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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27th, 2006, AT 3:20 PM, PT


Shamrock Promotions & The Blue Corner Present
Midwest Fight Fest
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Friday Night, October 27th, 2006
  • WHO: Shamrock Promotions & The Blue Corner
  • WHERE: Clarion Hotel, 9103 East 39th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  • WHAT: "Midwest Fight Fest"
    • ISCF Amateur MMA & IKF Amateur Kickboxing
  • ISCF Representative: Chuck Wolfe
  • ISCF Referee: Kevin Engel
  • Ringside MD: LA Commission Appointment
  • PROMOTER: For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr at (913) 568-8009 or e-mail at
  • ON THE WEB: or

  1. Amateur MMA
    Donaco Watts Vs Nick Nolte

  2. Amateur MMA
    Chris Barrows Vs Chris Page

  3. Amateur MMA
    Eric Siley vs Mitch Ward

  4. Amateur MMA
    Lonnie Dodge Vs Chris Nelson

  5. Amateur MMA
    Jason Colobong Vs Cory Reiling

  6. Amateur Woman's MMA
    Erin Reynolds Vs Tonya Evinger

  7. Amateur Woman's MMA
    Sharice Davis Vs Courtney Martell

  8. Amateur MMA
    John Duever Vs Andrew Waters

  9. Amateur MMA
    Joe Deyoung Vs Ben Nixdorf

  10. Amateur KICKBOXING
    Todd Metacalf vs Paul Whiteworth

  11. Amateur KICKBOXING
    Adam Meyers Vs Bryan Carroll


In Ya Face Fight Productions Presents
"Ultimate Battles"
Gallaino, Louisiana, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, October 28th, 2006
  • WHO: In Ya Face Fight Productions
  • WHERE: Bayou Centroplex, Gallaino, Louisiana, USA
  • WHAT: "Ultimate Battles"
    • ISCF Amateur MMA
  • ISCF Representative: Dr. Tom Cockerham
  • ISCF Referee: TBA
  • Ringside MD: LA Commission Appointment
  • PROMOTER: For more info please contact Mr. Albert Pierre Jr. at (985) 790-6637 or by e-mail at

  1. Jeramiya Maxwell Vs Steven Mitch

  2. Craig R. Fregequ Vs Rory Guidry

  3. Tyson Champagne Vs Matt Rengal

  4. Justin Martinez Vs Coty Horn

  5. Scott Sonnier Vs Charly Rader

  6. Lanny Dar Dar Sr. Vs Josh Fontenot

  7. Tony HickmanVs Roland Sanchez

  8. Derriek Braux Vs Kierre Gooch

  9. Brenden Bohannon Vs Mark Waltermire


Cage Championships LLC Presents
"Cage Championships 1"
Union, Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, October 28th, 2006
  • WHO: Cage Championships LLC
  • WHERE: East Central College - Union, Missouri, USA
  • WHAT: "Cage Championships 1"
    • ISCF Amateur MMA
  • ISCF Representative: Chuck Wolfe
  • ISCF Referee: Bud Johnson
  • Ringside MD: Dr. Lance McClain MD
  • PROMOTER: For more info please contact Mr. Patrick Smith at (573) 241-0310.

  1. Charlie Carpenter Vs Sean Look

  2. Bill Colson Vs Kyle Cargil

  3. Matt Winkle Vs Chase Miller

  4. David Meyers Vs Andy Davis

  5. Daniel Lundsford Vs Russ Deshields

  6. Kyle McCann Vs Josh Bowen

  7. James Fletcher Vs Scott Bear

  8. Jeremiah Haynes Vs Colby Tierney
    • Grappling Exhibition From JW Wright Grappling Concepts


Ark - La - Tex - Promotions Presents
"Hurting At The Hirsch Fight Night"
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, October 28th, 2006
  • WHO: Ark - La - Tex - Promotions
  • WHERE: Louisiana State Fair, Hirsch Coliseum, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
  • WHAT: "Hurting At The Hirsch Fight Night"
    • ISCF Amateur MMA
  • ISCF Representative: Albert Cole
  • ISCF Referee: Russell Thames & George Geraham
  • Ringside MD: Dr. Britton Evans (MD) & Dr. Joseph Farquhar (MD)
  • PROMOTER: For more info please contact Mr. David Cox at (318) 687-3127 or at

  1. Brian Fisher Vs Travis Heil

  2. Lenn Simmons Vs Josh Oden

  3. Daniel Hagens Vs Tony Kelly

  4. Michael Crews Vs *Michael Westbrook
  5. Kevin Williams Vs Darren Gestford

  6. Shane Maso Vs Frankie Wright

  7. Jackie Brown Vs Chris Dieterich

  8. Derrick Krantz Vs Nathan O'Neal

  9. Rafel Miramontes Vs Brent Ferguson

  10. Clyde Clemons Vs Wes Brown

  11. Josh Bobbit Vs Mike Flenge

  12. Kenneth Booten Vs Zach McDonald

  13. Mark Audleman Vs Kevin Sanford

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 2006, AT 9:20 PM, PT

October 14th, 2006 - Columbus, Georgia, USA

Matthew Waller, ISCF Representative: ISCF Promoter Ken Coffey does not live in Columbus, Georgia but most of Columbus, Georgia knows Ken Coffey, and with that name, they know adrenaline, knock outs, great submissions and a crowd pleasing show! Ken had only his third event in Columbus but has found a way to pack the house with a fan base that knows the sport well. As I pulled up to the venue at 5:PM the line had already started to get inside at see the action.

  1. Aaron Cooper Vs Tony Summers
    Cooper Shoots in and gets the mount soon after the start of the bout. From the mount Cooper throws many punches, Summers gets a sweep and Cooper finds himself on the bottom where he got a triangle choke for the tap.
    Aaron Cooper wins at 3:24 in Round 1.

  2. Jason Davis Vs Jack Kisner
    Both fighters come out swinging hard with several solid kicks landed by Kisner, Kisner works on a takedown while Davis works for a guillotine choke. In round 2 the fighters find themselves in a clinch rather quick Kisner gets the back and secures a rear naked choke for the tap.
    Winner Jack Kisner at 41 second of round 2.

  3. James Stuart Vs John Paul Watson
    The crowd was pumped with this bout as soon as the first punch was thrown. It became a stand up slugfest with Stuart getting the better of the exchange including several knees to the head. Watson gets Stuart down and gets the mount where he landed some good strikes but the bell rang ending the round.
    Round 2: Watson walks in with his head a little low and Stuart jumps guard and gets a guillotine choke for the win .
    Winner James Stuart at 12 seconds of round 2.

  4. Jeth Childers Vs Shaun Burns
    Childers gets a quick takedown and starts working but Burns slides out and both fighters stand back up. Childers goes for a nice kick but slips and falls and Burns quickly follows him down but lands in Childers Guard. From there Childers works for several submissions from an arm bar to a head and arm choke when the bell rang.
    Round 2: Childers lands a solid spinning kick to the belly of Burns then gets the takedown, passes guard and secures the mount where he started landing a rainstorm of punches that made referee George Allen stop the bout.
    Winner Jeth Childers from referee stoppage due to strikes at 1:34 of round 2.

  5. Walter Camphouse Vs Travis Wareham
    This bout started at a very fast pace with an all out war of striking from both fighters where Camphouse landing more of the punches but he seemed to gas from all the action about halfway through the round and Wareham took advantage of that by taking Camphouse's back and sinking in a rear naked Choke for the win.
    Winner Travis Wareham by rear naked choke at 3:02 of round 1.

  6. Jason Nicholson Vs Sean Lane
    Both fighters came prepared for their bout but Nicholson had a family emergency and had to leave so the bout was called off.

  7. Troy Thomas Vs Yan Gisermore
    Giserman gets the takedown and lands in the guard of Thomas where both fighters exchanged a few punches Thomas gets a deep triangle choke and Giserman goes out.
    Winner Troy Thomas by triangle choke in round 1.

  8. Eric Runci Vs Brandon Watson
    Runci gets the takedown from the clinch but neither fighter pressed the action so referee George Allen stand them back up. Runci again gets the takedown and takes Watsons back and unleashes several punches that makes Watson tap.
    Winner Eric Runci by strikes at 1:56 of round 1.

  9. Shaun McCoy Vs Dan Mahlon
    Round 1: The fighters find themselves in a clinch where Mahlon gets the takedown with a fast reversal by McCoy, both scramble for position and Mahlon works for a triangle just as the bell rings.
    Round 2: McCoy gets the takedown and quickly works for a key lock which forces Malhon to tap.
    Winner Shaun McCoy by Keylock at 1:08 in round 2.

  10. Aaron Norrell Vs Clint Swartzlander
    Swartlander works for the takedown but leaves his neck open where Norrell almost secures a guillotine but Swartlander works his way out of it and get the mount where he forces Norell to tap to strikes in Round 1.
    Winner Clint Swartlander by strikesat 2:46 of round 1.

  11. Keith Bach Vs Larry Landry
    From the clinch Bach gets the takedown and the back of Landry where he ends the fight quickly with an armbar.
    Winner Keith Bach by Armbar at 54 second of round 1.

  12. Damien Stelly Vs Dave Vitkay
    Vitkay works the takedown but Stelly reverses it and takes Vitkay down, once on the ground Stelly landed a knee to the head of Vitkay. Referee George Allen stops the bout due to the foul and lets Vitkay recover and restart. Stelly gets the takedown again and takes Vitkay's back where he let his hands go which made the Referee stop the bout.
    Winner Damien Stelly by referee stoppage due to strikes in round 1.

For more info please contact promoter Mr. Ken Coffey (404) 310-4060 or KENCOFFEY@XFFONLINE.COM or go to


October 6th, 2006 - Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

Chuck Wolfe, ISCF Representative: True Fight Fans are never disappointed when they come to a CLASH IN THE CAGE event. Quickly becoming one of MMA's most thrilling events to attend, it's never predictable or ordinary! Tonight was no exception as Bout #1 started with determination and grit as these fighters went the distance. The majority of the following battles excitedly said "One Round & You're Down" due to the quick, direct attacks and solid grappling and striking ability of tonight's fighters, which kept fan momentum high! Then the main event was caged fury as these warriors went the distance, toe-to-toe/lock-to-lock/blow-to-blow, to win this war! As the crowd exited the event their conversation, comments and smiles proved it was a great evening of entertainment for everyone!

  1. Chris Mann Vs Chance Poindexter
    The fighters start this bout exchanging leather with Poindexter leading to Mann's counter. The fighters immediately grapple up, and Poindexter slams Mann against the cage, trying for a double leg, but Mann stays close to the cage throwing a couple of good knees to counter. Mann wants to grapple, and Poindexter is happy to accommodate as he slips and attempts a Kamori, but he can't get Mann to tap! Mann reverses to the crowd cheers, Poindexter gives Mann his back, with Mann landing some rights/lefts to Poindexter's face and head. Mann's attempt at a rear naked is unsuccessful, with Poindexter using good defense aided by the bell as round one ends.
    Poindexter starts this round with a leg kick as the fighters exchange quick blows. The crowd is impressed as Poindexter throws an overhand right, but Mann counters effectively. The fighters again grapple up as Poindexter demonstrates a bulldog type takedown, searching for room for ground and pound. Poindexter lands some rights, but Mann has a solid defense, causing the action to stall. Referee Rob Kimmons stands the fighters and Mann throws a quick combination as the fighters both throw knees, that just serves to throw them off one another. Poindexter goes back to grappling with a double leg takedown to end this round on top! The action has been solid as the fans anticipate a good ending round to this war.
    The fighters touch gloves and both throw the leather - a good, busy exchange. Poindexter again goes for an effective double leg takedown, going right into some ground and pound, but Mann covers well again causing the action to stall. Referee Kimmons stands the fighters up and they both go right to throwing blows, kicks, connecting with a few. The fighters exchange right hands as the crowd cheers, as this war has to go to the judges scorecards. This bout proved to be an excellent start to this evenings entertainment!
    WINNER: Majority Decision, 29-28, 28-29, 28-29, POINDEXTER.

  2. Brian Andrew Snelling Vs Ricky "Pretty Boy" Cromwell
    The crowd is fired up and ready for action as Snelling quickly moves into an attempted double leg, misses, but slams Cromwell against the fence. The fighters are both showing good aggression as Snelling throws a right over the top, with Cromwell looking to grapple. Snelling continues to throw some bombs, landing a left hook as they break apart. Cromwell responds with a solid round kick, but the crowd roars as Snelling lunges into a double leg takedown, going from a half to full mount, and going for some full blown ground and pound. Snellings relentless right left combinations forces Referee Kimmons to stop this bout! Great action all around!
    WINNER: TKO (Strikes) at 2:14 of Round One, SNELLING.

    Ben "Puddles" Bromley Vs Robert Jackson
    The crowd is primed for more action as Bout 3 begins. The fighters circle one another looking for the first move as Jackson throws a round kick followed by a stiff left jab staggering Bromley momentarily. Jackson takes advantage and takes Bromley down to the canvas, moving to a full mount looking for room for ground and pound. Bromley manages to get back to his feet with Jackson hot on his trail. Bromley throws a knee that connects but that only fires Jackson up and as he pins Bromley against the fence ~ Jackson slamming a knee of his own into Bromley, then swiftly taking Bromley down again. In an attempt to escape, Bromley gives his back to Jackson, who goes in with some right/left hand combinations, raining down blows. Bromley manages to reverse, but Jackson won't waiver, and he immediately goes for the Rear Naked Choke - as Jackson gets his hooks in, Bromley is forced to submit! Awesome bout!
    WINNER: TAPOUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:42 of Round One, JACKSON.

    Dustin Schnakenberg Vs Mathew Morris
    What a night for fights! The crowd has experienced non-stop action and this bout has the makings to continue the flow with some heavyweight action! Snackenberg goes in with a solid jab as Morris goes for a single leg, with no success. Snackenberg sprawls and lands a couple of right hands, forcing Morris to cover. Morris tries to retaliate by shooting for another single leg, but Snackenberg answers with a solid right for missing. Snackenberg turns up the heat with repeated blows forcing Morris to verbally submit! Quick, fast action!

    Joshua "El Diablo" Freeman Vs Drew Garcia
    Garcia throws the first blow, landing the uppercut, but Freeman successfully takes Garcia down with the double leg. Freeman goes for the Ankle Lock and forces Garcia to submit! The crowd loves this quick action!
    WINNER: TAP OUT (Ankle Lock) at :23 of Round One FREEMAN .

  6. Josh Bernal Vs Bryan Carroll
    Carroll looking to be a striker, lands a hard leg kick, but Bernal counters with an overhand right. Carroll lands a knee, but Bernal takes him down and looks for ground and pound room. Bernal stands with Carroll on the mat as the fighters lock up. Bernal looks for the leg lock, but Carroll counters. Bernal remains standing with Carroll on his back, as the fighters attempt to grapple. Bernal moves in for the full mount, but Carroll spins out, giving Bernal his back as Bernal looks to end this bout, going for a tight Rear Naked Choke, forcing Carroll to submit as Bernal takes the win!
    WINNER: TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:30 of Round One BERNAL.

    Craig "The Nut" Case Vs Wes Lubberts
    Lebberts immediately goes for the single leg, eventually getting a takedown that's quickly reversed by Case. Lebberts is unsuccessful with the armbar, and Case immediately goes to the side mount, as Lebberts defends in full guard. Case is on top looking for ground and pound, but can't completely get past Lebberts defense. Case is relentless as he lands some knees to Lebberts body and swiftly moves into the guillotine, but Lebberts manages a save with his arm in the way. Case quickly changes strategy and starts throwing a flurry of rights and lefts from the full mount forcing Lebberts to verbally submit by tap!
    WINNER: VERBAL SUBMISSION (Strikes) at 1:50 of Round One CASE.

    Sheppard Owens, Vs Keith Cook
    The crowd is ready for some more heavyweight action as Owens jumps into this war with some good heavyweight speed, connecting with rights and lefts and taking Cook down to the mat, continuing the barrage of right/left hands without stopping, forcing Referee Kimmons to stop this bout! Fast, fast heavyweight action!
    WINNER: TKO (Strikes) at :26 of Round One OWENS.

    Eric Farmer Vs Don Johnston
    Farmer starts this battle with a swift takedown, only to be immediately reversed by Johnston, then again reversed by Farmer. Johnston's solid guard doesn't allow Farmer any room to strike as Johnston pulls Farmer in tight. Then again showing his immense speed, Johnston does another quick reversal into a full mount, looking for room for some ground and pound of his own. Farmer defends and attempts to bridge, giving Johnston his back, then Farmer quickly reverses Johnston who returns to full guard! Johnston reverses Farmer and starts his ground and pound, working the head and body effectively, moving to a side mount, but Farmer slips and goes for the attempted rear naked. Johnston is able to slip and move to stand up, but Farmer doesn't follow, so Johnston jumps in with a quick right, gaining a dominant position, throwing repeated rights/lefts to Farmer's head.
    The bell rings, the fighters return to their corners, but at the bell for Round Two, Farmer doesn't answer, giving the win to Johnston!

    Troy Talevera Vs Chad Vandenberg
    Vandenberg throws a leg kick, but Talavera responds with a round kick. Vandenberg grabs the leg for a takedown into the top position. But Talavera's defense is solid, not allowing Vandenberg room to strike. Talavera then attempts a triangle and locks in to the arm bar forcing Vandenberg to submit.
    WINNER: TAP OUT (Arm Bar) at 1:20 of Round One TALAVERA.

    Garrett SeimerVs Rudy L. Bears
    These fighters brings some experience to this war so there is a healthy dose of mutual respect as they look for room to attack, circling one another in the cage. Then, Bears throws a quick leg kick and the fighters exchange some leather then separate. Bears throws a round kick to Seimer's head, but Seimer slips it effectively. The crowd is going wild as Bears attacks with a left/right to the head and a body kick. The fighters grapple up and trade knees to the body - the crowd is loving the action! Bears slams Seimer into the fence, then Seimer reverses the action and slams Bears into the fence! Seimer's throws a right/left, then Bears counters with a knee looking to get in a guillotine. The fighters separate and both slip blows again. Bears lands a couple of leg kicks then connects with a kick to the head. Bears striking ability gives Seimer's a handful! Seimers throws a strike, Bears blocks and throws another strike at the bell! Great action in Round One!
    The crowd is loud anxious for round two to begin as the fighters face each other. After a busy, tough round one, Bears looks fresh and ready to rumble as he launches a right hand. Seimer's stays busy, attempting a takedown that misses, and Bears answers with a couple of leg kicks. Seimer's hands are low, but he throws a right hand, but Bears counters with a punch, head kick combination. Seimer's lands a quick takedown and attempts to ground and pound, but Bear's reverses him, Seimer's gives him his back, and Bears goes after him landing some solid shots to Seimer's head, forcing Referee Kimmons to step in and stop this bout! Awesome action!
    WINNER: TKO (Strikes) at 1:56 of Round Two, BEARS.

    Dominic Brown Vs Justin Shields
    Brown throws the first lightening strikes, with a solid uppercut, right and knee! Sheilds goes to the ground and Brown starts hammering him with rights/lefts as Sheilds moves into a fetal position. Brown continues to attack, spinning Sheilds around, but Sheilds offers no defense, ending this bout!
    WINNER: TKO (Strikes) at :31 of Round one, BROWN.


    Josh Karney Vs Jon Ott
    This war is off to a fast start as the fighters exchange rights then grapple up for some close action! Karney lands a knee to Ott's body, followed by a solid right, front kick to Ott's body. Ott catches the front kick, slamming Karney to the ground! Karney pulls guard as Ott looks for room to ground and pound as the crowd roars! Ott again slams Karney to the ground, but Karney doesn't give up his defensive position. Ott manages to land two overhand rights, but Karney pulls in tight! Ott finds an opening and throws a few more rights, but Karney defends well and escapes, standing. Ott pinned against the cage manages to quickly switch positions as he stands and pins Karney against the cage. Karney tries for an ankle lock, but Ott slips out as Karney goes for the ground and pound, landing rights at the bell.
    Round two starts as Karney gets the takedown, looking for a side mount, but Ott swiftly escapes as both fighters stand and exchange leather, then separate. Karney slams a left hook, but Ott closes the gap, moving Karney against the fence - Ott on top, Karney in full guard, but Ott can't penetrate for ground and pound. Karney reverses Ott and lands rights/lefts in full mount as Ott tries to reverse and can't close the gap immediately. Ott does close the gap and his defense is tight as round two closes. (The fight doctor steps in to check Ott for a cut, but the doctor rules the fight can continue - Ott seems pleased as it's clear he wants to continue to war!). Judging by the crowd's enthusiasm they can't wait for the start of Round Three!
    And, these warriors don't let them down! Always respectful in combat, the warriors tap gloves and begin the end! They grapple in the center of the cage, they exchange leather and as Karney slams Ott into the cage, Ott answers with a huge body slam takedown on Karney! Karney pulls full guard, but Ott is relentless looking for ground and pound! Karney's defense is up as he reverses Ott, and the fighters stand up. Karney has a failed attempt to slam Ott and as this round ends we are forced to go to the Judges Scorecard! What a great battle these warriors fought to end a great evening!
    WINNER: MAJORITY DECISION, 28-29, 28-29, 29-28, OTT

For more info please contact Promoter Mr. Phil Jones At (816) 651-5087 or at or go to


"War In The Northland"
October 19th, 2006 - North Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Chuck Wolfe, ISCF Representative:
Tonight's Fight Card was an offer we couldn't refuse - nor should we have! As the warriors faced each other it was anyone's battle until the very end! These fighters were made for war - and war we had! The energy was surging through the ballroom from round one to the final bell! The crowd was treated to fighters who could stand and trade, had the skills to grapple and could counter a takedown. And, these warriors all walked victoriously away, leaving it all in the cage! WISE GUYS PROMOTIONS put on an outstanding show! Don't miss the next event - or, YOU'LL BE SORRY!

  1. Lightweights
    Kenny Blum Vs Steve McEver
    The first bout of the night featured two well-rounded grappler/strikers. The fighters started this battle with an effective exchange of leather, then quickly went to the mat as Blum took the top position, forcing McEver to pull guard. Blum reverses, slips out of a guillotine and McEver lands a knee to the face! As the fighters trade rights, McEver lands a right, knocking Blum to the canvas! Taking Blum's back, McEver isn't able to cinch his rear naked attempt as Blum rolls out, reversing him. Blum slips and gets to a half mount as the round comes to a close. The fighters start round two with a wild exchange as the crowd cheers them on. McEver grapples up, slamming Blum into the cage moving to the top position landing some bombs! Referee Rob Kimmons stands the fighters back up. McEver lands a knee, but Blum responds with a tremendous series of blows, as both fighters slug it out! McEver gets knocked down and Blum takes advantage as he mounts quickly and proceeds to explode with left hooks, forcing Referee Kimmons to stop this war!
    WINNER: By TKO (STRIKES) at 3:40 of Round Two, BLUM.

  2. Bantamweights
    Joshua Michael Tyrer Vs Jeff Bradley
    With the energy still high from bout one, these fighters jump right in and grapple up! Bradley gets pressed up against the cage and responds with a left knee dragging Tyler to the mat! Gaining a half mount, Bradley gets busy with some ground and pound hammerfists! Taking advantage Bradley moves on to the full mount, continuing his attack and forcing Referee Kimmons to stop the punishment!
    WINNER: By TKO (STRIKES) at 1:43 of Round One, BRADLEY.

  3. Middleweights
    Mark Wall Vs Roosevelt Lyons
    War III starts with bang as Wall comes out with a straight right, left hook over the top! He wants this fight as he quickly takes down Lyons and moves into strategic position for some effective ground and pound! Wall then goes after a rear naked choke, but the action stalls as Referee Kimmons stands the fighters back up. Lyons goes on attack with an attempted leg kick, but Wall makes him miss and makes him pay with Wall's leg kick that does connect as the round ends. At the start of round two Lyons throws a right that misses and Wall moves in for the double leg takedown, taking the top position. Lyons attempts a reverse, but Wall quickly moves in for an attempted rear naked. Lyons shows some strong defense against the aggressive Wall! Lyons slips and moves to the half mount, but Wall refuses to give him any room for ground and pound and Wall moves to top to end this round. Going into round three Wall lands a solid right, and immediately gets the takedown, moving to the half mount then full mount and like a heat-seeking missle seeking out room for ground and pound. The crowd is roaring to the action! Wall takes Lyon's back and moves in for a tight rear naked, forcing Lyon's to submit!
    WINNER: By TAP OUT (REAR NAKED) at 1:09 of Round Three, WALL.

  4. Lightweights
    Levi Swanson Vs Adam Stickley
    This was a classic war between a striker and a grappler and in this campaign, the grappler shows his prowess! Stickley starts this war with the first blows! Swanson responds with a jab, but Stickley throws a knee, right hand combination. Swanson goes for the takedown, looking to stack up Stickley on the fence, getting some room for ground and pound. Stickley pulls his guard tight, forcing Referee Kimmons to stand the fighters back up. Swanson goes for a double leg, but gets a couple of rights for his trouble. Stickley throws a series of hand techniques followed by a knee to Swanson's face, but Swanson answers with a solid knee to Stickley's body, then Swanson goes in for the guillotine, forcing Stickley to submit!
    WINNER: By TAP OUT ( Guillotine) at 3:08 of Round One, SWANSON.

