March - April 2006

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THURSDAY, April 27th, 2006, AT 10:30 PM, PT

Knuckle Up
Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

ISCF - IKF Georgia, USA: This Friday night, April 28th, 2006, at At Cowboy's In Kennesaw, Georgia, USA, Mr. Chris Stolzman and his Knuckle Up Team will host Pro & Amateur ISCF MMA & IKF Kickboxing. The event will feature 4 Pro MMA bouts and 8 Amateur Mixed Martial Arts bouts along with IKF Kickboxing... "In the Cage!".

Junior Assuncao will be making his return to the cage after a long hiatus concentrating on coaching his MMA & Jiu Jitsu students at the Midtown Velocity Location. Philip Botha will meet up with Frederico Assuncao from Miami Florida. Assuncao is a Native to Brazil who is a Capoierra Black Belt and is a two time state champ in Brazil. His most recent fight was three weeks ago in a K-1 style match which he won by decision after 3 rounds. This will be Assuncao's pro debut

Also on the card and getting back in the cage will be Diego Sariava, Clay Harbison and Douglas Lima to put on a great show for the fans.

Tickets are available at all Knuckle Up Fitness locations, (formerly Velocity Kickboxing) and all Discount Nutrition locations. For More Info Contact Mr. Chris Stolzman at (404) 247-5494 or or go to

Here's the nights MMA Fight Card.

  1. Robi Ramey vs. John Miller

  2. Chris Cape vs. Clay Harvison

  3. Sean Lane vs. Steven Mc Donald

  4. Jeff Johnston vs. Phillip Beard

  5. Douglas Lima vs. Albert Stainback

  6. John Trent vs. Ted Kaouk

  7. Cal Yarborough vs. Jerry Hinton

  8. Brad Wright vs. C.J Jordan


Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

ISCF Missouri, USA: This Friday night, April 28th, True Fight Fan will present CLASH IN THE CAGE II at the Whiskey Tango in Grain Valley, Missouri, USA. for more info on this event, contact Mr. Phil Jones at (816) 651-5087 or at or go to

Here's the nights Fight Card.

  1. Dominic Brown, VS Marshall Jackson

  2. Eric Marriott VS Zach Mcdonald

  3. Adrien Lewis VS Michael Lucas

  4. Mitchell Harris VS Marcus Mack

  5. Travis Sveum VS Daniel Young

  6. Jesse Pringle VS Mike Holderby

  7. Joshua Freeman VS Drew Garcia

  8. Nathan Cash VS Anthony Young

  9. Jesse Wolf VS Bryan Timmons

  10. Bryan Oxner VS Adam Reinbold

  11. Brian Davidson VS Adam Nelson

  12. Sharissa Davis VS Jennifer Babcock


"Colosseum Combat I"
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

ISCF Alabama, USA: This Saturday night, April 29th, JAB Entertainment LLC will present Colosseum Combat I at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. For more info on this event, contact Mr. Phil Jones at (816) 651-5087 or at or go to

For more info please contact Mr. Jay Martin at (765) 210-5581 or at For event tickets, click HERE!

Here's the nights Fight Card.


"Bound For Glory"
Springfield, Missouri, USA

ISCF Missouri, USA: This Saturday night, April 29th, CAGE OF HONOR will present Bound For Glory at the Weiser Gymnasium on the Drury Campus in Springfield, Missouri, USA. For more info on this event, contact Mr. Brandon Schwin (417) 724-2747 or by e-mail by clicking or go to

Here's the nights Fight Card.

  1. Jeremy Henderson, 155, Abilene, TX VS. *TBA

  2. Russell Crandon, 200, Springfield, Missouri, USA VS. Jamze Hampleman

  3. Lucas Predmore, 155, Warrensburg, MO VS. Scott Bear, 155, Cushing, Oklahoma. USA.

  4. Jacob Ritchie, 145, Springfield, Missouri, USA VS. Michael Sierra, 145, Dallas, Texas, USA.

  5. Scott Manly, 145, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA VS. Jay Gould, 145, St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA.

  6. Chuck Rainey, 185, Springfield, Missouri, USA. VS. James Head 185, Highland, Illinois, USA

  7. Mike Scarantino, 169, Scranton, PA VS. Jeremy Harris, 169, Springfield, Missouri, USA.

  8. Brad Sawyer, 185, Springfield, Missouri, USA VS. Jeremiah Haynes, 185, Cushing, OK

  9. Nolan Armpriester, 205, Reading, Pennsylvania, USA VS. Colby Tierney, 205, Sullivan, Missouri, USA.


"The Standoff Classic"
Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

ISCF - IKF Illinois, USA: Get ready for the "Standoff Classic" this Saturday, April 29th at the Holiday Inn Tinley Park Convention Center. This show is the Finals event for the 2006 IKF Muay Thai and International Rules Regional Kickboxing Tournament. Fighters from 6 States will battle it out for the gold with over 20 finals bouts on this card plus additional explosive ISCF Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bouts. The MMA card features local up and coming fighters such as Leo Perez of Double Tap Fight Crew, Joe Spiker of Midwest Jiu Jitsu, Anthony "Babyface" Jordon of American Kenpo Karate, Chris Hogan of Carlson Gracie Team, John Schaffer, and Derek Garner.

Promoters Ron Hill, James Hill, and Brian A. Thompson have put together an action packed day of IKF Sanctioned Muay Thai/ International Rules Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts.

Doors open at 5:PM and the event starts at 6:PM. Tickets are still available by calling (815) 730-3800. Also log on to for an up to date list of competitors currently registered for the tournament. The venue for the event will be the beautiful Holiday Inn Tinley Park Convention Center. The Convention Center boasts a 200+ room hotel, with an indoor pool, and the Bananas Bar & Grill restaurant.

Athletes looking to compete on our next event Pure Force III "Fire" scheduled for June 16th, should email there information to our matchmaker James Hill or register there information at - Pure Force III looks to be the most exciting event of the series with more information coming soon……..

For more info please contact Mr. Brian Thompson at (815) 730-3800 Or go to Also See

Here's the nights MMA Fight Card.

  1. Leo Perez, Vs Joe Spiker

  2. Anthony Jordan Vs Chris Hogan

  3. John Schaeffer Vs Derek Garner


Morgan City, Louisiana, USA

ISCF - IKF Louisiana, USA
This Saturday night, April 29th, Battlezone Presents "BATTLEZONE 6... TRUE VENGEANCE" at the Morgan City Municipal Auditorium in Morgan City, Louisiana, USA

The event will feature both ISCF Amateur MMA & IKF Amateur Kickboxing. For more info please contact Mr. Stephen Miller At (985) 384-5425 or at

Here's the nights MMA Fight Card.

  1. Blaze Bourg vs. Wesley Mackey

  2. Jimmy Richard vs. Ricky Lachney

  3. Hank Hamilton vs. Wesley Suncheefore

  4. Thomas Panico vs. Marshall Thomson

  5. Sean Mason vs. Chris Salinas

  6. Germaine Francois vs. Harry Wells

  7. Derrick Hood vs. Justin Thibodeaux

MONDAY, April 17th, 2006, AT 10:50 PM, PT

RESULTS FROM Unleashed Combat's
Battle In The Northland
North Kansas City, Missouri, USA

By ISCF Representative Benjamin Nogueras Jr.: Unleashed Combat: Battle in the Northland turned out to be an evening of excitement and entertainment. From the moment the first bell rang, to the very last minute of the main event. You couldn't ask for anything better, aside from more fights. And I'm sure the fans are looking forward to the next Unleashed Combat event.
Here's the nights results below.

  1. Marcus Mack vs Joe Valdivez
    These two started the first round with extreme intentions to make a point of who was the king of mat. Marcus Mack quickly shot in to perform a double leg sweep, then slammed Joe Valdivez to the mat. Joe Valdez quickly gained control of Marcus Mack, by taking a guard position and controlling Mr. Macks head. Marcus however was extremely busy with ground and pound work against Joe. Marcus clearly controlled the first and second round in his aggressive pursuit over Joe. Joe fought with tremendous heart and staggered Marcus during a few well timed punches, but Marcus quickly recovered and controlled the Pace of the fight. In round three, Joe came out punching with intentions to knock Marcus out. Joe apparently felt the fight was not heading in the direction of victory for him, so he stepped it up and delivered a barrage of punches and kicks to control the entire 3rd round. Though his efforts were greatly appreciated and honorable, he fell short due to Mr. Mack's win of rounds 1 and 2. Great fight however, and we'd like to see these warriors do it again.
    Marcus wins by unanimous decision.

  2. Toby Surber vs Daniel Young
    This was an exciting fight. Both fighters had some serious bad blood between each other and it was displayed in the cage when they were brought to the center of the ring. A shoving match ensued before the fight started, but when the bell rang, it was on. Both gentlemen started with a barrage of punches and knees, then took it to the ground. Both fighters seemed evenly matched and both were fighting it out hard. But although Daniels efforts were valiant, he eventually tapped 5 seconds before the end of the first round to a choke.
    Toby wins by tap out.

  3. Rob Jackson vs Alexandro Monegro

    CORRECTION MADE ON 4-25-06 - Wrong winner was announced. Rob Jackson is actual winner.
    The start of this match had everything you'd want in a fight. Fists flying, knees landing, punches meeting their mark; just a flat out war in the cage. Unfortunately this fight ended prematurely due to Alexandro's inability to control his knees to the opponents groin. Alexandro was deducted two points in the second round before being disqualified due to a third knee to the groin.
    Rob Jackson wins by disqualification of Alexandro Monegro.

  4. Adam Faircloth vs Cale Bengston,
    Adam Faircloth wins by referee stoppage in the first round due to an intense ground and pound in round 1.

  5. Anthony Young and Tony Davis
    If you've never seen either of these guys fight before, make your way to the next event these guys are fighting in. Talk about excitement. Talk about great body slams, great stand up fighting, and great ground control; both of these fighters have it. And were eager to display it to each other. Tony swiftly took control of the fight by performing a quick double leg over Anthony and Slamming him to the mat. Anthony quickly took a guard position and attempted to control Tony by a choke. Both fighters exchanged punches and palm strikes and remained on the ground until the second round. Tony controlled the first round being the more aggressive fighter.
    Round two started as the first round did, a few barrages of punches then a great slam from Tony, but unlike the first round, Tony tapped out due to a perfectly applied choke applied by Anthony Young.
    Anthony Young wins by tap out by choke.

  6. Chad Vandenberg Vs Tim Tripp
    Talk about great up and coming fighters, both of these guys came out swinging. Tim started the fight with a few jabs and a great over hand right, but was quickly taken down by Chad. Chad executed a great take down and quickly mounted Tim, which allowed him to situate himself for ground and pound. Chad landed a number of punches while mounted, which resulted in a stoppage by the referee Rob Kimmens.
    Chad Vandenberg wins by TKO in the first.

  7. John Jarvis vs John Long
    Talk about multi-talented. John Jarvis not only sang the national anthem, he fought a tough opponent in John Long. Both guys came out swinging but John Jarvis quickly took control of the fight with a take down and a barrage of powerful pounding. John Jarvis eventually took John Long out of the fight with his ground and pound skills, when the referee stopped the fight in round one with TKO.
    John Jarvis wins by TKO in the first round.

  8. Dustin Sullivan Vs Wes Miller
    Both of these guys were extremely excited to get the fight going. They both exploded with a barrage of punches and knees that ultimately ended when Dustin caught Wes with a over hand right. Wes fought valiantly, and quickly took guard position, but Dustin was to dominate in this fight and took it to Wes with an arrangement of ground and pound that resulted in a stoppage by referee.
    Dustin wins by TKO in the first.

  9. Joe Monegro vs Chris Henning
    Joe Monegro won by a choke submission in the first round.

  10. Cody Parrish vs Drew Garcia
    Talk about climax to the evening. There was some serious bad intentions coming out of this fight. Drew Garcia came to the cage to introduce Cody to a restful night of sleep after putting him out by TKO. Cody, on the other hand walked into the cage with the focus of a gladiator and with intentions of introducing Drew to the destruction of a serious ground and pound. When the bell rang, the fight was on. Both fighters started with a barrage of stand-up skills that would drop you jaw. But Cody quickly shot for a double leg and took Drew down. Drew landed a few punches on the way down but took guard when his back hit the mat. Cody however dominated the ground by quickly mounting drew and landing some serious blows which resulted in a referee stoppage. Both of these fighters fought a great fight, and I foresee these guys doing great things in the ring in fights to come.
    Cody wins by TKO in the 1st round.

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Daniel Summers at (913) 963-1031 or by e-mail at



Rob Lilly Proves He's Number 1!
RESULTS FROM Breaking Point Productions

"Zero Tolerence"

By IKF & ISCF World Representative Chuck Wolfe: Breaking Point Productions and Promoters Lasha Dalakishvili & Matt Leidy hosted their debut event on a stormy night in Northwest Missouri. With a tornado watch in effect for the region, the crowd found out that the real storm was inside St. Joe's Civic Arena in St. Joseph, Missouri, USA on this night. The crowd some 1600+ saw eleven preliminary bouts plus a ISCF Central Regional Amateur Welterweight Title between Rick Wymer of Springfield, Missouri vs Rob Lilly of Kansas City, Missouri, USA and they were not disappointed.
Results as follows:

    Tim Townsend, of Kansas City, KS. VS Michael Hislope, of Ozark, Missouri, USA.
    Hislope seemed very hesitant from the start as Townsend came out in a tight guard and a aggressive spring to his step. Townsend landed a few right and left hands then took Hislope down with a strong ankle pick. Townsend proceeded to ground and pound for a TKO at 2:55 of the first round.
    Winner by TKO Tim Townsend.

    Jonathan Controtto, of Brvier, Missouri, USA Vs Josh Lyons, of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA.
    The first round was pretty even with both fights trading wild rights and some knees to the body. In the second it started the same way but by the end of the round Controtto was landed clearly more than Lyons was. In the third round Controtto landed more right hands and a well place knee to the face for a TKO at 1:05 of the round three.
    Winner by TKO Jonathan Controtto.

