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THURSDAY, December 30th, 2004, AT 11:00 PM, PT

It's Official...

OK, no this isn't an MMA Event, but the IKF North American Classic Tournament IS the Largest Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in North America!
So out of 132 Proposals from locations all over USA and Canada, how did the IKF Tournament Staff decide to go back to Orlando for a second straight year?
Trust us when we say the decision "Wasn't Easy..."
The full story will be posted tomorrow (Friday) on the IKF Kickboxing News Page.

SATURDAY, December 11th, 2004, AT 12:45 AM, PT

Results Of The
Valdosta, Georgia, USA

IKF & ISCF Promoters John Turner and Richard Cox can chalk up their first solo event in the history books now. This was the first promotion they did on their own and although like many first time promoters, they had some bumps. However, when the first bell rang, this event ran smooth as silk.

The event took place at a dynamite facility, the Valdosta/Lowndes Convention Center in Valdosta, Georgia. The venue featured great warm-up space for the fighters and plenty of room for the fight fans. It also featured plenty of knockout action with the 2 IKF Amateur kickboxing bouts and all 9 of the ISCF MMA bouts ending before their scheduled rounds. Here's the nights results below.

  1. IKF Amateur IR Kickboxing
    John Owens of Surfside Beach, South Carolina, USA (1-1/1, 149, 5'9", 24, 4-28-80, Maurice Travis)
    defeated Andy Costinaga of Americas, Georgia, USA (1-2, 147, 5'8", 27, 6-30-77, Ken Hudson) by KO at 1:57 of round 2.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight
    Carlton Spalding of Deater, Georgia, USA (1-0, 162, 5'11", 27, 10-21-77, George Allen)
    defeated David Torza of Beauford, South Carolina, USA (0-1, 169, 5'8", 25, 3-4-79, Abe Stem) by Tap Out at 1:58 of round 1.

  3. IKF Amateur IR Light Heavyweight
    Cody Milicivic of Valdosta, Georgia, USA (2-1/2, 181, 6'2", 18, 2-17-86, Richard Cox)
    defeated Ryan Leeper of Beaufort, South Carolina, USA (0-1/0, 175, 6', 22, 5-20-82, Abe Stem) by TKO when Leeper choose not to answer the bell for round 2.

  4. ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Donnie Blue of Warrer Robbi, Georgia, USA (1-0, 154, 6'2", 26, 8-16-78, Cam McHarque)
    defeated Andres Martell of Beaufort, South Carolina, USA (0-1/0, 154, 5'8", 21, 11-6-83, Abe Stem) by rear choke at 1:11 of round 2.

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight
    David Bowles of Ringold, Georgia, USA (1-0, 185, 6'1", 27, 3-15-77, Ben Kiker)
    defeated Brian Amador of Gainsville, Florida, USA (0-1, 177, 5'7", 23, 6-4-81, Jason Dolder) by KO at :45 seconds into round 1 with a shin kick to Amador's face.

  6. ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Cole Miller of Centerville, Georgia, USA (7-1-1, 143, 6'1", 20, 4-20-84, Cam McHarque)
    defeated Ashley Croft of Valdosta, Georgia, USA (0-1, 142, 6', 25, 8-8-79, Richard Cox) by triangle choke at 1:50 of round 1. A 'Shout-out' to Croft who was up against a 'Top Dog' in his first fight, and was winning up until he made the mistake of getting into the triangle of Miller's legs. Miller's trainers plans now are to turn him Pro for his next bout. If Croft keeps working hard, we would love to see these two meet up again down the road.

  7. ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight
    James Hagan of Russelville, Tennessee, USA (2-0, 170, 6'3", 29, 12-6-75, Team Oxedine)
    defeated C. J. Miller of Beaufort, South Carolina, USA (1-1, 170, 6'1", 23, 1-18-81, Abe Stem) by forearm bar choke at 2:28 of round 1.

  8. ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Sean Wiggins of Gainsville, Florida, USA (1-1, 155, 5'11", 19, 10-22-85, Jason Dolder)
    defeated Shane Presley of Canten, Georgia, USA (2-2, 153, 5'10", 27, 12-17-76, Steve Headen) by triangle choke at :41 seconds of round 1.

  9. ISCF Amateur MMA Super Heavyweight
    Justin Gore of Kingsport, Tennessee, USA (1-0, 225, 5'10", 24, 11-9-80, Team Oxendine)
    defeated Heath Lane of Lakepark Georgia, USA (0-1, 269, 6'5", 27, 5-2-77, Shaun Gay) by tap out due to strikes at 3:33 of round 1.

  10. ISCF Pro MMA Light Heavyweight
    Andy Foster of Dalton, Georgia, USA (10-0, 197, 6'1", 25, 1-13-79, Ben Kiker)
    defeated Jason Hathaway of Hinesville, Georgia, USA (2-6-1, 186, 5'6", 27, 6-25-77, Self) by armbar at 1:32 of round 1. What can be said about the humble master Foster. He just keeps turning in the same results... Win baby Win!

    ISCF Pro Light Middleweight MMA

    Cam McHargue of Griffin, Georgia, USA (12-2, 169, 5'11", 35, 5-26-69, Joel Chauors)
    defeated Tim Stout of Johnson City, Tennessee, USA (4-1, -22-2-, 172, 6', 25, 2-9-79, Team Oxendine) by triangle choke at 3:20 of round 1.
    This was a great win by the current ISCF Pro Light Middleweight United States Champion.
    A win that hopes to put him in a position a higher ISCF Light Heavyweight Title in 2005. We look forward to seeing Cam in the ring again soon.

Great show and Great Teamwork by the South East MMA Officials, friends and family. We look forward to the next one! For more info contact Mr. John Turner at (229) 821-0123 or by e-mail at or go to

WEDNESDAY, December 8th, 2004, AT 11:25 AM, PT


Georgia, USA:
This Friday night, December 10th, Evolution Promotions Inc. will Present "HOLIDAY HAVOC" at the Valdosta/Lowndes Convention Center, Valdosta, Georgia, USA. The event will feature IKF Amateur Kickboxing and Pro and Amateur ISCF MMA.
Here is the line up as of press time today:

  1. IKF Amateur IR Welterweight: (142.1 lbs. - 147 lbs.)
    Andy Costinaga (Family MA) vs John Owens (Dojo MA)

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight (140.1 - 155 lbs.)
    Donnie Blue (Praxis) vs. Andres Martell (McCullough)

  3. ISCF Amateur MMA Super Heavyweight (220.1 lbs. & up)
    Justin Gore (Oxendine) vs. Heath Lane (independent)

  4. IKF Amateur IR Light Heavyweight: (172.1 lbs. - 179 lbs.)
    Cody Milicivic (Reality) vs. Ryan Leeper (McCullough)

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight (140.1 - 155 lbs.)
    Cole Miller (Praxis) vs. Chris Clark (Dojo MA)

  6. ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight (170.1 - 185 lbs.)
    C. J. Miller (McCullough) vs. James Hagan (Oxendine)