  5. Welterweights (GRAPPLING EXHIBITION)
    Grappling Exhibition Only: NO STRIKING - NO DECISION: Chad White Vs Harrison Smith

  6. Featherweights
    Ryan Pederson Vs Mike Mitchell
    After the exhibition these fighters are ready to rumble! This weightclass is known for its speed as Mitchell moves right in for the takedown, and Pederson moves swiftly to guard. Mitchell looks for room for ground and pound, but allows Pederson to escape as the fighters stand up and exchange quick blows. They go right back to the mat as Mitchell takes Pederson to the mat! Standing, Pederson throws a left, right and pulls his head down, but Mitchell responds with an uppercut. Quickly, Pederson gets the takedown, going to the half mount while landing knees to Mitchell's body attempting to work on Mitchell's guard to end this round!
    Mitchell starts round two, but Pederson closes the gap moving him to the fence. Mitchell's guillotine fails as Pederson slips and drags him down. Mitchell attempts a guillotine only to be answered by a cage-shaking body slam by Pederson! Mitchell continues to seek grappling advantage, but Pederson continues to slip. Mitchell reverses, and Pederson connects with another knee to the body as he goes for the grapple, but Mitchell won't allow him to lock in on his target ending this fierce round. Mitchell again starts round three with a leg kick, and Pederson again takes him down going for the grapple. His triangle fails, but both fighters continue to struggle to gain the advantage. Mitchell gets the full mount, but both fighters stalemate, forcing Referee Kimmons to stand the fighters up, ending this bout. Good, close match forcing us to go to the judges scorecards!
    WINNER: By MAJORITY DECISION, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29, PEDERSON.

  7. Super Heavyweight
    Cory Reiling Vs Scott Price
    The crowd is hyped now, as this match lights fast. Reiling immediately goes for the takedown, into the half mount, throwing left, rights for the ground and pound. Price rolls over, but his defense is shattered by Reiling who continues to strike like a missle! Referee Kimmons has no option but to stop the match!
    WINNER: By TKO (STRIKES) at :59 of Round One, REILING.
    Price has been suspended by the ISCF for pulling off of a scheduled fight card for October 21st, 2006 (Breaking Point Productions Presents ZERO TOLERANCE III ) because he took this fight and got injured. Price was booked on the October 21st event first. Because of this, Price has been fined for the cost for the October 21st event promoter to replace him and this fine goes directly to the promoter. The fine is $100.00. ALL fees must be paid in full BEFORE Price is Approved & Allowed to Fight.

  8. Light Heavyweights
    Mitchell Harris Vs Jeremy Brandes
    Harris immediately shoots in for the double leg, slamming Brandes against the cage and dragging him down as he climbs into the half mount. The crowd is coaching from all sides yelling out every technique they know as Harris remains focused, working on a Kamori, but Brandes doesn't allow him to secure it immediately. Harris is relentless and continues to focus on tightening his grip and ultimately finds success forcing Brandes to submit!
    WINNER: By TAP OUT at 1:56 of Round One, HARRIS.

  9. Woman's MMA
    Sheilah Blume Vs Courtney Martell
    The ladies take the battlefield for this bout. Ladies with a vengeance that is. Martell immediately takes Blume down, but Blume moves to full guard. Martell tries to soften her guard making room for ground and pound, but Martell throws a forearm, forcing Referee Kimmons to take a point away. The ladies exchange leather, and Martell gets the takedown going for some ground and pound, going to the full mount to end this round! Great action in round one.
    Round two starts with promise as Blume lands a right powerhouse over the top and Martell answers with a couple of rights of her own, slamming Blume up against the cage. Martell shoots in for a double leg takedown, getting right to the full mount and showing a little ground and pound. Blume bridges effectively and attempts to reverse Martell's position. The crowd is loving the action! Blume gets the reverse and works to get into position for a rear naked, but Martell slips and moves to half guard wanting to ground and pound again as she moves to the full mount. Blume tucks in tight with good defense to end this round!
    Awesome action as we move into round three to the crowd's delight as they chant each fighters name! Blume wants to start the action, but Martell slips and goes for the takedown with the top mount, as Blume moves to full guard. Martell is riding this round and looking for room for ground and pound, but Blume remains in strong defense forcing the action to stall. Referee Kimmons stands the fighters back up and Blume attempts a guillotine, but Martell pushes her off effectively ending this awesome bout! We go to the judges scorecards as these fine women should be proud of their skills, proving "you don't have to be male to dominate!" Great job!
    WINNER: By MAJORITY DECISION, 28-28, 29-27, 29-27, MARTELL.

  10. Lightweight
    Joshua Freeman Vs James Hollon
    The crowd is near exhausted after that last battle, but are eager to see these guys show their skills! Hollon starts the war with an attempted jab, but Freeman pulls out some bombs and strikes his target right on, knocking Hollon out with a fierce right hand! Wow!
    WINNER: By KO (STRIKES) at :09 of Round One, FREEMAN.

  11. MAIN EVENT - Middleweight
    Mike Showman Vs Dean Johnston
    The fighters touch up, and Showman tries to land a right as Johnston slams Showman up against the cage, applying a solid knee to his body. Showman answers with a knee as well. Johnston gets the takedown, but Showman pulls guard. Johnston attempts ground and pound, but Showman quickly reverses and gets to a full mount, throwing rights and lefts. Johnston pulls him tight giving him no room to strike. Johnston attempts a reverse, but Showman is going for the rear naked, as Johnston rolls out. Showman throws a few rights to Johnston's body, moving Johnston against the cage, and Showman continues to ground and pound. Johnston manages to stand up and makes Showman pay by slamming him to the ground! Johnston's failed attempt at a Kamora forces Johnston to change strategy and move to strikes, throwing rights and lefts, landing some on Showman's face. Showman covers as round one comes to an end with Johnston riding on top for some ground and pound.
    Johnston continues the action as he starts round two landing a solid front kick to Showman's body. Showman attempts to answer with a straight right as the fighters grapple up in the center of the cage. Showman attempts a knee, but Johnston blocks well then Johnston quickly takes Showman to the mat and throws a fast series of well-connected rights forcing Showman to submit! Superior striking!
    WINNER: By TAP OUT (STRIKES) at :32 of Round Two, JOHNSTON

For more info please contact Promoter Mr. Larry Reyes at (816) 547-0569 or by e-mail at or go to

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24th, 2006, AT 9:10 PM, PT

"Rampage In The Cage 3 - BATTLE AT THE BORDER"
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

On Saturday Night, October 21st, 2006, ISCF Promoter Andres' Landor and his Left Hook Promotions Company hosted "Rampage In The Cage 3 - BATTLE AT THE BORDER" - LOUISIANA VS TEXAS at the Lake Charles Civic Center in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. Here are the nights results below as reported by ISCF Representative Steve Miller.

    Andrew Staples defeated Kevin Sanford by decision.

    Keith Whelan defeated Josh Fontenot by TKO in round 1.

    Christopher Mcdaniel defeated Chad Leondhardt by submission in round 1.

    Jason Rothchild defeated Steve Roberts by submission in round 1.

    Aaron Davis defeated John Castellano by TKO in round 1.

    Brandon Rondon defeated Jymes Ehlers by TKO in round 2.

    Marcelo Lumakang defeated Wesly Brown by TKO in round 1.

    Justin Scafidi defeated Jason Alex Jumonville by submission in round 1.

    Kyle Meirs defeated Jesse Hernadez by TKO in round 1.

    Bryant Rotherford defeated Daniel Porter by submission in round 1.

    Justin Stroderd defeated Nick Nuila by decision.

  12. PRO
    Shannon Green defeated Mike Roy (Hart) by submission in round 1.

For more info please contact Mr. Andres' Landor At (337) 298-7693 or at or go to


"Pure Vengeance"
Slidell, Louisiana, USA

On Saturday Night, October 14th, 2006, ISCF Promoter Rich Clementi and his No Love Entertainment Production Company hosted "Pure Vengeance" at the Northshore Harbor Center in Slidell, Louisiana, USA. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Lance Thompson defeated *Randy Fields by TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes) at 3:24 of Round 1.

  2. *Clark Wilson defeated *Mario Alveratto by TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes) at 3:51 of Round 1.

  3. Brock Kerry defeated *Scott Ships by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:10 of Round 1.

  4. Matt Brown defeated *Bill Golith (Gulledge) by TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes) at 1:49 of Round 1.

  5. Juan Samuel Ortiz Defeated Bryan Herring TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes) at 1:05 of Round 1.

  6. Nunzio Camarata Defeated Joe Nameth TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes) at 0:33 of Round 1.

  7. Matt Thomas Defeated Chris Herring Submission (Neck Crank) at 1:04 of Round 1.

  8. Eric Thompson Defeated David Brown TKO (Head Kick) at 3:34 of Round 1.

  9. JC Pennington Defeated Chad Hutchinson Submission (Verbal Submission) at 3:30 of Round 1.

For more info please contact Mr. Rich Clementi at or go to

MONDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, 2006, AT 11:55 PM, PT

October 21st, 2006 - Melrose, Illinois, USA

Results From ISCF Representative Robert Hinds
ISCF Promoter Nestor Soto and his Fight Card Entertainment hosted "NO MERCY!" at the Melrose Park Civic Center in Melrose, Illinois, USA. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Lightweight Semi-Contact (Level 1)
    Trey Huddle defeated Tyler K. Tackett by 2 round unanimous decision, 20-19, 20-19, 20-19.

  2. Featherweight Semi-Contact (Level 1)
    Lloyd Carter defeated Kevin Young by Split Decision after 2 rounds, 20-19, 19-20, 20-19.

  3. Lightweight Semi-Contact (Level 1)
    Tony Abrudeanu defeated Eugene Anthony by split decision after 2 rounds, 19-20, 20-19, 20-19.

  4. Heavyweight Semi-Contact (Level 2)
    Paul B. Williams IV defeated Charles L. Karczewski by Doctor Stoppage due to cut in round 2.

  5. Middleweight Semi-Contact (Level 2)
    Travis Blain defeated Joey Perry by Rear Naked Choke at 2:12 of round 1.

  6. Lightweight Full Contact MMA
    John Schaeffer defeated Josh Williams by Arm Bar at 2:49 of round 1.

  7. Welterweight Semi-Contact (Level 2)
    Brian Matkin and.Michael Lettiere fought to a Draw.

  8. Middleweight Full Contact MMA
    Deray Davis defeated Brian Schulz by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

  9. Middleweight Full Contact MMA
    Tim Nixon defeated Cody Dolly by Referee Stoppage due to Strikes at 1:39 of round 1.

  10. Light Heavyweight Semi-Contact (Level 2)
    David Derigiotis defeated Franco Lozano by KO at 1:38 of round 1.

  11. Middleweight Full Contact MMA
    Tom Belt defeatedCharles Edgeston by Split Decision, 30-29, 29-30, 30-29.

  12. Super Heavyweight Full Contact MMA
    Isiah Price III defeated Dave A Ruckle by Tapout due to Strikes at 2:20 of round 1.

For more event info, please contact Mr. Nestor Soto at (708) 752-2431 or by e-mail at


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th, 2006, AT 3:10 PM, PT


Left Hook Promotions Presents
"Rampage In The Cage 3 - BATTLE AT THE BORDER"

Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA


Fight Card Entertainment Presents
Melrose, Illinois, USA

  1. Lightweight - Semi-Contact Level 1
    Tyler K. Tackett Vs Trey Huddle

  2. Featherweight - Semi-Contact MMA Level 1
    Kevin Young Vs Lloyd Carter

  3. Lightweight - Semi-Contact MMA Level 1
    Tony Abrudeanu Vs Eugene Anthony

  4. Heavyweight - Semi-Contact MMA Level 2
    Paul B. Williams IV Vs Charles L. Karczewski

  5. Middleweight - Semi-Contact MMA Level 2
    Travis Blain Vs Joey Perry

  6. Welterweight - Semi-Contact MMA Level 2
    Brian Matkin Vs Michael Lettiere

  7. Welterweight - Semi-Contact MMA Level 2
    Phonsamay Attanaphone Vs Decarlo Johnson

  8. Lightweight MMA
    John Schaeffer Vs Josh Williams

  9. Middleweight MMA
    Cody Dolly Vs Tim Nixon

  10. Welterweight MMA
    Luke Niles Vs Miguel Quinonez

  11. Middleweight MMA
    Deray Davis Vs Brian Schulz

  12. Middleweight MMA
    Charles Edgeston Vs Tom Belt

  13. Super-Heavyweight MMA
    Dave A Ruckle Vs Isiah Price III

  14. Light-Heavyweight - Semi-Contact MMA Level 2
    Franco Lozano Vs David Derigiotis


Knuckle Up Productions Presents
Peachtree City Georgia, USA


Breaking Point Productions Presents
Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA

  1. David Shaffer Vs Shawn Harris

  2. Josh Bernal Vs Joey Sugden

  3. Elmer Churchill Vs Jonathan Controtto

  4. Cody King Vs Brandon Garza

  5. Josh Lyon Vs Scott Price

  6. Jeremy Whorton Vs Stephen Carpenter

  7. Bryan Timmons Vs Charlie Carpenter

  8. Brian Marvin Vs Tony Key

  9. Jeff Karsten Vs Roy Babcock

  10. 10-21-06: This bout has been cancelled because Araujo cannot make the event due to a personal issue.


Supreme Fighting Challenges Presents
"Supreme Fighting Challenges"
Sauget, Illinois, USA

Fight Card Updated 10-21-06


Cage Of Honor Presents
"Battle At The Bluff"
November 18th, 2006 - Poplar Bluff, Missouri, USA

On Saturday, November 18th, 2006 Cage Of Honor will return to the Black River Coliseum in Poplar Bluff, MO for a huge night of fights! Four Cage Of Honor Championship belts will be on the line plus eight more exciting MMA fights! In recent months Cage Of Honor has been building momentum and their shows have grown each time not only in production value but also in fighter quality. Cage Of Honor boasts a roster of some of the top amateur athletes in the United States.

Cage Of Honor focuses on the sport of MMA and not the spectacle that it once was. You'll notice that COH fighters have the up-most respect for each other and wouldn't think of doing anything to disrespect their opponent. Cage Of Honor has strict policies against any kind of unsportsmanlike behavior, that in COH's eyes, hurts this sport. Cage Of Honor's goal is to continue to bring honor to the sport of MMA. If you like top quality fights and a family friendly atmosphere than you don't want to miss any COH event!

All COH shows are alcohol free and smoke free so that everyone can enjoy the event without worry of alcohol related instances. National recording artists The JTB will open the show and pump up the great for what's sure to be a great night of action! November 18th, 2006, Black River Coliseum, Poplar Bluff, MO, Doors at 5:PM, Fights at 7:PM! For the events fight card go to the ISCF Events page by clicking HERE!

For more info please contact Mr. Brandon Schwin (417) 724-2747 or by e-mail by clicking or go to

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th, 2006, AT 1:10 PM, PT


Wise Guys Promotions Presents
"War In The Northland"
North Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  1. Mike Showman Vs Dean Johnston

  2. Kenny Blum Vs Steve McEver

  3. Joshua Freeman Vs James Hollon

  4. Levi Swanson Vs Adam Stickley

  5. Mark Wall Vs Roosevelt Lyons

  6. Ryan Pederson Vs Mike Mitchell

  7. Mitchell Harris Vs Jeremy Brandes

  8. Cory Reiling Vs Scott Price

  9. Sheilah Blume Vs Courtney Martell

  10. Joshua Michael Tyrer Vs Jeff Bradley

  11. Grappling Exhibition Only: NO STRIKING - NO DECISION
    Chad White Vs Harrison Smith


"Bragging Rights"
Cassville, Missouri, USA

Promoter Brandon Schwin has established a solid reputation in the MMA fight world! His fight cards feature highly skilled amateur competitors from throughout the Midwest and fight fans are never disappointed! Tonight in Cassville, Missouri, these fighters came to really know the prestigious honor they earned to claim "BRAGGING RIGHTS"! I MMA fighters have to have it all to compete and tonight it was again the best against the best - which always means adrenaline, power, skill and wit! Cassville will never be the same!

    Brian Pearmen Vs Shad Lankford
    This starts with Pearman getting the takedown but Lankford quickly goes for a armbar with little success. Pearman goes for the front choke but Lankford reverses and tries for a rear naked choke that Pearman defends well against as this round ends.
    The second round starts with a few reversals by both fighters with Lankford on top at the end trying for some room to ground and pound. Pearman defenses this well and somehow gets to his feet to land 2 straight right hands and a takedown. Lankford reverses and gets Pearman in a triangle choke but can not secure the armbar as this round ends.
    Pearman starts round 3 with a takedown but is reversed by Lankford. Lankford moves from side mount to full mount and looks for room to ground and pound. Lankford moves back to side mount and lands a few knees to the body of Pearman as this round ends we go to the score cards.

    Tony Linders Vs Matt Yount
    Linders starts this bout with a right hand, knee combo, countered by Yount's left cross. The fighters grapple up, Linders lands a couple of knees to Yount's body and head. The fighters exchange knees and Linders goes for the takedown, but Yount does a quick reversal to a side mount. As the action stalls, Referee Bud Johnson quickly stands the fighters up and Linders jumps with a flying knee, right cross. Yount sticks out a stiff side kick, Linders answers with another right, knee and attempted takedown, but Yount defends again in a side mount position, as the round ends with Yount on top attempting an armbar!
    Round two finds Yount the aggressor starting with a right jab, but Linders counters with a kick to the body that draws a verbal warning from Referee Johnson to keep the kicks up. The fighters exchange leather as they grapple up again, and they exchange leg kicks as the fighters do some busy stand up - the crowd reacts as Yount lands a stiff upper cut, affecting Linders and Yount takes advantage of the situation going in with a quick knee to the body and ground and pound, forcing Referee Johnson to stop the bout! Good, solid action all through this one!

    Chris Higginbotham Vs Tim Estes
    These lightweights start this action fast and furious, exchanging bombs! Higginbotham attempts a guillotine, but Estes breaks and moves to the full mount position, landing some rights to Higginbotham's face! Higginbotham stays in the action as he attempts a triangle, but Estes slips and quickly works on an ankle lock of his own! Estes gets Higginbotham in the down position and continues to do some solid ground and pound, forcing Referee Johnson to stop this action!

    David Meyers Vs Steve Jackson
    Meyers shoots in for a successful takedown from the start. Jackson moves quickly into a full guard, but Meyers lands some solid shots from the top position. Meyers does some effective ground and pound, but Jackson defends well as this round comes to a close.
    Round two has Meyers attempting a takedown, Jackson defends with some hand/knee strikes, but Meyers gains the takedown! Jackson attempts a guillotine, but can't cinch it in. Meyers moves to the half mount, looking for ground and pound room. Both fighters make it to the stand up position and Jackson lands a strong leg kick, going for the takedown and an attempted guillotine, but Meyers defense is solid, closing this round out! The fighters have made it to round three, as Jackson steps out with a leg kick. Meyers quickly follows with a solid body slam to the mat, as the crowd erupts! Meyers moves into the top position, but Jackson pulls full guard. Meyers creates some room for ground and pound, but Jackson manages to make him miss. Jackson is unsuccessful with an attempted triangle choke as the bout ends, taking us to the judges scorecards for the decision. Both fighters had solid defense throughout this bout!

    Jeremiah Lawson Vs Robby Wilson
    Wilson jabs and attempts a two-leg takedown, but Lawson counters with an attempted guillotine. Wilson manages to work to the half guard position, looking to go to the full mount, but Lawson quickly reverses! Lawson works for ground and pound, then Wilson gives Lawson his back and Lawson zooms in for the Rear Naked Choke, forcing Wilson to submit!

    Ben Douley Vs Drew Reed
    Reed starts this bout with a takedown, and Douley quickly attempts a guillotine, then moves to an attempted arm bar. Reed picks up Dooley and slams him to the mat, moving to the side mount for room to ground and pound. Dooley attempts a reverse, but instead he gives Reed his back as Reed works for the Rear Naked, getting his hooks in! Dooley defends well and refuses to tap! Dooley reverses and looks for room to ground and pound, as Reed pulls him in close with a tight defense as the final seconds of this round close in. These fighters are ready for round two as Douley mixes it up showing his striking prowess by throwing a left hook, uppercut combination. Reed closes in tight gaining a takedown, as Douley goes to guard. Douley attempts an armbar, but Reed breaks free landing a couple of shots, but Douley is relentless and quickly reverses, moving into a side mount for some ground and pound and quickly locking in a scarf choke, forcing Reed to submit!
    WINNER: BEN DOULEY By TAP OUT (Scarf Choke) AT 1:34 of ROUND 2.

    Caleb Scott Vs Ernest Freeman
    Round one find these fighters ready to mix it up as Freeman lands a leg kick, right hand, answered by Scott's right! The crowd cheers for the fast action, and Freeman goes for the takedown, moving quickly to half mount, with Scott equally as quick into his guard. Scott tries to reverse from the bottom position, giving Freeman his back, as Freeman lands a right, spinning Scott around looking for that rear naked position, but Scott defends well! Freeman worked for that rear naked, but Scott maintained his defense at the bell!
    Round two starts as Scott lands a stiff left jab, right cross combination only to be countered by Freeman's right cross, leg kick combination. Scott's right is again answered by Freeman's uppercut, overhand right combination! These fighters are trading monster shots in the middle of the cage and the crowd loves the action as the leather flies! Freeman moves Scott against the cage and Scott attempts a guillotine, but Freeman defends well, slipping out and looks for room to ground and pound. Freeman's uppercut moves into a guillotine, but Scott does a quick double leg takedown as Freeman locks into a defensive position. The action stalls forcing Referee Johnson to stand these warriors back up. The crowd roars as both fighters jump on it with a solid exchange - Freeman throwing a fast leg kick, Scott's right, Freeman's left/right combo connect hard and Freeman continues the barrage of rights and ultimately ends the bout with a solid knee, right hand combination forcing Referee Johnson to stop this war! The crowd applauds wildly to this great action!

    Zachary Whiteley Vs JD Hunter
    The big boys are ready for action as this bout begins showing their speed as Whiteley gains a quick double leg body slamming takedown, moving swiftly to the side mount looking for room for ground and pound. With Whiteley on top he looks for room for a Kamori then moves to the full mount in an attempt to secure. Hunter defends tightly in the full guard, forcing the action to stall. Referee Johnson stands the fighters up and Whiteley attacks with a leg kick, only to be answered by Hunter's right cross! Whiteley sticks out a stiff jab, and Hunter counters again! Whiteley changes strategy and attempts a single leg, but Hunter again counters this time with an attempted guillotine at the bell!
    Round two starts as Whiteley throws some leather, and attempts a double leg takedown jamming Hunter against the cage. Whiteley does get the takedown, but Hunter goes in for the guillotine, sinking it in tight and forcing Whiteley to submit! Awesome action by the heavyweights!

    Wes Duffield Jr. Vs Jay White White traveled from England for this match, so he got right to business throwing a leg kick to start this bout, but Duffield answers with a good right over the top, jab and another right, but White counters with an impressive triple leg kick combination. The fighters grapple up and Duffield attempts a knee, White answers with some body shots, but Duffield again answers with another knee to the body! White round kicks to Duffield's body, but Duffield responds with some leather. Duffield moves into the single leg takedown, into the full mount looking for room for ground and pound. White tries to roll out, but giving Duffield his back, Duffield zooms in for the Rear Naked forcing White to submit! Quick, solid action by both warriors in this bout!

    Jeff "The Lil' Hammer" Kaltved Vs Cory Carter
    Kaltved starts the action with a leg kick, but Carter answers with a knee. A leg kick by Kaltved leads to the fighters grappling up as Carter throws some knees to the body, followed by an overhand right! Kaltved slips, throwing a knee strike, moving Carter against the cage. Carter quickly reverses, landing a couple of knees (body and head) and Kaltved responds with a knee and a slam takedown. Kaltved attempts to gain position to ground and pound closing out round one. Carter is quick to retaliate in round two opening with an overhand right, knee combination. Kaltved slams Carter against the cage only to be met by Carters swift knee strikes as Carter reverses the position moving Kaltved into the cage while landing successive knee strikes. Carter finishes this round by connecting with knees to Kaltved's head.
    Round three starts with a bang as the fighters attempt to exchange leg kicks. Carter throws a solid right, but Kaltved answers with a body slam takedown, looking for the ground and pound room needed as Kaltved lands left hands from the top position as Carter pulls guard, closing out this bout, forcing the results from the judges' scorecards. Good close fight due to the striking action of both warriors.
    WINNER: CORY CARTER By MAJORITY DECISION, 28-29, 29-28, 29-28.

    James Fletcher Vs Rick Wymer
    Wymer throws a leg kick, followed by a stiff jab, right hand combination. Fletcher quickly closes the gap as Wymer throws him against the cage, followed by a solid body slam as the crowd responds. Wymer immediately moves to the side mount position then a full mount as he has Fletcher against the cage. Wymer is looking for some room for effective ground and pound, forcing Fletcher to give Wymer his back. Wymer moves in for the rear naked, but Fletcher reverses Wymer and moves to top position. Wymer gets the triangle choke in, working for an arm bar. Fletcher continues to defend from the triangle position as the round comes to an end. Wymer sticks out a left jab to start this round, followed by another jab, hook, and overhand right! Fletcher answers with a knee, and Wymer throws an uppercut to Fletcher's body, slamming him into the cage. Wymer throws a couple of knees as Fletcher goes to the 3-point position, not allowing Wymer to strike again with another knee to the head. Wymer works to the body and leg of Fletcher. Fletcher gives Wymer his back, as Wymer goes in to secure a rear naked choke, forcing Fletcher to submit!

