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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27th, 2006, AT 11:00 AM, PT

"War In The Northland"
December 14th, 2006 - North Kansas City, Missouri, USA

ISCF Representative Chuck Wolfe
Some last minute drop outs as well as some last minute injury's made the Wise Guy Promotional Team scramble to put this one together. But, always the professionals, as usual they pulled together a quality show that proved to be highly entertaining. Results as follows...

    John DeWitte Vs Kevin Moore
    Moore and DeWitt started the evening off with a bang. DeWitt lands two knees to Moore to set up a takedown. That was enough to put Moore into a position he was unable to defend from - forcing Referee Rob Kimmons to stop this one.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Strikes) at 1:00 of Round 1 John DeWitte.

    Shawn Smith Vs James Jack
    This bout starts out fast as Smith misses with a leg kick and Jack immediately gets the takedown then moves in to ground & pound. Smith gives Jack his back which seals the deal for Jack - Jack attacks and earns a quick submission.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Strikes) at :32 of Round 1 James Jack.

    Willie Mack Vs Aaron Smith
    The fighters exchange some quick hands, then Mack attacks with knees to the body and head of Smith. Mack gets the takedown which Smith reverses. Smith moves to a full-mount to ground & pound. Mack quickly escapes slamming Smith against the cage. Mack gets another takedown but Smith rolls out giving Mack his back. That's all Mack needed to tightly secure the rear naked choke, forcing Smith to submit!
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:29 of Round 1 Willie Mack.

    Julius Salas Vs Matt Gragg
    This bout quickly grabbed the crowd's attention as Matt Gragg proved he was ready to rumble ~ Gragg comes out landing a left jab, right cross and right uppercut combo that hurts Salas. Gragg follows with a right leg round kick to the head of Salas. Salas misses with a spin-heel kick as Gragg moves in for a takedown. Gragg works for the full mount, as Salas attempts to defend. Gragg works some effective hammerfists and left hooks forcing Referee Kimmons to stop this bout! The crowd's reaction was wild!
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at :56 of Round 1 Matt Gragg.

    Brandy Partridge Vs Mellissa Sherwood
    The ladies again prove to be outstanding warriors as this fight was an opportunity to demonstrate their sound technical striking skills! Partridge throws the first blow, landing a kick punch combination! But, Sherwood immediately gets the takedown, returning blows of her own with some rights to Partridge's head! Sherwood maintains the top position, but Partridge manages to bring her in close to defend against the ground and pound. Sherwood does land blows to the body and head as she manages the full mount and rains down a barrage of rights and lefts, forcing Partridge's back and giving Referee Kimmons no choice but to stop this bout! Great show!
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at 1:16 of Round 1 Mellissa Sherwood.

    Dean Johnston Vs Aaron Posten
    Johnston immediately lands kicks with both legs, but Posten gets the takedown. Johnston immediately gets up and reverses Posten, then both fighters are back on their feet as this bout starts with a bang! The crowd is enthused as they can feel the energy these fighters are giving out! Posten lands a knee to Johnston's body, but as Johnston attempts a guillotine he lands a few solid knees to Posten's body. Posten slips and slams Johnston against the cage, but Johnston again reverses and gets a quick takedown from the headlock, pushing Posten against the cage as Johnston throws some hooks to his body. Posten quickly takes Johnston to the ground and works unsuccessfully for the mount, as Johnston pulls full guard. With Posten on top, he is trying to figure out how to get past Johnston's legs with no effect. Johnston immediately moves into a triangle position, looking for an arm, squeezing tight forces Posten to submit!
    WINNER By Tap Out (Triangle Choke) at 2:23 of Round 1 Dean Johnston.

For more info please contact Mr. Larry Reyes at (816) 547-0569 or by e-mail at or go to

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20th, 2006, AT 7:50 PM, PT

"Fighting For Life"
December 9th, 2006 - Springfield, Missouri, USA

ISCF World Representative: Chuck Wolfe
Talk about atmosphere this place (Shrine Mosque Springfield, Missouri, USA) has it. A good venue for fans and fighters alike. Brandon Schwin and his Cage of Honor crew brought it to Springfield this rather warm night for this time of year in Missouri. It was not only warm outside but very warm inside as well. Results as follows:

    Daniel Chavez Vs Brandon Garza
    These guys started the night off with a bang. Good fast action was the theme as both Chavez and Garza put on a show of there talent both standing and on the ground. Chavez was the better securing the rear naked to get a the tap from Garza.
    WINNER By Tap Out (rear naked choke) at 2:18 of Round 1 Daniel Chavez.

    Robert Frye Vs James Lucas
    Frye starts with a jab right hand combo that puts Lucas on his seat. Lucas recovers quickly getting to his feet to land a right hand to Frye knocking Frye down to the mat. Lucas moves in for some ground & pound to end this by tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Strikes) at :54 of Round 1 James Lucas.
    • DECISION CHANGED: After review, the decision has been changed on this bout due to Referee Error: Frye came out with a jab, cross combo that put Lucas on his seat and moved in to continue throwing blows but the Referee stepped in and stopped the fight and told Frye to go to my corner of the cage. "I guess I just made a mistake" said the Referee. "I saw his eyes roll up in his head and thought he was knocked out." WINNER BY TKO: Robert Frye

    Brian Pearman Vs JT Smith
    Smith starts with a right hand followed by a knee. Pearman counters with a body slamming takedown from a double leg. These Featherweights did not hold back as they countered each other with fast offensive and defensive action. Round one ends with Pearman looking to have an advantage with good takedowns as well as strikes.
    Round 2 Pearman land two leg kicks to set up another takedown by Pearman. Smith gets away from Pearman and stands up only to take two knees to the face. From a head crank Pearman lands two more knees to Smith. Pearman gets a takedown again as Smith counters with a attempted arm-bar. Pearman gets out in time to land some left hands and right hands on Smith as the round ends.
    Round 3 starts with Smith landing a right hand as Pearman counters with a takedown. Pearman looks to ground & pound on Smith. As action slows down Referee Johnson stands them up giving Smith a opportunity to land a flying knee to the body of Pearman. Pearman gets a takedown as the round comes to a end.
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision (30-27 All Cards) Brian Pearman.

    *Kaleb Plank Vs Jeff Kaltved
    Plank works fast and with ease securing a arm-bar for a tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (arm-bar) at :22 of Round 1 Kaleb Plank.

    Caleb Scott Vs Josh Ruckman
    Scott sets up a takedown with a right hand followed by a leg kick. Ruckman pulls guard and starts to secure a triangle choke. Scott some how gets out of Ruckmans guard to land a right & left hand. Ruckman is relentless with his attempt at the triangle choke. Scott slips out again trying to secure a ankle lock on Ruckman. Ruckman reverses Scott moving to a sidemount. Ruckman lands some body shots on Scott as the first round comes to a end. The second round starts with Scott landing a leg kick and a double leg takedown. Ruckman quickly goes to work securing the triangle choke for a tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (triangle choke) at :48 of Round 2 Josh Ruckman.

    Jeremy Harris Vs Alan Johnson
    Johnson starts by slamming Harris against the gage. Johnson shoots in for a single leg but it is defended well by Harris. Harris lands a right hand over the top of Johnson's guard. Johnson lands an unintentional low knee to Harris which prompts Referee Bud Johnson (No Relation) to stop the action warning Johnson and giving Harris time to recover. Both fighters get to trade right hands as this round ends. The second round starts with Harris landing two leg kicks a right hand and a high round kick to Johnson head. Johnson answers with two right hands of his own that connect on Harris. Johnson gets a takedown and moves in to secure a leg lock on Harris. Harris holds on all the way til the end of the round refusing to tap. Harris is prompted by his corner to get busy. He misses a right and a left hand as Johnson gets a takedown. Johnson moves to full mount and finds room for some ground & pound. The round ends with both fighters giving their all.
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27 and 29-28) Alan Johnson.

    Tony Key Vs Brandon Hawkins
    Hawkins tries a superman punch that is blocked by Key. Key with a takedown which is quickly reversed by Hawkins who moves to a arm-bar for a tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (arm bar) at 1:12 of Round 1 Brandon Hawkins.

    Josh Phillips Vs Brian Stubner
    Stubner starts with a fast right hand followed by a takedown. Phillips reverses Stubner but falls victim of the triangle choke.
    WINNER By Tap Out (triangle choke) at 1:27 of Round 1 Brain Stubner.

    Rodney Borden Vs Chuck Rainey
    These fighters go all three rounds mostly on the ground with Rainey unable to submit Borden. Borden who proved to be very difficult to control in just about everything that Rainey attempted. Borden seemed to have a slight edge in the striking department. As this close fight goes to the scorecards.
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision (29-28 All Cards) Rodney Borden.

    Hank Dooley Vs Brandon Thomure
    This fight rounded out a truly entertaining evening. These fighters stood up for most of all three rounds. Dooley was the busier of the two fighters. Landing almost every time he threw. The second round showed Thomure to be very tough but short on gas as Dooley landed more blows than the round before. The third round was more of the same as the crowd appreciated both fighters efforts.
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-27 and 29-28) Hank Dooley

For more info please contact Mr. Brandon Schwin at (417) 724-2747 or by e-mail by clicking or go to


"Throw Down in War Town"
December 16th, 2006 - Warner Robbins, Georgia, USA

Submitted by ISCF Representative Matthew Waller.

  1. Antonio Leon Vs Stephen O'Shaughnessy (O'Shaugnesse)
    O'Shaugnesse comes in the center of the ring and opens up with a kick, LEON answers and throws a few strikes of his own. O'Shaugnesse lands a clean punch that drops Leon for a second but quickly recovers and finds O'Shaugnesse working on a choke. Then O'Shaugnesse gets mount and lands a few strikes that opens a cut on the nose of Leon just before the rounds ends.
    Round 2 starts off with kicks from both fighters, Leon takes O'Shaugnesse down and lands a few knees and follows up with a keylock attempt. Referee GEORGE ALLEN stands the fighters back up and Where O'Shaugnesse drops Leon with strikes just as the bell rang.
    Round 3 Both fighters exchange kicks and Leon lands one to the head of O'Shaugnesse. While both fighters appear tired, Leon lands a few more kicks . The bout ends.
    Winner ANTONIO LEON by Split decision

  2. Micheal Gurley Vs Jacobi Brown
    Both fighters meet at the center of the ring with some quick striking, Brown takes Gurley down and works for his back to secure a rear naked choke for the tap.
    Winner JACOBI BROWN by rear naked choke at 1:35 of round 1.

  3. Clay Harvison Vs David Smallwood
    Round 1 The fight starts with each fighter sizing the other up and then working to a clinch. Smallwood slams Harvison and lands in his guard. Harvison works from the bottom to latch on a triangle for the tap.
    Winner CLAY HARVISON at 1:31 of round 1.

  4. Garrett Kemble Vs Micah Goss
    Round 1, The round opens with an exchange of kicks back and forth when Kemble gets the take down and stands in the guard of GOSS. Kemble post up several times and lands some solid punches to the head and stomach of Goss. Kemble backs out of the guard and stand over Goss landing several leg kicks to his downed opponent. Just before the round ends Goss gets back to his feet and takes down Kemble.
    Round 2 Kemble rushes out to take control of the fight by slamming down Goss again and landing more shots and then passing to gain side control where he begins looking for submissions. Kemble works for a guillotine and then lands a solid arm bar for the win.
    Winner GARRETT KEMBLE by arm bar at 3:20 of round 2.

  5. Jason Manning Vs Lance Evans
    Evans starts the bout with a strong kick to Manning and both fighters work in and out of the clinch. Evans takes down Manning and lands on the bottom where he starts working for a triangle, and then transisions to an arm bar to end the bout.
    Winner LANCE EVANS by triangle choke at 2:57 of round 1.

  6. Josh Thomas Vs Micheal Webb
    Webb rushes across the ring and quickly slams Thomas, but was able to sink a guillotine in the middle of the slam for the fastest win of the night.
    Winner JOSH THOMAS by guillotine choke at .30 of round 1.

  7. PRO MMA: Larry Landry Vs Ben Pierce
    Both fighters exchanged a few kicks and punches and worked for the clinch. Pierce takes down Landry and starts working for a triangle. Landry stands up in the guard to land several strikes. Pierce reverses and gets top position but Landry is quick to reverse and gain side control and then pass to mount ending the round.
    Round 2 Pierce comes out with some crisp punches and knees to Landry then follows it up with taking down Landry. Once on the ground Pierce lands a few shots to Landry and then a scramble for position lands Pierce on the bottom where he works again for a triangle which makes Landry tap.
    Winner BEN PIERCE at 2:36 of round 2.

  8. PRO MMA: Josh Hancock Vs Dominic Brown
    Brown comes out with some fast strikes but Hancock answered with a solid shot that drops Brown for a second. Brown gets the takedown and then the mount where he unleashed a a storm of strikes that made Hancock tap.
    Winner DOMINIC BROWN by tapout due to strikes at 1:53 of round 1.

For more info please contact Mr. Billy Laseter at (478) 361-0492 or by e-mail at or go to


Illinois Department Of Financial And Professional Regulation
Division Of Professional Regulation - Illinois State Professional Boxing Board
Mandatory Requirements For Martial Arts (MMA)/Kickboxing Per Event

From Illinois Professional Regulation Department
This "New" MMA requirement list has been created to better reflect the requirements per the State of Illinois' Professional Boxing Act. This should alleviate some stress and make the process a little easier to manage, while still complying with the law. If any of these requirements are not submitted according to their corresponding timeline, any Promoter's request to hold an event can be denied at the discretion of the Illinois State Professional Boxing Board.

If you have any questions and/or comments, please feel free to contact Mr. Rafael Caro of the Illinois State Professional Boxing Board Division of Professional Regulation, Illinois Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation at (312) 814-2721or by Fax at (312) 814-3145 or by e-mail at

  • Information must be received 20 Days Prior to Event
    • Event Info (Date, Time, Location, Type, Pro, Am Or Both)
    • Nearest Hospital Info (Name, Address, Phone #, Distance)
    • Latest Fire Inspection Of Venue
      • All documents must be on corresponding business'/company's letterhead.
      • Inspection of Venue must be less than a year old and must be free from any fire code violation.
    • Letter From Security Agency (Illinois Licensed)
      • All documents must be on corresponding business'/company's letterhead.
    • Letter From Sanctioning Body (W/Rep's Name)
      • All documents must be on corresponding business'/company's letterhead.

  • Information must be received 10 Days Prior to Event
    • Contestants' Insurance
      • All documents must be on corresponding business'/company's letterhead
    • Public Liability & Property Damage Insurance.
      • All documents must be on corresponding business'/company's letterhead
    • List Of Officials (Timekeepers', Refs', Judges' Contact Info)
      • If any official(s) change(s), promoter must inform Board of "new" official(s) not more than 48 hours after event.
    • List Of Contestants (Preliminary)
      • Provide list of contestants' contact info (names, addresses and dates of birth), and whether they are professional boxers
    • Letter From Physician (Il Licensed)
      • All documents must be on corresponding business'/company's letterhead.
      • Physician's letter must state that he/she will be present at weigh-in and act as ringside physician for entire event.
    • Letter From Ambulance Company.
      • All documents must be on corresponding business'/company's letterhead.

  • Information must be received 3 Days Prior to Event
    • List Of Contestants (Final)
      • Provide list of contestants' contact info (names, addresses and dates of birth), and whether they are professional boxers

  • Within 48 Hours After Event
    • Event Results


This list has been created to better reflect the requirements per the Professional Boxing Act and if
requirements aren't submitted according to their corresponding timeline, your event can be cancelled.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19th, 2006, AT 8:15 PM, PT

Midwest Fight Fest
December 9th, 2006 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

ISCF - IKF St. Louis, Missouri, USA
This past Saturday night Shamrock Promotions LLC ended the 2007 fight season with a BANG! After a cold couple of weeks and an ice storm that kept people in their homes, fight fans were ready for a HOT Night Of FIGHTS!

The night was once again a sell-out, even with another fight in town, fight fans knew where to find the best fighters and action... The Midwest Fight Fest!!!
Results are below.

  1. ISCF Amateur MMA: Jasper Mayfield defeated Mike Green in the 3rd round by choke.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA: Adam Marburger defeated Kyle Kapeller in the 1st round by referee stoppage.

  3. IKF Amateur Kickboxing: Adam Cella defeated Roman Brown by decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

  4. ISCF Amateur MMA: Natu Visinia defeated Paul Williams in the first round by KO - strikes.

  5. IKF Amateur Kickboxing: Nick Reeder defeated Brian Scraper by decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  6. ISCF Amateur MMA: Dan Velton defeated Derek Garner in the second round by rear naked choke.

