight
    Donald Harper 2-0-0, Washington, IL, David Harper, Vs Jonathan "JR" Christenberry, 2-1-0, Lafayette, IN, Fearless Fight Gear
    Harper comes across the ring throwing punches at the opening bell. Christenberry ducks and takes Harper down to the ground and pushes him up against the cage while Harper, on the bottom, tries to control Christenberry's head. While Harper holds the head tight, Christenberry lifts him and slams him onto his back and is successful in freeing his head. Harper turns to his stomach and then manages to get to his hands and knees but gives Christenberry his back in the process. While Christenberry tries to get his hooks in, he rides too high and slips off of Harper's back allowing Harper to swing around, get his leg over and achieve a full mount on Christenberry. Christenberry turns to his stomach and gives Harper his back. Christenberry attempts to roll out of it but Harper goes with it and quickly positions himself for a triangle choke on Christenberry at 2:19 of the first round.
    Winner by Submission-Donald Harper.

  2. Men's Amateur Welterweight
    Ryan Stahler, 1-0-0, Pontiac, IL, Chuck Painter, Vs Jammie Hill, 0-1-0, Atlanta, IL, The Hive, TJ Mohler
    Both fighters exchange jabs to start the fight. Stahler follows up with a left/right combination and then reaches in and grabs Hill around the waist, picks Hill up and throws him to the ground. Stahler, in a half mount on top throws punches to Hill's body. Stahler frees his leg and achieves a full mount on Hill and begins the "ground and pound". Hill reaches up and grabs Stahler around the neck to neutralize the attack and then proceeds to turn to his stomach and gives Stahler his back in the process. Hill rolls and Stahler holds on while maintain control of Hill's back only this time Stahler is on his back with Hill on top. Hill twists around to face Stahler and gain the advantage by positioning himself on top. Hill begins punching Stahler with Stahler trying to neutralize Hill's attack. The round ends with Hill on top but Stahler controlled the round and was awarded the edge in the round on all judge's scorecards.
    Round 2: Hill starts with a leg kick and Stahler counters with punches. Hill shoots for a takedown which is blocked by Stahler. Who attempts a guillotine choke. Hill pulls Stahler's legs in and achieves a side mount on Stahler. Stahler, still holding Hill's head, twists, manages to stand while maintaining control of the head. Hill gets his head free and throws more leg kicks. Hill shoots for a takedown, Stahler sprawls and blocks the attempt. Now with Stahler on top, the two fighters spend most of the round trying to gain an edge. It was a closer round than the first but all judges still gave the round to Stahler.
    Round 3: Stahler begins with a left/right combination and then slips in, picks Hill up and takes him to the ground and achieves a half mount. Hill pulls Stahler down and tries to cover up as Stahler alternates punches to Hill's head and body. Hill holds Stahler's hands and head to stall the attack but does little else to gain an advantage. Hill finally manages to get his legs up around Stahler's head and shoulders attempting a triangle choke. Stahler stands twice with Hill wrapped around his neck and drops Hill on his back each time trying to release the triangle. Hill manages to maintain the hold but is unable to finish as time runs out.
    All three judges scored the fight 30-27. Winner by Unanimous Decision-Ryan Stahler.

  3. Men's Amateur Middleweight
    Matt Heisner 0-1-0, Onarga, IL, vs Levi Eckert 1-0-0, Normal, IL, Academy of Mixed Martial Arts
    Round 1: Eckert explodes at the opening bell by throwing flurries of punches at Heisner. Heisner, unsure what to do, tries to tie Eckert up and they roll against the cage. Eckert begins throwing knees to Heisner's body as Heisner begins to get his wits about him. He tries to throw a couple of his own punches but Eckert continues with more knees to the body. Heisner manages a strong punch to Eckert's head which backs him up and forces Eckert to shoot for a double leg takedown. Heisner sprawls to block the attempt and manages to spin around onto Eckert's back. The round ends with Heisner unsuccessfully attempting a rear naked choke on Eckert. In a very close round, two judges gave the edge to Heisner while the third gave the edge to Eckert.
    Round 2: Both fighters begin the round by landing several good punches to each others head. They tie up and start rolling around against the cage while still on their feet. Both fighters appear content to stand and throw knees at each other. Referee Chris Rudesill stops time to replace a lost mouthpiece and when time starts again, Eckert appears to be the aggressor. Eckert grabs Heisner, throws him down and achieves a full mount with the "ground and pound" as the round ends. All judges gave the edge in the round to Eckert.
    Round 3: Eckert begins the round again with punches to Heisner's head. Heisner, unable to stop Eckert, tries to reach in and tie Eckert up but Eckert just steps back and continues with the flurries. Finally Eckert grabs Heisner and throws him down. Eckert gets a full mount and begins punching Heisner in the head. Heisner twists and turns to get out but ends up giving his back to Eckert who continues to punch Heisner in the head. As the round ends Eckert is hitting Heisner from a full mount position.
    The judges score the fight 27-30, 28-29 and 28-29 in a close fight. Winner by Unanimous Decision-Levi Eckert.