    Jeff Karsten, of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA vs. Floyd Jeffers, of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA.
    Karsten lands two good right hands and takes Jeffers down to wrap it up from there as Jeffers Taps Out at 1:06 of the first.
    Winner by Tap Out Jeff Karsten

    Dustin Procter, of Columbia, Missouri, USA Vs Steven Owens, of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA.
    Owens starts out with a successful take down but Procter escapes. Procter moves to secure a rear-naked choke and gets Owens to tap out at :34 of round one.
    Winner by Tap Out Dustin Procter.

    Charlie Eddington, of Irving IL. vs Charlie Carpenter, of Excello, Missouri, USA.
    This one had some good action from the start. Carpenter tries to finish this match at the end of the 1st round with some effective ground and pound but Eddington defends well as the bell sounds. In round two Eddington gains the advantage early from the ground and makes Carpenter tap out at 1:59 of the second round.
    Winner by Tap Out Charlie Eddington.

    Will Burns, of Columbia, Missouri, USA vs. Paul Ellington of Cameron, Missouri, USA.
    Ellington replaced Matthew Murchison of Greenwood AK. because of injury. Both fighters came out fast landing punches both standing and from the ground. However Ellington commits a foul forcing Referee Ralph "Bud" Johnson to deduct one point for use of the elbow on Burns. In the second the tempo was still fast as both fighters tried to secure rear naked choke but both failed. Burns finished strong at the end of the round. In the third round Burns showed a strong advantage by landing some right hands to the head and knees to the body. The judges called this 29-26 30-26 & 29-27 all for Burns.
    The Winner by Unanimous Decision Will Burns.

    Michael Glenn, of Springfield, Missouri, USA Vs Derrick Coil, of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA.
    Glenn takes control quick with a good take down, ground and pound followed by a arm-bar for tap out at 1:52 of the first round.
    Winner by Tap Out Michael Glenn.

    Russell Crandon, of Springfield, Missouri, USA vs. Sydney Bruenn, of Carthage, Missouri, USA.
    Crandon starts with some good leg kicks. Which seem to put Bruenn off balance enough to land some right hands and follow with a choke at 1:29 of the first round.
    Winner by Tap Out Russell Crandon.

    Jesse Wolf, of Odessa, Missouri, USA Vs Dale Stolte, of Nokomis, IL.
    Wolf wins by forfeit when Stolte refuses to come out of the dressing room.
    Winner by Forfeit Jesse Wolf.

    Robert Eldredge, of Pulaski, WI. vs Jerry Chamberlin, of Houston, TX.
    Both these guys wanted to end this one early by attempting to land right hands. They got tangled up and as they broke apart Eldredge lands a left which KO's Chamberlin at 1:09 of the first round.
    Winner by KO Robert Eldredge.

    Domenic Brown, of Kansas City, Missouri, USA Vs Kyle Zeeman, of Cameron, Missouri, USA.
    Brown the ISCF #1 at Middleweight came in at 198 lbs. for this one. After both fighters missed with some wild rights and lefts. They both also traded some knees back and forth. Then Brown takes Zeeman to the ground and pounds out a TKO at 2:28 of the first round.
    Winner by TKO Domenic Brown.


    Rick Wymer Ranked #1 of Springfield, Missouri, USA vs. Rob Lilly Ranked #1 of Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
    Locked up in a four way tie for the #1 ranking the winner of this will get a shot at the vacant ISCF U.S. Title. This one went the distance. In the first Wymer lands a leg kick but can't follow it up as Lilly takes him to the ground. Lilly tries working from half guard as well as top guard but can't land like he wants because of Wymers defense abilities.
    In the second there was more of the same as Lilly showed his own ability of being able to take Wymer down any time he wanted. He just could not land clean on Wymer. Lilly was able to control this round also.
    In the third round Lilly takes Wymer down but this time Wymer tries for the tri-angle choke but Lilly escapes and continued to handle Wymer on the ground.
    After three four min. rounds this one went to the scorecards. The score read 30-27 all in favor of Rob Lilly the new ISCF Central Region Amateur Middleweight Champion.
    Winner by Unanimous Decision Rob Lilly.

Yet another good show for first time promoters, continuing to make Missouri the HOT SPOT for AMATEUR MMA in the United States. For more info on this event please contact Mr. Lasha Dalakishvili or Mr. Matthew Leidy at (816) 244-8132 or by e-mail at


The Godfather Returns!
DeNatale Wins IKF World Title!

Doerksen Only Needs A Few "Seconds!"

Photos to Be Added Monday: It's one thing to win a World Title, but to do in in your home town in front of over 3,500 screaming fight fans makes it all that much more special. Last night in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Giuseppe "The Godfather" DeNatale made his return to the ring a memorable one. DeNatale (15-3/12) took the Lion out of "The Lion Rampant" Duncan Airlie James. of Glasgow, Scotland (30-15-2/5) to win the vacant Pro IKF Muay Thai Heavyweight World Title.

In round 1, both started slow, looking for the weaknesses of the other, yet neither showed their game plan. In round two, we saw much of the same yet DeNatale started to press the action a little more. Them. after winning 10-9 on all 3 judges scorecards in rounds one and two, DeNatale brought the "Godfather" back to the ring in round three as he shot James down twice in the third round with his fire power. Then, at 1:53 of that third round, DeNatale dropped James for the good in the third and final time forcing referee Al Wichgers to stop the bout, giving DeNatale his long awaited World Title!

DeNatale was lifted off his feet by trainer Duke Roufus and later in a show of respect, by James too. When the World Title belt was placed around his waist DeNatale was given a bottle of champagne in which he shook up and sprayed the crowd in jubilation. Both DeNatale and James' paid a small price though. In round three the two clashed shins so hard they cut each other open drawing blood. The damage of the impact could have easily made a difference for both in round four if DeNatale didn't finish the bout in round 3.

"It just isn't meant to be" said a disappointed Duncan James about his second try at the IKF World Title. James has won 6 World Titles in the top sanctioning bodies, but it has been the IKF title he has not added to his trophy case. James looked much stronger then when we had seen him before. "It just hasn't sunk in yet" said the excited DeNatale.

DeNatale made the most of his time away from the ring. He was more composed and seemed to pick and land the cleaner, more powerful shots. James had plenty of power though, as noted in the shin clash explained above and in catching DeNatale with a hook or two.

This was the second IKF Title DeNatale has won and the second James has lost. James had another shot at the IKF World Title back on August 16th, 1998 in St. Helens, England where he lost to former IKF World Champion Chris Wright. DeNatale's won his other IKF Title on February 10th, 2000, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada by TKO at 1:33 of the 3rd round over Ryan Graham when he landed a head kick on Graham that dropped him. The win gave the "Godfather" the vacant IKF Amateur Canadian Heavyweight Title.

Congratulations to our new IKF World Champion, Giuseppe "The Godfather" DeNatale.
Here is a quick rundown on the results of the other bouts of the night:

  1. IKF Amateur Muay Thai
    Serge Rochan
    (151) of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada defeated Cole Oberik (155) of Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada by unanimous decision, 29-27, 30-26 and 29-28.

  2. IKF Amateur Muay Thai
    Rick Paintin
    (233) of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada defeated Ryan Fields (285) of Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada by TKO at :47 seconds of round 1.

  3. IKF Amateur Muay Thai
    Arthur Ramsey
    (152) of Windsor, Ontario, Canada defeated Jon Henderson (150) of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada by "Head Kick" KO! Wow, what a kick, at 1:13 of round 1.

  4. Pro Muay Thai
    Jeff Walsh
    (147) of Windsor, Ontario, Canada defeated Agostino DeNatale (147) of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada by KO at 2:19 of round 1.

  5. ISCF Pro MMA
    Kevin Manderson
    (153) of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada defeated Dave Scholten (154) of Vancouver, British, Columbia, USA by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 30-26.

  6. Pro Muay Thai
    Reno Belcastro
    (159) of Windsor, Ontario, Canada defeated Mark Durant (159) of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada by TKO at 1:30 of round 1.

  7. ISCF Pro MMA
    Chris Fontaine
    (169) of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada defeated Gerome Grady of Windsor, Ontario, Canada by armbar tap-out at :53 seconds of round 1.

  8. Pro Muay Thai
    Dave Zuninga
    (169) of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada defeated Jan Kaszuba (167) of Windsor, Ontario, Canada by "Head Kick" KO at 1:39 of round 1

  9. ISCF Pro MMA
    Joe Doerksen
    (188) of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada defeated Thomas Russell (190) of Tipon, Ohio, USA by rear Naked Choke at :44 seconds of round 1.

  10. IKF Pro Muay Thai Heavyweight World Title
    Giuseppe "The Godfather" DeNatale
    (208) of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada defeated "The Lion Rampant" Duncan Airlie James (209) of Glasgow, Scotland by TKO at 1:53 of round three.

We would also like to give a special congratulations to the promotional effort of Giuseppe DeNatale and his team and a mega congratulations on a job well done by DeNatale's promotional partner and Canada's TOP Boxing Promoter, John Vernaus of "King John Boxing!" Along with the kickboxing and MMA above, Vernaus also featured a full five bout professional boxing card making this the first time ever in Manitoba that all three fighting sports were featured on one event. These two already have tentative plans to do this again later this year on September 23rd, and if so, we hope to again be a part of the action!

We would also like to say "Thank You" to the Manitoba Boxing Commission for all their work and all the event officials for their "Excellent" job on ALL the nights bouts. Together it was clear what hard work and "Teamwork - IKF/ISCF Style" can accomplish!

For additional information, please visit or call (204) 772-2599.

WEDNESDAY, April 12th, 2006, AT 3:10 AM, PT

Gladiators Winnipeg Features Triple Main Event
DeNatale Battles For IKF World Muay Thai Title

Boxing and MMA Also Featured

IKF - ISCF Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: King John and CKMTC Join Forces for Historic "Colosseum of Champions" Triple Header:
King John Promotions and The Canadian Kickboxing & Muay Thai Centre in association with the Gladiators Fighting Series are putting on an amazing triple style fight show featuring Boxing, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts this Saturday, April 15, 2006 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, 375 York Avenue. Doors open at 5:PM and amateur undercard kickboxing fights start at 6:PM.

Giuseppe "The Godfather" DeNatale makes a triumphant return to the ring in front of a his loyal hometown fans fighting for the vacant IKF World Muay Thai Heavyweight Title against Glasgow, Scotland's 6-Time World Kickboxing Champion "The Lion Rampant" Duncan Airlie James. James, who boasts of having some Scottish relatives of his own living in the Winnipeg area, looks to put up quite a challenge for DeNatale who has the whole of Winnipeg's Italian community behind him helping quite the lion's roar.

In his last fight in Winnipeg DeNatale displayed an amazing level of skill and control as he dismantled Atlanta, Georgia's Kelly Leo "The Lion" in just two rounds. With deep passion for the sport and a fire that still burns strong in his heart, The Godfather is looking better than ever and is sure to be a crowd pleaser as he goes for his first world championship.

This event also features the return of UFC fighter Joe "El Dirte" Doerksen battling in front of his hometown crowd against Illinois native Bill "The Truth" Hill. Joe suffered a loss in his last Winnipeg appearance and is looking to start his rise again. Win or lose, it's no lie that Joe never disappoints the crowd.

Winnipeg's resident "pugilist specialist" Larry "Razor" Sharpe takes on Chicago's Anthony Ivory in a Boxing main event matchup that rounds out the "Triple Main Event." This "Do Not Miss" show marks the first time in Winnipeg's long sports history that Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing are featured on the same card.

  • General Admission Tickets ($25.00) are available by calling Ticketmaster (204) 780-3333.

  • For additional information, please visit or call (204) 772-2599.

  • Additional Undercard Bouts

    • Professional Muay Thai Kickboxing
      • 147
        Agostino "The Bull" DeNatale,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs Jeff "Money Shot" Walsh, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

      • 168
        "Dangerous" Dave Zuniga,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs Jon "The Punisher" Kaszuba, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

      • 160
        Mark "The Black Wolf" Durant,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs Rino Belcastro, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    • Professional Mixed Martial Arts
      • 185
        Chris Fontaine,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs TBA

      • 155
        Kevin Manderson,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs Dave Shulton, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    • Professional Boxing
      • 180
        Junior Moar,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs Dale Daniels, Pine Falls, Manitoba, Canada

      • Heavyweight
        Darrell "Pee Wee" Flint,
        Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Vs Joey Abell, Minneapolis, MN, USA

      • 147
        Corey "The White Shadow" Houston,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs Mark Davis, Fargo, ND, USA

      • 168
        John "Die Hard" McLean,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs Robbie "Slammer Time" Stowell, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    • Amateur Muay Thai Kickboxing
      • 153
        Jon Henderson,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs Arthur Lee, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

      • 137
        Eva Woo,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs TBA

      • 186
        Alex Borges,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs Colin Lemieux, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

      • 186
        Chris Andow,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs Jason Shumilak, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada

      • Super Heavyweight
        Rick Paintin,
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Vs Ryan Fields, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada


Pure Force II

Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

Saturday April 15, 2006
The Holiday Inn Tinley Park Convention Center
18501 S. Harlem Ave, Tinley Park, Illinois, 60477

Get ready for an exciting evening of IKF sanctioned Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts at the Tinley Park Convention this Saturday April 15th. The Pure Force II event features several top Midwest gyms including: Peoria Athletic Club, Carlson Gracie Team, Rockford Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu, Double Tap Fight Crew, Martial Arts America, Team Takedown, Aki Training Hall, and The Palace Athletic Club.

The Pure Force II main event features Dennis Ho of the Peoria Athletic Club in Peoria Illinois versus Jason Skow an independent fighter from Decatur Illinois. Both fighters have displayed impressive victories on previous Standoff and Pure Force events. Look for fireworks when these two fighters hit the mat.

