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MONDAY, June 30th, 2003, AT 9:00 PM, PT

How Does An Event Police Itself?
Beware MMA People...
Look Who Is Trying To Walk In Your DORE!

There is a very hot topic running around the last few weeks and it's called SAFETY! The topic has come up from the most recent deaths in Toughman competition. A total of 14 now. One of the most recent deaths was a 30-year-old mother of two, Stacy Young of Florida. Young had no fight training but was encouraged on the day of the event to step into the ring to fight a younger (20) better conditioned and TRAINED competitor, Sarah Kobie. However, no one can blame Kobie for her death. Kobie was there to WIN, but the referee was there to "WATCH", and he wasn't watching out for the fighters safety. He was watching out for the promoter Art Dore to assure he would have a "3 Round Cat Fight" for the crowd to see.

Even when Young dropped her gloves and stumbled to her corner while members of the audience called for the bout's end, the referee never even stepped in to break the two to separate. He just stood by and watched Kobie PUMMEL Young! Kobie landed punch after punch on Young who was visibly out of shape (At 240 lbs) and spent much of the fight backed into a corner trying to defend herself as best she could. At one point, the two fighters fell to the canvas and Promoter Art Dore yelled over the PA System, "A real cat fight!"

Even though spectators yelled frantically at the ridiculous referee Dore had placed as the bout referee, he just stood there and watched it all without a care for fighter safety in mind. Again, he was making sure the audience saw a beating! And they did. By round 3, Young couldn't even hold her gloves up to protect herself. As she walked toward her corner before the match was over, Kobie punched her three times on the side of the head. The referee still didn't step in as Young went down on the third punch. Young absorbed 14 unanswered punches to her head. Twice, Kobie went after Young when Young's back was turned to her, and neither time did the referee intervene.

Nobody knows which punch rendered Young brain dead but the last time she turned her back to Kobie, Kobie jabbed the back of her head with a left and then cocked her right fist and delivered a blow squarely on Young's brain stem, snapping Young's head from side to side. From the final blow, Young collapsed, and never got up. While Young was being fatally pummeled the ringside doctor (Hired by Dore) doctor was busy taking pictures as the event's official photographer. Young collapsed in the ring and suffered a seizure. Paramedics were on hand to treat her, but the fight doctor who was suppose to be there to protect fighters never tried to stop the match even though it was clear Young was being overwhelmed with punches and couldn't defend herself. As Kobie was punishing Young with blows, Dore is heard bellowing through the P.A. system, "C'mon ladies! Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch!" So Sarah Kobie continued to punch, even after Stacy Young turned her back and the referee gave no warning let alone put a stop to it.

Toughman competitions have made Dore (Right) a millionaire while leaving some participants disfigured, brain damaged or dead. Fourteen fighters (13 men, 1 woman) have died in Toughman-style amateur fighting since the sport's inception in 1979 and at least five more have suffered brain damage. The fatality rate is more than quadruple that of organized amateur boxing and the sport's deadliness is directly linked to its loose rules and lack of regulation.

"There's no regulation, no strong system to see if these people are physically capable of getting in and performing in such a rough, tough, combative physical sport," said boxing trainer Emanuel Steward, whose Kronk Gym in Detroit has more boxing champs than any club in history.

So who was there to discipline the referee in Young's bout for such a TERRIBLE job? Art Dore of course. And who was there to oversee Dore? Art Dore of course. Wait a minute, "Art Dore?" How can he oversee his own events? Toughman competitor Scott Wood's was killed in January when the referee wouldn't allow him to give up. Jason Pyles of Michigan was Wood's opponent. He said Wood, who died of blunt force head trauma, indicated to the referee that he wanted to give up, but wasn't allowed to, which the referee denies. In some cases, referees are allowed to work bouts even when they don't meet the sport's minimal requirements -- described Dore only as, they have to have been "involved in so many fights in the past." In one fatal bout, the referee had worked only five fights. He has no system for hiring doctors other than recommendations from friends. In states where Toughman is not regulated, Dore appoints all ring doctors, refs, judges and cornermen. Its prefight exam tests only for blood pressure and alcohol; only those over the age of 35 need a doctor's permission to compete; fighters are responsible for their own medical expenses and must sign a waiver that frees Toughman from any liability; and there are no minimum requirements for referees or medical personnel.

"We have some major concerns" about Toughman, said Marc Ratner, the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. "Those concerns would have surfaced had Dore followed through and applied for a license renewal in Nevada, which he was going to do this past January. But when he got wind of Nevada's opposition, Dore pulled his request and hasn't surfaced here since."

Welcome to the non sanctioned world of Art Dore, and sadly as well, 99% of all MMA events and a good majority of kickboxing events. In MMA, everyone seems to have their own sanctioning body, but they are also their own promotional company. Just like Art Dore.

Art Dore, the founder of Toughman has policed his own events for years by his own sanctioning body. His association takes in more than the IKF and ISCF combined. Dore's non-profit "American Boxing & Athletic Association" took in nearly a million dollars over the last 2 years. (That was on paper, not cash intake from merchandise, ticket sales or any other cash sales.) According to tax records, Dore's nonprofit foundation, originally named the Art Dore Boxing and Athletic Association made just less than $1 million over the past two years. The foundation incurred expenses of more than $820,000, most of it in payments to Adoreable Promotions Inc., the company Dore founded and is now in the name of his daughter, Wendy Dore.

Toughman has had a reported 14 deaths now in its organization. Dore has fighters sign a waiver beforehand. He also has them fill out an entry form that includes these words: "Wimps need not apply." He also promises that a doctor will be on hand. Some of these events have no doctor at ringside and some others have had a Chiropractor as the ringside doctor. In two of the Toughman deaths, the doctors Dore hired to monitor the fights were chiropractors. Some of the weight spreads are as much as 30 to 50 lbs.

Toughman competitions have been banned in five states. Florida also intended to ban the events in the early 1990s, but Dore has been able to continue staging Toughman competitions because of a loophole in the state law. Because Dore does not offer more than $50 in prize money in Florida, the Toughman bouts aren't considered professional boxing and aren't regulated by the state. Boxers in professional fights are required to undergo strict medical evaluations and referees undergo rigorous training before they can judge a fight.

So why this article now?
Well, over the last week we have received a few phone calls from the likes of some people with PPV and other TV sources and some news reporters all asking about what a sanctioning body is for and our stance on Art Dore wanting to now do his own MMA events (Calling it something like Frontier Fighting.). Yes... Art Dore nopw wants to be an MMA Promoter!

Although their questions and comments were mainly in regards to Dore's MMA Promotion desires, these individuals informed us that they will be crackin down on ANY and ALL events they will show on TV and support in their press from now on. They asked tons of questions and wanted to know where we stood on them. Questions such as our (IKF & ISCF) safety record (which is 100% clean) and where we sanction events. What MMA promoters we have worked with in the past and who we are working with now, and of course, how we felt about Art Dore wanting to promote MMA now and worse yet, his desire to do so in the state of Georgia.

They wanted to know why not every MMA Promoter sanctions with the ISCF? The "ONLY" MMA Sanctioning body that does not promote their own events. Why so many MMA Promoters sanction their own events, etc. etc. Their main concern was about Art Dore though and his desires to do his new MMA Events in every state he could.

We informed them that MMA in general, despite promoters sanctioning their own events, has a far better safety record than Toughman. However if anyone in MMA allows Art Dore to get involved in our sport, that safety record will get washed down the drain. It's not enough to sanction one of Dore's events. Fighters need TRAINING! Which is something Dore will never require. No matter what safety rules are applied or enforced, if an untrained fighter goes into ANY ring (Like Young did) they take the chance of serious injury or as in Young's case, DEATH!

Those in the media and TV were clear about needing events sanctioned by a sanctioning body that was not promoting the event. But in defense of the groups that sanction their own events (UFC, King of the Cage etc.) they admitted they never thought of the issue we brought up, that sanctioning alone will not save every fighter. Training experience IS MANDATORY and cannot be bought for a $50 enrollment fee! It changed their thinking of the whole Dore issue altogether. Once thinking his events might be safe with sanctioning, we made them realize that sanctioning alone would not save unexperienced fighters who don't know how to protect themselves and fight back. However, a Qualified referee would have saved Young, or at least gave her a much better chance of survival.

The issue of Liability has come up with them and they said they do not want to be a part of an unsanctioned event that has a major injury or worse yet, a death, with no sanctioning body to stand by them to assure that all safety measures were taken. Be aware MMA Fans, Dore is now trying to not just knock, but walk in your door, to your living room and on your TV, no matter what the costs of others like Stacy Young.

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Operation Clean Up...
Congressman Plays Monopoly

Written By: Boxing Insider - 04.16.2003 03:12 AM, By Charles Jay Editor/Publisher at

The following is a FREE Chapter from Charles Jay's award winning series Operation Clean Up.

A bill introduced in Congress last year illustrates how truly gullible public officials can be. Or how treacherous. Especially with a promoter pulling the strings.

Posted April 15, 2003
Years ago, when I was doing a little matchmaking, both on the pro and amateur level, in the Tampa Bay area, I was trying to put a certain aspiring heavyweight on one of my Friday night amateur cards, but was rebuffed by some officials of the ABF (now known as USA Boxing), who told me he was ineligible, because not only had he competed in a "Badman" contest (a knock-off of Toughman) a couple of weeks before that, but he had actually won the first prize - a check in the amount of $1000.

According to those officials, by just competing in that event, he forfeited his amateur status. I was at the "Badman" show, so I saw the guy fight. But I really didn't know about the rule, since the competition was billed as something that was essentially "amateur" in nature. So I put the kid into a pro show the next week. He wanted to be a fighter, so if he wanted to do so he had no real choice. He got knocked out, and that was basically the end of his career.

The point is, these "toughman" contests - or any variation thereof - exist in this nether land between professional and amateur boxing. As far as some commissions are concerned, they are not professional contests and therefore don't fall under the same laws and/or regulations as professional fights would, and the bouts obviously don't go on anyone's professional record. For anyone but the winner of most of these events, there is no financial reward. But the amateur governing body - USA Boxing - doesn't want to come anywhere near it, beyond the extent to which it bans Toughman competitors from ever competing in amateur boxing - that is, if they find out about it.

On June 13, 2002, a Michigan congressman proposed something he promoted as a solution to this dilemma. Rep. James Barcia, a Democrat, introduced H.R. 4929, which would "recognize the American Boxing and Athletic Commission as the official sanctioning body for amateur elimination boxing contests." This would have established the ABAA as the entity setting and enforcing standards for these types of events across the country. And I would assume that no one would be permitted to go forward with an "amateur elimination contest" without ABAA sanction and approval.

For now, let's get away from semantics. Let's forget about the proposition that someone from this ABAA might walk into a courtroom, maybe even in the state of Michigan, and try to enjoin an event like the National Golden Gloves or the Olympic Trials because it could be argued that these too could be considered to be "amateur elimination boxing contests." For now, I'd rather focus on just exactly what the "American Boxing and Athletic Association" really is. In a letter sent to Barcia on October 16, 2002, Tim Lueckenhoff, president of the Association of Boxing Commissions, wrote, "As they are private entities, there may be more than one legitimate sanctioning body for such sports. To bless one with the designation of 'official' will unfairly give preferential treatment to a non-governmental organization over others in the marketplace, regardless of their proficiency or standards."

It's actually much worse than that. In fact, it's worse than any sanctioning body one can imagine, because it's clearly set up as a promotional tool, designed to support one organization and one organization only - The Original Toughman Contest - to the exclusion of all others. There's a good explanation for that. You see, the "ABAA" is Art Dore. And Art Dore IS the "ABAA".