  4. Men's Amateur Lightweight
    Craig Mangrum, 3-0-0, Paducah, KY, Joe Duke's Team Pride, Vs Larry Ozburn, 0-1-0, Bloomington, IL, The Hive, TJ Mohler
    Ozburn throws a right front kick to the body and a left punch to the head of Mangrum. Mangrum ducks the punch and wraps his arms around Ozburn's waist from behind. He picks Ozburn up and slams him to the ground. Ozburn's head hits the canvass and knocks him unconscious forcing Referee Chris Rudesill to stop the fight at :16 of the first round.
    Winner by Knockout-Craig Mangrum.

  5. Boy's Middleweight Grappling Exhibition (No Striking)
    Caleb Painter, Lincoln, IL, Pontiac MMA, vs Tyler Smock, Canton, IL, Silverbacks
    The fighters tie up and jockey for position. Smock shoots for a takedown and works around to the back of Painter pulling him down. He gets his hooks in and works a rear naked choke on Painter.
    At 1:19 of the round, Referee Chris Rudesill stops the exhibition and raises the hand of Tyler Smock.

  6. Men's Amateur Heavyweight
    Chris Michael, 0-1-0, Pekin, IL, The Hive, TJ Mohler, Vs Matt McMinn, 2-2-0, Bloomington, IL, Academy of Mixed Martial Arts
    Michael comes across the ring throwing heavy punches at McMinn's head. McMinn grabs Michael and pulls him down on top of him. With Michael on top in a half mount, McMinn turns him and reverses positions with McMinn now on top in a half mount. McMinn throws body punches and then begins to "ground and pound" Michael. Michael turns to his stomach and gives McMinn his back. McMinn gets his hooks in, breaks Michael down and throws a rear naked choke on Michael forcing Referee Chris Rudesill to stop the fight at 1:28 of the first round.
    Winner by Submission-Matt McMinn.

  7. Men's Amateur Middleweight
    Mike Porth, 1-0-0, Pontiac, IL, Chuck Painter, Vs Chris Hohimer 0-1-0, Pekin, IL, The Hive, TJ Mohler
    Round 1: Hohimer comes across the ring at the opening bell and attempts a "Superman" punch to Porth's head. Porth ducks the punch, grabs Hohimer around the waist and dumps him to the ground. With Porth in a full mount, Hohimer uses pure strength and pushes Porth off of him, turns over and stands up. Porth charges forward, ducks behind Hohimer and wraps his arms around his waist and throws Hohimer down again. Hohimer lands on his stomach with Porth on top attempting to choke Hohimer. Hohimer peels the arms from around his throat, twists around and is able to reverse positions on Porth. Hohimer now finds himself on top in a full mount and begins punching Porth. Porth turns to his stomach and gives Hohimer his back. Hohimer goes for a choke but rides too high on Porth's back and allows Porth to get out the back. Hohimer turns to face Porth and they finish the round trying to get control before the bell ends the round. In a very close round, two judges gave the round to Porth and the third judge awarded the round to Hohimer.
    Round 2: Hohimer starts with a leg kick as Porth throws a punch followed by both fighters holding each other in the center of the cage. Porth reaches down, picks Hohimer up and dumps him. Hohimer turns and gives Porth his back giving Porth a rear naked choke forcing Referee Chris Rudesill to stop the fight at :49 of the round.
    Winner by Submission-Mike Porth.