Other fighters to look for include Leo Perez of Double Tap Fight Crew. His trainer is Charles Wilson who is currently on a 10-0 (TBC) winning spree in Amateur MMA. Perez is 1-2 in amateur MMA. He will be taking on Joshua Langer from Team Kay Fabe from Chicago Illinois. Langer fought a very impressive bout on the Pure Force show in January of this year and is 1-1. His unorthodox style makes him a great crowd pleaser.

View an updated seating chart at
To order tickets call (815) 730-3800.
Doors open at 6:PM and the event starts at 7:PM.
Tickets are still available for the event this Saturday.

Athletes looking to compete in the 2006 IKF Muay Thai and International Rules Kickboxing North Central Regional Tournament should register by clicking or contact Brian A. Thompson at (815) 730-3800. Tickets are still available for this terrific evening of finals fights and MMA bouts. For ticket information and to view the seating chart visit or contact Brian A. Thompson (815) 730-3800.


Unleashed Combat Presents
Unleashed Combat
Battle In The Northland

This Saturday night, April 15th, Unleashed Combat will Present, "Unleashed Combat Battle In The Northland", Amateur MMA at Finnigans Hall in North Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Daniel Summers at (913) 963-1031 or by e-mail at


Breaking Point Productions Presents
"Zero Tolerence"
St. Joseph, Missouri, USA

This Saturday night, April 15th, Breaking Point Productions will Host "Zero Tolerence" at the St. Joseph Civic Arena in St. Joseph, Missouri, USA. This ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts event will host the vacant ISCF AMATEUR CENTRAL REGIONAL WELTERWEIGHT TITLE. The contenders who will meet in the ring are Rick Wymer of Springfield, Missouri USA and Rob Lilly of Kansas City, Missouri USA. The Winner of this bout will be one of the two contenders for the vacant ISCF Amateur US Welterweight Title

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Lasha Dalakishvili or Mr. Matthew Leidy at (816) 244-8132 or by e-mail at


Results From Shamrock Promotions
"Midwest Fight Fest"
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF & ISCF St. Louis, Missouri, USA
If you didn't hear that Shamrock Promotions was putting on fights this past Saturday Night, you were one of the few. Jesse Finney once again put on a spectacular show. The night was full of excitement from the start. There were 13 fights on the card, Two of which were special exhibitions. All of them were action packed from the start.

To a sell out crowd, multi time IKF National Tournament Champion Justin "The Hammer" Lawrence made his comeback to the ring a memorable one. Lawrence took on a well known boxer in a great boxing match. Titus Taylor extended his winning ways. Kevin Engel went up against a great champion in Anthony McGaughy in a Special Exhibition that had all the Excitement of a real bout.

For More info contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail by clicking or see our website at

    Titis Taylor (East St. Louis, IL) defeated Dan Mahlon (Murphysboro, TN) by referee stoppage.

  2. IKF Kickboxing
    Zack George (Norman, OK) defeated Jeremy Ramsey (Pacific, MO) by KO in the 2nd round.

  3. ISCF MMA Exhibition
    *Dustin Severs (Pro MMA Fighter - St. Louis, MO) Vs Adam Neilson (Tulsa, OK).

  4. IKF Kickboxing
    Garret Nelson (Oklahoma City, OK) defeated Cisco Orine (Pacific, MO) by unanimous decision.

    Dan Velton (St. Louis, MO) defeated *Drew Garcia (Leavenworth, KS) by strikes in the 1st round.

  6. IKF Kickboxing
    Adam Cella (St. Louis, MO) defeated Ken Nelson (Overland Park, KS) by KO in the third round.

    Derek Garner (Carbondale, IL) defeated James Fletcher (St. Louis, MO) referee stoppage.

  8. IKF Kickboxing
    Ryan Pyles (St. Louis, MO) defeated John Plaster (Jefferson City, MO) by KO in the 1st round.

    Jason Colobong (Kansas City, MO) defeated *Daryl Garner (Carbondale, IL) by KO in the 1st round.

  10. ISCF MMA
    Charles Wilson: (Plainfield, IL) defeated Dale Stole Jr. (Nokomis, IL) by tap-out in the 1st round.

  11. Boxing
    Timmy Connors (St. Louis, MO) defeated Nathan Kempa (Imperial, MO) by decision.

  12. Boxing
    Justin Lawerence (Pacific, MO) defeated Deron Moore (North St. Louis, MO) by decision.

  13. IKF Kickboxing
    Special Exhibition Bout: Kevin Engel (St. Louis, MO) and Anthony MaGaughey (Norman, OK).

SATURDAY, April 8th, 2006, AT 9:20 AM, PT


Shamrock Promotions Presents
"Midwest Fight Fest"
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

FRIDAY, March 31st, 2006, AT 10:30 PM, PT

Stell Looking To Bring Top Talent To
California MMA Show!

Stockton Arena

ISCF Stockton, California, USA: Midwest and East Coast Fighters, ISCF Matchmaker Dan Stell and Promoter James Grunski will be the first to host an ISCF Sanctioned event in California. in doing so, Stell is looking to bring some top MMA Talent to the West. The event will be held at the new which seats 11,000 people in Stockton, California on May 12th. Here are the fights Stell is looking to match for the event below.

All expenses will be paid for the fighter and trainer which include air flight, food and hotel room. To reach Mr. Stell, call (707) 372-0882 or by e-mail at

WEDNESDAY, March 29th, 2006, AT 9:00 PM, PT

Results From
Clash in the Cage I
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

By ISCF World Representative Chuck Wolfe: Clash in the Cage I is Huge Success in Grain Valley, Missouri. Phil Jones and the The True Fight Fan people put on a outstanding show in a small town east of Kansas City, Missouri. Almost 2000 people packed into Whiskey Tango's (a not so small country bar) with anticipation of a good show and they got one. Eleven bouts later you could not believe this was the first show for this promotional team. Results as follows:

    Joshua Freeman (165, Kansas City, MO.) vs Drew Garcia (168, Kansas City, MO.)
    After an even fist round Freeman gets Garcia to tap out with a frontal choke at 1:24 of the second round.

    Nathan "Bo" Cash (152, Kansas City, MO.) vs David Kille (153, Kansas City, MO.)
    This match was fast from the start. Cash had to work hard for the top position. When he got it he did some effective ground and pound for a TKO win at 2:29 of the first round.

    Mike Showman (183, Kansas City, MO.) vs Michael Lucas (178, Grain Valley, MO.)
    Showman started fast taking it to the ground, but is reversed by Lucas. Lucas secures a frontal choke for tap out at 3:26 of the first round.

    Jamie Watts (225, Springfield, MO.) vs Keith Gardner (205, Leavenworth, KS.)
    In the first Watts lands a leg kick but Gardner counters with a strong righthand. Both fighters stay on there feet for the whole round. In the second Watts told referee Ralph "Bud" Johnson that he had enough forcing him to stop the bout at 1:14 of the second round. Winner by TKO Keith Gardner.

    Shay Danielson (214, Kansas City, MO.) vs Jason Ramey (224, Raytown, MO.)
    Ramey uses a arm drag take down to ground and pound Danielson for a TKO at 1:41 of first round.

    Jesse Wolf (154, Odessa, Mo.) vs Anthony Young (147, Kansas City, MO.)
    Wolf starts fast taking Young to the ground. Wolf pounds out a quick TKO win at 1:31 of the first round.

    Eric Marriot (174, Oak Grove, MO.) vs Marcus Mack (190, Leavenworth, KS.) This match was an Exhibition.

    Kurt Grinlinton (230, Kansas City, MO.) vs Adam Reinbold (252, Overland Park, KS.)
    Rienbold took Grinlinton to the ground and pounded him into turning to his belly and secured a rear naked choke from there. Winner by Tap Out at 2:11 of the first round Rienbold.

    Craig Case (181, Independence, MO.) vs Eric Farmer (184, Grain Valley, MO.)
    Case and Farmer go to the ground quick in a tangle. Case hurts his knee and taps. Winner Farmer at :56 of the first round.

    Garrett Seimer (169, Independence, MO.) vs Cody Parish (166, Oak Grove, MO.)
    Parrish takes Seimer to the ground and wins by rear naked choke at 1:31 of the first round.

    Rodney Borden (182, Kansas City, MO.) vs Dominic Brown (185, Kansas City, MO.)
    Brown starts fast landing some knees from the clench. Broden answers with a few of his own. Brown ends this round with an arm bar attempt but Broden does not let it happen. In the second round Brown tries for a rear naked but Broden repeatedly escapes somehow. Brown proved to be to strong for Broden. Pounding out a TKO at 2:50 of the second round.

Outstanding! That's my take on this one. I can hardly wait for the next one. For more info contact Mr. Phil Jones at (816) 651-5087 or

FRIDAY, March 24th, 2006, AT 11:45 PM, PT

Ratner Leaving Nevada Commission
Going To UFC

KEVIN IOLE -Las Vegas Review-Journal

Marc Ratner, (Right) the widely respected executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, resigned Thursday to accept a lucrative three-year contract from the Las Vegas-based Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Ratner, who has been with the commission since 1985 and was appointed full-time executive director in 1992, called the offer "an extraordinary opportunity for my family." His last day with the athletic commission will be May 13.

"I love the commission and I love working for the state, and so from that standpoint, this was a very difficult decision," said Ratner, who will be a vice president for the UFC. "The commission has been such a huge part of my life for so long. But I had to think of my family and this offer was amazing." UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta said Ratner, 61, will be involved in all aspects of the operation. He will concentrate on regulatory issues and dealing with state athletic commissions. The UFC recently was sanctioned in California, making it the 20th state where mixed martial arts fights are regulated.

Fertitta, who was a member of the athletic commission and developed a close bond with Ratner, said the hire is significant for his company. "Obviously, Marc's reputation is impeccable and his knowledge is first-rate, and people like that are the kinds of people we want working for us," Fertitta said. "He's very knowledge about mixed martial arts and he's one of the most knowledgeable guys anywhere about combat sports, and MMA is a combat sport. He adds a lot of value to our company. Our business is literally exploding and we've had to bring in a number of key senior-level executives to catch up with the demand the company is putting upon us."

Commission chairman Skip Avansino, who was a college classmate of Ratner's at UNR, said Ratner will be difficult to replace. Avansino praised Ratner for his dedication to the commission and to the sports he regulated. Avansino said few, if any, regulators are held in as high esteem as Ratner is. "There just aren't a lot of Marc Ratners walking around out there," Avansino said. "I wish there were, because then it wouldn't be such a big task to replace him. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement, but Marc has a wonderful opportunity with a very successful and growing company. He's been a marvelous leader for this commission as executive director and we'll miss him terribly. It's going to be a daunting task to replace him, but we're going to put a process into place to come as close as we can to getting someone of his caliber."

Ratner played a large role in writing the rules the commission adopted that allowed the UFC to promote in Nevada beginning in 2001. In its early days, the UFC was a "no holds barred" organization with virtually no rules. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., called it barbaric and campaigned to have it outlawed. But Ratner worked with the Association of Boxing Commissions to develop a standard set of rules that helped create the modern UFC. "(The commission) never could have accepted it in the (no holds barred) days," Ratner said. "But once there were a defined set of rules and weight classes and such, then it became something that would work for the state. There's always fine-tuning and it's something I'll look at every day. How do we make this better and how do we make it safer?" Ratner's first day with the UFC will be May 15. There is an April 6 UFC card at the Hard Rock Hotel. Ratner said he would recuse himself from all duties involving that show.

MORE NEWS OF 3-24-06

Here We Go AGAIN!

A little over a month ago we presented to you a sad story about how the State of Illinois, Department of Regulations stepped in and threatened to shut down new IKF & ISCF Promoter,John Castillo's, IKF & ISCF Sanctioned Event in Moline, Illinois.(New Promoter John Castillo Decides To Cancel Show After Unethical Actions Of Others) Castillo was contacted by Rafeal Carro (Unsure of last name spelling) of the State of Illinois Boxing Commission, Department of Regulations on Thursday before his event. In the conversation, Carro informed Castillo he would need several items before he and the Illinois Boxing Commission would allow his event to take place.

Before we go on, let us remind everyone here that according to all the rules and regulations we have reviewed from the Illinois Boxing Commission, they have no Legal Jurisdiction over MMA or Kickboxing and certainly none over AMATEUR Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts. Back to Castillo.
By Friday morning Castillo had all the necessary papers Carro had asked him for. That morning, both Castillo and the IKF/ISCF tried to reach Carro to find out where to fax the required paperwork to. Four calls by us here at the IKF/ISCF were made to Carro that Friday morning. NONE were returned.

Finally, the week after the fight on Tuesday morning, (February 14th) Carro called us back here at the IKF/ISCF office. However, as if to be assured he would not have to speak to anyone, but yet, show he made an effort to return our call, he returned the call to us here at 7 AM Pacific time and left a message that he called. The moment we arrived at the office which was about 8:45 AM, we returned his call. In fact, his call was returned to him THREE TIMES, and all we received was an answer machine for the State of Illinois Boxing Commission. The story about all this was then posted after 10PM that evening.

Well, here we are again...
As of today, another event in Illinois was shut down. We received a call from IKF/ISCF Promoter Brian Thompson at about noon our time. He had received a call from Rafeal Carro (Unsure of actual last name spelling) of the Illinois Boxing Commission - Department of Regulations at 2:00 PM Illinois time. Carro presented Thompson with what we now call "The List" of requirements that has been mysteriously created. The funny part about this is that Carro told Thompson he needed the requirements on his "List" within about 20 to 30 minutes of him calling. Of course, during the phone conversation, Corro threatened to shut down Thompson event saying he will have the local authorities at the venue to stop the show if he could not provide him with his "List" of requirements.

