March 2007

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FRIDAY, MARCH 30th, 2007, AT 11:00 AM, PT



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If you have not booked your room yet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for the ISCF MMA World Classic you better get on it ASAP! Word has it today that rooms are almost gone on our room block and remember, IT IS MANDATORY FOR ALL FIGHTERS & TRAINERS to stay at the Host Hotel so that we can locate you throughout the weekend. When our block of rooms are gone, you will have to pay the higher room rate. For more Hotel info CLICK HERE!



With things going well above expectations, it looks pretty clear that the first ever ISCF MMA World Classic Tournament will be an outstanding success. Sure, there are still openings left in some of the brackets, but as far as what was expected, the tournament is way ahead of schedule. To see who all plans to "Walk The Walk" at the FIRST ANNUAL ISCF MMA World Classic, CLICK HERE! That number of 92 may go up later today after the days mail arrives. Regardless,

"This is going to be a *FIGHT PARTY!!!"

(*) Fight Party is a copyright of ISCF Promoter Brett Moses... We just had to use that line Brett....


Valuable info for all Alternate Fighters & Seeded Fighters
that may be able to continue after a first or second round bracket loss


HCX International Entertainment LLC Presents
Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, March 31st, 2007
  • WHO: HCX International Entertainment LLC
  • WHERE: Tinley Park Holiday Inn Convention Center, 18501 S Harlem Ave, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA
    • ISCF Pro & Amateur MMA
    • IKF Pro & Amateur Muay Thai & Kickboxing
    • Doors Open: 5:30 PM Event Begins: 7:PM
  • ISCF & IKF Representatives: Mike & Terri Storm
  • ISCF & IKF RefereeS: Mike & Terri Storm
  • PROMOTER: For More Information Contact Mr. Brian A. Thompson at (815) 730-3800 or by email


    • PRO MMA
      Bobby Gunz" Martinez Vs Davion Peterson

    • PRO MMA
      John Paun Vs Dustin Neace

    • PRO MMA
      Charles Wilson Vs Amir Khillah

    • PRO MMA
      Rob Harman Vs TBA

      Cyrus Washington Vs Brandon Mahoney


Flatnose Productions Presents
Independance, Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, March 31st, 2007
  • WHO: Flatnose Productions
  • WHERE: Trueman Memorial Building, Independance, Missouri, USA
    • ISCF Pro & Amateur MMA
      • ISCF Amateur United States *Middleweight Title
        Rudy Bears Vs Russell Crandon
        • (*) This was previously mis-stated as a Light Heavyweight Title.
  • ISCF Representative: Chuck Wolfe
  • ISCF Referee: TBA
  • PROMOTER: For More Information Contact Mr. Jason Teeman At (816) 589-9423 or at


THURSDAY, MARCH 29th, 2007, AT 2:20 PM, PT

March 24th, 2007 - Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

Results by ISCF Representative Steve Miller
NorthStar Productions, REVOLUTION FIGHT NIGHT I "ANARCHY IN THE RING", Lake Charles Civic Center Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA.

For more info please contact Rachel Jackson at (281) 538-2730 or by e-mail at or go to


Python's Punisher's 2 - Team Warrior vs The World
March 24th, 2007 - Prairieville, Louisiana, USA

  • WHO: Donald "The Python" Mayeaux
  • WHERE: Dutchtown High School, Prairieville, Louisiana, USA
  • WHAT: Python's Punisher's 2 - Team Warrior vs The World
    • ISCF Amateur MMA
  • ISCF Representative: Andre Landor
  • ISCF Referee: Gabe Barohona & Keith Strickland
  • PROMOTER: For More info Please Contact Mr. Donald Mayeaux at (225) 673-2046 or at

    Scott Warner Vs Thomas Webb
    Thomas Webb wins by submission 1:15 of the first round over Scott Warner.

    Eddie Poche Vs Gordon Taylor
    Eddie Poche and Gordon Taylor ends in a Draw.

    Mathew Roberts Vs Travis Claridy
    Travis Claridy wins by submission 1:14 of the first round over Mathew Roberts.

    Justin Thornton Vs Jules Bruchez Jr.
    Jules Bruchez Jr. wins by armbar submission 1:57 of the second round over Justin Thornton.

    Dan Saxon Vs Blake Verdin
    Blake Verdin wins by stoppage 24 seconds of the second round over Dan Saxon.

    Trey Ealy Vs Kevin Cavalier
    Trey Ealy wins by stoppage 2:40 of the first round over Kevin Cavalier.

    Cody Gautreau Vs Patrick Billiot
    Patrick Billiot wins by armbar submission 1:37 of the first round over Cody Gautreau.

    Matt Gautreau Vs Randy Billiot
    Matt Gautreau wins by submission 36 seconds of the second round over Randy Billiot.

    Chris Haley Vs Lanny Dar Dar Sr.
    Lanny Dar Dar Sr. wins by stoppage 54 seconds of the second round over Chris Haley.

    Brandon Tingle Vs Gabriel McNeill
    Brandon Tingle wins by submission 29 seconds into the third round over Gabriel McNeill.

    Josh Fontenot Vs Daniel Mahlon
    Josh Fontenot wins by submission 1:38 of the first round over Daniel Mahlon.

    Keith Schneider Vs Jason Richardson
    Keith Schneider wins by submission 49 seconds of the first round over Jason Richardson.

    Andrew Staples, Vs Kenny Cavalier
    Andrew Staples, wins by stoppage 3:08 of the first round over Kenny Cavalier.

    Gary Hancock Vs Lance Thompson
    Gary Hancock wins by submission 3:15 of the first round over Lance Thompson.
  • It was unknown as of press time why this fighter did not fight:
    1. Alex Jumonville

TUESDAY, MARCH 27th, 2007, AT 8:15 PM, PT

March 24th, 2007 - Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA

  • WHO: Breaking Point Productions
  • WHERE: St. Joseph Civic Arena, Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA
    • ISCF Amateur MMA Bouts
  • ISCF Representative: Chuck Wolfe
  • ISCF Referee: TBA
  • PROMOTER: For More info Please Contact Mr. Lasha Dalakishvili at (816) 244-8132 0r (816) 248-3143 or by e-mail at

    Hank Marten Vs Ben Wagers
    WINNER By TKO Due to Strikes at 1:36 of Round One, Ben Wagers.

    Todd Daily Vs Justin Minks
    WINNER By Tap Out via the Guillotine Choke at 1:45 of Round One, Justin Minks.

    Blake Whorton Vs Chris Kelly
    WINNER By TKO Due to Strikes at :23 of Round One, Blake Whorton.

    Jeff Huff Vs Caleb Paffrath
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision Jeff Huff, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

    Dustin Agness Vs Cody Chamberlain
    WINNER By KO Due to Strikes at 2:21 of Round One, Dustin Agness.

    Drew Garcia Vs Josh Bernal
    WINNER By Tap Out via a Rear Naked Choke at :53 of Round One, Josh Bernal.

    Todd Walters Vs Ryan Holliger
    WINNER By Tap Out via a Rear Naked Choke at 2:00 of Round One, Ryan Holliger.

    Recco Charters Vs Brent Ault
    WINNER By Tap Out via a Rear Naked Choke at 1:39 of Round One, Brent Ault.

    Brian Pearman Vs Brad Green
    WINNER By TKO Due to Strikes at :26 of Round One, Brian Pearman.

    David Schaffer Vs Jason Shields
    WINNER By TKO Due to Strikes at 2:36 of Round One, Dave Schaffer.

    Ryan Denison ( Penison ) Vs James Jack
    WINNER By Tap Out from Strikes at :36 of Round One, James Jack.

    Joshua (Josh) Lyons Vs Jonathan Controtto
    WINNER By Verbal Submission at 2:44 of Round One, John Controtto.

    Jennifer Babcock Vs Davin Knight
    WINNER By Tap Out via a Rear Naked Choke at 2:12 of Round Two, Jennifer Babcock.

    Jeremy Whorton Vs Jason Colobong
    WINNER By TKO Due to Strikes at 2:28 of Round One, Jason Colobong.

    Roy Babcock Vs Rodney Borden
    WINNER By Split Decision Roy Babcock, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-29.


Zach George

Jack 9 just uploaded some more IKF TV Fight Clips and in the new mix is a look back at current MMA powerhouse Zach George (Undefeated in MMA) of Norman, Oklahoma when he fought for the IKF Amateur North American Title against Chad Morgan.

At the 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals, some thought Zach George (Watonga, Oklahoma, USA, 6-1/3, 136, 5'6", 19, Scott Mincey) had a questionable win for his title against Robert Elledge of California. Elledge opted to fight on a local card in California on the night before the 2003 IKF North American Tournament (Before this was made into the big IKF tournament). This was sad for George who had planned to fight Elledge there but even more sad for Elledge because the fighter he was scheduled to fight in California no showed leaving Elledge without a fight.

Probably a good for Elledge because a very different Zach George showed up in South Carolina at IKF Promoter Ray Thompson's hosted, 2003 IKF North American Tournament. George looked like his winning multi time World Champion trainer Scott Mincey as he picked apart first time fighter Chad Morgan of Providence, North Carolina, USA trained by Ronnie Copeland on his way to winning the 2003 IKF North American title by TKO at 1:29 of round 1, by 3 knockdown rule. After one devastating loss in MMA Elledge pretty much dropped out of fighting while George moved forward with a great Professional MMA Career.

Also added from the same event was the 2003 IKF North American title bout between Bill Jadine of Mondovi, Wisconsin, USA (11-3/1, 194, 6'3", 25, Michael Lind) and Adrian Turpin of Anderson, South Carolina, USA (10-8/1, 184, 6', 35, Ben Turpin) for the Cruiserweight title. This bout went the distance.

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UFC Buys Pride
For Less Than $70M

Associated Press

NEW YORK: The majority owners of Ultimate Fighting Championship have agreed to buy their biggest mixed martial arts rival, Pride Fighting Championships, in a deal that will establish megafights among the outfits' titleholders and possibly attract huge pay-per-view audiences.

"This is really going to change the face of MMA. Literally creating a sport that could be as big around the world as soccer. I liken it somewhat to when the NFC and AFC came together to create the NFL.", Lorenzo Fertitta, one of UFC's majority owners

Company executives declined to comment on the sales price, but a person familiar with the negotiations told The Associated Press that brothers Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta will purchase the Japan-based Pride for less than $70 million. The person was not authorized to speak to reporters and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The deal was completed Tuesday and was announced during a news conference in Tokyo, where Lorenzo Fertitta has been negotiating with Nobuyuki Sakakibara, the majority owner and chief executive of Dream Stage Entertainment Inc., Pride's owner. "We have been talking to Pride for probably about 11 months," Lorenzo Fertitta said. "It's been a long, drawn-out process but we finally were able to put the two brands together."

To buy the company, the brothers created a new entity called Pride FC Worldwide Holdings LLC. The newly formed company will take over Pride assets, including its trademarks, video library and valuable roster of fighters, from Dream Stage. The Fertitta brothers, who own Las Vegas-based Zuffa LLC, the parent company of UFC, intend to keep the well-known Pride name and promote fights under that brand. The acquisition marks a new phase in the brothers' quest to dominate the burgeoning world of mixed martial arts since they bought the struggling UFC in 2001.

The deal allows the Fertitta brothers to broker the biggest MMA fights possible in the near future, increasing their influence in this sports entertainment business. "We will be able to literally put on the fights that everyone wants to see," Lorenzo Fertitta said. "It will allow us to put on some of the biggest fights ever." In the past, there has been at least one case in which Pride and UFC couldn't hammer out a deal to put their top fighters in the ring together. With Pride in their pocket, the Fertitta brothers intend to ensure that never happens again. The sale gives Pride more financial backing to expand the business internationally after suffering a recent financial blow.

Major sponsor Fuji Television Network Inc. dropped Pride in June after a tabloid linked Pride to the Japanese mob -- something Sakakibara has denied vigorously. To help bolster Pride, the company staged two PPV fights in Las Vegas. Neither was a financial success. The fights gained exposure for Pride but lost money, making the sale of Pride more likely. "I think it certainly weakened their position," Lorenzo Fertitta said. "One of our goals is to get back on a major platform back here in Japan." Lorenzo Fertitta said he'll be looking to expand Pride internationally.

Buying Pride is the latest in a series of acquisitions that the brothers have made in the last six months. Zuffa snapped up World Extreme Cagefighting and World Fighting Alliance last year. Similar to Pride, buying WFA gave UFC the rights to a popular fighter named Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Jackson will face UFC's most popular fighter, Chuck Liddell, the current light heavyweight champ in Las Vegas, on May 26 on PPV.

Thanks to a surge in popularity, the brothers' investment in UFC and MMA in general has begun to pay off. Last year, UFC cracked $200 million in PPV revenue, putting it on par with World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

UFC stages fights in arenas across the country and airs a clutch of successful television shows on Spike TV. It has also opened an office in London, looking toward establishing itself internationally. The brothers also run Station Casinos Inc. in Las Vegas. Lorenzo Fertitta is president and Frank Fertitta is chairman and chief executive of Station Casinos, a public company that was recently agreed to be purchased by a private equity investor group that includes key members of the Fertitta family.
Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press.


March 24th, 2007 - Ark - La - Tex - Promotions MMA & Kickboxing
March 24th, 2007 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

ISCF Representative Jon Munz
David Cox' Ark - La - Tex - Promotions' hosted ISCF Amateur MMA & IKF Amateur kickboxing at the Down Town Shreveport River Front Pavillion, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA.
Here are the nights results below.

  1. Amateur MMA
    Kregg Jones Vs Lewis Imler
    Imler comes out swinging. Jones takes Imler to the ground. Jones in mount position. Both get caught up underneath the ropes, referee brings them both back up. Jones catches Imler with a straight right hand and knocks Imler to the floor. Jones lets Imler back up. Imler takes Jones to the ground. Imler is in the mount position.
    Round 2, both swinging wild at each other. Imler with a right uppercut to Jones chin. Jones throws a left hook to Imlers jaw. Catches Imler, throws two more left hooks that connect. Referee stops the bout.
    Winner, Kregg Jones by TKO by Referee stoppage at 1:16 into Round 2.