  7. ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight (140.1 - 155 lbs.)
    Shane Presley (Velocity) vs. Sean Wiggins (F-2)

  8. ISCF Amateur MMA Lightweight (140 & below)
    Ashley Croft (Reality) vs. Bubby Mitchell (Praxis)

  9. ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight (155.1 - 170 lbs.)
    Carlton Spalding (Eagle) vs. James Hagan (Oxendine)

  10. ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight (170.1 - 185 lbs.)
    David Bowles (United) vs. Brian Amador (F-2)

  11. ISCF Pro MMA Light Heavyweight (185.1 - 200 lbs.)
    Andy Foster (United/Velocity) vs. Shane Blair (independent)

  12. Main Event ISCF Pro MMA:
    Cam McHargue (Praxis) vs. Tim Stout (Oxendine).

For more info contact Mr. John Turner at (229) 821-0123 or by e-mail at or go to

MORE NEWS OF 12-8-04

Beaumont Brawl

By ISCF Representative Chuck Wolfe

Saturday December 4th: Titan Entertainment presented the "Beaumont Brawl" These fights were totally "electric". A last minute change of venue from a 3000 seat Hall to the Beaumont Club in Westport, Kansas City, Missouri that holds around 1400 people made this a packed event. The show started with 9 Pro-Boxing bouts a Pro-Kickboxing Exhibition. That was just the warm up! The last part of the show included 7 MMA bouts. All of them ending in a TKO or Tap-Out. The results are as follows.

  1. ISCF MMA Welterweight
    Justin Tanner
    of Kansas City Missouri
    defeated Bobby Gregg of St. Joe Missouri by Tap-Out 1:04 of Round 1.

  2. ISCF MMA Light Heavyweight
    Dave Poolman
    of Kansas City Missouri
    defeated Terrell Dixon of Chanute Kansas by TKO in just :25 of Round 1.

  3. ISCF MMA Light Heavyweight
    Tommy Elben
    of Kansas City, Missouri
    defeated Chris Henning of Chanute Kansas by Tap-Out at 3:25 of Round 1.

  4. ISCF MMA Middleweight
    Rob Lilly
    of Blue Springs, Missouri
    defeated Kris Ricks of St. Joe Missouri by TKO at 0:52 of Round 1.

  5. ISCF MMA Heavyweight
    Matt Cox
    of Blue Springs, Missouri
    defeated Kyle Zeeman of Cameron Missouri by Tap-Out at just 0:52 of Round 1.

  6. ISCF MMA Middleweight
    Cisco Guerra
    of Blue Springs, Missouri
    defeated Chris Christopherson of St. Joe, Missouri, by Tap-Out at 3:59 of Round 1.

  7. *ISCF MMA Middleweight
    Suyan Queiroz
    of Brazil
    defeated Steve Snyder of Kansas City, Missouri by Tap-Out at 1:18 of the Second Round.

Truly a good event! Thank You, Titan Entertainment, Joe Kelly and Craig Cummings for a well run event. For more info go to or contact Titan Entertainment at (816) 454-1123 or by e-mail at

Titan's next event, "BEAUMONT BRAWL II", will be January 7th at the Beaumont Club again. The event will feature an ISCF Amateur Middleweight Title bout when number 1 ISCF ranked Bobby Voelker of Olathe, Kansas takes on an opponent yet to be determined.

MONDAY, November 29th, 2004, AT 10:05 AM, PT

Danger Zone Results
November 27th 2004
St. Robert Community Center in St. Robert, Missouri, USA

These Results were received here to the ISCF on January 18th, 2005
However we Posted them here so they would associate bettwe to this event

ISCF Missouri, USA:

The tour of I-44 continued as the Danger Zone rocked St. Robert Missouri with yet another great successful event pulling in three times the crowd from the last crowd. The success of this Danger Zone event goes to both Dan Severn and Dennis Bingaman who spent a week in the St. Robert, Rolla Missouri area doing promotions and advertising. Thanks to our sponsors: Miller Lite, Ice Mountain and Grellner Sales And Service.

Here are the Match by Match Results...

  1. ISCF Mixed Martial Arts
    Lance McDowell
    defeated Rich Wilson via armbar at 2:36 of 1st Round.

  2. ISCF Submission Grappling
    Richard Wymer defeated Stephen Purdy via split decision after 3 rounds.

  3. ISCF Submission Grappling
    Jeff Purdy defeated Brandon Payne via guillotine choke at :20 seconds into round 1.

  4. ISCF Mixed Martial Arts
    Yanton Sothern defeated Nathan Forse at 1:40 of round 2.

  5. ISCF Submission Grappling
    Stephen Purdy defeated Brandon Payne via guillotine choke at 2:58 of round 1.

  6. ISCF Submission Grappling
    Richard Wymer defeated Jeff Purdy via decision after 3 Rounds.

  7. ISCF Mixed Martial Arts
    Terry Siemon and Rich Wilson match was stopped due to illegal punches to the base of neck. *Match was considered a no contest.
  8. ISCF Mixed Martial Arts: "Electrifying" Ken Sparks Jr. defeated "The Terrible" Ivan Caraballo via submission at 1:23 of round 1.

For more info contact Mr. Dan Severn at (517) 278-4908 or by e-mail at or go to

THURSDAY, November 25th, 2004, AT 2:10 AM, PT

Severn & Company Ready For Another Edition of

St. Robert, Missouri, USA

ISCF Missouri, USA: ISCF Promoter Dan "The Beast" Severn (Right) is all set to host another edition of his Danger Zone event this Saturday night at the St. Robert Community Center in St. Robert, Missouri, USA. The event will include a 4 man Submission Grappling Tournament and an 8 man MMA Tournament. Fighters verified for this card are, Payton Paxton, Melvin Strange, Jerry Birdsong, Terry Siemon, Paul Ulrich, Richard Wymer, Stephen Purdy Jr, Jim Head, Tom Head, Brandon Payne, Rich Wilson and Lance McDowell.

For more info go to or contact Mr. Dan Severn at (517) 278-4908 or by e-mail at For additional info on Dan "The Beast" Severn, go to

The Danger Zone was formed by Dan Severn, one of the best fighters in the world and the only triple crown Ultimate Fighting Champion. He has a tremendous reputation in the sport as a fighter and now is bringing his knowledge to the promotion arena. This is the bedrock of mixed martial arts fighting. Dan has assembled the best rules and regulations, equipment, officials, and together with various state agencies, has created The Danger Zone Mixed Martial Arts Production.

The Danger Zone is an event where two athletes of different disciplines may be able to display their skills against one another. This event puts competitors in their proper weight classes, skill level, and promotes sportsmanship through competition. This type of competition is intense, a physical and psychological chess match. You can no longer be a one-dimensional athlete. You must be well versed in the combination of wrestling, judo, sambo, and jui jitsu. There is never a lull in the action. The matches start on their feet where a KO or TKO can end a match. If there is a clinch, the action doesn't stop there. They are headed to the ground where the match may be ended with a submission, joint manipulation, KO, or TKO! Dan has been involved in this type of competition since the sport began in 1994. With his knowledge of the game, he hopes to bring The Danger Zone to new heights in the sport today.