  7. ISCF Amateur MMA: James Bunch defeated David McSwain by split decsion 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  8. ISCF Amateur MMA: Chance Burke defeated Chad Vancil in the first round by rear naked choke.

  9. ISCF Amateur MMA: Jack Johnson defeated Caleb Richards in the first round by ground and pound.

  10. ISCF Amateur MMA: Andrew Hardesty defeated Scott Koester in the first round by rear naked choke.

  11. ISCF Amateur MMA: RJ Colborn defeated Kyle Gilmore in the first round by referee stoppage.

  12. IKF Amateur Kickboxing: Jimmy Donahue defeated Tim Riddle by TKO at the start of the third round. Riddle could not continue.

  13. Boxing: Jesse Colmer defeated Calib Richards by decision 30-27, 29-28, 29-28

ISCF & IKF Event Representative: Ben Nogueras.
For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at or go to


December 16th, 2006 - Monroe, Louisiana, USA

For more info please contact Mr. Andres' Landor At (337) 298-7693 or at or go to

MONDAY, DECEMBER 18th, 2006, AT 11:55 PM, PT

Special ISCF Announcements

Due to requests by the many fighters, trainers as well as State Athletic Commissions for our Sanctioning Services, we no longer have any required barriers between ISCF Sanctioned events.

As many of you here know, the ISCF has experienced substantial growth over the last year. This growth has come from our attention to details such as fighter background checks, event listings, fight card listings, post event news articles, great officials, etc. etc. You are probably also aware of the problems we and Promoters face when a Promoter is finally given a venue date only to discover next that the date he/she is given is not acceptable to the ISCF Scheduling boundaries. When the ISCF Rules forced us to deny sanctioning of these Promoters events, it left several Promoters no other choice but to go to another sanctioning body to sanction their events. In doing so, many came back to the ISCF to confirm that what other so called sanctioning bodies do is far less than what the ISCF does for our promoters. They felt cheated out of good quality service because a venue forced a certain date on them.

Adding to this were the many phone calls and e-mails of fighters and or trainers that fight on non ISCF Sanctioned events, complaining about the safety of the event, amateurs fighting pros due to no background checks, no press coverage, unsanctioned bouts, etc. etc. Not to mention the obvious benefits a Promoters loses from not being able to sanction with the ISCF such as the publicity coverage we do on the ISCF Web Page as well as listing fighters in legit, up to date rankings with contact info for both Pro and Amateur MMA Fighters.

We don't need to sell any of you on what the ISCF does for our Sanctioned Promoters and Events. You all know what we offer which is why most of you reading this have been a part of the ISCF Team. With all this being said, safety of the fighters has come up over and over again. The reality is, "If no one else (Other so called sanctioning bodies) cares enough to watch over the safety of the amateur fighters, we need to step up and make sure we do it ourselves."

So, as of today, the ISCF is officially doing away with the Scheduling Time Frames. The most important reason for this as others have expressed to us is to assure as many MMA events have the attention to fighter safety (Pros Vs Amateurs, weight spreads, equipment, etc. etc.) as other ISCF Sanctioned events.

Some of you here may think this decision is to make the ISCF more money. Well, it's obvious there will be more money coming to the ISCF with this move. However, we have kept away from doing this for months now because of the added work load it will create here. If we were one of these other so called sanctioning bodies, than YES, this would strictly be a money move. Why do we say this? Lets look at the reality of this. The other sanctioning bodies charge the same fees we do and some even more to sanction an MMA event, yet they do NOTHING for you. This means they could book 100 events vs 1 event and the only extra work they would be doing is extra trips to the bank. With the ISCF, our work load will increase tremendously with this decision, so it's not simply a matter of more $$ for a weekend.

Now, even though we have made this move, we will still have some scheduling and matchmaking rules in place to protect a promoter from those who, on purpose, work to sabotage another promoters event that is local to them. As sad as this is and as much as we do not like admitting this about ANY Promoter, we have to realize that this is a reality sometimes and it just may be the scenario. Because of this, as it always has been, the ISCF reserves the right to confirm or deny any Promoters ISCF Sanctioning request.

Here are some of the new rules for 2007 below to be aware of.


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14th, 2006, AT 2:20 PM, PT


Wise Guys Promotions Presents
"War In The Northland"
North Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Shamrock Promotions & The Blue Corner Present
Midwest Fight Fest
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Left Hook Promotions Presents
Monroe, Louisiana, USA


Submission Of Middle Georgia Presents
"Throw Down in War Town"
Warner Robbins, Georgia, USA


"Shootfighting Challenge"
December 2nd, 2006 - Springfield, Illinois, USA

ISCF Springfield, Illinois, USA - By Rob Donaker, ISCF Representative.
What a great night put on by Scott Ward. An action packed night of fights ending quick and most going the distance. The match making was perfect. To a packed house Ward put on 13 amazing fights. The ice storm from earlier in the week didn't stop the Central Illinois fight fans from battling the streets and making it out to the event. Here are the results below.

  1. PRO MMA: Chuck Painter defeated TJ Swarts at 2:14 of the 1st round by Kamora.
  2. PRO MMA: Travis Cline defeated Mike Benson at 2:12 of the 2nd round by strikes.
  3. PRO MMA: Jon Humke defeated Chris White at 2:17 of the 1st round by strikes.
  4. PRO MMA: Tim Smock defeated Jeramiah Rhodes at 1:40 of the 1st round by triangle choke.
  5. PRO MMA: Luke Triveline defeated Pete Grimes by decision 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.
  6. PRO MMA: Dave Boosinger defeated Jesse Bridges at 1:25 of the 2nd round by triangle choke.
  7. PRO MMA: Mike Corry defeated Ryan Bixler unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28.
  8. PRO MMA: Brian Carter defeated Shannon Walsh at 2:11 of the 1st round by tap out.
  9. PRO MMA: Sal Woods defeated Shawn Huffman by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28.
  10. PRO MMA: DECISION UNDER PROTEST: Jason Pierce defeated Quinton McCottrell by *SPLIT decision 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29.
  11. PRO MMA: Justin Robbins defeated Thomas Skinner by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28 and 29-28
  12. PRO MMA: Darrell Cobb defeated Erick Hammerick at 2:57 of the first round by KO.
  13. PRO MMA: DECISION UNDER PROTEST: Brandon Griffin defeated Bill Hill.

For more info please contact Mr. Scott Ward at (217) 698-8040 or by e-mail at

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13th, 2006, AT 3:30 PM, PT

"Cage Fight Fest"
December 2nd, 2006 - Sedalia, Missouri, USA

Chuck Wolfe, ISCF Representative
Sedalia Ultimate Fight Promotions Presents "Cage Fight Fest" Matthews Building, Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia, Missouri, USA. The snow was deep outside (12 to 15 inches) as was the talent inside this night at the Missouri State Fair Grounds. ISCF Promoter Robert Hulett and his Ultimate Fight Promotional team served up some hot action on a cold night in central Missouri. Results as follows:

    Torrey Martin Vs Josh Buckner
    Buckner gets the takedown, then both fighters reverse each other. Buckner gets the top position. As the action stalls both fighters are brought to their feet by Referee Brandon Schwin. Buckner lands some hard rights and lefthands. Ledbetter answers witha lefthook to the head of Buckner. After a take down by Ledbetter gets the top position. Buckner reverses Ledbetter and lands a couple of righthands as this round ends.
    Round 2 starts fast and ends it fast as Ledbetter lowers his head into a Buckner knee to end this one.
    WINNER By KO (Knee Strike) at :11 of Round 2, Josh Buckner

    Charlie Carpenter Vs Brent Thurman
    Both of these fighters land leg kicks to start this fight. Carpenter gets the takedown, goes to fullmount and starts to land some strikes to Thurmans head. He lands enough to make Referee Schwin put a stop to this one.
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at :50 of Round 1, Charlie Carpenter.

    Joe Muscia Vs Brandon White
    Both these fighters showed good skill at striking as well as on the ground to start this one. White however makes a big mistake while going for a takedown and takes a Muscia knee to the face.
    WINNER By KO (Knee Strike) at 1:59 of Round 1, Joe Musia.

    Daniel Lundsford Vs Josh Phillips
    Lundsford misses with a high kick as Phillips lands a righthand, two knees and a takedown into a fullmount. Lundsford gives Phillips his back and Phillips takes it securing the rear naked for a tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:33 of Round 1, Josh Phillips.

    Lloyd Ray Vs Bill Lou
    Lou starts with a body slam takedown and moves to a sidemount, fullmount and into some effective ground & pound. Referee Schwin stops it as Ray is unable to defend.
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at 2:07 of Round 1, Bill Lou.

    Brian Jordan Vs Taylor Tackett
    Takedown by Jordon reversal by Tackett reversed back by Jordan. Jordan starts some ground & pound as Tackett give him his back. Jordan goes for the rear naked and gets a tap from Tackett.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Naked) at 1:15 of Round 1, Brian Jordan.

    Clint Fox Vs David Parks
    Fox slams Parks into the cage to start round one. Fox follows with a takedown and gets some room for ground & pound. Parks attemtps a triangle choke but Fox gets out. Fox with a takedown and a sidemount gets Parks in a Kamora arm lock for the tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Kamora) at 2:22 of Round 1, Clint Fox.

    Stephen Carpenter Vs Justin Wantland
    Wantland starts with a jab, leg kick and a right uppercut that connect. Both fighters exchange knees from the clinch. Carpenter lands a lefthook to the head of Wantland, then ducks into a knee to the face by Wantland. Wantland lands another knee to the face as Carpenter answers with a roundkick to the head followed by a overhand right to Wantland's face. These guys proceed to trade some heavy shots back & forth as both came to fight and win. After going to the mat and then back up Wantland lands a jab and a righthand that floors Carpenter forcing Referee Schwin to put a stop to this fight.
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at 2:02 of Round 1, Justin Wantland.

    Cody Dolly Vs Savier Marquez
    Dolly starts with a jab followed by a righthand. Marquez counters with a wild left. Marquez with a takedown moves to a sidemount. Marquez looks to ground & pound but is reversed by Dolly. Marquez reverses Dolly and lands some knees to the body of Dolly. Marquez gets to a fullmount but Dolly slips out as the round ends. The second round starts with Marquez with a takedown reversed by Dolly who secures a arm lock on Marquez for the tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm Lock) at :49 of Round 2, Cody Dolly.

    Robert Peralez Vs Brandon Domingo
    Fast action with both fighters trading punches. Domingo with a takedown then quickly goes for the arm bar for the tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm Bar) at 1:08 of Round 1, Brandon Domingo.

    Robert Joseph Sandrs Vs Scott Fuselier
    Round #1 - Takedown by Fuselier. Who works to a fullmount to do some ground & pound on Sandrs. Sandrs defends well for a while. Then he gives Fuselier his back, who moves in for a rear naked but does not get it as the round ends.
    Round #2 - Sandrs starts with 3 good leg kicks and a takedown only to be reversed by Fuselier. After several more reverses by both fighters Fuselier gets Sandrs back again. This time he goes for the arm bar but does not get it as the round ends.
    Round #3 - A takedown by Fuselier followed by some effective ground & pound gives Fuselier a good advantage in this round also.
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision (30-27 All Cards), Scott Fuselier.

    Bill Bensing Vs Sean Erickson
    A fast start by Bensing as he hurts Erickson with a strong righthand and follows up forcing a quick tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Strikes) at :21 Round 1, Bill Bensing.

    Decarlo Johnson Vs Tyson Rainey
    Rainey had a good edge in all three of the rounds. Johnson fought well but could not overcome Rainey's aggression or ground skills.
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision (30-27 All Cards), Tyson Rainey.

    Isaiah Larson Vs Nathan Thull
    Larson gets the takedown after landing a few kicks. He moves to fullmount to ground & pound and get the tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Strikes) at :45 Round 1, Isaiah Larson

  15. MMA MIDDLEWEIGHTS - Main Event
    Will Burns Vs Russell Crandon
    With Burns at 5-0 and Crandon at 5-1 this looked to be a battle of strikers that could go all three rounds. Burns worked fast getting the takedown on Crandon but could not get past Crandon quick guard. Crandon gets Burns to reach to far and get out of position securing the triangle choke for a tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Triangle Choke) at 1:51 Round 1, Russell Crandon

For more info please contact Mr. Robert Hulett at (573) 424-5744 or


"Cage Championships 2"
December 2nd, 2006 - Union, Missouri, USA

Even after the biggest storm to come through the St. Louis area, fight fans still made it out to watch some NHB Action hosted by ISCF Promoter Mr. Patrick Smith and his Cage Championships LLC Promotional Team.

  1. Bart Nelson defeated Zach Kampmann by submission at 1:26 of the first round.
  2. Daniel Chavez defeated Jason Bauer by submission at 2:27 of the second round.
  3. Eric Clark defeated Matthew Winkle by strikes at :12 of the first round.
  4. John Horsch defeated Valente Ortiz by unanimous decision.
  5. Robert Frye defeated Seth Caron by strikes at 1:39 of the first round.
  6. John Schaeffer defeated James Fletcher by submission at 1:12 of the first round.

For more info please contact Mr. Patrick Smith at (573) 241-0310 or e-mail at or go to

MONDAY, DECEMBER 11th, 2006, AT 4:20 PM, PT


December 1st, 2006 - Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

ISCF Representative: Chuck Wolfe
Well, just as one would think that the True Fight Fan guys could not out do themselves, they did. Once again they squeezed a KO, TKO's, good submissions and a surprise all onto one fight card. Proving that no true fight fan should miss one of these shows. Results as follows:

    Chad White Vs Harvey Kibble
    White starts this one off with a takedown and moves to a full mount and tries to find room for some ground and pound. He keeps his advantage til the round ends.
    Round 2 is more of the same as action dies down Referee Rob Kimmons stands them up so White can get another takedown and more ground and pound. The round ends with White on top again.
    Round 3 starts the same as round 2 ended with another takedown by White and some effective ground and pound. White sets up the arm-bar and gets it.
    WINNER by Tap Out at 3:00 of Round 3, Chad White.

    Jim Rhodes Vs Ronnie "Ron" Jackson
    Jackson lands a left-hook and Rhodes puts himself in no position to defend forcing Referee Rod Kimmons to stop this quick.
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at :14 of Round 1, Ron Jackson.

    James Krause Vs James Hollon
    Krause dominates from the start with a body and a follow up Guillotine for the Tap Out.
    WINNER By Tap Out at 1:11 of Round 1, James Krause.

    Levi Swanson Vs Kevin Hengler
    Swanson starts this one with two left hooks answered by two knees from Hengler. Hengler gets a takedown but Swanson gets up. After some strikes Hengler gets another takedown and follows with some ground & pound. Swanson gets up to land a good right hand as this round comes to a end.
    Round 2- Starts with another takedown by Hengler, who follows up with some good ground & pound forcing Swanson to tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Strikes) at :30 of Round 2 Kevin Hengler.

    Jason Colobong Vs John Orr
    This starts with a takedown by Orr and some effective ground & pound by Orr. Colobong reverse Orr and move to a sidemount. Only to be reversed by Orr who starts more ground & pound forcing Colobong to tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Strikes) at 3:15 of Round 1, John Orr.

    Willie Mack Vs Ryan Pederson
    Takedown by Pederson but quickly reversed by Mack. Triangle by Mack for the tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Triangle Choke) at 1:00 of Round 1, Willie Mack.

    Julius Salas Vs Kyle Miller
    After a leg kick and knee by Salasboth these fighters trade right hands and knees. Miller gets a takedown and some ground & pound as Salas gives Miller his back. Miller moves in for the rear naked and gets Salas to tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Nakes Choke) at 2:44 of Round 1, Kyle Miller.

    Chad Vandenberg Vs Chris Mann
    After a exciting but even first round these fighters let it all hang out in the second.
    Round two starts with Vandenberg landing a leg kick answered by knees to the body by Mann. A takedown by Vandenberg followed by some ground & pound.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Nakes Choke) at 3:57 of Round 2, Chad Vandenberg.

    Dustin Schnakenberg Vs Dustin McBride
    Two left jabs and a very good right hand by Schnakenberg ends this one by KO.
    WINNER By KO at :29 of Round 1, Dustin Schnakenberg.

    Craig Case Vs Josh Bernal
    Case moves first with a good right hand followed by a slamming takedown. Case goes to work on Bernal from the top mount position and doesn't stop till Referee Kimmons puts a stop to this one.
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at 3:27 of Round 1, Craig Case.