  2. Amateur MMA
    Miles Bray Vs Andrew Myers
    Bray comes out with kicks. Myers trying to establish the jab. Both fighters kneeing each other while standing up. Meyers takes Bray down with a slam to the mat. Myers in the mount position. Both trying to get an Arm Bar. A small cherry forms underneath the left eye of Myers. Both throwing kicks. Both working Knees to the body. Myers has bray in a choke hold. Myers throws a right round kick to Brays head. Bray throws a straight right hand and catches Myers. Both fighters throwing punches in the middle of the ring.
    Round 2 begins, both come out swinging, Bray catches Myers with a straight right hand. Myers trying to go to the ground. Bray throwing a bunch of right hands to the head. Myers takes Bray to the ground. Myers in mount position. Bray reverses the mount position. Bray throwing numerous left and right hands to the head and scores. Referee stops the fight.
    Winner by TKO is Miles Bray at 2:56 into the 2nd round.

  3. Amateur MMA
    Tony Kelly Vs Shane Mason Kelly comes out with knees to the body. Mason takes Kelly down to the ground. Kelly ends up in the mount position. Kelly warned for head butt to the head by referee. Mason working for an arm bar. Kelly rolling to get out of arm bar. Kelly back to mount position. Mason has a triangle hold with the legs. Kelly works out of the hold. Both fighters standing up and starting again. Mason straight right hand to the head of Kelly. Kelly takes Mason to the ground. Both fighters back up on there feet. Mason throwing right and left uppercuts to the chin of Kelly.
    Round 2, Kelly comes running at Mason. Kelly taking Mason to the ground. Kelly in the mount position. Kelly in the side mount moves over to a full mount position. Kelly throwing a lot of left and right punches to the head. Mason can't fight back. Referee stops the bout.
    Winner by TKO, Tony Kelly at 2:10 into the 2nd Round.

  4. IR Kickboxing
    Greg Grace Vs Scott Mutter

    Both fighters come out trying to establish their jabs. Mutter is warned by the referee to not kick in the groan area. Grace throwing kicks to the body and head of Mutter. Mutter has Grace in the corner throwing punches to the body and head. Grace covering up taking the punches to his arms waiting for an opening to punch back. The referee, Rusty Thames stepped in and stops the fight.
    WINNER: Scott Mutter by TKO at :35 seconds of round 1.

  5. Amateur MMA
    Nicholas Jackson, Vs Danny Allen
    Jackson comes out throwing punches to the head of Allen. Allen takes Jackson to the ground. Allen trying to get the rear naked choke hold. Jackson with the reversal trying to get the rear naked choke hold on Allen. Allen gets out of the hold. Both standing swinging wild at each other. Allen takes Jackson down to the ground. Hitting Jackson on he side if his head. Jackson is in the mount position.
    Round 2 begins as both fighters come out swinging. Allen takes Jackson to the ground. Danny Allen gets a rear naked choke hold on Jackson and Jackson taps out
    Winner Danny Allen by submission Rear Naked Choke at 49 seconds into round 2.

  6. Amateur MMA
    Mark Audleman Vs Chris Jones Both fighters come out cautious and throw a few punches. Chris Jones throws a left and right to the head of Audleman. Jones has Audleman in a front choke hold trying to take Jones to the ground. Jones stands straight up and gets a good angle on Audleman with a front choke hold. Audleman is choked out.
    Winner Chris Jones by Referee stoppage at 1:09 into the 1st Round by TKO.

  7. Semi-Main Event
    Amateur MMA

    Wesley Allen Vs Tim Myers
    Both fighters come out swinging hard at each other. Meyers connecting to the head of Allen. Allen has a very big cherry under his right eye from punches to the head by Myers. Myers has Allen in a front choke hold on the ground. Allen has small cut above the right eye. Doctor looks at the right eye of Allen and lets them continue. Myers hits Allen in the right eye with more punches. Blood is spilling everywhere on the mat. End of the 1st round. Doctor looks at the right eye and nose of Allen and instructs the referee to stop the bout from Doctor Advisement. Wesley Allen's nose is broke. Can not continue.
    Tim Myers is the winner by TKO, break of round 1 & 2.

  8. Main Event
    Amateur MMA

    Jacob Hart Vs Rafel Miramontes
    Hart takes Rafel to the ground. Hart in the mount position. Both fighters back up in the middle of the ring. Both fighters swinging at each other. Hart slams Rafel to the mat. Hart punching to the face. Hart takes Rafel to the floor. Both fighters back up on there feet. Knees to the body by Rafel to Hart. Hart catches Rafel with a left and right hook to the jaw. Rafel in trouble, trying to clinch. Hart punching to the head of Rafel. Rafel scores with a right hand to the head of Hart. Slows Hart down a little. A small cut below the right eye of Rafel. Hart throws knees to the body of Rafel.
    Round 2 begins with the Doctor looking at the right eye of Rafel and will let them continue. Rafel coming out throwing hard to the body of Hart. Hart Slams Rafel to the mat hard. Hart in the mount position. Scoring hits on the body. Rafel reverses the mount position. Hart is on his back trying to get an arm bar. Rafel gets out of the arm bar and tries to get an arm bar on Hart. Both fighters working feverishly to get an arm bar on each other. Rafel Taps out from an Arm Bar by Hart while Hart was on his back.
    Winner Jacob Hart by Arm Bar Submission 2:00 into the 2nd round.

For more info please contact Mr. David Cox at (318) 687-3127 or at

FRIDAY, MARCH 23rd, 2007, AT 1:20 PM, PT

"Southern Rage"
March 17th, 2007 - Douglas, Georgia, USA

ISCF Representative Matthew Waller
On March 17th Pro MMA fighter Scott Harper took time out of the cage so that others could spend some time inside. Harper has been fighting on cards from Atlanta Georgia to Orlando Florida and it is clear that while attending these cards he had been taking notes on each event. His first show went very smooth and from the crowd response during the evening, it was clear everyone was quite pleased with the night. From arm popping submissions to a fist slinging war, the evening was a high action paced night that left people asking "When was the next one!?"
The bouts were as follows;

  1. AMATEUR MMA: Will Baggett Vs Jason Barrett
    Barrett comes out and kicks, throws a spinning back fist and gets a takedown landing in side control. Barrett attempts to mount but Baggett rolls out. In the scramble Barrett finds an arm bar that makes Baggett tap.
    Winner Jason Barret by arm bar at 1:56 in 1st round.

  2. AMATEUR MMA: Joel Nettles Vs William Vivar
    Vivar kicks and both fighters enter into a slugfest that had the crowd standing on its tip toes. Nettles gets a takedown and then gets mount where her begins to land punches to the face of Vivar. Vivar leaves an arm out and Nettles takes it for the win.
    Winner Joel Nettles by arm bar at 3:40 in 1st round.

  3. AMATEUR MMA: Chris Patton Vs Lance Evans
    Both fighters size one another up with a few strikes and then they go into a clinch. Evans gets a takedown off the clinch and lands in side control. Patton has his arm around the neck of Evans and rolls landing in the guard of Evans, Evans appears to work for a triangle but transitions into an arm bar.
    Winner Lance Evans by arm bar at 2:15 in 1st round.

  4. AMATEUR MMA: Jeremy Campbell Vs Kurt Cassius Johnson
    Round 1 Campbell opens up with a kick, and Johnson takes him to the ground. Both fighters scramble and Johnson takes Campbell's back , landing several strikes. Campbell scrambles out and lands in the guard of Johnson. Referee Cam McHargue stands the fighters up which everyone found out later was due to a deep eye gouge by Campbell. The fight is restarted with both fighters on their feet. With high action, Johnson taking down Campbell again followed by a reversal by Campbell who gets mount and lands many strikes that made Johnson verbally submit.
    Winner Jeremy Campbell by verbal submission due to strikes at 3:41 in 1st round.

  5. AMATEUR MMA: Sean Dyer Vs *Jay Castro
    Round 1 Dyer kicks Castro and then from the clinch lands several knees. Castro takes Dyer down and gets full mount landing strikes to the face of Dyer, Dyer bumps and gets a reversal but both fighters quickly stand . Once back to their feet, both fighters throw an arsenal of strikes, from punches, to kicks and knees. Castro lands a solid punch to Dyer that drops him to the canvas and Castro chases him down and continues to land strikes until referee Cam McHargue stops the bout.
    Winner Jay Castro by referee stoppage at 2:00 in 1st round.

  6. AMATEUR MMA: Jeremiah Huskins Vs Jason Wells
    Round 1 Huskins runs across the cage and strikes Wells to the face that drops him quick but Wells recovers before he hits the ground. Both fighters stand again and in a high paced fist throwing bout, Wells gets caught on the chin, dropping him down and Huskins follows up with more strikes until referee Cam McHargue stops the bout.
    Winner Jason Wells by referee stoppage at 1:30 in 1st round.

  7. AMATEUR MMA: Kamrin Naville Vs Mark Tyler
    Naville comes out and lands a few strikes, works off the clinch and takes Tyler down. Naville lands a few knees to the ribs of Tyler. Naville tries to mount and Tyler rolls getting back to his feet where Naville followed him. Naville takes down Tyler over and over only to let him back to his feet so he can score another take down. Once clinched against the fence Tyler stomps the feet of Naville just before the bell rings.
    Round 2: Naville comes out stronger than ever landing a few strikes and then slamming Tyler to the ground again. Tyler attempts a heel hook but Naville gets out and stands up again. Tyler follows him to his feet only to be welcomed with another slam which the crowd begins waiting for the next slam so they can cheer louder. Naville not wanting to upset the fans picks Tyler up and sets him on his shoulder only to walk to the center of the cage, points up while still holding Tyler and then slams him again down to the canvas.
    Round 3: Naville comes out again with strikes and but this time Tyler jumps on Navilles back. While standing Tyler sinks both hooks in. Naville works to get out but lands on the canvas where Tyler flattens him out and sinks in a deep rear naked choke that forces Naville to tap.
    Winner Mark Tyler by rear naked choke at 1:23 in 3rd round.

  8. AMATEUR MMA: Nathan Barnes Vs Michael Adams
    Barnes shoots in a takes Adams down but lands in the guard of Adams where he lands a few strikes to Adams ribs. Barnes stands up in Adams guard and attempts a leg lock but Adams takes Barnes back where he lands many strikes to soften up Barnes and then follows up with a rear naked choke.
    Winner Mike Adams by rear naked choke at 3:11 in 1st round.

John Puerta was scheduled to fight Alex Moser on this card. However, Puerta "No Showed" at the weigh-in's with the excuse of "Nobody told me how to get to Douglas (Event Location)." Puerta has been suspended and fined by the ISCF A "Promoters Reimbursement Fee". Mr. Puerta, please contact the ISCF or the Event Promoter to take care of this matter.

For more info please contact Mr. Scott Harper at (912) 389-0753 or at


March 17th, 2007 - Dalton, Georgia, USA

ISCF Representative Cal Cooper
Saturday night, March 17th, Ken Coffey and his Xtreme Event Productions, LLC Promotions team hosted approximately 1,550 fight fans to "XFF IX NW at the Georgia Trade Center, Dalton, Georgia, USA. Here is the "Play by Play" of the nights action below.

  1. AMATEUR MMA: Chad Walker (211) Vs Randy Thompson (208)
    This bout started with a good scramble with Walker getting the takedown. The large crowd was enthusiastic. Walker strikes from the top until he is able to take Randy's back. The position deteriorated into a 'schoolyard' choke which Walker couldn't get beneath Thompson's chin. More scrambling landed Thompson on top in the guard. The crowd liked the reversal and cheered enthusiastically for Thompson's efforts.
    Round Two started with some standup efforts, but both fighters looked tired from adrenal rush. Most of the round went to the ground with Walker in top position trying to stay busy and score points. Thompson stood up at the end of Round 2 looking undamaged.
    Round three saw Walker get his hand caught in the rope connectors and twist it around good and tight. Referee George Allen stopped the bout long enough to free Walker, and Thompson briefly celebrated a wrongly perceived victory. Sadly for him the fight wasn't over and while both guys fought hard to an exhausted finish, Walker would prove victorious by decision.
    Winner: Chad Walker by Unanimous Decision.

  2. AMATEUR MMA: Tracy Steele (224) Vs James Faye (250)
    After a slow start to a takedown, Tracy Steel, a fighter of considerable girth, ended up on top of James Faye and went to work with some effective shoulder smashes to the face. The action got slow on the ground and this fact the crowd did not enjoy. Referee George Allen, after an initial warning, stood the fighters up at the end of the first round.
    In round two Faye was able to reverse a defensive ground position and eventually pound out a non-defending Steele as the referee stopped the bout in round two.
    Winner: James Faye by Referee Stoppage Due to Strikes.

  3. AMATEUR MMA: Eric Runci (155) Vs John Cofer (153)
    This was the first really competitive bout of the evening and it went quick. Both fighters came out in great condition and fought intensely for the duration. Cofer had great defense and looked good on his feet. He had good ring work. The fight stayed on its feet almost exclusively with a lot of ring movement. Runci managed to bulldog Cofer into the neutral corner twice. On the second occasion he was able to score with punches and get a referee stoppage over the shaken Cofer. The fight was short, competitive and intense.
    Winner: John Cofer by Referee Stoppage Due to Strikes.

  4. AMATEUR MMA: *Jason Gates (181) Vs Jack Kisner Jr. (181) Jack Kisner entered to loud applause from his X3 supporters, many of whom were in attendance. The fight went to the ground rather quickly with Gates in Kisner's guard. Kisner seemed comfortable on the ground, and with vocal and opinionated support from the crowd he scored a triangle toward the middle of round one.
    Winner: Jack Kisner by Triangle Choke.

  5. AMATEUR MMA: Anthony Holder (259) Vs *Mark Hughes (250) This bout was notable both due to the action in the ring and beneath it. Holder is an aggressive kid with a Tank Abbott physique who knows how to scrap. His opponent was the latest in a long line of jacked up and well-trained Knuckle Up fighters, Mark Hughes (no, this is not Matt Hughes' twin, a fighter of the same name). The bout was aggressive and from the start. The action was up and down with plenty of head hunting. Mark got a cut on his temple early on, possibly from an unintended head butt. The real excitement took place when the venerable boxing ring's tensions chains underneath popped a pin with a loud metallic 'ping!' as the heavy fighters hit the ropes. Remarkably, as Referee Andy Foster pointed out, Holder helped Hughes not fall out of the ring as he started to topple over backwards through the now-slack ropes. Such is the sportsmanship of competitive MMA fighters. One of the four ring corner posts tilted in and the ring floor sagged. XFF's crew went to work and in about 20 minutes the ring was repaired and reinforced, and the fight continued right where it left off. After trading some more strikes, Hughes decided to take the situation in a different direction, pulling Holder into his guard and finishing him with a Guillotine Choke.
    Winner: Mark Hughes by Guillotine Choke.