The Amateur Boxing and Athletic Association is 501-C(3) non-profit corporation that is on file in the state of Michigan. The registered agent for the company is Arthur P. Dore. Dore, and Murray Sutherland, the former super middleweight champion who is one of his employees, are listed as officers on the Form 990 of this corporation, which was previously known as the "Art Dore Boxing and Athletic Association". The address is a post office box in Bay City, Michigan. James Barcia, the representative who introduced this bill, is from Bay City as well. And in case you're a little slow, what this means is that - unbelievable as it may seem - an elected public official actually engaged in a pro-active attempt to create a legal monopoly for one of his constituents - no doubt a constituent who arranged some "campaign financing" somewhere along the way. If this bill had gotten through the House Science and Commerce Committee and eventually passed, Dore could have effectively knocked out all opposition - not to mention all of his competition - in what would have been one of the all-time great end runs around any form of independent boxing regulation.

Thank God it never got that far. Mercifully, for the sport of boxing, Congressman Barcia became a victim of redistricting and re-apportionment. The 2000 U.S. Census eliminated one of Michigan's seats in the House of Representatives for 2002, and Barcia was the casualty. So instead of working for the benefit of Art Dore in Washington, he now must do so from the Michigan State Senate, which he was elected to last year. But this should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone who contends that the solution to ANY of boxing's ills is to get a bunch of Washington politicians involved, because we have before us a textbook example of the potential disaster that can result. Barcia's office won't clarify it, but what we're presented with is one of two possible scenarios - either it was a case of a politician who was completely clueless as to the ramifications of legislation he was actually introducing, or a politician who was perfectly aware of the potential effects, and consciously proposed that kind of bill anyway, in the name of the public interest, with hidden motives we can only speculate on. Either way, it sucks.

Likewise, either way, because this was his "brainchild", there's very little doubt as to where Art Dore's head is at, in terms of his long-term objectives. And that's a very dangerous place, even by the standards of professional OR amateur boxing.

WEDNESDAY, June 25th, 2003, AT 1:25 PM, PT

St. Louis Is Ready To
Showcase Talent

IKF/ISCF St. Louis, Missouri

This Saturday Lucky's on the Landing isn't going to be just another Saturday night out in St. Louis. Most of the time you would see drinks being poured, people dancing, and the best nationwide DJ's spinning records, but not this time. On this Saturday Lucky's on the Landing, is being transformed once again from the hottest night club to an arena for the hottest ticket in town, the event...The Midwest Fight Fest. A combination of IKF sanctioned Full-Contact Rules Kickboxing and ISCF sanctioned MMA/HNB fights.

The event will showcase fighters from Canada, Iowa, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Missouri. Once again showing the St. Louis fans why some of the best fighters in the United States come from the Midwest and some of the best fighters in North America come from our neighbor country up north. The fights will showcase many fighters that will be completing in this years 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals.

The night will also be filled with plenty of action including a special exhibition fight and two fighters making their returns to the ring after some time off. In the main event Kevin "Boom Boom" Bozada is making his return to the ring after a short retirement. After leaving the kickboxing fight scene to become one of the head trainers of Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts, one would think that he would want to come back slowly. Instead he is jumping back into the ring against Ken Keiser out of Windsor, Ontario Canada.

The other fighter stepping back into the ring is no other than Marc "The Hammer" Mayfield. Mayfield has taken the last 8 months off after a injury that he received sparring. Now back in the gym and working hard, he will be coming out looking for a win. Standing in his way is Dwight Lee, out of Detroit, Michigan.

There will be three ISCF sanctioned fights on the card. The first will "Mean" Mike Green, from St. Louis, Missouri up against Jaime Dawson, from St. Joseph, Oklahoma. Green has started to put together a good record since starting at Finney's. Green came to Finney's. to work on his stand up and has won some fights in FCR.

The second ISCF NHB/MMA will be between Kyle Hancock, of St. Louis, Missouri and Manual Salato, of St. Joseph, Oklahoma. Hancock has been training at Finney's. for 6 months and has started to put together his stand up and ground techniques.

The Last ISCF fight will be worth the price of the ticket. Up and coming "Brazilian" Mike Rothmeyer, of St. Louis, Missouri has started to make a name for himself in NHB. Now going into his third fight, he has shown that he has the power to stand up and also the patience to work from the guard. His opponent is Marty Daul out of Fort Wood, Ohio.

Kevin "The Hitman" Engel... What more is there to say? No one will step into the ring with him. That is why he will be doing a Special exhibition with Ray Dardon. Dardon is the current KICK North American Pro Light Heavyweight Champion.

Rounding out the fight card, will be a team from Waterloo, Iowa. Russ O'Connell will be bring three of his fighters down to fight three of Jesse Finney's fighters. The first one will be Josh Fisher, from St. Louis, Missouri against Matt Bedard, from Waterloo, Iowa. Both these fighters are starting there kickboxing careers.
The second will be two fighters that are no strangers to the ring. Finney's Dylon Leonard will be facing John Hoppes. Leonard has improved dramatically since starting over a year ago. Hoppes has started to diverse in his fighting styles, not only NHB/MMA but also in the FCR style.

The last of the three fights will be a rematch.

"Little" Matt Taff, from St. Louis, Missouri and Nick Anderson, from Waterloo, Iowa. These fighters have fought before with Taff winning by decision. One thing is for sure, we will see both of these fighters in Cedar Rapids in August at the 2003 IKF/TKO USA Nationals.

For additional fight and ticket information call (314) 351-5226.
Or email

MORE NEWS OF 6-25-03

Cowtown Rumble

Overland Park, Kansas, USA, June 21st

Cowtown Fight Promotions, Inc. headed up by IKF & ISCF Promoters Mr. Dan Tharp and Mr. Oren Gautreaux, presented the third installment of 'Cowtown Rumble'. Riding on the wave of two previous sold out shows the decision was made to find a larger venue that would allow for more seating and better show production. The Overland Park International Trade Center fit the bill.

Mr. Tharp says of the move, "We thought it was a good thing to invest in making the show bigger and better so more people could recognize these sports and become fans of them. We did radio interviews, flyer distribution and some other marketing things. It was obvious that a lot of new people were introduced to these sports at our show. With about 1100 people at the show, the word is sure to spread. We also have received a lot of publicity through our Hooters sponsorship. They've been great to us and we look forward to working together in the future."

On to the Fights…
After a card is considered 'confirmed', then the fun begins. This card experienced numerous pull outs and injuries that would make even the most experienced promoter grimace. But in the end, the fights proved to be highly competitive and entertaining.

  1. IKF Amateur Full Contact Rules Kickboxing
    Chris Jacobson
    (AJJ) vs. Mark Donahue (Chuck Wolfe)
    This FCR Kickboxing match was fast and furious on both ends, each stunning each other with hard punches. Jacobson received a standing 8 in the first but recovered well. The second round saw more of the same. Jacobson received a spin back fist to the throat and was unable to continue. (He was seen eating afterwards so he is fine)

    David Snyder (AJJ) vs. Brad Aller (DMEF)
    This fight was packed with action. Aller being the smaller of the two showed no signs of backing down. Referee Fairn Otis stopped the fight in the first round after Aller took a heavy shot to the head. Allers corner protested heavily, but the decision was made on the side of safety. Perhaps a rematch ? Winner David Snyder by TKO round 1.

  3. IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules Kickboxing
    Josh Edmonds
    vs. Sky Morris.
    This Muay Thai bout pitted two first timers against each other. This fight went back and forth, with both giving and receiving. In the end Josh Edmonds of Iowa City, Iowa won the decision.

  4. Kids Tae Kwon Do Exhibition: This one had the crowd roaring!!!

  5. ISCF Submission Grappling
    Matt Cox,
    head wrestling coach at Blue Springs, Missouri High School was ranked internationally in Freestyle Wrestling showed why after arm barring Chris Moore of AJJ in the first round. Look for Matt to make a wave in the NHB scene soon.

  6. IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules Kickboxing
    Emerald Mongoose's Michael Johnson took this fight on short notice against Chris Thompson of Prathet Muay Thai. Treating the crowd to a traditional wai khru, this looked like and was indeed a muay thai match. Chris Thompson used knee attacks the whole fight to slow down the hard combinations of Johnson. When moving forward , Johnson scored cleanly but was kept at bay by the knees. Johnson is a warrior but Thompson won a unanimous decision.

    After Clint White of AJJ pulled out at 2:30 in the afternoon on Saturday, Jamie Dawson of St. Joseph , Missouri was left without an opponent for a mma match. However, Jobe Duran of AJJ stepped in and did a submission match. Jobe scored the armbar straight way. Winner Jobe Duran.

  8. IKF Amateur MuayThai Rules Kickboxing
    Dan Edmonds of Iowa City, Iowa had been scheduled to fight for 6 weeks, however, after TWO people pulled out Brian Corely of Omaha, Nebraska stepped in for an exhibition with Dan. Both of these guys looked very polished for their level of experience. Look for both these guys in the future.

    This first fight in a triple main event matched Rob Kimmons of AJJ against Aaron Bollig of Victory Sports fight team against each other. Bollig stands 5'5" and 195 of solid muscle. Kimmons 5' 9", 193. This fight was fast and furious. It wasn't the first day on the job for either of them. After a flurry of punches and clinching , Kimmons discovered the Knee and put one to Bolligs face. Stunning Bollig, he continued the assault, mounting Bollig and the ref stopped the fight after Bollig was not defending. The crowd roared in approval. Winner Kimmons, now 3-0.

  10. ISCF MMA
    Bobby Voelker vs. Jason Purcell: To say the crowd went nuts over this is an understatement. Voelkers following is very vocal and intense.
    Round 1: Purcell being the more experienced of the two wasn't intimidated by the crowd or Voelker. He took the fight to Voelker with punches and attempted take downs. Voelker returned the favors often with a smile. This fight was dead even.
    Round 2: This round was more of the same. Voelker's confidence began to increase and he knew what he was waiting for, the knee. Fastly becoming Voelkers trademark, he hit Purcell square on the chin with a knee and Purcell went to the canvas. The ref stopped it as Purcell tried to get to his feet. Winner Voelker who moves to 5-0 with 4 ko's.

  11. IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Kickboxing:
    Cowtown's first pro fight matched up local 4-0 FCR kickboxer, Michael Kelly of Belton ,Missouri against Mike Winkeler of Belleville, Illinois. This being the rematch of the two, with Kelly winning the first one, Winkeler came for some revenge. The pace of the fight was fast from the get go. Kelly dropped Winkeler in the first round for a standing 8 count, but Winkeler kept moving forward and making Kelly fight him. Both men scored some heavy shots on each other but in the end Kelly won the unanimous decision. Kelly moves to 5-0.

For more info please contact Mr. Oren Gautreaux at (816) 229-6611 or e-mail at or contact Mr. Dan Tharp at for event PICTURES, go to their website at and click "PAST EVENTS"

TUESDAY, June 24th, 2003, AT 2:30 PM, PT

It's Terrible Tuesday
So we thought we would get the negative items out of the way today.
More To Come Later.

Ultimate Athlete Magazine
Goes Under

ISCF News Source
It was by far the best magazine for Mixed Martial Arts and one of if not the best out there for kickboxing news as well, considering there are no magazines for kickboxing. However financial troubles and other issues have brought an end to a great publication. As the saying goes, "You don't know what you had until it's gone." Well everyone, Ultimate Athlete Magazine is GONE! But this was no surprise to us as you will read below.

Back in late February early March we had announced that the IKF/ISCF was teaming up with Ultimate Athlete Magazine (UA) to bring more media attention to kickboxing. There's a reason you didn't hear much more about this and today is the time to tell you about it. As many know, in mid January of this year we announced we were starting our own IKF Kickboxing Magazine. However on January 28th, we were presented with another opportunity that we thought would better fulfil our needs and the needs of the sport of kickboxing. This opportunity presented itself when Mr. John Pack took over All Operations at UA in January of this year. Pack sent an e-mail to us that stated, "As of Monday I have assumed the position of Editor as well as Publisher. I would like to discuss a long-term relationship between IKF & ISCF, I would especially like to put together a joint marketing agreement for 2003. This year I plan to step up the Kickboxing coverage in a big way and very much like to see how we can work together."