  11. ISCF Amateur Featherweight Missouri State Title

    Troy Talavera Vs Eric Akin
    Due to personal circumstances, Akin did not show up for weigh-ins. due to the circumstances, the ISCF Amateur Featherweight Missouri State Title was awarded to Troy Talavera.
    WINNER By forfeit Troy Talavera.

    Matt Cox Vs Jason Ramey
    A leg kick and a knee by Ramey followed by a takedown by Cox gets round 1 underway. Cox goes for some ground & pound as Ramey gives him his back. Ramey does not tap and finds a way out as the round ends.
    The second round starts with Cox with a double leg takedown of Ramey. As Cox starts more ground & pound he makes a big mistake allowing Ramey to lock on the a arm-triangle forcing Cox to tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm - Triangle) at :55 of Round 2 Jason Ramey.

For more info please contact Mr. Phil Jones At (816) 651-5087 or at or Mr. Larry Reyes at (816) 547-0569 or by e-mail at or go to


"Cage Of Honor - Battle At The Bluff"
November 18th, 2006 - Poplar Bluff, Missouri, USA

    Adam Miles VS Cody Carrillo
    WINNER by Unanimous Decision, 30-27 on All Cards, Cody Carrillo.

    Ronnie Cline VS Josh Ruckman
    WINNER by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at :51 seconds of Round 2, Josh Ruckman.

    Larry Jarrett VS Daniel Sisco
    WINNER by Tap Out (Strikes) at 1:45 of Round 1, Daniel Sisco.

    Melvin Jordan VS Tyler Christian
    WINNER by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:15 of Round 2, Tyler Christain.

    Donald Bell VS Brandon Thomure
    WINNER by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:36 of Round 1, Brandon Thomure.

    Hank Douley VS JD Hunter
    WINNER by TKO (Strikes) at 1:12 of Round 1, Hank Douley.

    Shad Lankford VS Jacob Ritchie
    WINNER by Unanimous Decision, 29-28 on all Cards, Shad Lankford.

    Bradley Blackwell VS Tim Estes
    WINNER by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:18 of Round 1, Tim Estes.

    Michael Sierra VS Cory Carter
    WINNER by Tap Out (Arm Bar) at 1:13 of Round 1, Mike Sierra.

    Matthew Yount VS Drew Reed
    WINNER by Unanimous Decision, 30-27 - 29-28 & 29-28, Matt Yount.

    Ben Douley VS Matt Miller
    WINNER by Unanimous Decision, 30-27 All Cards, Matt Miller.

    Scott Bear VS Rick Wymer
    WINNER by Tap Out (Rear Naked choke) at 2:27 of Round 3, Rick Wymer.

    Colby Tierney VS Mike Glenn
    WINNER by TKO (Strikes) at :22 of Round 2, Mike Glenn.

For more info please contact Mr. Brandon Schwin (417) 724-2747 or by e-mail by clicking or on the web at


"Battle At USAC"
November 18th & 19th, 2006 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Results by ISCF Representative Chuck Wolfe
It's not surprising that Phil Jones, Larry Reyes and their Wise Guys Promotion crew creatively came up with such an outstanding venue to promote Mixed Martial Arts at its finest! Car Audio enthusiasts spent the weekend at Kansas City's Bartle Hall attending their Annual USAC 1 World Finals - billed as "Bigger, Badder, Hotter, & Louder Than Ever!"...but little did they know what that meant until the Cage Fighters hit center stage! The Cage was set up in their main arena for two days of ground-and-pound action! Billed on their website as a partnering the USAC 1 was looking forward to, I'm sure their fans weren't disappointed. And I'm even more sure that many of the Car Audio fans are NOW MMA fans as well! It was an amazing weekend for MMA fans, both experienced and novice!

For more info please contact Mr. Phil Jones At (816) 651-5087 or at or go to


"In Ya Face Fight Productions - Ultimate Battles"
October 28th, 2006 - Gallaino, Louisiana, USA

  1. Jeramiya Maxwell Vs Steven Mitch
  2. Tyson Champagne Vs Matt Rengal
  3. Justin Martinez Vs Coty Horn
  4. Scott Sonnier Vs Charly Rader
  5. Brenden Bohannon Vs Mark Waltermire
  6. Tony HickmanVs Roland Sanchez

For more info please contact Mr. Albert Pierre Jr. at (985) 790-6637 or by e-mail at

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8th, 2006, AT 6:10 PM, PT


Shamrock Promotions Presents
"Midwest Fight Fest"
St. Louis, Missouri, USA


"Fighting For Life"
Springfield, Missouri, USA

TUESDAY, December 5th, 2006, AT 1:50 PM, PT

For The
ISCF MMA Classic!

SATURDAY, December 2nd, 2006, AT 9:00 PM, PT

First Annual


US Cellular Center & Crowne Plaza Hotel
April 27th, 28th & 29th, 2007 - In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

It had come down to 4 locations of the over 50 Bid Proposals we received from around North America. One location in Chicago, one from Georgia, one in Tennessee and the Iowa location.

In the end, it was the combined efforts of the US Cellular Center (Right, The same Event Arena used for the 2003 and 2006 IKF Annual Kickboxing Tournament), and the Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel (Left) and the Cedar Rapids Convention Visitors Bureau in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA.

The photo at the left is a shot from the second level of the Arena, before event day for this years IKF World Classic kickboxing Tournament. The black curtain in the background of the left hand photo hung from floor to ceiling and split the arena in half. The full size of the arena (With chairs on the floor) can be seen at the right. This is the same Arena that the UFC used when they came to Iowa back in the 90's before settling in Las Vegas. The half you see was for the competition and behind it was all warm-up area. The fenced off area around the rings is called "The Pit!" This is the fighters "staging" area. Fighter's were called to "The Pit" prior to their bout to be fully prepared to enter the ring for their next bout. This procedure will be the same procedure for the ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC. Behind the rings you can see some of the vendor booths and the main announcer platform.

At the ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC, the two rings will be replaced with 2 fight cages and on the other side of the curtain will not only be warm-up area for the fighters but also potential space for a "Non Striking" Grappling Tournament on mats that the ISCF is currently deciding if they want to host at the Tournament as well.

The US Cellular Center is a beautiful 28,000 square foot "Stadium Seating Arena" which has held the title of the FINEST Venue we have ever had over all the years (8 straight years now) of the annual IKF Kickboxing Tournament. There is a total of 16,200 square feet on the actual arena floor space, and add in the Stadium Seating area and there is plenty of seating for spectators. Better yet, since nearly all the seating is elevated, there is not a bad seat in the house!

It is one of the most impressive entertainment venues in the Midwest. It also has 4 complete locker rooms (Showers, lockers etc.) for the participants and plenty of warm-up area surrounding the outside of the arena bowl under the elevated seating areas. As far as sporting events, in the past it has hosted as mentioned above, the UFC along with the Taekwondo Nationals and many Wrestling Championships and even WWF wrestling (Now WWE), not to mention many stars like the Harlem Globetrotters as well as concerts including KISS, Prince, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Amy Grant, Diana Ross, Pantera, Motley Crue, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Styx, AC/DC, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Diamond Rio, Martina McBride, Gaither Homecoming, Barry Manilow, Chicago, Bon Jovi, Blue Collar Comedy, Chicago, Beach Boys and Bob Dylan.

Current acts include Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic, Martina McBride and the Harlem Globetrotters just to name a few.

The 275 room Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel is also Fantastic! The 16-story hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Cedar Rapids and is conveniently located just 10 minutes (eight miles) from Cedar Rapids Airport (Eastern Iowa Airport). The Hotel will provide Free Shuttle service for all tournament Attendees (Fighters, trainers, officials and of course, fight families and fans!)

It is connected by hallway to the US Cellular Center and connected by 12-block skywalk system to numerous shopping and dining options and 2 theatres, the Theatre Cedar Rapids and the IMAX Theatre. All 275 rooms in the 16-story hotel feature cable TV and in-room movies, coffee maker, hair dryer, ironing board/iron and there are of course, non-smoking rooms available. There is also a business center, fitness center, indoor pool, and sauna. Top of the Five rooftop restaurant and Front Street Lounge, serving lighter fare, are both open 7 days a week. The room rate for a weekend at the Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel is usually $140.00 per night, however our special ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC rate will only be $109.00 per night. The US Cellular Center is simply down an elevator and a hallway from everyone's hotel room.

"Like what happened this year with our IKF Tournament, the final factors came down to dates, facility and our past working relationship with Mary Lee Malmberg, the Director of Sports Tourism at the Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau." Said ISCF President Steve Fossum. "The Cedar Rapids bid offered as much or more than all the other bids and with an availability date of April 27th, 28th & 29th, it was a major factor in the final decision."

ALL Participants are required to stay in the Host Hotel.
This is a lesson we learned at a past IKF Tournament. The lessons learned happened at back to back IKF Tournaments before we made the decision to put in place the mandatory host hotel rule. At one of our past IKF Kickboxing Tournaments we had Fighters get injured in their bout and we needed to contact their parents who were not in the venue at the time of their bouts. At another past tournament we had some fighters we needed to locate due to bout changes but we could not find them in the event room or in the hotel because they were at another hotel sleeping. Due to these issues causing a lot of problems, we do not want to face such issues again. This is why this is a MANDATORY RULE now for competitors at not only the IKF Kickboxing Tournament, but it will also be a rule for the ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC. At Registration we will be asking each fighter and trainer for their room number and room confirmation code in case we need to contact them for bout or schedule changes or in case of any emergency. The The ISCF will have a main Headquarters Suite for all event organizations duties. The hotel layout also allows us to block off a private floor for all the ISCF Event Officials to book their rooms on.

EVERY FIGHTER will walk away with some type of Award(s) or Gift(s) from the ISCF and other Sponsors!
The awards for this event alone will be a major expense. Awards will be broken down into two different divisions.

Looking at the numbers above, once one does the math for 8 belts at $1000.00 each ($8,000.00) plus the other 8 at $265.00 each ($2,120.00) and already we have over $10,000 in just Belt Awards. This does not include the Thousands of dollars in additional awards "AND" if we decide to have a Woman's MMA Division, start adding more $$ to the mix. Overall we plan to give out between $20 and $25,000 in awards and gifts alone. This will be the ISCF's opportunity to "Give Back" to the Amateur side of our sport because as you can add up here, there will probably not be any profit for us in this event unless we sell a lot of spectator tickets, so "Bring your Fans!" Like with the yearly IKF Tournament, that started as a USA only, than grew to a North American and is now a WORLD Amateur Kickboxing Tournament, we feel it is our obligation and duty to create the Ultimate "Golden Glove" style tournaments for our fight sports! The expenses for this Tournament and the other Tournaments we host are necessary to create "Legit Amateur Champions." We hope you agree.

As would be expected, an event of this size will be needing a lot of Officials (Judges, Timekeepers, Referees and assistants). Those of you who are either local to the event or already going, please let us know by e-mail if you can volunteer to be an official at the event. We have received a lot of request for officials however most of them are asking for us to pay their travel fees and we simply cannot afford this because of the cost of the venue, awards and the many other items that go into promoting such an event. There simply is no budget for 50+ Officials. For these very reasons, officials (or trainers who can assist as officials) who can pay their own travel fees will be selected first as the event officials as we have done every year for our IKF Tournament. Once we have you confirmed, we will list you on our soon to be posted ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC OFFICIALS PAGE. Each official will receive a free ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Officials Shirt and the ISCF will pay for your lunch on both days of the Tournament just as the IKF does for Officials at our annual IKF Tournament. So, If you are able to volunteer to be an Official at 2007 ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC please let the us know by e-mail at:

The Registration fee for the 2007 ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC is $55.00 Per Fighter.

Those wanting to Register now can go to the Official Registration form by Clicking HERE!

In order for everything to run smooth, all fighter applications and registration fees must be received here at the ISCF Headquarters by The DEADLINE date of MARCH 30th, 2007. Any fighter who's Registration form is RECEIVED (Not Postmarked) Here at the ISCF Headquarters AFTER MARCH 30th, 2007 will be charged a Late Fee as noted below paid at the Finals Weigh-ins.

There Are "SIX" Registration Deadlines

  1. REGISTRATIONS Received After March 30th, 2007
    will be charged a $20 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.

    This Late Fee May Be Paid At the Finals Weigh-ins PRIOR to your weigh-in.

  2. REGISTRATIONS Received After April 4th, 2007
    will be charged a $30 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.

    This Late Fee May Be Paid At the Finals Weigh-ins PRIOR to your weigh-in.

  3. REGISTRATIONS Received After April 6th, 2007
    will be charged a $40 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
    This Late Fee May Be Paid At the Finals Weigh-ins PRIOR to your weigh-in.

  4. REGISTRATIONS Received After April 11th, 2006
    will be charged a $50 Late Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
    This Late Fee Must be paid along with your registration.

  5. REGISTRATIONS Received After April 13th, 2007
    will be charged a $125.00 "TOTAL" Registration Fee "IF" Your Registration is accepted at all.
    This Late Fee Must be paid along with your registration.


ONLY 8 Fighters Will Be Accepted for EACH Division Bracket!
Not only will the weightclasses be limited to "EIGHT" Divisions, each weightclass bracket will also be limited to "EIGHT" Amateur MMA fighters! This is because we do not want the fighters to have to fight more than 3 times over the weekend. Twice on Prelim Saturday, and their Championship bout on Championship Sunday. For this reason, registrations will be taken on a FIRST COME basis! So if you want to reserve your spot in your desired bracket you need to register as soon as you can. ALL registered fighters will be posted on our Registered Fighters page that will be posted soon. Fighters are urged to keep watch of this page because "IF" your division fills up, you need to keep watch to see if anyone drops out of your division so that you can take their place.
So Again...Those wanting to Register now can go to the Official Registration form by Clicking HERE!

Like every year with our IKF Kickboxing Tournament, there are a lot of people who try to sneak into these events claiming to be assistant trainers, officials, etc. etc. For this reason, as we do at our IKF Tournament now, we will charge for an Official ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Cornerman/Trainers Badge.
This will prevent individuals just attaining a cornermans pass for free only to watch the event. The other reason for this is to police each fighters corner so that only Registered Cornermen and Trainers are in each fighters corner in "The Pit" and the warm-up area. Only registered cornermen/women will be allowed into each fighters corner and "The Pit." The cost of each Official ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC Cornerman/Trainers Badge for the entire weekend is only $10.00 and you MUST HAVE A HEADSHOT PHOTO OF YOURSELF on the badge. This photo and fee will need to be mailed in PRIOR to the event so that we can have your Official PHOTO ID Badge made for you prior to the event. The photo you send in should be no larger than 2 inches X 2 inches. If you do not send in your Trainers Registration form and fee prior to the event you will be charged $25 for your Official PHOTO ID Badge once at the event IF you bring your own 2"x2" headshot photo. If we have to take your picture for your badge at the event the fee will be $35.00. A Maximum of 3 Laminated Photo Cornerman/Trainers ID Badges will be sold per GYM. ALL Cornermen/women must be at least 18 years of age. Cornermen and Trainers will register on Friday during the hours of 2:00 PM and 6:PM at the Trainers Registration Table which will be marked in the Venue.
As a courtesy, All CURRENT ISCF Promoters (Promoters who have promoted an ISCF Event within 4 months prior to the tournament) who are also Cornerman/Trainers will receive their Laminated Photo Cornerman/Trainers ID Badge for free.

Tickets will be Available At The Door.
ALL SEATS will be GENERAL ADMISSION which means anyone can sit wherever they wish to.

It's pretty well known that the Annual IKF Amateur kickboxing Tournament has had many different Special Guests attend the event along with Kickboxing event Promoters and Pro Fight Scouts for large Pro Events. This will be no different for the ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC We already have a plan on who will be our Special Celebrity Guests and we will be making that announcement after the first of the year. However we would also like to let you up and coming Amateurs know that THERE WILL be Pro Scouts there from "SEVERAL" Large Pro MMA Promotions.

One of those Large Pro MMA Promotions is the IFL, the International Fight League. ( The IFL is a League of Pro MMA Teams that compete on a circuit throughout a season towards their own Championship Event. We have already received word from Mr. Keith Evans, VP of Operations for the International Fight League that he and several IFL Associates and Team Coaches will be at the 2007 ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC.

The current Team Coaches for the IFL are very well known in MMA. They are Bas Rutten, Pat Miletich, Carlos Newton, Renzo Gracie, Frank Shamrock, Ken Yasuda Tokyo, Maurice Smith and Matt Lindland.