Once called by Corro, Thompson immediately called us. After hearing Corro's name again, ugly memories came into play from our last issue with him. We immediately called Corro's number he gave Thompson. We were greeted with his voicemail as we were the last time. We left a message, as we did last time, and then waited.... and like last time, the call was not returned. Another call was made to him, still no answer, and yet another. After three attempts, we wondered... "As with Castillo, IF Thompson had his list completed within the miracle time limit of 20 minutes, HOW would he get in touch with Corro to get him the required documents?"

Next we called another number for the Department of Regulations. This time we were greeted with a receptionist. We had him physically go to Corro's office to ask him to take our call. He came back and said, "OK, he will take your call now." He transferred us and again, we got an answering machine. This happened two more times. Finally, Corro actually called us back.

During the conversation we asked him repeatedly to direct us to the law, rule or regulation that said the State of Illinois Boxing Commission, Department of Regulations has ANY jurisdiction over Amateur Kickboxing or MMA. Finally he directed us to this page CLICK HERE.

On this page, he proceeded to direct us to several areas of their regulation. First he drew our attention to this section:
(225 ILCS 105/6) (from Ch. 111, par. 5006)
(Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2012)

Sec. 6. Prohibitions. All boxing matches, contests, or exhibits in which physical contact is made including, but not limited to, "ultimate fighting exhibitions", are prohibited in Illinois unless authorized by the Department.

However, he must have thought we would not read the last line of this which stated;

At this point, we think he thought we didn't read the next paragraph which read:

In the conversation, even he agreed that both the IKF and the ISCF met ALL of these requirements. Still looking for his answer, he next directed us to this section, and as you read it, note the true feelings of MMA as expressed in a legal document by the Illinois State Boxing Commission as they compare MMA to Professional boxing;

This part he of course stopped at and said "See, there it is." At this point, we reminded him of the discussion we had a few minutes before. We had asked him, "How are these other MMA Promoters allowed to do MMA events in the State of Illinois?" In which his exact, word for word answer was, "Because they all got their paperwork to us on time."

Of course, from this we brought his attention back to the line within the regulation, which read, "It is therefore an appropriate exercise of the police power of the State and necessary for the public safety and the common good to prohibit ultimate fighting exhibitions in this State." and of course, the final one which read "No person may hold, promote, or participate in any ultimate fighting exhibition in this State."

He didn't have a response for us. He quickly moved to, "Well, it's out of my hands now." In which we replied, "OK, so who do we need to be talking to then?" He said his boss Ron Pichello, but said he didn't think he was in. After a short discussion, he said Pichello was in and said he would go and have him call us to talk with us about it. Well, of course, we knew better than this so we offered to be put on hold... A total of "Thirty Seven" minutes later, we determined we had waited long enough. We hung up and called Carro's number back. Of course, we were greeted by his voicemail...Again. We called the other number and again were greeted by the receptionist. We again had him physically go to Carro's office and asked him to take our call. The receptionist came back and said, "OK, he said he will take your call now." So we were transferred, and guess what... We got Corro's voicemail... AGAIN!

This happened three more times and we think you get the picture. The State of Illinois will need to answer a lot of questions and they will probably be asked in a Federal Court. This is because Corro and his staff had given a directive to the Joliet Police department to "Shut Down" Thompson's event if it happened. However, Corro had already said the event "Would have been OK if Thompson got his paperwork in on time." However again, even when Thompson had gathered all the required paperwork Corro requested, none of us could find Corro to get him the documents he requested. The fact here is the state took themselves out of the game and neglected to serve their own public.

So the question came to, "WHO were they REALLY Serving?" Was there some kind of a "Good Ol Boy" works in the play here? Was Thompson being shut down because his show, like Castillo's, threatened another MMA show in Illinois? A lot of fingers have been pointing that way and a lot of people are talking... Except the Illinois Boxing Commission - Department of Regulations. They have went silent and avoided and ignored all our calls. Are they afraid to explain to us a law that is enforced on some but not enforced for others? This is pretty "Black and White" to us here. someone has crossed a line and the line is VERY Dirty. It's time the Federal Courts step in to see what is really going on in Illinois with Kickboxing and MMA.

We reviewed the case a bit more and even made calls to the Joliet Police department who by the way, were on our side. In the end, we came to the conclusions;

  1. Carro KNEW he was acting out of his own boundary.
  2. Others in the Commission didn't return our calls either, which brings the question, "Why?"
  3. Carro knew he admitted it was legal to have MMA in Illinois if the right paperwork was done.
  4. Yet Carro also admitted and pointed out on their webpage that it was not. So which is it?
  5. He knew Pro and Amateur kickboxing promotions did not need the permission of the commission,
  6. Yet, he tried to create a law that didn't exist saying that they did.
  7. He could not refer us to any documentation that says it was illegal.
  8. Yet he insisted he needed all kinds of documentation before he could allow the show to go on.
  9. Even funnier, the term "exhibition" that the Illinois Commission uses so frequently throughout their rules actually means "NOT REAL". So in legal terms, their wording is saying, "If the bouts are not real, they are not permitted." Which leaves, if they ARE REAL, they are allowed.
  10. Carro did not act, as required by a State Official, in the best interest of his public. He made the decision to purposely ignore the situation offering no help for Thompson and went as far as avoiding him as well as our calls until the 5:00 whistle blew and when it did, he probably made a big sigh and said, "I'm out of the hot water."

Well Mr. Corro, all you did is get your feet wet. The next plunge you take into that water will be very public so make sure you have your best bathing suit on because the State of Illinois Boxing Commission is about to be dunked for this one.



True Fight Fan L.L.C Presents
"Clash In The Cage I"
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

WEDNESDAY, March 22nd, 2006, AT 11:15 PM, PT

Pure Force II- March Mayhem
Joliet, Illinois, USA

Get ready for an exciting evening of hard hitting action and premium entertainment this Saturday March 25th. Pure Force II "March Mayhem" comes to Joliet, Illinois with IKF sanctioned Muay Thai Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts.

Promoters Ron Hill, James Hill, and Brian Thompson have searched the Midwest for top notch fighters for this event. The Pure Force II card will feature the much anticipated Muay Thai Kickboxing match between Brian "Smashing Machine" Kovar of Team Toro and Justin Abate of Pekin Martial Arts. These fighters have been set to square off on two other occasions but were postponed due to injuries. Look for fireworks when these two hit the canvas.

Pure Force II is bigger and better; featuring 12 bouts and a Masters MMA Demonstration by HCX Mixed Martial Arts instructors Ron "Tashi" Hill and James Hill. The Main Event will be an MMA bout in the Welterweight class between Charles Wilson of Double Tap Fight Crew and Dan "Mighty" Masella of Dragonstyle Martial Fitness.

Charles Wilson has been on a role as he is undefeated in MMA competition. He will have to bring his top game against Masella who has made previous appearances in Standoff Kickboxing events. Masella was the 2005 NAGA Novice Division Champion. Order your tickets now as seats are going fast!!!!!!!!

View an updated seating chart at
To order tickets call (815) 730-3800. Doors open at 6:PM and the event starts at 7:PM. The Pure Force II "March Mayhem" venue is located at

IBEW 176 Banquet Hall
1100 NE Frontage Road
Joliet, Illinois 60431

Athletes looking to compete in the 2006 IKF Muay Thai and International Rules Kickboxing North Central Regional Tournament should register by clicking or contact Brian A. Thompson at (815) 730-3800. Tickets are still available for this terrific evening of finals fights and MMA bouts. For ticket information and to view the seating chart visit or contact Brian A. Thompson (815) 730-3800.

TUESDAY, March 21st, 2006, AT 4:10 PM, PT

British Columbia, Canada

By Jim Tessman -
The Elite Fighting Championship was a classy event held at the prestigious Centre for the Performing Arts in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Every seat in the house had an excellent view of the ring albeit all from only one side. This ensured that the fighters could showcase to one side of the ring in order to electrify the entire audience.

The place was set up like a rock-star event. There were projection screens showing the live action, pre-fight interview videos and an old-style microphone that dropped from the ceiling whenever the MC entered the ring. The details were definitely looked after.

Unfortunately I was busy to take many notes, assuring all the fighters were playing fair. I will make comments on the fights following the first intermission.

  1. Dave Scholten defeated Corey Rhoades by Submission (Neck Crank) at 2:54 of round 1.

  2. Sunny Taylor defeated Costa Rojas by Submission (Arm Bar) at 2:36 of round 1.

  3. Hardeep Singh defeated Jeff Sutherland by TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes) at 0:46 of round 1.

  4. Tyler Jackson defeated Bobby Merrill by KO at 2:35 of round 2.

  5. Shane Lightle defeated Darcy Spence by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 1:37 of round 1.

  6. George Kassimatis defeated Jerin Valel by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:42 of round 1.

  7. Cesar Narita defeated Curt McKinnon by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 3:18 of round 1.
  8. Tim Thurston defeated Jamie Hendry by KO at 0:28 seconds of round 3.
  9. Garrett Davis defeated Derick Downey by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:13 of round 2.
  10. Ben Greer defeated Ian Loveland by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:38 of round 4.
  11. Marvin "The Beastman" Eastman defeated Travis "Diesel" Wiuff by Majority Decision after 4 rounds.

The event wrapped up quickly following that bout, with interviews and photos being taken as the crowd filed out happy with an exciting evening of authentic fighting. For more info please contact promoter Mr. Mike Hammoud at (604) 318-1902 or (778) 885-7774 or or go to

MONDAY, March 20th, 2006, AT 7:40 PM, PT

Union, Missouri, USA

ISCF Union, Misouri, USA
This past Saturday Night, March 18th, 2006, Promoter Bradon Schwin brought the Cage of Honor Gateway to East Central College in Union, Missouri, USA. There was a great crowd on hand to witness the first "CAGE" fights in Union, Misouri. Schwin and his staff put on a great night of fights. Results are as follows:

  1. Earnest Freeman, (6'0, 185, Cassville, Missouri) defeated Sean 'Bryce' Hill, (5'11, 185, Tulsa, Oklahoma) by KO at :15 of the 1st round.

  2. Charlie Carpenter, (5'4", 155, Excello, Missouri) defeated Sean Look, (5'11, 185, St. Louis, Missouri) by Rear Naked Choke at 2:31 of the 1st round.

  3. Jeremy Henderson, (5'8", 155, Abilene, Texas) defeated Sean Erickson, (5'9, 155, Warrensburg, Missouri) by KO at :55 of the 1st round.

  4. James Head, (6'2", 205, Highland, Illinois) defeated Matthew Hazen, (5'10", 205, Springfield, Missouri) by KO at :52 of the 3rd round.
  5. Matthew Miller, (5'9", 185, Seneca, Missouri) defeated Michael Hislope, (6'1", 185, Ozark, Missouri) by Tap Out at 2:09 of the 1st round.

  6. Josh Bowen, (5'8", 185, Cuba, Missouri) defeated David Parks, (6', 185, Windsor, Missouri) by Tap Out at 2:09 of the 1st round.

  7. Richard Bolin, (6'1", 225, Girard, Kansas) defeated Todd Moore, (6', 220, Tulsa, Oklahoma) by KO at :12 of the 1st round.

  8. Exhibition Bout: Marvin Webster, (6'2", 169, Washington, Missouri) & Chris Watkins (5'9", 169, Imperial, Missouri)

  9. Exhibition Bout: Matt Murchison, (5'11", 198, Grrenwood, Arkansas) & Brandon Thomure, (6'3", 219, O'Fallon, Missouri).

  10. Lucas Predmore, (5'11", 169, Warrensburg, Missouri) defeated Drew Reed (6'1", 169, Pitsfield, Illinois) by Tap Out at :52 of the 2nd round.

For more event info please contact Mr. Brandon Schwin at (417) 724-2747 or by e-mail at or go to

FRIDAY, March 17th, 2006, AT 4:20 PM, PT


British Columbia, Canada


Union, Missouri, USA

WEDNESDAY, March 15th, 2006, AT 3:20 PM, PT

Midwest Fight Fest
March 10th, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

By Chuck Wolfe, IKF & ISCF World Representative
ISCF & IKF Promoters Jesse Finney of Shamrock Promotions ( and Ben Nogueras of The Blue Corner ( treated a SOLD-OUT crowd to Amateur Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA at the Clarion Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. the Main Event featured the quest for the vacant ISCF amateur Light Heavyweight Central Regional Title.

The Title Bout would feature top ISCF Ranked Amateur MMA fighters, John Cornett and Robert Bishop. Once again, fans were not disappointed, as these Promoters continue to put on a Class-Act in the Fight World! Along with great musical entertainment the nights special guest was Mr. Matt Hughes, 8 time UFC Welterweight World Champion! Matt graciously visited with the fans while also signing autographs! Matt holds a 37-4 record and has fought in Japan, Kuwait and Great Britain, as well as throughout the US and his native Hawaii! Here are the nights results below.

  1. Amateur Boxing - SUPER WELTERWEIGHT
    Chanel Rand, Kansas City, MO Vs Catrina Canfield, Shawnee, Mission, KS
    After an even First Round, which could have gone either way, the Second Round found Catrina landing some solid right hands. Chanel answered with her effective left jab! Catrina landed a good left hook - right hand combination early in the Third Round, but couldn't catch up with Chanel, who had good movement and continued to establish her left jab.
    Chanel won the bout by the narrowest of margin, a Majority Split-Decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 respectively.

  2. IKF Amateur Kickboxing - MIDDLEWEIGHT
    Ryan Pyles, St Louis, MO vs Jay Collins, Kansas City, MO
    The First Round, Pyles landed the better, more effective kicks followed by fast right hands. Collins weathered this storm showing good poise, landing a good right hand of his own! The Second Round showed more of the same for Pyles, as Collins seemed to tire. In the Third Round, Pyles lands a powerful front kick, knocking Collins into the ropes, which saved the knock-down, warranting a standing 8-count by Referee Kevin Engles.
    Pyles went on to win an Unanimous Decision, 30-26 on all cards.