    Bradley Sawyer Vs Matthew Miller
    The crowd is pumped at the start of this action! Sawyer lands a right, left, right, left combination followed by a solid leg kick. Miller responds with a leaping right hand as he jumps into the battle. Miller lands a solid right hook as Sawyer misses a kick to the body. Miller slams Sawyer against the cage with an attempted single leg takedown. Miller manages to take Sawyer down, moving to the top position, as Sawyer pulls guard. The action stalls as Referee Johnson stands them back up and the fighters go back at it. Miller throws a spin back kick, followed by a couple of right hands. Sawyer responds with a single leg takedown. Sawyer spins out as Miller throws a couple of strikes to end this action-packed round.
    Round two starts with the fighters exchanging leather again as Miller slips Sawyer's right. The fighters grapple up as Sawyer slams Miller to the cage. Miller takes advantage of the situation and goes for the takedown into the half-mount position, forcing Sawyer to pull guard. Miller is relentless with left hooks, right hands to Sawyer's body and head as Miller is looking for that top mount position. Sawyer defends, but Miller continues to look and finds room for some effective ground and pound, forcing Referee Johnson to stop this war!

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 2006, AT 7:45 PM, PT


Xtreme Event Productions, LLC Presents
Columbus, Georgia, USA


No Love Entertainment Presents
"Pure Vengeance"
Slidell, Louisiana, USA

  1. JC Pennington Vs Chad Hutchinson

  2. Eric Thompson Vs David "BUFF" Brown

  3. Chris Herring Vs Matt Thomas

  4. Sam Ortiz Vs Bryan Herring

  5. Joe Nameth Vs Nunzio Camarata

  6. *Brian McKenny Vs *Gerardo Botello

  7. Matt Brown Vs *Bill Golith

  8. Brock Kerry Vs *Scott Ships

  9. *Clark Wilson Vs *Mario Alveratto

  10. Cody Senseny Vs Robert Daniels

  11. Lance Thompson Vs *Randy Fields


"Bragging Rights"
Cassville, Missouri, USA

  1. Tony Linders Vs Matt Yount

  2. Zachary Whiteley Vs Norvin Tinnon

  3. Brian Pearmen Vs Shad Lankford

  4. Welterweight Tournament First Round

  5. James Fletcher Vs Rick Wymer

  6. Larry Jarrett Vs JD Hunter

  7. David Meyers Vs Steve Jackson

  8. Wes Duffield Jr. Vs Jay White
  9. Jeff Kaltved Vs Cory Carter

  10. Chris Higginbotham Vs Tim Estes


Gladiators Academy Presents
"Street Battle"
Belle Rose, Louisiana, USA

  1. Matt Gautreau Vs Jacob Joiner

  2. Keith Wilson Vs Terry Allen
  3. Keith Warner Vs Anthony Horn

  4. Tony Hickman Vs Andrew Harber

  5. Chris Salinas Vs TBA

  6. Jude Bailey Vs Brandon Phillips

  7. Hank Hughes Vs John Seay

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10th, 2006, AT 7:00 P PM, PT

"ISCF Amateur MMA"
September 23rd, 2006 - Warrensburg, Missouri, USA

ISCF Event Representative Chuck Wolfe
What a night for the fights! In this quiet college town in the Midwest a war broke out! If you were wise enough to attend this event you knew Mixed Martial Arts had arrived! Promoter Robert Hulett put on a class-act, hosted by the Central Missouri State University Multipurpose Building in Warrensburg, as these fighters all came to do battle! The fans were treated to some tough, action-packed bouts, culminating in the exciting MAIN EVENT battle between two courageous warriors that left every fan standing and cheering! Don't miss their next event - it would be your loss!

  1. AMATEUR MMA - MIDDLEWEIGHTS: Brian Marvin Vs David Parks
    This bout started quick with Marvin immediately getting the takedown, quickly followed by Parks getting the reversal, only to be answered by Marvin's reversal! Marvin in the full mount looks to secure a Kamori and forces Parks to submit by Tapout!

  2. AMATEUR MMA - LIGHTWEIGHTS: Trevor Newland Vs Shad Lankford
    Newland tries to start this bout with a couple of jabs, but is answered by Lankford's quick double-leg takedown. Lankford then slips out of Newland's attempted guillotine into a side mount. Lankford looks for room for some ground and pound while Newland attempts an unsuccessful triangle, but defends well against Lankford's strong attempt at a Kamori to end the round.
    Round two has Langford again getting the takedown as Newland goes to full guard. Langford goes right back to the Kamori, sinks in, but Newland doesn't tap. Langford gets a little room in for an attempted ankle lock, Newland answers with some hammerfists and an attempted guillotine, but Langford again slips and looks for ground and pound, moving swiftly into a figure four attempt, followed by a Kamori attempt once again. The crowd cheers as Langford moves for some ground and pound, but Newland continues to defend well as this round ends, with Langford gaining most of the riding time. Newland starts round three with a round kick to Langford's head followed by some knees to his body, as the crowd responds enthusiastically. But, Langford strategies and moves into a quick takedown, nullifying the stand up position. As the action stalls, Referee Brandon Schwinn stands the fighters back up. Newland lands a quick right to Langford's head, but Langford again takes the stand up away, taking them to the mat. Langford gains the side mount, with Newland defending as Langford looks for ground and pound room, moving to the full mount. Langford does land a couple of rights over the top with 10 seconds left in the bout. The fight goes to the Judges' Scorecards.

  3. AMATEUR MMA - FEATHERWEIGHTS: Joe Wheeler Vs Benjamin Brown
    The crowd is loud as Wheeler starts the bout as they exchange blows, with Wheeler adding a few knees to the body. As the fighters move to the cage, Brown punches as Wheeler throws knees. Brown gets the single leg takedown - Brown takes the top position but can't get room for ground and pound, but he drops a forearm, which causes Referee Schwin to take away a point. Back in stand up Wheeler throws a strong leg kick, to be answered by Brown's right hand moving him into the cage. Brown gets the takedown again, riding as this round ends.
    Round two finds the fighters stalking each other as Brown throws a couple of leg kicks, followed by a left hook, slamming Wheeler against the cage for a good takedown, followed by a couple of hooks getting past Wheeler's guard in the side mount. Action stalls as Referee Schwin stands the fighters back up, both fighters trying to land big bombs. Brown throws a good leg kick, answered by Wheeler, and Brown again goes for the takedown - the crowd loves this action! The round ends with the fighters standing exchanging blows.
    Round three starts with another jab, followed by attempted bombs exchange by both fighters. Wheeler slams some kicks to the body, keeping his striking range. Brown answers with a solid right connecting with Wheeler's face, slamming Wheeler against the cage and goes for the advantage, gaining the full mount as Wheeler attempts to bridge him off, but Brown finds the room for ground and pound and slips into a solid armbar, locking it in tight, forcing Wheeler to submit!
    WINNER - BROWN BY TAP OUT (Armbar) AT 2:03 OF ROUND 3.

  4. AMATEUR MMA - MIDDLEWEIGHTS: Brian Schulz Vs Vince Stowell
    Schulz starts this bout with some strikes and kicks, countered by Stowell's kicks. Stowell throws a series of kicks, including a jump front kick that misses, but connects with another leg kick. Stowell confuses Schulz with more kicks and strikes, followed by a Bulldog takedown, as Stowell attempts a lock. The fighters stand as Schulz lands a knee to Stowell's head, followed by a leg kick exchange by both fighters, then Stowell lands Schulz against the fence but the round ends with Schulz landing two leg kicks at the bell. Schulz starts round two the same way with the leg kicks, front kicks, but Stowell gets the single leg takedown, slamming Schulz into the cage, gaining the takedown. Schulz defends and attempts a triangle, but Stowell quickly slips out of, as Referee Schwin stands them up. Schulz lands a leg kick and staggering left hook that stops this bout!

  5. AMATEUR MMA - LIGHTWEIGHTS: Sean Erickson Vs James Fletcher
    Fletcher starts with a takedown body slam, Erikson attempting a guillotine but Fletcher slips out, looking for ground and pound room. Fletcher backs up Erikson landing some good rights, but Erikson swiftly locks in a tight armbar forcing Fletcher to submit!

  6. AMATEUR MMA - WELTERWEIGHTS: Matthew Miller Vs Lloyd Ray
    Miller's jab is answered by Ray's right hand, as Miller lands a knee to the body, followed by the takedown to the mat! Miller looks for position for ground and pound from the full mount, attempting a Kamori but Ray slips, but Miller relentlessly goes right back and locks in a solid Kamori, forcing Ray to submit! Quick, fast grappling action the crowd loved!

  7. AMATEUR MMA - WELTERWEIGHTS: John Attigliato Vs Adam Grover
    Attigliato throws the first kick, answered by Grovers left/right combination. Attigliato answers back as the fighters exchange leather. Attigliato throws some swift leg kicks and the fighters continue with some good stand up action. The fighters grapple up, and Attigliato takes down Grover as he comes to guard both fighters continue exchanging punches ending round one.
    Round two starts with another good stand up exchange as the fighters demonstrate effective hands and feet. Attigliato suffers a small scrape on his nose, but he clearly isn't phased as they continue a solid exchange. Attigliato utilizes effective leg kicks, but Grover pulls out a solid side kick to defend. These strikers stood up the entire round!
    Round three finds Attigliato throwing a barrage of leg kicks and knees slamming Grover against the cage landing some strong rights but Grover answers with some blows of his own. Grover is against the cage taking a knee to the face as they grapple up against the cage. Grover throws a knee of his own, but both fighters go back to a tough leather exchange as both fighters are going at it 100% until the bell, taking us to the Judges scorecards! They end the bout to loud applause by the crowd! Great excitement! The crowd's loyalty was clearly split evenly between these two warriors!

  8. AMATEUR MMA - HEAVYWEIGHTS: Isaiah Larson Vs Adam Rienbold
    Rienbold moves in for a double leg takedown, slamming Larson against the cage, but Larson quickly sprawls. After a quick exchange the fighters resume this same position. Rienbold's attempt at a takedown backfires as Larson lands on top! Rienbold tries to spin but gives Larson his back and Larson seizes the moment with a Rear Naked Choke forcing Rienbold to submit by tap!

  9. AMATEUR MMA - MIDDLEWEIGHTS: Nick Staudenmyer Vs Earl Pipes
    The action starts fast as Staudenmyer throws the first blows and quickly moves to grapple with an attempted guillotine. Pipes slips out as the fighters go against the cage. Staudenmyer gets the takedown, trying to get past Pipes guard, but Pipes defends well. Staudenmyer gets to the half guard, and moves to a full mount and does land some very effective ground and pound causing Referee Schwin to stop this bout!

  10. AMATEUR MMA - FEATHERWEIGHTS: Bryan Timmons Vs Jacob Ritchie
    The action tonight continues to move fast as Bout #10 opens with a flash! Timmons launches a leg kick answered by an attempted two-leg takedown by Ritchie but Timmons counters well as the fighters remain standing. The fighters exchange swift knees but Ritchie throws the majority of the blows but Timmons lands a solid foot stomp, answered by another Ritchie knee to the body. Ritchie moves in for a double leg takedown and looks for some quick ground and pound but the bell rings ending Round One.
    Round two starts with Timmons throwing some solid high kicks, but Ritchie answers effectively with a right over the top and slams Timmons against the cage. Caught up in the action, Timmons garners a warning with an unintentional low knee. As the action resumes Timmons throws a hard kick but Ritchie responds with a solid left hook as the fighters grapple up against the fence. Ritchie gets the takedown into the half mount as Timmons defends! The fighters stand and the round ends!
    Round three starts with a Timmons takedown, stacking Ritchie against the fence, but Ritchie gets Timmons' back, looking to lock in the Rear Naked, but Timmons resists and spins out as Ritchie quickly changes strategy and goes for the Triangle Choke forcing Timmons to submit!

  11. AMATEUR MMA - MIDDLEWEIGHTS: Will Burns Vs Clint Fox
    This main event featured some crowd-pleasing heavy bangers! The leather was flying throughout this fight to the crowds cheers! These warriors come out stalking each other around the cage and then the blows begin! Burns lands the first right, but Fox counters well! Burns throws a series of leg kicks followed by a right hand/left knee combination, but Fox again answers with a power right of his own followed by a solid kick as the fighters grapple up against the cage the crowd is going wild! Both fighters faces are reflecting the powerful rights and lefts they are launching! Burns unleashes some solid blows and Fox covers, shortening the gap and slamming Burns up against the fence. As they break, Burns lands another powerful blow with a solid knee! The fighters again exchange bombs as the bell rings! The fans show their appreciation with thunderous applause!
    Round two starts with great promise as the warriors both appear destined to win! Burns starts with a couple of leg kicks and both fighters again launch huge right hands exchanging powerful rights. Burns circles and lands yet another leg kick/right hand combination! Fox attempts a flying knee but his miss causes him to catch a knee by Burns, again followed by another awesome exchange! Fox answers with a big right of his own as the fighters grapple up, but both remain in the stand up position demonstrating their striking prowess! After another exchange, Burns throws a fast knee to Fox leg followed by a right hand! The fighters go toe-to-toe throwing a flurry of kicks and punches, Burns often taking the lead, but Fox just comes barreling right back in! At the end of the round the fighters are grappling against the cage. An action packed awesome round - both fighters more than obliging to stand up and trade blows, not unlike round one! These fighters have already proven to the crowd this can be called the MAIN EVENT!
    Both fighters step out for round three to help determine who the king of this cage is, touching leather out of a strong respect for their worthy opponent. Burns starts the action with a good left jab right down the middle followed by a leg kick, answered by Fox' right hand! Burns returns a couple of rights, but Fox narrows the gap, slamming Burns against the cage, taking Burns to the ground, but Burns swiftly goes to the full mount, taking full advantage of room for some fierce ground and pound forcing Referee Schwin to stop this bout! What a war!!!! Both fighters should be commended for the great action!

For more info please contact Mr. Robert Hulett at (573) 424-5744 or


Retires Shamrock!

ISCF MMA News Staff:
It was November 22nd, 2002 when UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock first met Tito Ortiz in the Octagon. It was to be his first of 3 straight loses for Shamrock to the "Hunnington Beach Bad Boy"

Tonight Ortiz put a Smack Down on what Shamrock announced as his last MMA fight. After a first round KO loss to Ortiz, Shamrock announced his retirement to the packed house on the special Spike TV presentation. It was the "Passing of the Guard" as the legend Shamrock said good-bye to what had become a "New Game" that evolves "Daily," quicker than ANY contact sport on the planet. This is the reason for the popularity of MMA today! A sport that changes daily with new techniques in both training and fighting flooding the desires of a hungry mass of MMA fighters around the world.

In their first meeting, Shamrock's corner threw in the towel to stop the bout in round 3. Their second meeting fell victim to a questionable stop by the referee as Ortiz was pulled off a punch defending Shamrock. Not wanting any controversy to be associated with his career, Ortiz agreed to a rematch. A rematch that was to be offered to the masses of MMA fans for FREE by the UFC and Spike TV. Ortiz left no question to any viewers as he literally "Spanked" Shamrock with punches to his head forcing "Big" John McCarthy to dive in and put a stop to the beating.

After the fight, a gracious Shamrock sought out Tito to "Bury The Hatchet." A surprising move for the once "World's Most Dangerous Man". At first Ortiz wanted no part of it, but after realizing Shamrock was indeed sincere, he gave in, accepting the hand of the Hall of Fame Fighter. In the end, respect won out. It may not be Shamrock's game any more but one thing is for sure... Fighters like Ken Shamrock "Made this Sport" what it is today for all of us, and to them, we all owe a great deal of gratitude and respect for what they endured.



The ISCF would like to offer up a Grateful "Thank You" to Spike TV and the UFC for presenting this bout and the others with it for free for the masses of the MMA fans.
They didn't have to do it but in doing so, gained a lot of appreciation for their many fans of this sport!

MONDAY, OCTOBER 9th, 2006, AT 11:40 PM, PT

"Garden City Fight Fest "
September 30th, 2006 - Garden City, Kansas, USA

ISCF World Representative Chuck Wolfe
Garden City Kansas was anything but picturesque this evening ~ there was a war going on throughout this night as Amateur MMA took center stage...uh, Cage!! The fans were treated to some outstanding grappling, striking and power as these fighters unleashed their furry on one another! Referee Rob Kimmons had his work cut out for him as these warriors displayed their wide variety of fighting skills. The action was intense, and the crowd was primed as each fighter came out to do battle! And, the crowd wasn't disappointed with this class-act event! Here are the nights results below.

    Ryan Pederson Vs Victor Veloquio
    The fighters grapple up as Veloquio gets the fully body slam into a full mount. Pederson remains tight in the defensive position as Veloquio attempts to get a grappling hold of Pederson. Veloquio finds room to slip in a tight Rear Naked Choke and forces Pederson to tap!

    David Shaffer vs Van Powell
    Schafer starts the bout with a leg kick, but Powell counters with a full body slam takedown. Schafer looks for the triangle, but Powell stays tight. The fighters have some fast action as they reverse one another, with Schafer ending on top. Schafer continues to pursue getting past Powell's guard, but is unable to secure his position. As the round nears the end Schafer continues to pursue but Powell manages to gain the full mount, then Schafer reverses and ends on top as the action stalls. Referee Kimmons stands the fighters up and Schafer throws some missed kicks, but Powell wants to take it to the ground, getting a single leg hook takedown at the bell!
    Round two the fighters exchange blows then go to the mat, with Powell getting the initial takedown, but reversed by Schafer, in full mount, looking for some room for some ground and pound. Powell reverses and attempts a rear naked, but Schafer defends with a swift escape, but Powell slips his attempted arm bar. Schafer is relentless and grapples on to cause Powell to tap!

    Arnoflo Veloquio vs Erik Fernandez
    This fight starts fast as Fernandez attempts a front kick, but the crowd reacts wildly as Veloquio grabs his leg and dumps Fernandez on his back. Veloquio, still standing, is throwing bombs trying to get past Fernandez' guard. Fernandez makes it back to the standing position and lands a knee, right hand combination, slamming Veloquio against the cage! Veloquio counters with a takedown but Fernandez pulls a tight guard. Fernandez manages to look for room for a triangle, as Veloquio continues his pursuit of ground and pound. Fernandez attempts a choke, but Veloquio escapes and relentlessly throws bombs that can't get past Fernandez' effective guard. Fernandez' attempts a key lock, and manages to reverse to the top position. Veloquio attempts to reverse as the round ends.
    Round two Fernandez lands a leg kick, knee combination, but Veloquio shoots in and gets the top position. Fernandez reverses to full mount, throws a couple of left, right body shots that land, then goes to the body as Veloquio attempts to bridge with no success. Fernandez ground and pound is effective as the fighters try to gain position. Fernandez manages to secure an armbar, but Veloquio is not submitting! After seconds, Veloquio slips, but Fernandez slips in from behind and goes after a secure rear naked choke, forcing Veloquio to submit!

    Mike Bangs Vs Matthew Morris
    Bangs bangs Morris with a solid right, only to be answered by Morris' takedown and pursuit of ground and pound, landing some rights. He's riding slightly high and a little off balance to affect the severity of his blows, but Morris manages to gain better position to continue his consistent, effective, relentless ground and pound forcing Referee Kimmons to stop this bout!

    Shawn Lesny Vs Ben Nixendorf
    Lesny starts the bout attempting to land a leg kick, but is met by Nixdorf's right hands. Nixdorf picks up Lesny and slams him to the mat, lands some rights, but Lesny pushes him off and escapes Nixdorf's top mount. The fighters return to stand up and exchange blows as Lesny slams him against the cage. Nixdorf tries for a single let as Lesny attempts a guillotine, but he's against the fence, causing the action to stall. As Referee Kimmons stands the fighters up, they exchange leg kicks, Nixdorf throws a series of rights, then the fighters exchange powerful rights and lefts. Lesny catches a good right from Nixdorf, but he doesn't follow up, but Nixdorf gets a takedown and ends the round on top.
    Round two sees Lesny coming out for action, as the fighters exchange blows. Lesny throws an over/under right answered by Nixdorf's kick to the body as the crowd cheers over the exchange. Nixdorf gets the double leg takedown, as Lesny attempts an arm triangle, taking a knee to the body for the attempt. Lesny reverses and goes after the armbar, locking tight, forcing Nixdorf to submit!

    Matt Morelan Vs Roy Babcock
    Babcock wants to show this crowd his "striking ability" as he starts this war with a flying knee, right hand, right roundkick to Mooreland's head, followed by a spin side kick, spin backfist, knee and jump front kick, knee strike combination. Mooreland stays focused and slams Babcock against the cage, but doesn't get the takedown. Back to stand up, Babcock throws a few more strikes, but Moorland steps away into kicking range of his own and launches a kick to Babcock's head. Babcock answers with more kicks, to Mooreland's body, as Babcock and Mooreland exchange rights, but Mooreland's right moves Babcock into the fence. Babcock lands a right, left, spin backfist, followed by an effective leg kick, face kick. Mooreland throws a right and the fighters grapple against the fence. Babcock kicks Mooreland in the face, but it only serves to fire Mooreland up as he counters with a powerful right hand strike that *knocks Babcock to the mat to stop this bout! Mooreland ends this war showing the crowd his "striking POWER"!
    (*) Babcock is scheduled to fight on October 21st, on the ISCF Sanctioned Breaking Point Productions, ZERO TOLERANCE III at Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA. However, since he was stopped by a Head Blow by TKO, he may not be able to fight on the 21st due to a medical Safety suspension.

    Ryan Witten Vs Kyle Snider
    Snider throws a series of round kicks to the body, followed by a takedown, taking the top position. Witten reverses into full mount, as Snider tries to spin out, Witten gets flipped over, as Witten wants to grapple as he attempts to secure a rear naked, followed by an armbar attempt. Witten's grappling skills are evident as he secures a tight triangle into a armbar, cranks and gets the tap!

    Andrew Waters Vs Mike Spangler
    Spangler starts the bout with a missed jump front as the fighters go to the mat with Spangler on top. The fighters quickly stand as Waters throws a knee strike, followed by a takedown, side mount as Waters looks for room for Ground and Pound. Spangler gives Waters his back as Waters looks for a rear naked getting through Spanglers defense, forcing Spangler to tap out.

    Brian Marvin Vs Chad Crane
    Marvins lands a right leg kick, right hand, but Crane does a quick takedown, attempting a guillotine, but Marvins doesn't relent from the side mount position as he escapes. Marvins works his lock into a Kamori, cranking steadily causing Crane to tap!

    Garrett Seimer Vs Dustin Lockwood
    The crowd reacts as this round starts fast with Lockwood landing a solid righthand, followed by Seimer's counter righthand. Seimer takes Lockwood to the ground with a single leg, attempting to gain position to land strikes, causing another crowd reaction as he strikes Lockwood with a left/right combination. Lockwood's in trouble as he tries to spin out and goes to the ground, but Seimer is relentless with his strikes forcing Referee Kimmons to stop this bout!

    Eric Marriott Vs Nick Masters
    Masters gives Marriott a little motion landing a right, left. Marriott counters with a right as both fighters box. Masters reaches over the top with a right hand, Marriott counters with a right hand over the top, only to be answered with another right over the top by Masters that puts Marriott on all fours for a moment. Marriott recovers and lands round kick to the body, answered by Masters right hand, then lands a front kick, but takes a right hand to the jaw by Marriott. Marriott goes for the double leg, pinning Masters against the fence, but Masters goes in for a guillotine as the crowd chants and cheers! Masters cinches in the guillotine as Marriott resists against the fence, and Masters continues to crank it on! Referee Kimmons moves in for a closer look as the fighters are at a standoff. Masters forces Kimmons to stop this one, cranking the guillotine tight to end this war!

For more info please contact Mr. Daniel Summers at (913) 963-1031 or at or contact Mr. John Cornett (816) 353-4485 or Tony (913) 706-4212 or go to


Fall Kickfest 2006 Crowns Two Champions
October 7, 2006
Waterloo, Iowa, USA

IKF Representative Blaine Nichols
This past Saturday night, October 7th, IKF and ISCF Promoter Russ O'Connell always packs the house at his IKF and ISCF events, and Fall Kickfest 2006 at Waterloo's Five Sullivan Event Center was no exception. The crowd was treated to a night of non stop kickboxing and mixed martial arts excitement from the first bout to the final bout that added 2 new champions to the IKF and ISCF Ranks.

    The first match started the evening off with mixed martial arts action, as featherweight fighters Steve Wook and Joseph Ayala took the ring. Ayala wasted no time firing quick hand combinations, that sent Wook to the canvas at :15 seconds into the 1st round, which prompted referee Dean Stone to stop the fight and award the TKO decision to Ayala.

    Mixed martial arts continued in the 2nd bout as Middleweights Tyler Nordberg and Cody Kreger went at it hard. The first round ended as Nordberg took Kreger to the floor with a takedown.
    The 2nd round got the crowd into a real frenzy as both fighters stood toe to toe and exchanged flurries of hard hand combinations. Nordberg eventually landed a devastating punch that put Kreger to the floor at the end of the round. That hit proved to be the decisive factor, as Kreger was unable to answer the bell for the 3rd round.

    The next match pitted Super Heavyweight IR Kickboxers Roy Jones and Juan Mendieta. The fans were treated to a close back and forth fight, with no one knowing who the victor would be until the judges score cards were tallied. Jones came out on top, but it wasn't easy as the judges scored it a split decision.

  4. ISCF Pro MMA
    Mike Kofoot. got the fans fired up as he quickly landed a barrage of knees to the head of Nick Baker in their MMA Heavyweight match that ended by TKO only 25 seconds into round 1.