As for the other Special Guests, we will be announcing them between now and the event. Simply put, this is going to be BIG!

For those who are in the MMA Game, you know Sponsors Love MMA! Sponsors will LOVE this Tournament! We have already had commitments from several Sponsors such as "Combat sports international (ringside's Martial Arts division), Brain Pad and others. If you know of someone who would like to sponsor this event or donate gifts for the Athletes, please let us know by e-mail at:

We will also have Vendor Booth space available inside the arena at the event. Our plan is to make this not just an MMA Tournament but an MMA Fair! As with the Sponsorship, those interested in Vendor Booth Space, Banner placement, Program Ads and more, please let us know by e-mail at:

Although not confirmed, we have had quite a bit of interest from several Top MMA fighters who would like to offer some MMA Seminars at the event. We have also had several trainers and amateur fighters ask if there will be any available as well. We are unsure if we will add any seminars to the weekend's schedule but it is indeed something we are thinking about. If you have any thoughts for or against seminars on the weekend please let us know by e-mail at:

We don't want to make any promises now but what we will say is that we are offering this Event up to several TV Networks and those who have responded back have been very interested. However as you might guess, there are tons of details and expenses in producing programing from an event this size. So, we will keep working at it and see what we can do to bring all of you more exposure to the many MMA Fans around the world. We have had discussions with programmers of Internet TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV and Network Broadcast TV. Hopefully we can "Make Something Happen" with one of them for this GREAT EVENT!

Fighters... It's time for us all to stop "Talking The Talk!" If you think you are the BEST Amateur MMA Fighter in the World, It's time for you to come join us, and prove it to the WORLD as we all "WALK The WALK" at the 2007 ISCF MMA Classic - Amateur MMA Championship Tournament!

We look forward to seeing you all there...

For more info about the 2007 ISCF MMA WORLD CLASSIC - Amateur Championship Tournament, Click HERE!
Please note that some pages have yet to be updated

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1st, 2006, AT 1:10 PM, PT


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA


Team Warrior Concepts Presents
"Shootfighting Challenge"
Springfield, Illinois, USA


Sedalia Ultimate Fight Promotions Presents
"Cage Fight Fest"
Sedalia, Missouri, USA


Cage Championships LLC Presents
"Cage Championships 2"
Union, Missouri, USA


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29th, 2006, AT 4:20 PM, PT

November 18th, 2006 - Morgan City, Louisiana, USA

Results From Steve Miller

For more info please contact Mr. Stephen Miller At (985) 384-5425 or at


"Rome Fight Nite 2"
November 11th, 2006 - Rome, Georgia, USA

Results From ISCF Representative Matthew Waller

  1. Ricky Robinson Vs Joshua Johnson
    Round 1: Robinson takes down Johnson with a hard slam then starts to work for a reverse guillotine, Johnson escapes and catches an arm bar for the tap.
    Winner Joshua Johnson at 3:52 of round 1 by arm bar.

  2. Chris Campbell Vs Troy Todd
    Round 1: Both fighters come out with striking and sizing one another up. Campbell takes Todd down and lands in Todd's guard, and there is little movement, Referee Cam McHargue stand the fighters back up and Todd gets the takedown and is in half guard when the bell rings.
    Round 2: Much of the same action with both fighters throwing a few strikes and kicks but not pressing the action Todd gets the takedown and lands in Campbell's guard . Campbell leaves his guard open and Todd stands up, Campbell is quick to follow and takes down Todd just before the sound of the bell.
    Round 3: Both fighters come out slow with strikes and punches. Neither fighter gets a takedown and the bell rings.
    Winner Troy Todd by judges

  3. Kenny Foster vs Kamrin Naville
    Round 1: Naville comes out with a powerful slam to takedown Foster . Foster gets back up and Naville shoots in leaving his neck open where Foster gets a guillotine choke for the tap.
    Winner Kenny Foster by Guillotine choke at 1:16 of round 1.

  4. Brian Moore Vs Robert Washington
    Round 1: Washington gets the takedown and lands several strikes, both fighters get back to their feet and Moore lands a few knees. Washington again gets the take down and works for a guillotine but Moore slips out just as the bell rings.
    Round 2: Washington comes running out from his corner and jumps for a flying knee and gets a takedown, both fighters get to their feet and Washington works for another takedown, Moore works from side control as the bell sounds ending the round.
    Round 3: Moore takes Washington down and lands in Washington's guard, where he passes and works to gain the mount and works an armbar .
    Winner Brian Moore by judges.

  5. Patrick Norwood Vs Charles Miller
    Round 1: Norwood comes out with a kick and Miller takes him down to quickly work a guillotine. Norwood gets out and both fighters sprint to get back to their feet . Once on their feet both fighters exchange a series of strikes and Miller lands a head kick . Norwood grabs a guillotine which forces Miller to tap.
    Winner Patrick Norwood at 2:09 of round 1 by guillotine choke.

  6. Brian K. Davis Vs *Amin Hmaed
    Round 1: Hmaed comes out taking control of the ring with powerful strikes and kicks, Davis takes Hmaed down and lands in his guard. Davis lifts up Hmaed and slams him back down . Hmaed stood up and kicks Davis in the head while Davis was still on the ground, cutting the chin of Davis. The bout was stopped by referee Cam McHargue and Hmaed was disqualified for illegal strikes.
    Winner Brian Davis at 1:41 of round 1 by DQ.

  7. Chris Steele Vs Tony Summers
    Round 1: Summers shoots in for the takedown and Steele sprawls well to defend the takedown, both fighters began to unleash their hands and feet but Summers strikes caught Steele for the TKO.
    Winner Tony Summers at 1:17 of round 1 by TKO.

  8. Steven Bass Vs Dwayne King
    Round 1: Striking by both fighters and Bass gets the takedown, King quickly works for a heel hook but Bass rolls out of it. King works for a guillotine and Bass works out of it. The fighters work back to their feet and the round ends.
    Round 2: The fighters exchange a few punches, Bass gets the takedown and lands some punches to the ribs of King. King then works for a hammer lock but Bass escapes and takes the back of King where he slips in a rear naked choke for the win.
    Winner Steven Bass at 2:52 of round 2 by Rear Naked Choke.

  9. Shawn Harris Vs Brett Chism
    Round 1: Both fighters come out with a scramble for position with Chism working for a takedown, the fighters clinch and then began a hard exchange of punches, Harris lands a solid strike that knocks Chism down where Harris quickly covered the distance and took Chism's back. Referee Cam McHargue stopped the bout due to strikes.
    Winner Shawn Harris at 3:01 of round 1 by referee stoppage due to strikes.

  10. Joseph Patterson Vs Mark Adams
    Round 1: Adams comes out with several kicks and punches which cut Patterson early. Adams takes down Patterson and takes his back to deliver more strikes which makes Patterson tap.
    Winner Mark Adams at 1:43 or round 1 by tap out due to strikes.

  11. John Chapman Vs Aaron Sharp
    Round 1: Sharp gets the takedown and lands in Chapman's guard, both fighters work to their feet and Chapman lands a few kicks but Sharp gets another takedown and lands in side control and post up with several head strikes. Sharp secures Chapman's arm between his legs and strikes more to the face of Chapman. Chapman slips out and starts working on a rear naked choke when the bell rang.
    Round 2: Chapman comes back out with kicks and Sharp takes Chapman down and lands in half guard then works to pass and gets mount on Chapman but Chapman muscles a reversal and both fighters get back to their feet. Sharp works another takedown but leave his neck unprotected and Chapman seals a guillotine choke that makes Sharp tap.
    Winner John Chapman at 3:03 of round 2 by Guillotine choke.

For more info please contact Mr. Stephen Carnes (706) 346-6709 or at or go to

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25th, 2006, AT 4:30 PM, PT

South Side Rumble
Friday, November 10th, 2006 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Chuck Wolfe, ISCF Representative
What a Great night for the fights at the Ararat Shrine Temple in Kansas City Missouri! Kansas City has become rich with fight venues, and each one is unique in its offerings. Tonight we were treated to some excellent Amateur MMA bouts! The evening's entertainment started with a good Exhibition Match to get the crowd primed. Then the fast action began with the fighters hyped with plenty of high energy and a desire to perform well. A few quick matches entertained the crowd, getting their excitement to peak level, followed by more entertainment to make this a night to remember!

    Mike Mitchell Vs Kyle Gary Waag
    Waag starts this bout jumping in for the full takedown and immediately looking to ground and pound, landing a few straight rights, right down the middle. Mitchell attempts to reverse, but Waag moves right into a rear naked choke hold, locking his hooks in tight, forcing Mitchell to submit! Quick, fast grappling action!
    WINNER by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:07 of Round 1 - Waag.

    Matthew Morris Vs Travis Hendrix
    Morris comes out trying to land a right, but Hendrix ducks under. Morris slips into a guillotine as Hendrix offers his head, but Hendrix counters with some body shots as he pushes Morris off. The crowd is getting louder as Hendrix misses with a left hook, but slams a right hook right on target! Morris attempts to circle out, moving up against the cage and goes again for the guillotine. Hendrix slips again, landing another right as Morris responds with a right. Hendrix answers with some uppercuts and a knee that connects to Morris' face, as these fighters are hooking it up, moving around the cage until they finally narrow the distance and are unable to throw those powerhouse blows! In tight, Hendrix takes advantage and lands a right to the body, uppercut to the head! Morris answers with an overhand right as Hendrix slips away from another right to throw another couple of uppercuts of his own! Morris is quick to answer with a right, only to be caught by another Hendrix uppercut, forcing Referee Rob Kimmons to stop the action! Excellent striking by these powerful fighters!
    WINNER by TKO (Strikes) at 1:47 of Round 1 - Hendrix.

    Jeremy Brandes Vs Craig Welch
    More heavyweight action as these two warriors get ready to rumble! Hand-to-hand combat often has a quick and painful ending - and this war was no exception! Brandes comes out landing a quick left hand, but Welch jumps in and takes him down. Welch goes right in for some ground and pound, looking for a key lock as he moves into a Kamora, taking a moment to slam in some extra blows before locking in the Kamora tight! This quick action forces Brandes to submit!
    WINNER by Tap Out (Kamora) at :31 of Round 1 - Welch.

    Joe Valdivez Vs Jimmy Brewer.

    Travis McEnaney Vs Andrew Keahn
    McEnaney lands a round kick, as Keahn gets the takedown, moving to the full mount. Keahn lands an overhand right as McEnaney looks for an ankle lock that Keahn is able to slip from! McEnaney goes for the ankle, then knee, but is unable to lock in. Keahn moves to the mount landing strikes forcing McEnaney to submit!
    WINNER by Tap Out (Strikes) at 1:17 of Round 1 - Keahn.

    Wes Lubberts Vs Jody Lithcicum
    Lubberts gets the takedown, looking to move to the side mount. Lithcicum pulls his defense very tight, but Lubberts manages to get into the full mount. Lithcicum gives no room for ground and pound as his defense remains tight! Lubberts looks for the armbar, but isn't successful as Lithcicum pulls out and moves on top looking for some ground and pound. The fighters stand as Lubberts shoots in for the single leg, taking Lithcicum to the mat. Lubberts somehow draws an unintentional foul warning from Referee Kimmons as Lithcicum's finger nears Lubberts mouth (Lubberts is wearing a mouthguard). Lithcicum gets a fast takedown and locks in the guillotine, but the bell rings! Unfortunately, Lubberts suffers a broken thumb and is unable to answer the bell at the start of round two!
    WINNER by TKO (Lubberts unable to answer bell for Round 2) at 4:00 Round 1 - Lithcicum.

    Cody King Vs Wes Miller
    Miller tries to land a leg kick, right overhand, King working into a guillotine, moves to his back to crank. Miller tries to slip from the bottom position and tries to get in the guillotine, but his arms are wrapped so he can't crank. King slips as Miller pulls guard. King gets into position to land some right, left hands as he continues to ground and pound forcing Miller to submit!
    WINNER by Tap Out (Strikes) at 1:10 of Round 1 - King.

    Bryan Timmons Vs Cody Bell
    This bout is very well-matched as these two warriors are fast and furious!
    Round one starts with a swift round kick to Timmons body by Bell.. Timmons answers with a body slam, getting the takedown as the body slam misses slightly. The fighters stand and Bell throws a spin back fist, missing. Timmons made him miss, then made him pay taking Bell to the mat! Timmons tries to work around Bell's full guard, but cannot. Bell starts to secure an arm bar, but Timmons slips. Bell goes right back to guard, but still seeking an arm to grab! Timmons attempts some ground and pound, but Bell has a tight defense! Bell tries to get a triangle and tries to lock into an armbar, but Timmons picks Bell up and slams him to the ground. Bell goes for the triangle, pulling on Timmons' head, but Timmons remains on top continuing to throw blows as this action-packed round comes to an end! Both fighters showed tremendous promise this first round!
    Round two starts with Bell's right hand, and triple knee strikes to Timmons face. Timmons answers by taking Bell down with a double leg! Bell works for an armbar, moving to his back, pulling a full guard, attempting to work his legs up into a triangle choke. Bell reverses Timmons, as Bell attempts to get past Timmons guard as Bell works into position for a full mount and some ground and pound, landing some rights and lefts. Timmons attempts to reverse out, giving Bell his back, but Bell gets his hooks in and lands more blows, attempting to grapple, but Timmons is staying tight as he weathers the storm of Bell's attack! Timmons is persistent as he manages to escape and reverse, moving to the top position. Bell pulls full guard, as Timmons attempts to ground and pound as the round comes to an end! The crowd is cheering loudly and can hardly wait for round three...the question on all their minds is will this war go to the cards, or will there be a submission?
    Round three is ready to answer that question as the fighters face each other. Bell goes for the takedown and tries to gain the guillotine. Timmons takes the top position, attempting to stack Bell up, but Bell pulls him right back down into a tighter guard. Bell swiftly moves to a tight triangle choke forcing Timmons to submit!
    WINNER by Tap Out (Triangle Choke) at 2:05 of Round 3 - Bell.

    Sara Schneider vs Brandy Partridge.

For more info please contact Mr. Daniel Summers At (913) 963-1031 or at


"Crossing The Line!"
Saturday, November 18th, 2006 - Bristol, Virginia, USA

The show went fantastic! So well that Stateline is hoping to have their next event on February 17th! Here are the nights quick results below. ISCF is awaiting the full results from ISCF Event Representative JJ Coronel.

  1. Jeremiah Lancaster (Team Roc) defeated Jason Kilgore (Team Kaos) Round 2 by Rear naked choke.

  2. James Linic (Lionkill) defeated Chase Knight (Team C-4) Round 1 by Triangle choke.

  3. Keith Berish (Lionkill) defeated Devon Plaisance (KBJJ) Round 1 TKO Referee stoppage.

  4. Beau Baker (Team Mannon) defeated Jason Kwast (Team Roc) Round 1 by armbar.

  5. John Long (Team Roc) defeated Anthony Simmons (Lionkill) Round 1 TKO Referee stoppage.

  6. Mark Tyler (Team Ox) defeated John Dillman (Knoxville, TN) Round 1 by Rear naked choke.

  7. Caleb Cupp (ETBG) defeated Tom Finch (Lionkill) Round 1 by Rear Naked Choke.

  8. Tyler Justice (Absolute) defeated Cody Smith (Samson's Gym) Round 1 by Rear Naked Choke.

  9. Erick Jordan Vs (Team Ox/ Tuca O Tapa) defeated Josh Penuel (Ohio) Round 1 TKO Referee stoppage

For more info please contact Mr. Casey Oxendine At (423) 773-3030 or at or go to


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, 2006, AT 1:00 PM, PT


Cage Of Honor Presents
"Battle At The Bluff"
Poplar Bluff, Missouri, USA


Battlezone Productions Presents
Morgan City, Louisiana, USA


State Line Mixed Martial Arts Presents
"Crossing The Line!"
Bristol, Virginia, USA


Wise Guys Presents
"Battle At USAC"
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Amateur Fight Card As Of 11-17-06 - 3:10 PM


THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9th, 2006, AT 6:20 PM, PT


Unleashed Combat Presents
South Side Rumble
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Rome Fight Productions Presents
"Rome Fight Nite 2"
Rome, Georgia, USA

  1. Chris Campbell Vs Troy Todd
  2. Brian Moore Vs Robert Washington
  3. Patrick Norwood Vs Charles Miller
  4. Brian K. Davis Vs Philip Truell
  5. John Chapman Vs Aaron Sharp
  6. Ricky Robinson Vs Joshua Johnson
  7. Chris Steele Vs Tony Summers
  8. Steven Bass Vs Dwayne King
  9. Joseph Patterson Vs Mark Adams
  10. Shawn Harris Vs Brett Chism
  11. *Amin Hmaed Vs Kenny Foster


Throwdown In V-Town II
November 4th, 2006 - Valdosta, Georgia, USA

ISCF Representative Matthew Waller
This past Saturday night, Evolution Promotions Inc. hosted another version of Throwdown In V-Town II at the Lowndes County Civic Center in Valdosta, Georgia, USA. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Jason Barrett Vs Kenneth Wright
    Wright shoots in for a quick take down but leaves his head unprotected and Barrett sinks in a guillotine for the win.
    Winner: Jason Barrett by guillotine at .22 seconds of round 1.

