March & April, 2004

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TUESDAY, April 27th, 2004, AT 1:10 AM, PT

Quick Results From The
Friday Night Fight Party
Atlanta Civic Center - April 23rd - Reported By Brett Moses!

    Chad Shafer (Hardcore Gym - Athens, GA) wins by Rear Naked Choke in round 1 over Calvin Martin (Anconas Gym - New Orleans).

    Mike Israel (Tiger Academy - Atlanta, GA) wins by Rear Naked Choke in round 1 over Chuck Tiemann (Jointlock Sub. Acad. - Amarillo, Texas)

    Cory Nestlehut (LA Boxing - Atl.) wins, in round 1, by TKO over John Brown (Dixson Jiu Jitsu - Biloxi, MS).

    Rashad Khallig (LA Boxing - Atlanta) wins, R2, by KO over Will Blankenship (Team Syco - Athens, AL).

    Juan Guevara (Tiger Academy - Atlanta, GA) wins by Rear Naked Choke in round 1 over BC Maxey (Jointlock Sub. Acad. - Amarillo, Texas).

    Ryan Ellison (Alliance/Team Jacare - Atlanta, GA) wins by guillotine in round 2 over Camron Wilshire (Trammell's - Atlanta, GA).

  7. ISCF Amateur MMA
    East Coast Middleweight Title

    Andy Foster (LA Boxing/United Karate - Dalton, GA) wins by Rear Naked Choke in round 1 over Tim Stout (Oxendine/Soneca - Tennessee).

    Damien Stelly (Alliance/US Army - Columbus, GA) wins by Rear Naked Choke in round 1 over David Davis (Jointlock Sub. Acad. - Amarillo, Texas).

    Jeff Bedard (AKA) wins by unanimous decision over Steve Hallock (Columbus, OH).

  10. ISCF MMA
    Junior Assuncao (LA Boxing - Atlanta) loses by decision to Andrew Chappelle (San Antonio, TX).

  11. ISCF MMA
    Dan Anchetta (Hardcore Gym - Athens, GA) loses by decision to Kevin Gittemeier (LA Boxing - Atlanta).

  12. IKF Pro Full Contact Rules
    North American Heavyweight Title Defense

    Mark Selbee (Gary Brown - Atlanta, Georgia) successfully defends title by TKO over John James (Panther Kickboxing - Grand Rapids, Michigan).

For more info call Brett Moses at (404) 285-3535 or e-mail at or go to

WEDNESDAY, April 21st 2004, AT 9:50 PM, PT

Bret Moses (R)
Fight Party!
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

This Friday, April 23rd, the Georgia fight community will be treated to the 2nd edition of the Friday Night Fight Party. 17 total fights including 11 ISCF Mixed Martial Arts, 5 Boxing and 1 IKF Championship Full Contact Kickboxing. Georgia martial artists representing AFA, Alliance, LA Boxing, Tiger Academy, Hardcore Gym, United Karate & Trammell's will pit there skills against fighters from Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama.

Mark Selbee puts his IKF North American Heavyweight Full Contact title on the line against #4 ranked John James of Pittsburgh, PA. Rising MMA star Jeff "LITTLE POPEYE" Bedard puts his undefeated MMA streak on the line against Ohio's Steve "THE WEASEL" Hallock. Promising prospects Junior Assuncao of LA Boxing and Damien Stelly of Alliance make their professional MMA debuts. On the boxing side, two of Atlanta's most promising up and coming fighters: Welterweight Ebo Elder & heavyweight Cedric Boswell, both of whom recently fought on high profile network broadcast cards, come to give their hometown fans a treat.

  1. IKF Pro Full Cobntact Rules
    North American Heavyweight Title *Defense

    *Mark Selbee (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
    VS John James (Panther Kickboxing, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

  2. ISCF Pro Welterweight
    Jeff "Little Popeye" Bedard (AFA, Atlanta, GA)
    VS Steve "THE WEASEL" Hallock

  3. ISCF Pro Light Middleweight
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
    VS Andrew "The Powerhouse" Chappelle (San Antonio, Texas)

  4. ISCF Pro Light Middleweight
    Dan Anchetta (Hardcore Gym, Athens, GA)
    VS Kevin Gittemeier (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

  5. ISCFVacant Amateur
    East Coast Middleweight Title

    Andy Foster (United/LA Boxing, Dalton, GA )
    VS Tim "Moab"Stout (Soneca/Oxendine, Tennessee)

  6. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Rashad Abdul Khallig (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
    VS "Iron" Will Blankenship (Team Syco - Athens, Alabama)

  7. ISCF Amateur Super Heavyweight
    Cory Nesslehut (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
    VS John Brown (Dixson Jiu Jitsu, Biloxi, Mississippi)