From Pack's e-mail we made the decision to hold off on publishing our magazine, mainly due to the promised distribution numbers UA had given us. To us, these numbers meant great exposure for not just the IKF & ISCF but for our promoters, fighters and trainers as well. UA had made announced that ALL the 7-11 stores would carry the UA Magazine which promised a distribution of 82,000 + per month. We don't know about anyone else but we never saw UA in any 7-11 stores we visited. They also wanted us to be a part of their newsletter that claimed to be 12,000 per week and a website that boasted 150,000 unique visitors per month, yet never ranked on below 250,000. (These numbers are like Golf, the lower the number the more traffic the site receives. For more info, Click HERE.)

Since UA had offered to cover IKF Kickboxing and ISCF MMA we thought it better for everyone and the sport to hold off with yet another magazine that may compete with UA. This is why you have not heard much about the IKF Kickboxing Magazine in the last few months.

On February 7th, Pack sent an e-mail to the IKF/ISCF that stated, "Let's get started. I want to expand my coverage of kickboxing online, in print and on video. I would like to structure an agreement between us that will allow me to market the hell out of you with massive coverage and lots of free advertising. I want to position my company as THE AP/ESPN of combat sports and want to do it through relationships. However to reach my goals I need to work very closely with you."

His enthusiasm continued when he sent another e-mail on February 18th where he said, "As a marketing partner with us, we'll provide you and your tournaments pre and post coverage as well as free advertising." However after we had already made an agreement and UA was placing IKF Ranking into the May UA issue, we received an e-mail from Pack on April 1st, announcing his resignation from UA. Of course we thought it was an April fools joke, but not so. In a conversation with him he stated how much financial trouble the magazine was in and doubted it would last more than 3 more months. Pack moved on to a better opportunity with his new venture,

After Pack left, we re-contacted the new Editor at UA, Dave Davies. Davies countered everything Pack said and assured us UA was in strong financial shape. He stated it would be better than ever and would continue. However Davies was not willing to fulfill the publication promises made to us by Pack. In fact, his reply to us was rather rude in a response e-mail to our agreement on April 17th which stated; "These promises of prostituting the magazine for ones benefit is not what the publication is about. We accept a lot of material that never reaches print. The content submitted is a group effort. This is the way it has to stay! No preferential treatment! We will be happy to accept your submissions, but that's as far as it will go."

From this e-mail we threw in our hat and to say the least, we were a bit offended by it. We had carried the UA link on both the IKF & ISCF front pages since January and all we got back was the IKF Rankings listed in UA one time, in the May issue. Well, good thing we didn't bet Pack on his claims that UA would only last 3 months at the most. Ultimate Athlete Magazine is GONE, and Pack is busy collecting on all those bets he made.

Now that you know what all happened we can assure you that we will re-focused back to our IKF Kickboxing Magazine in hopes to bring you "PRINT" media coverage of our sport and those who are in it. It may have been delayed but the wait will be worth it, and as well, you now have the full reason why there was a delay at all. Look for the new IKF Kickboxing Magazine at this years IKF USA National Amateur tournament in August.

MORE ABOUT Ultimate Athlete

Phone dead, doors locked, lights out.
May 30th 2003. RIP

Press From After 20 months of trying Ultimate Athlete magazine finally succumbs to chasing the rainbow. During the last six months, Ultimate Athlete had made many staffing changes in an effort to saving the drowning magazine – all attempts failed. Ultimate Athlete magazine made a great attempt at reaching a broader market by offering the athletic side to combat sports in addition to the event coverage. At least this was the initial plan when John Pack published the first edition in October of 2001.

Beginning in April 2002 the magazine began to feel financial pressure from investors, experience internal bickering between editorial staff and investors and by February 2003 it had all come to a head. The first change was letting go of Editor Clyde Gentry and having publisher John Pack take over the additional responsibility. Then by April 28th with the mounting tension building over video rights, financial threats and pure frustration John Pack quits.

With the only remaining principals of Ultimate Athlete being former Sales Manager Dave Davis and the initial two investors: it was only a matter of time. By the last week in May, the money had dried up and all attempts had failed – it was time. A true loss to the sport and will be remembered and missed. Phone dead, doors locked, lights out. May 30th 2003. RIP.

NOTE: the writer called UA's Phone number at

MORE NEWS OF 6-24-03

Deals With Legal Issues

Press Release – Bangkok, Thailand
NOTICE: FAIRTEX is a trademark of Fairtex Equipment Company, Ltd. ("Fairtex Thailand"), a Thai company with exclusive rights to the FAIRTEX tradename and trademarks in the U.S. Fairtex Thailand owns both the FAIRTEX and TRAIN LIKE A THAI. FIGHT LIKE A THAI marks, which are protected under U.S. common law, with federal trademark applications pending. The FAIRTEX brand was established for garments in the late 1950s in Thailand by the Busarakamwongs family. Under the direction of Mr. Bunjong Busarakamwongs, also known as Mr. Philip Wong, the FAIRTEX brand was expanded to Muay Thai and boxing training and related apparel and gear. Fairtex Thailand began operating Muay Thai training camps in Thailand in 1975 under the FAIRTEX name and brought the training camps to the United States in 1993.

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MONDAY, June 23rd, 2003, AT 1:15 PM, PST

IKF Blasting On Message Board

Steve Fossum, IKF & ISCF World President

IKF/ISCF Headquarters:
Today we had a look at the Kickboxing Message Board and found the issue of pro's vs amateurs being brought to the attention of the IKF. The issue was directed to this last weekends IKF/ TKO South East Regional where we (IKF) allowed Pro MMA/NHB fighter but amateur kickboxer George Allen (Right) fight amateur kickboxer Yahoshua Yahudah. Allen is not ranked as a pro fighter in the ISCF Pro rankings but has fought several Pro MMA/NHB bouts. In fact, he's not ranked at all in the ISCF Rankings. Amateur or Pro. Allen and Yahudah along with Chris Sasek had already won their registered divisions by walkover since they had no competition in them.

Since all three fighters wanted to fight still, we matched them up in a special 3 person fight bracket which included Allen and Yahudah fighting first and the winner would advance to fight Chris Sasek in the night show. All fighters knew who each other were (Including Allen's MMA status and experience) and all 3 agreed to the special bracket. In the first bout, Allen defeated Yahudah by a Head Kick KO at 1:47 of round 1. From what our sources told us, Allen's KO was so disturbing to fighter Chris Sasek (As it would be to anyone) that it made him decide he didn't want to fight Allen at the night event. He never told any of the officials or the promoter this, he simple didn't show up for the night event.

Now "AFTER" the event, we (IKF) are being attacked and questioned on the Kickboxing Message Board for allowing a "PRO" MMA/NHB fighter fight in our IKF Amateur Kickboxing Regional Tournament. To begin with, we would like to admit that we feel the questions and concerns here are JUSTIFIED! However, we feel it is important to inform those concerned here of the full history of this issue in hopes we can come to a final decision and conclusion on the ruling of this for future events.

We too questioned the status and acceptance of pro MMA/NHB fighters fighting as amateur kickboxers over 2 years ago. Our first stance on this was as many have suggested on the Kickboxing Message Board recently, "To NOT allow Pro MMA/NHB fighters to fight as amateur kickboxers." However, when we made the stance, we were attacked from other fronts from MMA/NHB fighters, trainers and promoters in California, Nevada, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and other parts of the USA. These attacks brought focus to the beginning fighters in MMA that had not had a lot of amateur experience but were now considered pro mma fighters since they were getting paid to fight. Many of these fighters argued that MMA and Kickboxing were different sports. Their stance was mma had more ground fighting than kickboxing which made it more of a wrestling style of fighting. Their argument was to take the focus off the stand-up portion of the fight and focus on the so called "Ground and Pound" style of fighting they referred to as MMA/NHB.

The discussion and resolve on this issue took several months. During this time we had contacted several state athletic commissions to hear their stance on this. Of the ones we contacted, all of them took the side of the MMA/NHB argument, that the two sports were so different that they didn't care if a fighter had fought pro MMA/NHB, as long as the fighter had never fought in what they determined at the time as the "Big MMA" events which were UFC and Pride. With this knowledge, we finally agreed to a compromise, which was what the athletic commissions agreed to. That as long as the fighters had not fought in the major MMA/NHB events (UFC or Pride) we would allow them to fight as an amateur kickboxer.

As we know, MMA/NHB has grown and progressed greatly over the last year alone. Top fighters are now fighting in "OTHER" big events (Such as Allen in an event called "King of the Cage") and may never get to fight for UFC. Because of this, we are re-opening the case here and we can say at first glance, "This will be changed" and "PRO (PAID) MMA/NHB fighters "Will no longer be allowed to fight as an amateur kickboxer in the IKF."

Although we (IKF) will be the first to stand up to this rule and make this change, we can only hope that other kickboxing sanctioning bodies and their promoters will do the same. For example, over the past few weeks we know of several "PRO" MMA/NHB fighters that have fought as an amateur kickboxer on other sanctioning bodies events but they did not receive the attention this bout did due to the Kickboxing Message Board. It will be up to you, the peers as well as fans in our sport to, as one would say, "Blow the whistle" when you see this being tried again. Feel free to do so on the Kickboxing Message Board or the MMA Message board. This is what these boards are for. So YOU can have a voice in our sports.

More Importantly, we would like to add that we STRONGLY APPRECIATE and THANK those who posted their opinions (No matter how abusive towards the IKF they were written, we know how emotions can get heated on the board) about this on the Kickboxing Message Board board. NO ONE, including the IKF is above the law here and we as a sanctioning body for both kickboxing as well as our ISCF organization for MMA/NHB must LISTEN to our peers. When the complaint is justified, as we strongly feel this one was, we must stand up for everyone and make required changes in our sports for the better and move forward in a positive way for everyone.

Those of you who spoke up were "RIGHT!" What may have been allowed in the past now needs to be regulated and watched more closely in the future. The sport of MMA is growing rapidly and changes in regulations such as this one will not be the last one. As in this case, there will be times that individuals like those who posted on the Kickboxing Message Board will be the voice of many. Some of you feel they are wrong in attacking us, however, we feel they were RIGHT, and we thank you for standing up and making a stand for what you feel is right!
Steve Fossum
IKF & ISCF World President

PS ADDITION: Now comes another question and another issue of discussion as well as possible argument we must determine. The fighter in question here, George Allen (Who is innocent in his actions here) entered the IKF Tournament system under the impression that his status in this event was allowed. He registered to fight in the South East Regional event and has said he would like to now come to Iowa to fight for the IKF National Title. With the discussion now of this new regulation, what should Allen's status be? Should he be allowed to fight in the IKF National Championship Tournament in August or not? Please voice your opinion on the Kickboxing Message Board.
Thank you.

MORE NEWS OF 6-23-03

Wiezorek Storms In Feature Bout At
IKF/TKO South East Regional In Georgia

IKF/ISCF Valdosta, Georgia, USA
Although this event didn't get on live internet radio tonight, when we tell you why you will be more worried about our internet radio man Johnny Walls. We were informed yesterday that Walls was the victim of some flooding around his hometown that caused a retaining wall in his back yard to slide into the rear of his house. Lucky for Walls him and his family were unharmed but of course shaken up since a lot of his back yard is in his kitchen. We hope he has a quick recovery of the damage.