  6. AMATEUR MMA: Casey Pintar (170) Vs Demetrice Turner (169)
    In a very short fight Knuckle Up's Casey Pintar came out strong and ran over Demetrice Turner, a ripped up, tough looking fighter. Pintar is an up-and-comer to watch out for.
    Winner: Casey Pintar by Rear Naked Choke.

  7. AMATEUR MMA: *Walt Davis 181) Vs Eric Heegaard (185)
    Heegaard is a Trammell Fitness fighter. Davis is from the local United Karate school. He had a tremendous following present. Round one was a busy fight on the ground after Davis finally got a takedown to the guard. Both fighter were fresh looking for round two and Heegaard scored some painful looking knees to the body and legs. Back on the ground, Heegaard pulled Davis into a tight choke in his guard, but Davis worked out of it. The United Karate fighter was finally able to get the tired HeeGaard's back for a Rear Naked Choke.
    Winner: Walt Davis by Rear Naked Choke.

  8. AMATEUR MMA: Rickie Natividad (163) Vs Clint Swartzlander (158)
    This bout was the closest decision of the night. Round one saw some nice kicks by both fighters early. The action soon hit the ground where Navidad tried a rear Naked Choke and a Guillotine, both of which Swartzlander escaped. Navidad set up a nice combination of high-kick to body shot, which dropped Swartzlander, to Guillotine. The round ended.
    The second round began with about 30 seconds of standup action with neither fighter dominating. Finally, Navidad jumped up and put Swartzlander in a Guillotine. Swartzlander held him up for several long moments and finally, unable to escape the Guillotine, slammed Navidad to the mat. Navidad kept the Guilotine, which was sunk in under the neck, but the tough Swartzlander still managed to escape and score more striking damage later in the round.
    In the third round ground fighting played a larger role. Swartzlander scored big with some punches to the face after he successfully pinned Navidad's arm across his body.
    Winner: Clint Swartzlander by Split Decision.

  9. AMATEUR MMA: Jaral Bowman (143) Vs Garrett Kemble (140)
    These two fighters were in very good physical condition. Garrett is a stocky, short limbed powerful fighter and Bowman is somewhat lankier. In round one this bout was very competitive, but Bowman soon discovered that through leverage, and perhaps ability he had some wrestling advantage. Bowman did execute a crowd-pleasing standing guillotine in round two. The fight got boring from there, with Garrett almost entirely trapped beneath Bowman, but never in danger of any real submission. To their credits, both fighter were in shape and never stopped fighting. Bowman did score some vicious knees to Kembel's hip at the end of round two, but otherwise it was an ugly win for Bowman.
    Winner: Jaral Bowman by Unanimous Decision.

  10. PRO MMA: Braden Bice (241) Vs Fabio Costa (223)
    This bout ended quickly in a surprising fashion as the heavily favored Costa's back went out when Bice landed on him in a takedown urging him to tap before Bice could pursue the attack. Regardless, Braden gets the win and doesn't break a sweat. We wish Casta a speedy recovery to a painful injury.
    Winner: Braden Bice by Tapout.

  11. PRO MMA: James Thorpe (314) Vs Mike Walbright (260)
    In their second meeting Thorpe made quick work of Mike "Lonewolf" Walbright once again with a clinch, a takedown, and a submission. Their first meeting was last September in Atlanta where Thorpe disposed of Walbright by Submission at the 3:16 mark of round 1.
    Winner: James Thorpe by Tapout.

For more info please contact Mr. Ken Coffey (404) 310-4060 or or go to


"St Patty's Day Bash"
March 17th, 2007 - Springfield, Missouri, USA

ISCF Representative Chuck Wolfe
With real Irish flavor the battle for the pride was on in a "neighborhood brawl" tonight at the Oasis Inn Convention Center in Springfield Missouri at the ST PATTY'S DAY BASH! CAGE OF HONOR continues to have World-Class shows ~ tonight's fighters were endowed with power as they faced each other in the cage... reminiscent of the Green Machine ~ real power, raw power, ready to rumble! And, rumble they did! It was a St Pat's day to remember, thanks to these skilled warriors!

  1. Heavyweight
    Jason Cowman Vs James Lucas
    The evening's action begins with the big boys exchanging hard rights. Cowman lands a leg kick, and Lucas answers with a hard right. Cowman slams Lucas against the cage as the fighters both work punches from the inside, then exchanging hard knees to the body. Cowman lands another knee to the leg, as both fighters look for leverage. Cowman goes for the double leg takedown, but misses as Lucas slides in to a side choke and starts to squeeze, forcing Referee Johnson to move in close. Cowman gets the takedown, Lucas releases his choke, and Cowman gets the mount looking for room to ground and pound, landing a solid right hammerfist to Lucas, as the round ends.
    Round two starts with Lucas landing two solid leg kicks as the fighters grapple up in the center of the cage and exchange blows. Lucas lands a knee, right hand to the body, answered by Cowman's knee to the body. Cowman reaches down for the single leg and the crowd erupts as Cowman gives Lucas his back and Lucas cinches in a tight rear naked choke and begins to squeeze forcing Cowman to submit. Great action by the heavyweights tonight!
    WINNER: LUCAS by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:44 of Round Two.

  2. Bantamweight
    Travis Thompson Vs JC Morris The fans are already loud as this bout begins ~ clearly anticipating a good match! Thompson lands a leg kick and Morris answers with some solid right hands. Thompson gets a slamming takedown, moving from a side to full mount swiftly. Thompson looks for position to ground and pound. Thompson moves to the side mount and cinches in a side choke, then moves back to the top. Morris gives Thompson his back and Thompson secures a rear naked, but Morris manages to slip free. Thompson continues to try to sink in the rear naked, but Morris continues to evade. Thompson changes strategy and goes in for the ground and pound forcing Referee Johnson to stop this bout!
    WINNER: THOMPSON by TKO (Strikes) at 1:34 of Round One.

  3. Welterweight
    *Jason Hensley Vs Chad Coleman
    Hensley lands a jab, knee, right hand, double left hook combination! Coleman moves in for the double leg as the fighters grapple up, Coleman lands a series of blows in response. Hensley backs Coleman into the cage, but Coleman quickly reverses and lands some knees and strikes. Hensley gets a single leg takedown, but Coleman quickly gets back up and staggers Hensley with a leg kick right hand combination as the fighters grapple up again, with Coleman throwing more blows and getting a quick takedown, working into a full mount for some ground and pound! Coleman's riding a little high and almost tumbles, but it doesn't stop him from throwing some effective ground and pound to end the round.
    Round two begins with Hensley jumping in with a flying knee, but Coleman is right there with his right hand, followed by a couple of knees that connect to Hensley's head. Coleman gives Hensley his back and Hensley goes after the rear naked, but Coleman slips out. Coleman gets to the mount landing rights and lefts. The crowd is enthusiastically enjoying the action as these fighters rumble ending round two.
    Round three starts with Hensley landing a couple of hard leg kicks and a left hook, but Coleman is there to answer with a hard right, followed by a slamming takedown on Hensley, then Coleman goes in for some ground and pound thunder forcing the Referee to stop this bout!
    WINNER: COLEMAN by TKO (Strikes) at :29 of Round Three.

  4. Lightweight
    Nathan Kuhnle Vs Jonathan Wood
    The crowd is clearly behind these fighters as the action begins. Kuhnle lands a right hand, grappling up, attempting a sweeping takedown but misses. The fighters exchange knees to the body several times. Kuhnle goes in for a guillotine, cranking hard, but Wood escapes as the fighters go to the ground. Wood is on top, Kuhnle is on the bottom, as Wood looks for room to ground and pound, stacking Kuhnle up, but can't get room for strikes as Kuhnle does a quick reversal, slides into a full mount and rains down some solid ground and pound forcing Woods to submit.
    WINNER: KUHNLE by TAP OUT (Strikes) at 1:46 of Round One.

  5. Welterweight
    Michael Robinson Vs Nathan Stamburski
    The fighters exchange hard rights as Robinson gets a single leg takedown, moving into a side mount, jamming Stamburski against the cage. Stamburski gets up and slams Robinson to the ground, moving into a full mount. Robinson gets a quick reversal and Stamburski goes to full guard, but Robinson gets to the full mount and begins landing hard rights with some effective ground and pound forcing the Referee to stop this war!
    WINNER: ROBINSON by Referee Stoppage TKO (Strikes) at 2:53 of Round One.

  6. Middleweight
    Roger RichardsonVs Zach Lenon
    The fighters exchange solid left hooks to start this bout. Richardson lands a leg kick, right hand combination as the fighters grapple up. Richardson body slams Lenon to the mat. Richardson then throws some powerful righthands for a KO of Lenon. Quick, solid action!
    WINNER: RICHARDSON by KO (Strikes) at :42 of Round One.

  7. Middleweight
    Caleb Scott Vs Brandon Gaines
    Scott's leg kicks connect to start this war. Scott moves in for a double leg takedown, slamming Gaines to the mat. Scott moves on top and lands some rights. Gaines attempts a guillotine but Scott slips out. Gaines goes for an armbar, but misses. Scott gets in an ankle lock, followed by a quick reversal by Gaines, moving to a full mount. Scott then reverses and takes the top position. Gaines tries to work his legs into a triangle trying to secure an armbar as this round ends.
    Gaines gets a quick takedown to start round two, but Scott positions himself on top. The fighters reverse their positions as Gaines goes for the mount, hooking in a side choke, but Scott escapes and stands up. The fighters return to the mat and Gaines again gets the full mount, Scott pulls in tight to defend. As they stand, Gaines throws a leg kick and Scott takes him back to the mat. Gaines attempts a guillotine as the round ends.
    Round three starts with a takedown by Scott and Gaines responds with an attempted guillotine as he reverses and takes the top position looking to ground and pound. Gaines goes for the armbar, but needs a little more room. Gaines again goes after the armbar forcing Scott to submit! Excellent grappling action!
    WINNER: GAINES by TAP OUT (Arm Bar) at 1:11 of Round Three.

  8. Welterweight
    Jesus Castro Vs Sean McGlensy
    McGleansey starts the action with an overhand right and Castro moves right in to an attempted guillotine as they go to the mat. McGleansey is on top as he escapes the guillotine and Castro goes to full guard. The action stalls and Referee Johnson stands the fighters back up and McGleansey throws a leg kick, right hand and an attempted takedown, giving Castro his back as Castro attempts a rear naked and McGleansey escapes. McGleansey gets a body slam, then looks for room to ground and pound, attempting a rear naked, but Castro again slips to end the round.
    Round two starts with a front kick and leg kick by McGleansey answered by Castro's overhand right. Castro gets the takedown, taking the top position to do some ground and pound. Castro does a quick attempt at a rear naked but is quickly reversed by McGleansey taking the top position. Castro pulls his guard tight. McGleansey has opportunity and room for ground and pound but Castro has a strong defense. Castro cinches in a tight guillotine forcing McGleansey to submit.
    WINNER: CASTRO by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at 2:30 of Round Two.

  9. Heavyweight
    Brandon Thomure Vs Bill Dieckhoff
    Dieckhoff starts this war attempting to grapple up. Thomure lands a knee to the body, as they grapple up in the middle of the cage and exchange knees. Dieckhoff lands a right, and a knee, followed by a takedown that's quickly reversed by Thomure. Dieckhoff reverses him and takes the top position for some ground and pound. Thomure takes a side mount as the fighters keep this action on the ground, moving to the full mount. Dieckhoff again reverses, stacks him up and lands a forearm, as both fighters look to secure an ankle lock to end the first round.
    Round two has a takedown by Dieckhoff as he quickly moves to a full mount. Slipping to the side Dieckhoff attempts a kamori, going back to the full mount and doing some effective ground and pound. Dieckhoff then goes for an armbar, attempting to lock it in tight, but Thomure refuses to submit! The crowd is yelling loudly as the fighters continue to grapple. Excellent mat work to end this round.
    The fighters continue to give it their all as they start round three with Thomure throwing a leg kick and Dieckhoff getting a single leg takedown. Dieckhoff gives his Thomure his head as Thomure cinches in a quick, tight guillotine forcing Dieckhoff to submit!
    WINNER: THOMURE by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at :32 of Round Three.

  10. Super Heavyweight
    *Chris Drezinski Vs William (Bill) Burton
    600+ pounds of fury enter the ring as these warriors get ready to battle! The crowd is promised some heavy hitting knock out power with these fighters! Drezinski lands the first solid right as Burton locks up with him squeezing tight. Drezinski lands a hard knee, but Burton pushes him away back up against the cage, landing a quick right hand followed by a left jab. Drezinski lands a leg kick answered by Burton's right bomb. Drezinski attempts a right hand then connects with a powerhouse ending this war!
    WINNER: DREZINSKI by KO (Strikes) at :49 of Round One.

For more info please contact Mr. Brandon Schwin (417) 724-2747 or by e-mail by clicking or go to

THURSDAY, MARCH 22nd, 2007, AT 8:30 PM, PT


NorthStar Productions Presents
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA


Breaking Point Productions Presents
Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA


Ark - La - Tex - Promotions Presents
ISCF Amateur MMA & IKF Amateur Kickboxing
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA


Donald "The Python" Mayeaux Presents
Python's Punisher's 2 - Team Warrior vs The World
Prairieville, Louisiana, USA

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21st, 2007, AT 7:45 PM, PT

March 2nd, 2007 - Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

Whiskey Tango, Grain Valley, MO, ISCF Representative Chuck Wolfe
Once again facing a full house of hard core fight fans, these warriors took up the gauntlet and scored big! Hand to hand combat has really become fine-tuned in the CLASH events! Fighters were featured from some established training gyms such as the House of Pain, The Ultimate Fighting System and Ultimate Fitness. The fans are always the biggest winners ~ especially those who have experienced a full "dozen" of these exciting cards. The nights Main event was the first ever, ISCF Amateur World Title. no need to make you wait, so lets go right to the Main Event!