MONDAY, November 22nd, 2004, AT 10:15 PM, PT

Submission Fighting Open 11
November 6th, 2004 - Macon, Georgia, USA

The Submission Fighting Open 11 at the Macon Auditorium in Macon Georgia was a great success. Here are the bout results below:

    David Mitchell defeated Landon Gaddy Submission (Strikes) at 1:36 of round 1.

    Phillip Peterson defeated Logan Johnson TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes) at 0:15 seconds of round 2.

    Cole Miller defeated Anthony LaPietra Submission (Arm Bar) at 3:02 of round 1.

    Charles Nutt defeated Russell Scott KO at 3:37 of round 1.

    Brian Bowles defeated Eric Manin Submission (Side Choke) at 3:58 of round 3.

    Jake Vickers defeated Chris Stancil TKO (Referee Stoppage from a Cut) at 2:59 of round 1.

    Tommy Nixon defeated George Kassaeve Submission (Triangle Choke) at 1:45 of round 1.

    Sean Wiggins defeated Matthew Corsey Submission (Triangle Choke) at 1:27 of round 1.

    Stephen Ledbetter defeated Jerell Bowman by Unanimous Decision.

    Dustin Kirby defeated Michael Alvarez Submission (Hand Injury) at 0:56 seconds of round 2.

    John Gonzales defeated David Watts Submission (Strikes) at 0:56 seconds of round 2.

    Kenneth Coffey defeated Tim Miller TKO (Referee Stoppage from Strikes) at 2:16 of round 1.

    James Thorpe defeated Dustin Holcomb Submission (Rear Naked Choke) :38 seconds into round 1.

For more info contact ISCF Promotert Matthew Waller at or go to the "Submission Fighting Open" web page by clicking HERE!


Rumble In The Jungle VI
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

After a rocky start to the week, Match Maker and Promoter Jesse Finney put together a great card. As stated late last week, Witney Wadell Sr. pulled out 6 fighters on Wednesday. Then on Thursday 2 more fighters pulled out at the last minute. This left Finney with 1 fight on Thursday morning. By the time the fights started on Saturday night it was hard to tell all the headaches that Finney overcame to get the night started.

    The night started out with a women's exhibition between two of Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts fighters. Robin Connelly and Amanda Freedland put on an awesome display kickboxing, which led a lot of people to wonder if they were really from the same gym. Both fighters put it out on the line for the entire three rounds.

    The 2nd fight of the night was the first NHB fight on the card. Josh Fritter of Evansville, Indiana and Marcus Davidson of Decatur, Illinois both came to fight. The fighters stood and exchanged low kicks and punches until Davidson connected with a solid right dropping Fritter to the canvas. Davidson seeing the opportunity attacked which resulted in him getting the win by rear naked choke at 2:34 in the 1st round.

    This fight was between Mike Green of St. Louis, Missouri and Peter Grine from Bloomington, Illinois. Grine started out showing his background in Muay Thai, landing many low kicks to Green's thigh, which later left a good bruise. Green stayed tough and landed a big right hand, stunning Grine and taking him to the ground. Green quickly controlled Grine and moved to his back. Green took the win by rear naked choke at 1:49 of the 1st round.

    The fourth fight was an amateur boxing match between Finney's Tim Connor and Edwin Flores of St. Charles, Missouri. Connor's came out setting the speed of the fight working his jab and working Flores body. Connor continued landing multiple combinations until dropping Flores at 1:52 of the 1st round. Flores couldn't make the count, Connor wins by KO.
    The fifth fight of the night was between John Manke Team Vaghi and William Winchester trained by Lincoln Turner from Kailua, Hawaii. The fight started with both fighters throwing punches, and then getting in the clinch. This is where Manke did some damage, landing multiple knees to Winchester's body, finally taking him to the ground. Manke wasted little time, getting the mount position. Manke landed some punches finally switching over to his Jui Jitsu background and winning by arm bar at 1:46 of the 1st round.

    The final match before the main event was suppose to be another amateur boxing match between Kevin Engel and Mike Gladney. However Gladney called his trainer at 6:30 PM on Saturday night telling him he wasn't showing up. His trainer Jim Howell, quickly made some calls and found a fighter at the last minute. Brian McClene filled the spot and was more than ready to fight. him and Engel both came out trying to establish there game plans. The first round had Engel connecting with his jab, giving him the round on all three Judges cards. The second round was a tight one but Engel continued to connect with his jab and landed some solid right hands. McClene landed a lot of big punches throughout the round also. After 2 rounds 2 judges had it even and 1 had Engel up by 2 rounds. The third round was just as exciting as the second with both fighters landing punches. Engel's punches looked to have more impact in the round which ended up getting him the win by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

    The main event was just as exciting as the other nights bouts. Dustin Severs of Festus, Missouri and Ryan Kronewitter from Vinecunes, Indiana. Sever's record was 4-1, and Kronewitter's record was 3-1. This fight was action packed from the sound of the bell. Both fighters landed a couple of punches while on their feet. Until Severs took Kronewitter to the mat, and giving him good position to use is ground stills. Kronewitter being no strange to the ring quickly worked to get Severs into his guard. Kronewitter showed some of his Jui Jitsu skills getting Severs in an arm bar from his back but Severs escaped and regained ground control. The 10 second whistle sounded as Severs was working for a key lock, finally sinking it in, forcing Kronewitter to tap at 2:57 of the 1st round. Severs improves to 5-1 with 5 wins by submission.

For more info about Finney's Kickboxing or other Finney events, please call (314) 608-3104, (314) 351-5226 or e-mail to

MORE NEWS OF 11-22-04

POSTED AT 3:15 PM, PT...

Results From
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  1. ISCF Light Heavyweight MMA
    Bernard Rutherford
    Defeated Aaron Ashendorf (Independent) by unanimous decision.
    Aschendorf came to fight attempting numerous submissions, but Rutherford dominated the stand up & striking on his way to a unanimous decision.

  2. ISCF Heavyweight MMA
    Scott Harper
    (Xtreme Fighting Academy)
    Defeated Frankie Parkman (Alliance) by KO 13 seconds into round 1.
    The heavyweights came out banging with harper landing the big bomb to stop the contest.

  3. ISCF Superheavyweight MMA
    Nate Horsely
    (The Hardcore Gym)
    Defeated Tony Roberts (Dixson's Dungeon) by Doctor Stop at .32 seconds into round 1.
    These two big boys were exchanging some serious leather when Horsely landed the blow that opened a nasty gash causing referee Cam McHargue to step in and call for the doctor.

  4. IKF Light Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Jason Miller
    Defeated Joshua Hancock (Hollywood Boxing) at 1:19 of round 1 by TKO (3 Knockdown Rule).
    Hancock Was barely even in this one as Miller completely and totally dominated with crisp hard punches.