  2. Kamrin Naville Vs Michael Taylor
    Naville gets the takedown and passes to mount where he begins to land some solid strikes to Taylor.
    Round 2 : Naville slams Taylor and works to pass guard where he gets full mount and begins striking until the fight was stopped by the referee.
    Winner: Kamrin Naville by referee stoppage due to strikes at 1:24 in round 2

  3. Jason Hickey Vs Lance Evans
    Hickey comes in with some solid strikes and Evans takes Hickey down and gets side control. Hickey gets out and Evans wraps Hickey back in his guard. Evans works a guillotine choke but Hickey escapes . Evans quickly sets in a deep triangle that forces Hickey to tap.
    Winner: Lance Evans by Triangle choke at 3:22 of round 1.

  4. Brett Chism Vs Michael Ricks
    Chism takes down Ricks, Ricks gets the top position and begins to land strikes to Chism. Ricks stand up and Chism is quick to follow . The round continues to be an up and down war with Chism getting the better of the exchanges.
    Round 2: Ricks comes out with a few kicks and Chism is quick to answer them with strikes of his own and then he takes Ricks down and gains side control where he began to unleash a series of knees and strikes to Ricks.
    Round 3: Both fighters are sizing up each other when they clinch Chism goes over the top rope and lands on the judges table. The bout is restarted and Chism gets the takedown and works from side control again with strikes and knees.
    Winner: Brett Chism by judges.

  5. Dean Surrency Vs Gabriel Siqueira
    Surrency takes down Siqueira who quickly gets mount and finished with a triangle choke.
    Winner: Gabriel Siqueira by triangle choke at 55 seconds of round 1.

  6. Kenny Lester Vs Arthur Huynh
    Huynh comes out throwing punches and works for a take down then passes to mount . After several strikes Huynh goes for the armbar.
    Winner: Arthur Huynh by armbar at 1:46 of the 1st round.

  7. John Fulton Vs Tony Hunter
    Round 1: Hunter walks in throwing heavy hands to Fulton and Fulton answers with strikes of his own. The round continues to stay standing with Hunter getting the better of the exchanges.
    Round 2: Hunter takes down Fulton, Fulton reverses and both fighters get back to their feet. Hunter gets another take down and lands in the guard of Fulton where he lands strikes to the head of Fulton. Fulton attempts a triangle and Hunter slams Fulton down to escape.
    Round 3: Fulton takes down Hunter, off the bell, and Hunter gives up his back. Fulton gets in both hooks and works for a rear naked choke. Hunter gets out but Fulton is quick to get the same position on Hunter.
    Round three ends with Fulton still working to get the submission.
    Winner: Tony Hunter by judges.

  8. Nathan Barnes Vs Daniel Escudoro
    The fighters clinch and Barnes works for a guillotine choke, then follows up with strikes and lands a solid knee to the face of Escudoro which drops him.
    Winner: Nathan Barnes By referee stoppage.

  9. Justin Freeman Vs Wesley Boland
    Round 1: The bell rings and both fighters move quick to meet for the exchange. Boland lands a solid strike that took Freeman off his feet for a second. Freeman gets back to his feet and both fighters let a barrage of strikes fly.
    Round 2: Boland takes Freeman down where he works for an armbar, then strikes to the head of Freeman and then Boland head stomps Freeman which the referee stops the fight to make sure each fighter understands the rules. After the restart both fighters clinch and Boland gets the take down and gets an armbar.
    Winner: Wesley Boland by Armbar.

  10. Jethro Wilson Vs Jonathan Baldtree
    The fighters clinch and Wilson gets the take down and Baldtree gets half guard. Wilson gets to his feet and gets the back of Baldtree where he lands several strikes forcing the referee to stop the bout.
    Winner: Jethro Wilson by referee stoppage at 1:47 of round 1.

  11. Jerome Lucas Vs Ryan McCellan
    This was a back and forth war with a lot of grappling with McClellan landing most of the takedowns and holding top position for most of the time but with Lucas being more active from the bottom. In the third round McCellan fell into the ropes and was suspended off the ground and could not escape while Lucas landed several knees to the face of McCellan. The fight was stopped to unlock McCellan from the ropes and check the cut that was made from the knees. The bout was restarted with short time left.
    Winner: Lucas by split decision.

For more info please contact Mr. James Richard Cox at (229) 890-8219 or e-mail at


Midwest Fight Fest
October 27th, 2006 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

ISCF & IKF Representative Chuck Wolfe:
Shamrock & Blue Corner Promotions continue their quality reign as one of the Midwest's premier Mixed Martial Arts Amateur Fight events! They constantly "discover" new talent, while continuing to showcase some amateur fighters that are developing into outstanding seasoned fighters ready to step into the Professional arena!

The ballroom (brawlroom) at the Clarion Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri was packed as the announcer began. After a stoic moment of silence for our Fallen Heroes, the fans were treated to quite a show as tonight's action included some strong grappling action, excellent striking, and a few Kickboxing matches to round the evening off! Fans know that in MMA ANYTHING can happen, but three hardcore bouts went the distance! Always a class act, Blue Corner also had entertainment by the dance team Fusion, who showed a few good moves of their own! The fighers were honored to fight before Missouri fans, known for their willingness to engage in the action with great cheers and wild applause! Great night for a Fight Fest! Kudos to Shamrock & Blue Corner Promotions yet again!
Here are the nights Results.

    Adam Meyer vs. Bryan Carroll
    The first bout of the evening was a kickboxing match between a tall kickboxer (Meyer stood at 6'3") and fighter with Muay Thai experience (Carroll)! This would prove to be an interesting match up. Carroll starts this war with a straight side kick, proving the shortest distance to an opponent is the side kick, but Meyer uses his reach to land a couple of round kicks and a straight right hand. Carroll is quick to tie Meyer up, closing the gap. The crowd reacts as Carroll lands a low kick, earning a warning by Referee Kevin Engel. Meyer seems to shake it off. Carroll lands a solid right, and Meyer hits the canvas and manages to get up but does not want to continue forcing Referee Engel to stop this bout.
    WINNER by TKO at 1:36 of Round One - Carroll.

    Sharice Davis Vs Courtney Martell
    Davids starts this bout connecting with a leg kick, but Martell works in. Davids throws a knee, but Martells gets the takedown, taking the top position. Davids pulls a tight guard, then goes for the triangle, grabbing the arm to secure an arm bar with the triangle choke, locking the legs and then landing three straight powerful rights from the bottom position that knock Martell out, bringing this fight to an outstanding finish! As we've experienced over and over in this fight game, these ladies again prove you don't have to be male to DOMINATE! Outstanding performance!
    WINNER by KO at :46 of Round One - Davids.

    Todd Metcalf vs. Paul Whitworth
    After the fast action of the last bout the fans were treated to a fight that went to the Judges Scorecards for the decision! This fight was "International Rules" kickboxing, which allows for the excitement of leg kicks! Metcalf starts the action with a left kick, left hand combination. Whitworth answers with some stiff jabs, followed by a leg kick. Metcalf was quick to respond with a left overhand, connecting with a kick to the body followed by a straight right hand to the head. Metcalf led as the fighters exchanged leather again, then the fighters exchanged leg kicks, with Whitworth's kick causing the crowd to react. These fast fighters were throwing blows faster than lightening. The fighters exchange a solid series of blows again to the crowd's delight! Although Metcalf's arsenal appears to have the slight edge, Whitworth's defense and reactions prove he's a contender!
    Round two starts with a couple of hard body round kicks by Metcalf, but Whitworth continues to prove unphased as he answers with solid blows of his own! Again, these fighters are going toe-to-toe, landing blow after blow on one another. Whitworth manages to back Metcalf into the corner, but Metcalf spins out moving Whitworth into the corner, then the fighters continue a speedy exchange! Excellent action! Whitworth draws a warning with an unintentional low kick, stopping time for a brief moment. The fighters go right back to hooking up, as the crowd cheers wildly ending round two!
    Round three action starts with Metcalf landing a kick, only to get answered by Whitworth's kick. Metcalf's solid kicks are then answered by Whitworth's double right hook, landing to the body and head! What a war as the action is continuous! Whitworth goes in with a right, backing Metcalf up slightly, but Metcalf comes right back with some solid work! The fighters tie up as Referee Engel breaks them, and they go right back at it! The fighters exchange a series of blows, followed by a stiff exchange of front kicks. Amazing action, as these fighters continue to go toe-to-toe right to the final bell! Great action!!!!
    WINNER by Unanimous Decision (29-28 All Cards) - Whitworth.

    Erin Reynolds Vs Tonya Evinger
    The ladies are back for action in this bout. These ladies pack a huge punch as Reynolds comes out landing a huge right, but Evinger answers with a slam takedown that causes the ring to shake and the crowd to roar! Evinger immediately moves to the top working for an arm bar, landing a knee to the body from a side mount position. Evinger is relentless as she moves to a guillotine to the top mount, cranking the head as she goes! Reynolds resists with all her might, but Evinger forces Reynolds to submit from the tight guillotine choke. Outstanding grappling from these dynamic women warriors!
    WINNER by Tap Out at 1:38 of Round One - Evinger.

    John Duever Vs Andrew Waters
    The women warriors are a tough act to follow, but these warriors don't let the crowd down! Ready for a rumble, Duever comes out landing a right, as the fighters grapple up. Duever goes after the leg for a takedown, moving right to the top position as Waters pulls guard. Waters works some good under hooks, tieing him up as the action stalls. Referee Engel stands the fighters back up and Duever flies in with a knee and attempts to take Waters down, but Waters won't have it as he foils Duever and Waters takes Duever down! Waters takes the top position looking for room for ground and pound, but Duever's is staying defensive. Again, Referee Engels brings them back to stand up. Waters misses with a right, spin kick. The fighters trade leather, then Waters lands a knee to Duever's chest. Waters gets the takedown as the bell rings to end round one.
    Round two starts with Waters jabbing and going for the missed takedown. Duevers gets the takedown trying for the full mount but Waters has some tight defense. The crowd is wild as the fighters grapple close to the edge of the ring. Duevers attempts an armbar, but Waters refuses to tap! Waters arm actually looked like it dis-and-relocated and he still refused to tap! Wow! Strong grappling skills demonstrated by both warriors should have taken a toll on them as round two ends, meaning it will be survival of the fittest in the third and final round!
    The excitement and exchange in MMA makes the crowds anticipation of this final round palatable! Waters throws an overhand right, connecting strong. Waters takes advantage as he moves on top, landing lefts, and moving into a rear naked choke. Waters won't give up and tightens his grip as the crowd roars. Waters reverses his grip and forces Duevers to submit! Awesome!
    WINNER by Tap Out at 1:06 of Round Three - Waters.

    Joe Deyoung Vs Ben Nixdorf
    With the excitement riding high from the last war, the crowd is primed! And, these fighters didn't let them down as they went man to man in this contest! Nixdorf starts this war with some kicks and punches, taking DeYoung to the ground. Taking the side mount, Nixdorf attempts the full mount, but DeYoung pulls guard, forcing the action to stall. Referee Engel stands the fighters back up. As DeYoung throws a right hand, Nixdorf wows the crowd with a fierce body slam takedown landing a couple of overhand rights. From the half guard, Nixdorf lands some knees, then stands. DeYoung throws a leg kick, but Nixdorf slams him again! Nixdorf moves to the top, landing a right hand. The fighters stand again, but Nixdorf does a double leg takedown, body slam as the round ends with a bang.
    Round two has Nixdorf with another body slam takedown attempting a Guillotine. The fighters stand and Nixdorf does a single leg takedown and DeYoung finally sprawls to avoid the body slam! Nixdorf swiftly moves to the side mount, then full mount. DeYoung tries to reverse, rolls out, and Nixdorf takes his back slipping in with an attempted rear naked. The crowd is loud as Nixdorf then attempts an armbar, with his legs locked in, but DeYoung won't tap! The fighters reverse back and forth with Nixdorf ending up on top, moving in for some ground and pound as the round then ends.
    The final round finds Nixdorf dominating again with a shooting double leg takedown, pushing DeYoung out of the ring. The fighters stand and Nixdorf attempts another shooting double leg, but DeYoung sprawls effectively. The fighters stand and exchange rights that miss. Nixdorf tries to shoot and again DeYoung sprawls. The crowd is thunderous as both fighters struggle but fail to improve their position forcing Referee Engel to stand the fighters back up. DeYoung misses with a right, answered by a blow and another body slam by Nixdorf, as Nixdorf goes back to work with repeated knees from the side mount ending this round! Excellent, busy bout - even the crowd was exhausted after this war!
    WINNER by Unanimous Decision (30-27 All Cards) - Nixdorf.

    Lonnie Dodge Vs Chris Nelson
    Nelson starts this war with a jab, right, overhand right, but is immediately countered by Dodge's right, overhand right as these fighters slug it out! Dodge connects with a powerhouse right that drops Nelson and Dodge moves in for the finish! Nelson attempts to move to his feet, but Dodge is relentless with another right forcing Nelson to submit! Dodge ends this war with superior striking!
    WINNER by Tap Out at :45 of Round One - Dodge.

    Eric Siley vs Mitch Ward
    These amateurs bring some experience to the ring as Ward stalks Siley, circling and faking a right, immediately grappling up, dragging Siley down and quickly moving to a side mount. Both fighters look for room to strike and Ward finds Siley's body with a couple of knees allowing him to take the full mount and begin his ground and pound attack. Siley executes a solid bridge, but Ward is relentless with his right hand, left hook combinations. Maintaining the dominate position, Ward looks to land more strikes, while going after Siley's arm for an armbar lock. Ward remains focused on Sileys arm and has success, forcing Siley to submit!
    WINNER by Tap Out at 2:23 of Round One - Ward.

    Chris Barrows Vs Chris Page
    These warriors come out ready to roll as Page immediately jumps in with a flying jump kick, barely missing, then moves in for the body slam. Barrows capitalizes on the miss, quickly sinking in a guillotine, cranking on Page's head relentlessly. Page is strong, and refuses to immediately tap, but Barrows only closes in tighter forcing Page to submit! Fast, quick action!
    WINNER by Tap Out at :31 of Round One - Barrows.