Eric Marriott------ Vs ------*Joe Wilks
9-3-1 --------------------------------6-1

Wilks attempts a leg kick, but Marriott steps cleanly out of the way. Wilks misses two more, as Marriott uses his footwork to move out of the path. Wilks lands a leg kick, followed by a solid high kick and Marriott responds with a couple of rights ~ the crowd reacting to both fighters connections! The fighters grapple up as Wilks moves Marriott against the cage landing a right kick to Marriott's face. Marriott gets his underhooks in working for position to land a knee. Wilks gets a double leg takedown, taking the top position. Wilks works for position, but Marriott rolls out. Wilks again attempts to gain position for a rear naked, but pulls out, then moves into position for the guillotine, cinching tight, forcing Marriott to submit!
WINNER: WILKS by REFEREE STOPPAGE (Guillotine) at 1:55 of Round One.
(*) ISCF Officials have spoken to the Colorado Athletic Commission and have confirmed with them that the 1 pro fight listed in 2002 on the fcfighter database was indeed an Amateur Bout. Also Mr. Wilks' actual record is 6-1, not 4-1 as noted on the fcfighter database.

Here are the rest of the nights results below.

    Mark Winfrey VS Calob Barnett
    Barnett starts this war with a couple of swift jabs, followed by a solid right that connects! The fighters grapple up quickly. Winfrey lands an uppercut, but Barnett responds with an uppercut of his own, then proceeds to jam Winfrey up against the cage. Winfrey throws a knee to Barnett's body. Barnett pursues a single leg takedown, but pulls out when he seizes the opportunity to land a knee to Winfrey's body. The crowd erupts as Barnett throws a few fast rights, followed by a hard right, connecting to the crowds applause. Winfrey quickly answers with a right hand, and Barnett connects with a a couple of fast knees to Winfrey's face. Winfrey turns his back to Barnett and the crowd cheers as Barnett slams Winfrey to the mat and moves into a full mount making room for some effective ground and pound. Referee Rob Kimmons watches closely as Barnett continues to strike, ultimately forcing Winfrey to submit! What a great way to start this fight card!
    WINNER: BARNETT by TAP OUT (Strikes) at 1:44 of Round One.

    Tim Horner VS Tom Clark
    The next bout has some fast action by the heavyweights. Clark comes out landing a solid front kick and Horner answers with a front kick. Clark lands a leg kick and goes for a single leg takedown. Horner goes down but springs right back up. Clark moves in for an attempted guillotine with Horner slamming Clark against the cage, but Clark refuses to release the guillotine. Changing strategy, Clark releases and slams some hard rights to Hornors body. Living up to his ringname, the Pitbull, Clark is aggressive as he takes the top and cinches in a tight guillotine, forcing Horner to submit!
    WINNER: CLARK by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at 1:05 of Round One.

    James Hollon VS Roger Partridge
    The third bout moves swiftly as Partridge lands a left hook, right hand combination, dropping Hollon to one knee. As Hollon gets back up Partridge knocks him down again with a hard right. Partridge takes the top on the mat as Hollon makes a grave error in judgement giving Partridge his back. Partridge seizes the opportunity to get his hooks in and slams some blows then cinches in a Rear Naked Choke forcing Hollon to submit! All this action in less than one minute! Good fight!
    WINNER: PARTRIDGE by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at :55 of Round One.

    Owen Evinger VS Steven Cox
    This fight starts fast as Evinger comes out landing a couple of right hands followed by some knee strikes and a left hook. As the fighters separate Cox slams hard left hooks that causes the crowd to erupt as Evinger drops. But, Evinger isn't phased as he does a quick double leg working for some ground and pound. Cox quickly gets back up and Evinger slams him against the cage landing a knee to the head. Cox answers with a right hook to Evinger's head. The fighters go to standup and Cox lands a couple of blows as Evinger goes in for an attempted takedown; Cox gives him a solid knee for his trouble. Cox throws more knees that back Evinger up but he remains composed as both fighters throw wild rights that miss. Cox takes advantage of the miss by landing a blow and slamming Evinger against the cage. Cox lands another knee, but Evinger answers with a slamming takedown, working to get past Cox' guard. Evinger slams Cox against the cage landing a couple of rights, but Cox is defending well. The fighters return to a standup and exchange knees trying to find leverage for that "large shot". Evinger lands a left hook as he slams Cox against the cage, then the fighters exchange knees as these warriors hook it up giving it their all. The round ends with a knee exchange! As the round ends, Cox lands a knee to the liver then an unintentional knee to the face.
    Round two finds the fighters both looking for position to throw the knockout blow as they continue to exchange knees and strlkes. Evinger gets the first takedown of this round, looking for an advantage to get to a mount, but Cox holds him in tight refusing room for ground and pound. The action dies out for the first time in this fight as Referee Rob Kimmons is forced to stand the fighters back up. The fighters pick up the pace as they exchange mirrored right hands, left hooks! Cox slams Evinger against the fence landing some knees to the body. The crowd is so loud as these fighters rumble. Evinger does a sweeping takedown, putting Cox on the mat, moving to the full mount. Evinger does some ground and pound, but Cox bridges out and gets a reversal! Evinger pulls in a tight guard, but Cox manages to land a couple of blows, stacking Evinger up, but Evinger is attempting to gain position for a triangle as the round ends!
    These warriors are giving it their all as round three begins. Cox attempts to shoot, but Evinger spins him around and slams him into the cage. Cox isn't phased ~ he throws a knee, left hook and right hand in response. The fighters separate for a moment, then Evinger lands a short right as they clinch right back up. Evinger does a short sweeping takedown, taking the side mount. Cox is defending well against the attempted ground and pound. Evinger takes the full mount, as Cox tries to reverse giving Evinger his back. Evinger attempts to take advantage by trying to secure a rear naked, but Cox continues to defend well. Evinger maintains the superior position, but Cox has a solid defense. This superb action forces the Referee to go to the judges scorecard!
    WINNER: COX by MAJORITY DECISION, 29-28, 29-28, 27-30.

    Marcus Mack VS Julius Salas
    Mack starts this action with a solid jab! Salas is successful with a double leg takedown, taking the top position. Mack locks Salas up giving him no room. Mack reverses, taking the side mount, moving Salas against the cage. Mack goes after the Kamori, but Salas slips it, giving Mack his back. Mack takes full advantage, gaining the top position, looking for room to ground and pound or maneuver into a cinch. Mack spins Salas around, moving to a side mount, going after the arm, then successfully cinching in the Kamori forcing Salas to submit! Nice job!
    WINNER: MACK by TAP OUT (Kamori) at 2:48 of Round One.

    Ryan Pederson VS Danny TIMS (Listed as Timmons)
    Tims comes out landing a right hand to the body. The fighters go to the mat as Tims gains the full mount, looking for room to ground and pound. Pederson escapes and stands. The fighters exchange blows and Pederson gets the takedown. Tims is the aggressor as he lands a few blows from the full mount. Pederson bridges and pulls in tight, defending well. The fighters stand and Tims is looking for a guillotine as the bell ends the round.
    Tims starts round two throwing a missed front kick, with Pederson answering with a right hand. The fighters grapple up and go to the mat. Tims again gets the riding time, throwing some ground and pound, then he changes strategy and goes for the Kamori. Pederson slips, reverses, and Tims reverses and works for the side mount. As the round ends, Tims is riding high landing some effective ground and pound, but Pederson is managing to keep his defense up. The fighters have maintained a solid pace throughout.
    Round three finds Pederson throwing the first kick, with Tims answering. Tims immediately takes Pederson down and finds the full mount. Pederson continues to defend well, but Tims is relentless with his pursuit. The bout ends going to the judge's scorecards for the outcome.
    WINNER: TIMS by UNANIMOUS DECISION, 30-27 on all 3 judges score cards.

    Jack Thomas VS Adam Stickley
    Stickley lands a hard right, and Thomas responds with a hard right. Stickley lands a knee, Thomas goes to the ground and stands right back up. Thomas attempts a double leg, but Stickley defends well. As the fighters go to the mat, Stickley gets the full mount, landing some ground and pound. Thomas tries locking Stickley up with some underhooks, but Stickley jams Thomas against the cage, landing some rights and lefts straight down the middle of Thomas' guard. Thomas attempts a reverse, but gives Stickley his back. Stickley seizes the moment and tightens on a rear naked choke, forcing Thomas to submit! Quick action!
    WINNER: STICKLEY by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:44 of Round One.

    Nathaniel Bernal VS Brian Kaeding
    This fight starts fast as Kaeding tries a left jab, answered by a couple of Bernal's left hands over the top. Bernal throws a leg kick, hard right hand combo, forcing the fight against the cage. These fighters grapple up as Kaeding lands a knee to Bernal's face, but Bernal just answers with a left cross, left leg round kick, followed by a couple of more solid lefts. Kaeding lands a kick to Bernal's body as the fighters grapple up. Kaeding lands a knee to the face, Bernal answers with a knee to the body, slamming Kaeding into the fence, landing more knees. Kaeding gets the underhooks in trying to defend Bernal's attack. As the fighters break apart they exchange blows. Then Bernal turns up the heat, landing some rights and lefts that stagger Kaeding and the crowd goes wild! The fighters grapple up and Bernal keeps the pressure on landing knees and Kaeding has the presence of mind to land a knee of his own, looking for a double leg, but finds no room. He's answered by a hard striking combination by Bernal that finds Kaeding on the mat again. Caught up in the action, Bernal lands a kick while Kaeding is still on the mat. Realizing Kaeding cannot continue, Referee Rob Kimmons steps in to enforce the rules - you cannot kick a fighter in the head while on the ground. The crowd, and we're sure the fighters, are upset by this unfortunate stop in action. Excellent show of technique prior to the foul.

    Courtney Martell VS Brandy Partridge
    The ladies take the cage and come out grappling up. Martell lands some lefts as Partridge is moved up against the cage. Patridge uses her footwork to move away from the cage and lands a right knee to Martell's body. Martell answers with a takedown as Partridge moves into a full guard. Martell goes after some ground and pound, landing some solid left hooks followed by a strong right, and some knees. The fighters manage to stand back up and Martell attempts a guillotine. Martell draws a Referee warning for a low knee. Martell gets her focus back and lands a double leg takedown, and goes for some solid ground and pound, but Partridge escapes. Martell attempts another guillotine, and the fighters again stand. Martell continues her pursuit, landing some knees to Partridge's face, but Partridge connects with a right hand of her own! Martell gets another takedown and gets the full mount looking for some ground and pound. Partridge defends well and survives the round. Excellent action - the crowd is loud!
    Round two starts with a strong right leg round kick by Partridge, answered with a beautiful right hand by Martell that wows the crowd, taking Partridge to the mat! Martell takes the top going in for some solid ground and pound, and Partridge, unable to defend, submits!
    *WINNER: MARTELL by TAP OUT (Strikes) at :41 of Round Two.

    Jeff Nickerson VS Chad Vandenberg
    Taking the lead, Vandenberg throws a high round that Nickerson blocks. Vandenberg misses with a right and Nickerson closes in a grapples up, getting a takedown, dropping Vandenberg on his face. But, Vandenberg gets the top position, Nickerson pulls guard, and Vandenberg goes for the ground and pound. Nickerson shows good defense, but Vandenberg finds the room to stack Nickerson up, landing some lefts and rights. Nickerson pulls back in tight, as Vandenberg continues his pursuit past the guard. Vandenberg ends round one with some dominant riding time.
    Round two starts with a round kick to Vandenberg, but Vandenberg moves right in for the takedown, and goes back to the same position he held most of round one - Vandenberg on top, Nickerson on bottom. With Nickerson against the cage, Vandenberg throws some ground and pound. Nickerson tries to bridge out, but Vandenberg continues his attempted attack, but he's a bit too high in the mount and Nickerson continues to defend. Vandenberg adjusts the mount and Nickerson attempts to turn out, giving Vandenberg his back and an opportunity to cinch in a rear naked choke. Vandenberg takes total advantage of the situation, locking in tight, and forcing Nickerson to submit!
    WINNER: VANDENBERG by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:58 of Round Two.

    Mike Showman VS Tyler Steffen
    Showman connects with a round kick to Steffens body to start this action. Steffen is wise to the next kick coming, as he catches it. Steffen takes advantage as he stacks up Showman and lifts him up and slams him to the mat! Steffen then repeats this action - stack, lift and slam! The crowd is loud! Steffen throws some rights over the top, past Showman's guard. Showman attempts an escape, but Steffen is relentless and won't give up any room. Showman isn't out yet as he does a smooth sweeping reversal that finds both fighters back on their feet. Showman lands a knee to the body and gets a takedown! Showman gets a reversal, trying for a rear naked, but Steffen quickly escapes and slams Showman to the mat. Steffen throws some effective ground and pound, forcing Showman to submit!
    WINNER: STEFFEN by TAP OUT (Strikes) at 1:41 of Round One.

    Joshua Freeman VS Alex Partin
    At the bell, Partin attempts a right hand as the fighters grapple up. Freeman lands some body strikes as the fighters roll aground up against the cage. Freeman attempts a guillotine, then releases as Partin moves to the top position in a half guard. Both fighters stand as Partin lands a right, Freeman misses with a right. The fighters grapple and Freeman gets a double leg slamming takedown and takes the top position attempting some ground and pound, getting past Partin's guard. Freeman spreads Partin out, but Partin defends well keeping Freeman close. Freeman ends round one on top! Spirited first round.
    Round two starts with Freeman's leg kick and a right hand exchange! Freeman gets a takedown, body slamming Partin to the mat. Freeman looks for ground and pound room, going from the body to the head. From the side mount, Freeman lands some knees to Partin's body but Partin gets a quick reversal, attempting to move to the full mount. Freeman looks for a knee bar, but Partin slips in an armbar, cinching tight, forcing Freeman to submit! Excellent exchange by these warriors!
    WINNER: PARTIN by TAP OUT (Arm Bar) at 1:29 of Round Two.

    Sheppard Owens VS Derek Bohi
    Shepard Owens brings to the cage a solid amateur ranking as #1, so the crowd is sure to be entertained with this action! His opponent is ready to rumble as these big warriors take the cage! Owens starts the action with a hard front kick, left hand. Bohl counters with a missed right hand, throwing another that Owens slips effectively. Bohl throws a couple of hard leg kicks, and Owens counters with a solid left, slamming Bohl hard to the mat. Bohl attempts an escape, giving Owens his back. Owens takes advantage connecting with some rights and lefts. Bohl gets back to his feet and throws a left, but Owens responds with a sweeping takedown. The crowd erupts as Owens takes the full mount zeroing in with some solid ground and pound! Owens goes for the Kamori, Bohl attempts to defend, but Owens is relentless, cinching in tight and forcing Bohl to submit! Owens shows the crowd why he is ranked #1!!!
    WINNER: OWENS by TAP OUT (Kamori) at 1:53 of Round One.