  8. Men's Amateur Lightweight
    Eugene Anthony, 3-5-0, Chicago, IL, Rebels of Destruction, Vs Jason Smith, 2-1-0, Normal, IL, Academy of Mixed Martial Arts
    Smith fakes a left/right combination and shoots in for a takedown. He picks Anthony up and dumps him on the canvass. Smith controls Anthony from a side mount. Anthony turns into Smith and tries to reverse the position by trying a double leg takedown of his own. Anthony twists and comes out from between Smith's legs but Smith is still on top attempting to get a triangle choke on Anthony. Anthony continues to twist and turn but Smith also fights for position while maintaining control of an arm. Smith manages to trap Anthony's arm between his legs and maintains the hold as both fighters maneuver for position. Anthony twists the wrong direction and allows Smith to position his arm in an arm bar causing Anthony to tap out at 1:46 of the round.
    Winner by Submission-Jasan Smith.

  9. Men's Amateur Middleweight
    Jeremiah Robertson 5-1-0, Paducah, KY, Team Pride, vs John (Bentress or Ventress), 0-1-0, Pontiac, IL, The Hive, TJ Mohler
    Robertson starts with a right punch to Ventress' head that stuns him. Ventress hangs on and pulls Robertson down with him. Robertson stands up and steps back gesturing for Ventress to stand. Ventress rises slowly and again takes another heavy right to the head from Robertson again putting Ventress down forcing Referee Chris Rudesill to step in and stop the fight at 1:01 of the round.
    Winner by TKO-Jeremiah Robertson.

  10. Men's Amateur Middleweight
    Nicholas Sandage 5-0-0, Cooksville, IL, PFSD Club, Vs Bruce Yoakum, 1-3-0, Decatur, IL, The Hive, TJ Mohler
    Yoakum comes forward throwing punches but Sandage ducks under and pulls Yoakum down to the canvass on top of him. Yoakum tries to stand back up but Sandage holds onto Yoakum's arm. He swings his legs around and traps the arm in a straight arm bar forcing Referee Chris Rudesill to stop the fight at :32 of the round.
    Winner by submission at :32 of round 1, Nick Sandage

  11. Men's Amateur Heavyweight
    Hive Heavyweight Title
    Tim Hemmingway, 3-1-0, Chicago, IL, Rebels of Destruction, Vs Mark Hanegger, 8-1-0, Canton, IL, Bob Long
    Round 1: Honegger comes across the ring and immediately attempts to take Hemingway to the ground. Hemingway, appearing to want to keep the fight in the standing position, backs to the cage and spins Honegger in order to press him against the side. They roll around the cage while jockeying for position. Hemingway wants to pound, Honegger wants to go to the ground. Honegger slips to the canvass but Hemingway allows him to get up. Throughout the round, Honegger pressed Hemingway which forced Hemingway to use a lot of energy to stay on his feet. While in the clinch, Honegger threw knees, Hemingway threw punches. Honegger finally manages to get Hemingway down toward the end of the round with the bell ringing as Honegger was on Hemingway's back throwing punches to Hemingway's head. Two judges awarded the round to Honegger while the third awarded it to Hemingway in a close round.
    Round 2: Honegger comes at Hemingway who appears very tired after the first round. Honegger pressed Hemingway up against the cage and then proceeded to stomp on Hemingway's feet between attempts to take him down. Honegger accomplishes a single leg takedown in the middle of the cage. From a side mount, Honegger brings his legs up around Hemingway's head. Hemingway turns and gives Honegger his back. Realizing his mistake, Hemingway turns back to his back and allows Honegger to reach across his body and apply an arm bar to Hemingway's far arm causing Referee Chris Rudesill to stop the fight at 1:51 of the second round.
    Winner by Submission Hive Amateur Heavyweight Champion Mark Honegger.