    Josh Buamgardner Vs Adam Brown

    A perfect prelude into what was to come next for the fight fans, as Waterloo's hometown fighter, Josh Bumgarner entered the ring to take on Mitchellville, Iowa native and Team Roundkick (Trainers Pete Peterson and Able Mahaffey) fighter Adam Brown, for the Amateur Super Welterweight IKF IR Iowa State Title. Bumgarner took control early with his quick jab, which appeared to keep Brown from getting into his rhythm. The first round ended with all 3 judges scoring it 10-9 for Bumgarner.
    In the second round Bumgarner seemed to pick up the pace as he continued with quick fast jabs and right hands.
    The 3rd round followed suit with Bumgarner taking control with fast sharp jabs that repeatedly found their mark. Brown definitely came to fight, (both fighter were in extremely good shape and well conditioned and seemed to pace themselves well.) but he just couldn't seem to find the answer for Bumgarners speed. The judges scored the bout a unanimous decision for Bumgarner and crowned him the IKF Iowa State Champion.


    Jamie Mether Vs Kirk Nielsen

    The final bout of the night was for the Amateur ISCF Welterweight State Title. Fighters Jamie Mether and Kirk Nielsen squared off at center ring for the nightcap that all the fans were waiting eagerly to see. Throughout the crowd you could hear them chanting "Meathead", "Meathead" The nickname given to their hometown fighter, Mether. Mether didn't disappoint his supporters, after feeling Neilsen out for the first minute, he struck quickly with a barrage of punches that gave him the title by TKO at 1:11 of the 1st round.

    Kenny Nyqist defeated Mo McGee

For more info please contact Mr. Russ O'Connell at (319) 404-4407.


September 22nd, 2006 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

GNP - ISCF Georgia, USA
ISCF Promoter Chris Stolzman and his KnuckleUp Production crew hosted "FEVER FIGHT NIGHT" at Fever Nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This was their first event in their new venue which played host to a packed house. With 8 MMA fights and 2 Thai fights on the card the fans were treated to an action packed night of fights. Thanks to all the fans for coming out to support the fighters and to the Knuckle Up crew for having GNP down for the event. Congratulations to Anthony Trotter (Right) on winning the GNP Fighter Of The Night award and to the rest of the fighters who won their bouts.

    Rich Ferrell Vs Kenny Foster
    ROUND 1: The fighters circle, Rich lands a leg kick and Kenny moves in landing a couple shots to the head. The fighters clinch up and Kenny drops down trying to get the fight to the ground but Rich jumps up locking in a guillotine and standing guard which pulls the fight to the ground. Kenny works to get free for a couple seconds but then goes out like a light and the ref is forced to break the choke giving Rich the TKO victory via choke out.
    Rich Ferrell defeated Kenny Foster in round 1 by Guillotine Choke (Choked Out!).

    Jason Hudson Vs Steven McDonald
    ROUND 1: Steven throws out a leg kick, Jason answers with a front kick and then shoots in for a take down but it is Steven who takes the fight to the ground and as the fighters scramble he gets Jason's back and locks in a rear naked choke, within seconds Jason is forced to tap giving Steven the submission victory.
    Steven McDonald defeated Jason Hudson in round 1 by submission (RNC).

    Luiz Rodrigues Vs Israel Goldman (Right)
    ROUND 1: The fighters touch gloves and begin to circle, Isreal moves in swinging and lands a few shots as Luiz is backing away, Luiz answers back as the fighters continue circling around the ring and exchange a few more punches. Luiz then rushes in with a flying knee and follows up with several shots to the head that force Isreal to turn away from the punches, Luiz then takes his back and pulls the fight to the ground while attempting to lock in a rear naked choke. As the fight hits the ground Luiz secures the choke and in seconds Isreal is forced to tap giving Luiz the submission victory.
    Luiz Rodriguez defeated Isreal Goldman in round 1 by Submission (RNC).

    Frank Milsap
    vs Chancelor Edmondson
    ROUND 1: The fighters touch gloves and begin to circle, Chancelor throws out a low kick to the leg and Frank shoots in picking up Chancelor and dumping him to the mat. Frank starts out in side mount but Chancelor has control of his head, Frank lands several shots to the body and a couple elbows to the head while trying to free his head. Frank lands a solid elbow to the face causing Chancelor to release hi head and then Frank steps over to full mount. Chancelor holds him in close but Frank is still able to land a few shots to the head, Chancelor tries to buck free and sweep but as the fighters scramble for control Frank ends up back on top and in Chancelor's guard. Chancelor holds Frank in close but Frank is still able to land several shots to the head and body before stepping back into the full mount position. Frank drops several more shots to the head as Chancelor tries to hold him in close but in the end Chancelor is forced to tap to the strikes giving Frank the TKO victory.
    Frank Milsap defeated Chancelor Edmondson in Round 1 by Tap due to strikes.

    CJ Haggerty Vs Jon Walsh (Right)
    ROUND 1: The fighters touch gloves, Jon throws a kick to the leg and then shoots in driving CJ back against the cage. The fighters work for control and Jon ends up taking the fight to the ground, after a few seconds CJ sweeps and then stands getting the fight back to their feet. Jon moves in landing a shot to the head and then shoots back in to get the fight to the ground. As the fighters work for control on the ground Jon lands a few shots to the head, the fighters scramble a bit more rolling off the cage and Jon ends up getting full mount but CJ sweeps again and the fighters get back to their feet. The fighters exchange a couple shots to the head and Jon moves back in, clinches up and then takes CJ back to the ground. Jon lands a couple shots and the fighters scramble and CJ ends up giving up his back, Jon starts working a rear naked choke, after sinking in his hooks he locks in the choke and in seconds CJ is forced to tap giving Jon the submission victory.
    Jon Walsh defeated CJ Hagerty in Round 1 by Submission (RNC).

  6. IKF PRO Muay Thai
    Matt Callahan vs Damion Caldwell
    ROUND 1: Both fighters come out banging exchanging kicks, knees and powerful shots to the head. Matt sets the pace of the fight and keeps Damion backing up and having to strike in defense for most of the round. Both guys land several kicks to the body and Matt even lands a couple high kicks to the head. About mid round the fighters clinch and Matt scores a take down going to the ground with Damion but both fighters pop right back up ready to continue. The round is finished out strong by both fighters but in my opinion its Matt taking the round due to landing more shots, scoring the take down and being the aggressor constantly moving forward.
    ROUND 2: As the fight continues Matt is still setting the pace and taking more control of the fight. Damion is landing a few shots but spends most of the round defending shots from Matt. Again Matt scores a take down when he catches a body kick and sweeps Damion to the canvas. Both fighters seem well conditioned as the action packed fight continues but Matt again is the aggressor taking the fight to Damion and in my opinion taking round 2 as well.
    ROUND 3: Damion comes out swinging and taking the fight to Matt but Matt works through it and regains control of the fight. While Damion looks better in the third round it is still Matt's fight as he continues taking the fight to Damion and scoring yet another take down. Both fighters finish strong as the round ends and they send the fight to the judges who evidently agree with me as they award the match to Matt with a unanimous decision.
    Matt Callahan defeated Damion Caldwell by decision.

    Fabio Casta Vs Mike Walbrite

    ROUND 1: The fighters circle a bit before Fabio throws a leg kick, Mike answers back with a couple shots to the head and the fighters clinch and exchange a few more shots to the head as Fabio works to get Mike to the ground. Fabio lands a couple knees to the body and then gets Mike to the ground ending in side control Fabio lands several shots to the head and then steps over to full mount, Mike tries to buck free but gives up an arm and Fabio grabs it and then rolls to an arm bar, seconds later Mike is forced to tap giving Fabio the submission victory.
    Fabio Casta defeated Mike Walbrite in Round 1 by Submission from Arm Bar.

  8. Douglas Lima Vs Steve Linton (Right)
    ROUND 1: The fighters touch gloves and Steve rushes in shooting for a take down but it is Douglas taking him to the ground, Douglas stands over him and lands a few kicks to the leg as Steve works off his back. Douglas then drops in a jumping foot stomp and Steve grabs his leg trying to trip him and then gets back to his feet and the action continues. Steve swings and shoots back in and the fighters go to the mat where Douglas lands a few shots to the head as they work for control Douglas lands several more shots to the head and then rolls Steve to his back where he drops a couple more head shots and then stands over Steve and lands a few more leg kicks before attempting another jumping foot stomp. Douglas lands another leg kick and then for some reason Steve verbally submits giving Douglas the victory.
    Douglas Lima defeated Steve Linton in Round 1 by Verbal Submission.

  9. IKF PRO Muay Thai
    Anthony Nieves vs Carlos Molestina

    ROUND 1: Both fighters come out strong and they exchange several kicks and knees but not as many punches. Anthony seems to land most of the shots early but about mid round Carlos scores a take down sweep and then takes control of the fight. Carlos lands a solid shot to the face that buckles Anthony's knees and drops him to the mat but Anthony is able to clear the 10 count and the fight continues. The fighters exchange a few more shots and Carlos lands another shot that drops Anthony to the mat. Both fighters finish strong but it is Carlos doing the most damage and taking the round.
    ROUND 2: The fighters continue slugging it out in round 2 but it seems Carlos is getting a bit gassed as the fight goes on. Both fighters land several shots both to the body and head but it seems Anthony is getting the better of the round as he starts to set the pace of the fight and keeps moving in driving Carlos back against the cage with shots to the head and body as they finish out the round and head into the final round of the fight.
    ROUND 3: As the final round starts both fighters are looking a bit tired but Anthony is looking the fresher of the two. Anthony drives Carlos back against the cage and lands a solid knee dropping him to the mat, Carlos is not able to continue the fight and the referee stops the fight giving Anthony the TKO victory.
    Anthony Nieves defeated Carlos Molestina in Round 3 by TKO - Referee Stoppage.

    Anthony Trotter vs Steve Headden
    ROUND 1: The fighters touch gloves, Steve shoots in and gets caught with a solid uppercut to the face. Steve drives Anthony back against the cage and continues working to get the fight to the ground, Anthony locks in a guillotine but Steve gets his head free and pulls Anthony to the mat getting the fight on the ground. Steve holds Anthony in close but Anthony is still able to land several shots to the head, after a few seconds Steve tries to sweep Anthony by grabbing a foot but as Anthony goes to his back he also locks in a triangle choke. Blood is pouring from Steve's head from the first uppercut Anthony landed and as he works the choke Steve rolls to his side and Anthony lands a few more shots to the head before releasing the triangle and switching to a guillotine and pulling guard. Steve tries to get free but after a couple seconds is forced to tap giving Anthony the submission victory.
    Anthony Trotter defeated Steve Headen by submission via Guillotine choke in round 1.

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Tony Metcalfe at (678 ) 520-8225 or by email at or Mr. Chris Stolzman at (404) 247-5494 or at or go to

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6th, 2006, AT 11:40 AM, PT


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

  1. Josh Karney Vs Jon Ott

  2. Garrett SeimerVs Rudy L. Bears

  3. Dominic Brown, Vs Justin Shields

  4. Eric Farmer Vs Don Johnston

  5. Josh Bernal Vs Bryan Carroll

  6. Levi Swanson Vs Andrew Waters

  7. Brian SnellingVs Ricky Cromwell

  8. Ben Bromley Vs Robert Jackson

  9. Troy Talevera Vs Chad Vandenberg

  10. Joshua Freeman, Vs Drew Garcia

  11. Dustin Schnakenberg Vs Mathew Morris

  12. Sheppard Owens, Vs Keith Cook
  13. Mike Bangs Vs Matthew Morris

  14. Chris Mann Vs Chance Poindexter

  15. Craig Case Vs Wes Lubberts

  16. Ron Jackson Vs TBA


Russ O'Connell Presents
Waterloo, Iowa, USA

MONDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 2006, AT 4:20 PM, PT

September 30th, 2006 - Thornton, California, USA

ISCF Thornton, California, USA
It's Official... now ISCF Promoter Mr. Jesus Jimenez and his "XTreme International Kombat" Promotional Team have promoted the first official ISCF Sanctioned event in California. Jimenez's event was held at the Thornton Sports Center in Thornton, California, USA and was entitled "CAGE WARS". The event was chief sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission who oversees all Pro MMA in the State of California.

Amateur MMA has not been approved by the State Commission and is illegal in the State of California, even on small Gym "Smoker" type events. The reasons for Amateur MMA not being legal in California though are more about politics and money than safety. If "Safety" were an issue with MMA here in California, pretty much all of the MMA fighters on this event (See their fight records which are their records AFTER this past weekend's bout) would have been given the opportunity to fight as amateurs. Especially those who fought their "First" ever MMA bout or first fighting bout at all on this event. what makes it bad for them is they all had to fight as Professional fighters because of the current State of California rule for Amateur MMA.

However, all this talk about Amateurs and Pro MMA in California is another story we will discuss below. For now, here are the quick results from the nights action below.
All Officials were appointed by the California State Athletic Commission

  1. Alvin Cacdus (San Jose, CA, 1-2) defeated Joe Quinones, (Stockton, CA, 0-1) by TKO due to strikes (Referee Stoppage) at 2:14 of round 2.

  2. Ty Montogomery (Sacramento, CA, 1-1) defeated Tom Tuggle (Stockton, CA, 0-3 by "HEAD KICK KNOCKOUT" when Montogomery landed his right shin along side of Tuggle's neck and head at 16 seconds of round 1.

  3. Mark Cantu, (Stockton, CA, 2-6 defeated James Bancroft, (Sacramento, CA, 0-3) by rear naked choke at :33 seconds of round 2.

  4. Drew Dimanlig, (San Jose, CA, 3-0) Vs Jesus Cantu, (Stockton, CA, 0-1) by unanimous decision over 3 rounds, 30-26, 30-26 & 30-24.

  5. Jeff Morris, (Sacramento, CA, 2-1) defeated Mike Valdez, (Stockton, CA, 3-3) by TKO because Valdez could not answer the bell for round 2.

  6. The bout between Roger Jackson, (Sacramento, CA, 2-1, 156 and Isaiah Hill, (San Jose, CA, 3-0, 153) was suppose to be for the Promoters 155 lb title. However several things went wrong here.
  7. Dave Huckaba, (Sacramento, CA, 2-0) defeated John Speck, (Stockton, CA, *1-1 , *Not a confirmed win-) by TKO - Referee stoppage at 1:28 of round 1. This was a VERY WILD fight.

  8. Kawika Morton, (Redding, CA, 2-0) defeated Randal Limond, (Rio Linda, California, USA, 0-8, Marinobles) by side choke at 28 seconds of round 1.

  9. Khonit Niimi, (Roseville, CA, 1-0, Marinobles) defeated Daniel Lopez, (San Jose, CA, 0-3) by standing arm bar at :56 seconds of round 1.


Who Said...
"There Is No Such Thing As Amateur MMA..."

Most of us here know who said this quote (Dana White of the UFC). In fact, we have a DVD of him saying it along whit him in the clip saying it. However, if everyone believed him, the game of MMA would be VERY different! Where would the UFC be without the amateur proving grounds across North America? Amateur MMA is not only a REALITY, it's NECESSARY!

However, some states have chosen to follow White's words instead of looking at the masses of Amateur MMA events across the country. UFC may be the largest event "Known", but it is dwarfed by the hundreds of MMA events around America and even more so throughout North America and the World. Whether the UFC is the best promotion around though is a question with multiple issues. There are "MANY" UFC style events out there, but this is yet another story we will tackle at a later time.

If an amateur division is so important in a fight sport (ANY sport for that matter) why is it that some states believe as White does, that there is no such thing as Amateur MMA? Some States like California act as though amateur MMA does not even exist, and only allow Professional MMA fighting events in the State. Some associated with the State Commission "Claim" they want Amateur MMA to be legalized but if this were "Honestly True", than why wasn't it part of the new law that made Pro MMA legal earlier this year? So what is the real reason we see no Amateur MMA in states like California? Well, the answer is simple...It's all about the Money!

Why? Well... if there is "no such thing as an amateur level" for these MMA Fighters, WHERE do these amateur "Fighters" get their beginning ring experience under real fight conditions? Look at the REALITY here everyone... In EVERY other fight sport (Boxing - Kickboxing) there is an amateur level to compete in. In EVERY other sport for that matter. Without an Amateur division, there would be a major safety issue with more experienced fighters, fighting less experienced fighters. More injuries are bound to happen in the States that don't allow amateur MMA! You can't say that an amateur MMA fighter gets their amateur experience "In the Gym" because as we all know, when sparring with your fellow gym mate, "It's NOT REAL!" Try that idea with the heads of USA Boxing or IKF Kickboxing and see how far it flies. It's a JOKE of a comment and an insult to the Amateur Fighters!

No everyone, this is about MONEY!
Here is their thinking on this...
We all know when a spectator watches a PRO MMA event and an Amateur MMA event, they can't see much, if any difference in things such as what the fighters are wearing, size of the ring/cage, size of gloves, safety equipment, etc. etc.. To the general public, it all looks the same... It's FIGHTING!

Knowing this, promoting Amateur MMA offers a better income potential for the promoter because there are far less worries about things like fight purses and high State Commission fees. In states like California, to promote an Amateur MMA event would cost "Thousands" less than a Pro MMA event. This is not only where Amateur Fighters learn their skill, but also where all the Pro Promoters come from. From learning the trade of Promoting on an Amateur event. A promoter here (If Amateur MMA was allowed) would pay far less in fees such as officials fees, licenses fees, gate taxes, medical fees etc. etc.. But there is more in California. The insurance requirements in California, whether for Pro or Amateur event have a very high coverage requirement ($50,000.00) which of course means a high premium of between $920 and $4,250 for only 10 Bouts or 20 Fighters.

To the general public, Pro and Amateur MMA all looks the same. However, once you have an Amateur division, the public begins to see that there is a clear difference between a "REAL" Professional MMA fighter as compared to a first time Amateur MMA Fighter calling themselves a "Pro Cage Fighter" in their very first bout. So are these events hurting the MMA name? Is is bad to ask fans to pay PRO spectator seat fees of up to $150 to see a fighter fight his very first bout? Well, in simple thought, of course it is. However in States like California, these promoters have no choice when it comes to promoting MMA events. They have to promote PRO MMA. Because of this, even with a small total purse amount, the prices they ask for their tickets are what they have to ask for to cover all these State Pro scale fees.

If knowing what we know is indeed true and Amateur MMA was legal in California (or other states where it has not been allowed), an Amateur MMA promoter could make as much if not more than some PRO MMA Promoters and the States would make about 1/10th the income for the same amount of work. The commissions make more money off of PRO events (MMA, Kickboxing, Wrestling & Boxing) so why allow make amateur MMA legal here and make less?

As you can see... the realistic answer as to why Amateur MMA is not legal in California is MONEY! And don't let ANYONE try to tell you differently. Other States who do not allow amateur MMA include *Oklahoma, Kentucky, Maryland, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and, West Virginia. If they allow PRO and not Amateur, the reasons are the same as we have explained above. However, if they don't allow ANY MMA, their rulings are probably from the old "Toughman" regulation days and they are still in the old school dark thinking Toughman and MMA are the same thing.

So whats the ending to this article?
Were not sure... We just wanted to make it publicly clear that the motives behind keeping Amateur MMA Illegal in California are not a mystery to ANYONE who has been following the MMA game here. We guess the many bottom lines here are;

Several State Commissions were contacted today by the ISCF but no phone calls were returned as of press time or they had no answer for us.
(*) Amateur MMA is legal in the State of Oklahoma as long as it is regulated by a Nationally recognized sanctioning body approved by the Oklahoma Professional Boxing Commission. However, as of this date, NO Sanctioning bodies for MMA have ever been approved by the Commission for Amateur MMA.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th, 2006, AT 3:00 PM, PT


Z's Martial Arts Academy Presents
Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA


Top Ranked Martial Arts Presents
Vancouver, BC, Canada

  1. Marvin "The Beastman" Eastman VS Vernon "Tiger" White

  2. Blake Fredrickson VS George Kassimatis

  3. Garrett Davis VS Myles Merola

  4. Blake "The Blade" Lirette VS Jerry Elliot

  5. Marcus Vinicios VS Dave Pogson

  6. Leonard Carter VS Chris Ade

  7. Hardeep Singh VS Adam Laporte

  8. Tim Thurston VS Gumb Pheuneuth

  9. Andrew Pedersen VS Will Hammond

  10. Len Tam VS Bryan Edge

  11. Colin Daynes VS Pete Adamsic

  12. Female Fight: Liz Posener VS Karen Oliver


Unleashed Combat Presents
"Garden City Fight Fest "
Garden City, Kansas, USA

  1. Chris Henning Vs James Bunch

  2. Ryan Witten Vs Kyle Snider

  3. Andrew Waters Vs Mike Spangler

  4. Ryan Pederson Vs Victor Veloquio

  5. Eric Marriott Vs Nick Masters

  6. Arnoflo Veloquio vs Erik Fernandez

  7. Brian Marvin Vs Chad Crane

  8. Garrett Seimer Vs Dustin Lockwood

  9. Shawn Lesny Vs Ben Nixendorf

  10. Mike Bangs Vs Matthew Morris

  11. David Shaffer vs Van Powell

  12. Matt Morelan Vs Roy Babcock


XTreme International Kombat Presents
Stockton, California, USA

  1. Alvin Cacdus (San Jose, CA, 0-2) Vs Joe Quinones, (Stockton, CA, Debut)

  2. Ty Montogomery (Sacramento, CA, 0-1) Vs Tom Tuggle (Stockton, CA, 0-2)

  3. James Bancroft, (Sacramento, CA, 0-2) Vs Mark Cantu, (Stockton, CA, 1-6)

  4. Drew Dimanlig, (San Jose, CA, 2-0) Vs Jesus Cantu, (Stockton, CA, Debut)

  5. Hatheim Derrijja, (Stockton, CA, Debut) Vs Jesse Walden, (San Jose, CA, 0-1,)

  6. Ahad Redi, (Sacramento, CA, Debut) Vs Matt Rivera, (San Jose, CA, Debut)

  7. Donny Easterling, (Elk Grove, CA, 0-1) Vs Richard Blake, (2-2)

  8. Mike Valdez, (Stockton, CA, 3-2) Vs Jeff Morris, (Sacramento, CA, 1-1)

  9. Isaiah Hill, (San Jose, CA, 3-0) Vs Roger Jackson, (Sacramento, CA, 1-1)

  10. John Speck, (Stockton, CA, *1-0 , *Not a confirmed win-) Vs Dave Huckaba, (Sacramento, CA, 1-0)

  11. Dave Barros, (San Jose, CA, Debut) Vs George Rodriguez, (Sacramento, CA, 0-1)

  12. Kawika Morton, (Redding, CA, 1-0) Vs Randal Limond, (San Jose, CA, 1-7)

  13. Daniel Lopez, (San Jose, CA, 0-2) Vs Khonit Niimi, (Roseville, CA, Debut)

  14. Jermiah Ybarra, (Stockton, CA, Debut) Vs Anthony Garcia, (Stockton, CA, 1-4)

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th, 2006, AT 11:55 PM, PT

"Universal Gladiator Championships 4 - "The Civil War""
September 22nd, 2006 - Kenner, Louisiana, USA

ISCF Event representative Steve Miller: Pitbull Productions hosted a great Pro & Amateur MMA Event this past Friday night. UGC 4 ("Universal Gladiator Championships 4 "The Civil War") took place at the PONTCHARTRAIN CENTER in Kenner Louisiana, USA. Here are the results below.

For More Info Please Contact Ricky Folsc at (985) 709-3833 or go to


September 16th, 2006 - Gails Harley Davidson Grandview, Missouri, USA

ISCF Representative Chuck Wolfe: Jess Davis Promotions once again impressed us all with his Rage ISCF MMA Event! The greater Kansas City area is gaining a strong reputation for some great MMA/Kickboxing Fightcards. And, tonight simply added to this reputation with a card that was loaded with the potential for some serious fireworks! As we all know, more than any other sport, Mixed Martial Arts is a sport that requires maximum concentration and focus ~ a simple lapse in concentration can find an elite fighter on the canvas, the victim of a perfect submission lock or knock-out blow! That's part of the reason these fights are so entertaining and a must-see - you never know what you'll see that night.

These fighters all came with heart, talent and a desire to win, but every bout came down to what they brought this night ~ judging was easy, as every bout ended with a forced submission or a knock out! These warriors didn't let the fans in KC down - the only losers were the people that weren't there to experience the action and entertainment! Here are the nights results below.

  1. Josh Fischer, vs Roosevelt Lyons
    The fightcard started strong, as these young fighters showed plenty of promise during this bout. Although Fisher had some good defense, Lyons dominated the fight, gaining riding time with a good mount and ultimately hammering Fisher with ground and pound that stopped the match. The crowd was ready for more after this one!
    WINNER: LYONS by TKO strikes at 1:49 of Round One.

  2. Zach Nolen vs Matt Morelan
    Nolen made quick work of Morelan in this bout. After tapping gloves, Nolen moved in for the win, throwing a solid overhand, uppercut combination, followed by an on-target missile in the form of a left leg round kick to Morelan's head. The crowd cheered Nolen on as he quickly finished the bout with some quick ground and pound, causing Refeee Kimmons to stop the bout!
    WINNER: NOLAND by TKO Strikes AT :22 of Round One.