For more info please contact Mr. Phil Jones At (816) 651-5087 or at or go to


"Midwest Fight Fest "
March 3rd, 2007 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Chuck Wolfe, ISCF Representative
Mixed Martial Arts again takes the stage as premier entertainment in the Greater Kansas City area! More than just "on the map", Shamrock/Blue Corner have become an established venue for great MMA shows, and tonight was no exception! With high caliber fighters coming out of excellent training facilities such as, Finny's Kickboxing & MMA, Krav Maga, Brad Jone's Garage, Crawford's MMA and The Caveman Crew to name a few that provided great coaching, and a truly professional teams.

Kansas City was again treated to an awesome night of fight action. Shamrock/Blue Corner know what the fans want as they provide entertainment for several styles of fighting, from traditional Kickboxing to MMA which highlights kicking, boxing, and grappling! The crowd was huge for this show - and they were not disappointed with tonights action.

  1. IKF Amateur Kickboxing - EXHIBITION: Paul Witworth vs Chad Griffith

  2. IKF Amateur Kickboxing - EXHIBITION: Adam Cella vs Jarrod Forbes

    Steve Ward, Vs John Horsch
    Horsch comes out attempting a leg kick; Ward answers with a left leg and connecting left hand. Horsch moves in for the takedown, looking for room for some ground and pound. Ward defends well. Ward tries for a triangle but Horsch slips. Horsch throws a wild spin back fist which is answered by Ward's solid left. The fighters exchange leg kicks. The Referee stops time when Ward gets inadvertently poked in the eye, stopping time momentarily. When time resumes Ward lands a couple of quick rights followed by an attempted guillotine. These fighters mix it up as Horsch responds to Ward's attempted leg lock by escaping and taking the top position finding some room for ground and pound. The crowd is loud as Horsch lands a few more rights as Ward answers with an attempted arm bar but Horsch makes him miss and makes him pay with a solid blow to the body followed by more effective blows. Ward pulls him in tight trying to minimize room for ground and pound. Horsch is still looking for that ground and pound. Referee Kimmons stands the fighters up as Horsch misses with a spin backfist and Ward misses with a right hand as round one comes to an end.
    Round two starts with Ward's attack ~ a round kick to the body followed by a left hand up top, spin back fist, a couple of quick right hands that find Horsch in trouble on the mat. Ward goes in for some ground and pound, but Horsch is feeling the sting from the previous attack forcing him to submit!
    WINNER: WARD by TKO (Strikes) at :38 of Round Two.

    Joe DeYoung Vs John Duever
    Duever gets the body slam and assumes the top position. Duever body slams again and moves into a rear naked choke when DeYoung gives him his back. Duever with his hooks in assumes the full mount and goes after some ground and pound. DeYoung pulls him in close trying to defend.. Duever throws some solid blows that get the crowd's reaction. DeYoung cannot counter so he tries to roll out, but catches some hard blows from Duever in the process. Duever throws a knee to DeYoungs head and body as the round ends.
    Round two starts with Duever's left leg round kick to DeYoungs body followed by an overhand blow, then several knees to DeYoung's body. DeYoung manages a hip toss and gets the takedown, moving into the top position landing some left hands. DeYoung takes the full mount, then Duever head butts and draws a minus point from Referee Kimmons. The action continues as Deuver throws a right over the top, left leg to the body. The fighters exchange right hands at the end of this round.
    Round three starts with Deuver's hip toss takedown. DeYoung gets right back up and they exchange hard rights. Deuver lands a knee to DeYoung's face as the action is fast and furious. DeYoung gets the takedown and lands some short right hands. The action stalls and Referee Kimmons stands them back up as Duever lands some solid shots. The crowd is chanting "GO GO" as the action continues and Deuver lands some knees to DeYoungs face and DeYoung counters with a knee to Deuver's face. The bell rings and we go to the judges scorecards.
    WINNER: DUEVER by MAJORITY DECISION, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

    *Todd Brown Vs *Justin Donnelly
    Donnelly connects with a straight left and takes Brown to the mat, moving to the top position. Both fighters stand up and Brown gets the takedown and moves to the full mount attempting to secure a choke. Donnelly slips away and Referee Kimmons stands the fighters back up. Donnelly throws two straight lefts that find Brown on his seat. Donnelly goes for some ground and pound, but Brown goes for an attempted armbar as this round comes to an end.
    Round two Donnelly takes Brown down but Brown moves into a full guard, then attempts to choke Donnelly, but gives it up, does a reversal and looks for some ground and pound. Brown takes advantage and cinches in a tight Kamori forcing Donnelly to submit.
    WINNER: BROWN by TAP OUT (Kamori) at 2:02 of Round Two.

    *Devin Feager Vs *Andy Richard
    The fighters exchange blows then Feager gets a body slamming takedown, moving to the top position. Feager moves to the side mount to make some room for ground and pound. Feager attempts to stand up Rickert, but Rickert pulls him back down close. Feager lands some solid rights. Rickert lands a good jab, cross, but Feager responds with a hard body slam takedown as the crowd cheers this round to an end. Round two shows Rickert attempting to throw some blows, but Feager takes him back to the mat and gains a full mount, landing some hard rights. As Rickert attempts to reverse, Feager slips in a tight rear naked choke, forcing Rickert to submit!
    WINNER: FEAGER by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at :28 of Round Two.

    Natu Visinia Vs Matthew Morris
    This fight starts fast and furious as Morris tries to land a kick, but catches a solid left hook, right combination by Visinia. The crowd is wild as Morris lands a left hook, but Visinia is relentless in his pursuit as he lands a left, right bomb forcing Referee Rob Kimmons to stop this bout!
    WINNER: VISINIA by TKO (Strikes) at :24 of Round One.

    Josh Karney Vs RJ Colborn
    Karney starts the action with a body slam takedown, quickly moving to a full mount looking to do some ground and pound. Karney connects with some rights to Colborn's head as he continues to try to get past his guard. Karney gets to a guillotine, but Colborn manages to get to the bell. Karney starts round two with a swift single leg takedown, then finds his way back to a side mount. After grappling a bit, Karney attacks with some solid ground and pound to win this match.
    WINNER: KARNEY by TKO (Strikes) at 1:47 of Round Two.

    *Jason Johns Vs Eric Clark
    Johns attempts a takedown, and the crowd goes crazy as a right hand, knee to the body connects. The crowd reacts as Referee Kimmons takes a point due to strikes to the back of the head by Johns. As the action continues Johns lands a clean uppercut, then moves in to cinch in a tight guillotine, forcing Clark to submit.
    WINNER: JOHNS by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at 1:02 of Round One.

    Garrett Seimer Vs Chris Barrows
    Barrows starts with a takedown, but Seimer quickly moves to the top position. Barrows doesn't hesitate as he moves in to secure a tight armbar forcing Seimer to submit! Quick, fast action!
    WINNER: BARROWS by TAP OUT (Arm Bar ) at :20 of Round One.

    Roger Jackson Vs Brandon Koontz
    Koontz lands a leg kick to the body and Jackson moves in getting a slamming takedown. Jackson goes for the ground and pound as the crowd chants his name. Jackson lands a solid right, moving to the full mount going after more effective ground and pound. Koontz attempts to answer from the down position but is having no effect on Jackson as Jackson continues to rain down rights and lefts to Koontz face. The crowd is cheering loudly as Referee Kimmons steps in to stop this action!
    WINNER: JACKSON by TKO (Strikes) at 2:00 of Round One.

    Lonnie Dodge Vs *Mike Doss
    Doss throws a jump front kick that's answered by Dodge' strike. Dodge hits the mat as Doss' tosses him to the mat, but he jumps right back up. The fighters trade rights, then Doss hits with another hard blow knocking Dodge to the mat again. Referee Kimmons steps in to stop this action!
    WINNER: DOSS by REFEREE STOPPAGE TKO (Strikes) at :39 of Round One

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr. at (913) 568-8009 or e-mail at or go to or to


March 17th, 2007 - Effingham, Illinois, USA

Thelma Keller Convention Center, Effingham, Illinois, USA

Robert Hinds, ISCF Representative

  1. Flyweight Mixed Martial Arts - 145 lbs.
    Brian Sanders VS Edison Martinez
    Edison Martinez (Lorain, OH) defeated Brian Sanders (McLeansboro, IL) via Verbal Submission at :34 of Round 3.

  2. Women's Division Mixed Martial Arts- 125lbs.
    Theresa Carmin VS Mariah Reed
    Theresa Carmin (Aberdeen, WA) defeated Mariah Reed (Springfield, MO) via Guillotine Choke at 2:19 of Round 2.

  3. Flyweight Mixed Martial Arts- 145lbs.
    Chad Lystila VS Josh Carie
    Josh Carie (Effingham, IL) defeated Chad Lystila (Effingham, IL) via Rear Naked Choke at 1:37 of Round 3.

  4. Lightweight Mixed Martial Arts- 155lbs.
    Jacob Falk VS Brady Siebert
    Brady Siebert (Vandalia, IL) defeated Jacob Falk (Altamont, IL) via Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-28.

  5. Lightweight Mixed Martial Arts- 155lbs.
    Douglas Scott VS Bill Bensing
    Bill Bensing (St. Peter's, MO) defeated Douglas Scott (Mentor, OH) via Corner Stoppage at :45 of Round 2.

  6. Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts- 170lbs.
    Jamey Noll VS Adam Knepper
    Adam Knepper (Connellsville, PA) defeated Jamey Noll via KO at :15 of Round 1.

  7. Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts- 185lbs.
    Kyle Martin VS Travis Blain
    Kyle Martin (Dunbar, PA) defeated Travis Blain (Watson, IL) via Verbal Submission at 1:05 of Round 2.

  8. Light Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts- 205lbs.
    Michael Glenn VS Jason Graves
    Michael Glenn (Springfield, MO) defeated Jason Graves (Naperville, IL) via Referee Stop due to Strikes at 2:46 of Round 1.

  9. Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts- 170lbs.
    Cody Dolly VS Josh Cobb
    Josh Cobb (Mt. Carmel, IL) defeated Cody Dolly (Vandalia, IL) via Tap due to Strikes at 1:30 of Round 1.

  10. Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts- 170lbs.
    Eric Huebner VS Anthony (Tony) DeRome
    Tony DeRome (Southgate, MI) defeated Eric Huebner (Bethalto, IL) via Rear Naked Choke at 1:59 of Round 1.

  11. Light Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts- 205lbs.
    Dustin Gent VS Corey King
    Dustin Gent (Effingham, IL) defeated Cory King (Royalton, IL) via KO at 1:38 of Round 1.

  12. Professional Light Heavyweight MMA
    Ron Wilson VS Ronnie Wuest
    Ronnie West (Baltimore, MD) defeated Ron Wilson (Princeton, IL) via Ref Stop to Strikes 3:08 of Round 1.

  13. Professional Heavyweight MMA
    Bobby Favors VS Saul Antunez
    Saul Antunez (Apopka, FL) defeated Bobby Favors (Mentor, OH) via Referee Stop due to Strikes at 4:03 of Round 1.

  14. Professional Heavyweight MMA
    Chris Volo VS Martin Renteria
    Chris Volo (Livingston, NJ) defeated Martin Renteria via Referee Stop due to Strikes at :09 of Round 1.

For more info please contact Mr. Joseph Barnes at (618) 699-4374 or by e-mail at or go to

FRIDAY, MARCH 16th, 2007, AT 2:05 AM, PT

March 10th, 2007 - Waterloo, Iowa, USA

IKF & ISCF Representatives Mike & Teri Storm
Exactly one week after what some say was the largest snowstorm since 1998 went through the Great Plains, the folks in Waterloo, Iowa were ready, rowdy and looking for some action which is exactly what Promoter Russ O'Connell gave them on Saturday, March 10th with KICKFEST 2007 at the 5 Sullivan Brothers Convention Center.

Russ put together an event that combined International Rules Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts that included not one but TWO title fights. The ISCF Amateur Iowa State Lightweight Title and the ISCF Amateur Iowa State Middleweight Title were both up for grabs in the co-main event. Recognition must also be given to Brian Robinson, Jason Miller, Jamie Mether, Shawn Price, Rhonda Harmening, Amanda Malonie and juniors Noah Dinsdale, Marcus Harrison, Jordan Harrigan and Alex Herrara for putting on some fine exhibitions for the capacity crowd. Here are the results of the fights:

  1. International Rules Light Welterweight
    Bobby Kastli, 1-0-0, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Steve Woock, 0-1-0, Des Moines, IA
    Round 1: Kastli had a tremendous height and reach advantage which he used to stalk Woock around the ring. He threw left jabs and right crosses throughout the round while Woock tried to keep him off with kicks to Kastli's legs and body. Toward the end of the round, Kastli waded through Woock's kicks and delivered a left/right combination that bloodied Woock's nose and sent him retreating for the remainder of the round.
    Round 2: This round was nearly a duplicate of the first round. Kastli continued his left/right combinations and added some kicks of his own. Woock continued to throw his kicks in an effort to stall Kastli's attack but was ineffective through most of the round.
    Round 3: Kastli came across the ring at the start of the round and executed a solid kick to Woock's body that made Woock double over and wince in obvious pain. Kastli failed to follow-up on it and allowed Woock to recover. Shortly after that, Kastli delivered another left/right combination to Woock's head, stunning Woock but again Kastli failed to follow-up and allowed Woock to recover. The round ended with Kastli following Woock around the ring as described in the first two rounds.
    All judges scored the fight 30-27, winner by Unanimous Decision, Bobby Kastli.

  2. Mixed Martial Arts Welterweight
    Nick Kilburg 1-0, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Neil Meier 2-3, East Moline, IL, Mike Smith
    Round 1: At the start of the round, Meier came across the ring and tried to end the fight with one strong looping right hand to Kilburg's head but he missed and threw himself off-balance and to the canvass. Kilburg appeared reluctant to fight on the ground and as a result he let Meier back to a standing position. They moved around the ring until a clinch got Meier close enough to Kilburg to allow Meier to wrap his arms and legs around Kilburg, pulling him down to the canvass. Kilburg managed to maintain a top mount while throwing punches at Meier. Kilburg slid back and attempted an ankle look with no result eventually giving it up and standing bringing both fighters to their feet. Next it was Kilburg's turn to attack. He rushed Meier, took him down and quickly got onto Meier's back with his hooks in and a rear choke. Meier defended the choke well enough to survive till the end of the round.
    Round 2: It was Kilburg's turn to want to take the fight to the canvass. He attacked Meier and took him down and controlled Meier from a top and side mount during the first half of the round. Eventually the action stalled and Referee Dean Stone stood both fighters up and started them again. Again, Kilburg attacked and took Meier down to the canvas and finished the last half of the round much like he started the first half.
    Round 3: Kilburg took Meier down early in the round and was able to gain side control where he delivered several knees to Meier's body. Meier twisted away from the knees and was able to tie Kilburg up at which time they became inactive and were stood up to fight. Kilburg took Meier down again and the round ended with Kilburg on top.
    All judges scored the fight 30-27, winner by Unanimous Decision, Nick Kilburg.