  12. ISCF Amateur Central Regional Lightweight Title
    Mike Plazola (ISCF Iowa State Champ) Vs Chris Tickle (ISCF Illinois State Champ)
    The final bout and the main event of the night was to put the ISCF Illinois Amateur Lightweight Champion, Chris Tickle in the cage against the ISCF Iowa Amateur Lightweight Champion, Mike Plazola. The intent was to have them fight for the ISCF American Central Regional Amateur Lightweight Championship with the winner to be next in line for a shot at the ISCF United States Amateur Lightweight Championship early next year.
    The Lightweight class calls for the fighters to weigh within the 145.1-155.0 pound weight limits. Chris Tickle weighed in at exactly 155.0 pounds. Mike Plazola weighed in at 159.0 pounds or 4 pounds over-weight. Mike Plazola was unable to make the 155.0 pound weight limit in time to fight and as a result he was forced to forfeit the fight causing Chris Tickle to be awarded the victory.
    Winner by Forfeit ISCF American Central Regional Amateur Lightweight Champion Chris Tickle.

FRIDAY, December 7th, 2007, AT 11:55 AM, PT


Shamrock Promotions Presents
"Midwest Fight Fest"
St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Squared Circle Promotions Presents
"MMA In The Valley"
Winchester, Virginia, USA


Battle Cage 360 LLC Presents
"Holiday Havoc"
Texarkana, Arkansas, USA

MONDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, 2007, AT 7:30 PM, PT

"MMA In The Valley"
November 17th, 2007 - Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA

  1. Amateur Bantamweight MMA
    Dustin Honeycutt Vs Lewis Cassner
    Both fighters immediately go to blows then Cassner goes to take down. Cassner dominates on ground, Honeycutt delivers good strikes in clinches and stand-up. Reversals both ways on the ground.
    WINNER: Winner: Lewis Cassner by rear naked choke at 2:08 of Round 2.

  2. Amateur Middleweight MMA:
    Robert Conner Vs Josh Guyer
    Conner goes in for quick takedown, intense grappling on the ground, Conner working for position, Guyer scrambling to prevent submission. Conner work his mount then takes Guyers back.
    Winner: Robert Conner by rear naked choke at :59 seconds of Round 1.

  3. Amateur Featherweight MMA:
    Brandon Presnell Vs Nicholas Vecchione
    Great match with both fighters doing stand up and grappling. Reversals both ways for each fighter on the ground. Intense grappling and stand-up. Vecchioni strikes hard during clinches. Presnell can't return from the break for the third round. Referee stops contest.
    Winner: Nick Vecchioni by TKO, opponent unable to continue for the third round.

  4. Amateur Welterweight MMA:
    Rick Tavares Vs Chris Conner
    Tavares goes in for early takedown, intense grappling on the ground. Conner tries to escape the guard, Tavares pulls him into a Triangle for the submission.
    Winner: Rick Tavares by triangle at 1:59 minutes of round 1.

  5. Amateur Lightweight MMA:
    Tyler Moyer Vs Bryan Lewis
    Great fight with both fighters trading blows and kicks during stand-up, each fighter goes for takedowns and reversals exchanged both ways. During 2nd round, Lewis shows signs of tiring, Moyer tries to capitalize with some success, Lewis struggles hard to maintain position to prevent submission. Middle of 3rd round, Lewis tries to escape guard and Moyer takes his back and submits him.
    Winner: Tyler Moyer by rear naked choke at 1:48 minutes of Round 3.

  6. Amateur Welterweight MMA:
    Jeremy Carper Vs Jason Ledford
    Immediate flurry of punches and kicks. Both fighters game for a hard fight. During a clinch, fighters go to ground, Carper maneuvers to prevent submission, Ledford all over him looking for an opening, finally finds an open spot and submitting with a Guillotine.
    Winner: Jason Ledford by guillotine submission at 2:50 minutes of Round 1.

  7. Amateur Lightweight MMA:
    Cory Popanz Vs Chris Morris
    Popanz comes out early and rains blows onto Morris, Morris does his best to swat them away and return the favor, but they come in hard and fast. Popanz lands several hard knees and strikes. Popanz wins with the KO.
    Winner: Cory Popanz by KO at :52 seconds of Round 1.