    Donaco Watts Vs Nick Nolte
    The crowd is ready for this war as they chant and cheer for their favorite warrior! This matchup shows promise as this war begins - Nolte known for his striking ability against the BJJ Watts. Nolte stays true to his reputation by starting this bout with a quick round kick to Watts' head, and Watts maintains his reputation by immediately grappling up, spinning and dragging Nolte to the mat. Watts immediately moves past Nolte's guard into the full mount. Nolte shows good defense pulling in a tight guard as Watts stacks up Nolte, looking for ground and pound. The fighters don't improve their position so Referee Engel stands the fighters and Nolte swiftly attempts a flying knee, overhand right. Watts counters by grappling up as the fighters move into the fence. Referee Engel moves them and Nolte throws an overhand right and another attempted knee. Watts fires back a right hand and the fighters end this action packed round trading knees at the bell.
    Round two Nolte tries to land a high round, but Watts throws an effective block. Both fighters exchange leather and Watts wows the crowd with a body slamming take down, going right to the full mount. Nolte pulls a tight guard, but Watts goes in for the ground and pound, landing a few good rights. Nolte spins out, taking Watts' back as Watts tries to throw some more rights, landing some to Nolte's body and head. Nolte maintains a good defense in spite of Watts attack! The crowd is going wild as Nolte's somewhat unorthodox defense continues to block the blows hammered in by Watts! Excellent round!
    The crowd can hardly wait for round three as the fighters face each other to end this battle! Nolte comes out strong throwing a jumping round kick, left hook combination proving he's still in the fight! Watts attempts a single leg as Nolte moves into a guillotine landing some knees to the head of Watts, but Watts pulls his head away and lands a solid knee of his own as the fighters continue to exchange. Watts is on top as Nolte pulls guard. Watts attempts to get around Nolte's guard, but Nolte is managing to slip in with some good underhooks. Nolte won't allow Watts to free his arms but Watts is relentlessly going for the ground and pound and manages to free up landing some solid blows to Nolte's body and head. The action stalls as Referee Engel gives Watts his lost mouthpiece and the fighters quickly exchange stand up rights, Nolte throws a leg kick moving into an attempted guillotine, but Watts powers right through this effort and slams Nolte to the canvas and moves in for ground and pound as the fight ends! What a war! The crowd cheers as we go to the Judges Scorecards.
    WINNER by Unanimous Decision (30-27 All Cards) - Watts

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr. at (913) 568-8009 or e-mail at or go to or


"Cage Championships 1"
October 28th, 2006 - Union, Missouri, USA

ISCF Representative Chuck Wolfe:
Hosted by the College set on 200 picturesque acres, East Central Missourian fans were treated to quite an event this evening! CAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS promotors smartly picked the city of Union ("the coming together of people and ideas") to bring Mixed Martial Arts to life! And, these hungry fans were not disappointed as they witnessed outstanding amateur MMA fighters grapple, strike and go toe-to-toe in the cage! The night started with a couple of outstanding exhibition matches. Every fan knows with MMA it can be anyone's win due to the wide variety of skills the fighters can call upon, and though none went the distance, this only spoke well of these fighters amazing grappling abilities! After the exhibition matches, the remaining fights were added to the Amateur Fighters records, with some well-deserved wins and some close losses!
Here are the detailed results below:

    Daniel Lundsford Vs Charlie Carpenter

    Colby Tierney Vs Bill Colson

    Chase Miller Vs Matt Winkle
    After two exciting exhibition bouts the crowd is ready for more - and these next fighters don't disappoint! Miller immediately goes in for the double leg takedown, slamming Winkle against the cage. Both fighters go right back to standing trading some short punches up against the cage. As the fighters separate Winkle shoots off a left hook answered by Miller's overhand right and solid hook - excellent leather exchange as the crowd cheers. Miller slams in a good leg kick as Winkle pushes him to the mat. Miller springs back up landing two leg kicks and a fast left hook! The fighters are throwing blows as Miller continues with a stiff left, uppercut landing flush and the fighters grapple up as Miller goes in for the single leg. The fighters quickly go back to stand up and Winkle tries for a guillotine, but Miller evades easily. Miller continues his barrage raining down with an overhand right, left hook combination, yo-yoing blows from head to body to head! The crowd is thrilled with this action as Winkle appears to be pressured as he attempts to throw some lefts, but he gets caught with Millers solid left and much more - this forces Referee Bud Johnson to step in and stop this war!
    WINNER by TKO (Strikes) at 1:38 of Round One - Miller.

    Scott Bear Vs James Fletcher
    Fletcher starts this war with a double leg shoot, slamming Bear against the cage, dragging Bear down. Fletcher moves to the top position, as Bear moves his legs into position for a triangle. Fletcher counters with some hammerfists to the face, attempting to stack Bear up against the cage moving to the center of the cage. Bear gets the triangle locks in. Fletcher foot stomps on Bears arm as he tries to grab. Fletcher tries to get past the triangle, looking for room to pound, forcing Bear to release. Fletcher gets the knee on as Bear looks for an armbar, but Fletcher rolls out, working to get into the guillotine. Bear stands and slams Fletcher against the cage, throwing a knee to Fletchers body followed by a left hook to the body. Fletcher answers with a knee to the body, but Bear then connects with a knee to Fletchers head. The crowd is loud as the fast action continues. Fletcher slams an upper cut, but Bear continues throwing solid knees. Fletcher slams in more fists as these fighters continue to hook up, Bear landing a knee to Fletcher's uppercut to his face! Bear has a head crank, looking to land more knees, but Fletcher manages to partially block, but as the round ends Fletcher looks like he's being challenged against the cage by Bears onslaught of blows.
    Round two starts with a bang after the fighters exchange respect by tapping gloves and begin circling one another...but, only for the briefest of moments as Fletcher throws a front kick to Bears body, attempting an outside ax kick that glances right off, and Bear is there with a right hand, left hook combination that connects. Fletcher changes strategy looking for the double leg, but Bear sprawls effectively getting away and Bear gets into position to take Fletchers back as Fletcher defends, moving to the top position. But, Bear is relentless as looks to secure a triangle lock, swiftly moving in for the arm bar, clinching in tight forcing Fletcher to submit! Excellent action!
    WINNER by Tap Out (Arm-Bar) at 1:42 of Round Two - Bear.

    Kyle McCann Vs Josh Bowen
    The electricity in the arena is fierce as this fight begins. Bowen comes straight out with a left, immediately hoisting McCann and slamming him to the mat, moving quickly to a side mount. McCann reverses, taking the top position. McCann moves to the side mount and looks for some room for ground and pound, but Bowen pulls in tight! McCann is persistent and movs to the full mount throwing repeated rights and lefts forcing Bowen to submit! The crowd is going wild with this fast and furious action!
    WINNER by TKO (Strikes) at 1:17 of Round One - McCann.

    David Meyers Vs Andy Davis
    Lightening strikes in this bout as the action begins! Meyers quickly takes Davis to the canvass, striking and jumping into full mount position and striking again and again - like lightening to Davis' head, forcing Davis to submit in about a quarter of a minute! Awesome action and a great way to close this card! What a night for the fights!
    WINNER by Tap Out (Strikes) at :17 of Round One - Meyers

For more info please contact Mr. Patrick Smith at (573) 241-0310 or go to


IKF Muay Thai & ISCF MMA
November 4th, 2006 - Peoria, Illinois, USA

IKF & ISCF Representative Pete Peterson:
On November 4, 2006, Promoter Ryan Blackorby once again brought the IKF and ISCF to the Riverplex Sports Arena in Peoria, Illinois, USA for some awesome Muay Thai and MMA fights before a "Standing Room Only" crowd. Mr. Blackorby put together a fantastic combination of amateur Muay Thai and both amateur and pro MMA. UFC veteran Derrick Noble fought an exciting main event while IKF Pro U.S. Muay Thai Champion, Jeremy Harminson made his pro MMA debut. The feature fight of the night pitted two undefeated warriors battling for the vacant IKF Amateur Muay Thai U.S. Welterweight Title.
Here are the results:

  1. IKF Amateur Muay Thai, Welterweight
    Dennis Ho (19, 5'9", 152, 5-2, 6/21/87) vs. Jeremy Huffman (26, 5'6", 149, 0-1, 9/9/80)
    Round 1- Ho came out blazing with hand and feet combos. Ho was strong in the clinch with hard knees. Huffman showed great heart through the round.
    Round 2- Huffman turned it on this round with more aggression and superior hands. Ho was superior in the clinch. Great round.
    Round 3- Both fighters started like they were fresh but it was Ho who threw more effective combinations this round.
    All three judges see it the same, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27, the winner, by unanimous decision is Dennis Ho.

  2. ISCF Pro Mixed Martial Arts
    Wade Choate (26, 5'9", 143, 5-4, 2/6/80) vs. Tony Canis (26, 5'9", 145, 2-0, 7/31/80)
    Round 1- Both fighters came out swinging. Canis landed a spinning back fist to the throat of Choate, knocking him down. Choate recovered, but shortly gets caught in an arm bar.
    Winner by tap out, 1:17 in round 1 due to arm bar, Tony Canis.

  3. IKF Amateur Muay Thai, Middleweight
    Nam Do (24, 5'10", 166, 1-2, 1/20/82) vs. John Klyczek (22, 5'9", 164, 0-1, 4/19/84)
    Round 1- Great opening round, both fighters came prepared to bang. Do appeared stronger in the clinch, but the outside game was fairly even.
    Round 2- Much like round one, each fighter showing no signs of fatigue and still pressing the action. Do seemed to have the "heavy hands" in this round.
    Round 3- Do pressing the action, throwing one/two punches and clinching, unloading hard knees. This was a great, close fight.
    Nam Do pulled it out winning by split decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

  4. ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts
    *Tom Marr (28, 5'11", 165, 0-1, 3/6/78) Vs *Brent Grant (21, 5'10", 159, 1-0, 8/12/85)
    Round 1- Wow! Quick fight! Grant landed a right cross early dropping Marr and he quickly went for the kill.
    Grant won at :34 in Round 1 by rear naked choke.

  5. IKF Amateur Muay Thai, Welterweight
    Mark Diffly (23, 5'8", 145, 5-0, 8/30/83) vs. Bob Mattsiessen (28, 6'1", 150, 0-2, 12/3/78)
    Round 1- Diffly began letting his hands go with great combos, working angles. Mattsiessen was not backing down. Diffly suffered 2 accidental knees to the groin.
    Round 2- Mattsiessen controlled action in the clinch, while Diffly landed stronger hands. Great round.
    Round 3- Diffly timed front kicks by Mattsiessen well, landing solid "cut kicks" 3 times, more great action!
    The judges all saw this bout the same, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28, Diffly taking the win.

  6. ISCF Pro Mixed Martial Arts
    Keith Munson (26, 6'0", 175, 1-3, 8/14/80) vs. Wayne Odle (36, 6'0", 183, 4-5, 5/14/70)
    Round 1- The stand-up game was pretty even. Munson scored 2 takedowns and was able to advance from guard position.
    At 2:31 Munson stopped Odle by referee stoppage due to ground and pound.

  7. ISCF Pro Mixed Martial Arts
    Jeremy Harminson (34, 6'1", 154, 1-0, 4/8/72) vs. Marco Olivera (24, 5'9", 151, 1-1, 10/29/82)
    Round 1- This looked more like a kickboxing bout in round one, with a brief time out for Harminson to recover from a solid knee to the groin. Neither fighter scored many damaging shots, more feeling each other out.
    Round 2- Olivera got the take down early, but could not advance position. Harminson held him in his guard until ISCF referee Strandberg stood them up. Harminson landed a solid kick to the head of Olivera, but he did not appear to be hurt.
    Round 3- This round was all Harminson. He pounded Olivera with leg kicks, and then went high with 2 kicks to the head that rocked Olivera and was heard throughout the venue, bringing the crowd to their feet. Harminson began to concentrate on the lead leg of Olivera and soon the affects could be seen.
    This was a clinic in "MMA Standup" by Harminson. He wins unanimously, 30-27, on all 3 score cards.

  8. ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts
    Jaylon Hinchey (26, 6'1", 195, 4-0, 4/1/80) Vs Mike Gellestedt (26, 5'10", 204, 1-2, 1/15/80)
    Round 1- This one went to the ground early with both men exchanging control. Hinchey got mount and unloaded on Gellestedt. ISCF referee, Jason Strandberg, stopped the bout at 1:49 of round one.
    Winner by TKO, Jaylon Hinchey.

  9. ISCF Pro Mixed Martial Arts
    Billy Stamp (27, 6'1", 165, 8-2, 5/16/79) vs. Alex Carter (26, 5'6", 167, 1-1, 3/6/80)
    Round 1- Both guys let it all hang out, banging hard from the get go. Stamp scored several strong hands, kicks, and one BIG knee to the face of Carter. At 1:52 of round one, Carter signaled to the ISCF referee that he wanted no more.
    Stamp wins by verbal submission.

  10. Amateur IKF US Muay Thai Welterweight Title
    Jimmy Lyons (24, 6'0", 146, 6-1, 2/13/82) vs. Ben Culbertson (20, 5'9", 147, 6-0, 2/3/86)
    Round 1- Culbertson scored teeps while Lyons scored punches. Culbertson landed a devastating right hand sending Lyons against the corner cushion and onto the canvas. After receiving a standing eight, Lyons is back in the match, until Culbertson lands hard knees to Lyon's midsection, and ends the clinch with a throw, sending Lyons to the canvas. As Lyons stands, he wobbles unsurly on his feet. IKF referee Dave Rogers stops the bout at 1:23 of round one by TKO.
    Ben Culbertson is the NEW IKF Amateur Muay Thai U.S. Welterweight Champion.

  11. ISCF Pro Mixed Martial Arts
    Derrick Noble (28, 5'9", 178, 23-9, 8/14/78) vs. Ken Allen (26, 5'7", 179, 7-15, 6/12/80)
    Round 1- Noble landed several knees. Allen tried to take the fight to the ground, but then brought it back up. Noble landed two more solid knees to the head of Allen. Allen dropped; Noble got his back, and applied a Rear Naked Choke. The fight was stopped at 1:53 of round one.
    Winner Derrick "The Eraser" Noble.

For more info please contact Mr. Ryan Blackorby at (309) 657-6787.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, 2006, AT 8:10 PM, PT

November 3rd, 2006 - Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

ISCF Representative Chuck Wolfe
This past Friday night, Mr. Phil Jones and his TRUE FIGHT FAN Promotional company continued to score big in the MMA Event arena! Friday's event at the Whiskey Tango in Grain Valley, Missouri, USA was an outstanding promotion witnessed by many faithful returning fans as well as a number of first time fans, contributing to a full house! TRUE FIGHT FAN is one of the most professional promotions held in the Midwest, and just when you think you won't see an event matching the last, they step in and do it better! They not only set the standard, they exceed it every time! Fans, we encourage you NOT to miss another event!

    Matt Morris Vs Jody Van Sickle
    The night started with Thunder as the power giants entered the cage! Morris lands a stiff right jab, left hand combo as the fighters grapple hard. Morris continues to stroke VanSickle with leather. VanSickle manages to trap Morris' arm, but lets go as Morris' knee connecting, as VanSickle goes to the ground up against the cage causing this bout to end - OUCH! Great, fast action from these big men!
    WINNER by TKO (Strikes) at :31 of Round 1 Morris.

    Devin Chasten Vs Lee Anderson The crowd is already primed as this action begins. Anderson attempts the first missing kick as the fighters grapple, with Chasten getting a quick takedown immediately moving to a full mount looking for room to ground and pound. Anderson salvages his defense by pulling in tight, but Chasten is relentless landing a right over the top followed by a barrage of blows all landing effectively! Referee Rob Kimmons keeps a sharp eye on this action as Chasten continues his furious attack forcing Referee Kimmons to halt this bout!
    WINNER by TKO (Strikes) at 1:33 of Round 1 Chasten.

    Jason Colobong Vs John Orr
    Great action so far as the fans are applauding these fighters entering the cage. Colobong keeps the action alive as he lands a front kick to the body following up with a stiff right, with Orr answering with a couple of punches landing a left straight down the middle only to find Colobong ready to grapple. Colobong attempts the takedown but Orr manages to stay on his feet landing a knee to Colobong's body. Colobong answers with some fast rights over the top! Excellent fast action as Colobong throws a fast round kick, but Orr connects with a connecting right as the audience erupts! Orr then throws a quick knee, but Colobong takes him down to the mat quickly moving to mount! Orr shows good defense keeping Colobong in tight, but Colobong manages to get to that full mount. Orr has some underhooks in to hold his arms, but Colobong seeks ground and pound room, throwing some right, left combos, but Orr brings him back in tight. Colobong is relentless forcing Orr to submit! Awesome action!
    WINNER by TAP OUT (Strikes) at 2:04 of Round 1 Colobong.