Speaking of Damage there was plenty of damage at the IKF/TKO South East Regional in Valdosta Georgia today hosted by IKF Promoter James Corbett which came in many forms. Some of the damage came in forms of kicks, punches and KO's. However sadly enough, some damage was done with some fighters who no showed as well as others who pulled out of fights just before they were ready to happen, leaving others without a chance to "Walk the Walk" in the ring! This was a 2 part event that finished with a "Standing room only" night time event. Here's a quick rundown below of the fight brackets and the results for all you eager to be informed fight fans.


    1. FCR, 16-17 year olds, Middleweight Regional Championship Bout
      Jason Barrett
      defeated Joey Myers by split decision 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.

    2. FCR, Super Middleweight, Prelim Bout 1
      Ryan Robertson
      defeated Randy Clarke by TKO at 33 seconds into round 3. Robertson advances to night final.

    3. FCR, Super Middleweight, Prelym Bout 2
      Stevie Dement
      defeated Shaun Love by TKO at 1:58 of round 1. Dement advances to night final.

    4. FCR, Cruiserweight, Prelim Bout 1
      Brad Abel
      defeated Lonnie Bowen by unanimous decision, 29-28 on all 3 judges cards. Abel advances to night final.

    5. FCR, Cruiserweight, Prelim Bout 2
      Adrian Turpin
      defeated Roy Yunker by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards. Turpin advances to night final.

    6. MTR, Heavyweight, Non Tournament Bout
      George Allen
      defeated Yahoshua Yahudah by Head Kick KO at 1:47 of round 1. Allen advances to a feature night time (Non tournament) bout against heavyweight Chris Sasek.

    7. FCR, Light Heavyweight Prelim
      Carl Houston
      defeated Nathan Thennes by TKO at 59 seconds into round 2. Advances to night time final against Robert Bailey.

    8. FCR, Middleweight Prelim
      Andrew Kloster
      defeated Brad Taylor by TKO at 37 seconds into round 2 to advance to championship bout against Derrick Reading.

    9. FCR, Light Middleweight Prelim Bout
      Clint Martin
      defeated Matt Dekle by TKO at 1:24 of round 1 to advance to the night time championship bout against Shannon Hudson.

    10. FCR, Non Tournament Bout
      Jesse Hendrix
      defeated Nathan McCall by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-27 and 30-26.

    11. FCR, Super Lightweight Regional Championship Bout
      Joshua Escher
      defeated Jeremy Adams by TKO at the break of round 2 and 3 when Adam's corner stopped the bout.
    12. IR, Middleweight Regional Championship Bout
      Matthew Callahan
      defeated Ben Hollis by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27.

    13. Tim Ryan Hendrix was suppose to fight Jason Barrett in a special non tournament bout but Barrett was too tired to fight after his earlier victory over Myers.


    1. FCR "Junior Boys" (16-17) Cruiserweight Regional Championship Bout
      Cody Malicevoc
      defeated Shane Smith by TKO when Smith's corner stopped the bout after round 1.

    2. FCR "Junior Boys" (14-15) Super Welterweight Regional Championship Bout
      Billy Heslop
      defeated Jeremy Morrow by unanimous decision 30-26, 30-24 and 29-24.
    3. FCR Woman's Non Tournament Bout: Terrie Hicks defeated Alindrina Allen by TKO at 40 seconds into round 2.

    4. FCR Super Middleweight Regional Championship Bout
      Paul Cantrell
      defeated Joel Weldon by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

    5. FCR Woman's Non Tournament Bout
      Susan Wood
      defeated Andrea Zalas by split decision 29-28, 27-30 and 29-28.

    6. MTR Men's Non Tournament Bout
      After defeating Yahudah in his morning bout by head kick KO, George Allen was ready to fight Chris Sasek in the night event. However Sasek had told sources that he had no desire to fight Allen after seeing what happened earlier with Yahudah leaving him without an evening bout.

    7. FCR Middleweight Regional Championship Bout
      After winning his morning bout by TKO, Andrew Kloster defeated Derrick Reading by TKO at the 50 second mark of round 3 for the championship bout.

    8. FCR Super Middleweight Regional Championship Bout:
      After winning his morning bout by TKO Stevie Dement defeated Ryan Robertson by TKO at 54 seconds into round 2 with some impressive body shots.

    9. FCR Cruiserweight Regional Championship Bout
      Although Brad Abel had advanced to the championship bout by his morning victory he pulled out of the night time championship bout claiming to be sick. The move gave Adrian Turpin the Regional Championship.

    10. FCR Light Heavyweight Regional Championship Bout
      There were many of us who were looking forward to seeing Robert Bailey of Florida "Walk the Walk" and prove to everyone here he was for real. (There were some questions of his record prior to this event by some) He did his part, made weight, even assisted during the daytime bouts. However when the night time final came, his opponent Carl Houston pulled out of the fight giving Bailey the win by forfeit. We need to say here publicly that Bailey was a "Class Act". As far as we are concerned, he is truly a REAL DEAL for many reasons! Instead of just going home he stayed and helped judge (Doing an excellent job) the night time bouts and got to know many of the IKF Associates. We look forward to seeing Bailey at the Nationals this year and hopefully there will be someone there to "Walk the Walk" against him. As far as our thoughts though, Robert, you are the REAL DEAL! See you in Iowa.

    11. FCR Light Middleweight Regional Championship Bout
      Shannon Hudson is a new man. After moving down in weight he has won his last two fights by head kicks and wanted to do the same tonight. However his opponent, Clint Martin would not allow it. Hudson's kicks were head high and strong but Martin was able to block the ones packed with "The Heat" which helped him stay in with Hudson until the end. However all 3 rounds were Hudson's who gave Martin a standing 8 in round 3. Martin lost another point when he missed his kicks in round 1. All totalled, it spelled Hudson as he won the regional championship by unanimous decision 29-26, 29-26 and 30-25.

There were several "Walkover" Champions who had no bout as well. They include Jessica Botha, Jason Barrett, Bobbie Brown, Avigail Yahudah, Rachelle Hart, Nathan McCall, Nicholas Finney, William Phillips, Damien Frost, Dallas Crowe, Justin Pickett, Jason Kuhn, John Greubel, Andre Camarena, Reginald Kitchen, Mark Adams, William White, Joe Laughlin, Bert Chandler, Jarel Bowman, Philip Petersen and Michael Bengochea.

Other fighters who had scheduled bouts but were unable to attend due to various reasons were Billie Jo Grieswich, Dennis Waters, Scott Ward, John Ganner and Jin Kim. In all there were a total of 66 amateur kickboxers that registered to "Walk The Walk" at the IKF/TKO South East Regional.


The event also featured some ISCF MMA Bouts. Here are those results below.

  1. ISCF Lightweight
    Joe Laughlin
    defeated Kenneth Graham by TKO/Strikes at 1:56 of round 1.

  2. ISCF Lightweight
    Mark Doast
    defeated Brad Bonner by Triangle Choke at 2:16 of round 1.

  3. ISCF Middleweight
    Shaun Gay
    defeated Jeff Fenno by Choke Submission at 1:30 of round 1.

  4. ISCF Heavyweight
    In a non title bout, ISCF U.S. Super Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan Wiezorek swarmed on Ivan Carabello at the bell and defeated him by choke/submission at :21 seconds into round 1...WOW!

We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make this event a great success. Without such TEAMWORK, these events would not be possible. GREAT JOB "South East TEAM!" For more information on this event, go to or e-mail South East Regional Director, Mr. James Corbett at or call (229) 245-8622.

WEDNESDAY, June 18th, 2003, AT 11:20 PM, PST

In Overland Park, Kansas, USA!

IKF/ISCF Kansas, USA: This Saturday night IKF and ISCF Promoters Mr. Oren Gautreaux and Mr. Dan Tharp will host "COWTOWN RUMBLE" at the Overland Park International Trade Center in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. Although there are no title bouts scheduled for the event there is sure to be plenty of IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial arts Action. Here's the nights scheduled fight card:

  1. Clint White (American Jujitsu) vs. Jamie Dawson.

  2. Bobby Volker (JSF) vs. Aaron Jerome (Victory Sports fight team)

  3. Rob Kimmons (American Jujitsu) vs. Aaron Bollig (Victory Sports fight team)

  4. David Snyder (American Jujitsu) vs. Joe Bremmer (Des Moines Iowa)

  5. Matt Cox (American Jujitsu) vs. Chris Moore (American Jujitsu)

  6. Chris Jacobson vs. Mark Donahue

  7. Fighter from American Jujitsu vs. Brad Aller.

  8. Scott Staney (Tonganoxie TKD) vs. Roy Babcock (Earl Walker Martial Arts)

  9. Kelly King (Gautreaux's MA) vs. TBA

  10. Josh Edmonds (Iowa City Iowa) vs. Brett Hibbs (Prathet Muay Thai)

  11. Jason Self (Khru Sam) vs. Chris Thompson (Prathet Muay Thai)

  12. Dan Edmonds (Iowa City Iowa) vs. Sky Morris (Prathet Muay Thai)

  13. Michael Kelly (Self Defense Center) vs. Mike Winkeler (Championship Kickboxing)

  14. Chris Wietz (Iowa City Iowa) vs. Ryan Madigan (Iron City Gym)

For more info please contact Mr. Oren Gautreaux at (816) 229-6611 or e-mail at or contact Mr. Dan Tharp at or go to their website at

Cowtown Fight Promotions, Inc. was formed in 2002 by Dan Tharp and Oren Gautreaux. CFP, Inc. is the Midwests newest fight promotion that showcases a truly mixed martial arts show. Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Extreme Fighting are the centerpieces of each show. CFP has also set a new standard for event professionalism and style. Each event is held in a clean, respectable venue and a safe, friendly atmosphere. Thru the help of our sponsors and fans CFP desires to constantly improve the quality of show and the level of the Combat Sports showcased.

TUESDAY, June 17th, 2003, AT 11:45 AM, PST

Mother Killed in Toughman Fight
Should Toughman's New Slogan Be
"Are You Tough Enough to DIE?"

Sarasota, Florida, USA
A 30-year-old Bradenton woman was left brain dead and died early this morning after being pummeled in her first amateur boxing competition Saturday at Robarts Arena. Stacy Young, (Far right with her husband, Chuck Young, and daughters Chantelle, top, and Cassie.) who entered the Toughman Competition thinking it would be fun, died at Bayfront Medical Center, according to family members. For full story CLICK HERE!

Police investigate woman's death in Toughman fight
The Criminal Investigations Division opened an investigation of "suspicion" to determine if the death is criminal. The Toughman contests allow unskilled boxers the opportunity to compete for a trophy or a satin jacket and advance to world championship competitions in different weight classes. For story, CLICK HERE!

Police Probe Toughman Contest That Left Woman On Life Support:
Police opened an investigation Tuesday into a Toughman contest that left a 30-year-old woman on life support after she was pummeled in the amateur boxing competition. For full story, CLICK HERE!

See what others are saying about this at, CLICK HERE!

Some quotes from individuals at
"My brother in law was front row at the event. He said he was amazed at how many people came out of the audience to fight."
"I take it this was not a sanctioned event? Crazy how they force MMA fighters to go through a barrage of medicals and paperwork to get licensed in Florida, yet Toughman can just pluck people out of the crowd when they don't have enough people to fight."
"The Toughman formula has long been to match up known ringers against untrained suckos in order to give the crowd what they want.......a total ass beating."
"As sad as this is, FL needs to really look at MMA's safety record and that of Toughman."

Was the State of Florida in the wrong?
One individual posted on "I thought that Toughman was outlawed in Florida. According to Florida Statute: 548.008 Toughman and badman competition prohibited.-- (1) No professional or amateur toughman or badman match, as described in this section, may be held in this state. Such competition includes any contest or exhibition where participants compete by using a combination of skills. Such skills may include, but are not limited to, boxing, wrestling, kicking, or martial arts skills. Notwithstanding the above, this section shall not preclude kickboxing or mixed martial arts as regulated by this chapter. (2) Any person participating in or promoting a professional or amateur toughman or badman match is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. History.--ss. 4, 18, ch. 88-365; s. 135, ch. 91-224; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 118, ch. 99-251.
But someone pointed out:
"Such competition includes any contest or exhibition where participants compete by using a combination of skills. Such skills may include, but are not limited to, boxing, wrestling, kicking, or martial arts skills." That bans Toughman contests that mix punching and kicking, or punching and wrestling. Toughman contests that follow boxing rules and use headgear are legal.