  5. ISCF Light Heavyweight MMA
    Jeremiah Huskins
    Defeated Brent Elledge (Unattached) by Rear Naked Choke at 1:11 of round 1.
    Hats off to Elledge who took the fight on four hours notice when it became apparent originally scheduled opponent todd cutler would be a no-show.
    Elledge showed some serious stand up & athleticism, but his lack of ground skills did him in.

  6. ISCF Pro Light Middleweight MMA
    Efrain Ruiz
    Defeated Dale Sapp (Team Cloddfelter) by Tap Out, Rar Naked Choke at 4:59 of round 1.
    Ruiz dominated this match although Sapp surprised him at one point with a heel hook.
    Ruiz managed to escape and Sapp tapped right before the bell.

  7. ISCF Pro Light Heavyweight MMA
    Rory Singer
    (The Hardcore Gym)
    Defeated Jason Hathaway (US Army) by Rear Naked Choke at 2:06 of round 1.
    Singer was just too much for the always game Hathaway.
    dominated and secured the choke for the win. Fight Party and the crew at ISCF wish the best of luck to Hathaway who is returning to Iraq for another tour of duty.

  8. ISCF Pro Welterweight MMA
    Casey Oxendine
    Defeated Steve "The Weasel" Hallock (Toledo Jiu Jitsu Acad) by unanimous decision.
    A very technical fight showcasing stand-up & ground work. Oxendine landed more blows and received the edge on the ground.

  9. ISCF Pro Welterweight MMA
    Santino Defranco
    (Arizona Combat Sports)
    Defeated Melvin Guillard (Ancona's Gym) by triangle choke at 2:33 of round 1.
    Guillard came in as the favorite, but no one told Defranco. Santino dominated the takedowns and ground.
    Guillard defended the first triangle, but when Defranco locked in the second one, there was no escaping.

Worthy of mention is the fact that Chandler Oakes made it to the parking lot, but not into the building, taking off and leaving George Kassaeve with no opponent. Also, Todd Cutler left a cryptic e-mail the night before about his corner and "ride" having to leave town on an emergency. Rather than contact the promoter on the telephone, he simply no-showed from there. Then, on the day after, he wrote a nasty e-mail about how he trains with UFC veteran Rich Crunkelton and doesn't need "crackers" like Brett Moses.
Hey, FYI for ya Cutler.. No one here needs you either!

For more information contact Mr. Brett Moses at (404) 315-7235 or go to

THURSDAY, November 18th, 2004, AT 4:45 PM, PT

Rumble In The Jungle VI
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

This coming Saturday, November 20th, ISCF & IKF Promoter Jesse Finney and his Promotional Team are all set to host Rumble In The Jungle VI. The event will be at the The Rum Jungle at 618 North 2nd Street. However, this event has been a nightmare for Finney as far as bouts booked. After begging Finney to fight on his event, Witney Wadell Sr. from US Martial Arts out of Chicago, Illinois, USA pulled "ALL" 7 of his fighters out yesterday with shameful and weak excuses. The fighters all include Witney Wadell Sr. himself along with his son, Whitney Wadell, Jr., Alex Cancel, Ray Hernandez, Denese Rodriguez, Anthony Marion and Kristal Martinez. In all, Finney is out the $750.00 hotel bill because he had to guarantee all 3 of Wadell's rooms to reserve them for the weekend.

Because of this, Finney now has no kickboxing bouts, but will have 1 kickboxing exhibition featuring Robin Connelly vs Amanda Freedland. As for the bouts on the card, there will be no scored IKF Kickboxing bouts but Finney will feature amateur boxing and amateur ISCF Mixed Martial Arts.

Here is the line up as of press time today:

  1. Amateur Boxing
    Kevin "Tingle" Engel
    of St. Louis, Missouri vs Mike Gladney of St. Charles, Missouri.

  2. Amateur Boxing
    Tim "Irish Pride" Conners of St. Louis, Missouri vs Edwin Florez of St. Charles, Missouri.

  3. Amateur ISCF MMA
    "Mean" Mike Green
    of St. Louis, Missouri vs Peter Grine Bloomington, Illinois.

  4. Amateur ISCF MMA
    John Manke
    of St. Louis, Missouri vs William Winchester of Kansas City, Missouri.

  5. Amateur ISCF MMA
    Dustin Seavers
    of St. Louis, Missouri vs Ryan Krewitter of Evansville, Indiana.

  6. Amateur ISCF MMA
    St. Louis Rams football player Tracey Taylor of St. Louis, Missouri vs Josh Hargass out of Kansas City, Missouri.

For event and ticket info call (314) 608-3104, (314) 351-5226 or e-mail to

MONDAY, November 15th, 2004, AT 1:00 PM, PT

This Weekend...

Saturday, November 20th, the Party returns! Brett Moses' (Right) Fight Party Productions presents: "Domination At The DAC" The event will be held at the Dekalb Atlanta Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA and will feature 10 ISCF Mixed Martial Arts Extreme Fighting bouts and 1 IKF Pro Full Contact rules Kickboxing match. The Main Event promises to be a WAR as highly regarded Melvin "The Young Assassin" Guillard & Santino DeFranco do battle no-holds-barred style.

The card also features, Light Heavyweight contender, Rory Singer. In a welterweight match, Casey Oxendine will take on the crafty Steve "The Weasel" Hallock. Also fighting will be local favorite Bernard Rutherford, the return of Junior Assuncao and the debut of Alliance Heavyweight Frankie Parkman.

Here's the nights FIGHT CARD...

    Chandler Oakes
    v. George Kassaeve

    Aaron Aschendorf
    v. Bernard Rutherford

    Jason Miller
    v. Joshua Hancock

    Scott Harper
    v. Frankie Parkman

    Nate Horsely
    v. Tony Roberts

    Jeremiah Huskins
    v. Todd Cutler

    Efrain Ruiz
    v. Dale Sapp

    Rory Singer
    v. Jason Hathaway

    Junior Assuncao
    v. Ray Totorico

    Casey Oxendine
    v. Steve Hallock

    Melvin Guillard
    v. Santino DeFranco

Doors open at 6:30 PM, fights begin at 7:PM. Tickets are $75, $55 & $35 and are available through Ticketmaster, The DAC, Alliance Martial Arts Center, Velocity Kickboxing, Tiger Academy Or The Fight Party Hotline at (404) 315-7235. For more information about the "DOMINATION AT THE DAC," go to

THURSDAY, November 4th, 2004, AT 3:30 PM, PT

TUESDAY, October 26th, 2004, AT 11:00 AM, PT

Submission Fighting Open 11
Macon, Georgia, USA - November 6th, 2004

The Submission Fighting Open 11 is set to go off on Nov 6th 2004, at the Macon Auditorium in Macon Georgia. Doors open at 7 pm, tickets are $15 - $30 and can be purchased through ticketmaster (478) 752-1600 or online by clicking HERE or at the Macon Coliseum by calling (478) 751-9232. Directions to the venue can be found below. Here are the bouts that are currently scheduled:

The Macon City Auditorium 415 First Street Macon, GA 31201 (For Map Click HERE!)
Driving Directions to Macon City Auditorium:
From Atlanta: I-75 South to I-16 East, Downtown Exit (corner of First and Cherry streets)
From South: I-75 North to I-16 East, Downtown Exit (corner of First and Cherry streets)
From Savannah: I-16 West, Downtown Exit (corner of First and Cherry streets)

For more info contact ISCF Promotert Matthew Waller at or go to the "Submission Fighting Open" web page by clicking HERE!