    Larry Payne, Topeka, KS vs Charles Carpenter, Macon, MO
    Carpenter landed knees and leg kicks, showing a definite advantage in the Stand-Up position in Round One. Round Two found Payne taking Carpenter to the ground, securing a Rear-Naked Choke for a Tap-Out at 2:59 in the Second round.

  4. Women's Amateur Boxing - SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT
    Michelle Hurchla, St. Louis, MO vs Angela Turner, Kansas City, MO
    In the First Round Hurchla landed straight Right-Left Hook combinations. In the Second Round Hurchla landed more straight Right hands, with Turner answering with some straight Left hands of her own. In the Third Round, Hurchla landed many more Right hands. The fight went the distance to a Majority Decision for Hurchla, 30-27, 28-29 & 30-27.

    Anthony Young, Kansas City, MO vs Calob Barnett, Platte City, MO.
    Barnett started the First Round with a Take-Down, with Young countering with a good Guard from the ground, bringing it back up to a Stand-up position where Young scores good Knee Strikes to Barnett's body. The Second Round Barnett started quickly by landing two strong Right hands. Young again countered with good knees and a solid defense. In the Third Round, Young came to life, landing a good body attack, using Right hands and knees.
    Young wins the Unanimous Decision with a 30-27 on all judges cards.

    Tim Tripp, Kansas City, KS vs Daniel Lundsford, Macon, MO
    Tripp started the First Round as the aggressor and stayed aggressive throughout the round, landing good hands and showing good ground skill. In the Second Round, Tripp secured a Key-Lock on Luntsford's arm, producing a Tap-Out at 1:56 of the Second round.

    Kyle Marquez, Kansas City, MO vs Adam Neilson, Leavenworth, KS
    Marquez started fast by landing several Right hands, quickly taking Nelson to the ground, securing a Tap-Out at 1:34 of the First Round!

    Jason Colobong Kansas City, MO vs Cory Reiling Kansas City, MO.
    In the First Round Reiling caught most of the good riding time, narrowly missing two arm locks. The Second Round found Colobong reversing the situation, securing an arm bar for a Tap-Out at 2:02 in the Second round!

    Frank Bryant, Kansas City, KS vs Tommy Curtis, Kansas City, MO
    The fight started slow, but quickly heated up as Bryant landed two good Right hands and superior kicks in Round One. In the Second Round Bryant continued to work off better kicks to set up more Right hands. The Third Round action began as Curtis established himself, throwing a strong Side Kick, knocking Bryant to the canvas. Bryant recovered quickly, throwing a huge Right hand, causing a KO at 1:21 of Round Three!

    Nick Nolte, Kansas City, MO vs Daniel Morris, Manhattan, KS
    In the First Round, Nolte dominated from the Top position, creating a repeated Ground-and-Pound, which Morris survived to his credit! Nolte took Morris to the ground in Round Two, continuing to Ground-and-Pound to a TKO victory at 1:34 of the Second Round!

    Eric Siley, Overland Park, KS vs Jason Shane, Lee's Summit, MO
    This bout started and ended in a blink of the eye - with Siley landing a Right hand to produce a KO at :12 of the First Round which makes us wonder... "What IS the Record for quickest Knock-Out in the ISCF?" I think this would have to be IT!

    ISCF Amateur Light Heavyweight Central Regional Title Bout

    John Cornett, Kansas City, MO vs Robert Bishop, Grand Rapids, MN
    This match, on paper, looked to be an exciting match-up! However, in the ring Bishop appeared immediately out-classed by Cornett's aggressive style. Cornett landed a swift Right hand, ending in a TKO at :21 seconds of the First Round.
    Winner And New ISCF Light Heavyweight Central Regional Champion, John Cornett!

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr. at (913) 568-8009 or e-mail at

MORE NEWS OF 3-14-06

FIGHT FEST '06" - Festival of Fisticuffs
March 11th, St. Joseph, Missouri, USA

ISCF Promoter Craig Cummings and his Danger-Fire Promotions team held another successful event this past weekend. FIGHT FEST "06", Festival of Fisticuffs was held at the St. Joseph Civic Arena, in St. Joseph Missouri. All fighters came to bang - and bang they did! This afternoon card started with all Amateur MMA fights and later that night it featured Pro Boxing.

    Shaun Hinkle (St Joseph, MO) vs Billy (BJ) Wossley (St Joseph, MO)
    NO CONTEST - Hinkle took an accidental knee to head.

    Brandon Simmons (St. Joseph, MO) vs Timmy Novak (St. Joseph, MO)
    WINNER: Simmions by Tap Out, Rear-Naked Choke at :35 of the Second Round.

    Chris Christoferson (St. Joseph, MO) vs Ryan Wright (Kansas City, MO) vs
    WINNER: Christoferson by Tap Out by Rear-Naked Choke at 3:35 of the First Round.

    Robert Bruce, (St. Joseph, MO) vs Steve Owens (St. Joseph, MO)
    WINNER: Bruce: Tap Out at :45 of the First Round.

    Mike Shelton (Kansas City, MO) vs Brandon Ferbert (St. Joseph, MO)
    WINNER: Shelton by TKO when Ferbert did not answer the bell for round two.

    Jason Teeman (Kansas City, MO) vs Roy Babcock (St. Joseph, MO)
    WINNER: Teeman by Tap Out at 2:45 of the First Round.

For more info please contact Mr. Craig Cummings at (816) 668-4752 or by e-mail at


It was a shame to realize that two of the nights bouts from Cummings event above brought some bad light to this great event. After the event it was discovered that Cummings never disclosed that two of the fighters on the event, fighting as Amateur MMA Fighters were in fact, Professional Boxers. This of course is a major violation of the new ISCF Rules and Regulations for Amateur MMA Matchmaking.

In an Amateur welterweight match-up, Robert Smallwood of St. Joseph, Missouri was matched up against Nathon Winters of Kansas City, Kansas who was making his amateur fighting debut. At the event, Smallwood was declared the winner by tapout at :28 of the first round. However the bout decision was later changed to a "No Contest" ruling when the ISCF discovered that the Promoter never disclosed that Smallwood was a Professional boxer with SEVEN Professional Boxing matches. Because of this, Smallwood faces a suspension and fine from the ISCF for fighting as an Amateur fighter as does Cummings.

However, this gets worse. Smallwood had a Pro Boxing bout on February 1st, 2006 at the Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, Missouri. In the bout, he lost by KO which places him under a "45" day STATE MANDATED suspension. His 45 day suspension ends on March 19th. Doing the math here it is clear to see that he fought on this March 11th event, well inside his 45 day suspension. Additional fines may be added by the ISCF for him fighting while under a "State Mandated" suspension. However worse for both him and Cummings is that the State of Missouri may also tack on some fines and suspensions too. Cummings is also a Pro Boxing Promoter in Missouri and as bad luck would have it, Cummings was the promoter for the February 1st event Smallwood was KO'ed on.

Smallwood will be placed into the ISCF PRO MMA Rankings with a record of *0-0, (1 no contest) to assure he will not fight on future "Amateur" fight cards.

As if one wasn't enough, in another Amateur MMA bout, in the Middleweight division Nate Ziekle of Cameron, Missouri faced Eliah Whitmore of St. Joseph, Missouri. in their bout, Ziekle knocked Whitmore out in only 12 seconds of the first round. This bout too was later changed to a "No Contest" ruling as it was later discovered that Ziekle is a Professional boxer with "19" Professional Boxing matches. Again, because of this, Ziekle like Smallwood faces a suspension and fine from the ISCF for fighting as an Amateur fighter as does again Cummings.

As for Cummings defense, "I must apologize and plead ignorance to the fact that pro boxers can not switch over to amateur MMA." said Cummings. "This is a bad situation, as many of the MMA fighters in this area have had at least 1 or 2 pro boxing matches. I viewed it as 2 completely separate sports where amateur or professional status on one would not effect the other. I know that I for one had 59 pro boxing matches, but would be a complete amateur at MMA."

To make something very clear here, Promoter Craig Cummings is a Very Good fight promoter and a guy who has Passion for the fight business. However, he made a mistake. A mistake he admits to and will end up paying for. But this will just be a bump in his successful journey as one of the best fight promoters in the game. The lesson will be learned and everyone will continue to move forward. He knows the fight game better than many having been a very Successful Professional Boxer himself with a Pro record of 52-6-1 with 42 wins by KO having fought in Germany, Denmark, Scotland and of course around the USA.

In his response, he does make a fairly good point, as for a defense. However, the rule was already in place and was a rule he too was informed about prior to his event. Still, maybe this is something that needs to be reviewed again... Or does it? It's true that "Some" Professional boxers would get "Spanked" in an MMA fight. However, in the case of Ziekle above, he was the one doing the "Spanking" in only 12 seconds. So how would you feel if you were Eliah Whitmore? Or what about Nathon Winters who was able to last twice as long, which is nothing to be excited about since it was only 28 seconds.

It was previously discussed to review such status on a "Case by Case" basis. But truly now... WHO would judge what Professional fighters could fight as amateurs? In the end, there was no way to do so. So, we here at the ISCF ruled as other State Commissions have. "If you have fought as a Professional in ANY fight Sport, you are now a Professional in ALL Fight sports."

As for how ISCF has tried to avoid situations like the one above, we sent out via e-mail new ISCF Rules and Regulations for Amateur MMA Matchmaking to all our Promoters. We also posted the first draft on the news page in January. The final version of these rules can be found by clicking HERE.

So WHAT makes a Professional fighter? Here are two very good explanations to read:
Know the Difference Between Amateurs And Pros!

MONDAY, March 13th, 2006, AT 1:20 PM, PT

Landor Leads The ISCF Charge Into Louisiana With
Rampage In The Cage
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

James Corbett

By ISCF Representative James Corbett:
The first-ever ISCF event in the great state of Louisiana was a Terrific Success! All the key elements were in place for an excellent event thanks to New ISCF Promoter, Andres Landor (Right) of Left Hook Promotions. - (

Andres is an experienced boxing promoter and parlayed these skills into a successful promotion. The elements that Andres and his team accessed were a great venue, excellent marketing, support of the State of Louisiana, hard working staff, skilled fighters, and fans!

Make no mistake, the fans in Louisiana love to support a fight event. They turned out about 5,000 strong for this first ISCF MMA event! They know how to enjoy a fight event. Just the mention of the Super Heavyweights, prior to that fight, brought the crowd to their feet with cacophony of celebration.

Andres promoted a very professional event. Some of the fighters commented they would gladly make the 10 hour drive again to fight for Left Hook Promotions.

A new 20' cage was used, as well as professional lighting to highlight the matches. All of the fighters had dramatic entrances to the excitement of the fans. Professional announcer T.D. Smith helped add the excitement and atmosphere greatly, also.

Russell Naquin, (Right) who is the "Event Coordinator" for the Louisiana Boxing and Wrestling Commission (LBWC) was on hand to assist with the event. Naquin is the consummate professional and a real pleasure to work with. While he worked cageside, other members of the LBWC were also cageside to enjoy the event.

Dr. Thomas Cockerham was the chief medical official. An experienced fight physician, he breezed the fighters through the physicals and was even happy to help with the gate and taping gloves if needed.

Referee Gabe Barahona instructed fighters at the rules meeting and brought his experience of over 300 bouts to the event. The fighters did not allow the judges a chance to demonstrate their powers of evaluation (more about that later). Still, the three judges included another Louisiana MMA promoter, Steve Miller, and other qualified individuals. Tracy Corbett and Brenda Waller worked to help organize ISCF paperwork and judges scorecards at cageside.

The stars came out for the event as well. Among them included TUF Season 2 competitor, Melvin "The Young Assassin" Guillard who was present. Kasha Chamblin, number three ranked in the world boxer, was cageside. A number of boxing greats were present, also.

Did I mention the fans? They really appreciate the efforts of the fighters and the great show that Landor promoted. While several of the fighters were novices, all of the 28 fighters went in the cage and put it on the line. Here are the results of the show the fans enjoyed:

  1. Featherweight: Amateur MMA
    Brandon Brown (142) Vs Michael Sierra (141)

    The first fight of the night began with a guillotine attempt by Sierra after exchanging a few punches. This followed with a leg kick by Sierra.
    In the next round, a clinch brought knees from a rear standing position by Sierra. Brown executed a reversal and kept it standing, bringing the crowd to their feet. Sierra secured a hold on Brown and landed a big slam takedown. Brown locked up a guillotine from the guard. Sierra taps in 2nd Round at 3:09 giving Brandon Brown the win.

  2. Super Heavyweight: Amateur MMA
    Jerry Chamberlin (309) Vs Sean McGilvray (282)

    McGilvray brought with him and scored with a few well placed body kicks. Chamberlain replied with a barrage of hands. A good bit of clinch work and dirty boxing followed.
    It seemed that Chamberlain was winning the fight with solid right hands and a good leg kick.
    These were really accurate right hands by Chamberlain. McGilvray clinched, scoring a rear heel trip takedown, landing on top of the exhausted Chamberlain.
    Winner by verbal submission - McGilvray. Round 1 at 3:56.

  3. Welterweight: Amateur MMA
    Nick Nuila (169) Vs. Dan Mahlon (163)

    Nuila aggressively started this bout with a rear heel trip slam. Mahlon escaped, rolling out to side control. He immediately achieved a full mount and landed good right hands from top position.
    Nuila wins by referee stoppage, TKO in round 1 at 2:50.

  4. Welterweight: Amateur MMA
    Wesley Suncheefore (169) Vs Robert Porter (156)

    Suncheefore leads the charge with kicks to which Porter brings his hands.
    A back heel trip followed a clinch by Porter, moving to full mount.
    Suncheefore attempts a standing escape to which Porter responds with a flying armbar.
    Suncheefore taps out in round 1; at 1.44. Winner, Robert Porter.