So who is Responsible? Someone added: "mixed feelings here, but she chose to get in the ring, shes an adult, as long as the reffing was competant I dont think Toughman is responsible."
and someone else added: "She was really, really stupid and irresponsible to fight. I am not saying that she deserved to die, but she was stoopid to do it."

ISCF Addition: A few weeks back, an associates out of Michigan sent us some very interesting facts about Toughman. A was 4 full pages all about Toughman and their organization. Toughman founder Art Dore's non-profit; "American Boxing & Athletic Association" took in nearly a million dollars over the last 2 years. (That was on paper, not cash intake from merchandise or any other cash sales) The article pointed out that at that time, Toughman has had a reported 12 deaths in its organization, make it 13 now. Some of these events have no doctor at ringside and some others have had a Chiropractor as the ringside doctor. Some of the weight spreads are as much as 30 to 50 lbs. In the article it told of a female fighter named Kelli Hochmuht who weighed 145 lbs who had to fight a girl who was 199 lbs in an Idaho Toughman contest. NONE of the Toughman officials are required to be trained by certified officials unless the state oversees their events. Where does this happen? In only 2 of the 50 states, Ohio and California.

MORE NEWS OF 6-17-03

IKF South East Regional
To Be Broadcast on Internet June 21st!

Live Audio with Video to Follow!!

IKF Kickboxing and some ISCF MMA action will be broadcast via Internet radio for this coming Saturday, June 21st. Fight fans will be able to "tune-in" to the IKF South East Regional via the World Wide Web. This broadcast will be courtesy of Mr. Johnny Walls, proprietor of the website.

As soon as possible after the live audio broadcast, Walls will broadcast a video feed of the evening finals. For the first time ever, IKF and ISCF fans will be able to watch free video via the Internet of some of their favorite fighters. This broadcast will include selected finals of the IKF South East Regional Kickboxing Tournament and the ISCF U.S. Super Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan Wiezorek in the main event.

Walls is a Internet broadcast pioneer whose credits include and In 1999, Walls launched and began streaming entire Martial Arts Events over the Internet such as HOOKnSHOOT and SuperBrawl. A year later he launched and began attending events live and streaming the live audio play by play over the Internet for fans to listen in. His broadcasts of the 2002 IKF South East Regional and the 2002 IKF National Tournament exceeded all previous records for listeners.

IKF South East Regional Promoter, James Corbett (Right) says, "Again, I am both humbled and excited about Johnny's support of our event. We need IKF and ISCF Fans to make this broadcast break all records for Johnny." Steve Fossum, IKF & ISCF World President, says regarding and the South East Regional, "As we said last year about the Internet broadcast of the event, this is another one of many great things for the sport of kickboxing and MMA through the IKF & ISCF World Team. We are meeting a stated goal this year by having internet video to compliment our upcoming Cable TV Programming. Johnny and James are adding another aspect to IKF Kickboxing and ISCF MMA and it's a Knockout!"

The friends and families of the IKF South East Regional competitors from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and parts of Alabama, as well as IKF Kickboxing & ISCF Fans WORLDWIDE, who are not able to attend the event in Valdosta this coming Saturday, June 21st, will be able to tune in on ISCF Mixed Martial Arts and IKF Kickboxing fans who regularly follow will again be able to hear IKF Kickboxing & ISCF MMA and still enjoy listening in on some mixed martial arts action. The audio show should begin broadcast about 8:00 AM, EST. Updates regarding the broadcast will be posted to IKF and the Valdosta Martial Arts Center website at

MONDAY, June 9th, 2003, AT 4:30 PM, PST

$20,000 Challenge!

AGAIN: Keep In Mind, We as the ISCF are simply allowing these two to air out this challenge here on the News Page. Neither of these posts by either camp reflect our opinions of either camp.


June 10, 2003, Posted By LA Boxing, Atlanta Georgia
After weeks of anticipation by fans and potential opponents, ISCF Champion, and BJJ Brown Belt, Steve Headden (Right) is Ready to Make his official reply to the challenge made by Jacare' (Romero "Jacare´" Cavalcanti) on his Student Ryan's behalf. The answer is, "Of course I will fight him, Id fight him tonight." Steve and LA Boxing are making a request to the ISCF to allow Ryan to fight as a pro and let some of his BJJ experience count as amateur MMA. Furthermore LA Boxing Sponsors and Boosters would Like to ask Jacare' (Left) and his very vocal, very anonymous supporters to put their money where their mouth is.

LA Boxing has arranged to deposit $10,000 in an account managed by Fight Party Promotion President Brett Moses, to go toward a "Winner Take All Purse." Since Ryan made the challenge he will have to fight up to Steve's weight class which tops out at 185, We at La Boxing challenge Jacare' to match it and bring the purse to $20,000, the largest purse for a single bout in Georgia's MMA history! Welcome to the Pro's Ryan!

Hopefully Jacare' and his team will be able to raise the money to make this fight happen on the August 2nd fight card, Its good for the fighters and good for the sport, "I can't wait to see it happen," says LA Boxing President Chris Stolzman.

So there's the answer everyone's been waiting for, step up and take the challenge Jacare'. Please don't come back with any weak remarks about how we are trying to buy our way out of this challenge. We are just trying to make a contribution to the sport. Either step up and take it, or quite down and get some experience, work your way up like everyone else, remember cutting in line costs money. Ryan, you can always fight Steve for free, call him to schedule an appointment, Make no mistake Steve is not dodging you, call him at (404) 918-0454.

Steve says "I regret that this whole situation occurred, After being on vacation for a week I came home to find that Jacare' had challenged me. I never expected this since Jacare' and I had an agreement that I wouldn't fight his guys when I left Alliance. Jacare' asked my business partners to leave Alliance but wanted me to stay I couldn't do that at that time due to contractual obligations. At that point out of respect for Jacare' I told him I would not ever try to fight MMA against his guys. At that time he agreed that that was a good thing. It hurts to see now, since things aren't going his way our agreement is meaningless, and our friendship was jeopardized. When we see each other in public its all handshakes and smiles but behind closed doors at his academy he is piloting against me. This whole situation saddens me."

Steve Headden


IKF Kickboxing Lands TV Deal!
Comcast Sports South East (CSS) And The IKF Team Up!
ISCF Bouts May Be a Part Of Programming


FRIDAY, June 6th, 2003, AT 10:55 AM, PST

Allan Goes Replies!

AGAIN: Keep In Mind, We as the ISCF are simply allowing these two to air out this challenge here on the News Page.
Neither of these posts by either camp reflect our opinions of either camp.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA: Allan Goes (R) is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt under master Carlson Gracie, and an Eight Time World Champion. He has fought in every Major MMA Organization including UFC and PRIDE. After reading the news below he felt it is time for him to make a statement.

"I would like to publicly confirm and verify that my friend and Team member Steve Headden is a qualified Brown Belt who I promoted In Person after rigorous testing and observation of both his grappling skill and ability to teach. You can check at my web by clicking HERE!

Steve is the Head of my association in Georgia and is licenced to teach under me. I am disappointed that another BJJ Blackbelt would question my ability to give rank or judge who should have it. It is clear that Steve with four Pan-American Medals and a Winning Pro NHB record and two Professional NHB titles is a very good teacher and a very good competitor and soon Steve will receive his blackbelt from me. As far as the challenge that has been posted, I'm sure Steve will smash this Ryan if the ISCF will allow him to fight pro. Maybe some of his sport Jiu Jitsu matches can count as amateur MMA I don't know. I just wanted to take the time to set the record straight."

Thank You
Allan Goes.

Allan Goes

MONDAY, June 2nd, 2003, AT 8:50 PM, PST

Jacare' Replies!

AGAIN: Keep In Mind, We as the ISCF are simply allowing these two to air out this challenge here on the News Page.
Neither of these posts by either camp reflect our opinions of either camp.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
First of all, I never posted nor issued any challenge to my former student, Steve Headden, on this or any other public forum. Whoever gave the information on my behalf was not authorized to do so.

During a conversation with my friend and former student, promoter Brett Moses, I asked for a chance to include some of my guys in one of his upcoming events, in fair conditions, against anybody that he might choose as an opponent. We don't pick our opponents. The subject did come up about LA Boxing fighters and I let him (Moses) know that we would fight anyone, including Steve Headden and his guys at LA Boxing. Once again, I NEVER issued any PUBLIC challenge.

In reference to the comments about the "exodus" of my students to LA Boxing, I know that Headden is failing to speak the truth. There are more than 200 active students in my BJJ program. We don't offer money and or jobs for people to come here to teach, like Headden and LA Boxing have done with some of my students, since they are incapable of developing qualified people to teach there. I develop my own teachers and champions, Mr. Headden. The majority that you know in BJJ you learned with ME in MY school. Now you feed your family with my help, whether you choose to give me credit or not. I just took a photo off of my wall. It said, "Professor Jacare', Thanks for your support, wisdom & guidance. With out you, times like these would not be possible. Thank You - Steve Headden".

This quote after Andy & Simon's Dalton event. The unbiased people in Georgia and around the world know the truth and my reputation speaks for itself. After much success in Brazil (the success continues), I came to Georgia. In 7 years, just to refresh your memory, we won the Griffin Submission Open 3 times, Calhoun Submission Open, Dalton Submission Open, NAGA State Champions, and Pan Am Jiu Jitsu Champions (Masters/Seniors, 2nd Adult/Overall).

Between Paul Creighton, Chad LeBrun, Bull Shaw, and Byron Stone, among others, we have won 98% of the NHB matches we competed in. I have nothing to prove. On the other hand, there are you and some of the other instructors there who are not qualified to teach BJJ, due to the fact that your belt promotions were gotten over the phone, or in seminars. It is for this reason, that I founded, along with Eddie Camden, the Georgia State BJJ Federation. According to the charter, only legitimate black belts are endorsed to head BJJ programs and you are not close to such a title.


You also are not honest about your success in competition and your winning record. The truth is that in the last two Pan Ams your record was 1-4. That's right, one win and four losses. You placed due to lack of competitors, and that in the Masters division (30-34 yr old). In NHB, you lost bad in Augusta, had a rough time in February and fought the former car wash guy at Eclipse Fitness in May. Since you are the actual ISCF Champion, we only want what is right and that is for you to defend your title against skilled opponents. Give one of my guys a chance. This isn't about disrespect or personal feelings, so don't try to hide and disrespect me and my students. I am 50 years old now and have been retired from competition for 15 years now. I successfully defended the Gracie Academy for more than 20 years. I still teach and train with my students every day, despite my age, for your information.

I have always respected by LEGITIMATE instructors, no matter what art they teach. If you are really so great then do what a true champion is supposed to do. Give a chance to a good fighter to compete against you and your students, not just fighting people tailored for you to beat. As for your challenge to me, I am not concerned since you are really unimportant. You try to seduce people from other schools in town to teach and train there with you. This is my final statement. I'm too busy preparing my students to be wasting my time with people who have no respect or gratitude to the people that once helped them. Let's allow the fighters settle it in the ring, not on the Internet.

THURSDAY, May 29th, 2003, AT 8:50 PM, PST

LA BOXING Response
To The Ridiculous Below!

Keep In Mind, We as the ISCF are simply allowing these two to air out this challenge here on the News Page. Neither of these posts by either camp reflect our opinions of either camp.

LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia USA

Pro ISCF Champion Steve Headden (Right) was both surprised and offended when he learned that Jacare' had publicly challenged him, (See story below entitled "THE HEAT IS ON IN GEORGIA…") especially with an amateur Jiu Jitsu student, with no NHB experience. Steve believes that the true motivation behind Jacare's challenge is the exodus of several of his students (Jacare') to Steve's programs at the LA Boxing Clubs. Steve wishes to point out that he has not solicited these students; they have come of their own free will. Steve feels that this is the result of his running a very successful NHB/MMA program whose credibility and effectiveness has been proven time and time again in numerous fights ranging from those of Steve's students, all the way up to Steve competing and consistently winning himself. Steve has been very proactive and is always very positive at his academies. He never slanders other instructors, which is, unfortunately, the exact opposite of how Jacare' has been reported to conduct himself in front of his classes.

As for Steve even considering such an utterly ridiculous challenge, he respectfully suggests that Ryan, while a very good athlete, might want to get some MMA experience, perhaps fighting against one of Steve's White or Blue Belts, who would be closer to his skill level.

Steve, growing further disgusted at Jacare's audacity, commented that he has trained, in the past, at Jacare's academy and is all to familiar with the sight of star students being thrown to the proverbial wolves, due to Jacare's personal inability to solve problems on his own; or the lack of intestinal fortitude to fight battles on his own.

Steve says, "If I have a problem I deal with it personally, rather than impose on someone else who is probably incapable of accomplishing my goals for me, simply because I lack the intestinal fortitude to do it myself. In my opinion, this is why Jacare' is losing his students to us."

Students want a positive instructor and a leader who is competing and training with them hard each and every day. They grow tired of one who is living in the past and trying to hold on to his students by slandering and insulting all the other instructors in town.

Thank You,
Steve Headden, LA Boxing

Steve Headden

WEDNESDAY, May 21st, 2003, AT 3:00 PM, PST

Reynaud Ready For More Action
At Sandy Station In UTAH USA!

IKF Sandy, Utah, USA
IKF and IKF/ISCF Promoter Mr. Griffin Reynaud is all set to hosts IKF and ISCF Action tomorrow night, Thursday, May 22nd at the "Sandy Station" in Sandy, Utah, USA.

The event will feature both IKF and ISCF Amateur bouts. The nights IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Kwame Stephens and the ISCF Event Representative will be Mr. Ben Call. The ISCF Event Referee will be Mr. Steve Gomm and the IKF Event Referee will be Mr. Drew Poulos. For tickets call: (801) 352-8032. For fighter info call (801) 273-0772.

MORE NEWS OF 5-21-03

The Giant's Eyes Remain Wide Open And So Do His Shows
King Midas Moses Proves Golden Touch In Team Effort With Stolzman
By Mike Carlson - IKF & ISCF Georgia, USA

When IKF and ISCF proclaimed that a sleeping giant had awakened when promoter Brett Moses (Right) made his long awaited return to the business, many wondered if he could make lightning strike twice. Sure, his February Fight Party held in the Dekalb-Atlanta Center, was a titanic event, but would Moses enter a sophomore slump and fail to recapture his success?

Any doubters were silenced on Saturday, May 17, 2003. Proving that he has incredible promotional acumen and can fill a different venue in a different part of his city, Moses put forth another successful effort, this time at Earthlink Live in downtown Atlanta. The only empty seats seemed to those of the fans who stood up to cheer their favorite fighters, as Moses packed the house.

The event's success also was a testament to the Georgia IKF and ISCF team concept and its efficacy, as well as Moses' flexibility as an event orchestrator. For this production, Moses teamed with the valued IKF and ISCF supporter Chris Stolzman (Right) of Atlanta's LA Boxing. Rather than trying to establish separate fiefdoms, these two men worked symbiotically to create an exciting series of bouts, before a crowded house. The stands were full and those at the sponsor tables saw elbow to elbow. Everyone was glued to the action in the ring, that some seasoned fight watchers said was the best single night of fights in Georgia history. Without taking a position on that assertion, let's take a look at the evening's contests.

  1. IKF Light Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mike Littrell (LA Boxing) defeated Nick Hajaji (Team USA San Shou) by TKO in round 1.
    What started off to look like a competitive bout wound up taking on some regrettable twists. Hajaji seemed, at first, to confuse Littrell by changing stances. After Hajaji threw Littrell, his opponent became energized, scoring numerous combinations on Hajiji. After a standing eight count, Hajaji stopped the fight himself. While waiting for the final call of the winner, Hajaji began making obscene gestures to the crowd. Wanting to give Hajiji the benefit of the doubt, IKF officials informed him that such conduct, if repeated, would result in his suspension from IKF events.Hajahi informed the IKF officials that he "Did not Care," and resumed. He was asked to be escorted from the facility.
    Hajiji will be suspended. The IKF and ISCF organizations are dedicated to the positive development of the martial sports. That includes image. His actions and cavalier attitude about their import will earn him what he apparently wanted, an indefinite suspension from IKF and ISCF events that will be lifted only upon his written request for re-admittance and a full panel's review thereof and vote thereon.
    WINNER: LITRELL by TKO at 1:16 of round 1.

  2. ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Usif Murtadi (LA Boxing) defeated Harry Chaconas (Hybrid Vale Tudo/Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu) via armbar submission in round 1.
    The two fighters almost immediately tied up and Murtadi scored a throw. After being restarted, Murtadi took Chaconas down, and placed him into scarf-hold position. From there, Murtadi captured Chaconas' arm, forcing him to tap out from an arm lock.
    WINNER: MURTADI by Tapout at 3:13 of round 1.

  3. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    James Castillo (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) defeated Jerell Bowman (Tramell's) by split decision.
    This bout looked whisker close from the stands and the judges seemed to have trouble coming up with a clear winner too. Bowman was aggressive early in each round, backing his opponent up, often taunting Castillo. This, however, would fade as the rounds progressed. Castillo appeared steadier, often hitting with clear single shots, including a crowd pleasing spinning back fist in the second round. After the score cards were reviewed, two judges had it for Castillo by a single point margin and one for Bowman by the same.
    WINNER: CASTILLO by Split Decision.

  4. IKF Women's Muay Thai
    Corrina White (Team Sherri Thompson-LA Boxing) defeated Robin Finlayson (Columbus, Ohio) by unanimous decision.
    These two ladies went at it as aggressively as any two fighters on the card, at times causing both to appear fatigued. Finlayson effectively used her reach at times during the contest, but, ultimately it was White's barrage of punches in the third and final round that forced a standing eight count. The judges rewarded the relentless White with a win after three competitive rounds from both athletes.
    WINNER:WHITE by Unanimous Decision.

  5. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Andy Foster (United Karate) defeated Ben Morell (Suua Khai) via armbar submission in round 1.
    This match up was reminiscent of early MMA contests that would pit two contrasting body types against each other. The powerfully built Morrell aggressively rushed and repeatedly took town the taller and less densely proportioned Foster, who scored on restarts with effective striking. After numerous attempts, Foster finally found his mark and secured an arm bar from his back, forcing Morell to tap out.
    WINNER: FOSTER by Armbar submission at 3:00 of round 1.

  6. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing) defeated Scottie "The Body" Johnson (Team Hybrid) via armbar submission in round 2.
    Effective guard play and differing physical dimensions were again at work in this match up as a powerfully muscled Johnson faced a smooth technician in Assuncao. Although Johnson scored takedowns, Assuncao demonstrated phenomenal ground skills, capturing Johnson's arm in a key-lock from his back. Assuncao applied pressure to his opponent's arm, while holding Johnson in a half guard, forcing Johnson to submit.
    WINNER: ASSUNCAO by Keylock Submission at :39 seconds into round 2.

  7. IKF Heavyweight Muay Thai
    Marshall Berger (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) and Kelly Leo (Trammell's)
    This one was left to the crowd to decide. It picked Leo over Berger in this exhibition bout... That is, if a winner can be picked in an "Exhibition"...

  8. ISCF Light Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Melvin Guillard (Team New Orleans/Anconas Gym) defeated Diego Saraiva (LA Boxing) via KO in round 1.
    Pulling guard is often a laudable strategy. Against a fighter as powerful at his weight as Guillard, however, it does not look to be well advised. After Saraiva attempted to drop and put Guillard into his guard, Guillard slammed his opponent on the mat. As Guillard began to strike from the top, the contest was quickly stopped.
    WINNER: GUILLARD by Referee Stoppage at 1:47 of round 1.

  9. ISCF Super Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Ron Humphries (Suua Khai) defeated John Gardner (Team Ring Skilz) via TKO in round 1.
    After Garner missed with a high round kick, Humphries got to work, scoring with numerous punches to Garner, including a straight right hand that stunned the taller fighter. Humphries kept on the pressure and followed Garner to the ground, scoring with repeated blows that lead to the match's stoppage.
    WINNER: HUMPHRIES by Referee Stoppage at 1:06 of round 1.

    ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts

    Steve Headden (LA Boxing) defeated Pat "Hammerhead" Clarke (Team Apocalypse) via TKO in round 1.
    In the MMA main event of the evening, ISCF Champion Headden came out aggressively. After missing with a kick, Headden took Clarke down, and rained down knees to his opponent's body from the side mount. While Covered by Headden on the ground, blood began to be seen persistently coming from Clarke's face. Although Clarke seemed game to continue, the bout was stopped after Clarke's condition was checked by the ringside doctors, due to a cut.
    WINNER: HEADDEN by TKO at :33 seconds of round 1.

    IKF Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing

    Mark Selbee (LA Boxing) defeated Sylvester Stevenson (Team Bonecrusher/Ring Skilz) via KO in round 2.
    Stevenson, clearly concerned about Selbee's (Right) reach and power, crowded the IKF Pro FCR Heavyweight Champion, scoring with a left hook and right cross. This proved to be a pyrrhic accomplishment for Sylvester, who was dropped by Selbee at the close of the first round. In the second, Selbee maintained his technical onslaught, blasting Stevenson with a spinning back kick and winning via knock out, after landing a head hick on the gutsy but overmatched Stevenson.
    WINNER: SELBEE by KO at 1:45 of round 2.

Brett Moses

Chris Stolzman

Steve Headden

Mark Selbee

After a night of outstanding action like this, Southeastern fans are screaming, "More, More!" Moses seems poised to give the people what they want, and plans on returning to the DeKalb-Atlanta Center, for another night of IKF and ISCF action on August 2, 2003 and to Dalton, Georgia on October 25, 2003, for more of the same. For more information, Mr. Moses can be reached at

TUESDAY, May 20th, 2003, AT 6:30 PM, PST


ISCF Atlanta, Georgia, USA

On the heels of LA Boxing Atlanta's success at the May Madness In Midtown show, it has come to our attention that world-renown Jiu Jitsu Master, Jacare', has issued a challenge to his former partners. Jacare' contacted Fight Party Promotions and offered to put his top student, Ryan, against his former student, 2003 Pan Am Brown Belt medalist & ISCF Southeast US Champion, Steve Headden. Ryan has never fought MMA before, but has plenty of grappling tournament experience. Nothing like a rivalry to add some spice to the scene…

MORE NEWS OF 5-20-03


Reynaud's Gallivan Center Results

By IKF Representative Kwame Stephens

IKF Sandy, Utah, USA
ISCF/IKF Promoters Griffin Reynaud and Tom Casey hosted another exciting night of IKF and ISCF Action last Saturday night, May 17th, at the "Gallivan Center" in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This was a great evening of fights. First of all the venue was outside and provided a great atmosphere as people walking down the street became interested in all the commotion. There was live music from local rap groups which made this more of a festival than a regular day out. Even with periods of light rain the crowd continued to grow with the anticipation of great fights. There were definitely class fighters on deck as guest. IVC 16 man tournament winner and PRIDE fighter Alex Steibling was on hand and Upcoming fighter Melanie Kohler, who destroyed Miss Playboy at the May K-1 event in Las Vegas. The nights action was as follows:

  1. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Anthony Labado of Ogden, Utah (195, 2-0, NHB, self trained) defeated Jeremy Hooly of Salt Lake City, Utah (Walt Bayless JiuJitsu, Trainer Griffin Reynauld) by KO in round 1 from the mount.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Chris Rossiter of Salt Lake City, Utah (3-1, Trainer Griffin Reynauld) defeated Dave Young of Sandy, Utah (NHB: 1-1, Trainer Ben Moore, Black Belt Institute) when the doctor stopped it at the end of round 2.