  3. Mixed Martial Arts Welterweight
    Matt Bauler 2-10, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Tyler Reams 6-1, Charles City, IA
    Round 1: Bauler came across the ring attacking with his head down. Reams caught him coming in and caught Bauler in a guillotine choke forcing Bauler to tap out at :50 seconds of the first round.
    Winner by Tapout, Tyler Reams.

  4. International Rules Heavyweight
    Roy Jones, 3-0-0, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Casey Johnson, 2-3-0, Roscoe, IL, Rick Bloyer
    Round 1: Both fighters came at each other early. Johnson, the shorter of the two fighters had to bull his way inside to hit Jones while Jones was content to stay outside with his superior reach advantage. Both gave as good as they got with neither fighter hurting the other. Toward the end of the round, Johnson, showboating, dropped his hands and allowed Jones to punch him in the head with 5 good shots to prove he couldn't be hurt and probably not scoring a lot of points with the judges. There were very few kicks thrown in the round.
    Round 2: The action in this round was much like the first. Jones appeared to be able to move a little better this round and was able to keep Johnson from crowding him as much.
    Round 3: A tired Jones was less able to keep Johnson off this round. Johnson was able to connect with shots to Jones' head and body on several occasions during the round but Jones refused to go down. A better round for Johnson but it was too little too late. There were very few kicks thrown in the fight.
    Judges scored the fight 29-28, 29-28, 30-27, winner by Unanimous Decision, Roy Jones.

  5. Mixed Martial Arts Lightweight
    Joe Ayala 3-0, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Kyle Reams 2-2, Charles City, IA
    Round 1: Reams attacked Ayala early, picking Ayala up around the waist and dumping him on his back. Reams controlled the top mounted position for the greater part of the round. Reams made a mistake by getting too high and allowing Ayala to get a leg around his neck and getting him in a triangle choke. At 2:20 of the round Reams ended up tapping out.
    Winner by Tapout, Joseph Ayala.

  6. International Rules Light Middleweight
    Josh Bumgarner, 3-1-0, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Joe Duncan, 1-2-0, Roscoe, IL, Rick Bloyer
    Round 1: Bumgarner came ahead and began tagging Duncan with about a dozen left/right combinations to Duncan's head that had Duncan retreating the whole round. Duncan seemed unable to mount any offense to get on track.
    Round 2: Bumgarner started the round with a few kicks but soon went back to the left/right combinations that worked for him in the first round. Duncan attempted to finish the round strong with a short burst but was not able to do enough to take the round.
    Round 3: Bumgarner appeared as if he felt he had the fight won and was content to stay away from Duncan. Duncan became bolder and showed more offense by moving forward as Bumgarner backed away. Duncan's offense was not enough to move the judges decisions in his direction.
    All judges scored the fight 30-27, winner by Unanimous Decision, Josh Bumgarner.

  7. ISCF Amateur Iowa State Lightweight Title
    Mike Plazola, Mike Plazola, 6-2, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, Tory Bogguess, *2-6, Silvis, IL
    Round 1: Plazola attacked first to take Bogguess down. On the way down, Bogguess put Plazola in a guillotine but was unable to maintain the choke from the bottom.Bogguess was able to reverse the position but was unable to gain any advantage. The whole round consisted of both fighters continually changing positions from bottom to top with neither able to take clear control. It was a very fast paced round with all three judges giving the edge in the round to Bogguess.
    Round 2: As the round started, Bogguess ran across the ring and threw a flying "Superman" punch that landed on the face of Plazola knocking Plazola on his back with his head under the ropes. Bogguess failed to follow-up on the knockdown and allowed Plazola to get up where the round continued much as the first round did. While Plazola was on his back, Bogguess started to stand at which time Plazola threw an illegal up-kick hitting Bogguess in the face. Referee Dean Stone stopped time and admonished Plazola for the strike. The round ended with all three judges giving the round to Bogguess.
    Round 3: Bogguess attempted a flying knee to start the round but missed Plazola and was taken down by Plazola. Plazola was able to get a full top mount on Bogguess in Bogguess' corner where he proceeded to punch Bogguess in the face repeatedly. Bogguess was unable to defend himself from the barrage of punches and tapped out at 1:59 of the round.
    Winner by Tapout and ISCF Amateur Iowa State Lightweight Champion Mike Plazola.
  8. ISCF Amateur Iowa State Middleweight Title
    Jeff Bunger 7-2-1, Waterloo, IA, Russ O'Connell vs, David Severe 4-2, Davenport, IA, Gary Schroeder
    Round 1: Bunger came out and landed a right hook to Severe's jaw putting Severe on his back. Bunger jumped on Severe and from the top position he proceeded to punch at Severe's head. Severe was able to block many of the punches and defended himself to the satisfaction of Referee Dean Stone. After surviving the onslaught, Severe was able to work his way back to a standing position just to have Bunger charge him again and take him down once more. Severe, from the bottom, was able to slide a hip out from underneath Bunger and managed to reach behind Bunger's back and lock a kamura onto Bunger's arm. Bunger had his hand poised and was ready to tap when Severe slipped and lost the arm lock. Severe was able to slip out the side and rolled onto Bunger's back. Severe hooked his feet around Bunger's waist and between his legs laying Bunger flat onto his stomach. Severe then proceeded to pound Bunger on the head. Referee Dean Stone stopped the fight at 3:45 of the round when Bunger proved incapable of effectively defending himself from this position.
    Winner when referee stopped the contest and ISCF Amateur Iowa State Middleweight Champion David Severe

For more info please contact Mr. Russ O'Connell at (319) 404-4407.

THURSDAY, MARCH 15th, 2007, AT 11:55 PM, PT


Xtreme Event Productions, LLC Presents
Dalton, Georgia, USA


IFL Presents
"Season Event"
Los Angeles, California, USA


Dragons Cage Presents
Effingham, Illinois, USA


Impact Promotions Presents
"Battle Cage 360 - St Patricks Day Punishment"
Monroe, Louisiana, USA

ISCF South Central Amateur Featherweight Title
Derrek Arcement Vs Brandon Rondon

ISCF South Central Amateur Middleweight Title
Jeremiah Riggs Vs Brandon Hawkins


Final Faze Productions LLC Presents
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


"St Patty's Day Bash"
Springfield, Missouri, USA


Xtreme Fighting Academy Presents
"Southern Rage"
Douglas, Georgia, USA


"Evolution Promotions Inc.'s MMA!"
March 10th, 2007 - Albany, Georgia, USA

Matthew Waller ISCF Representative - Albany Civic Center, Albany, Georgia, USA
On March 10th the Albany Civic Center saw old fight fans present and new ones being initiated as there has not been a live MMA show in Albany... Until now! ISCF Promoters John Turner and Richard Cox found a beautiful venue in Albany and thought it would look a little better with a cage resting on its floor. They called pro fighter and future ISCF promoter Scott Harper (who's event you will be reading about next week) and made that dream come true. Guests included UFC fighters Junior Assuncao and Rory Singer who refereed along with pro fighter and superstar referee Cam McHargue. Many fans of the sport showed up to watch the Mixed Martial Arts event, which judging from the history of the sport, I feel is family oriented enough that I brought my own children to watch and enjoy. The action was as follows;

  1. 155 AMATEUR MMA
    Cory Lippel Vs Randy Wilkes
    Wilkes lands a few kicks and punches looking to cover the distance and gets a takedown and takes Lippell's back. Wilkes throws a few punches and lands a heel kick in the stomach of Lippell, trying to open him up and get a rear naked choke. Lippell shakes Wilkes off, lands in Wilkes's guard and throws a few punches just as the bell rings.
    Round 2 Both fighters throw a few kicks and Lippell gets the takedown, Wilkes gets a reversal off the takedown and lands in mount. Lippell scrambles and rolls, but leaves his arm out. Wilkes takes the arm bar for the tap.
    Winner by arm bar at 1:33 in round 2 Randy Wilkes.

  2. 160 AMATEUR MMA
    Ryan McClellan Vs Joel Nettles
    McCellon comes out with a few kicks and then gets the clinch followed by a takedown. McCellon gets the mount and lands some solid strikes to the ribs of Nettles. Nettles rolls and McCellon takes his back and sinks in a rear naked choke for the tap.
    Winner by rear naked choke at 1:50 of round 1 Ryan McCellon.

  3. 170 AMATEUR MMA
    Jason Barrett Vs Chris Newsome
    Strikes were exchanged by both fighters and Newsome gets a takedown. Newsome in the guard of Barrett and Barrett gets an arm bar for the win.
    Winner by arm bar at 1:10 of round 1 Jason Barrett

  4. 140 AMATEUR MMA
    John Puerta Vs William Reynolds
    Both fighters danced around the cage sizing one another up. Reynolds reaches in and works a takedown and lands in the guard of Puerta. The action was stalling so referee Rory Singer stood both fighters up. Reynolds quickly works another takedown and begins to land strikes to the head of Puerta as the round ends.
    Round 2 Kicks and strikes thrown by both fighters and Reynolds lands another takedown landing in Puerta's guard. Puerta was caught up against the fence for a moment but quickly scrambles and gets out only to stand up and give a smile to Reynolds. Both fighters entered into a slugfest and Reynolds gets a takedown and works quickly to secure a rear naked choke that forced Puerta to tap.
    Winner by rear naked choke at 2:28 of round 2 Cody Reynolds

  5. 155 AMATEUR MMA
    Lynard Dicks Vs Jimmy Smith
    Smith opens the round up with a few kicks, but Dicks responded by taking down Smith and working a choke. Smith escapes and gets side control and answers the choke of Dicks with a choke of his own, landing a head and arm choke that made Dicks tap.
    Winner by head and arm choke at 2:18 of round 1 Jimmy Smith.
  6. 185 AMATEUR MMA
    John Fulton Vs Danny Thurmond
    Thurmand lands a few strikes but, Fulton takes him down to the canvas and gets full mount. Fulton lands a couple of punches and then snatches an arm bar to get the tap.
    Winner by arm bar at 43 seconds of round 1 John Fulton

  7. 145 AMATEUR MMA
    Dan Funes Vs Jason Hickey
    Both fighters raced out and land a storm of kicks and punches and Hickey takes the fight to the ground. Funes gets side control and passes to half guard, and follows up with full mount landing a barrage of strikes that made referee Cam McHargue stop the bout.
    Winner by referee stoppage at 2:52 of round 1 Dan Funes.

  8. 185 AMATEUR MMA
    Heath Davis Vs Shawn Brooks
    Davis gets a takedown and lands in side control, passes to full mount and lands several strikes. Brooks gets a reversal and stands in Davis's guard where Davis tries to set up a triangle. Davis gets full mount again and lands strikes until the referee stops the bout.
    Winner by referee stoppage at 3:07 of round 1 Heath Davis.
    *Not to take anything away from Davis, I would like to include that Shawn Brooks took the bout on less than 24 hours notice.

  9. 155 PRO MMA
    David Derby vs Jay Watts
    Watts who is a boxer throws a punch from "4 feet" away and Derby shoots in and takes him down against the cage. Derby takes an arm bar for the win.
    Winner by arm bar at 17 seconds of round 1 David Derby.
    ISCF HQ Addition: We are just wondering WHY Pro "BOXER" Jay Watts (2-8) is fighting in an MMA bout... And wondering WHY this bout was over in only 17 seconds... What do we smell here?

  10. 170 PRO MMA
    Douglas Lima Vs Josh Hancock
    Hancock throws some high head kicks, but Lima back out of range until he was ready to land some strikes of his own. Lima steps in and lands a few punches that made Hancock back up and then cover. Hancock falls to the ground and Lima begins to throw strikes which made the referee stop the bout.
    Winner by referee stoppage at 37 seconds of round 1 Douglas Lima.

For more info please contact Mr. John Turner at (229) 821-0123 or e-mail at


ISCF Loses A Young Amateur
MMA Fighter As John Adams Passes Away

Special e-mail sent to the ISCF
This e-mail is to inform everyone at the ISCF and all over the United States that Amateur MMA Lightweight John Adams passed away March 9th 2007 in a tragic car accident.

John was an outstanding MMA fighter who trained hard and dedicated himself to the sport. I remember his first fight against Charlie Carpenter. John went all three rounds with NO WATER (WOW!) He always told me that he loved cage fighting and it was his dream to one day become a fighter. I got John the registration form and he filled it out and sent it in. When I told him he was finally registered to fight I thought he was gonna cry he was so happy. His last fight was held in Grain Valley, Missouri on September 9th, 2006 at Clash in the Cage 6 against Ryan Witten. I've never seen someone dominate a fight the way John did that night. Leaving us with his amateur record at 1-1. John will never be forgotten in his hometown of Rolla, Missouri. In our eyes he was already a champion.

R.I.P. John Adams ... 11-1-1987 ~ 3-9-2007

THURSDAY, MARCH 8th, 2007, AT 7:20 PM, PT


Russ O'Connell Presents
Waterloo, Iowa, USA

ISCF Amateur Iowa State Lightweight Title Bout
Mike Plazola Vs Tory Bogguess

ISCF Amateur Iowa State Middleweight Title Bout
Jeff Bunger Vs David Severe


Evolution Promotions Inc. Presents
Albany, Georgia, USA


ISCF Sanctioned Event!

To reply to those who have been calling the ISCF, back on February 17th, 2007, there was an Amateur MMA event called "Ramada Inn The Cage III". This event was held in St. Joe Missouri.

From what we have been informed by several fighters and trainers, the promoter of this event informed several people that this was an ISCF Sanctioned Event. When these trainers and fighters asked where the ISCF Event Representative was, the Promoter, (Rob Meritt -Spelling?-), told them that the Event Representative was Steve Crawford and he "No Showed".