  5. Featherweight: Amateur MMA:
    Thomas Hebert (134) Vs Brandon Rondon (133)

    The crowd loved the opening exchange of knees back and forth. Hebert aggressed with some strong punches. Rondon answered with leg kicks. In a move this writer had only thought of, Hebert lands a takedown, after he SHOT UNDER A FRONT KICK by Rondon. Rondon moves to the guard and dropped heel kicks. Hebert chose to stand up and Rondon locked in a standing guillotine attempt, and transitioned to a half crucifix from the guard. Hebert stands again and Rondon lands a leg kick. Hebert clinches with a guillotine, moving to half guard. Hebert moves to north-south and drops a few legal knees on Rondon. He then stands with a reversal by Rondon. The bell rings as Rondon was punching.
    The second round brought Rondon opening with a leg kick. He then executed a move that would have made Andy Hug, (revered deceased K-1 kickboxer) proud. He faked a solid leg kick and landed a good side kick to Hebert's chest and face! Another leg kick by Rondon was followed by a by knee that places a cut on Herbert's cheek. Rondon lands another good leg kick. Following a solid knee, Rondon scores with a sag takedown, Herbert responds, pushing him into the fence. A roll over to a full mount by Rondon, leads to ground and pound. A reversal attempt by Herbert gives rear position to Rondon.
    Hebert taps to arm bar at 3:03 of round 2 giving Rondon the win.

  6. Heavyweight: Amateur MMA
    Blake Bourque (229) Vs Isaac Bates (214)

    Bourque opens this fight by picking up Bates and slamming him. Borque returns to standing and hands fly in this action packed match. The stand up keeps the punches flying. The fight is up and down the entire round. A solid left hand by Bates staggers Borque at 10 seconds to the bell. Borque recovers.
    Borque starts round 2 with a head lock take down. Bates reveres and gains side control and transitions to a scarf hold. Borque works out the back and comes up controlling Bates from the rear as they both stand. Borque takes Bates down and misses an arm bar attempt as Bates reverses. Bates gains another scarf hold, and Borque comes out the back again.
    Bates taps out to rear naked choke at 2:12 of round 2. Winner, Blake Borque.

  7. Light Heavyweight: Amateur MMA
    Steve Roberts (203) Vs Francesco Canalis (199)

    The fight begins with a good front kick by Roberts. As they clinch, Canalis delivers foot stomps to Roberts. Roberts uses a rear body drop take down and moves to a mount. Canalis tries to escape and exposes himself.
    Canalis taps to rear naked choke, 1:12 of Round 1. Winner, Steve Roberts

  8. Light Heavyweight: Amateur MMA
    James Nevels (193) Vs. Andrew Coleman (202)

    Coleman clinches and attempts a take down as the round begins. Nevels reverses and delivers standing knees, followed by a rear heel trip takedown. Nevels begins working for rear naked choke. Setting up an arm bar from the rear, Nevels goes for it. Coleman stacks Nevels and frees his arm. Then they fight for opposing heel hooks.
    Coleman taps out to heel hook at 2:38 of round 1. Winner, James Nevels

  9. Middleweight: Amateur MMA
    Boo Bernis (184) Vs. Peter Machado (178)

    The crowd erupts as rapid punches by Bernis starts the fight.
    Bernis lands on top, as Machado misses a take down attempt and moves to a rear position as Machado turtles.
    Bernis sets up an arm bar attempt.
    Machado taps to armbar at 1:57 of round 1. Winner, Boo Bernis.

  10. Lightweight: Amateur MMA
    Russell Watson (154) Vs 'Glenndon' Donnie Blue (155)

    Watson opens up with a leg kick. Blue executes some of his "Blu Kwon Do" with a takedown. Watson moves to a guard and Blue responds with ground and pound aided by the fence. Blue transitions to north-south position and delivers knees. Blue delivers more ground and pound and obtains rear position.
    Watson taps out to rear naked choke at 1:26 round 1. Winner, Donnie Blue.
    Blue salutes the audience with a curtsy and cuts a pose in celebration after the fight.
  11. Middleweight: Amateur MMA
    Bobby Friend (185) Vs. Matthew Waller (185)

    The debut fight for Bobby "The Sicilian Assassin" Friend and ISCF Advisory Board member and Promoter, Matthew "Serial Killer" Waller, was an exciting, yet one-sided seeming battle that was the grudge match of the night.
    Initially, Waller swam in among Friend's barrage of blows to secure a clinch and attempt a takedown. Friend got the better of the exchange and took Waller down. Waller secured a guard as Friend took him to the fence on the mat. From the bottom, Waller worked for a sweep attempt and dropped heel kicks into Friend's torso and legs.
    Then the controversy began.
    Waller began talking from the bottom to the referee in animated conversation. The referee stopped time and stood the fighters up. The stoppage was to assess Friend as Waller accused him of being extremely lubricated. Event Supervisor Corbett joined the referee in toweling off Friend to meet the satisfaction of those officials. Chief medical doctor, Cockerham, and Louisiana Boxing and Wrestling Commission official, Russell Naquin were located near Friend's corner. They confirmed what Friend later admitted: He had on Ben Gay. Friend said "One of his cornermen put it on to treat a sore leg muscle." However, after the toweling off, action resumed.
    Friend again charged in with an upper body takedown. He moved Waller to the fence by the gate as Waller secured a half guard. Friend, sitting up on his knees, rained a tremendous thunderstorm of blows down on Waller. Waller had on his raincoat and did a great job of slipping the punches on the bottom and defending with his arms. While doing so, Waller shrimped partially, setting up a leg submission attempt from the half guard. Waller secured the leg with his hands and shifted his leg position from the left leg to Friend's right. Waller tucked the foot in his armpit and initiated a heel hook. Friend defended by rolling with the twist of the leg. Upon rotation, Waller secured the hold deeper.
    With only four seconds left, Friend taps to heel hook at 3:56 of round 1. Winner, Matthew Waller.

  12. Light Heavyweight: Amateur MMA
    Jason Segal (199) Vs Shawn Hale (200)

    Segal charges Hale aggressively at the bell with a takedown attempt, securing a guillotine. Segal then uses the guillotine in a move that would make Captain James T. Kirk proud with a rollover, flipping Hale onto his back. Hale escapes and Segal maintains control with a left hand clinch and right hand dirty boxing. Hale attempts a standing guillotine and jumps guard, trying to sag Segal to the mat. Segal escapes as Hale keeps guard and moves to side control, then securing a guillotine.
    Hale taps to the guillotine at 2:06 of round 1. Winner, Jason Segal.

  1. Middleweight: Pro MMA
    Micah Lopez (181) Vs Jason Fischer (181)

    Lopez starts off the pro bouts with several sharp leg kicks. This strategy worked, as Lopez scored with a good round kick to Fischer's head. Fischer replied with a leg kick of his own, to which Lopez replies in kind. The fighters clinch and Lopez rolls Fischer to a mount. Lopez begins dropping stout punches and Fischer exposes his back to protect.
    Fischer taps to rear naked choke at 2:49 of round 1. Winner, Micah Lopez.

  2. Light Heavyweight: Pro MMA
    Timothy Credeur (204) Vs Liam McCarty (202)

    McCarty stepped up at the last minute to face highly decorated King of the Cage Veteran, Credeur. Action opened as Credeur takes down McCarty in response to a leg kick. Credeur establishes side control and moves to the mount. McCarty exposes his back and Credeur establishes a tight rear position and controls McCarty by his left upper arm. Credeur passes over and secures an armbar.
    McCarty taps at 1:03 of round 1. Winner, Timothy Credeur.

The fighters are to be commended for the professionalism they displayed at the event. Several of the fighters who were not fortunate to win were seen backstage and in the crowd, happy with what skills they were able to display for the fans. The ISCF congratulates Andres Landor and Left Hook Promotions on a great show with "Rampage in the Cage."

For more info please contact Mr. Andres' Landor at (337) 298-7693 or by e-mail at or go to his website at

ISCF Event Representative reporting, James Corbett (Right).
Thanks to Tracy Corbett for taking notes for this article.

FRIDAY, March 10th, 2006, AT 11:30 PM, PT

Shamrock STUFFS Gracie!
IKF Champ Cung Le Wins By KO!

Results From
In the FIRST EVER Legal MMA bout in California, Frank Shamrock needed only 21 seconds to dispatch of Cesar Gracie, landing a kick-punch combination that sent the popular trainer to the mat and out in Strike Force's main event Friday night in San Jose, California.

IKF Pro San Shou World Champion Cung Le KO'S Altman!
Here are all the nights results.

  1. Scott Graham defeats Chris Yee by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 2:37 round 2.

  2. Nathan Diaz defeats Tony Juares by TKO 3:23 round 1.

  3. Crafton Wallace defeats Ray Routh by KO (Knee) 0:35 round 2.

  4. Gilbert Melendez defeats Harris Sarmiento by Submission (Strikes) 2 0:44.

  5. Daniel Puder defeats Jesse Fujarczyk by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1:54 round 1.

  6. Brian Ebersole defeats Matt Horwich by Unanimous Decision.

  7. Mike Kyle and Krysztof Soszynski end in a Technical Draw (Thumb in Krysztof's eye) 2:02 round 1.

  8. Eugene Jackson defeats Jorge Ortiz by Unanimous Decision.

  9. Clayton Guida defeats Josh Thomson by Unanimous Decision.

  10. Cung Le defeats Mike Altman by KO at 3:51 round 1.

  11. Frank Shamrock defeats Cesar Gracie by KO (Punch) :21 round 1.

TUESDAY, March 7th, 2006, AT 10:30 PM, PT


Midwest Fight Fest
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Rampage In The Cage
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Festival of Fisticuffs

St. Joseph, Missouri, USA


Knuckle Up
Atlanta, Georgia, USA, February 24th, 2006

Stories & Photos By

This event has been a long time coming for many GNP (Ground N Pound) members and fans. We have been talking about it for months and were very excited to see a few of the members on the card, we were not disappointed... Tony Metcalfe & Knuckle Up Productions put on a highly impressive event, the fighters on the card came to bang and both Cowboys & Mav TV helped to make the show a huge success. I wont drag it out but have to thank all the fighters, you put on an awesome show, the entire Knuckle Up crew for executing a flawless event and making us feel welcome and at home, and to everyone else involved in putting the show together and pulling it off. Records show there was close to 4,000 in attendance and there was not a bad seat in the house. GNP was proud to be a part in helping to get the word out to the fans and we look forward to their next event, if you missed this one you will want to be sure to make the next. Lets do this!!!!!

Brenden Bohannon VS James Foster (Grappling Match 5 Mins)
Due to improper rankings by FC Fighter listing James Foster as a pro, the ISCF could not allow these guys to fight a striking MMA match. After the event, Fc Fighter corrected Foster's status as seen HERE. As for on this night though, both men are true warriors and since they were there decided to entertain the fans and kick off the nights action with a 5 minute grappling match.

Both fighters gave it their all in a great display of ground skills as they went after each other non-stop for the entire 5 minutes. There were several takedowns, some very slick reversals and a total of 10 expertly executed submissions ending with a score of 8 - 2 in favor of Brenden Bohannon I tip my hat to both of the fighters who came to throw down MMA style but regardless of the wrench thrown into the mix not allowing them to strap on the gloves and compete they were both anxious and dedicated enough to the sport and the fans to still get in the cage and compete in what turned out to be a great show of their skills.
Brenden Bohannon defeated James Foster 8 - 2 Submission Grappling.

Yan Giserman VS Sky Boyce
ROUND 1: Sky throws a front kick to start things off but Yan grabs it shooting in and dumping Sky to the ground. Yan works Sky against the cage, Sky tries to roll out but gets caught in a guillotine choke. Yan has Sky against the cage as he sinks the choke and just rolls to his back trapping Sky between himself in the cage and in seconds Sky taps giving the submission victory to Yan.
Yan Giserman defeated Sky Boyce :32 Round 1 by submission via Guillotine.

Clay Harvison VS Michael Berryhill
ROUND 1: The fighters touch gloves and Michael comes in kicking with two roundhouse kicks to the body that miss. The fighters circle and Clay comes in, fakes a kick and lands a straight shot to the head. Clay then lands a solid leg kick just before Michael rushes in swinging, lands a couple shots to the head and the fighters clinch, Clay then lets loose with several knees inside the clinch landing to both the head and body. Michael tries to get free but Clay is pouring it on, Clay lands a few more knees as the fighters spin center ring, Clay puts Michael back on the fence lands another big knee and then a couple straight shots to the head before clinching back up and continuing with the knees. Clay then pushes off out of the clinch as the crowd begins to chant his name, the fighters circle and Michael lands a solid kick to the body, throws another grazing kick to the body and then Clay moves back in with a kick of his own backing Michael against the cage with a second kick Clay lands a solid shot to the face that drops Michael , Clay lands a second before Michael can hit the mat and the ref stops the fight giving Clay the TKO victory.
Clay Harvison defeated Michael Berryhill at 1:32 of round 1 by TKO Stoppage.

Matt Ruskins VS Vern Ruffner
ROUND 1: The bell rings and both fighters rush center ring, Matt lands first with a leg kick and the fighters clinch up center ring. Matt attempts to pick up and slam Vern to the mat but its Vern landing on top as the fighters go to the ground, Matt starts to put Vern in his guard but Vern stands just as Matt pushes him away with his foot, Matt then stands back up also the the action continues in a very fast paced match. Matt comes rushing in lands a solid knee to the face that drops Vern, Matt lands another as Vern is going down against the cage and then side mount and begins the GROUNDNPOUND as the ref notices Vern is out cold due to the knees and rushes in to stop the fight giving Matt the KO victory in just 13 seconds.
Matt Ruskins defeated Vern Ruffner at :13 of round 1 by KO.