    Willie Mack Vs Drew Garcia
    MMA fans know well with the variety of techniques available, these fights can end quickly and so far the crowd had been treated to some quick, entertaining results. But this match held the fans attention as it went the distance! The crowd was primed and ready for action - as Garcia comes out with a solid right immediately moving in for the grapple, dragging Mack to the mat. Garcia goes for the full mount, but Mack pulls him in tight! Garcia finds some room, throwing some over the top hammer fists, but Mack continues to defend. Mack looks to secure an arm bar. Garcia is throwing blows with his free hand all the while! Mack goes for a triangle and the crowd erupts as Garcia manages to escape and moves into a half mount position, throwing a couple of knees to Mack's body, but Mack continues to defend well! Mack wows the crowd with a reversal followed by a couple of quick blows as this round comes to an end! Great first round!
    The room is so loud you can't hear the announcer as round two explodes into action. Mack throws a flying right hand, left hook, knee and Garcia attempts a jump side in response as both fighters come out striking! In continuous action, Garcia spins and grapples up with Mack moving him to the cage as Mack lands a knee then as the fighters separate Mack throws a flying knee! Garcia attempts a single leg takedown as Mack goes down and moves into a full guard. The action stalls as Referee Kimmons stands them back up Mack immediately lands a swift round kick answered by Garcia's right hand, round kick combination! Mack throws a fast right, Garcia ducks under and Mack goes in for the takedown taking the top position throwing some right bombs that connect causing the crowd to explode again! Garcia attempts to defend, trying to reverse, but gets caught in a rear naked, but Mack didn't get his hooks in as he continues to try to lock in on the rear naked. Garcia slips out, landing a right, but Mack gets a quick takedown! The fighters exchange solid rights and Garcia goes in to lock in a armbar but is unsuccessful as the round ends!
    Close match as both fighters demonstrate outstanding striking and grappling skills so far. With anticipation we start round three to determine the best of the best tonight! Garcia throws a right, but Mack jams well as he lands a knee to the leg of Garcia! The crowd is totally engaged as these fighters continue their attacks. Mack executes a sweeping takedown and Garcia attempts to lock in his legs, but Mack pins Garcia against the cage and attempts some ground and pound! Garcia fires up from the down position but the action stalls as Referee Kimmons stands them. Garcia throws a quick right, but Mack answers with a quick right of his own and they repeat this action trading repeated blows! Mack throws a hard front kick, but Garcia catches the foot and takes him to the ground. Mack goes for the choke, attempting a triangle but Garcia fights off the choke, but Mack is relentless! Garcia doesn't stop throwing blows as Mack continues to squeeze the choke! The crowd is going crazy with this standoff as the round nears an end. Mack cranks hard, but Garcia refuses to tap at the bell! Excellent, tight match! The crowd shows their appreciation by some loud, loud cheers and applause! Great warriors!
    WINNER by Unanimous Decision (29-28) All Cards Mack.

    Josh Bernal Vs Chad Vandenberg
    The crowd is riding high as this war starts. The fighters grapple up as Bernal throws a couple of knees, slamming Vandenberg against the cage. Vandenberg attempts the takedown, though unsuccessful, he does get in a knee! Bernal answers with a knee and a great punching combination! Bernal then takes Vandenberg down and goes into a full mount - Vandenberg attempts to reverse, giving Bernal his back. Bernal looks for a leg lock, giving Vandenberg his back. Vandenberg takes advantage, slipping in a rear naked choke trying to lock in, but Bernal refuses to submit as he counters successfully! Vandenberg gets off a couple of strikes, but Bernal indicates the blows hit him in the back of the head. The action continues as Bernal attempts to counter some of Vandenberg's action but Vandenberg gets on top looking for ground and pound room. The action stalls as Referee Kimmons threatens to stand them back up and does! Vandenberg throws an overhand right, as Bernal strikes and goes in for the guillotine at the bell!
    Round two starts fast as Vandenberg throws a kick, shoots in for the takedown, but Bernal answers with a couple of knees before going down. Bernal takes the top position, looking for ground and pound room! Bernal stands up, backs up and throws a right, sprawling as Vandenberg attempts a single leg. Bernal attempts to lock into position for the guillotine, but can't maintain, so he spins and gets back position! Intense grappling by these warriors as Bernal looks for an ankle lock as Vandenberg powers out! The crowd is loud as Bernal throws some rights, followed by a knee to the body, going for the attempted triangle close to the cage. Bernal locks in looking for an arm but Vandenberg escapes at the bell!
    The third and final round starts like the first - fast and furious. Bernal charges across to grapple up landing a couple of knees in the midst of the action, taking Vandenberg down and taking the rear position. Vandenberg is in the fetal position as Bernal attacks relentlessly with strikes forcing Referee Kimmons to stop this war!
    WINNER by TKO (Strikes) at 1:07 of Round 3 Bernal.

    Ryan Witten Vs Joshua Freeman
    The lightweights step out ready to rumble! Freeman lands a fast round kick answered by Witten's quick right! Freeman pushes Witten against the cage and drags Witten to the mat. Witten goes to guard, pulling Freeman in tight, but Freeman is relentless getting in some ground and pound. Witten goes for Freeman's arm, but Freeman slips right out landing more bombs on Witten! Freeman sneaks past Wittens guard going to the side mount with Witten close to the cage but Witten goes to guard. Freeman gets past the guard getting in some ground and pound from the full mount, but Witten does a quick reversal going to the top. Freeman takes advantage and goes in for the arm bar, locking tight, forcing Witten to submit! Good, fast action!
    WINNER by TAP OUT (Arm - Bar) at 2:49 of Round 1 Freeman.

    Zach Nolen Vs Seth Haden
    These fighters jump into action as Nolan throws a left hook so fast it knocks Haden to the canvas, but Haden jumps up as fast as he goes down! Nolan immediately throws him back to the canvas, but he again springs back up! The fighters moves swiftly as Haden pins Nolan against the cage, landing a knee. Nolan goes for the takedown and Haden throws another knee, but Nolan responds with a swift upper cut and goes for the guillotine! Nolan cranks hard on the tight guillotine forcing Haden to submit! Awesome!
    WINNER by TAP OUT at :51 of Round 1 Nolan.

    Eduardo Pessoa Vs Roy Babcock
    This has been an action-packed evening for the fight fans! And this bout was no exception to the great action! Babcock is known for his striking prowess up against Pessoa's BJJ background. These always prove exciting as it's anyone's game!
    Round one starts with Babcock striking with a jab, Pessoa answers with a left hook over the top. Babcock answers with a knee and Pessoa throws an overhand right landing hard. Babcock looks for the guillotine, but Pessoa slips past moving right into the full mount and going for the ground and pound. Babcock attempts to tighten up, but Pessoa gets ready to strike. Babcock responds with solid strikes, but Pessoa goes for a tight ankle lock! Babcock swivels going for the rear naked, but Pessoa has solid defense, reversing Babcock and taking the top position. Pessoa looks to get past Babcocks guard going for another leg lock, Babcock manages to land a heel kick, but Pessoa is relentless in his pursuit. Babcock slips out, and Pessoa takes the full mount landing a knee on Babcock, forcing a one point foul assessed by Referee Kimmons as the knee connects with Babcock's head. Babcock lands a round kick, right hand, knee strike combination. Pessoa locks into a flying guillotine, but Babcock slips out moving to the top position forcing Pessoa to pull guard! Both fighters are quickly proving they have both striking and grappling abilities and are able to use them! Pessoa spins out and looks for position to get in the ankle lock but Babcock also looks for position for an ankle lock. Neither fighter succeeds, but the attempts were outstanding as this round comes to an end! The fans are totally pumped with the action they are experiencing from these awesome warriors as we move to round two! The fighters are hungry for the win as they attack one another with a healthy mutual respect! Babcock gets the takedown, Pessoa goes into the full guard. Babcock works the head and body but Pessoa looks for a triangle, then ankle lock. Babcock lands a hammerfist, but Pessoa is still looking to lock in! Babcock then also attempts to lock in as the fighters grapple hard! The crowd is loud as they cheer the fighters on. The fighters stall as Referee Kimmons stands them back up. The fighters go toe-to-toe as Babcock connects with a leg kick followed by a couple of rights and a knee. Pessoa answers with a solid left hook, only to be answered by Babcock's hook, right hand combination! Great striking skills by both fighters as they continue to exchange leather! Pessoa goes to the ground as Babcock finds some room to ground and pound, but Pessoa goes for another leg lock, while taking repeated right hands. Pessoa moves to half mount in the middle of the cage, moving in for the side choke, cranking it on tight. He forces Babcock to submit! What an awesome war! These gentlemen put on an outstanding brave effort! The crowd is wild!
    WINNER by TAP OUT (Side Choke) at 3:10 of Round 2 Pessoa.


    Dominic Brown Vs Josh Carney
    This is a rematch event with Karney the earlier winner. This grudge match is the final amateur fight for Brown as he readys to move into the professional arena! Karney shoots in and the fighters lock up and Brown attempts the takedown slamming Karney into the cage. Karney responds by spinning and slamming Brown into the cage. In the rush of adrenaline, Brown throws a knee, but it lands low forcing Referee Kimmons to call a foul (giving Karney some well-deserved time). The fighters are ready to resume as Brown lands a leg kick. Karney moves over to set up his attack and Brown throws another leg kick. Karney moves in with a right hand. Brown pushes Karney into the cage as both fighters look for room to land blows, or slip in for leverage room. Karney throws a solid knee to Brown's body, but Brown responds with left overhand, underhand blows. The fighters can't improve their position so Referee Kimmons separates them, stands them up and the action continues. Brown throws a leg kick, and Karney responds with a single leg takedown moving to the side mount landing blows as the round comes to an end.
    The crowd is chanting for round two to start as the fighters face off. Karney throws a quick tight left jab followed by a leg kick. Brown answers with a leg kick and Karney attempts a single leg, throws a jab and throws an overhand right. Karney gets the double leg takedown moving to the top position. Brown pulls guard and attempts to lock into a triangle choke. Karney stacks Brown up and lands another overhand right. Brown goes for a quick arm bar, cranks tight and forces Karney to submit! Great action to end the evening. Best wishes to Dominic "THE BIG DEAL" Brown on his Professional Career!
    WINNER by TAP OUT ( Arm - Bar) at 1:16 of Round 2 Brown

For more info please contact Mr. Phil Jones At (816) 651-5087 or at or go to

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, 2006, AT 2:10 PM, PT


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

  1. Matt Morris Vs Jody Van Sickle
  2. Willie Mack Vs Drew Garcia
  3. Devin Chasten Vs Lee Anderson
  4. Jennifer Babcock Vs TBA
  5. Josh Bernal Vs Chad Vandenberg
  6. Jason Colobong Vs John Orr
  7. Chris Mann Vs TBA
  8. Ryan Witten Vs Joshua Freeman
  9. Zach Nolen Vs Seth Haden
  10. Eduardo Pessoa Vs Roy Babcock
  11. Dominic Brown Vs Josh Carney


Evolution Promotions Inc. Presents
Throwdown In V-Town II
Valdosta, Georgia, USA

  1. Jerome Lucas Vs Ryan McCellan
  2. Jason Hickey Vs Lance Evans
  3. Justin Freeman Vs Wesley Boland
  4. Jason Barrett Vs Matthew Wright
  5. Jethro Wilson Vs Jonathan Baldtree
  6. Nathan Barnes Vs Daniel Escudoro
  7. Kenny Lester Vs Arthur Huynh
  8. Dean Surrency Vs Gabriel Siqueira
  9. Kamrin Naville Vs Michael Taylor
  10. John Fulton Vs Tony Hunter
  11. Brett Chism Vs Michael Ricks (TBC)


Ryan Blackorby Presents
ISCF MMA & IKF Muay Thai
Peoria, Illinois, USA


"Hurting At The Hirsch Fight Night"
October 28th, 2006 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

ISCF Representative Albert Cole:
This past weekend, ISCF Promoter David Cox did an outstanding job on his ISCF Sanctioned "Hurting at the Hirsch" event at the Louisiana State Fairs, Hirsch Coliseum in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. Mr. Cox and Ark - La - Tex - Promotions staff did a great job!

Here are the night's results below..

  1. Welterweights
    Kevin Williams Vs Darren Gestford
    The match starts out fast with both fighters coming out swinging. Williams ends up taking Gestford's back and sinking in a tight guillotine choke as he goes for the submission.
    Winner Williams by submission at 55 seconds into the first round.

  2. Heavyweights
    Mark Audleman Vs Kevin Sanford
    The fighters both trade a series of punches and kicks to start off the bout. Throughout the duration of 3 rounds, Sanford attempts numerous armbars and chokes only to be defended by Audleman. Audleman then proceeds to punch his opponent after each submission attempt leaving this one to the judges score cards.
    Winner by unanimous decision, Audleman.

  3. Lightweights
    Lenn Simmons Vs Josh Oden
    Oden starts the match off with a malicious right leg kick. The fighters clinch and it goes to the mat. Oden proceeds to take Simmons back and sinks in a rear naked choke. Simmons taps!
    Winner Oden by Tap Out at 1:25 of round 1.

  4. Lightweights
    Daniel Hagens Vs Tony Kelly
    Hagens starts off with a nice slam only to be put into guillotine. Hagens escapes and proceeds to slam Kelly again. Kelly ends up on top of Hagens to throw a series of devastating punches. The referee stops this match at 2:39 in round 1 do to undefended punches to Hagens head.
    Winner, Tony Kelly by TKO at 2:39 of round 1.

  5. Lightweights
    Michael Crews Vs *Michael Westbrook
  6. Lightweights
    Shane Maso Vs Frankie Wright
    Wright comes out wildly firing punches while Mason picks his shots. The fight goes to the ground with unsuccessful submission attempts and punches thrown.
    Round 2 starts off with a big slam and ends with both fighters gasping for air.
    In round 3, Wright slams Mason only to end up in a guillotine. Mason changes it up into a triangle choke and armbar combo. Wright taps!
    Winner Mason by Tap Out at 1:11 of round 3.

  7. Light Heavyweights
    Clyde Clemons Vs Wes Brown
    Clemons starts off with an aggressive slam on Brown. Clemons then takes Brown's back and puts on a tight rear naked choke. Brown taps!.
    Winner Clemons by Tap Out at 1:10 of round 1.

  8. Light Heavyweights
    Jackie Brown Vs Chris Dieterich
    The round starts with a clinch and judo throw by Brown. Both fighters get back to their feet and Dietrich lands a great left leg kick to the midsection and closes the gap. Dietrich then cinches a standing arm triangle choke, which causes Brown to tap at 1:43 of round 1.
    Winner Dietrich by standing arm triangle choke at 1:43 of round 1.

  9. Welterweights
    Derrick Krantz Vs Nathan O'Neal
    Krantz leads off with a devastating right hand that rocks O'Neal. O'Neal answers back with a left jab before being slammed. They scramble while trading punches to stand back up. Krantz slams O'Neal yet again right at the bell.
    In round 2, the doctor stops the match due to O'Neal's inability to continue and regain composure when the referee pulls the two from in between the ropes. The match ends at 21 seconds in round 2.
    Winner Derrick Krantz by TKO at 21 seconds in round 2.

  10. Heavyweights
    Rafel Miramontes Vs Brent Ferguson
    This match starts off with fighters trading good shots to the face and more. Then they go to the ground only to reverse each other and take turns trying submissions. Miramontes takes a foul for a slight headbutt right before the bell.
    In round 2 Miramontes kneed Ferguson hard to the head. The referee gives Miramontes a false foul, corrected by the rep, then Ferguson standing in his corner looking dazed and confused gets attacked with a couple of hard punches. Ferguson turns in to his corner and just turns away. The referee stops the match for Ferguson's lack of defense. The fight is called at 1:24 in round 2.
    Winner Rafel Miramontes at 1:24 of round 2.

The only glitch for the night was fighter Zach McDonald. McDonald checked in to his motel only to check out 2 hours later with no call to the promoter or anyone. He did not show for the weigh-ins or the fights. Because of his actions or lack of, McDonald has been given a "No Show" fine due to the promoter of $100.00 and suspended by the ISCF until paid in full. For more info please contact Mr. David Cox at (318) 687-3127 or at


"Cage Championships 1"
October 28th, 2006 - Union, Missouri, USA

Submitted By Promoter:
Cage Champs I was a big success! Thanks to all the fans who came out to support the show and the fighters. Special thanks to all the fighters who stepped into the cage showing heart, honor and the will to compete in the fastest growing sport in the world. Here are the nights results below:

  1. Chase Miller defeated Matt Winkle by TKO, referee stoppage in round 1.

  2. Scott Bear defeated James Fletcher by armbar submission in round 2.

  3. Kyle McCann defeated Josh Bowen by TKO, referee stoppage in round 1.

  4. David Meyers defeated Andy Davis by TKO, referee stoppage in round 1.

  5. Daniel Lundsford and Charlie Carpenter did a non scored exhibition.

  6. Colby Tierney and Bill Colson did a non scored exhibition.

For more info please contact Mr. Patrick Smith at (573) 241-0310 or go to


October 21st, 2006 - Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA

ISCF Representative Chuck Wolfe:
The Missouri National Guard Armory in Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA was the appropriate site chosen to host this evenings event - very fitting due to the wars being waged in the cage! Guards were pulled and bombs tossed in this lightening fast card of action. These amateurs demonstrated their strongly developing fight skills, fighting and countering takedowns, standing toe-to-toe and holds that couldn't be escaped! The fighters show a promising professional future! Unfortunately, we had one fighter no-show (Jason Araujo), giving the forfeit win to Josh Ruckman, whom we are sure would have rather TAKEN the win rather than be given the win! Mr. Ruckman will get his deserved turn in the cage soon! With that said, Missouri is quickly becoming known for awesome amateur MMA thanks to promoters like BREAKING POINT PRODUCTIONS!
Here are the nights results below.