  3. Jon Ott vs Dallas Browning
    At the bell, Ott charged across the ring with a flying knee to meet Browning's takedown, letting the crowd know this was a fight full of promised action! These fighters were on and off the mat throughout this round; Browning with a full body slam, Ott with solid guillotines, both fighters throwing huge blows, knees, grappling and reversing mount positions. The round ended with Ott looking to get the rear naked choke, but Browning defended at the bell.
    Round two started just as fast, this time with Browning landing the kick and Ott with the takedown. As the fighters are caught up in the action, Ott lands a knee while Browning in the three-point position, forcing Referee Kimmons to take a point from Ott. This didn't slow the action at all as Browning lands a huge right, followed by Ott's full body slam. Both fighters spring back to standing position, and with tremendous speed exchange knees and Ott slams Browning against the cage, shoots in for the takedown, and moves to a fast full mount - as the crowd roared, Browning reverses, then Ott reverses Browning! Browning focuses and lands an armbar, forcing Ott to tap to end this exciting fight!
    WINNER: BROWING by TAPOUT (Armbar) AT 4:43 of Round Two.

  4. Ryan Witten vs Anthony Young
    These lightweights lived up to the lightening speed this weightclass is known for. Their grappling prowess was established early in the bout as Witten throws a right/left over the top to be answered by Young's right followed by a body slam against the cage for a takedown. Here, the fighters demonstrated their fast, excellent ground skills, each skillfully avoiding the other - Young starts on top for some ground and pound, Witten goes for the triangle, Young slips and works around for a side mount, Witten then spins out the back door for his own side mount, attempting a Kamori but Young resists.Young then takes the top position, as Witten pulls guard as Young works for a triangle, picking Witten up and slamming him to the mat, but Witten again tries the triangle, and again Young slips as Witten rolls again to the top! The action is really fast as Witten gets past Young's guard to the half then full mount - and again Young slips out back of the full guard as Witten is riding slightly high, but Witten rolls out and reverses Young, corrects his position and Young tries to slip, but Witten has locked onto a tight armbar, forcing Young to final submission with a tap! What an action-packed 4 minutes!
    WINNER: WITTEN by TAPOUT (A) AT 4:14 of Round One.

  5. John Krause vs William Combs
    The crowd was totally pumped as these warriors entered the arena. At first glance there appeared to be quite a contrast in body styles, which would make for an interesting match-up - Combs tall and lanky with Krause the shorter, stockier opponent. But, when the action started Krause came out, grappled up with a slamming, ring-shaking takedown, knocking the wind right out of Combs, who quickly tapped!
    WINNER: KRAUSE by TAPOUT AT :38 of Round One.

  6. Erik Akin vs Nathan Osborne
    Akin charged out after Osborn at the opening bell, going for the single leg, then standing Osborn up for the full body slam - to a cheering crowd! Osborn quickly defends, pulling guard, but Akin slips around to a half mount position, looking for some room to ground and pound. As Osborn stands up, Akin quickly went for a double leg and gets Osborn up against the fence. The action continued as Akin stands and moves in for a dominant on top position as Osborn attempts and misses the triangle. The crowd is roaring as Akin moves in, but Osborn appears to have a shoulder injury causing him to verbally submit!

  7. Jesse Pringle vs Rob Haney
    These heavyweights stepped into the ring looking like they were ready to take all comers, go toe-to-toe, slug each other with everything they had and when the war is over, anyone is standing! Pringle starts the action with a solid leg kick, but Haney shoots in and gets the takedown, getting into a half mount, but Pringle won't give any room for ground and pound. Haney is still determined, as he manages to pin Pringle up against the cage, but Pringle gets into full guard, working his defense not allowing Haney to get past his legs. As Haney stepped back, Pringle lands a good up kick to Haney's head, but Haney gets right back on and goes for the gold, landing a huge right hand, knocking Pringle out! And, just like Haney's blow, the crowd is thunderous!
    WINNER: HANEY by KO at 4:12 of Round One.


    Bell came in as the hometown hero, but demonstrating their technical prowess both fighters put their tough, resilient, never-say-die attitudes on display during this war! Bell starts this war attempting to take Marimberga's head off with a round kick, followed by a left knee, slamming Marimberga into the cage, then working for the single leg, slamming Marimberga into the mat. But, Marimberga is not phased as he looks for a triangle, but Bell slips and steps back for some stand up. Marimberga's leg kick is answered by Bell's punch, kick combination. As both fighters go up against the cage, they exchange some fierce knees and Bell slips to the ground, taking Marimberga with him. Bell is in the full guard as Marimberga is looking for some ground and pound room, but Bell is not relenting. As the action stalls, Referee Kimmons takes the fighters back to stand up and Bell throws a swift spin heel kick. Marimberga lands a hard right round to Bell's body and slams to the mat. Bell's defense is again solid as this fast-paced round comes to a close. WOW! This appeared to be a good, even exchange, with both fighters demonstrating both good offense and defense!
    Bell starts round two with a left kick to Marimberga's head, but his right hand misses. Marimberga is looking for the guillotine, but Bell slams Marimberga to the mat - but Marimberga has the focus on his own solid guillotine and successfully forces Bell to submit with a tap to finish this quick round and ultimately the war!
    WINNER: MARIMBERGA by TAPOUT at :44 of Round Two.

    This fight looked to have the makings of some serious fire power! Both gentlemen live very physical lives - Cox a high school coach and Ramey serves the community as a Fire Fighter! Demonstrating excellent skills all round, these fighters took advantage of all the variables in a Mixed Martial Arts bout - kicking, punching, grappling and submission holds! As the fighters circle each other with bad intentions, Cox shoots for a leg and misses. Ramey takes advantage, slamming Cox gainst the cage. Cox smells the guillotine in reach, but Ramey defends well. Cox then goes after the armbar, but the fighters move to stand up. Ramey throws a quick front kick to Cox' body, followed by a quick right, left punch combination and a swift leg kick! But, both fighters appear at home in stand up as well! Ramey shoots in for a double leg but misses, as Cox is against the fence. The action mounts as Ramey with an arm drag takedown, Cox goes for the guillotine as he spins around behind Ramey. Cox then looks for the Kamori as the crowd's enthusiasm blasts, but Ramey slips , then sprawls, but Cox is relentless and cranks in the Kamori for the tap and the Win! Great action and great way to end the evening!
    WINNER: COX by TAPOUT at 3:01 of Round One


"Midwest Fight Fest"
September 23rd, 2006 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Shamrock Promotions put on another great night of fights this past Saturday night. For the first time in their 8 year history, Shamrock Promotions showcased a 14 match fight card. To no ones surprise tickets were hard to come by for this night. Even after being sold out 3 weeks before, people were still trying to get tickets at the door. The fight card was packed full of action.

Starting out with a great boxing match and mixing in 3 Kickboxing matched in between the 10 MMA fights. Its hard to say which fight took the title as the most exciting. Some were saying the :08 Knock Out win by John Duever or the knock out win by Chad Vancil, others thought the come back fight from Mike Green. The one that in most eyes was the best fight of the night was the female MMA match between Noe Perreira and Candy Ticer. This fight went all the way into the third round.

The next Midwest Fight Fest will be in Kansas City on October 27th, then returning to St. Louis on December 9th. Tickets on sale now for both events.

  1. ISCF Amateur MMA - 169
    "Mean" Mike Green (St. Louis, MO) defeated Caleb Richards (Troy, MO) in the 1st round by Kimora.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA - 155
    John Duever (Pacific, MO) defeated Jason Burgess (Cincinnati, OH) in the 1st round by Knock out.

  3. IKF Amateur Full-Contact Kickboxing - 179
    Adam Cella (St. Louis, MO) defeated Gerard Rios (Belleville, IL) by decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  4. ISCF Amateur MMA - 250
    Natu Visinia (Carbondale, IL) defeated Nick Jones (Cincinnati, OH)in the first round by referee stoppage due to strikes.
  5. ISCF Amateur MMA - 180
    Todd Feager (St. louis, MO) defeated Jeremy Lowe (Cincinnati, OH) in the first round by referee stoppage due to strikes.

  6. IKF Amateur Full-Contact Kickboxing - 145
    Becky Gullet (Robertsville, MO) defeated April Taylor (Kansas City, MO) by decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  7. ISCF Amateur MMA - 180
    Adam Marburger (Alton, IL) defeated Tim Riddle(Cincinnati, OH) in the first round by referree stoppage due to strikes.

  8. ISCF Amateur MMA - 165
    Noe Perreira (Kalaheo, HI) defeated Candy Tiler (Carbondale, IL) in the 3rd round by referee stoppage due to strikes.

  9. IKF Amateur Full-Contact Kickboxing - 157
    Jesse Colmer (Norman, OK) defeated Jimmy Donahue (St. Louis, MO) in the 2nd round by corner stoppage.

  10. ISCF Amateur MMA - 150
    Brian Sanguinea (Pacific, MO) defeated Matt Manz (Cincinnati, OH) in the first round by referee stoppage due to strikes.

  11. Exhibition Full-Contact Kickboxing - 195
    Nick Reader (Columbia, IL) -vs- Brandon Griffin (Springfield, IL)

  12. ISCF Amateur MMA - 180
    RJ Colborn (Carterville, IL) defeated Chris Kelly (Rushville, MO) in the first round by referee stoppage due to strikes.

  13. ISCF Amateur MMA - 150
    Chad Vancil (St. Louis, MO) defeated Sean Look (St. Louis, MO) in the first round by slam.

  14. Amateur Boxing - 200
    Jose Jones (St. Charles, MO) defeated Brandon Gammage (St. Louis, MO) by decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

For more info please call (314) 961.1177 or go to


September 9th, 2006 - Springfield, Missouri, USA

ISCF Representative Chuck Wolfe:
A great night for battle in the Cage of Honor at the Oasis Inn & Convention Center in Springfield, Missouri, USA. The crowd was primed and the fighters came ready! This was totally evident by the fact that two battles went the distance and the remaining fights were smartly finished in the first Round! Every fighter knows in MMA anything can happen, and the fighters tonight displayed a wide variety of skill - strong grappling resulted in several taps, striking skills that were well-honed proved valuable in the TKO's and the speed the fighters hit with was awesome! The crowd was treated to excellent entertainment and once again, Mr. Brandon Schwin, the Promotor, had a class show - keeping Springfield on the map for great MMA events!

  1. Robby Wilson Vs Cory Carter - Bantamweight
    This bout was totally and quickly dominated by Carter as Carter gets the double leg takedown, quickly securing a mount from the rear and tightening his rear naked choke, forcing Wilson to Tap Out!

  2. Sidney Bruenn Vs Shaun Hinkle - Light Heavyweight
    Lasting seconds longer than the previous bout, it took a minute for Bruenn to secure his win. Hinkle started the battle by throwing a series of kicks as the fighters then trade jabs. Hinkle goes back to kicking. The fighters were circling, looking for room to strike, as Bruenn seizes the opportunity to attack, throwing some awesome jab cross combinations, effectively putting Hinkle on the run! Hinkle has no where to go as he turns his back to the attack, causing him to verbally submit from the barrage of strikes!

  3. Noah Weber Vs Tony Key - Light Heavyweight
    After two lightening fast rounds, the crowd was ready for some extended action. And, that's just what they got when these two warriors stepped into the ring! Weber comes out landing a right, but Key answers with some uppercuts and quickly gets the takedown, pinning Weber against the cage. The crowd reacts as Key attempts to get some ground and pound, but Weber effectively guards, causing the action to stall. Referee Kimmons stands the fighters back up and Key matches Weber's strikes 2 to one, along with some accurate knees, slamming Weber against the cage, but Weber answers with a knee of his own to end the round.
    The fighters start round two with some boxing, as Weber takes Key to the cage, but Key turns a single leg into a double as he again gets a takedown. Key cranks on Webers head, throws some rights to the body, but Weber manages to throw a blow to Key's head too. After exchanging some more blows, the crowd roars as Key leans back to attempt a leg lock, and Weber reverses and finally gets some riding time of his own. Key ends this round with some effective ground and pound.
    The third and final round finds the crowd energized as these warriors go for broke! Key gets a quick takedown, into a half mount and pins Weber against the cage. Weber gets to a stand up, only to meet Key's knees, but answering with knees of his own. Weber slams Key to the mat, but Key pulls guard, making no room for ground and pound, then reversing Weber to take the top position. The fight looks like it will go the distance, as Weber attempts unsuccessfully a triangle choke. The fight ends with Key again getting the riding time.
    WINNER: KEY by UNANIMOUS DECISION, 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.

  4. Sean Look Vs Jonathan Wood - Welterweight
    Look lands a right hand, slamming Wood against the cage. Wood responds immediately by cinching a tight guillotine and forcing Look to submit by Tapout.
    WINNER: WOOD by TAPOUT (guillotine) at :31 of ROUND ONE.

  5. FEATURED FIGHT Jeremy Harris Vs Josh Bowen - Welterweight
    After tapping gloves, Bowen attempts to circle only to be cut off by Harris. Bowen changes strategy by shooting in for the single leg, trapping Harris against the cage. Bowen gets the double leg takedown, slamming Harris to the mat. The crowd is wild as the fighters are looking for leverage, with Bowen standing and Harris on the mat. Bowen finds room on top, getting a side mount, but Harris slips, and attacks, landing some knees, taking Bowen to the ground and securing a perfect guillotine, causing Bowen to submit!

  6. Tyson Rainey vs Tony Linders - Welterweight
    Linders starts this bout with a leg kick, but Rainey throws a strong right cross then pins Linders up against the cage, hoisting him high for a solid body slam. The crowd cheers as Rainey gets the takedown. The action continues as the fighters stand and Rainey moves in with fists flying ~ the crowd's cheers rivaled the crowd at the infamous Arrowhead Stadium as Referee Kimmons steps in to stop this bout!
    WINNER: RAINEY by TKO (Strikes) at 1:28 of ROUND ONE.

  7. Jacob Ritchie Vs Jay Gould - Featherweight.
    As the bout begins, both fighters circle the cage and exchange some swift leg kicks. Gould gets the single leg takedown, but Ritchie goes for the guillotine, as Gould slips and both fighters stand. The action is fast! Now Ritchie is on the bottom, Gould is on top, but Ritchie is giving no room for ground and pound. Gould then attempts a Kamori, but Ritchie slips defensively. Ritchie then attempts a reversal, but has to return to full guard. Gould lands some rights to Ritchie's head, but Ritchie's guard goes tight. The fighters successfully grapple, slipping, both fighters having a fairly even solid show this round ~ great techniques/great defense.
    Round two starts with the fighters stalking each other around the ring - Ritchie throws a quick right, Gould smartly slips. Ritchie throws a high round kick, but slips off Gould's glove. Gould's single leg takedown is followed by looking for room for ground and pound, but Ritchie maintains his strong defense. Gould does manage some right/left strikes, but with little effect on Ritchie. The action stalls and Referee Kimmons resets the fighters to stand up. Ritchie throws a wild spin heel, but misses. Gould again attempts the single leg takedown, and succeeds, quickly going to work attempting to secure a triangle choke, then arm bar. Gould steps over the top in an attempt to minimize any leg position Ritchie may gain, but Ritchie maintains as the round comes to a close.
    Round three starts with promise as it's anyone's bout at this point, both fighters having a solid showing. Ritchie starts the action with a right, but both fighters are battle-weary from the previous action-packed rounds. Gould gets a takedown, Ritchie in the standup, but Gould isn't giving up on the single leg. The crowd cheers as Ritchie responds with a right, left to the body. Ritchie attempts an ankle lock but Gould quickly slips out, standing and throwing a series of knees, only to be answered by Ritchie's knees. Gould now on top, Ritchie on bottom with a tight guard, giving no room for ground and pound as the fighters hear the bell to end this strong bout as we go to the Judges' Scorecards to determine the winner! Both fighters should be proud of their effort this evening.
    WINNER: RITCHIE by MAJORITY DECISION, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

For more info please contact Mr. Brandon Schwin at (417) 724-2747 or by e-mail by clicking or go to

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st, 2006, AT 8:45 PM, PT


KnuckleUp Productions Presents
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Shamrock Promotions Presents
"Midwest Fight Fest"
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Another Sell Out for September 23
All Table seating is SOLD OUT for this Saturdays show. Only a few standing room only tickets remain. Call 314-961-1177 to get tickets. There will be an additional 25 tickets released at the door on Saturday night at 5:30. To be sure to get your tickets call 314-961-1177. See you there on Saturday night!!!!


Pitbull Productions Presents
"Universal Gladiator Championships 4
"The Civil War""

Kenner, Louisiana, USA


"ISCF Amateur MMA"
Warrensburg, Missouri, USA


September 16th, 2006 - Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

WOW!!! Can these guys put on a show?!! Brian Thompson, James and Ron Hill at HCX International Entertainment put on an explosive show on Saturday night, 9/16/06, at the Tinley Park Convention Center in Tinley Park, Illinois. Special guest and UFC veteran Shonie "Mr. International" Carter was on hand signing autographs for fans along with a fight card sanctioned by the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation and the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation. Professional and Amateur fighters competed in 13 exciting bouts of Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai Rules styles for a capacity crowd. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Samer Saad (0-1), Double Tap Fight Crew, Illinois Vs *Joshua Williams (1-0), Team Shockwave, Illinois
    (*) He is not this Joshua Williams
  2. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Tommy Chochlewicz, (1-0), Force-Toro, Illinois Vs Jeff Riddell, (0-2), USA Spirit Martial Arts, Illinois
  3. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Andy Voelz, (2-0), Top Notch, Illinois Vs Blair Makinney, (0-1), Team Lightning Kicks, Illinois
  4. Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Eric Kennedy (0-1), Team Nobody, Michigan Vs Mike Comstock (1-0), Independent, Illinois.
  5. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Joe O'Brien, (1-1), Force-Toro, Illinois Vs Titus Campbell, (1-1), Top Notch, Illinois.
  6. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Al Rojas, (6-1/1), Force-Toro, Illinois Vs Brian Skjold, (0-6-2), Team Lightning Kicks, Illinois
  7. Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Phonsamay Attanaphone (2-0/2), Independent, Illinois Vs Rodney Petermichel Jr., (0-1), Team Shockwave, Illinois
  8. Amateur Muay Thai Rules
    Mateusz Bujalski, (1-2), Force-Toro, Illinois Vs Justin Abatie, (3-3/0), Pekin Martial Arts Academy, Illinois
  9. Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Leo Perez (4-0), Double Tap Fight Crew, Illinois Vs Joe Negli (1-1), Team Lightning Kicks, Michigan
  10. Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Anthony Gomez (1-0), Carlson Gracie Team, Illinois Vs Chris Erickson (0-1), Pekin Martial Arts Academy, Illinois
  11. Professional Muay Thai Rules
    Whitney Waddell, (1-4-2/1), ATA Black Belt Academy, Illinois Vs Cyrus Washington, (7-2/1), American Martial Arts Academy, Illinois
  12. Professional Muay Thai Rules
    Ryan Murray, (0-1), Minnesota Martial Arts Academy, Minnesota Vs Terry Martin, (1-0), Illinois
  13. Professional Mixed Martial Arts Rules
    Charles Wilson, (1-8), Double Tap Fight Crew, Illinois Vs Matt Veach, (3-0-1), Warrior Concepts, Illinois

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Brian A. Thompson at (815) 730-3800 or by email at or go to



Over the past two weeks we have received several phone calls and e-mails from MMA people asking us to help make MMA legal in Tennessee. When we received the first call a couple of weeks ago, we were a bit surprised since we thought MMA "WAS" legal in Tennessee, at least amateur MMA anyway.

From what we have discovered, MMA has apparently been banned in Tennessee since 1989. Yes... 1989. What was a surprise to us though was the fact that there have been many MMA events in Tennessee since 1989. The other surprise was why did it all of a sudden become an issue with the Tennessee Boxing Commission? Several calls were made by the ISCF today to associates of the Commission from their Administrator to their Legal Council. We spoke to Mr. Jon Lillard, Administrator of the Tennessee Boxing & Racing Division. We know Mr. Lillard pretty well and admire him to. Earlier this year Mr. Lillard and the Tennessee Boxing & Racing Division approved the IKF ( as the "ONLY" Kickboxing Sanctioning Body allowed to sanction kickboxing in the State of Tennessee.

This was a lot of the reason individuals were contacting the ISCF to see if the ISCF could work with the Tennessee Boxing Commission to try and get MMA in Tennessee legalized.

Our further discussion with Mr. Lillard were helpful with several questions we had, but not too productive in our quest to somehow legalize MMA in Tennessee. During our discussion he directed us to the rule which is suppose to explain the ban on MMA which can be found HERE which reads:

The above law caused more confusion to us. Not only does it define BOXING too, it also mentions the word "Boxing" in the definition. This brought more questions which were, 1: WHO wrote this law and, 2: What makes this different than boxing or kickboxing?

No one we spoke to today knew "WHO" wrote the law or even "WHY?". But this gets even more complicated to us. If you noticed at the bottom of the above law, it was written in 1989. Now all of us here know that the term MMA or Mixed Martial Arts wasn't even termed as of then. So How did MMA get attached to this law? Well, it's actually a play of words as we see it, but even that gets confusing.

Before we received a call back from Mr. Lillard, we asked someone from the office of the Tennessee Boxing Commission to e-mail us the definition of the actual law "As it appears on the State's web pages." well, you can all see what is there above. However, what we were mailed was a paragraph that had 2 additional sentences added. The paragraph we were e-mailed is shown below. Note the sentences outlined in red.

Please note that mixed martial arts, ultimate fighting, shoot fighting etc. fall within the parameters of those sports which are explicitly prohibited by Tenn. Code Ann. §39-17-1102(a) Prize fighting, sparring and other brutal sports unlawful, which states: It is unlawful for any person or persons to engage in what is known as prize fighting or boxing with or without gloves, or in other brutal sport or exhibition, whereby bruising, maiming, or other serious bodily injury may result to the boxers or participants. In addition, the aforementioned activities do not meet the definition of boxing and/or kickboxing as defined by Tenn. Code Ann. §68-115-201. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to respond to this e-mail or you can reach me at 615-253-3703. pants. In addition, the aforementioned activities do not meet the definition of boxing and/or kickboxing as defined by Tenn. Code Ann. §68-115-201.

We're not even sure what this appears to be because no where in the actual law do the words "Mixed Martial Arts" appear. Also, the above paragraph claims that the aforementioned activities do not meet the definition of boxing and/or kickboxing as defined by Tenn. Code Ann. §68-115-201. HOWEVER, this sentence is not in the written law itself as stated on the state of Tennessee's web site located HERE. So... What's the story here? Did someone choose to just "Add" in the first and last sentences? Was this ever past as an actual bill, but the first and last sentences were never added?

After we spent some time looking this over, we put another call into Mr. Lillard in hopes he can help us make sense of all this. We hope to add clarity to all this once he returns our call. However, if it is what it appears to be, we have one of two things happening here. 1: NO Fight Sports are legal as defined in the actual law located HERE which includes BOXING and Kickboxing... Or, 2: Somewhere out there is a missing web page that specifies and clearly defines that MMA is indeed Illegal in the State of Tennessee. However, no one has been able to direct us to it as of yet.

So... until we can attain the reality here...

Promoters, Trainers, Fighters & Officials BEWARE!
If your thinking of promoting or participating on an Amateur or Professional MMA event in the State of Tennessee, you should re-think your plans. MMA Events in Tennessee are "Illegal!" All persons engaging in MMA either as principals, aids, seconds, or backers, commit a Class C misdemeanor. This is where MMA in Tennessee stands today and until we attain more info, we urge you all to beware.

If your wondering what states allow MMA, oversee it or just allow it to happen with no sanctioning etc. etc, CLICK HERE.


"Python's Punishers 1"
September 16th, 2006 - St. Gabriel, Louisiana, USA

ISCF Representative Steve Miller: ISCF & IKF Promoter Mr. Donald Mayeaux promoted a successful event known as Pythons Punishers on September 16 at the St. Gabriel Community Center in St. Gabriel Louisiana. This event kicked off right on time at 7:30 pm and despite some rule issues that were addressed after the event, this was an exciting event which ran smoothly. Here are the nights results below.

For more event info please contact Mr. Donald Mayeaux at (225) 673-2046 or by e-mail at

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th, 2006, AT 9:10 PM, PT

SEPTEMBER 8th, 2006 - Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

Chuck Wolfe ISCF World Representative: True Fight Fan L.L.C. hosted CLASH IN THE CAGE 6 at the Whiskey Tango in Grain Valley, Missouri, USA this past September 8th. Two ISCF Amateur Regional Title bouts and 12 other action packed fights, made this another night to remember in Grain Valley!

On the line were the vacant ISCF Amateur Central Regional Featherweight Titlebetween Cody Bell and Jesse Wolf and the vacant ISCF Amateur Central Regional Lightweight Title between Eric Marriott and Matt Dukes. Phil Jones and the True Fight Fan crew did a excellent job promoting an action packed evening. Here are the nights results below.