Ben Pierce VS Sean Lane
ROUND 1: The fighters touch gloves and begin to circle, both fighters throw out a few loose jabs, Ben lands a leg kick and then Sean rushes in swinging backing Ben up against the cage. Ben then scores a double leg take down putting Sean on his back and landing in side mount, Sean catches him in a guillotine choke on the way down and Ben starts in with several knees to the body while trying to free his head from the choke. Ben is able to get free of the choke and starts working for total control on the ground to unleash strikes but Sean is holding him in close, Ben pulls free stands over Sean and pounds in a solid shot to the head and then backs away letting Sean back to his feet. Sean comes back in swinging landing a couple shots to the head and the fighters clinch up, Ben lands a couple knees to the body and one to the head before scoring a heel trip taking Sean back to the ground. Sean is able to reverse control rolling Ben to his back and into his guard. Sean lands several shots to the body and a few to the head but Ben has him in a tight guard and holding him in close to prevent the damage, Sean turns him away from the cage and throws a few knees to the body as Ben drives in some heel shots to the kidney and ribs from below. Sean lands a few more body shots from above and then Ben sinks in a triangle choke locking it in deep. Sean stands, picks Ben up while still trapped in the choke and slams him to the ground in an attempt to break free but Ben holds tight, Sean then tries a few over the top shots to the face to get free but Ben holds tight on the choke just as the bell sounds ending round 1.
ROUND 2: Sean connects first with a front kick followed by several looping shots to the head that are ducked or blocked as the fighters clinch up against the cage, Ben throws a few knees to the head and body, Sean answers back with a knee to the body as Ben starts driving for a take down and gets it putting Sean on his back. Sean throws a few shots from the bottom as Ben works to free his arm and unload a few shots of his own, after freeing his arm Ben lands a solid head shot and then stands dropping down a couple more shots as he jumps to side control. Ben drops a few hammer fists while working for total control on the ground and then steps over to full mount, postures up and starts in with some heavy bombs to the face. Sean works to get free but ends up giving up his back, Ben sinks his legs in and hammers a couple shots to the head before attempting to sink in the rear naked choke, Ben covers up and tucks his chin to prevent the choke and after a few more shots dropped by Ben Sean pulls off a great reversal putting Ben's back on the canvas and ending up in his guard. Sean is hammering in shots to the body as Ben answers a few loose shots to the head from the bottom and is trying to control Sean's arms, Ben locks in another triangle choke and Sean starts trying to punch his way free just as the bell sounds again in a deja vu set up saving Sean from the choke twice in one fight and ending round 2.
ROUND 3: The fighters touch gloves, Sean lands a front kick to the chest and Ben shoots scoring a double leg take down. Ben starts in with shots to the body and a couple to the head as he works to pass the guard, Ben soon gains full mount but Sean reverses it quickly putting Ben on his back. Sean lands a few body punches from the full guard and then stands, still in the guard and rains down a few shots to the head. Sean then drops back to the ground and works a few more body shots, Ben lands a few heel strikes to the kidney and rib area before attempting to sink in another triangle. Sean stands to stop the choke attempt and drops a several of shots from above as Ben starts to work on a leg lock, Sean spins and drops back down to the ground to avoid the leg lock and the action continues. Ben pulls Sean back into his guard as Sean throws a few shots to the body and head, Ben starts looking to reverse the control on the ground and after a few attempts does so putting Sean on his back and gaining full mount. Ben begins to hammer in shots to the head, Sean blocks a few but most are getting through, Sean attempts to roll and reverse the mount but Ben stays in control hammering in shots to the head as the bell sounds ending round 3 and sending the fight to the judges.
Ben Pierce defeated Sean Lane by Unanimous Decision.

Robi Ramey VS Danny Kiser
Robi comes to the ring in the most electrifying entrances with his "Rick James Biatch" attitude and style. The entire set of seats behind me is there in support of Robi and goes wild as he makes his way to the cage.
ROUND 1: The fighters touch gloves and Robi shots in scoring a double leg pick up & slam putting Danny on the mat and against the cage. Robi immediately starts hammering in knees to the body from side control, Robi postures up and drops a couple solid shots to the head and then sinks a guillotine from his knees pressing Danny's back against the cage and cranking away. Danny throws a couple shots to the body and is able to work free of the choke, get to his feet and scramble into side control putting Robi on his back. Danny then steps over to full mount but Robi has him in a tight grip so he is unable to throw any strikes, Robi then begins to roll for a reversal and after a couple seconds gets it putting Danny on his back once more. Danny throws a couple shots to the body before Robi goes to his knees and sinks another guillotine and again presses Danny's back into the cage and begins to crank away on the choke. The ref attempts to get a response from Danny but doesnt seem to get one and stops the fight giving Robi the victory via submission.
Robi Ramey defeated Danny Kiser at 2:27 of round 1 by submission via Guillotine

Nick Vogas VS Jason Hudson
ROUND 1: Nick throws first with a high roundhouse kick that just misses followed by a kick to the body, Jason swings and Nick ducks under and goes for a take down driving Jason onto the cage and then to the mat. Nick works from the guard landing a couple light shots but Jason has control of his hands limiting the striking, after a few seconds Jason is able to sweep and roll into the top position reversing control, Nick holds him in close to prevent the striking and as Jason tries to push free Nick is able to back out and get to his knees putting Jason against the cage. Jason attempts a guillotine choke putting Nick into his half guard but after a few seconds Nick works free and lands a knee. Nick then stands and Jason starts to drive for a take down from his knees but Nick scrambles and takes back control and starts working a rear naked choke and dropping a couple shots to the head to loosen him up. Jason rolls out and back to his back where Nick lands in side control and starts hammering in shots to the head. Jason tries to get free but Nick keeps pounding away dropping some heavy shots until the ref steps in to stop the fight giving Nick the win via TKO.
Nick Vogas defeats Jason Hudson at 3:04 of round 1 by TKO Stoppage.

Sean Jollicover VS Jay Mckay
ROUND 1: Jay lands a leg kick, Sean swings and misses, Sean throws another grazing shot to the head and Jay lands another leg kick. Sean then shoots in driving Jay back onto the fence and then picks him up slamming him to the mat. Sean works for control landing a few shots to the head before stepping over to full mount and begins the GROUNDNPOUND. Jay tries to defend but ends up giving up his back, Sean immediately sinks in a rear naked choke and starts to crank away on it, Sean rolls to his back locking in his legs and in seconds Jay taps giving Sean the submission victory via rear naked choke.
Sean Jollicover defeats Jay Mckay at 1:08 of round 1 by submission via rear naked choke.

CJ Haggerty VS Chad Mitten
ROUND 1: CJ comes in connects with a shot to the head and backs out then comes back in with a kick to the body, shot to the head and the fighters clinch, CJ then goes for a take down and ends up slinging Chad to the mat and landing in full mount. CJ lands a couple shots to the head before Chad is able to pull him in close and prevent the striking, CJ lands a couple shots to the body as he works to get free. Once CJ is free of Chad's grip he hammers down a couple more blows before Chad scrambles up and the fighters end up in a north south position on their knees. As both fighters stand, CJ throws a knee to the head on their way up and the separate and restart the action standing. The fighters circle and both throw a high kick that misses, CJ rushes in landing a few shots to the head back steps and then lands a front kick to the body. CJ comes back in with a jumping overhand shot to the face and is meet with a knee to the body that causes him to loose his footing on the way down and falls to the mat, Chad jumps on him taking side control but CJ pulls him in tight to prevent any striking and then rolls him reversing position and ending in full mount, CJ lands a few shots to the body as Chad tries to buck free of the mount, Chad ends up turning giving up his back where CJ attempts a rear naked choke but gives it up and hammers in a few shots to the side of the head still on Chad's back who is flat on the mat belly down. Chad tries to roll free but CJ stays in control on his back, after a few more shots dropped by CJ, Chad rolls into and reverses control putting CJ on his back, CJ traps Chad in his guard but Chad is landing several shots to the head, CJ tries to scramble free but Chad rides it out continuing to drop shots to the head. CJ is finally able to back out and attempt an arm bar that causes Chad to stand, CJ stands and is meet with a solid side kick to the body, CJ throws a leg kick followed by a front kick to the body and a shot to the head,, the fighters circle and CJ throws another leg kick/head shot combo just as the bell sounds ending round 1.
ROUND 2: The fighters circle, CJ comes in and the fighters exchange blows with Chad landing 2 solid shots to the face. They circle a bit more and CJ comes in with two front kicks followed up with a solid shot to the face. CJ throws a high roundhouse kick that misses and Chad comes back with a shot to the head that connects, the fighters circle for a bit with both throwing grazing shots but neither connecting with any heavy shots with Chad pushing the fight and CJ backing up just staying out of reach. After several seconds CJ comes back in with a high kick that connects to the head follows it up with a front kick to the body and a shot to the head, CJ comes back in with a second front kick and is meet with a straight right to the face and the fighters circle a bit more before CJ comes back in with a front kick/head shot combo, the fighters clinch and CJ lands a knee before pushing off out of the clinch. CJ throws a back kick followed by a shot to the head, Chad answers back with the same and the fighters exchange a few shots to the head before they clinch up and CJ takes Chad to the mat. From side mount CJ throws a couple knees to the body before stepping over to full mount where he lands a few shots to the head before crossing over and attempting an arm bar, Chad turns into it, CJ throws a couple more shots to the head and Chad scrambles free putting CJ on his back but not for long, CJ reverses and drives Chad back to the ground, Chad begins to scramble and gets free rolling out and back to his feet. Both fighters are looking tired as CJ has his hands on his knees, CJ comes back in landing a shot to the head, Chad returns and the fighters exchange a few standing toe to toe, CJ backs out and again stands for a second with his hands on his knees, Chad starts coming in looking as tired with his hands down just as the bell sounds ending round 2.
ROUND 3: The fighters touch gloves, CJ comes in swinging and connects with one to the head. CJ then lands a solid kick to the body followed by a high kick to the head that rocks Chad, CJ comes in and swings but Chad ducks under and clinches, CJ lands a knee in the clinch and Chad pushes off. CJ comes back in with a jumping straight shot to the head that rocks Chad hard, CJ then lands a knee to the face that drops Chad to the mat causing the ref to stop the fight giving CJ the victory via KO.
CJ Haggerty defdeats Chad Mitten at :22 of round 3 by KO.

Bryan Hearin VS Steven McDonald
ROUND 1: Bryan connects first with a 1-2 combo and backs out, Steven comes in to swing and eats a shot right to the face then starts to clinch, Bryan traps him in a guillotine and falls back to the ground pulling guard, Steven fights to get free for a few seconds but then stops moving, the ref comes in to check it out and finds out Steven has been put to sleep and stops the fight giving Bryan the TKO victory. (Steven came to in a few seconds and was fine)
Bryan Hearin defeated Steven McDonald at :33 of round 1 by TKO (put him to sleep via RNC)

Carlton Spalding VS Donnie Blue
ROUND 1: The fighters touch gloves, Donnie throws first landing a grazing high kick to the head, they circle and Donnie comes back in with a few more kicks that miss. Carlton comes in with a leg kick and Donnie answers back with a front kick to the body and then the fighters clinch up and begin to work for control on their feet with Donnie getting a heel trip and putting Carlton on his back. Carlton lands a few shots to the side of the head from the bottom and has Donnie's arms trapped to prevent him from striking from above, Donnie works to gain control and free his arms but it allows Carlton to get to his feet and the fighters continue to work from in the clinch. Donnie presses Carlton against the cage throwing a few knees to the body along the way, Carlton lands a knee of his own but that gives Donnie the chance to grab a leg and drive him back to the ground again. From the guard, Donnie lands several shots to the body and a few to the head, Carlton answers back with a few shots to the head from below as both fighters work to control the fight on the ground. Donnie stands to break the guard and jumps over to side mount but Carlton is able to turn and work to his knees putting the fighters into a north south position. Donnie muscles him back around driving him back to the ground and continues to work to gain total control from above. Donnie lands a few more shots to the head but Carlton pulls him in preventing the striking and working to gain some control from below while he lands a few shots to the side of the head when the bell sounds and they end round 1.
ROUND 2: Carlton lands first coming in and connecting with three shots to the head, the fighters clinch up and Carlton lands several knees to the body followed by another clean shot to the head, Donnie turns him and presses him into the cage but Carlton continues with the knees then pushes off and throws several shots to the head causing Donnie to shoot in for a take down, sprawls out as the fighters go to their knees and then hammers in a few more shots to the head as the fighters work their way to their feet. Donnie starts driving for another take down as he pushes Carlton into the fence and eventually scores it putting Carlton on the ground. Donnie works from within the guard but Carlton has control of his arms preventing the strikes while he lands a few shots to the side of the head from below. Donnie works free of the guard and into side control but that allows Carlton to work to his knees and drive Donnie back against the cage, Carlton lands a knee to the body while he is standing and Donnie is sitting with his back to the cage, Donnie has a grip on Carlton but Carlton works free hammering in a shot to the head and maintains the same position. Carlton pushes away from Donnie's grip and begins to hammer in solid shots to the head and continues to do so until the ref stops the fight giving Carlton the TKO victory.
Carlton Spalding defeats Donnie Blue in round 2 by TKO Stoppage.