  1. Heavyweights
    David Shaffer Vs Shawn Harris
    Harris immediately takes down Shaffer. When these fighters take down, they take down hard! Shaffer pulls guard immediately and gives no room for ground and pound. Shaffer attempts a triangle, but Harris pulls out into a full mount only to be reversed by Shaffer. Harris takes Shaffers back and goes in for the rear naked but Shaffer slips again, reverses Harris and Shaffer takes Harris' back and Shaffer makes a strong attempt to grapple with a triangle. Harris' has the heart of a warrior and refuses to tap. The fighters fail to improve their position so Referee Brandon Schwin stands them up. Shaffer throws a blocked leg kick, then counters with a bomb of a left hook, knocking Harris to the canvas to the roar of the crowd and the sound of the bell! The core strength both fighters demonstrate make for an excellent grappling exchange this first round, ending with a bang! The fans can hardly wait for round two!
    Shaffer starts round two with a body front kick, right cross, upper cut. Harris goes for the takedown and looks for room for ground and pound, wedging Shaffer against the cage, landing blows to the body and head. The action stalls and Referee Schwin stands them up for more. Shaffer misses with a kick, punch combo, and Harris takes advantage taking Shaffer to the mat. Harris makes it to the half mount, but Shaffer slickly reverses Harris going to the full mount. Shaffer explodes, connecting with his ground and pound, forcing Referee Schwin to stop this bout!
    WINNER: SHAFFER by TKO (Strikes) at 3:50 of Round Two.

  2. Lightweights
    Josh Bernal Vs Joey Sugden
    Bernal brings some cage experience to this bout as he starts the round connecting with a round kick to Sugden's face. Sugden rushes in, closing the gap and Bernal goes for the takedown. Sugden pulls guard as Bernal looks for some room to ground and pound. Sugden answers with an attempted triangle, arm bar lock, but Bernal comes over the top with successive left hooks to Sugden's face. Bernal stands, then goes back down into the side mount but can't get to the full mount as Sugden rolls out, gaining the top position as this round ends.
    Round two starts quickly as Sugden lands a front kick to Bernal's body, followed by a body slam takedown. Bernal immediately reverses, but as he attempts to throw a knee, Sugden takes advantage, grabs the knee, tossing Bernal to the mat. Sugden gains the full mount, but Bernal's defense is tight. Sugden goes in for the finish securing a rear naked choke, forcing Bernal to submit! Excellent grappling action!
    WINNER: SUGDEN by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:35 of Round Two.

  3. Heavyweights
    Elmer Churchill Vs Jonathan Controtto
    Controtto lands a couple of quick leg kicks, but his high kick is blocked by Chuchille. Controtto throws a couple of more kicks, demonstrating his striking prowess. In the stand up position, he lands a knee to Chuchille, moving into position for a rear naked, but Chuchille continues to defend as the fighters break apart. Controtto lands another leg kick, followed with a stiff jab, right hand and a kick that connects to Chuchille's head dropping Chuchille to the ground. Chuchille takes advantage of this position getting the double leg takedown on Controtto, but Controtto still seems to have control. Controtto escapes and they both stand up. Controtto throws another series of kicks, yo-yoing from the body to the head to the body as the fighters grapple up and remain standing. Chuchille slams Controtto against the cage, attempting a knee. Controtto who has been dominating this fight with his strikes again attacks and forces Chuchille to tap! Fast action!
    WINNER: CONTROTTO by TAP OUT (Strikes) at 3:32 of Round One.

  4. Welterweights
    Cody King Vs Brandon Garza
    Garza starts this bout with a solid kick to King's body, but King answers with a solid right. Garza slips and gains the takedown, but King pulls guard. Garza tries stacking him up but King turns up the heat with a quick reversal moving in for some fast unanswered ground and pound, forcing Referee Schwin to stop the action!
    WINNER: KING by TKO (Strikes) at :48 of Round One.

  5. Heavyweights
    Josh Lyon vs Travis Tipton
    The big men move remarkably quickly throughout the cage, but neither the attempted leg kick by Tipton and attempted overhand right by Lyon connect. Tipton ducks under another wild right, but Lyon connects with a knee as the fighters grapple up. Lyon takes him down, moves into a side mount and moves in for the heavyhanded ground and pound, forcing Referee Schwin to stop this war! Good fast action from the heavyweights!
    WINNER: LYON by TKO (Strikes) at 1:07 of Round One.

  6. Heavyweights
    Jeremy Whorton Vs Stephen Carpenter
    Whorton starts the action with a leg kick as the fighters grapple up, exchanging knees to the bodies. Carpenter continues to knee Whorton's body, Whorton answers with an attempted overhand right. Carpenter responds with a single leg takedown, stacking Whorton up against the cage. As the fighters grapple, Carpenter taps for a verbal submission. it appears Carpenter has injured his shoulder with a possible separation (?). Anything goes in these fast-action bouts!

  7. Lightweights
    Bryan Timmons Vs Charlie Carpenter
    The lightweights start fast as Timmons lands a front kick and knees to Carpenter's body. Carpenter retaliates with a bulldog takedown, but Timmons quickly stands back up. Up against the cage, Carpenter lands an overhand right, but Timmons responds with a strong couple of knees to Carpenter's body. Timmons lands a solid right, knocking Carpenter to the mat, but Carpenter quickly stands back up only to find Timmons right hand in his face again and Carpenter is again knocked to the mat, forcing Referee Schwin to stop this action! The crowd is loud at the end of this war!
    WINNER: TIMMONS by TKO (Strikes) at 1:07 of Round One.

  8. Middleweights

    Brian Marvin Vs Tony Key
    The crowd is primed and ready for action as the Co-Main Event begins. Marvin starts the action throwing some leg kicks, body kicks, a straight left and shooting in. Key grapples up with Marvin, landing a short uppercut to Marvin's body, but Marvin immediately answers with a knee to Key's body. Marvin goes for the takedown, moving to the mount and throwing some short solid right hands forcing Key to submit!
    WINNER: MARVIN by TAPOUT (Strikes) at :48 of Round One.

  9. Welterweights

    Jeff Karsten Vs Roy Babcock
    The welterweights are known for speed and these fighters don't let the crowd down. Babcock throws the first blow connecting with a leg kick. Karsten is fast with a quick shoot in return, but Babcock is relentless moving in for the guillotine, lands a few knees, cinches in the guillotine, cranking hard, taking Karsten down, continuing to crank hard, quickly forcing Karsten to tap! Babcock shows the crowd a truly wicked guillotine, locked on quick, and cranked hard! Impressive fight! All this action in 34 seconds!
    WINNER: BABCOCK by TAPOUT (Guillotine) at :34 of Round One

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October 21st, 2006 - Peachtree City, Georgia, USA

ISCF Representative JJ Coronel: Please find below the event results for Knuckle Up Productions "SOUTHSIDE SLUGFEST" held on October 21st, 2006 in Peachtree City Georgia, USA.


  1. Jason Manning Vs John Quiroz
    John displayed his wrestling skills and controlled the match from beginning to end. He slammed his opponent an amazing 10 times before securing the unanimous victory
    Unanimous Decision- Winner John Queroz.

  2. Adam Fender Vs Beau Baker
    Round 1- Beau Baker started by shooting a double leg and moving to the side mount then knee in the belly to mount. Adam struggled from the bottom but was pinned against the fence. Adam started to ease out the back door and struggled until Baker secured the guillotine choke for the win. 1:47 seconds of round 1.
    Submission by Guillotine Choke- Beau Baker.

  3. Brandon Ryals Vs James Yaroszeufski
    Round 1- Jim started by taking the offensive and getting the takedown and pinning Brandon in half mount against the fence delivering shots. Brandon recomposed guard and Jim continued to rain down blows. The first round ended with Jim caught in a triangle choke, slamming Brandon when bell sounds.
    Round 2- Both fighters go right to clinching and Jim takes a knee to the chin and back to the clinch. Both of these guys separated and swung wildly. A bad double leg attempt from Jim led to a straight right that staggered him and another 3-4 shots after that and a couple of good knees that eventually dropped Yaroszeufski at the 1:02 mark of round 2.
    Winner by TKO due to strikes Brandon Ryals.

  4. Jason Mitchell Vs Allen (Ben) O'Shields
    Round 1- A leg kick from Mitchell to start then to the clinch. Mitchell delivered several unanswered knees to O'Shields. A take down attempt from Mitchell leaves O'Shields on top hesitating to take the mount. Finally taking the mount and trying to rest, Mitchell reverses easily and goes to the guard with O'Shields on top. O'Shields delivers 13 body shots with Mitchell's head pinned against the fence. Mitchell delivers a short left to the face and the round ends.
    Round 2- Mitchell comes out hard with leg kicks to the clinch then some knees to the head and body, Mitchell gets the takedown and a hurt O'Shields covers up while Mitchell delivers blows from the top. The referee stopped the match when O'Shields failed to protect himself or attack 1:18 seconds of round 2.
    Winner by TKO due to strikes- Jason Mitchell.

  5. Rich Ferrell Vs Kyle Baker
    Round 1- This one went the ground quickly and Rich secured half mount. Pinning the arm with his leg, Rich tried to deliver some blows from the top but Baker recomposed the open guard but Rich kept him pinned against the cage. Rich tried to pass, goes to half mount and Baker recomposes again. Rich really worked to keep Baker pinned and finally passes to side mount. Baker recomposes half guard then full guard. Attempting some Rubber Guard, Baker tries the triangle then a leg lock but Rich delivers an illegal strike to the face with his foot. Rich got a warning and they both got stood up. After exchanging some kicks and blows while standing, the round ends with a knee from Rich to Baker's midsection. Baker was not allowed to answer the bell due to medical stoppage from a cut across his face.
    Winner by TKO due to Medical Stoppage after the first round- Rich Ferrell .

  6. Ethan Garrison Vs Donny Hulgan
    Round 1- Ethan immediately takes the takedown and goes to the half mount with Hulgan pinned against the cage. Pinning the right arm down with his leg, Ethan punches the head of Hogan unabated. Ethan appeared to feel very comfortable from this position as he belted Hogan over and over in the head taking his time to control him and keep his face open. As Hulgan finally turns to his stomach, Ethan delivered a vicious left that knocked out Hulgan's mouthpiece and left him unconscious.
    2:06 seconds of round 1. Winner by TKO due to strikes- Ethan Garrison.

  7. Joe Fogarty vs. Sean Lane
    Round 1- Joe came out with some nice leg kicks. From the clinch, Joe took a nice double leg straight to the side mount. Sean, showed some composure and protected himself from being mounted while Joe continued to control and punch. Joe delivered some nice knees to Sean's body from side mount. The referee stood them up and Joe delivered a nice right leg to Sean's side and went right into a nice double leg. Joe stands back up obviously wanting a stand up battle. Both went to the clinch but Joe overpowered Sean with a HUGE pick up slam then took mount and rained down some heavy blows to Sean's face. Sean is saved by the bell.
    Sean could not answer the bell for round 2 due to blurry vision.
    Winner by TKO due to forfeiture- Joe Fogarty.

  8. Alec Eaton Vs Paul Peterson
    Round 1- These were two big men that wanted to throw. Alec caught a big right and the brawl began. This entire fight was all standup and clinch work with some huge shots. Each time they came near each other they started swinging but Alec seemed to have the straighter shots and several landed cleanly. Paul showed some serious heart when he was forced to a knee several times but came up swinging again. Both appeared to be tiring but Alec landed a couple very good shots to Paul's face and he finally fell flat.
    Winner by TKO at 4:15 seconds of round 1, Alec Eaton.

  9. Shawn Brook Vs Brad Wright
    Round 1- Wright to the clinch for both and Brad had Shawn pinned against the fence with an over/under body lock. Brad delivered a knee that appeared to be clean but Shawn said it hit him low and both were separated. A vicious right hand barely missed Shawn's face and they fell into the clinch, then the ground. A nice up kick from Shawn created some space to stand up but they went into some nice clinch work that lead to another takedown with Brad on top in side mount delivering knees. Brad took the mount, created some space and pounded Shawn until the referee stops it.
    Winner via verbal tapout at 3:17 seconds of round 1, Brad Wright.


  1. Carlton Spaulding, Team KnuckleUp Vs Jason Nicholson, Independent 155lbs
    Round 1- Spaulding started with some nice leg kicks from the get go then to the clinch. Spaulding sprawled away easily from a shot by Jason and started to punch the head and body from the half mount. The guest referee Matt Hughes was screaming for Jason to do something and finally called a stop to the fight early in the first round due to strikes.
    Winner by TKO at 1:32 seconds of round 1, Carlton Spaulding.

  2. Nhan Nguyen, Team KnuckleUp VS Jerry Burns, Warrior Fighting, 210lbs
    Round 1- Burns tries a double leg from the outside but Nhan shirks it off and goes directly to the half mount and punches Burns over and over until Matt Hughes stops the match early in the first round.
    Winner by TKO at :47 seconds in the first round, Nhan Nguyen.

  3. Dymond Jones, Kinetic/ Unit 2 VS Jon Walsh, The Bomb Brigade, 185lbs
    Round 1- A sloppy double leg from Walsh started this match and Dymond easily stuffed it and delivered some decent hands to the head. After a scramble, Dymond wound up on his back. Dymond scrambled to his feet and after a quick clinch Walsh pulled guard and tried to triangle Dymond. An armbar attempt by Walsh left Dymond's leg open and Walsh goes for it. Some nice defense from Dymond fends off the ankle lock for a while but Walsh switched to the heel hook and Dymond tapped.
    Winner via submission at 3:07 seconds of round 1, Jon Walsh.

  4. Douglas Lima, Unit 2 VS. John Nellermoe, Independent, 170lbs
    Round 1- Douglas controlled this fight from beginning to end. Leg kick after leg kick opened this fight up. The clinch didn't prove any better for his opponent as Douglas threw knee after knee to the midsection. Douglas went to his back and pulled guard and quickly sank a deep triangle/armbar and took the submission victory.
    Winner via Triangle/armbar AT 1:07 seconds of round 1, Douglas Lima.

  5. Cory Nestlehutt, Team KnuckleUp VS Mike Walbrite, Warrior Fighting
    Round 1- This fight was short and almost all stand up. Cory showed some amazing calmness and delivered a few nice jabs and circled his opponent, waiting for his shot. A couple quick punches from both left them in the clinch and Cory took the single leg, dropping his opponent leaving him in half mount with Mike pinned against the cage. This didn't last long as Cory dropped heavy hand after heavy hand onto Mike's face. Referee Matt Hughes stops the match very early in the first round due to strikes.
    Winner by TKO due to strikes AT 1:57 seconds of round 1, Cory Nestlehutt.

  6. Bernard Rutherford VS Scott Harper, Team Praxis
    Bernard vs. Scott was a brawl, plain and simple. Two big strong men that really don't like each other. Each the showmen, Bernard drinking from a gasoline can and spitting it everywhere while Scott came to the ring wearing a road warrior outfit complete with spiked shoulder pads.
    Round 1-The fight proved to be everything the ring entrances promised as these two guys squared off. Bernard seemed more comfortable on his feet but Scott was game for anything. Each landed some heavy shots and the clinch came and went several times with each landing knees to the midsection. A failed takedown left Scott on his side with Bernard on top. Scott tried some reversals but Bernard's base was too much and Scott settled for a recomposed guard. Scott tried some nice triangle attempts as well as a few armbars but Bernard simply wouldn't allow it and stood back up. Both appeared tired as Bernard put Scott on his back. Scott had the where with all to pull guard on the way down and almost immediately went for the armbar to which Bernard answered with a straight right. Referee Matt Hughes stood them back up shortly after and these two men started swinging for the fences. Both men took and gave multiple shots to the head, the crowd showed their appreciation for the action by going wild. The first round ended in the clinch with Scott giving Bernard 4-5 unanswered shots to the midsection.
    Round 2- Both circling and both looking tired, they started to brawl again. Being so tired, neither man looked to have anything behind any of their punches. Out of nowhere Bernard fired a straight right that lands squarely on Scott's face dropping directly to his back, out cold. Referee Matt Hughes seemed amazed as Bernard seemingly abandoned the fight and went running around the ring celebrating. It was almost as if Matt would have let the fight continue but we all could see that Scott was done for. It was a great fight to the very end and both men should be congratulated for their display of skill and heart.
    Winner via KO at 35 seconds in round 2, Bernard Rutherford.

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