  8. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Ryan Ellison (Alliance/Team Jacare' - Atlanta, GA)
    VS Camron Wiltshire (Trammell - Atlanta, GA)

  9. ISCF Amateur Welterweight
    Chad Shaeffer (Hardcore Gym - Athens, GA)
    VS R.C. Stephens (Ancona Gym, New Orleans, LA)

  10. ISCF Amateur Light Heavyweight
    Damien Stelly (Alliance/Team Jacare - Columbus, GA)
    VS David Davis, (Amarillo, TX)

  11. ISCF Amateur Light Middleweight
    Juan Guevara (Team Tiger - Roswell, GA)
    VS B.C Maxey (Joint Lock submission Academy, Amarillo, Texas)

  12. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Mike Israel (Team Tiger - Roswell, GA)
    VS Charles Tienann (Joint Lock Submission Academy - Amarillo, TX)

  13. Boxing Bouts
    • Ebo Elder (18-1, 10 KO's) Vs William Rojas (15-11, 8 KO's).
    • Heavyweight: Cedric Boswell (21-1, 16 KO's) Vs Robert Sulgan (10-2, 6 KO's).
    • Sammy Retta (13-1, 13 KO's) Vs Robert Marsh (9-24)
    • Anthony Henry (0-0) Vs Jeremy Brooks (3-0, 1 KO)
    • Link Mcclain (0-1) Vs Troy Wilson (3-0-1, 1 KO)

Venue: The Atlanta Civic Center. Doors Open at 7:00 PM, Fights Start at 8:00 PM.
For more info call Brett Moses at (404) 285-3535 or e-mail at or go to

TUESDAY, April 20th, 2004, AT 8:10 PM, PT

By Now You Have Seen Our New Logo But


Moses Follows A Familiar Mix...
Kickboxing - MMA - Boxing!

Friday Night - April 23rd Match Ups - At The Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  1. IKFPro Full Contact Rules North American Heavyweight Title *Defense
    *Mark Selbee (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
    VS John James (Panther Kickboxing, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

  2. ISCF Pro Welterweight
    Jeff "Little Popeye" Bedard (AFA, Atlanta, GA)
    VS Steve "THE WEASEL" Hallock

  3. ISCF Pro Light Middleweight
    Cleuder "Junior" Assuncao (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
    VS Andrew "The Powerhouse" Chappelle (San Antonio, Texas)

  4. ISCF Pro Light Middleweight
    Dan Anchetta (Hardcore Gym, Athens, GA)
    VS Kevin Gittemeier (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

  5. ISCFAmateur MMA East Coast Middleweight Title
    Andy Foster (United/LA Boxing, Dalton, GA )
    VS Tim "Moab"Stout (Soneca/Oxendine, Tennessee)

  6. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Rashad Abdul Khallig (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
    VS "Iron" Will Blankenship (Team Syco - Athens, Alabama)

  7. ISCF Amateur Super Heavyweight
    Cory Nesslehut (LA Boxing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
    VS John Brown (Dixson Jiu Jitsu, Biloxi, Mississippi)

  8. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Ryan Ellison (Alliance/Team Jacare' - Atlanta, GA)
    VS Camron Wiltshire (Trammell - Atlanta, GA)

  9. ISCF Amateur Welterweight
    Chad Shaeffer (Hardcore Gym - Athens, GA)
    VS R.C. Stephens (Ancona Gym, New Orleans, LA)

  10. ISCF Amateur Light Heavyweight
    Damien Stelly (Alliance/Team Jacare - Columbus, GA)
    VS David Davis, (Amarillo, TX)

  11. ISCF Amateur Light Middleweight
    Juan Guevara (Team Tiger - Roswell, GA)
    VS B.C Maxey (Joint Lock submission Academy, Amarillo, Texas)

  12. ISCF Amateur Middleweight
    Mike Israel (Team Tiger - Roswell, GA)
    VS Charles Tienann (Joint Lock Submission Academy - Amarillo, TX)

  13. Boxing Bouts:
    • 135 Lbs: Ebo Elder (18-1, 10 KO's) Vs William Rojas (15-11, 8 KO's).
    • Heavyweight: Cedric Boswell (21-1, 16 KO's) Vs Robert Sulgan (10-2, 6 KO's).
    • Sammy Retta (13-1, 13 KO's) Vs Robert Marsh (9-24)
    • Anthony Henry (0-0) Vs Jeremy Brooks (3-0, 1 KO)
    • Link Mcclain (0-1) Vs Troy Wilson (3-0-1, 1 KO)

Venue: The Atlanta Civic Center. Doors Open at 7:00 PM, Fights Start at 8:00 PM. For more info call Brett Moses at (404) 285-3535 or e-mail at or go to

MONDAY, April 19th 2004, AT 12:45 PM, PT

Finney's In St. Louis!