Kevin Brooks VS Fabio Costa
ROUND 1: The fighters circle, after a few seconds the exchange a leg kick with Kevin landing first. Its clear these fighters respect each others skills as they circle for several more seconds looking for their chance to move in and impose their game plan, Fabio connects with a solid leg kick and attempts to shoot in but its blocked by Kevin and the fighters continue to circle. Fabio shoots in again but Kevin defends, landing a couple grazing shots to the head before Fabio pulls back away, Kevin comes back with a knee to the head as Fabio tries for the take down again. The fighters clinch up and Fabio lands an uppercut as he works to gain control in the clinch and get Kevin to the ground. Fabio lands a couple more uppercuts and Kevin gives them back before pushing out of the clinch and the begin to circle once more. Kevin comes in and swings, Fabio ducks under and goes for a take down but Kevin pushes off and both fighters remain standing. As they circle a bit more it is becoming clear that Kevin does not want any of the ground game and Fabio doesnt want to trade shots with Kevin as each fighter continues to push the fight in their direction. Kevin lands a couple leg kicks and as he comes in with a front kick Fabio swings connecting with a forearm to the side of the head that is blocked but still knocks Kevin off balance a bit, he backs up and they continue to circle. As they circle Kevin throws another leg kick and Fabio answers back, they exchange a couple more leg kicks and then Kevin rushes in swinging, connects a couple shots to the head and the fighters clinch up where Kevin lands a solid knee to the head that causes Fabio to stumble and then rolls to the ground to avoid Kevin coming in for the kill. With Fabio on his back Kevin attempts a jumps into the air landing on Fabio and dropping a shot to the head on his way down, then backs up and throws a couple leg kicks to Fabio who is still on his back, Kevin backs away allowing Fabio to stand just as the bell sounds ending round 1.
ROUND 2: They start out circling again looking for a chance to impose their will, Fabio lands a leg kick as the crowd starts to chant his name. Fabio lands a couple more leg kicks but the action has slowed down as the fighters continue to circle and look for a chance to counter one another, Kevin rushes in and lands a solid shot to the head but Fabio circles off the cage and they continue waiting to close in and for the other fighter to make a mistake., They both throw a few jabs that fall short then out of nowhere Kevin rushes in with a barrage of punches to the face that drive Fabio against the cage and rock him, Fabio turns away and tries to circle off the cage but Kevin smells blood and closes in for the kill, lands another shot that sends Fabio to the ground and then continues to hammer in shots to the head until the ref steps in to stop the fight giving Kevin the TKO victory near the end of round two.
Kevin Brooks defeats Fabio Costa at 2:57 of round 2 by TKO Stoppage.

Tim Stout VS Chancellor Edmonson
Many of the fans from GNP came to see this fight and as it drew near it was looking as Tim would not be able to fight as two opponents pulled out. Chancellor stepped up with only days to go and also turned pro for this fight proving himself a true MMA warrior.
ROUND 1: The fighters touched gloves and began to circle as Chancellor rushed in shooting for a take down and scored it putting Tim on his back. Chancellor lands a couple shots to the head and Tim answers back with a few to the body while keeping Chancellor in a full guard. Tim attempted to work a triangle but Chancellor rolled free as the fighters roll into the cage and to their knees, the fighters get to their feet still in a clinch and Tim lands a knee to the head as Chancellor drives in for another take down. Tim sprawls out and from a side/back control sinks his hooks in and rolls Chancellor over taking him to the ground where Tim starts to work for a rear naked choke, Tim hammers in a few shots to the head from behind Chancellor to loosen him up for the choke and then sinks it in cranking away causing Chancellor to tap giving Tim the submission victory.
Tim Stout defeats Chancellor Edmonson at 1:04 of round 1 by submission via Rear Naked Choke.

George Lockhart VS Scott Harper
ROUND 1: The fighters touch gloves and George shoots in scoring a take down, Scott reverses it putting George on his back against the cage and begins to work for control, Scott steps over to full mount but before he can do any work George backs out and reverses control putting Scott on his back once more but Scott attempts to lock in an arm bar so George stands, picks him up and slams him back to the mat. Scott moves from the arm bar to a triangle during the slam and begins to sink it in deep, George stands and slams him once more trying to escape the triangle but Scott keeps trying to work the choke. George continues to work on escaping the choke and eventually gets free ending in side control, Scott holds him in close to prevent striking and then backs out reversing position and putting George on his back. Scott works through the guard and steps over to full mount where he rains down a few shots to the head but George is holding him in close and trying to control his arms and prevent the striking. Scott lands a few more shots to the head before George sweeps and reverses position ending up on top in a great exhibition of ground work from both fighters. George lands several body, body, head combos from in the full guard as he works to soften up Scott, Scott works on controlling George's arms to prevent the striking but George still manages to land several to the head and body where they finish up round 1.
ROUND 2: The fighters circle a bit before they clinch up and Scott scores the take down landing in side control, Scott hammers in a few shots to the head along with a couple elbows to the face. Scott steps over to full mount and George holds him in close to prevent the striking, Scott is able to land a few shots to the side of the head before George reverses position putting Scott on the bottom and ending in his guard. George lands several body shots and a few to the head but Scott is holding him in close to prevent any real damage, after a few seconds and the action slowing down a bit the ref decided to stand the fighters and restart the action. George shoots in but Scott sprawls out and turns George onto his back and ends up in full guard, as Scott attempts to step over to full mount George reverses putting Scott on his back once more and ends up in full mount. Immediately Scott reverses again putting George on his back and ending in full mount, George has a tight grip holding Scott in and no striking is taking place, George attempts to reverse again and that gives Scott a chance to posture up and rain down some blows to the head, George latches on pulling him back in to stop the striking and after a few seconds the ref decides to stand the fighters to restart the action. Scott fakes a leg kick and steps back, George slowly closes in and just as he throws a shot to the head the bell sounds ending round 2.
ROUND 3: George lands first with a shot to the head, Scott comes back in to return it and George ducks under, clinches and throws a knee to the head and follows up with a barrage of punches to the head, Scott answers back with a couple shots but George unleashes several more before they clinch up and George drives Scott to the ground landing in side mount. George throws a couple knees to the body and then starts in with several shots to the head until Scott taps to the strikes giving George the victory via TKO.
George Lockhart defeats Scott Harper in round 3 by TKO.

Steve Headden VS Butch Hajicek
ROUND 1: The fighters touch gloves and Steve rushes in taking Butch down to the mat against the cage and begins hammering in shots to the head. Butch attempts to control the arms but Steve keeps getting his arms free and drops shots to the head and body. Steve keeps Butch pushed against the cage and hammers in a few shots to the head, Butch tries to move to the side but Steve turns him exposing his back and jumps on latching in a rear naked choke. Butch defends so Steve drops a few shots to the head from behind to loosen him up, Steve attempts the choke once more rolling onto his back to straighten Butch out and locks in the choke deep. Butch tries to control an arm to stop the choke but Steve has it in strong and a few seconds later Butch is forced to tap giving Steve the final victory of the night via rear naked choke and ending a great night of fights.
Steve Headden Ddefeats Butch Hajicek at 3:03 of round 1 by Submission via Rear Naked Choke.

After long consideration the Ground N Pound Fighter Of The Night Award went to Matt Ruskins for a spectacular debut and awesome 13 second knockout due to two tremendous knees to the head. For More Info Contact Mr. Chris Stolzman at (770) 792-7925 or go to
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California Welcomes

Portions Of This Story Are From the Mercury News & The Shamrock-Gracie Website

This Friday night at HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, Fight Promoter Scott Coker (Right, Best known for promoting Strikeforce shows and K-1 USA) will host California's first officially sanctioned MMA event. The state legalized the sport in December but Coker and others have had to wait until March for the State to be prepared to cover the event with qualified officials.

"The public response has been overwhelming. We are past the 12,500 mark in tickets sales right now,'" Coker said, "and we're expecting maybe 15,000. If we do that, we will break the American record for paid attendance at a Mixed Martial Arts event, which was 14,200 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a couple of years ago."

So what is all the hype about? MMA Veteran (Frank Shamrock(17-7-2) can tell you. He might be San Jose's least-known world-famous guy but is very well known in the sport of MMA. Shamrock won MMA titles around the planet in the 1990s, becoming an icon in Japan and Brazil, among other places. Then he retired here in 2003 to raise a family and run his own martial-arts business, which includes consulting with many law-enforcement entities.

At age 33, he's coming out of retirement for this show's main event. He sees the future. "Friday is the beginning, the celebration, the grand opening," Shamrock said. "It's going to open everybody's eyes to what I call the truth -- the art of fighting. It doesn't have to be dirty. It doesn't have to be bloody. It's just got to be entertaining and a great time and a good story."

Within minutes of meeting him, you can tell that Shamrock is a smart man. He just opened his 4,300-square-foot Shamrock Martial Arts Academy in South San Jose. He basically cut his own deal for Friday's event, which will pay him $100,000.00 and he is ready to debate the ethics and merits of MMA with anyone. He says the sport's appeal is that in every match, there is a definite winner. There are no controversial decisions, as in boxing.

And as for all of that kicking and punching? "The perception of violence in our society has gone way down or way up, depending on what side you're looking at," Shamrock said. "Ten years ago, fighting in a cage was one of the most extreme things you would look at. Now, fighting in a cage, honestly, it's not that big of a deal.

Coker is required to follow Pro Promoter rules and regulations as a Pro Boxing promoter. He is required to provide fighter medical insurance, medical personnel (MD) and California State Licensed referees. All of this is excellent, Shamrock notes. "I'm a martial artist," he said. "So to me, it's an art form. It's the art of fighting. And I'm not going out there to hurt anybody. I'm there to win as quickly and efficiently as possible, without getting hurt. . . . But in MMA, anything can happen. A kick, punch, elbow, a choke, a throw, a hold. Anything can happen. And there's a story. Two guys have a conflict, they're fighting, and there's almost always an end to that story."

The story Friday is a classic one. Shamrock's last MMA fight was in 2003 when he defeated Bryan Pardoe by Submission (Arm Bar) at the World Extreme Cagefighting 6: Return of a Legend at The Palace Indian Gaming Center in Lemoore, California. He had won five world championships during his career and he is coming back to accept a challenge from Cesar Gracie, another former champion.

The match is being promoted as the revival of cage fighting's "Oldest family rivalry," because the Shamrock and Gracie clans have a history. on November 12th, 1993, Gracie's cousin (Royce Gracie beat Shamrock's brother (Ken) in a heated match. He beat him in only :57 seconds of the first round by a Rear Naked Choke Submission at the Ultimate Fighting Championship 1: The Beginning at the McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado, USA.

On April 4th, 1995 the two met again at the Independence Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina in UFC 5, Return of the Beast. In this bout the two fought for 36 minutes and the bout ended in a draw in the UFC's first ever "Super Fight".

The two families have feuded ever since. Think Ali-Frazier, or Hearns-Leonard were classic battles? Well, that's what will happen Friday. "There are people coming in from all over the world for this," Coker said. "I'm getting calls from Australia, Japan and Canada. We're going to fill up a lot of hotel rooms. I'm a little surprised. I thought we would get to 10,000. But to already be at 12,000 this early in the game . . . it's a little overwhelming." And it could be just the kick start California MMA needs!

  • The "Shamrock vs. Gracie" will be the Main Event but there will be plenty of undercard action.
    • Rising stars and former collegiate wrestling standouts Josh Thomson (Pro: 6-1, Amateur 5-10) and Clayton Guida (Pro: 17-2, Amateur: 1-2) will square off with each other.
    • Undefeated prospect, Gilbert Melendez (Pro: 8-0, Amateur: 2-0 will do battle with Harris Sarmiento (Pro: 18-12).
    • Fan favorite, Eugene "The Wolf" Jackson (Right - Pro: 12-9-1, will make his long-awaited return to action when he faces Jorge "The Naked Man" Ortiz (Pro: 9-2 Jackson's last bout was in 2003.
    • The star-studded card will also see former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar and "Tough Enough" reality show winner, Daniel Pudar (Pro: 1-0, make his return to the world of mixed martial arts against an opponent that has yet to be confirmed.

However, a bout that probably has even more fan appeal than the Shamrock Vs Gracie bout is the MMA Debut of IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) Pro San Shou World Champion Cung Le (Left). Following a sensational run through San Shou kickboxing's 185 pound division, the undefeated world champion, Cung Le (16-0 in San Shou), will answer the demands of fight aficionados when he makes his mixed martial arts debut against a former opponent, hard-nosed veteran, Mike Altman (19-8). Le won his IKF World Title when he defeated Shoni Carter of Chicago, Illinois, USA by unanimous decision in San Jose, CA, USA on December 15th, 2001.

"I'm not going in there thinking that I'm invincible because I'm the best in San Shou." Said the 33-year-old Le, "I'm going in with an open mind and a competitive spirit." Le, is a two-time captain of the United States National San Shou squad that competed in Italy and Hong Kong, respectively, as well as a four-time winner of K-1 Superfights that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. He and Altman met for the first time in 1999 in San Jose. In the third round of action, Le scored a roundhouse kick to the head that put Altman on the canvas. Altman beat the referee's count, but Le quickly sent him down for the 10 count with a left hand to the body.

"My conditioning is a lot better for this fight so I'll be a lot more confident throwing blows," said Altman, who accepted the first bout with Le on only three weeks notice. "I'm going to have a lot more power and be able to throw with bad intentions." This will be Altman's (Pro: 1-1 third MMA bout. His last was just this past January when he lost to Jon Kirk (Pro: 2-0 by TKO when his Corner Threw in the Towel at :10 seconds of the second round at the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston, Texas, USA. The bout was only Kirk's second MMA bout too.

Tickets for "Shamrock vs. Gracie" are officially on sale and can be purchased at all Ticketmaster (408-998-TIXS) outlets and Ticketmaster online ( as well as at the HP Pavilion box office (408-287-7070). Fans can also purchase tickets by logging on to the official "Shamrock vs. Gracie" website,, and clicking on the "Tickets" link where a ticket order form is located. All completed forms should be returned for processing to Ms. Julie Lin either via fax: 408-863-0153 or email: Ticket prices start at $30. Doors to the event will open at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time on March 10th. The first preliminary bout will begin at 6 PM.

The "Shamrock vs. Gracie" event is being promoted and produced by Silicon Valley Sports and Entertainment (SVSE,, a leading producer of major sporting and entertainment events and the exclusive producer of such events for San Jose, California's largest entertainment arena, the HP Pavilion. SVSE's many properties include "Miller Lite Fight Night," world championship boxing; the National Hockey League's San Jose Sharks; and the annual ATP men's professional tennis "SAP Open" event.