  8. Amateur Heavyweight MMA:
    John Brown Vs Christopher Stanton
    Stanton comes out and immediately trades blows with Brown, Stanton lands several hard strikes to Brown. Brown covers up and is unable to defend. Referee stops contest due to strikes.
    Winner: Christopher Stanton by TKO at :08 of round 1.
  9. Amateur Lightweight MMA:
    Adam Prickett Vs Eric Ohene-Bekoe
    Prikett and Ohene are well matched and go toe to toe in striking and kicking. Neither seeming to really dominate but Prikett always seems to be the more aggressive and come out ahead in the clashes. Ohene is game and does not let up. On the ground Prikett gains the advantage but in unable to submit Ohene. Both fighters go to the ground then escape to stand-up. Ohene seems to wait for openings and stalks Prikett. Prikett presses and is the aggressor. It goes to the Judges for decision.
    Winner: Adam Prikett by Majority Decision, Judge 1: 28-28 Draw, Judge 2: 29-28 Red, Judge 3: 30-27 Red.

  10. Amateur Heavyweight MMA:
    John Price Vs David McElreath Jr.
    Both fighters come out swinging, trading blows, Price throws a few leg kicks. McElreath is a brawler and is tough, Price takes him down and they go at it on the ground trading blows and Price working for the submission. Price positions to his opponents back and locks onto a rear naked choke and McElreath resists for what seems like forever, struggling to maintain position to prevent the rear naked choke from working. Price finally puts on more pressure and wins the submission in the last two seconds of the first round.
    Winner: Jon Price by rear naked choke at 2:58 minutes of Round 1.

  11. Amateur Lightweight MMA:
    Arthur Powell Vs Nick Silvestri
    A great bout of evenly matched fighters, both fighters going stand-up and grappling hard and fast with neither seeming to gain much over the other. In the second round Powell seems to gain control but can't submit Silvestri. Silvestri is game and continues to go toe to toe. In the middle of the third round Silvestri gets tired and can't protect himself. Powell rains blows and the Referee stops the contest due to strikes.
    Winner: Arthur Powell by TKO at 1:49 of Round 3.

  12. Amateur Bantamweight MMA:
    Mike Custodio Vs Erek Strusinski
    Cusodio and Stuinski go toe to toe for the entire three rounds. Neither fighter letting up and coming back when the other seems to gain some advantage. Custodio seems to be the better striker and grappler during the stand-up and clinches as well as maintaining an advantage position on the ground. Stuinski is no slouch, always working his positions and his escapes and body techniques in the clinches. Both are strong fighters with Struinski making Custodio work for everything he gets.
    Winner: Mike Custodio - Unanimous Decision, Judge 1: 30-27 Red, Judge 2: 30-27 Red, Judge 3: 30-28 Red.

  13. Amateur Super Heavyweight MMA:
    Stephen Hamilton Vs Thomas Naylor
    Fighters touched gloves, and both swung in a short flurry then clinched, Naylor with the under arm bear hug, and Hamilton with a headlock. Naylor picked Hamilton up and body slammed him and added three quick punches to the head before the referee stopped the bout.
    Winner: Thomas Naylor by KO at :08 seconds of Round 1.


"Midwest Fight Fest"
November 17th, 2007 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

  • WHO: Shamrock Promotions
  • WHERE: Viking Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • WHAT: ISCF Amateur MMA & Amateur Boxing
  • ISCF Representative: Jim Howell
  • ISCF Referee: TBA
  • ISCF PROMOTER: Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at

Another great night of fights, were showcased last Saturday night at the Viking hotel. The night was packed full of action including 8 boxing and 2 mma battles. The Battle for Fame series gives local fighters the chance to show there talents and start a career in fighting. Fans came out ready to see some of the best young boxers around, and also to cheer on MMA fighters as they start to work their way to possibly be in the Xtreme Fight Party.
The majority of this card was Boxing.
Results As Follow:

    *Wally Frankovic Vs Thomas Forsythe
    WINNER: Wally Frankovic by TKO.

    *Justin Martin Vs *Josh Flowers
    WINNER: Justin Martin by Arm Bar.
    • The above Justin Martin is not this Justen Martin
    • 3-12-08: The above Josh Flowers was first registered by the fight promoter (Jesse Finney - November 17th, 2007) as ERIC Flowers. However, he was registered with the wrong name and other incorrect information. His real name is JOSH Flowers and he is not this Josh Flowers.