    Jimmy Long
    defeated Kevin Marconni by arm bar at 2:30 of the first round.

    Dustin Severs,
    St. Louis, MO defeated Joe Mabin, Kansas City, MO by ankle lock at 2:09 of the 1st round.

    Nick Zona,
    Arnold, MO defeated Vince Lombandi, San Antonio, TX by KO at 2:27 of the first round.

    Dustin Roberts,
    St. Louis, MO defeated John Oslander, Kansas City, KS by choke hold at 1:12 of the third round.

    Robin Connelly,
    St. Louis, MO defeated Liz Smith, Columbia, MO by decision. 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

    Mike Green
    John Long fought to a draw.

For information about tickets please contact Jesse Finney at 314-608-3104 or

FRIDAY, April 16th 2004, AT 6:00 PM, PT

Finney's Show Offers Variety!
Is MMA a bigger hit than Kickboxing?

St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Over the last couple of years St.. Louis has been a big Kickboxing city, this is starting to change. Last year Jesse Finney and the ISCF worked with the Missouri Athletic Commission to legalize Amateur Mixed Martial Arts events in Missouri. This new law has help Shamrock Promotions LLC. (Finney's Promotional Company) In the past the St. Louis events had great Full-contact fights, normally anywhere from 8-11 bouts. Now that MMA is legal, more and more fighters are coming to Promoter Jesse Finney wanting to get in the ring and fight.

The main event is more than two men fighting it out for the crowd. "Mean" Mike Green will be up against John Long, in a NHB fight. Long has been a boxer for several years and Green has been kickboxing and completing in MMA for a couple years. This feud started just as most fights outside the ring start... over a women. Long has disrespected Green's girlfriend and Green on numerous occasions, and now they have agreed to settle the differences in the ring. The rest of the card is as follows:

    Josh Fischer,
    St. Louis, MO -vs- Jason Wolf, Columbia, MO

    Dustin Severs,
    St. Louis, MO -vs- Joe Mabin, Kansas City, MO

    John Felts,
    Pacific, MO -vs- Brandon Bowie, Troy, MO

    Nick Zona,
    Arnold, MO -vs- Vince Lombandi, San Antonio, TX

    Dustin Roberts,
    St. Louis, MO -vs- John Oslander, Kansas City, KS

    Robin Connelly,
    St. Louis, MO -vs- Liz Smith, Columbia, MO

For information about tickets please contact Jesse Finney at 314-608-3104 or

THURSDAY, April 15th 2004, AT 7:30 PM, PT


Although it may not seem like a big deal to some, it is to others. The ISCF has just added a "LINKS" page to the ISCF site. There have been plenty of links added already with more to come.

The ISCF staff will spend the next couple of weeks not only adding additional links but also requesting those sites that have been added to the ISCF Links page to add an ISCF Link to their links page. If you wish to share links with the ISCF Links page please e-mail us at The links page can be accesses from the front page menu or by clicking HERE.

MONDAY, April 12th 2004, AT 10:40 PM, PT

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  1. Oscar Montenegro Vs Jesse Johnson. Montenegro, won in 1:55 sec in the first round by way of Tap out (Rear Choke)

  2. Matt Cox Vs Adam Fletcher. Cox won in 1:04 sec in the first round by way of Arm Bar.

  3. Alan Buckwalter Vs Jason Gallion. Buckwalter won in :01 sec in the second round by way of Verbal Submission.

  4. Jason Purcell Vs Dominic Brown. Purcell won in 2:02 sec in the third round by way of Tap Out (fight of the night).

  5. Lee Gibson Vs Jeremy Sample. Gibson won in 1:45 sec in the first round by way of Tap Out

For more info please contact Mr. Steven Crawford at (816) 728-7360 or by E-Mail At: or go to

FRIDAY, April 9th 2004, AT 2:00 PM, PT

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Tonight, April 9th, ISCF Promoter Steven Crawford in association with SAC Sports Promotions will host "HOOK N SHOOT" at The Adams Mark Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. The event is scheduled to have 5 Amateur MMA bouts which will include:

  1. Oscar Montenegro Vs Jesse Johnston

  2. Allen Buckwalter Vs Jason Gallion

  3. Lee Gibson Vs Jeremy Sample

  4. Dominic Brown Vs Jason Purcell

  5. Matt Cox Vs Adam Fletcher

In addition the event will also include 5 Pro Boxing bouts. For more info please contact Mr. Steven Crawford at (816) 728-7360 or by E-Mail At: or go to

WEDNESDAY, April 7th 2004, AT 2:30 PM, PT

Did Tim Sylvia
Really Test Positive for Steroids?