    Justin Eickhoff Vs Severeno Woods
    Woods begins this battle with a leg kick. Eickhoff lands a knee to the body, followed by an attempted right hand, pinning Woods up against the cage. Woods quickly reverses, pinning Eickhoff up agaist the cage, followed by some rights of his own, then lands some knees to the body and head of Woods. Woods acknowledges the contact, but isn't phased. Eickhoff continues with a right hand, knee, an attempted guillotine fails and Eickhoff throws another knee to Woods head, but Woods answers with an overhand right, taking another ineffective knee to the body, and throwing a series of right, left combinations. As Eickhoff mouthpiece flies, the fighters go down and Eickhoff takes the top position. Woods quickly reverses and tries to get past Eickhoff's guard for some effective ground and pound, but Eickhoff maintains a tight guard, causing the action to stall out. Referee Kimmons stands the fighters back up. The round ends with Eickhoff throwing knees and Woods throwing right hands.
    Round two starts with Eickhoff's knees into Woods body. Woods right hand takes Eickhoff to the mat and Eickhoff tries for a triangle choke, but Woods slips and moves into top position. Eickhoff goes after the triangle again, looking to secure the arm bar from the triangle, but Woods escapes. Eickhoff pulls guard, but Woods lands a left, right over the top to Eickhoff's head. The round ends with Eickhoff in a good defensive guard, but Woods gaining some riding time. The fighters touch gloves to start round three as Eickhoff throws a jab, right hand, answered by Woods' right! Woods then pins Eickhoff against the cage and then successfully gets a single leg takedown. Woods takes the top position, and Eickhoff moves into a tight guard. But, Woods does manage some effective ground and pound over the top of Eickhoff's guard as the fight ends.
    WINNER: WOODS by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

    Joe DeYoung Vs Ray Wyrick
    Wyrick starts the action with a strong right, answered by DeYoungs right. Wyrick picks DeYoung up, but DeYoung gets the arm locked in causing Wyrick to tap! Quick, effective fight - good, fast work by DeYoung!
    WINNER: DeYOUNG TAPOUT by Armbar at :41 of Round One.

    Mike Showman Vs Travis McEnaney
    McEnaney comes out and lands a right, followed by a fast takedown. Showman does a quick reversal and takes the top position. McEnaney looks for an anklelock and causes Showman to tap! McEnaney displayed quick, effective moves to bring this fight to an end!
    WINNER: McEnaney by TAPOUT at :46 of Round One.

    Drew Garcia Vs Brandon Benney
    Garcia comes out and throws some powerful leg kicks, followed by a right hand and then immediately moves into a takedown causing some great crowd reaction. Garcia looks to secure a rear guard, but Benney gets a little room and lands a right, left combination. Garcia is in a tight guard, allowing him to maneuver into a good reversal, then stands. Garcia looks to sink in a guillotine and appears to have a good head crank on Benney up against the cage! Garcia is relentless, causing Benney to tap! The crowd loves it!
    WINNER: GARCIA TAPOUT by Guillotine at 2:22 of Round One.

    Andy Morgan Vs Josh Bernal
    Bernal comes out landing a knee to Morgan's body, followed by a jab, right as Morgan shoots and gets the takedown, working for an upward position. Morgan goes after some ground and pound, but Bernal gives him no room, his defense strong. Morgan continues to throw rights to the body and head of Bernal, Bernal manages to stand, but Morgan takes him down immediately! Morgan on top, looking for the room for some ground and pound. The crowd roars as Bernal does a quick reversal and looks for his own ground and pound with some major success! His blows are effective as he takes this bout, causing the Referee to stop the bout! Excellent entertainment!
    WINNER: BERNAL by TKO, strikes at 3:54 of Round One.

    Brian Andrew Snelling Vs Steve Butler
    These quick fighters circle as Snelling attacks with a big right hand that misses. Butler goes for the guillotine, Snelling manages some right hands while Butler continues to go after the guillotine, but Snelling slides out of Butler's grip. Butler is on full guard on the bottom position as Snelling goes for the ground and pound, landing rights and lefts to Butler's head. Butler is going after Snelling's arm, but is unsuccessful as the action stalls, causing Referee Kimmons to stand the fighters back up. Snelling throws a quick right, but misses as he catches Butler's right followed by Butler's kick that connects to Snelling's body. Snelling immediately throws another right , then slams Butler against the cage, but Butler sees this as an opportunity to attempt another guillotine as the round ends.
    Round two starts as fast as the fighters circle like caged animals. Snelling slips through Butler's guard with a quick right, but Butler attempts to counter. Snelling siezes the opportunity for a successful takedown, as Butler once again gets him in a side headlock and tries to secure the guillotine, but Snelling sprawls effectively and lands a few rights to Butler. Snelling gets past Butler's guard and gets to a full mount, as Butler closes the gap, squeezing Snelling in too close to throw anything effective. Referee again stands the fighters up and Snelling misses with a fast uppercut answered by Butler's connecting left and rights, pinning Snelling against the cage momentarily as Snelling comes back to take Butler down. Snelling throws some rights to the body from the top position. Snelling is looking to get past Butler's guard, but is unsuccessful due to some good defense by Butler. Referee Kimmons again stands the fighters up and Butler is aggressively striking with rights and lefts. Snelling again closes the gap and is looking for a takedown, but Butler resists, slamming Snelling against the cage, along with landing some knees to Snelling's well buffered body. Snelling quickly takes Butler to the mat! Butler lands a right as the round ends.
    The crowd cheers as the fighters answer the bell for round three. Snelling quickly takes Butler to the ground, and Butler tries to secure the guillotine, but the technique is ineffective. As the fighters stand, Butler strikes with a right, Snelling answers with another takedown trying to get past Butler's quick guard, dropping a couple of rights from the up position. Butler's guard is tight, but Snelling is managing to drop in a few rights. Once again, the Referee stands the fighters back up and they immediately begin striking again, as Butler misses with a wild right. Snelling answers by connecting with a round kick to Butler's head. Butler counters with a front kick to the body. The fighters exchange and connect with right hands. Snelling goes again to the takedown position as Butler pulls guard from the bottom position taking this fight to the Judges Scorecards. These quick fighters end the bout with cheers from the crowd!
    WINNER: SNELLING by MAJORITY DECISION, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

    Zach Nolen Vs Courtney Spinks
    Spinks comes out swinging with a right that misses, but follows with a front kick. Nolen responds with a takedown taking the top position. Nolen looks for ground and pound room. Spinks tries to answer back from the bottom, but Nolen is getting the best of the strikes. Nolen goes for a Rear Naked Choke, looking secure. Spinks manages to escape and reverse, but Nolen immediately reverses back and lands some strikes. Nolen then stands while Spinks stays down, and Nolen takes advantage quickly going for a guillotine, with success, causing Spinks to tap! Great action and excellent display of grappling expertise!
    WINNER: NOLEN by TAPOUT at 3:18 of Round One.

    John Adams Vs Ryan Witten
    Round one starts as these fighters appear ready for war. Adams causes the crowd to cheer as he gets the body slam takedown. He quickly looks to get room for ground and pound. Witten makes a weak attempt for the triangle, but Adams continues to land right hands, looking for the full mount with success. Witten manages to close the gap taking away Adams room to punch. The fighters stand and circle the cage, as Witten throws a front kick, and attempts to secure a guillotine, looking tight, but Adams refuses to tap and slips out of the guillotine taking the top position as Witten pulls guard. The action is fast as both fighters look for openings against each other's good defensive skills. Adams attempts to strike as he goes to the stand up position as Witten remains on the ground as the bell rings to end this round.
    Round two finds these fighters looking to land blows from the onset, as Witten tries to land a front kick only to be quickly slammed to the mat by Adams. Adams is looking to get past his guard, as Adams moves to the side mount position and lands successful strikes to Witten's body and face. The action slows as the Referee stands the fighters back up. Witten lands a knee to Adams face, but Adams reacts by shooting in for a quick takedown! And, once again Adam is on top as Witten pulls guard. Witten again backs off and tries for a leg kick from an up position, then attempts a guillotine, but Adams slips, and now Adams is on top as Round Two ends seeing Adams gain some good riding time.
    Round three has the crowd cheering as the fighters show mutual respect by tapping gloves and going for the win! Adams lands a right, answered by Witten's attempt to throw a kick to the body only landing with a right to the head. Adams again quickly takes Witten to the ground and finds room for rights, lefts and knees to Witten's body. Witten does maintain a tight guard, but Adam continues to look for ground and pound position, landing some effective blows, while gaining good riding time. The bell takes this fight to the Judges Scorecards as the crowd cheers for these warriors!
    WINNER: ADAMS by UNANIMOUS DECISION, 30-27 on all 3 cards.

    Dustin Schnakenberg Vs C.J. Gooden
    These heavyweights can hit hard as Schnakenberg comes out with a power right hand, countered by a powerful left leg kick to the body by Gooden! These haymakers barely miss, but the fighters continue to throw blows. Schnakenberg connect with a right that takes Gooden to the canvass, but Gooden just gets excited and shoots on Schnakenberg, immediately going after some ground and pound. Schnakenberg attempts to rollout, but cannot, so he pounds on Gooden from behind. Gooden attempts to pin Schnakenberg against the fence, getting in the up position throwing some ground and pound and a hard knee to the body. Schakenberg tries for a figure four, then gives Gooden his back. Gooden is working for a Rear Naked, landing thundering rights and lefts, causing Schakenberg to cover. Forcing Referee Kimmons to stop this one. This action and power had the crowd in a frenzy!
    WINNER: GOODEN by TKO by Strikes at 3:18 of Round One.

    Erik Fernandez Vs Chad Vandenberg
    This fight started amidst a cheering crowd as Vandenberg immediately looks for the takedown! Fernandez' defense holds and he attacks landing a knee to the head and a couple of right knees to Vandenberg's leg. Both fighters attempting knees, as Vandenberg takes Fernandez to the mat. Vandenberg can't get the ground and pound so he changes strategy, stands, throws and misses with some quick kicks to the head, as Fernandez attempts to close the gap. Vandenberg again gets the takedown but Fernandez pulls guard. Vandenberg is looking to get past guard, but Fernandez holds his defense. As the Referee stands the fighters up, Vandenberg lands a kick to Fernandez' body, but Fernandez responds with a knee! Vandenberg then smashes Fernandez against the cage and gets a takedown, landing a few rights from the up position. Fernandez spins him out and tries unsuccessfully for the reversal as the crowd cheers the fighters on. As the fighters return to their feet, the bell signals the end of an exciting round one.
    The crowd is ready as round two begins. Vandenberg lands a leg kick, but Fernandez closes the gap. Vandenberg again getst he takedown and attempts to get past Fernandez guard wth no success. Fernandez makes a quick attempt at a figure four lock, but can't secure. Vandenberg tries to get the room he needs, but Fernandez won't give him any, but Vandenberg won't give any either, as both fighters use excellent defense, counering each other well. Fernandez suddenly gets a reversal into a full mount, looking for ground and pound room. After a slight struggle Vandenberg then reverses - the crowd loves the action as this round closes!
    Although Vandenberg is getting the majority of the riding time, this fight is competitive as Round three begins. Vandenberg tries to land a right, but misses, Fernandez answers with a couple of knees. Vandenberg with a takedown, taking a side mount position, but Fernandez is working his defense again. Fernandez attempts a kamori from a down position, but Vandenberg pulls out. Fernandez does a quick reveral and and attempted arm bar, but Vandenberg attempts an ankle lock unsuccessfully! Fernandez looks to secure another arm bar, but Vandenberg stands and slips out. Both fighters return to the ground, as this fight goes to the cards!
    WINNER: VANDENBERG by UNANIMOUS DECISION, 30-27, 29-28, 30-27.

    Kurt Grinlinton Vs Gregory Jacobs Jr.
    The crowd is primed and ready for action as the big boys take the cage! The fighters circle with bad intent and Jacob lands a right hand over the top, followed by a left blow, but Grinlinton shakes it off! As the fighters lock up, Jacobs throws a knee to the body and attempts and succeeds in getting a full slam, shaking the canvas! Jacobs immediately gets the full mount and moves into some nasty ground and pound. Grinlinton manages to get to all fours, but Jacobs is looking for the guillotine on top! The crowd is wild as these giants watch Jacobs get the rear mount position and gets his hooks in for a Rear Naked Choke, causing Grinlinton to Tap! Awesome fight!
    WINNER: JACOBS TAPOUT by Rear Naked Choke at 1:36 of Round One.

    Dominic Brown Vs Chris Henning
    These fighters answer the bell as Brown attempts a low shoot, comes up and lands a knee, moving Henning against the cage as the fighters break apart. Henning answers with a wicked knee to Brown's face, and Brown answers with a right hand, but Henning's footwork proves to serve him well as he quickly steps out of the way. Henning lands a round kick to Brown's body, gaining Brown's attention! Brown goes to shoot and is successful, and Henning pulls guard. Brown goes to stand, but Henning lands a kick as Brown steps away. Brown counters with a right up against the cage, and Henning misses with a wild left. As the fighters break apart, Henning lands a round kick to Brown's face, but Brown was still in a three-point position, causing Referee Kimmons to have to take a point from Henning. As the action continues, Brown attempts a double leg takedown, but doesn't get it as he slams Henning up against the fence. Henning counters with a couple of lefts, but Brown covers up, and is almost in trouble up against the fence. Brown quickly recovers his bearings and immediately goes after another takedown, but is unsuccessful. Henning again throws another left and has Brown against the fence, throwing a knee to Brown's head. Brown again looks for the double leg, but Henning sprawls. Brown changes his strategy to a single leg takedown with success as the crowd roars. The round ends finding Henning on top, Brown on the bottom! Brown then reverses Henning at the bell.
    This war is showing great potential as round two begins. The fighters circle fiercly as Henning lands a blow on Brown's head, as Brown slips under. Henning lands a leg kick. Brown jabs and connects, and Henning comes back with a leg kick and left hand. Brown goes for the double leg unsuccessfully, but Brown gets the takedown, in the top position, for some effective ground and pound, getting past Henning's guard, then goes for the rear naked. But, Henning reverses and invites Brown to stand up, landing a right left on Brown. The crowd is amazed at the exchanges, as Brown lands a kick to Hennings body, but Henning throws a right hand counter. Henning throws a knee, and Brown drops to the ground, but escapes. Brown in the up, Henning in the down, Brown has Henning pinned against the fence, but Henning refuses to give Brown room for ground and pound. Brown momentarily gets a half guard, but then slips back out. Brown works body and head shots as they get close to the fence. As this round ends, both fighters are ready for more!
    Round three promises to be a fight to the finish as the fighters tap glove in respect. Brown throws some rights and upper cuts as they grapple for position. Henning spins Brown, but Brown lands a knee to Henning's body. Brown then throws a knee to Hennings head. Henning counters with some blows to the body and head of Brown. Brown responds with an attempted takedown, but Henning goes for a guillotine, then Brown gets the takedown and a full mount, gaining punching room. Henning has Brown's head so he cannot land any attempts. The action slows as Brown on top tries to land blows on Henning with no success. Brown moves to secure a guillotine, with the arms in the proper position he cannot get the leverage he needs for success, so he moves back to the top mount position for some ground and pound, landing some rights as the fight ends! What a close match - going to the judges scorecard!
    RESULT: DRAW, 28-28 on all 3 judges cards.

    Jesse Wolf Vs Cody Bell
    The crowd is hungry for action as the bell rings. Wolf lands a right hand/knee combination and Bell goes for a takedown but doesn't get it. Wolf gets the takedown! Wolf looks to get past Bell's full guard, landing some blows to the body and head. Bell works for an armbar, Wolf slams him up against the fence. Wolf on top, Bell on bottom, but Bell isn't giving Wolf room for ground and pound. Wolf tries to stand up, but this has little or no effect on Bell, as Bell pulls Wolf right back down to the ground. Bell tries to land a right, Wolf grabs him for a takedown, attempting to look for room for ground and pound, but Bell isn't giving any. The crowd reacts as Bell gets the triangle, but Wolf slips, Bell tries for the arm bar, but Wolf picks Bell up again and slams him against the fence, face first - the crowd loves the action. Bell pulls guard, but Wolf gets the riding time and effective ground and pound as the round ends.
    Round two starts fast as Bell lands a right, Wolf counters with a right and gets the takedown on Bell, not unlike round one. Again, Wolf is trying to get past Bell's guard; Bell is looking for a triangle, trying for the arm to get into position. Wolf lands a couple of knees to the body, followed by a couple of right hands. Bell tries to slip in to a guillotine, but Wolf slips out, looking for a triangle into the armbar. Bell again, with the attempted guillotine, and Wolf again trying to get past Bell's guard, with some success. Wolf gets the full mount momentarily, then Bell slips out the back door! Wolf on top, Bell on bottom pulling guard. Wolf again attempting to get past, and does - into a full mount as this round closes.
    Round three in this title fight starts with promise as Bell throws a high kick, Wolf sharply ducks under and slams Bell into the fence in swift moves! Wolf gets into a sidemount giving Bell no room for maneuverability, smashing him against the fence. Wolf tries to land some right hands. Bell slips and reverses, Wolf turns his back to escape and Bell looks for a rear naked, which appears strong. Wolf pries Bell's arms off, and Bell lands rights from behind again looking for the rear naked. Wolf sprawls, slips and is on top! Bell again with a reversal and again Wolf reverses back. Bell is trying to secure a rear naked again, but again cannot find success. Wolf peels Bells arms off, and attempts to secure an arm bar. The crowd is thunderous as Bell tries to circle out, only to find Wolf attempting to again gain room for ground and pound. It's a strong exchange! This one goes to the cards.
    WINNER: WOLF by UNANIMOUS DECISION, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

    Eric Marriott Vs Matt Dukes
    The final fight of the evening has great promise as we match a solid striker with a solid grappler. Dukes is impressive in stature, but Marriott is strong. Dukes lands a left leg round kick to Marriott's face, then lands a knee, and attempts a jump round kick. Marriott tosses Dukes to the ground and Dukes springs back up. Dukes gets the takedown, but Marriott has a quick guard. Dukes on top is looking for punching room, throwing some left hooks, trying to get past Marriotts guard, but Marriott seizes the opportunity and goes for a wicked ankle lock, causing Dukes to tap! Both fighters have improved all their skills overall and although this fight was quick, it was action-packed!
    WINNER: Marriott by tapout in Round 1.

For more info please contact Mr. Phil Jones at (816) 651-5087 or at or go to


"Battle Cage 360 - Extreme Impact"
August 19th, 2006 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

We have to apologize that these results are being posted so late after this event that took place a month ago. However, somehow, the results never made it to us. What actually happened, no one knows. The good thing is that we now have them and here they are.

ISCF Promoter Albert Cole and his Champions Martial Arts Inc. and Impact Promotional staff hosted Battle Cage 360 - Extreme Impact at the Shreveport Convention Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA on August 19th, 2006. Although there were some no show fighters who have now been suspended by the ISCF, this was a great event! Here are the event results below.

  1. Michael Raines (223.25) defeated Josh Hird (254) by submission.

  2. Derrick Krantz (169) defeated Chris Johnson (170) by submission at 2:30 of the first round.

  3. Thomas Hebert (129) defeated Robert Hamilton (135) by submission at 2:18 of the second round.

  4. Jymes Ehlers (130.5) defeated James Dowden (132.5) by KO at :17 seconds of the second round.

  5. Mark Sniff (169.75) defeated Ryan Miller (164) by submission 1:00 of the second round.

  6. Chad Leondhardt (182.75) defeated Andrew Coleman (184.5) by stoppage at :30 of round 1 due to strikes.

  7. Nick Nuila (172.25) defeated Alex Jumonville (170.25) by submission 2:23 of the first round.

  8. *Jason Horak (145) defeated Brandon Rondon (144.25) by submission at 1: 46 of the first round.
  9. Michael Braswell (158.75) defeated Buddy Caskey (166) by referee stoppage at 2:05 of the second round - corner stoppage.

For more info please contact Mr. Albert Cole at (318) 746-5425 or by e-mail at

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th, 2006, AT 7:00 PM, PT


HCX International Entertainment LLC Presents
Tinley Park, Illinois, USA


    1. Charles Wilson Vs Matt Veech

    2. Terry Martin Vs Ryan Murray

    3. Whitney Waddell Vs Cyrus Washington


    1. Justin Abatie Vs Matt Bujalski

    2. Chad Walker Vs John Kalenze

    3. Joe "Love Machine" O'Brien Vs Terry Brown

    4. Al "El Matador" Rojas Vs Brian Skjold

    5. Andy Voelz Vs Blair Makinney

    6. Tommy Cochlewick Vs Jeff Riddell


Donald Mayeaux Presents
"Python's Punishers 1"
St. Gabriel, Louisiana, USA

    As of 9-14-06

    1. Noah Templet Vs Landon

    2. Wheat Sky Rocket Vs Calvin Miller

    3. Charles Meaux Vs Matt Barksdale

    4. Ben Poole Vs Marcel Gotzman

    5. Chris Haley Vs Lawrence Miller

    6. John Henry Vs Kent Brien

    7. Greg Walker Vs Aaron Nickoson

    8. Daniel Bell Vs Dustin Carbajal

    9. Exibition Dominic Falzarano Vs Daniel Paulin
  • IKF Kickboxing Alternates
    • Alvin Harvey

    • Adam Verret

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th, 2006, AT 8:40 PM, PT

September 9th, 2006 - Belleville, Illinois, USA

ISCF Representative Rob Donaker: ISCF Promoter Mr. Jay Sodini hosted his "SFC" event this past Saturday Night, September 9th, 2006 in Belleville, Illinois, USA. The event was an all Pro MMA Event.
Here are the nights results below.

  1. Mikey Bennet defeated Codie West by KO at :50 in the 1st round with strikes.

  2. Jason Gillian defeated George Merkel by KO at :20 in the 1st round by head kick.

  3. Nick Grant defeated Johnny Hughes by submission at :54 in the 2nd round by rear naked choke.

  4. Jeremy Genin defeated Wade Hamilton by KO at 2:11 in the 1st round by strikes.

  5. Matt Jaggers defeated Nick Juergens by submission at :54 in the 1st round by arm bar.

  6. Todd Murphy defeated Alex Carter by submission at 1:50 in the 1st round by arm bar.

  7. Billy Ayash defeated Shawn McCaulle KO at 1:33 in the 1st round by strikes.

  8. Brandon Griffin defeated Eric Gibson by KO at :08 in the 1st round by strikes.

  9. Steve Lough and Matt Buckley ended in a No Contest.
  10. Curt Bee defeated Jacob Eaton by submission at :53 of the 1st round by Kimora.

For more info please contact Mr. Jay Sodini at or at (618) 670-9806


August *26th, 2006 - St Joseph, Missouri, USA
(*) Was first listed as the results from an August 2nd event, however the real date was August 26th.

Chuck Wolfe, ISCF World Representative:
ISCF Promoter Lasha Dalakishvili's promotion partner Matthew Leidy is used to putting fires out as his service to the community as Fire Fighter, but tonight he and his partner started quite a few fires of their own with these great matches. St. Joseph was treated to quite an event with this promotion. Here are the night's results.

  1. John Mowry (St. Joseph, Missouri) vs Landon Dirks (Nevada, Missouri)
    Circling one another, Dirks throws the first blows, combining some jabs and crosses. The fighters clinch and Mowry gets the takedown. As the fighters struggle for position, Dirks throws and connects with some rights to the head. Dirks is on this back as they continue to struggle for position, into the cage, as Dirks continues to throw punches from this position. The crowd reacts as Dirks reverses and takes the top position, dominating his opponent with blows as the Referee steps in to stop this bout!
    WINNER: DIRKS by TKO at 1:55 of Round One.

  2. Brent Ault (St Joseph, Missouri) vs Raynondo Sentros (Kansas City, Missouri)
    As the fighters put out their leather and touch 'em up, Sentros starts with some left/rights. Ault's attempt at a takedown is unsuccessful and Sentros continues his punching combinations. Sentros sweeps Ault down to the ground, Sentros has top position as Ault is in guard. Ault attempts an armbar, but Sentros powers out and answers with an attempted guillotine, that looks secure, but Ault manages to roll out. The crowd is stirring as Sentros maintains the top mount, and Ault punches from underneath only to be answered by some fierce on-target strikes by Sentros! Both fighters stand and circle and exchange rights, then Sentros throws a jab, cross, knee to the head, cross combination demonstrating his stand up prowess. But, Ault's far from out of the game as he comes back to answer as the fighters again trade leather! A hard right from Sentros, a quick recovery of Ault's mouthpiece and Sentros continues to throw some hard rights, landing clean. But, Ault pulls some powerhouse rights out of his reserve to the roar of the crowd. These fighters are game as this round ends.
    Sentros starts Round Two with another right, then takes Ault down and mounts. With Ault on his back, Sentros prepares to strike, landing rights and lefts. Ault is taking most of the exchange, Sentros just continues his punching pursuit. The crowd reacts as these fighters go at it. Sentros continues the barrage of effective punches, but Ault continues to fight back from the ground. Then, Ault gets the reversal and he has Sentros' back attempting a solid rear naked choke. Sentros tries to strike from behind and the crowd roars as Sentros reverses to close this exciting round.
    Round three finds these warriors looking spent from the battle, but each has a smile on their face as they ready to end this war and take the Win! Sentros throws the first right, answered by Ault's knee, but Sentros throws some powerful right hands, and Ault is done!
    WINNER: SENTROS by TKO at :21 of Round Three.

  3. Chris King (Fort Scott, Kansas) vs Jacob Verhagen (St. Joseph, Missouri)
    King gets an immediate takedown, belly to belly as he gets the top mount and looks for the strike openings. Verhagen defends well, and then unsuccessfully attempts an armbar. King has the side mount, raining down punches, but not all are landing. Both fighters are struggling for position. King is landing solid blows. King stands and remounts. As King has the full mount and continues to punch, Verhagen tries to buck him off, then reverses! Verhagen moves on to land some punches, then King attempts the armbar. The crowd goes wild as Verhagen takes advantage of the situation and starts hammering King. King kept his composure, but lost the armbar. The crowd is chanting! King is still on the bottom and Verhagen is still in pursuit. Verghagen continues to punch. But, the Referee stops this bout as King cannot continue due to a possible fractured hand.