TUESDAY, November 2nd, 2004, AT 10:30 AM, PT

Stickup Man Smacked Down by Customers
Tuesday, November 02, 2004 -

Dennis Hallman,
An alleged restaurant holdup man found tougher customers than he'd bargained for, according to police in Vancouver, Wash. Russell R. Rogers, 64, walked into Elmer's Restaurant in the Portland, Oregon, suburb at about 2PM October 24th, brandishing a gun and demanding money, customers and staffers told the Longview, Washington Daily News. Enjoying a late Sunday brunch at the restaurant were "extreme fighting" pro Benji Radach (Right), 25, and his sparring partners, Dennis Hallman, (Left) 28, along with two women. As other customers ducked under tables or ran out the doors, and the cashier started to hand over money, Radach and Hallman snuck up behind Rogers.

"I kind of went over it in my mind, and walked over there," Radach told the newspaper. Rogers looked to his left and shouted out that he had a gun. Radach came up behind on the right, grabbed Rogers with a wrist lock and got the pistol out of the gunman's hand. Radach then forced Rogers' hands back behind him and pushed him face-first to the ground as Hallman frisked him for more weapons. Radach then knocked Rogers out with a blow to the head.

Police booked Rogers for first-degree robbery. "You see it in movies and you go over it in your mind," Radach later said, "but you never deal with it in real life." Radach is an expert in Pankration, an ancient Greek combination of boxing, kickboxing and wrestling. Also known as "The Razor," he has a 23-3 record in freestyle wrestling and Ultimate Fighting.

Benji Radach

"I just know that I've been training for a long time and more than most people," said the 6-foot, 185-pound Radach. "Especially more than someone who's a crook and probably doesn't train." He later admitted that his decision to take on an armed man was kind of "stupid." "All he had to do was to turn to his right and he could have shot me," Radach told the Daily News. "But for some reason I felt I could do it. I saw the way he was looking and I felt that if I could just get his gun, I could get him to the ground."

His father agreed. "I should be proud, but the things that goes through a parent's mind," said Kim Radach. "That guy could have turned around and Benji could have been bleeding or dead on the ground." Lorrie Whitlow, the restaurant manager, said the heroes' brunch was on the house, but also had her doubts about future customer heroics. "I wouldn't recommend that anyone do that," Whitlow said. "But this time, it was a positive result."

WEDNESDAY, October 27th, 2004, AT 8:10 PM, PT

I Don't Want Anyone Watching Over My Shoulder
So I Want To Be A Sanctioning Body!

So, your a Mixed Martial Arts Promoter and doing great with your events. Then, the State Boxing Commission steps in and tells you, "You can still do your events however, you need to have a nationally recognized MMA Sanctioning body sanction your events." So... What does this mean?

It appears there are several in the fighting sports that think all there is to making a sanctioning body is to throw some letters together and give away a title. Here's a pretty simple 411/FYI for those groups. This does NOT make a sanctioning body. To fill some of you in who are wondering if you have selected a "TRUE" Sanctioning body we ask you to ask yourselves these few simple questions:

  1. Does the organization your looking into promote their own events?
    If yes, they are NOT a sanctioning body. This would be like watching over yourself and if you do wrong, so what... A Sanctioning body must ALWAYS be a neutral entity, unattached to the promoted event. Unfortunately, there is only 1 "Non Promoting" sanctioning body in Mixed Martial Arts and that is, the ISCF. Now, if our sanctioning fees were like say, the state of Florida ($5,000.00) we could say, we are a monopoly and trying to corner the market. However, our general sanctioning fee can be as low as $150.00, which is a far cry from $5,000.00. You see, there is no big money in running a "REAL" sanctioning body unless your sanctioning Pro Boxing. Sanctioning fees there are based upon Pro fighters purses so it's not uncommon to see a Pro Boxing Sanctioning fee of 6 figures.

  2. IF you can find an actual NEUTRAL - NON PROMOTING Sanctioning body other than the ISCF, the next question is,
    Where are their rules and regulations?
    If they are a true sanctioning body you would find their rules listed on a public website like we have done. To see our rules CLICK HERE.

  3. OK, So lets say you had no problem with number 1 and even number 2 above. Next lets look at what they sanction.
    What rules do they have for their promoters to follow?
    What are these things?
    Well, with the ISCF they are several things from ringside officials, medical staff to fighters insurance. Here are some links to check out for some of these requirements:

  4. OK, So you past with number 1 and number 2 and now you have all the info like on number 3 above. So what's next?
    Well, how about rankings and listed title holders?
    Yes, we need to have rankings if we're a sanctioning body. What? It's a lot of work to do that! well, we never said running a sanctioning body was easy. But again, many just want to do it to avoid following rules and regulations, not secure safety and credibility in the sport. Oh, if your looking for the ISCF Rankings, Click HERE.

  5. So now we are on number 5. Really moving now. You have got all the above in place and now you want to know what's next. Well, there's plenty more but should we continue? Check out the sanctioning page by Clicking HERE for more info or just look over our site. Hopefully you can see what it takes to make the ISCF click.

So that's it?
Why of course that's it. How hard can this be right?
Well, if it was so easy everyone would be doing it... Which... NO one else is.
Why? Well, where's the golden egg? Where's the big Money?
You see, you can make money at promoting and hopefully a lot, because there's a lot of work involved to do it. But as a sanctioning body? Well, don't expect any big rewards. Here at the ISCF, the "ONLY" reason we survive is because of our other businesses related to the ISCF in the ring sports. Do the math guys... Unless we Promote MMA Events like all the other "Promoting - Sanctioning Bodies" do, or unless we change our Georgia Rules and Regulations to be able to get a Florida fee of $5,000 per event, the numbers just don't add up for all the work we do. Sure, we could cross that line and just start promoting events ourselves, and we might do pretty well. However, where would we be as far as ethics and credibility in the sport? Exactly where we don't want to be!

Although we hear about them all the time, we recently were informed of 3 or 4 "Promoters" in Missouri and Kansas have started their own sanctioning bodies, or... Think they have. Again, remember number 1 above. "If you promote events, you are NOT a sanctioning body!" However, they believe they are and they have been calling up our promoters and offering to sanction their events at a major price reduction. How can they do this? Because they make their money as promoters, and don't offer a fraction of what the ISCF offers as a REAL Sanctioning body.

How Can The ISCF Help Promoters?
So what does the ISCF offer?
Click HERE.

Well, the rope is short for them and several others because several states are closing in on these "Promotional Organizations" and their time is limited. There has been reports of no medical staff at ringside, no fighter insurance, changes in rules without informing the fighters, fixed (worked) bouts, you name it, the list goes on and on and not just from some of the smaller organizations, but even some very well known promotional groups.