  3. IKF Woman's Amateur MuayThai
    Katie Meehan
    of Denver, Colorado, USA (9-2, 3-D Martial Arts) defeated Ali Casey (1-2, Walt Bayless JiuJitsu, Trainer Mickee Porritt) by unanimous decision. This was absolutely the fight of the night. These two young ladies had the crowd on their feet the entire length of the bout. Even though Meehan was the out of town fighter she was shown respect and cheered for an excellently fought bout. Meehan applied constant pressure while Casey used her movement. This would definitely be a fight the spectators would like to see again. Both of these ladies put all the men on a point that they have to live up to the ladies. Hats off to the ladies for the fight of the night.

  4. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Brandon Melendez (4-1 NHB, Trainer Ben Moore, Black Belt Institute) defeated Alberto Rivera (1-2, Walt Bayless JiuJitsu Trainer Griffin Reynauld)

Congratulations to Griffin Reynaud and Tom Casey and their staff for providing and excellent show. For more info call (801) 273-0772.

MORE NEWS OF 5-20-03

Quick Results Of Last Saturday Nights
May Madness In Midtown

Full Event Story To Follow Later This Week

  1. IKF Light Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mike Littrell (LA Boxing) defeated Nick Hajaji (Team USA San Shou) by TKO in round 1.

  2. ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    *Usif Yehouda (LA Boxing) defeated Harry Chaconas (Hybrid Vale Tudo/Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu) via armbar submission in round 1.
  3. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    James Castillo (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) defeated Jerell Bowman (Tramell's) by split decision.

  4. IKF Women's Muay Thai
    Corrina White (Team Sherri Thompson-LA Boxing) defeated Robin Finlayson (Columbus, Ohio) by unanimous decision.

  5. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Andy Foster (United Karate) defeated Ben Morell (Suua Khai) via armbar submission in round 1.

  6. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing) defeated Scottie "The Body" Johnson (Team Hybrid) via armbar submission in round 2.

  7. IKF Heavyweight Muay Thai
    Marshall Berger (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) and Kelly Leo (Trammell's) fought an exhibition bout. If the crowd were the judge Leo would be the winner of choice

  8. ISCF Light Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Melvin Guillard (Team New Orleans/Anconas Gym) defeated Diego Saraiva (LA Boxing) via KO in round 1.

  9. ISCF Super Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Ron Humphries (Suua Khai) defeated John Gardner (Team Ring Skilz) via TKO in round 1.

    ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts

    Steve Headden (LA Boxing) defeated Pat "Hammerhead" Clarke (Team Apocalypse) via TKO in round 1.

    IKF Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing

    Mark Selbee (LA Boxing) defeated Sylvester Stevenson (Team Bonecrusher/Ring Skilz) via KO in round 2.

For more info please contact Mr. Chris Stolzman at (404) 943-0609 or

THURSDAY, May 15th, 2003, AT 10:15 PM, PST

May Madness In Midtown
Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Saturday Night, May 17th!

ISCF/IKF Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Despite major effort, the promoters of May Madness, Brett Moses (Right) and Chris Stoltzman (Right) were unable to secure first fights for a number of beginning but game LA Boxing amateur fighters. They also lost the Kevin Brooks Vs Sean McCully bout because there was some concern in the Brooks Camp, as to McCully's actual experience level. This was something the promoters certainly understood.

However, they are pleased to announce the addition of Bout 8 below, which could be a real Barn Burner! Diego Saraiva is a BJJ black belt, while Melvin Guillard is a former high school wrestling champion and an explosive striker. The fight card, as of 9:55 PM Tonight is listed below. in the mean time, "See ya at the PARTY!"

  1. IKF Light Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mike Littrell (LA Boxing) VS Nick Hajaji (Team USA San Shou)

  2. ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Usif Yehouda (LA Boxing) VS Harry Chaconas (Hybrid Vale Tudo/Relson Gracie Jiu Jitsu)

  3. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    James Castillo (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) VS Jerell Bowman (Tramell's)

  4. IKF Women's Muay Thai
    Robin Finlayson (Columbus, Ohio) VS Corrina White (Team Sherri Thompson-LA Boxing)

  5. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Andy Foster (United Karate) VS Ben Morell (Suua Khai)

  6. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing) VS Scottie "The Body" Johnson (Team Hybrid)

  7. IKF Heavyweight Muay Thai
    Marshall Berger (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) VS Kelly Leo (Right, IKF East Coast Super Heavyweight Champion, Trammell's)

  8. ISCF Light Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Diego Saraiva (LA Boxing) VS Melvin Guillard (Team New Orleans/Anconas Gym)

  9. ISCF Super Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    John Gardner (Team Ring Skilz) VS Ron Humphries (Suua Khai)

    ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts

    Steve Headden (LA Boxing) VS Pat "Hammerhead" Clarke (Team Apocalypse)

    IKF "NON TITLE" Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing

    Mark Selbee (IKF United States Heavyweight Champion, LA Boxing) VS Sylvester Stevenson (Team Bonecrusher/Ring Skilz)

Brett Moses

Chris Stoltzman

Kelly Leo

For more info please contact Mr. Chris Stolzman at (404) 943-0609 or


MORE NEWS OF 5-15-03

Reynaud Ready For More Action
This Saturday Night In UTAH USA!

IKF Sandy, Utah, USA
IKF and IKF/ISCF Promoter Mr. Griffin Reynaud is all set to hosts IKF and ISCF Action Saturday night, May 17th, at the "Gallivan Center" in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

The event will feature both IKF and ISCF Amateur bouts. The nights IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Kwame Stephens and the ISCF Event Representative will be Mr. Ben Call. The ISCF Event Referee will be Mr. Steve Gomm and the IKF Event Referee will be Mr. Drew Poulos. For tickets call: (801) 352-8032. For fighter info call (801) 273-0772.

MONDAY, May 12th, 2003, AT 5:40 PM, PST

May Madness In Midtown
The Party Returns To Atlanta Georgia, USA
May 17th, 2003!

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Fight Party Productions, in conjunction with LA Boxing Atlanta, are proud to announce MAY MADNESS IN MIDTOWN. The event will be held at Midtown Atlanta's EARTHLINK LIVE venue, on West Peachtree Street. The card will include ISCF Mixed Martial Arts and IKF Full Contact & MuayThai Kickboxing.

"With all of the events taking place at or around the 17th, this was one of the hardest cards I've ever had to fill," explained promoter Brett Moses (Right) "LA Boxing's Chris Stolzman (Right) and I spent hour upon hour before finally coming up with a card that would fit our standards."

In keeping with the PARTY atmosphere, there will be music from Flavourset Promotions and more of the finest ring girls the Southeast has to offer! Here's the nights line-up:

  1. IKF Light Middleweight Full Contact Kickboxing
    Mike Littrell (LA Boxing) vs Nick Hajaji (Team USA San Shou).

  2. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Matt (LA Boxing) vs Wayne Music (Valdosta Martial Arts Center).

  3. ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Youseff Yehouda (LA Boxing) vs Harry Chaconas (S. Carolina).

  4. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Andy Foster (United Karate) vs Ben Morell (Suua Khai).

  5. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    James Castillo (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) vs Jerell Bowman (Tramell).

  6. IKF Woman's MuayThai
    Robin Finlayson (Team Sherri Thompson - LA Boxing) vs Corrina White.

  7. ISCF Welterweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing) vs Scottie "The Body" Johnson.

  8. IKF Heavyweight MuayThai
    Marshall Berger. (Team Khunpon-LA Boxing) vs "Bruno".

  9. ISCF Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Sean McCully (Team Cali) vs Kevin Brooks (Suua Khai).

  10. ISCF Super Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts
    John Gardner (Team Ring Skilz) vs Ron Humphries (Suua Khai).

  11. ISCF Light Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts
    Diego Saraiva (LA Boxing) vs TBA.

  12. MAIN EVENT #1 -
    ISCF Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts

    Steve Headden (LA Boxing) vs Pat Clarke.

  13. MAIN EVENT #2 -
    IKF Pro Heavyweight Full Contact Kickboxing

    Mark Selbee (LA Boxing) vs Sylvester Stevenson (Team Bonecrusher/Ring Skilz).

Brett Moses

Chris Stoltzman

For more info please contact Mr. Chris Stolzman at (404) 943-0609 or


SATURDAY, May 10th, 2003, AT 7:40 AM, PST

Reynaud Packs The House Again

Reported By IKF Utah Representative Kwame Stephens

IKF - ISCF Sandy, Utah, USA
Nothing new here, IKF and IKF/ISCF Promoter Mr. Griffin Reynaud once again packed the house at the "Sandy Station" in Sandy Utah this last Thursday night, May 8th. The packed house was treated to a night of action packed fights of IKF/ISCF NHB and IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing. The atmosphere was set once again with cameras and video screens displaying the nights matches. Here's the nights results:

    David Young (150) defeated Elmar Natialo (150) by armbar in round 1.

    Donny Raines (150) defeated Dustin Dearing (150) by back mounted choke in round 1.

  3. IKF Amateur MuayThai
    Bout 3 was clearly "THE FIGHT OF THE NIGHT!!!" Jerome Issacs (170) vs Nate Veldhouse (170). These 2 fighters went toe to toe and had the crowd on their feet the whole duration of their match. It was close until Veldhouse took too many punches and the referee stopped it in round 3. Issacs was the winner by 3rd round TKO. Let's hope these 2 make to the IKF USA National Amateur Finals because they will definitely make some noise!!!!!

  4. IKF Amateur MuayThai
    Aaron Brandt (185) vs Steve Gomm (182). This was also another good fight with both fighters going strong however by the 3rd round, there became only one who would do more to win. Gomm wins by 3rd round TKO. These will be another pair to keep your eyes on.

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Faren Cobaz (195) defeated Steve Phillips (193) by KO, knee to the head.

This was another exciting night with a good look of potential future stars. This is IKF Utah Representative Kwame Stephens coming to you from Salt Lake City Utah, another hotbed for American MuayThai!
For more info call (801) 273-0772.

FRIDAY, May 9th, 2003, AT 4:45 PM, PST

New MMA/NHB Message Board!

With the success of the Kickboxing Message Board linked from the IKF web page, we have now added a Mixed Martial Arts Message Board for all you MMA/NHB Fans. To go the new Mixed Martial Arts Message Board sponsored by the ISCF, Click HERE! Have Fun Everyone!

To go to the Kickboxing Message Board sponsored by the IKF, Click HERE!

THURSDAY, May 8th, 2003, AT 1:00 PM, PST

Reynaud Ready For More Action

IKF Sandy, Utah, USA
IKF and IKF/ISCF Promoter Mr. Griffin Reynaud is all set to hosts tonights, May 8th IKF and ISCF Action at "Sandy Station" in Sandy Utah.

The event will feature both IKF and ISCF Amateur bouts. Sandy Station is located at 8925 South - 255 West, Sandy Utah, USA The nights ISCF Event Representative will be Mr. Andrew Poulos and the nights IKF Event Representative will be Mr. Kwame Stephens. The ISCF Event Referee will be Mr. Steve Gomm and the IKF Event Referee will be Mr. Drew Poulos. For tickets call: (801) 352-8032. For fighter info call (801) 273-0772.