  4. Noah Weber (Nevada, Missouri) vs David Shaffer (St Joseph, Missouri)
    These fighters circle and throw jabs and attempt to exchange some wild leather. Shaffer manages to throw a legkick, jab, hook combination, followed by some solid knees to the body. Weber answers by attempting a takedown, throwing knees to Shaffers leg and chest. Shaffer throws a jab, cross, kick, but Weber responded with a knee to the body. These fighters clearly came to battle, as they continue to exchange jabs, showing their well-honed boxing skills. Shaffer kicks to punch and Weber swings back, but the fans roar as Shaffer connects with a right that takes Weber down! But, Weber continues to react and fight as Shaffer moves to the top position. Weber attempts a guillotine, but Shaffer defends, working his way in as he yo-yo-yo's, striking the head, then the body, then the head with a series of solid lefts. Weber continues to fight back, but is eating quite a few punches, but still answering back, showing his tenacity. Shaffer appears to get most of the riding time this round, but the fighters then change position as Weber goes on top and begins an attack of his own, with rights to the body and head. Shaffer manages to throw a good right from the bottom, attempts a headlock, then both fighters again exchange leather with some accuracy! Great round as the bell signals the end.
    Round two, the fighters show their awesome sportsmanship, touching gloves. Weber opens the round with a good legkick, and Shaffer answers with a front kick. Weber responds with a left hand. Both fighters throw some leather. Weber and Shafer exchange leg kicks as the fighters tie up and Weber attempts a knee, but strikes arms. Weber throws a punch that misses, and both fighters are feeling the energy they spent during the first ferocious round. Weber pulls out his reserve and throws two good punches, followed by a neck crank and a knee. Weber gets the takedown and mount, and Shaffer attempts an unsuccessful guillotine. Weber lines up throws a few strikes that miss, then gets a bead on him and lands several blows. Shaffer attempts to respond, but Weber is throwing a flurry of punches that are landing successfully. Shaffer rolls to his side and attempts to cover, but isn't answering back, as Weber continues to attack. Weber attempts a choke, but goes back to throwing blows, and this strategy proves successful as the Referee steps in to stop this bout.
    WINNER: WEBER by TKO at 2:16 of Round Two.

  5. Shawn Lesny (St Joseph, Missouri) vs Dustin Kirschner (St Joseph, Missouri)
    Kirschner throws the first blow, a legkick, then both men attempt some striking exchanges, but they are largely uncontrolled and in the chaos they miss. Lesny gets a nice hard slam and takes the mount. But, Kirschner immediately rolls him over and gets a headlock. As both fighters fight to gain control, Lesney escapes and both fighters stand up. Kirschner then takes a knee to the belly and Lesney launches a solid right, right on target, knocking Kirschner out to take this fight!
    WINNER: LESNEY by KNOCKOUT at 1:01 of Round One.

  6. John Attigliato (Columbia, Missouri) vs Joey Sugden (Cameron, Missouri)
    Sugden comes in looking like a warrior and he throws a quick leg kick, right hand and hooks, sweeping Attigliato to the mat, going for the half guard. Sugden on top trying to take the top position, throwing some quick blows. Sugden is all over Attigliato and then it appears Sugden has a good attempt at a choke, but slips as Attigliato rolls out. The crowd is enjoying the action as Attigliato goes for the guillotine, but Sugden also has a nice roll out. Caught up in the action, Attigliato throws an illegal knee to Sugden's head and loses one point. Attigliato spins out with a right hand, now throwing leg kicks. Sugden attempts to answer with some punches, but both fighters appear cautious. Sugden throws a leg kick, Attigliato attempts to answer with the same, and Sugden responds with a solid right hand. Both fighters appear relaxed and in their element as Attigliato attempts and misses with a leg kick. Sugden gets crowd reaction as he lands a solid right, but Attigliato is there with a right of his own. As the fighters tie up on the fence working for position, Atigliato throws a knee to the body, then to the head. Atigliato gets what appears to be a solid guillotine, but Sugden rolls out, gains the mount and throws some punches as the round ends.
    Round two begins with the fighters circling to the left, the southpaw Sugden faces Atigliato's accurate right hand, and answers with a blow of his own. Both fighters break out with a series of blows, landing the majority of them. Sugden lands a legkick that slows Atigliato down, but both fighters continue to exchange blows as the crowd cheers them on. Both fighters go down as Atigliato throws and lands a good right; Sugden is on his back as Atigliato continues to strike, but Sugden manages to answer back effectively. Atigliato takes advantage of the mount landing some good blows. Sugden reverses, but Atigliato goes right into a guillotine, but Sugden escapes. Sugden launches some large rights to Atigliato's head as the bell rings.
    Round three finds Atigliato throwing a nice leg kick, but though both fighters appear spent, they are both very much still in the battle. Atigliato lands a couple of nice rights, followed by a head kick, and some follow-up punches. Sugden responds by taking him down, Atigliato gets in guard and Sugden attacks. Both fighters are trying to use all their resources to get position, as Sugden manages a few rights to the body before the action stalls and the Referee stands them up. The fighters exchange a few more blows as Sugden takes them to the mat. This fight appears to be going the distance as the action again stalls and the Referee again returns the fighters to stand up. Again, Sugden takes down Atigliato once again as the bell signifies the end of the fight, as we go to the judges scorecards for the decision.
    WINNER: SUGDEN BY MAJORITY DECISION, 28-28, 29-27, 29-27.

  7. Sean Harris (St Joseph, Missouri) vs Jeremy Whorton (St Joseph, Missouri)
    Whorton starts with a connecting leg kick, Harris responds with some wild punches. Both fighters trade leather as this fight starts fast! Harris regains his focus as he lands some good punches and a knee to the head, but Whorton responds by dropping Harris fast! Whorton gets the side mount, as Harris knees the body from underneath, but Whorton throws a series of knees in return. Whorton takes the mount, looks for his opening and lands punches. Harris bridges and reverses. Whorton with a butterfly guard, slips out. Both men are tied up on the mat, Harris on top, Whorton on bottom, both warriors struggling for position. Whorton gains a solid armbar, but Harris breaks loose, then Whorton moves into a tight triangle causing Harris to Tap! The crowd loves the action - that's entertainment!
    WINNER: WHORTON by TAPOUT at 2:21 of Round One.

  8. Frank Herod (Walnut, Kansas) vs Tyson Rainey (Nevada, Missouri)
    Rainey lunges in with some punches, and gets Herod pinned on the cage and goes for the slam, but is denied! Both fighters struggle to take each other down. Rainey lands a nice knee to the body, and the fighters continue to grapple. Herod attempts the guillotine, but it isn't clean, as Rainey's arm is inside. Herod throws a knee to the body, stomps and sinks in tighter. Rainey throws a low blow as the action stops for recovery. Rainey returns to the action by throwing a knee to the head, Herod answers with a slam to the mat. Rainey attempts and fails with a guillotine. Rainey stays in guard, as both fighters work for position. Rainey throws some punches from underneath with some success, and Herod isn't doing to much as the round ends. As the fighters return to their respective corners, Herod appears tired or bothered by something. After moments, Herod's corner throws in the towel, giving the win to Rainey.
    WINNER: RAINEY by DISQUALIFICATION at 2:10 of Round One.

  9. Floyd Jeffers (St Joseph, Missouri) vs Brad Sawyer (Springfield, Missouri)
    Sawyer starts this fight with a couple of solid kicks. As the fighters tie up and get up against the fence, they clearly want to go to the mat. Sawyer seizes the opportunity and sweeps, taking Jeffers down. Jeffers answers with some body blows, but they are ineffective, as Sawyer goes for an armbar, unsuccessfully. Sawyer has the mount, and Jeffers has a nice bridge, but it's not enough. Sawyer gets the crowds reaction as he tries for another arm bar, but again no go. Jeffers has the top now, and Jeffers lands some knees, throws some slight hammers to Sawyers head, but Sawyer is maintaining his guard. Sawyer is going after the triangle, working for it he gets the legs locked and Jeffers taps!
    WINNER: SAWYER by TAPOUT at 1:53 of Round One.

  10. Brian Marvin (St Joseph, Missouri) vs Matt Hazen (Rogersville, Missouri)
    Goes for a single leg and is successful. Marvin goes for the guillotine, but Hazen's struggles for position. Hazen has the half guard, but it appears to be a wrestling match. Marvin looking for a choke, but nothing clean, as Hazen clears and goes to the top position. Marvin gains top position, into a side mount, and locks the neck into a triangle choke that's tight as he punches the body and secures a arm bar.
    WINNER: MARVIN by TAPOUT AT 2:18 of Round One.

  11. Drew Reed (Pittsfield, Illinois) vs Roy Babcock (St Joseph, Missouri)
    Babcock starts this bout with a strong leg kick, knee to the takedown! He then attempts a guillotine, but slips. Babcock seems to be dominating this match as he slickly moves into a Triangle with arm bar, although the armbar is unsuccessful, Babcock is keeping the triangle on, pulling Reed's head down with a very nice crank! Babcock has the leg and the triangle as Reed taps. Great moves by Babcock, the crowd roars with delight!
    WINNER: BABCOCK by TAPOUT at :57 of Round One.

For more info, please contact Mr. Lasha Dalakishvili at (816) 244-8132 or (816) 248-3143 or by e-mail at

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, 2006, AT 9:50 AM, PT


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

  1. Eric Marriott Vs Matt Dukes

  2. Jesse Wolf Vs Cody Bell

  3. Dominic Brown Vs Chris Henning

  4. Nathan Cash Vs Andy Morgan

  5. Dwane Davis Vs Tony Anderson

  6. Erik Fernandez Vs Chad Vandenberg

  7. Mike Showman Vs Travis McEnaney

  8. Justin Eickhoff Vs Severeno Woods

  9. Joe DeYoung Vs Ray Wyrick

  10. Drew Garcia Vs Brandon Benney

  11. Dustin Schnakenberg Vs C.J. Gooden

  12. Willie Mack Vs Josh Bernal

  13. Brian Andrew Snelling Vs Steve Butler

  14. Kurt Grinlinton Vs Gregory Jacobs Jr.

  15. John Adams Vs Ryan Witten

  16. Zach Nolen Vs Courtney Spinks


Cage Of Honor Presents
Springfield, Missouri, USA

  1. Sean Look Vs Tony) Linders

  2. Shaun Hinkle Vs Sidney Bruenn

  3. Sean 'Bryce' Hill Vs Mike Hislope

  4. Caleb Scott Vs Joshua Freeman

  5. Josh Bowen Vs Jeremy Harris

  6. Robby Wilson Vs Cory Carter

  7. Jacob Ritchie Vs Jay Gould


Supreme Fighting Challenges Presents
Belleville, Illinois, USA

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th, 2006, AT 10:30 PM, PT

"Midwest Fight Fest"
August 25th, 2006 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

IKF & ISCF Representative: Chuck Wolfe:
Shamrock Promotions and The Blue Corner LLC hosted the MIDWEST FIGHT FEST which included IKF Amateur Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts at the Clarion Hotel in Kansas City Missouri. The night featured the ISCF United States Welterweight Title Fight between Hometown Favorite, Cody Parrish and Derrick Garner.

Kansas City is officially on the Fight Map with the continued success of Shamrock Promotions/Blue Corner outstanding events. These promotors are definitely on par with Vegas' best when it comes to securing premium fighters for their cards. Part of the magic of their success is the great variety of fighting styles they present, and this card was no exception. The crowd was treated to grappling, kickboxing and awesome MMA bouts throughout the evening. Fans travelled in from across the Mid-West to enjoy the entertainment...and ENTERTAINMENT they received ~ even the fans were exhausted at the end of the evening! Kudos to Shamrock/Blue Corner for producing such a fierce event!

    WINNER: WHITWORTH by TAPOUT @ 1:41 of round three.

    This bout was International Rules, so leg kicks apply. These lady warriors came out scrapping, throwing punches and kicks. Taylor lands a solid front kick to Hendrixson's face. As both ladies work to get the required kicks in, Hendrixson answers with some kicks of her own, causing Taylor to launch a roundhouse to Hendrixson's head. Both ladies land some leather, then Taylor throws a series of strong kicks, followed by a swift spin backfist. Hendrixson appeared a bit rushed this round, and was unable to land her strikes effectively.
    Round two starts as fast as round one, with Hendrixson landing a right hand, but Taylor answers with a spin back kick to Hendrixson's body, followed by a right hand. Taylor then spins into another backfist, kick combination. Hendrixson throws a couple of rights and lefts, but Taylor comes quickly back with another front kick, connecting with Hendrixson's face again. Taylor attempts and misses a spin back kick, and Hendrixson takes advantage of the miss with a quick right hand. Both ladies repeat this exchange exactly. Taylor slips to the canvas, but quickly returns to her feet, ready for action. Taylor leads with a spin back kick, but Hendrixson is ready to respond with a left jab and right hook. Both ladies are doing their best to move forward with good, non-stop action. Taylor ends the round with another front kick, connecting with Hendrixson's mid-section.
    Both fighters begin round three with determination. Going with what works, Taylor spins again, but misses, only to follow up with a connecting right leg to Hendrixson's head. Hendrixson garners a warning by Referee Kevin Engel for grabbing Taylor's kicking leg Hendrixson attempts to turn it on, throwing a flurry of lefts/rights, and Taylor counters with a front kick to the face and a spin back fist, missing it's mark. Hendrixson is warned yet again for leg grabbing. Taylor throws a solid backfist, but Hendrixson continues to move forward, unphased by the solid blow. Hendrixson lands a right, Taylor counters unsuccessfully with a front kick, but wows the crowd with an on-target left hook, right cross combination. Taylors next front kick is answered with Hendrixson's over-the-shoulder right hand, and another right hand. Taylor closes the round with a good, fast spin back kick. Strong work by both fighters, and the crowd was pleased with their performance, as evidenced by the noise in the arena. And, the fight goes to the judges scorecards.
    WINNER: TAYLOR by UNANIMOUS DECISION, 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.

    Andy Waters Vs Kyle Marquez
    These fighters move into the ring with determination written all over their expressions. Marquez starts the action by throwing a couple of jabs, and Waters shoots in for the takedown with a full body slam, to the crowd's delight. Marquez attempts to secure a quillotine, but is unsuccessful ~ Waters works for the Side Mount and tries for some ground and pound, but Marquez keeps his defense a strong full guard. Waters moves past one leg of Marquez, attempting the full mount, but Marquez gets back into guard, as the fighters travel closer to the rind rope. Both fighters return to stand-up as both fighters search for punching room as Marquez throws a punch and misses. Waters takes advantage of the situation and goes in for an attempted takedown, as the fighters spin out of the corner. Both fighters still looking to land punches and the crowd roars as Waters connects with a powerhouse right! Marquez hits the canvas as Referee Engel moves in to stop the bout! Great, quick action as the fight goes to Waters.
    WINNER: WATERS by KNOCKOUT at 2:41 of Round One.

    Chase (Chance) Poindexter Vs Chad Vancil
    Vancil starts this bout with a successful takedown. Poindexter attempts the guillotine, but Vancil slips out. Vancil then picks Poindexter up and slams him to the mat. Poindexter closes the guard, attempting to narrow the gap, and almost escapes, but Vancil pulls him back in, landing a few lefts to the body and head of Poindexter. Vancil is looking for the ankle lock, but is unsuccessful, as the fighters have to be reset and stood up. Vancil attempts a right hand, then another body slam. Poindexter looks for the guillotine, but Vancil slips out looking for room to punch, but can't get past Poindexter's guard. The round ends with Vancil gaining some riding time, but Poindexter definitely pulled strong guards throughout, nullifying any effective ground and pound Vancil attempted. The crowd loves the action.
    Round two starts with both fighters ready, as Poindexter throws and lands a leg kick, and is answered by Vancil's leg kick. Vancil attempts a punch, and gets the takedown on Poindexter in the corner. Vancil does land a few lefts from the top position, but is still unable to get past Poindexter's guard. The crowd reacts as Poindexter reverses and moves into some ground and pound of his own, landing rights and lefts on Vancil's face as Vancil appears to be in trouble. Poindexter pulls Vancil to the center of the ring, and Vancil goes to guard and attempts to close guard to take away Poindexters room for ground and pound, but to no avail, as Poindexter does indeed land some ground and pound to Vancil's face. Both fighters standup and Poindexter attempts an unsuccessful leg kick, followed by a right kick to the groin, causing Referee Engel to rule this an accidental foul, calling for a time out. Vancil comes back strong, throwing a right hand, followed by a kick to the body. Poindexter answers with a right hand. As the fighters tie up, Poindexter is looking for the guillotine as Vancil looks for a body slam. Vancil lands some body shots, looking for some room for some ground and pound, but Poindexter is successful in his defense ending this round. Both fighters are trying to bridge the gap, as Poindexter throws a leg kick, followed by two rights. Vancil gets the takedown, but Poindexter quickly reverses. Vancil pulls guard, as Poindexter looks to get past. Vancil attempts to secure the triangle, but slips and takes a couple of rights by Poindexter. The action stalls out at the edge of the ring, and the fighters return to the stand-up position. Poindexter gets the takedown, looking for room for the ground and pound, landing some hammerfists, followed by a couple of left hooks to Vancil's face. Vancil is keeping close to Poindexter, but is definitely getting the short end of the deal. The action slows again and Referee Engel wants them to improve their position, ultimately standing the fighters back up. As the round nears close, Vancil lands a right hand, Poindexter answers with a swift knee as the fight comes to a close. And, we go to the judges scorecards.

    John McCormick Vs Gerald Holmes
    Holmes starts the bout connecting with a strong left jab, followed by another left and right, clearly looking to strike. Holmes then mixes it up with a legkick. McCormick closes the gap as the fighters lockup, allowing McCormick to throw a couple of knees. McCormick cinches in a tight guillotine, causing Holmes to tap out!
    WINNER: McCORMICK by TAPOUT at :56 of Round One.

    John Paul Horsch Vs Keith Gardner
    Horsch lands a quick jab, but Garner closes the gap working for a take down; Garner reverses and gets the take down. Horsch rides on top, landing some strong rights to Garner's body. Horsch appears to be the dominant fighter as he gets to a full mount, with Garner trying to keep close. Horsch continues his yo-yo pursuit, working from head to body, body to head with blows. As the fighters tie up, Horsch breaks free and continues to throw lefts and rights, but Garner manages to get back to the up position, as Horsch gets him in the corner and gets another take down, assuming the top position for yet more riding time, looking for some ground and pound with some success as the round ends.
    Round two finds the fighters circling one another as Garner breaks out a kick that misses, followed by a strong right that does connect. As Garner closes the gap he throws a knee and another solid right. Horsch closes in looking for the take down, from the top position, Horsch gets past Garner's guard, landing some consistent blows. Garner manages to get to his feet, but Horsch continues the barrage of blows. Garner doesn't seemed phased by these blows, but they continue to come, causing Referee Engel to watch closely. This round ends with Horsch again on top attempting some ground and pound as the bell rings.
    The crowd is eager for the last round to start, as both fighters move in and Garner throws some front kicks to Horsch's body, but Horsch answers with a take down, riding high for some ground and pound, as Garner feels the leather on his body! Although Horsch's blows aren't nullifying Garner, Horsch remains very, very busy, as Garner continues to defend. Horsch does manage to get past Garner's guard, getting to the side mount, enabling him to strike Garner's face. Returning to the full mount, Horsch ends the bout with consistent, effective ground and pound, causing this fight to go to the judges' scorecards!

    Donaco Watts Vs Daniel Morris
    Morris starts this bout with an attempted kick to the body, as Watts, standing southpaw, responds with a left hand, solid uppercut as Morris shoots in. Both fighters tie up, with a knee strike by Watts to Morris' body. The crowd reacts as the air cracks, as Watts' right connects with Morris' head, followed by Watts' right to the body. Watts immediately gets the take down, looking for room for ground and pound, but fighters quickly return to the stand up position. Watts is looking to get some boxing in, while Morris reacts with a spin kick that misses. Watts again on top as fighters go to the mat, as Watts looks for striking room. Watts lands some rights from the top position, and both fighters get to their feet again, but Watts is relentless as he takes Morris down again, and gets around Morris' guard, as he moves in for the ground and pound to close this round to crowd cheers. Morris starts round two with a wild spin back kick that misses, as Watts takes advantage yet again, taking Morris to the ground followed by effective ground and pound. Morris tries to spin out of Watts full mount and relentless ground and pound, but to no avail, as Referee Kevin Engel steps in and stops this bout!
    WINNER: WATTS by TKO (Strikes) at 1:17 of Round Two.

    Jordan Best Vs Jeramy Smith
    Smith starts like lightening, landing a quick left, but is answered by Best' thunder as Best counters with a right knee to the body! As the fighters exchange leather in the stand up position, they separate and exchange right knees. Smith throws another right knee and the crowd makes some noise as Best counters with a solid knee, right hand combination, dropping Smith to the canvas. But, Smith gets right back up only to encounter another fierce barrage of right crosses, left hooks by Best, which Smith unbelievably survives and is able to pull guard and gain his composure. Smith manages to get to his feet again, but is caught by a powerful right by Best, dropping Smith into the corner. The crowd erupts as the action goes on and on. The fighters stand back up, as Best lands some effective rights followed by another couple of knees to the body and a knee to Smith's face. Although slightly wobbly, Smith pulls out a left counter, but Best is ready with a left kee to the face again, forcing Referee Engel to stop this action-packed bout!
    WINNER: BEST by TKO (Strikes) at 2:28 of Round One.

    Bill Shaddox Vs Jason Colobong
    These heavyweights - the big boys with the big toys - are looking to show their power. Colobong lands a front kick, Shaddox immediately slams Colobong to the ground and both fighters are back up exchanging leather. Colobong repeats the front kick, and Shaddox repeats his hard slam of Colobong to the canvas. Shaddox hammers some big rights and lefts from the top position, but Colobong tries to get position, working his way out of the ring. Referee Engel moves them back to the stand up position. Again, Colobong slams that front kick to Shaddox' body, but Shaddox answers right back with another body slam to the mat! Shaddox immediately sets to work with some ground and pound as he hammers on causing the Referee to step in and stop this war.
    WINNER: SHADDOX by TKO (Strikes) at 1:40 of Round One.

    Roger Jackson Vs Richard Martinson
    Jackson comes out landing a short left, followed by a left knee, then a short right. Martinson answers with a jab, but Jackson's there with a right, left leg kick combination not once, but twice. Martinson takes these blows like a warrior and manages to throw a right, left combination in return. Jackson comes out with a neck snapping upper cut, followed by a piercing series of right knees. Martinson is trying to tie Jackson up, but Jackson is attempting to strike with knee kicks. Martinson manages to connect with a right, but Jackson's reflexes are superior, as Jackson throws a bomb, dropping Martinson to the canvas to stop this bout. The fans are getting treated to an awesome show so far!
    WINNER: JACKSON by TKO (Strikes) at 1:25 of Round One.

    AMATEUR MMA: Ben Nogueras Vs Christopher Jones
    This bout features a warrior of high regard, hometown favorite, and renowned promotor, Nogueras. Nogueras comes in with an excellent strategy, (he is typically known for his strength in striking) his first blow is a powerful spin heel kick, which lands just on the shoulder of Jones. Jones counters with a right, but Nogueras successfully goes after the takedown. Both fighters return to their feet quickly, then Jones slams Nogueras to the mat as both fighters are looking to throw blows. Jones tries to get past guard, but to no avail. Jones attempts an arm bar, but Nogueras slips out and throws some powerhouse right hands, reverses the position and is now on top, looking for room to land on Jones. And, room he finds, as the crowd goes wild as Nogueras throws a slamming right hand, then follows with some brutal ground and pound, causing the Referee to stop the bout.
    WINNER: NOGUERAS by TKO (Strikes) at 1:35 of Round One.

    Chris Barrows vs Eric Siley
    This is a definite grudge rematch between these two fighters. At their previous contest, Siley felt he was stopped before he tapped, but the Referee called the Tap based on his observation. So, like Rocky II, the rematch was set for tonight . Both are skilled combatants, so the fight belongs to anyone at the start! Siley starts the battle by throwing an attempted right hand, but Barrows responds with his own strike followed by a takedown of Siley. Barrows, in the up position standing, finds Siley in the full guard. Both fighters attempt to land rights, with not much success. Barrows can't seem to get past Siley's guard, but neither fighter improves their position, causing Referee Engel to stand the fighters up. Barrows throws a left jab, right hand to the body, as Siley tries the takedown, but Barrows answers with a couple of left knees to the body. Siley throws a short right, but Barrows ducks under as they grapple against the ropes. Barrows again gets the takedown and Siley guards. Barrows looks for room to get some effective ground and pound, but Siley protects well. The round ends with Barrows on top, gaining the majority of the riding time.
    Round two Barrows starts with a left kick, left jab, double rights. As Siley attempts to counter, Barrows takes advantage and gets the take down, trying to manuever past Siley's guard. The action stalls, as Engle resets the fighters in standup. Barrows immediately throws a kick to the body, left jab, answered by Siley's double leg kick. Barrows slams a right, but Siley slips and goes for the takedown. This time Barrows has to pull guard, with Siley on top looking for the ground and pound. Barrows tight defense allows no blows to land, stalling out the action. The action continues to end the round as the fighters exchange jabs, followed by a quick knee exchange as well.
    Barrows jumps out into round three with an overhand right, landing off Siley's shoulder then landing a right to Siley's body, as Siley answers with a left jab. Barrows goes for the shoot, getting the takedown, going to the side mount, throwing knees. As Barrows goes for the full mount, Siley traps his leg, causing the action to stall. Referee Engels stands up the fighters. Barrows tries to land, then fakes an overhand right, and grazes Siley with a slick uppercut. Both fighters seem to want to stand up as Siley throws a leg kick, causing Barrows to fall, but Barrows gets back up and blocks the next attempted leg kick, followed with a couple of right hands to Siley's body, but Siley answers with another leg kick in return. The fighters then spiritedly exchange right, left hands as the bell rings to close the fight. Great action!
    WINNER: BARROWS by MAJORITY DECISION, 28-9, 30-27, 29-28.