So why do we here at the ISCF care?
Well, we can assure you, as you can see, it's not because of money. There are many reason we here at the ISCF do what we do and here are just a few...

From the State Boxing Commissions we have spoken to, they are ready to close down all Mixed Martial Arts in their state because of these "Promoting Sanctioning Bodies." There have been so many that have popped up it's become a laugh to those who are truly trying to honestly sanction the sport. So as we prepare to close out 2004, we await the decisions of many of these states who have told these MMA Promoters,

You can still do your events however, you need to have a nationally recognized MMA Sanctioning body sanction your events.

It will be interesting what new rules are established for 2005 if not sooner. Maybe all these States can adopt laws like in Georgia where all MMA must be regulated by a "REAL" Sanctioning body, such as the ISCF and pay that terrible fee of $150.00. Or, for those who don't like the ideas and beliefs of the ISCF, some states can simply adopt the laws of the State of Florida where every promoter pays a $5,000 sanctioning fee per event. Oh but wait, there is still that last choice, or for at least as long as it's possible.

Just "THROW" some letters together and call yourself a sanctioning body, and better yet, give one of your WORLD UNIVERSE GALACTIC Titles to your buddy Joe. Heck, he helped load in the ring, so he deserves such a title in his first fight... Right? Besides, no one in the stands (Those die hard fans who pay their hard earned money to you so you can continue to promote your passion...) will ever know he's not a contender, and why tell them the truth!

But hey... Isn't that yet ANOTHER duty of a sanctioning body? To bring credibility to a title?
We sure wouldn't want that to happen now would we...

This is our mission...

The ISCF Mission For Mixed Martial Arts...
"Safety, Credibility, Fairness, Recognition, Support & Unification
of Mixed Martial Arts Around The World"

"The goal of the International Sport Combat Federation is to regulate safe and fair rules and regulations and help provide exposure and opportunities for local, regional, national and international competition among amateur and professional mixed martial arts fighters, trainers, promoters and officials. We will, through adherence to and enforcement of these rules and regulations, strive to make competitive mixed martial arts fighting a safe and fair sport as we continue to help bring exposure to and enhance the present as well as the future of the sport we serve, Mixed Martial Arts."

What's yours?

For more about the ISCF, Click HERE!

For more fun reading, Click HERE.

TUESDAY, October 26th, 2004, AT 11:00 AM, PT

Submission Fighting Open 11
Macon, Georgia, USA - November 6th, 2004

The Submission Fighting Open 11 is set to go off on Nov 6th 2004, at the Macon Auditorium in Macon Georgia. Doors open at 7 pm, tickets are $15 - $30 and can be purchased through ticketmaster (478) 752-1600 or online by clicking HERE or at the Macon Coliseum by calling (478) 751-9232. Directions to the venue can be found below. Here are the bouts that are currently scheduled:

The Macon City Auditorium 415 First Street Macon, GA 31201 (For Map Click HERE!)
Driving Directions to Macon City Auditorium:
From Atlanta: I-75 South to I-16 East, Downtown Exit (corner of First and Cherry streets)
From South: I-75 North to I-16 East, Downtown Exit (corner of First and Cherry streets)
From Savannah: I-16 West, Downtown Exit (corner of First and Cherry streets)

For more info contact ISCF Promotert Matthew Waller at or go to the "Submission Fighting Open" web page by clicking HERE!

MONDAY, October 18th, 2004, AT 1:00 PM, PT

Atlanta, Georgia, USA - October 15th, 2004
By Fight Party Productions Press

ISCF Promoter Brett Moses and his Fight Party Productions has yet "AGAIN" hosted "ANOTHER" Sellout event.
This time it was COMPOUND FRACTURE which played to a packed house this last Friday night at the DeKalb Atlanta Centre in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

Here are the nights results below

  1. Tim Gawenda (Eagle) defeated Andrew Larabee (Combat Fight Team) 1:16 Round 1, TKO.
    Larabee was no match for Gawenda in this challenge match as Gawenda totally dominated en route to the TKO.

  2. Keith Bach (Alliance/Combatives) defeated Shane Pressley (Velocity) 12:00 by Unanimous Decision.

  3. Cory Nestlehutt (Velocity) defeated David Baggett (Kimura) at 2:28 of round 1 by TKO.
    Nestlehutt let loose with everything but the kitchen sink.

  4. Scottie Newton (S.C.) defeated Jeremy Fischer (Anderson Vale Tudo) at 2:38 of round 3 by Corner Stoppage.
    Newton dominated though Fischer had his moments. Then, in Round 3, Newton let loose with a flurry and Fischer's corner threw the towel in.

  5. Petrus Walker (American Top Team) defeated Jake Goode (Obake) at 1:06 of round 2 by KO.
    Goode appeared to be dominating early landing some big shots and avoiding "The Buffalo's" submission attempts. Then, following a stand up in round 2, the 276 lb. Walker unleashed a huge head kick which took the big man out.

  6. Jason Miller (AMA – Augusta, GA) win by default over Joshua Hancock.
    The oft-plagued Hancock did not show. This is not the first time Hancock has been involved in controversy…

  7. Tim Stout defeated Devon Powers (Kimura) at 31 seconds of round 1 by KO.
    "MOAB" Stout was too much for Powers.

  8. Mike Israel (Tiger) defeated Mac Teasley (Anderson Vale Tudo) at 1:07 of round 1 by Tap Out, Triangle Choke.
    Teasley started the fight with a brutal slam; however, Israel maintained his composure and secured the triangle for the win.

  9. Ryan Ellison (Alliance/Team Jacare) defeated Chris Monzo (Team Oyama) at 1:53 of round 1 by Tap Out, Strikes.
    Ellison dominated Monzo, taking his time and "cooking" him for the victory.

  10. Rashad Khalliq (Velocity) defeated Sam Frankel (Alliance – Dallas) at 1:33 of round 1 by Verbal Submission.
    Up & coming fighter Khalliq, fighting with a broken hand (Which we were informed of after the bout), beat Frankel at his own game – STAND UP. Frankel verbally submitted after being punched, hit with knees, and then severely cut by a flurry to the face and head.

  11. Lionel Cortes defeated Morrison Butler (Velocity) at 3:33 of round 3 by KO.
    This seesaw battle between two fighters who had fought previously three years prior, ended with Cortes catching Butler in the corner and unloading.

  12. Raphael Assuncao (Alliance/Team Jacare) defeated Chad Lawshe at 54 seconds of round 1 by Guillotine.
    Hats off to Pro Boxer Lawshe who took the fight on four days notice after two separate scheduled Assuncao opponents went down with injuries. Lawshe wanted a taste of MMA, but the highly regarded Assuncao was just too much for him.

  13. Melvin "The Young Assassin"Guillard (Anconas Gym) defeated Jason Hathaway (U.S. Army) at 37 seconds into round 1 by Referee Stoppage.
    Hathaway took this fight on one days notice after Melvin's original MAIN EVENT opponent, Antonio McKee, went down with an ankle injury. Hathaway took a knee while shooting in and the young assassin let loose. Referee Cam McHargue stepped in to halt the bout.