For the record, this event was "NOT" Sanctioned by the ISCF!

From what we have discovered, it was not sanctioned at all. His matchmaker did contact Mr. Crawford to inquire about ISCF Sanctioning. Mr. Crawford informed him of what he had to do to get his event sanctioned (Which is Missouri State Law). However, Mr. Meritt never contacted Mr. Crawford again or anyone here at the ISCF. For future reference, please note what it says at the top of our ISCF Events page:

NOTICE: If you have been told that a certain event is an ISCF Sanctioned Event and it is NOT Listed on these pages, then it IS NOT an ISCF Sanctioned Event! If You know of such an event, please notify us by e-mail at

TUESDAY, MARCH 6th, 2007, AT 6:35 PM, PT

What a Fuss Over Something So Simple...

From Steve Fossum - ISCF
It appears that the article we posted below had a few people not too pleased with being associated with it. The key word here is "Associated" and I'd like you to remember it at the end. Those who called upset were not even the focus point of the article. They were just associated with the main topic.

One thing to point out though is that the focus point of the article (which was written by an outside writer who submitted it to the ISCF) is that the writers main point of attack (If you want to call it an attack) was at the ISCF for allowing a Pro MMA fighter to fight as an Amateur on an ISCF Sanctioned event. We didn't want to hide the fact that "WE" made an error, so we posted the article. What many do not know is that there were A LOT more people listed in the article that the writer was basically "Throwing under the bus" per say at their practices of business in the MMA World. We spoke to the author and expressed why we thought these people should be deleted from the article. We also took out a lot of additional personal "Opinions" of the writer towards some of the fighters and promoters in the article.

What the writer found interesting was the connection between this one fighter and the promotions he was associated with. According to the writer he thought he was pointing out a "Smoking Gun" bit of news which we thought wasn't necessary to make the point. As he discovered these ties, from that point on his article snowballed into several other findings that the writer thought was of interest to the MMA World and directly related to the fighter in question. Turns out that the ISCF was not the only event this Pro MMA fighter was allowed to fight on as an amateur, which is where the article expanded into other areas.

Since it's posting last night we have had contact with 2 of the promoters in question who the writer speaks about and one fighter/promoter. The first person we heard from was Chad Bergmeier of Iowa. Mr. Bergmeier took the time to explain to us that the writer had some facts wrong about promoting MMA in Iowa. What we discovered was that the writer was writing mainly about "Amateur" MMA and his story read as though he meant both Amateur and Pro MMA. That was fixed and the word "Amateur" placed into the article about Iowa rules and regulations where needed.

Earlier today, Promoter Kris Ottem called us to inform us that she is not a Promoter of Ironman challenge. The writer had given us sources to check to confirm this and Ottem's web site address where we found the Ironman Challenge posters. Our staff here called some trainers and verified that Ottem's Northstar Promotions was associated with the Ironman Challenge, which according to Ottem today, it is not. So for the record, Travis Fulton is the sole promoter and matchmaker for Ironman Challenge and Ottem's Northstar Promotions is not associated with the event. Travis Fulton is the matchmaker for Ottem's Northstar Promotions though.

Finally, last night we received an e-mail from Travis Fulton. I won't go into detail what the mail said because he may think we have done him wrong again by sharing the content with you here. I will just say it was not a "Nice" e-mail. Mr. Fulton also called the office here last night when were out, and left a message for us. I personally returned his e-mail with my number asking him to call me back, but no call was made. Fulton wanted to make it clear he did not matchmake the Iowa Kickfest Events, so we correctly noted this on the story. Fulton called us again today and was asked to hold, but he didn't want to and hung up. We called him back but got no answer.

It seems that there are some issues that need to be addressed here. What Mr. Fulton needs to know is that we here at the ISCF had NO Intention of insulting him as a Promoter or Fighter. The writer himself found it a surprise that Mr. Fulton had fought the fighter in question in his article "4" times in less than 4 months, which you have to admit, is a lot. From there, he took off on some issues in his first draft of the article. Before posting his article, we deleted quite a bit from that "First Draft" before the first posting of the article. If Mr. Fulton is still angry about the article, we're sorry. However, what are we sorry for? That a writer wanted to point out an ISCF error and his name was brought into the conversation because of "Association?" Lets not miss the point that the ISCF was also attacked in the article, but we still posted it.

Here is something to think about Travis... In my kickboxing career I had a lot of fights, but I never fought pro and I never fought any "Big Name" opponents on a big show. So by having a lot of fights, shouldn't I be talked about? Well, the truth is, "NO!" Having a lot of fights and having a lot of Great fights against well known Great fighters are two "VERY" different things. People don't talk about Steve Fossum as a fighter because I wasn't one of the TOP DOGS! When you "ARE" a Top Dog you are going to be talked about by a lot of people. Some will praise you and some will down you, but what counts is that "They are still talking about you!"

This is what happens when you're a star in your field. People talk crap about all well known athletes as well as praise them. You have read many times the slaps top MMA fighters have taken such as Tito Ortiz, Chuck Lidell, Dan Severn, The Shamrocks, Randy Couture and the list goes on and on. They don't stop and reply... They just keep moving forward which is why they are still "Top Dogs!" The critics talk a lot of crap about other athletes in other sports as well, baseball, football, basketball, whatever...but they too, continue to keep moving forward and they pay very little attention to some article that has them associated with someone else.

Here is something else to think about in regards to my comment, "Having a lot of fights and having a lot of Great fights against well known Great fighters are two "VERY" different things."... People bagged on a boxer named Julio Cesar Chavez. Remember him? they bagged on him for only fighting as they said, "Taxi Drivers". However, he must have fought some pretty tough Taxi Cab Drivers because he sure made a name for himself. I didn't know all these great boxers were "Taxi Cab" drivers, but heck, if someone wrote that they were, well, then they must... right?

Before many of us knew who Julio Cesar Chavez was, he had already had his hand raised as a Champion many times. Before Julio Cesar Chavez lost a bout he had gone 91-0! Many say he had fought those so called "Taxi Cab drivers" during that time, but again, I had no idea these guys all drove Taxi's... I had only heard of them as Great boxers...

During his 91-0 run he started off by winning the WBC Super Featherweight Title against Mario Martinez (51-10-2, September 13th, 1984) and defended it "NINE" times! He also won the WBA Lightweight Title against Mario Martinez (47-6, on November 21st, 1987). He unified the WBC and WBA Lightweight Titles on October 19th, 1988 against Jose Luis Ramirez (102-9, October 29th, 1988). He won the WBC Light Welterweight Title on May 13th, 1989 against Roger Mayweather (56-13). He unified the WBC and IBF Light Welterweight Titles on March 17th, 1990 when he defeated Meldrick Taylor (38-8-1) defending both titles several times, including the well known "Mega Mexico fight" against Greg Haugen (40-10-1, February 20th, 1993) that hosted 132,247 spectators at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, Mexico. He also fought to a majority draw against Pernell Whitaker (40-4-1, September 10th, 1993) in a defense of his WBC Welterweight Title. Wow, and all those guys drove Taxis?

His first loss came on January 29th, 1994, 14 years after he turned Pro. In this bout Chavez suffered the first knockdown of his career and was penalized one point in the 7th and 11th for low blows. He lost this bout and his WBC title to Frankie Randall (59-18-1) by an akward split decision of 114-113, 113-114 and 111-116. Four months later in May of 2005, he avenged his only loss and won the title back, stopping Randall in the 8th round. He defended his WBC title 3 more times before meeting a fighter you may have heard of named Oscar De La Hoya (38-4) on June 7th, 1996. The much younger 23 year old De La Hoya beat the 34 year old Chavez by TKO on June 7th, 1984. Chavez won 5 more bouts before getting his rematch with De La Hoya in September of 1998, a bout he lost by TKO in round 9 at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. After that bout he went 7-3 in his last 10 fights, fighting in his final bout on September 17th, 2005 at the America West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona where he lost to a fighter named Grover Wiley (30-8) in the 5th round. In the end Chavez had fought 116 times, winning 108 (87 wins by KO/TKO), losing 6 with 2 draws. What is my point? It's all about WHO he fought and more importantly, "They are still talking about him!"

OK, you fought a guy without many fights 4 times... Many would say the guy is a "Chump" because he hasn't won a lot. I'm not saying it, just trying to make a point here so follow along. Has Travis Fulton fought a lot of "Chumps?" Some will say yes, some will say no, it's not my place to judge so I don't and never do. You have been in the ring with some of the best such as Jeremy Horn (Over 100 MMA fights himself), Dan Severn, Rich Franklin, Forrest Griffin, Mike Whitehead just to name a few. Sure, you may have some fights in there that some will ask "Why did you fight him?" But lets face it Travis, you fought, those questioning you didn't, and if they did, are they Travis Fulton? I don't know of anyone in the MMA world that has never heard of you. Saying this, WHY would anyone here at the ISCF want to hurt you? We don't and I don't believe the story writer did either. It's easy for many to be a critic about you with this Mike Kofoot guy but you fighting him was not the point of the article. You were just part of "HIS - Mike Kofoot's" story.

What needs to be known is that the issues the writer brought up in the article are indeed issues that should be and need to be addressed to continue the positive growth of MMA. Every time something like this happens (Pros Vs Amateurs) it gives the Boxing Commissions and Dana White's story about the need to outlaw - ban Amateur MMA more fuel and ammo to attack MMA with. Especially now as they see the sport of MMA (Fighters, Promotions and Fans) rapidly growing and their sport of boxing is slowing down at the box office more and more. So you shouldn't worry too much what all these people are saying about you. The fact that "They are still talking about you" speaks positively enough. remember, you were just "Associated" with the story.

MONDAY, MARCH 5th, 2007, AT 4:00 PM, PT

You Gotta Give It Up For MMA Fighter
Mike Kofoot
His Record Expresses The Yin & Yang Of MMA Regulations

Special Article Sent To The ISCF

Requested Additions and Corrections
Were made by the ISCF at 8:10 PM and 9:25 PM, March 5th.

If there were ever a great example of how the sport of MMA should "NOT" be done, one only needs to point to an MMA fighter such as Mike Kofoot. As many who read the ISCF pages know, the ISCF takes pride in assuring amateurs don't get matched up against Pro MMA fighters. However, there are still many unsanctioned shows done by promoters who could care less about fighter safety and have no problem doing this. Take for example a promotion called Extreme Contact Fighting (XCF). This event has no worries when it comes to mismatching pro and amateur MMA fighters together, especially Mike Kofoot. Kofoot's first MMA bout was a Pro MMA bout back on the Extreme Challenge card back on June 30th, 2006. For purposes of this story, you readers need to know that once you fight as a Professional, you can not go back and fight amateur... Unless you Kofoot or one of his promoters that is... Who apparently think this is OK... When it's not.

Fighters like Kofoot have been hurting MMA for years along with those mismatch making promoters just looking to put bodies in a ring or a cage and collect their $$ at the front door, not caring how the fighters exit the back, whether by stretcher or limo. Below you will read about Kofoot and why fighters like him are a negative story in the modern excitement of todays mainstream MMA.

While those such as the UFC, IFL and the ISCF are taking steps forward for the sport, these other "Do as they want" individuals keep taking 2 steps back. However with the strength of MMA today, it's hard to lose ground, even with the ol, "One step forward, two steps back" incidents playing out. It seems no matter what happens in the negative, MMA continues to surge forward at a rapid pace.

The ISCF attention was first brought to Kofoot when they banned him from all ISCF Sanctioned events until he learns to respect the Amateur - Pro Rule. Kofoot was allowed to fight on the ISCF sanctioned Fall Kickfest back on October 7th, 2006 in Waterloo, Iowa, USA as an amateur.

How? Although event Promoter Russ O'Connell had sent in his fighter list prior to his event, his MMA matchmaker (Travis Fulton) never submitted Kofoot's name or his bout to the ISCF before the event for the mandatory fighter background check. Unlike all ISCF Event Representatives today, back then the ISCF event representative who worked the event was not familiar with the Mandatory ISCF Amateur requirements.

On this event Kofoot fought another Pro MMA fighter Nick Baker. Baker on the other hand already had 4 Pro MMA bouts himself back in 2005 so the million dollar question is... "Why was it even billed as an Amateur bout?" This was a pro bout from start to finish but for some reason, it was announced and recorded as an amateur bout, which was mistake number 1 . Despite his layoff Baker had little problem with Kofoot who Baker took out in only 25 seconds of the first round.

However Kofoot may have seen his loss coming. Along with fighting illegally as an amateur, Kofoot isn't much of a fighter either. This event had several pro-vs amateur issues due to matchmaker and fighter Travis Fulton who is no longer allowed to matchmake ISCF Sanctioned events. Fulton was not the event promoter but our sources say he was the MMA matchmaking. However according to Fulton, he tells us "I have never been the matchmaker for Kickfest."

So, all we can say is that either Fulton or someone else matched Fulton a fight on the October Kickfest event. However, no one told the ISCF there were ANY Pro MMA bouts on the card. in fact, the ISCF found out AFTER the event by checking the fcfighter database. For those who don't know Travis Fulton has over 200 MMA fights (244 as of this writing to be exact). Fulton was matched up with a fighter named Belal Ahlmaidi who happened to be fighting in his FIRST MMA Fight. Fulton took care of business with an arm bar submission in the second round.

Kofoot continues to fight as an amateur as well as a Pro. It appears he comes in to fight as a pro to help his opponents fight record since as of today he is now 2-12 as a pro and not much better as an amateur at 6-12-1. Among those 6 wins are three straight victories over one opponent, Rodney Arp. Their first meeting was a draw at Ironman Challenge 15 which is (Ironman Challenge) by Travis Fulton. The next three times they met, Kofoot won all three on the same promotion, just different days, Ironman Challenge 18, 20 & 21.

With a record of 3-10-1 as an amateur and 0-3 as a Pro, Rodney Arp also fought Travis Fulton early this past month on one of his Ironman Challenge events. Fulton won the bout.

You see, the point here is, it's because of fighters who fight as amateurs AND Pros and matchmakers who match them up is why the ISCF was forced to require all Amateur fighters, fighting on ISCF Sanctioned events as of January 1st 2007 to be directly registered with the ISCF and not just listed in fcfighters database as were the requirements in 2006.

By the time Kofoot faced Baker he already had 7 Pro MMA fights. However in his 7 pro fights before this event he had not done so well as a fighter winning 1 while losing 7. But here's where Kofoot becomes "Special". He had also fought in 7 amateur bouts before these two met...switching back and forth from Pro fights to Amateur fights. In his first several months of fighting his record looked like a jumping bean from pro to amateur bouts and back and forth again and again.