    Cody Parrish Vs Derek Garner
    Local favorite, Parish brings with him a loyal following. Both are promising fighters, so this bout should prove to be an outstanding crowd pleaser. The crowd has already been worked up during the last dozen bouts, so they are ready for major action! The room is loud as round one starts. Garner comes out attempting to land a powerful right, left. But, Parish answers with a strong takedown, with Garner just avoiding a full slam. Parish assumes the full guard position, but Garner gets a good reversal, trying to secure a guillotine. With Parish on top, Garner on bottom, Garner breaks from there, but Parish hungrily goes after a rear naked choke, and the crowd erupts! Garner rolls him around and is able to drop Parish to his head, but Parish gives up on the rear naked, only to begin throwing powerhouse blow after blow, causing the Referee to stop the bout. Making Parrish the new ISCF United States Welterweight Champion
    WINNER: PARISH by TKO (strikes) at 1:43 of Round One

For more info contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr. at (913) 568-8009 or e-mail at or go to or


Joplin, Missouri, USA

ISCF World Representative Chuck Wolfe:
Once again, ISCF Promoter and creator of "CAGE OF HONOR" - Brandon Schwin hosted yet another Great MMA Event! WAR ZONE was held on August 19, 2006 at the Black River Colliseum, Leggett and Platt Athletic Center in Joplin Missouri, USA.

When you hear the title "CAGE OF HONOR" your initial thought might be that it's an "Honor" to be able to battle within this Cage. But, when you are fortunate enough to attend a "CAGE OF HONOR" event, you know it's much, much more. These warriors come to this Cage to demonstrate their honor in battle, with outstanding, well-developed fight skills. And, like the great Samurai Warriors of old, they go into battle with dignity and respect for their opponent. To "lose" in this venue simply means you faced the best - and you must be the best to war with the best! To paraphrase an early century quote '"We have no other choice ~ our submission would serve no end ~ if we must submit, better submission with honor!" If you are in the area, you are missing out if you don't attend these fights! You KNOW you are in a "WARZONE!"!!!

The entertainment value was huge this evening! With 16 action-packed bouts scheduled on the fight card ~ the price of admission was small! The first bout had to be cancelled due to an unfortunate auto accident one fighter was involved in. The second one had a job related injury. But, the remaining 14 held much promise.

    Zac Whiteley (0-1, 250 Miller, MO) VS Brandon Thomure (3-1, 230, Qunicy, IL)
    Whitely starts this bout with a swift right legkick, right hand combination. The fighters clinch, as Thomure gets the takedown, but Whitely quickly returns a standing position. Whitely throws a series of knees to the body as he pins Thomure into the cage, looking for leverage in the standing position. Whitely continues to pin Thomure against the cage as the round comes to an end.
    Round two started with a slamming leg kick by Thomure as Whitely counters with a right hand, and both fighters trade knees to the body from a grappling position. Whitely throws a right, left combo, countered with a right hand by Thomure. Both fighters still standing, Thomure throws a huge right hand, stopping Whitely, and taking the win!
    Winner by TKO THOMURE at :56 of Round Two.

    Ernest Freeman (1-1, 185, Cassville, MO) VS Matt Miller (2-1, 185, Seneca, MO)
    Freeman comes out landing a quick right hand, countered by Miller's right, answered by a right leg kick by Freeman. Both fighters demonstrated their ability to stand and fight, Miller sweeps in for a successful takedown, trapping Freeman against the Cage. Freeman moves into guard position, but Miller gets past Freeman's guard and begins his ground and pound. Freeman closes the gap to protect his head, but Miller strikes Freeman's body repeatedly. The crowd roars as Freeman gets a reversal. Miller attempts an armbar; the fighters stand as Freeman strikes Miller with knees to the face. Miller answers with a quick slam to the mat, taking advantage of the opportunity to strike with some rights and lefts as the round ends. Miller leaps into
    Round two with a right hand that connects to Freeman's face. Freeman throws a left round kick, followed by a straight right by Miller. Freeman counters with another leg kick. Miller goes for the takedown as Freeman tries for a guillotine, but isn't able to secure it properly. Miller lands a couple of right hands from the top position as he tries to get around Freeman's guard. Freeman down/Miller on the upside as he tries to get leverage to get past Freeman's guard. Two more rights by Miller, then Miller slides back trying for the ankle lock, but is unsuccessful. Both fighters stand and stalk each other around the ring, looking for an advantage to strike. The action is stopped a few seconds before the end of the round due to a technical malfunction with the lighting.
    As Round three starts, Freeman lands another leg kick, a knee and then attempts a guillotine. The fighters get some separation, then the crowd erupts as Freeman lands a solid left round kick to Miller's head, followed by a strong right hand. Miller is stunned by this blow, but stays in the battle. Miller goes down, they both get back up, and the crowd erupts again as Miller goes for a takedown on Freeman, and gets it! Miller on top, tries to get past Freeman's strong defensive guard. Smartly, Freeman remains in a strong guard, as Miller attempts to work his body as this round comes to a close, and the fight goes to the scorecards. Excellent, busy work by both fighters - the crowd was pleased!
    Winner by SPLIT DECISION, MILLER, 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

    Johnathan Wood (1-2, 155, Sedan, KS) VS James Fletcher (5-1, 155, St Louis, MO)
    Both fighters throw quick right hands that miss. The fighters go right to the ground, as Fletcher looks to get past Wood's guard, and does so. Wood attempts an unsuccessful reversal. Fletcher goes into position for some ground and pound, then siezes the opportunity to go for the armbar, causing Wood to Tap!
    Winner by TAP OUT, FLETCHER at 1:01 Round One.

    Kyle Cargill (0-1, 185, Cushing, OK) VS Tony Keys (1-0, 185, Joplin, MO)
    As the fighters face off, they throw a few punches as Key quickly takes Cargil to the ground. Key gains the side mount and looks for room to get past Cargil's guard for some ground and pound. Key tries to move to the full mount, but Cargil defends. Key then attempts an armbar, and getting some good riding time in, continues to throw blows to the body, looking for a submission, but the round ends. Key starts round two with a double jab, right cross, countered by a rght hand by Cargil. Key gets the takedown and starts landing some rights to Cargil's head. Key again in the up position moves in for the ground and pound, effectively getting past Cargil's defense. As the crowd cheers and Referee Bud Johnson closely observes, Key continues to ground and pound Cargil into submission to end the fight.
    Winner by TKO from Strikes, KEY at 2:42 of Round Two.

    Larry Jarrett (0-1, 265, Campbell, MO) VS Don Bell (2-0, 260, Poplar Bluff, MO)
    These heavyweights come out slamming. Jarrett gets the first leg kick, answered by a takedown by Bell. Bell moves into a side mount position, working for the full mount successfully. Jarrett attempts the reversal, and although he doesn't get it, Jarrett does gain better position. Bell works to gain the full mount position as he throws some blows to Jarrett's body, again trying to get his leg past Jarrett for the full mount. Taking advantage of the side mount, Bell lands two good right knees to Jarrett's body. Bell then attempts to trap Jarrett's left arm, successfully managing to get a figure four armlock (kimura) on Jarrett's right arm for the Tap!
    Winner by TAP OUT via a Kimura BELL at 2:03 of Round One.

    Landon Jones (0-1, 169, New York, NY) VS Drew Reed (2-5, 169, Pitsfield, IL)
    Both fighters circle the cage, then make a quick exchange of right hands. Reed's strike appears to have slightly more effect as both fighters go to the ground. Reed makes a strong attempt at a guillotine, then both fighters return to the stand-up position. Reed relentlessly goes after another guillotine and cranks, causing Jones to Tap!
    Winner by TAP OUT via a Guillotine REED at :44 of Round One.

    Johnny Reed (1-2, 215) VS Mark Gentry (3-0, 210, Cushing, OK)
    These heavyweights started fast as Gentry sets the pace with a strong leg kick, followed by a swift knee to Reed. Reed attempts a return right hand, but does not connect. Gentry doesn't miss a beat as he throws a couple of hard right legs to Reed's body, followed by a staggering right hand! The crowd loves the action as Gentry continues his pursuit by moving in for some really show-stopping ground and pound ~ Reed doesn't appear to answer, causing Referee Johnson to step in and stop the bout.
    Winner by TKO (Strikes) GENTRY at :45 of Round One.

    Chuck Rainey Vs (4-2, 175, Springfield, MO) VS Josh Bowen (2-2, 175, Cuba, MO)
    The fighters are both moving, looking for an advantage, as Rainey sees his opportunity to shoot, slamming Bowen into the cage, looking for a takedown. Bowen makes Rainey work, but Rainey's relentless pursuit finally allows him to get the takedown. Rainey goes to work again, trying to get past Bowen's guard. Bowen throws a couple of kicks, but Rainey gets past Bowen's feet, working for position against the cage. Rainey is getting the most riding time as he lands a few final blows to Bowens head at the end of the round.
    The fighters are ready for round two, circling again for advantage. Rainey lands a short right hand, and attempts an unsuccessful takedown as he traps Bowen against the fence. Both fighters exchange blows to one another's body as Rainey continues to look for positioning room for knees and strikes. Rainey pulling on Bowen's leg and gets the takedown. Bowen pulls guard as Rainey tries to find room to strike. Rainey gets his range with a right hand to Bowen's head from a good top position as the round comes to a close.
    The third and final round finds Rainey shooting in and getting the takedown on Bowen. The crowd reacts as Rainey tries to get past Bowens guard, and as he stands up, catches a right foot to the face. But, Rainey pursues and gets into a side mount. Rainey lands a couple of short left hands, and then gets into position to throw some finishing rights and lefts for the Tap Out!
    Winner by TAP OUT (Strikes) RAINEY at 2:10 of Round Three.

    Josh McClure (1-1, 205, Gardner, KS) VS Sydney Bruen (1-1, 205, Carthage, MO)
    McClure gets the first takedown on Bruenn as McClure tries to get the dominate position for some ground and pound. Bruenn attempts to reverse and gives McClure his back. McClure works for the rear naked, but can't secure. Bruenn escapes McClure's ground and pound position, stands up and throws a wicked left hook, staggering McClure! The crowd is roaring at the action! Bruenn looks for the guillotine from a standing position up against the cage ~ looking like he's got it pretty secure, but McClure answers with a couple of knees as he continues to resist the Bruenn's guillotine. As McClure gets out of the guillotine, he eats a left hand by Bruenn, attempts to answer with a missing right hand and then lands a right hand! McClure continues as he gets a takedown on Bruenn, and McClure moves into the half mount position. The action stalls, as Referee Johnson stands the fighters back up. Both fighters look to land a jab, but McClure lands a right hand as the round closes. McClure starts the second round throwing a series of right hands, but Bruenn answers with some rights of his own. The fighters clash hard as Bruenn lands a knee to McClure's face as the fighters mix it up in the corner of the cage! As the fighters break apart, they both go back in throwing huge punches, both looking for the knockout bomb. Bruenn lands a solid right, as McClure shoots in for the takedown, followed by more powerful, effective rights by Bruenn, causing Referee Johnson to stop the bout!
    Winner by TKO (Strikes) BRUENN at 1:09 of Round Two.

    Bill Burton (1-1, 328, Jobplin, MO) VS Creighton Davenport (0-1, 280, Pitsfield, IL)
    Here comes the power as the Goliaths of the evening enter the ring. These super heavyweights both hold the promise of major knock out power as it's anyone's win tonight. The crowd is primed for some action! The giants circle and Burton throws a huge right hand, dropping Davenport to the canvass! Referee Johnson steps in and says NO MORE!
    Winner by TKO (Strikes) BURTON at :05 of Round One.

    Ben Douley (1-1, 169, Cushing, OK) VS Brad Sawyer (2-1, 169, Springfield, MO)
    Both fighters move in for a quick exchange of punches. Sawyer pins Douley up against the cage and works for a takedown. Sawyer lands a left knee to Douley's face as both fighters fight for position, as both fighters land low knees, again attempting to gain position for a takedown or for punching room. As both fighters stay in the clinch, both continue to attempt to strike, with the slightly more effective striker being Sawyer as the bell rings to end this round.
    Round two starts with Sawyer landing a left leg kick to the body, right hand combination. Douley counters with some swift rights of his own. Sawyer pins Douley up against the cage, finally gaining a takedown on Douley. Sawyer slams a couple of right knees to Douley's body. The action stalls out as Referee Johnson stands the fighters back up. Both fighers jump right back to it, landing right hands. Sawyer lands a few leg kicks and then follows with a takedown as Round Two comes to an end.
    Round three proves to have promise, as Sawyer throws a leg kick, answered by Douley's right hand. Again, as in the previous rounds, Sawyer has Douley pinned against the fence, looking for room to gain position for the takedown, with success. As Sawyer attempts to get past Douley's guard for some ground and pound, he is able to land some rights. Sawyer is in the up position, throwing some blows to the body as the bell rings to send this decision to the judges' scorecard.
    Winner by UNANIMOUS DECISION, SAWYER, 30-27 on all 3 Judges cards.

    Norvin Tinnon (0-1, 250, Campbell, MO) VS Hank Dooley (1-0, 235, Cushing, OK)
    Douley comes from a fight family, as his brother battled in the previous bout. This Douley is the "bigger" brother and if he trains with his brother, this should be a great show! As the round starts, Tinnon throws a left jab, right cross combo, answered by a strong right by Douley. Tinnon misses with a wild right, but goes for a successful takedown of Douley. Douley quickly returns to a standing position. Both fighters clinch and break apart as Douley lands a knee, with Tinnon countering with a right hand. Douley throws a wicked knee and down goes Tinnon! Referee Johnson steps in to stop this one.
    Winner by TKO (Strikes) DOULEY at 1:21 of Round One.

    Russell Crandon (5-1, 185, Springfield, MO) VS Jeremiah Haynes (3-1, Cushing, OK)
    Crandon throws a series of leg kicks, landing every one, with no response from Haynes. Crandon throws two more leg kicks. Haynes finally answers with a right, a leg kick, right hands and left jab series of strikes. Crandon answers with a return rally of leg kick, left hand! The crowd loves the action as Haynes attempts the shoot on Crandon, unsuccessfully. As the fighters break apart, Crandon lands a right hand, several leg kicks, and as Haynes reaches for his leg, Crandon lands a prompt right hand. Crandon continues to work with legkicks, and Haynes counters with a left jab, staggering right, as Crandon backs up to the cage. These warriors are going toe-to-toe and the crowd is thrilled! Haynes throws more blows, and Crandon lands a powerful right in response. Haynes attempts the takedown, but Crandon looks to secure a guillotine, but doesn't quite get it. Haynes is on top, but landing no effective blows as Crandon pulls a very effective guard to end this heated round!
    Round two starts just as hot, as the fighters go to the middle of the ring, as Crandon throws some right legs, right hands, and more legs. Haynes countered with his own boxing combinations. Haynes finally pulls out a leg kick counter, landing a few good right legkicks. Crandon answers with a powerful right, causing Haynes some trouble in the corner. The crowd responds as Haynes tries to throws a few more right hands as they move to the other side of the cage. Crandon looks to be effective, throwing some strong, powerful, consistent legkicks, followed by some punching combinations. Haynes again goes for a shooting takedown, but both fighters go to the ground, and Haynes is in the top position with no room to strike. Haynes attempts a side mount successfully, but Crandon stops the full mount. Crandon escapes to a standup position, causing Haynes to return to his feet. Haynes throws a jab, but Crandon slams another left leg kick, followed by a body kick. Crandon's chopping leg kicks appear to be taking their toll on Haynes' legs as the round ends.
    Round three starts with Crandon's powerful leg kicks, although missing with a right hand, but throwing yet more leg kicks. Haynes attempts a leg kick but misses, Crandon counters with a left jab and kick. Haynes appears affected by the leg kicks, as he shoots on Crandon going to the ground, as Haynes gains the dominant position. Crandon effectively pulls guard, and Crandon seizes his opportunity to get the triangle choke on Haynes, which is successful, causing Haynes to tap out!
    Winner by TAP OUT CRANDON at 2:25 of Round Three.

    Jacob Ritchie (3-1, 145, Springfield, MO) VS Jay Gould (4-1, 145, St Cloud, MN)
    This fight started with promise as Gould throws a right legkick, front kick combination to Ritchie, as Ritchie counters with a left leg roundkick to Gould's leg. Both fighters move, as Gould throws a side kick to Ritchie's head that misses, but Ritchie counters with a right hand. Gould then throws a right leg, but the action is stopped, as there is an accidental fowl as both fighters bring their hands up to defend, Gould finger grazed Ritchie's eye. The fight doctor determines to stop the fight from incidental contact. These fighters will fight again!

For more info please contact Mr. Brandon Schwin (417) 724-2747 or by e-mail by clicking or go to


August 19th, 2006 - Moberly, Missouri, USA

ISCF Representative Benjamin Nogueras: For his first event that was held at the Municipal Auditorium in Moberly, Missouri, USA, ISCF promoter Ron Bausch of Bausch Sports is one very detailed, organized, and honorable man. For his first go at this new fighting scheme we call MMA, Ron did a fantastic job. The environment and location were perfect. The crowd was great, the venue was great, and everyone in the place completely enjoyed themselves. Great job Ron.
Here are the nights results below.

  1. Randy Perkins Vs Stephen Carpenter
    Both fighters start this fight, with extreme intensity. Both fighters went straight at each other, but Stephen lands a right cross then quickly positions himself in the clinch position. Stephen then lands a few knees to setup a slam. Randy fought valiantly trying to defend against Stephens knees. Randy counters with a few punches to the body and head, but gets slammed to the mat. As Randy starts to scramble from the mat, Stephen positions himself to apply a rear naked choke, to take the win in 1:30 of the first round.

    Stephen wins by rear-naked choke in the 1st.
  2. Trevor Newland Vs Jonah Brown
    Jonah starts this fight floating like a butter fly but stinging like a bee, as he quickly lands a round house kick that sends Trevor to the mat. Jonah then starts working overtime with a barrage of punches as he tries to finish Trevor in the first round. Trevor however overcomes Jonah's attempt of domination and reverses the roles. Trevor somehow positions himself in dominate mount position and rains down a fury of blows that ultimately makes the referee stop the fight at 2:50 seconds of the 1st round.
    Trevor Newland wins by referee stoppage in the 1st.

  3. Lloyd Ray Vs Mike Gabb
    This fight starts with fireworks. Loyd quickly goes on the attack with a barrage of punches, but ultimately catches Mike with a left hook that sets up the take down. Mike tried to hold his ground by standing toe to toe, but is taken down to fast for him to adjust. Loyd quickly jumps on Mikes' back to apply a rear-naked choke in :40 seconds of the first round.
    Loyd Ray wins by rear-naked choke.

  4. Charles Carpenter Vs John Adams
    This turned out to be a very exciting fight. John Adams came out with jumping knees and punches, and seemed to make a point to the world, that he was not here to play any games. John followed his jumping knees with a right hook that staggered Charlie. John controlled the first round, but Charlie was plotting on how to counter his formidable opponent. Towards the end of the first round Charlie found his strength and started dropping bombs that made their mark.
    In the second round, both fighters were battling out with even exchanges. Both landing bombs, but Charlie started implementing his plan to win by mounting John and exchanged blows until the round came to an end.
    In round three, John quickly shoots in for a double leg take-down that results in the majority of the fight ending on the ground. But Charlie again finds some power and strength to overcome Johns determination. Charlie battled back to win a decision over John.
    Charlie Carpenter wins by unanimous decision.

  5. William Parker Vs Sean Look
    William made quick work of his time in the ring. He quickly attacks the strong Sean Look, and ultimately wins by arm-bar in 1:22 of the first round. Sean initially attempted a side kick, but was taken down, by the quick William Parker.
    William Parker wins by Arm-bar.

  6. Cory Blakemore Vs Will Burns
    Both fighters came out swinging, and throwing leg kicks. Both pacing and picking punches. Corey initially taking leg kicks but quickly countering them. Both of these guys were battling, but being very meticulous about their strategy. In the first round, both fighters seemed to display an even exchange of action and looked very well matched and about the same skill level.
    In round two, Corey starts with a leg kick, then lands a powerful haymaker. The punch landed right on Will's mouth, temporarily staggering him to the ground. But Will rebounds quickly and starts slugging it out, until ultimately Corey was overcome by a Knee and left hook.
    Will Burns wins by TKO at 1:59 seconds of the second.

  7. Mark Wall Vs Michael Brown
    Both of these fighters came to fight. And fight they did. Both came out swinging from the hills, landing crisp blows. These guys fought hard, but Mark wall ultimately defeats Michael by rear-naked choke at 1:48 in the first round.
    Mark Wall wins by submission.

  8. Nate Gorman Vs Eric Jones
    Nate was just the stronger man and was too determined to be stopped.
    Nate wins this quick fight at :20 seconds into the first round by referee stoppage.

  9. Jonathan Controtto Vs Bryan Oxner
    This fight finished before it started. I was looking at my fight itinerary and by the time I looked up, it was done. Apparently Johnny dropped a bomb that sent Bryan to the mat, unable to respond to any thing but the referee.
    Johnny Contratto wins by KO at :10 into the first round.

  10. Isia Larson Vs Scott Phillips
    Isia was just to strong for Scott Phillips submitting him with a rear-naked choke in the first round. Isia came out and showed the crowd what a real main event fighter was all about. We'll hopefully see this fighter dominate in his division soon.

Great Job Ron on a great show. For more info please contact Mr. Ron Bausch at (660) 775-2431.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, 2006, AT 5:40 PM, PT

It's Time To Bring It ON!

Consider this a firm and official announcement...
This coming Spring 2007, the ISCF and a soon to be announced list of sponsors will present their First Annual ISCF Amateur MMA Championships! Currently the ISCF is using the working names of "The Classic" and "The Ultimate" but the official name will be announced soon.

The event will feature at least 2 levels of competition. Novice/Beginner (For fighters with a determined number of fights such as 3 and less) and an Advanced Division (For Fighters with more than the novice level.).

There is a possibility the ISCF may have 3 levels of competition, a Novice/Beginner, Intermediate and Advance division. A special Female Division will also be offered and there is even talk of a "Junior - Submission Only Division".

All fight records will be confirmed through FCFighter's database and the ISCF Rankings. The he event will also provide a load of awards for every participant. Champions will receive Title Belts of course but the awards table will also include Medals, Plaques, Hats, Jackets, Shirts and more!

The overall concept of the Tournament is to accomplish what the ISCF's sister organization for kickboxing has over the years. The IKF (International kickboxing Federation) is the host of the Largest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in North America. 2007 will be the beginning of the ISCF's turn to fulfill the greatness for MMA as the IKF has done for kickboxing since their Tournament begin in 1999. for more info on the IKF Tournament, Click HERE!
Watch for more info in the coming weeks.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st, 2006, AT 9:25 PM, PT

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA - August 26th, 2006

ISCF Louisiana Representative Steve Miller:
What an event! Despite all the legal problems thrown at the promoter 2 days prior, ISCF Promoter Richard Clementi did an outstanding job with this event. This was the single most professional event I have attended. It is on the same level as Rampage in the Cage. There was a huge turnout, the bouts were very evenly matched and the referring and judging was excellent. Mr Clementi has an extensive knowledge on the sport and knows how to treat fighters.

The event only encountered one problem. One pro fighter did not have his blood work, therefore his bout was cancelled. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Matt Brown defeated Ken D'Amato via tapout from strikes round 1.

  2. Chris Salinas defeated Dustin Robins via referee stoppage due to strikes round 1.

  3. Frankie Caruso defeated Steven Commins via decision round 3.

  4. Andy Chapman defeated Juan Cortez via decision round 3.

  5. PRO MMA: Tyler Combs defeated Eric Meyer via KO (knee) round 2.

  6. PRO MMA: Chad Jay defeated Eric Thomson via tapout (rnc) round 2.

  7. PRO MMA: Ron Fields defeated Mike Perez via tapout (side choke) round 2.

  8. PRO MMA: Lee King defeated Sam Ortiz via KO (knee) round 1.

  9. PRO MMA: Kyle Bradley defeated Randy Haver via TKO (strikes) round 1.

  10. PRO MMA: Trevor Garret defeated Franz Mendez via TKO (strikes) round 1.

For more info please contact Mr. Rich Clementi at

"Ultimate Battles"
Houma, Louisiana, USA - August 19th, 2006

ISCF Louisiana Representative Steve Miller

  1. Brandon Johnston defeated Craig Freque by verbal submission round 1 due to strikes.

  2. Matt Rengal defeated Randy Billiot by referee stoppage due to strikes round 2.

  3. John Lablanc defeated Joseph Chapa by split decision 3 rounds.

  4. Kurry Guch defeated Christopher Lablace by forfeit (no show).

  5. Lanny J. Dar Dar Sr. defeated Jeramiya Maxwell by TKO round 1.

  6. Tony Hickman defeated Scott Slaton by TKO verbal round 1.

  7. Scott (Sonya) Sonnier defeated Ricky Chassion by referee stoppage due to armbar round 2

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