For more info please contact Mr. Moses at (404) 315-7235 or visit for more information.


Rough N Tumble Challenge
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA - October 16th, 2004
IKF Virginia Representative Craig Smith

First time ISCF Promoter Kevin Weston hosted his first event entitled The Rough N Tumble Challenge here in Virginia Beach Virginia, USA this last Saturday night. What a first event it was, with about 400 spectators and about another 50 fighters and trainers the house was rocking for this event. I was asked by the IKF/ISCF to represent this event and I gained much experience due to the fact I normally put on IKF Kickboxing FCR events only.

For my first MMA event and Kevin's as well, I believe it went off great. The event started around 7:20 PM and we were done by 9:PM. Plenty of time for the crowd to get out wanting more and asking when Kevin was going to put on his next event. There were plenty of Tap-Outs and Knockouts to keep the crowds eyes glued to the ring. Of the 9 bouts only one went the distance, and that was the very first one between two heavyweights. We ended the night with a Super Heavyweight bout that rocked the crowd with some heavy punches and a referee stoppage. Congratulations to Kevin and his team for pulling off a very powerful first event. I would be more than happy to represent the IKF/ISCF if Kevin were to do another show anytime soon.

Results Of The Rough N' Tumble Challenge

  1. ISCF Heavyweight MMA
    Todd Seyler
    (Youngstown OH) defeated Joeseph Williams (Noblesville OH) by decision.

  2. ISCF Middleweight MMA
    Ray Halstead
    (Roanoke VA) defeated Noll Poff (Beaufort SC) by Verbal tap out, round one 1 minute, 48 seconds.

  3. ISCF Welterweight MMA
    Ryan Beasly
    (Virginia Beach VA) defeated Patrick Corrigan (Chesapeake VA) by KO 15 seconds into round one.

  4. ISCF Light Heavyweight MMA
    Joel Wyatt
    (Roanoke VA) defeated Alvin Clarke (Colts Neck NJ)Jr. by KO 2 minute, 5 seconds into round one.

  5. ISCF Light Middleweight MMA
    Danny Daniels
    (Durham NC) defeated Somsak Saycosy (Raliegh NC) by keylock 3 minute, 59 seconds in round one.

  6. ISCF Middleweight MMA
    Curtis Miller
    (Beaufort SC) defeated Christopher James (Woodford VA) by Guillotine choke, round one 1 minute, 41 seconds.

  7. ISCF Middleweight MMA
    Joeseph Bauserman
    (Winchester VA) defeated Shawn Wright (Columbia MD) by triangle choke, 55 seconds in round one.

  8. ISCF Light Middleweight Grappling
    Andrew Smith
    (Richmond VA) defeated Terell Parker Sr. (Virginia Beach VA) by triangle choke 1 minute, 21 seconds in round two.

  9. ISCF Super Heavyweight MMA
    John Gardner
    (Sandford NC) defeated Anthony Horn (Quantico VA) by verbal submission 1 minute, 40 seconds in round one.

For more event info contact Mr. Kevin Weston at (757) 515-0712 or by e-mail at or go to

FRIDAY, October 15th, 2004, AT 2:00 PM, PT



Atlanta, Georgia, USA

TONIGHT, LIVE at The DeKalb Atlanta Centre, Fight Party Productions will present COMPOUND FRACTURE. The night will feature 14 MMA bouts and one Full Contact Rules Kickboxing match.

The dual Main Events will feature two of the most respected Light Middleweights in the World, MELVIN "The Young Assassin" GUILLARD (13-3-2) of New Orleans vs ANTONIO McKEE (14-3-2) of California. Also RAPHAEL ASSUNCAO vs Pro Boxer CHAD LAWSHE & the long anticipated rematch between MORRISON BUTLER and LIONEL CORTEZ, Tonight is sure to be a barn burner.
Here is the line up as of today:

    Shane Pressley
    VS Keith Bach

    Tim Gawenda
    VS Andrew Larabee

    Jake Goode
    VS Petrus Walker

    Ryan Ellison
    VS Chris Manzo

    Jeremiah Huskins
    VS Anthony Barbier

    Mike Israel
    VS Mac Teasley

    Jeremy Fischer
    VS Scottie Newton

  8. IKF Kickboxing
    Jason Miller
    VS Joshua Hancock

    Devon Powers
    VS Tim Stout

  10. ISCF MMA
    Cory Nesstlehutt
    VS David Baggett

  11. ISCF MMA
    Rashad Khalliq
    VS Sam Frankel

  12. ISCF MMA
    Morrison Butler
    VS Lionel Cortez

  13. ISCF MMA
    Chad Lawshe
    VS Raphael Assuncao

  14. ISCF MMA
    Melvin "The Young Assasin" Guillard
    VS Antonio McKee

Tickets are are available through TICKETMASTER, local martial arts schools and the Fight Party Hotline (404) 315-7235. Visit for more information. Here is the nights current line up as of today below.


SATURDAY NIGHT - Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Rough N' Tumble Challenge

ISCF Virginia: Saturday night, October 16th first time ISCF Promoter Kevin Weston will present his Rough N' Tumble Challenge at the campus of Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk Virginia. Well known MMA Veteran and 2 time world welter-weight champion "Mr. International" Shonie Carter will be at the event. Also Portsmouth Virginia's own pro boxer Dorian "The Destroyer" Spivey will be in the house. There will also be Soul Provider Entertainment platinum, and grammy nominated, recording artists, The Clipse, attending. This is a true honor to the HTR Promotions staff. Pusha T and Malice will be in attendance and signing free autographs at the 6:PM autograph session that night. This is a true added treat for all fans and spectators.

Also Eric Callahan and Kilint Radwani of will be covering the event. NHBFights is an online newsletter dedicated to the advancement of the sport of mixed martial arts. They cover events of all sizes from small local shows to large events. Eric and Kilint's fellow columnist Andrew Smith will be competing in one of the grappling super-fights, and will be facing Terrell Parker of the Hampton Roads area. These two men faced each other at a different event this past August but will settle it at the Rough N' Tumble Challenge.

For more event info contact Mr. Kevin Weston at (757) 515-0712 or by e-mail at or go to

Sorry but no fight card was made available to the ISCF by Press Time

MONDAY, October 11th, 2004, AT 3:55 PM, PT

Extreme Combat III

By Jeff Malott -

ISCF Promoter Chad Osborne and his company, Adrenaline Athletics can be proud of their event, Adrenaline Extreme Combat III at The Beaumont Club in Kansas City, Missouri, USA last Friday night. "AEC III was a HUGH success!" Says ISCF Representative Jeff Mallot. "Some 1300 jam packed the Beaumont Club, and I do mean JAMMED!"
Here's the quick results:

    Zach McDonald
    defeated Oscar Montienegro by submission at 2:58 of round 2 . This was by far the Fight of the NIGHT!

    Leo Pla
    defeated Jason Johns by KO at 2:19 of round 3.

    Tommy Eblen
    defeated Marshall Jackson by TKO at 1:18 of round 1.