Guidry & Rothmeyer
Get Big Wins In St. Louis

By Rob Donaker

St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Since the Missouri Athletic Commission has legalized NHB/MMA fighting when using the ISCF as a sanctioning body, promoters have been getting more and more ISCF sanctioned fights on their events. This past weekend at the Midwest Fight Fest, Promoter Jesse Finney brought a team from Kansas City in to face three fighters from St. Louis.

The first fight of the night saw Bryan Guidry -vs- Mike Sealy
Both of these fighters come from a BJJ background and have both been very active in tournaments. Guidry is part of Team Vaghi Submission Jiu-Jitsu. This team has produced suck talent as UFC Veteran Steve Berger, and King of the Cage Veteran Mike Rogers. Sealy is from American Jiu-Jitsu. The fight started out with plenty of excitement, with Sealy landing a high kick to Guidry's head, splitting his eye open. His kick sounded like a baseball getting hit by Mark McGuire. Guidry dropped to the ground, Sealy quickly jumped on Guidry and started throwing punches. Guidry quickly fell back to his vast Jiu-Jitsu background and took control on the ground. Sealy looked comfortable, also with a Jiu-Jitsu background. Now both fighters started working for different submissions, until Guidry secured one of Sealy's arms and executed on an arm bar. Winner: Guidry by arm bar.

The next ISCF NHB/MMA fight had one fighter returning to the ring after a big win on Feb 3rd. Mike Rothmeyer is of the members of Team Vaghi, better known at his club as "Brazilian Mike", he came to fight. His opponent, Mike Schneider of American Jiu-Jitsu was in the same mind set, To win! The fight started with both fighters feeling each other out, until Schneider shot on Rothmeyer. Rothmeyer controlled Schneider's shot and landed a knee to counter. Rothmeyer then took it to the ground. Starting the "ground and pound" technique Rothmeyer was able to look for many different submissions. Schneider reversed the position putting Rothmeyer on his back. Big mistake! If no one can put it together the "Brazilian" in "Brazilian Mike" means he knows what to do on the ground. Rothmeyer quickly set Schneider up and executed a triangle choke.
Winner: Rothmeyer triangle choke.

The last of the ISCF NHB/MMA fight was as exciting as the previous two. Dustin Fercella, of Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts, was coming into his second NHB fight. His opponent Grant Hartwig, of American Jiu-Jitsu, has a background in Jiu-Jitsu and has had some tournament experience. Both fighters came out looking to take the other one to the ground. Hartwig shot on Fercella, who sprawled and prevented the takedown. Once the fight went to the ground Hartwig started using his Jiu-Jitsu background, where Fercella went to the ground and pound style, which has made Matt Hughes and Tito Ortiz great fighters. Hartwig started on a knee bar, which the crowd thought it was over, until Fercella slipped out. This put Hartwig on his back, where any Jiu-Jitsu fighter would feel comfortable. After both fighters worked for a minute, Hartwig caught Fercella in a guillotine choke. Winner: Hartwig guillotine choke.

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney or Rob Donaker at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking HERE or visit their website at

Results Of The
IKF Kickboxing On The Above Event Listed Below

Jesse & Rob Do It Again With Another
Packed House at "Lucky's on the Landing".

By Brooks Mason - (R) IKF Ambassador

St. Louis, Missouri, USA
It is always a joy to work a Finney fight card. The fighters always come in on weight and the quality of fighters Finney brings in for competition is outstanding. Since the weigh ins went smooth I had a chance to visit the newest addition to the Finney Stable "O'Finney Acres". This little patch of heaven is located outside St. Louis next to a gentle rolling creek. A cabin along with a few acres in the wilderness is the official escape location for Finney and his fighters. Finney's better half, Kelly, was getting ready for her own professional battle on the Professional Beach Volley Ball circuit. Kelly played on the USA Team that went to Italy and has been a professional athlete for some time. A household with two professional athletes certainly explains the need for O'Finneys Acres.

On to the Fight Card.
Fight #1:
Ralph Harr vs Mike Winkler

This was a Pro-Am "Exhibition" with the weight advantage going to Harr. I was looking forward to seeing if Winkler had changed since I saw him fight on Zbilski's card, however the fight lasted only seconds. Winkler suffered a scratch on his eye and had to go to the hospital. Our best wishes go out to Winkler for a quick recovery. I have being told he will be all right but the injury was very painful.

Fight #2: Leslie McNamara vs. Jenny Woodrum
How in the world they call what I saw an exhibition, I do not know. Jenny Woodrum, under the tutelage of Benny Voyles, has improved by leaps and bounds. Jenny stuck with Leslie the entire fight. Exchanges were pretty much on an even scale. Good hands and feet from both fighters with Leslie's patented round house to the body taking it's toll. Jenny is showing much better composure and use of her hands inside. Both of these women will be the fighters to beat if you want an IKF title this year.

Fight #3: Erin McNamara vs. Sarah Schneider
This was a good fight. Sarah Schneider was a big surprise to everyone but her coach. Few people have ever dominated a round on either one of the McNamara women but round one was all Schneider. Staying on top of Erin she cut off all attempts to counter or build an offense. Good hands and feet in combinations kept Erin guessing what was coming next.
Round two was a different story. You don't confuse a Finney fighter for long. Coming out in the second round, Erin showed why she is the Champ. Battling back to take the round, Erin and Sarah were dead even going into the last round.
Round three could have been fought on a postage stamp. Both fighter stood literally toe-to-toe and banged it out for two minutes. Sarah showed skills you see at the Championship level but it was not enough to beat the likes of Erin McNamara.

Fight #4: Mike Green vs John Hoppes
Green and Hoppes have faced each other before but it was in NHB. Green left the ring with two black eyes but won the fight on an arm bar. This time both fighters said they had more fun. The friendship between these two is what Kickboxing is all about.
Round #1: Green is taller with a greater reach. Hoppes did exactly what he was told and took the fight to Green. Staying inside the first round, Hoppes was able to nullify the longer reach and work Green's body.
Round #2: Hoppes is trained by Russ O'Connell and you can tell he is well schooled in doing exactly as he is told. Hoppes continued to cut the ring and work inside on Green. Green on the other hand is trained by Finney and as you know, Almost nothing works twice on a Finney fighter. Adjustments were made in the corner between rounds and Green fought to stay in the center of the ring.
Round #3: Hoppes suffered a hurt knee and cutting the ring off became impossible with the light of foot Green. Green came to fight though and was never very far away. They battled it out till the bell and Green won on a split-decision. The two are best of friends who happen to like beating the crap out of each other. Both fighters should be watched at the Nationals.

Fight #5: John Felts vs. Dylan Leonard
Round #1: John Felts is trained by Benny Voyles. John Felts is destined to be a world Champion. On to the fight. Not much of a feeling out period for these two. Dylan comes out of the Finney camp and feeling out rounds are usually non-existent. The two fought with an interesting use of combinations for the first round. I think Dylan got the better of Felts.
Round #2: Felts seemed to come out connecting better. Dylan is a brawler who wants to get you in his pounding range. Felts used a great deal of lateral movement and peppered Dylan from the outside. Counter punching and working from the center of the ring, Felts won this round.
Round #3: Dylan laid it all out. Trying to corner Felts and take advantage of his superior strength, Dylan got caught up in a chasing game. Felts continued to move around and very effectively counterpunch off Dylan assaults. Felts wins but it is a very good fight.

Fight #6: Matt Taff Vs. Nick Anderson
This was a great fight. Round #1: Taff came out with one purpose, to corner Anderson and beat him unconscious. Anderson would have none of it. The first round set the tone for the entire fight. Anderson moved around the ring counter punching while Taff was throwing bombs.
Round #2: Remember that Taff can knock you out with either hand and has a chin like a barn door. His pursuit of Anderson was relentless and it was all Anderson could do to keep the fight in the center. Taff connected with a solid right that had Anderson's eye swelling before the bell.
Round #3: The fight was extremely close and both fighters knew they had to win this round. Taff took it to Anderson from the bell but the counterpunching and strong right of Anderson kept him at bay. Well almost. Taff took the round and the fight. It was a classic example of conflicting styles and made for a fantastic third round. Looking forward to seeing these two do it again. Split decision for Taff.

Fight #7: Kevin Engel vs. Frank Nygen
Round #1: Frank came into this fight with a good record as a San Shou fighter. When Kevin closed the gap you could tell Frank was looking to tie up or throw. He simply wasn't ready for the likes of Kevin Engel. Frank weathered some vicious assaults and lasted the round. All Kevin.
Round #2: Engel came out of the corner with a vengeance and the assault was on. Franks kicking, although quite good, was having no effect on Engel. The knockdown from round #1 was repeated and it looked as if Frank had had enough. But he showed more toughness than we imagined and came back to make a fight of it. His trainer, John James, built some serious heart into this boy.
Round #3: Engel came out throwing thunderous body shots. The previous rounds punishment had taken it's toll on Frank and he could not get anything going. The referee stepped in and stopped the fight. Referee Vance Thompson is one of the best and his decision to stop the fight was welcomed by all. Frank put up a good fight but he did face Kevin Engel.

Who out there will face Engel?
I vote for an Anthony McGaughey - Kevin Engel rematch. Two bits of big news. Kevin Bozada is coming out of retirement and intends to go to the Nationals. He has to get past one of the best though. He has a match with Adam Sylvia in June. This should be a war.

Jesse Finney is fighting NHB in June. Working on his grappling skills, Finney hopes to add NHB to his collection of Championship belts. Once again, great fights. Great job Rob Donaker. Until next time, this is Brooks Mason coming to you from Mick Doyle's Emerald Mongoose Muay Thai Camp is Omaha, Nebraska. The "Home of Kickboxing"

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney or Rob Donaker at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking HERE or visit their website at

Brooks Mason

MONDAY, May 5th, 2003, AT 12:55 PM, PST

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Missouri Is Where The
ISCF Action Is This Weekend!

Finney Team Announces Final Fight Card For
"Midwest Fight Fest"

St. Louis, Missouri, USA:
Vice President of Operations for Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts, Rob Donaker announced the final fight card for this weekends "Midwest Fight Fest" on Saturday, May 3rd at Lucky's on the Landing in St. Louis Missouri, USA. Here it is in reverse order:

  1. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    US Champion Kevin Engal (18-3/9 KO) of St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Frank Nygen of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (11-0-/8 KO)

    Dustin Fercella, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Grant Hartwig, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

  3. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Matt Taff, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Nick Anderson, Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

    "Brazilian" Mike Rothmeyer, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Mike Schneider, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  5. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Dylan Leonard, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs John Felts, Pacific, Missouri, USA

    Bryan Guidry, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Mike Sealy, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

  7. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    "Mean" Mike Green, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs John Hoppes, Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

    Brian Steckenrider, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Ken Sparks, Rolla, Missouri, USA.

  9. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Erin McNamara, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Sara Schneider, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  10. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Leslie McNamara, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Jenny Woodrum, Pacific, Missouri, USA

  11. IKF Amateur Kickboxing
    Ralph Harr, St. Louis, Missouri, USA vs Mike Winkler, Belleville, Illinois, USA.

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney or Rob Donaker at (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking: HERE or visit their website at


Powell Set For
"Fiesta de los Guerreros/A Festival of Warriors"

Columbia Missouri, USA \

ISCF Promoter Mr. Jeff Powell and his Mad Dog Productions Present ISCF "Festival of Warriors", this Saturday night, May 3rd 2003 at the Kemper Arena of Columbia in Columbia Missouri, USA.

The venue is located at 1207 Boone Industrial Blvd. The doors open at 6:PM and the bouts are scheduled to begin at 7:PM. The ISCF referees will be Mr. Jay D'amato. for event tickets please call their Ticket Hotline at (573) 529-2289 or e-mail them at