  1. PRO: June 30th, 2006: Lost his MMA debut and also his pro debut to Caio Malta by Submission in only 44 seconds at an event called Extreme Challenge 67.
  2. PRO: July 1st, 2006: Lost to Joey Fingalson by strikes at 1:03 of round 2 on a NorthStar Fighting Association event.
  3. AMATEUR: July 8th, 2006: In his amateur debut, having already fought as a Pro MMA fighter, he lost to Jeff Bunger by Decision at an event called Biker Brawl put on by Extreme Contact Fighting (XCF).
  4. PRO: July 22nd, 2006: His first win came against Johnny George by TKO (Due to an Injury) at 2:40 of round 1 on another Extreme Contact Fighting (XCF) event.
  5. AMATEUR: August 8th, 2006: He lost to John Sankey by Strikes/Submission in round 1 at the unsanctioned Extreme Contact Fighting: Sturgis "Day 2" event.
  6. AMATEUR: August 9th, 2006: The next day he lost to Billy Walters by Submission in round one, again at the unsanctioned Extreme Contact Fighting: Sturgis "Day 3" event.
  7. AMATEUR: August 10th, 2006: Finally his first amateur win against James Boyce by Submission in round 1, the following day at the unsanctioned Extreme Contact Fighting: Sturgis "Day 4" event.
  8. AMATEUR: August 19th, 2006: Another loss to Ben Thoma by Submission at 1:26 of round 1, at yet another unsanctioned Extreme Contact Fighting III event.
  9. PRO: September 3rd, 2006: He next lost to Travis Fulton by KO at :51 seconds into round 1 at the event, Royalty Fight Night 1.
  10. AMATEUR: September 9th, 2006: Only 6 days after being KO'ed by Fulton he fought again and lost to *Josh Stamp by Submission at 1:43 of round 1 at the Iowa Challenge 30.
  11. PRO: September 14th, 2006: Not even 2 weeks ago he was KO'ed by Fulton. Now, he is matched up against Fulton again and this time loses by Submission due to a cut in round 1 at the event called Fightclub Underground.
  12. AMATEUR: September 22nd, 2006: Another loss to Johnny George (Of which will be 3) by Submission at 1:40 of round 1 at the Ironman Challenge 10: Season 2 Opener.
  13. PRO: September 23rd, 2006: A loss to Mark Racine in round 1 at the NorthStar Fighting Association: Night of the Beast. in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.
  14. PRO: September 23rd, 2006: "ANOTHER" match-up and loss to Travis Fulton by a Slam Submission in round 1 at the NorthStar Fighting Association: Night of the Beast. in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.

The above is only the fight history of Mike Kofoot up until October of last year. It continues through the present of 2007 including yet "ANOTHER" meeting with Travis Fulton on December 15th of last year where yet again...Travis won.

As many MMA people know, Iowa is a "HotBed" for MMA action. Those who know MMA know that some of the greatest MMA fighters came from Iowa such as Pat Militech and many others. This was one of the many reasons the ISCF choose the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids Iowa for the First Annual 2007- ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Amateur MMA Tournament. However despite the fact that Iowa is loaded with tons of exciting MMA events with lots of great fighters, the question of safety and fairness have come up time and time again. As the philosophy of "Yin & Yang" goes, along with the Good comes the Bad.

Iowa is also loaded with tons of unsanctioned amateur events and amateur mismatches. Unlike many states, Iowa not only does not oversee Amateur MMA but there are no State regulations for Amateur MMA sanctioning either. In many of the states where the State Boxing or Athletic Commission do not oversee MMA, their laws say that their events must be regulated by a "Nationally Recognized Sanctioning Body". However, no such law exists in Iowa for Amateur MMa so it's truly "No Holds Barred" there as far as Amateur MMA is concerned.

Keep in mind, an event does not need to be sanctioned to be a good event.

This will be said for several reasons. First, this article is not an ad for the ISCF. in fact, the person writing this is not even an official or promoter with the ISCF, just a fight fan. Second, because there are very few good sanctioning bodies out there for MMA. Unlike the stern and often bothersome requirements for safety, fairness and general event regulations of the ISCF, many like ISKA and KICK are hardly good "Kickboxing" sanctioning bodies let alone knowledgable MMA Sanctioning Bodies. At best these orgs are simply "Rubber Stamp" orgs that sell their letters for $$ just to help promoters who do not want to be regulated please the State Commission requirements. I will note that the ISCF is the only MMA Sanctioning body that does amateur fighter ring experience background checks and has both pro and amateur Rankings. Some of the other kickboxing orgs. that have added MMA Sanctioning under their wing such as USKBA and WKA have event listings and news both Pre and post.

Again, there are both good events and questionable events. There are both good and bad promoters and it's the bad ones that give MMA a bad name to others watching. There are still some good shows so don't let this article offend you if you are associated with one. Just keep in mind that in most cases, unsanctioned fight events often have no fighter medical insurance, questionable ringside officials, questionable medical staff and not to mention, the many occurrences of pros fighting amateurs. Don't let this article sell you on this. Check out the past results of these Pro Vs Amateur mismatches on the fcfighter database for yourself on some of these promotions that are associated with some of the bouts above.

ADDED to the Above on 2-5-07 at 8:10 PM

The above article was mainly about AMATEUR Regulations and there may have been some confusion about State Regulations in the State of Iowa for MMA. According to MMA Promoter Chad Bergmeier "The Iowa State Athletic Commission is fully in charge of sanctioning Pro MMA events and has been for at least 12 years now. To be a Pro MMA Promoter in Iowa there are several things a promoter must have:

  1. A $5,000 surety bond to have a license.
  2. All contracts and list of officials and HEP B & C are all due 7 days before the show.
  3. State Fees:

According to the IKF web page (CLICK HERE) that has posted information about what States allow or don't allow Kickboxing and or MMA, and any details about regulations, the State of Iowa's notice that was sent to the IKF on 5-31-06 reads as follows:

MMA is legal in Iowa, amateur requires no state involvement, and there are no rules, professional is overseen by the boxing commissioner, requires a license and a $5000.00 performance bond for the sales tax and athletic tax, of 5%. Each, contract must be signed between the contestants and the promoter and delivered to the boxing commissioner 7 days before an event. The commissioner must have a 30 day notice before the event that an event is going to be held in pro. All rules must be adhered to similar to boxing.
Submitted by: Dave Neil, Interim Director, Iowa Workforce Development


In regards to Amateur MMA, the State of Iowa submitted on 3-18-85:
Amateur MMA: The Iowa Athletic Commission has no jurisdiction over amateur events. Must have a nationally recognized sanctioning body sanctioning the event not owned or operated by the promoter.
Submitted by: Byron Orton, State of Iowa.


However, this may be the law, but this amateur law is certainly not followed by all amateur promoters.

Amateurs MMA is not sanctioned but the state of Iowa and like in other states, the State is trying to ban AMATEUR MMA shows. This surprises no one here. Some of you may remember the article awhile back on here about UFC's President Dana White discussion to the ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions) about amateur MMA. The ABC had their annual convention in Las Vegas a couple of years back and while they were all in Vegas, White invited them all to the UFC Training Center for an introduction meeting about MMA. It's no secret that White has been talking with nearly every state in the country telling them they need to BAN Amateur MMA. It's also no secret now that he has told all these states that "They - The UFC" should be the ONLY organization allowed to regulate MMA. At that Vegas meeting, White was asked what he thought about Amateur MMA, in which he replied, quote - unquote, "There is no such thing as Amateur MMA."

Bergmeier went on to tell us that "PRO MMA is not allowed in a boxing ring." This may be true to the rules, but certainly not true on all the Pro shows in Iowa. Remember, for every good promoter, there are others doing bad things, such as matching up amateurs and pros to fight each other. In addition, several sources have informed us here at the ISCF that although PRO MMA is not allowed in a boxing ring according to Iowa Rules, we also know that "PRO" fights "HAVE" and "STILL ARE" happening in boxing rings. If the law to ban Amateur MMA in Iowa is passed, then the sanctioning will only be done by the state for PRO MMA events which means that promoters would work directly with the State Commission. As in other states where the commission oversees MMA, the promoters would have a choice whether or not to sanction with the ISCF, just like a Pro Boxing Promoter can choose in Professional Boxing. They would not have to, but they could if they wanted to.

Chad Bergmeier
Chad Bergmeier has been promoting MMA Events since 1997.
Currently he manages over 38 fighters which includes fighters in the UFC, PRIDE, IFL, King of the Cage, WEC and many others.
He has fighters in the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 on SPIKE TV and has a fighter fighting for the UFC's version of their World Title in March.
He has also promoted over 120 MMA shows.
We here at the ISCF Thank him for his additional information to this article.

FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2007, AT 10:30 PM, PT


WILKS Claims The
ISCF Gold in Missouri!

Joe Wilks only took 1:55 to force Eric Marriott to tap via Guillotine choke!

The victory makes Wilks the FIRST EVER ISCF Amateur MMA WORLD Champion!
Full story coming next week!


POSTED AT 10:00 PM, FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2007

Shamrock Promotions & The Blue Corner Present
"Midwest Fight Fest "
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


POSTED AT 12:45 PM, FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2007

True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

Eric Marriott------ Vs ------*Joe Wilks
9-3-1 --------------------------------6-1

(*) ISCF Associates have spoken to the Colorado Athletic Commission and have confirmed
with them that the 1 pro fight listed in 2002 on the fcfighter database was indeed an Amateur Bout.
Mr. Wilks' actual record is 6-1, not 2-1 as noted on the fcfighter database.

1 Loss in Denver, Colorado, USA against York Nash - This is the bout marked incorrectly as a Pro bout. (0-1)
1 Win for the State of Kansas against Nick Master (1-1)
2 Wins at The Beaumont Club in Kansas City, Missouri, USA against Erik Fernandez and Chad Vandenberg (3-1)
2 wins at Shooto against Rob Eickhoff and Miles Jury in St.Louis, Missouri, USA (5-1)
1 Win in Topeka, Kansas, USA against Joe Mabin (6-1)


POSTED AT 11:00 AM, FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2007

"$10,000" American Bushido Round 2
February 24th - Chicago Ridge, Illinois, USA

Here are the results sent in by ISCF Representative Robert Hinds for the American Bushido Round 2. This event was held at Frontier Park Fieldhouse, Chicago Ridge, Illinois, USA on February 24th.

  1. Semi Contact Level 1- Featherweight 145
    Lloyd Carter Vs Yen Zheng
    Lloyd Carter (Gary, IN) defeated Yen Zhang (St. Mary's, OH) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 30-28.

  2. Mixed Martial Arts- Welterweight 170
    Luke Niles (Sandwich, IL) defeated Mark Hall (Normalville, PA) via Tap to Strikes at :33 seconds round 1.

  3. Semi Contact Level 1- Lightweight 155
    Lynelle Ortiz Vs Kevin LaRose
    Lynelle Ortiz (Chicago, IL) winner vs. Kevin LaRose (Romeoville, IL) via Armbar at :56 seconds of round 1.

  4. Mixed Martial Arts- Bantamweight 135
    Tim Hill Vs Christian Reynoso
    Christian Reynoso (Chicago, IL) defeated Tim Hill (Centrailia, IL) via Tap to Strikes at 1:09 of round 1.

  5. Mixed Martial Arts- Light Heavyweight 205
    Adril Villa Vs Addison Geary
    Adril Villa (Aurora, IL) defeated Addision Geary (Normalville, IL) via Verbal Submission at 1:12 of round 1.
    **Note: This bout was restarted following a pre-mature stoppage**

  6. Mixed Martial Arts- Middleweight 185
    Jacob Corry Vs Pierre Davis
    Jacob Corry (Centrailia, IL) defeated Pierre Davis (Chicago Heights, IL) via Tap to Injury (knee) :16 seconds into round 2.

  7. Semi Contact Level 2- Light Heavyweight 205
    Dan Bolden Vs Jason Graves
    Dan Bolden (Chicago, IL) defeated Jason Graves (Naperville, IL) via Rear Naked Choke at 1:03 of Round 2.

  8. American Bushido Welterweight Tournament Bout- 170 - Pro MMA
    Rob Kimmons (Rosedale, MO) defeated Josh Lee (Chicago Heights, IL) via Triangle Choke at 1:16 of round 1.

  9. American Bushido Welterweight Tournament Bout- 170 - Pro MMA
    Curt Bee (Springfield, IL) defeated Clinton Shuler (Salem, IL) via Rear Naked Choke at 2:52 of round 1.

For more info please contact Mr. Nestor Soto at (708) 752-2431 or by e-mail at or go to


POSTED AT 11:00 AM, FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2007

Will ISCF Retire
Din Thomas' World Title?

Over 6 years ago, Din Thomas of Orlando, Florida, USA (20-6, 5'10", 155) won the very first ISCF world title. Thomas won the ISCF Lightweight World title on August 25th, 2000 in Augusta, Georgia, USA. He defeated Jens "The Pulverizer" Pulver (Team Extreme) by heel hook at :35 seconds of round 2.

When Thomas won the title the weightclass was the ISCF Welterweight division under the original ISCF Weightclasses.

Thomas has never defended the title nor has he shown any interest to. The other issue is even if he was available to, what would he charge? And finally, Thomas may not even recognize the title now since it was so long ago. Since winning his ISCF World Title in 2000, he went on to fight in the UFC attaining a record of 4-2.

Having never fought as an amateur Thomas was 10-1 the day he fought for the ISCF title and today his record stands at 22-6.

What do you think? Should the ISCF Retire his title and make it available for another fighter? The question is linked to other possibilities of WHO should be allowed to fight for an ISCF World title. Many top ranked Pro MMA fighters ranked in the ISCF are signed with promotional companies such as UFC, Pride or other smaller promotional companies like King of the Cage who won't allow them to fight for another Promoter, yet the title they win is "Their" title and not a ranked title such as the ISCF. However, who cares right? The MONEY does more talking here than any letters of a sanctioning body right? At least that is the general consensus....

What does Thomas think? The ISCF has never been able to get ahold of him and ask him directly what he thinks, or even if he cares... With all this being said, don't be surprised if you start seeing lower ranked fighters fighting for Pro ISCF World Titles in the VERY near future. After all, "Someone" should be "ISCF World Champion" and maybe that someone is You!