    Suyan Queiroz
    defeated Travis Phippen by submission at 5:12, (Brazilian Top Team BB vs 2 X NCAA All American) Great Technical Matchup!

    Nick Nyguen
    defeated Lonnie Stewart by submission at 1:04 of round 1.

    Bobby Voelker
    defeated Billy 'The Gorilla' Carey by submission at 2:29 of round 1.

Two additional matches were scheduled, but one "no show" ended one and controversy ended the other. For more info contact Mr. Osborne at (816) 914-6527 or by e-mail at or go to

MORE NEWS OF 10-11-04

Randy Hall
The Senator Who Saved
Mixed Martial Arts!

Randy Hall needs your SUPPORT... As an MMA fan you should send him some.
By Cal Cooper -

Who is Randy Hall, you ask? He's the Georgia State Senator who helped MMA fans crush a Boxing Commission bid to take over the profitable sport of MMA last year. ( This of course, took place after the Boxing Commission had tried and failed to shut down MMA on several occasions over the last decade. Randy Hall (Right) is one of the few good guys in a position of power who is willing to support MMA - because he understands it clearly. Specifically, Randy Hall was the Senator who represented the Georgia MMA community when House Bill 558 was in Senate Committee. He was the outside go-to Senator that the Committee viewed as the sports voice. And Randy kept the Bill in Committee (and out of the Senate) long enough for the 2004 Legislative Session to end, effectively stopping the Boxing Commission power grab. MMA stayed in the hands of those that know the sport and grew the sport into a modern competition.

As most fans know, MMA is a pretty consistently misunderstood sport, and it often comes under attack from politicians seeking an easy and popular target. It's a fact of life in politics. MMA faces a separate struggle in every state, and with the exception of Nevada and New Jersey, there are usually no high powered backers like Zuffa, Inc. to help the sport along its troubled path towards mainstream understanding. States like Georgia depend on a few unbiased, even-handed individuals like Randy Hall to keep the sport safe and legal.

Readers may remember that earlier this year and helped promote a massive write-in campaign to stop House Bill 558 in Georgia. Thousands of you wrote e-mails, faxed letters, and made phone calls to the Georgia legislators and the Secretary of State's office. You made a huge impact. Every Senator in the Georgia State Senate was talking about HB558 - for the right reasons. They didn't want to touch it with a 10-foot pole! Public sentiment weighs heavily in the Senate where Bills are often passed into Law without any public feedback. The last thing Georgia Senators expected was that a sports Bill would cause such a furor! The pressure applied by the MMA and Kickboxing Communities was the leverage that Randy Hall used to help us get what we wanted - fairly regulated MMA without criminal involvement. And although MMA fans created the pressure, they could not have succeeded without Senator Hall. Randy is an MMA hero who was willing to represent us to his inside Senate connections.

Now, Senator Hall is in a fight to retain his Senate seat. He is up against competition willing to fight dirty and use any means, to get him out of office. In short, he is under attack! If he is unsuccessful in his bid for reelection, one of our strongest and most reliable supporters will be lost. It is time for the MMA and Kickboxing communities to rise up for Senator Hall the way he did for all of us. His website allows for online contributions via PayPal ( He needs our help. We need to help him and ourselves.

For two years running, Senator Randy Hall stepped up and saw to it that bills designed to corrupt and destroy our sports were defeated. Even though there were pressures from lobbyists and threats from those pushing these bills, Randy Hall did what was right. He listened to us and stood by us all the way. We should give him the same respect and support him now that he needs us.

With the significant growth of MMA worldwide and the UFC/Fox Sport Net deal looming, it is tempting to forget what a long struggle our sport has had. But let me assure you that the day is not yet won. Most people don't even know what MMA is, and this period of transition into the mainstream spotlight may be the most dangerous time of all. People like Randy Hall will keep our higher profile safe from more opportunistic attacks and power grabs. With the help of the Randy Halls in this world we may be able to keep MMA fan-based and help it avoid the pitfalls that destroyed Boxing.

Consider skipping your next DVD purchase or fightwear purchase and send a few dollars to Randy Hall! ( I'll keep you all updated on the progress of the support for this Real Warrior in the fight for MMA!
Thanks, Cal Cooper

FRIDAY, October 8th, 2004, AT 1:00 PM, PT

Adrenaline Extreme Combat

ISCF Promoter Chad Osborne and his company, Adrenaline Athletics is all set to host his Adrenaline Extreme Combat III at The Beaumont Club in Kansas City, Missouri, USA tonight, Friday, October 8th. Here is the fight card as of press time:

    Cisco Guerra
    VS Troy Talavera

    Bobby Voelker
    VS Billy Carey

    Jason Johns
    VS Jason Shane

    Derrick Ruffin
    VS TBA

    Marshall Jackson
    VS Tommy Eblen

    Oscar Montinegro
    VS Zach McDonald

    Nick Nyguen
    VS Lonnie "Bubba" Stewart

  8. ISCF Submission Fighting
    Eddie Cosler
    VS Joe Mulmore

  9. ISCF Submission Fighting
    Rob Kimmons
    VS Matt Logan

Bouts are not confirmed and subject to change.

For ticket info click HERE. For more info contact Mr. Osborne at (816) 914-6527 or by e-mail at or go to

WEDNESDAY, October 6th, 2004, AT 6:20 PM, PT

October 15th - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

On October 15th, LIVE at The DeKalb Atlanta Centre, Fight Party Productions will present COMPOUND FRACTURE.
With 13 MMA bouts and one Full Contact Rules Kickboxing match it is sure to be a barn burner. The after party will be cooking at The Masters in Atlanta.
Here is the line up as of tonight...

    Shane Pressley
    vs Keith Bach

    Tim Gawenda
    vs TBA

    Jake Goode
    vs Petrus Walker

  4. IKF Kickboxing
    Jason Miller
    vs Joshua Hancock

    Ryan Ellison
    vs TBA

    Mike Israel
    vs Mac Teasley

    Jeremy Fischer
    vs Scottie Newton

    Devon Powers
    vs. Tim Stout

    Cory Nesstlehutt
    vs David Baggett

  10. ISCF MMA
    Rashad Khalliq
    vs Sam Frankel

  11. ISCF MMA
    Morrison Butler
    vs Lionel Cortez

  12. ISCF MMA
    Kevin Brooks
    vs Kiel Reid

  13. ISCF MMA
    Tim Honeycutt
    vs Raphael Assuncao

  14. ISCF MMA
    Melvin Guillard
    vs Antonio McKee

Tickets are are available through TICKETMASTER, local martial arts schools and the Fight Party Hotline (404) 315-7235. Visit for more information. Here is the nights current line up as of today below.

MORE NEWS OF 10-6-04


Former ISCF Pro USA Middleweight Champion Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch (Right) contacted us here at the ISCF today to let us know he is currently safe and sound in Jordan. Ritch will be there few 3 days adjusting to the time change before he is deployed to Iraq for 6 months. As previously noted, he will be out of the MMA Ring for at least 6 months.

Thanks for the update Cannon and as we already said, Be Safe!
The Cannon's e-mail is

Photo compliments of