Not According To The Facts...
Special To The ISCF

Monte Cox released the following statement regarding the Tim Sylvia steroid situation. The results of Sylvia's recent steroid test have come back negative, contrary to what the UFC announced in their press release last Friday:

"Here is what happened in the Tim Sylvia test situation... pretty much, Josh Gross has it nailed in his story on Maxfighting...

Tim was required by the NSAC to produce a negative test before getting his license to compete in UFC 47... we knew this was going to take work because our doctor said once the stuff gets into your fat cells it can crystallize and stay there for more than a year. (don't start arguing roid issues, please. I know nothing about it, and am only stating what the doctor told us).

A test was taken many weeks prior to the UFC to see what the levels were... it was like .00000000064, which is very little. Tim flew to Vegas to give the results to Zuffa and the NSAC and he offered to take a lie detector test to prove he had not used since the time he admitted to when he was suspended. NSAC officials said they believed him, and that the low amount was not consistent with somebody who had been using recently. However, Tim still needed to work to get the remaining trace out of his body... and he used a herbal cleansing thing-a-ma-jig... something that is completely OK to do.

Here's where it gets tricky... Wanting to give the herbs the most chance to work, he waited until he got to Vegas to take the test for the NSAC... he tried to do it Monday, but there was a problem (not sure what) and he was told to come back Tuesday. He took the test on Tuesday... and they hoped to get it back by Thursday afternoon... before the licensing and weigh-in. As you know... the test results were not back until Friday. Zuffa had to make the changes in the lineup on Thursday and Tim was out.

We didn't learn that the test came back NEGATIVE until Tim was told by Dana White at the event. As far as the release Zuffa put out saying Tim failed a test on Thursday... that's wrong and didn't happen. Not sure how that happened... probably in the rush to get something out quickly. That's how this all came down... Zuffa and the NSAC will and has confirmed all of this in Gross' report." -Monte Cox

TUESDAY, April 6th 2004, AT 9:30 PM, PT

Wins in UFC Debut

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, UFC 47: It's On, April 2nd, 2004
Photos Courtesy Of Jeff Sherwood of

Jonathan "Lock N' Load" Wiezorek won his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut match against Wade "Nightmare" Shipp. Wiezorek took care of business early enough to watch the highly anticipated bout between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell that was two years in the making. Liddell defeated Ortiz by KO when he unleashed a devastating right/left/right that sent Ortiz to the canvas. Referee McCarthy quickly pulled Liddell off, stopping the bout at :38 seconds of round two.

defeated Shipp at 4:39 of first round by TKO. Early on in the match Shipp, who had been training with some K-1 kickboxers, used his knees and boxing skills against Wiezorek. In his characteristic aggressive charges, Wiezorek took several knees to the face. Shipp delivered knees to Lock N' Load's sternum and stomach area, as well as punches to his face.

Despite Shipp's attempts to knock Wiezorek out, Wiezorek kept pushing the pace of the entire match. Wiezorek felt Shipp gassing out from his attacks so the 6'2", 257 pound Wiezorek kept pressing his clinching game and attempting upper body takedowns on Shipp.

It was obvious that Shipp's camp did not want him to grapple with Wiezorek. Shipp's trainer, former King of the Cage Middleweight Champion Charlie Kohler, kept advising Shipp to "disengage" from Wiezorek's clinch game. This was evident when Wiezorek attempted and missed a lateral drop takedown, pulling Shipp down on top of himself, from which Wiezorek quickly escaped.

At about 4:00 of Round 1, Wiezorek secured a front headlock/guillotine hold on Shipp (6'4", 232 lbs.). Using a left-leg heel trip against Shipp, Wiezorek took him down. Shipp attempted to stand back up and Wiezorek established a rear mount position and pressed Shipp's torso to the canvas of the octagon while maintaining the rear hooks-in position. Wiezorek then began delivering left and right hook punches to Shipp's head and the referee stopped the contest at 4:39 as Shipp was unable to defend himself.

UFC Commentator (and host of NBC's "Fear Factor" show), Joe Rogan, complemented Wiezorek on being able to take the punishment that Shipp delivered.

"Pain is temporary, pride is forever,"
Wiezorek answered Rogan as he interviewed him for the +11,400 spectators present.

At the press conference later, Wiezorek joked to the audience that he wanted "to prove he did not have a glass chin."

Having accomplished this milestone, Wiezorek looks forward to a little time off before resuming training. He is currently wrapping up his Spring Semester at college and hopes to maintain his 4.0 GPA in the Graduate Sports Medicine program at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. He will work as an intern athletic trainer for the Atlanta Falcons in late summer.



Fighter Medical Insurance Update

As of this date, the F.L. Dean Insurance Company has completed the necessary paperwork to provide Fighter Medical Insurance in the following states below.
Please contact them for updated rates since the fees have gone up. Inside USA - 800-745-2409 or e-mail to
Thank You.



Results From The ISCF & IKF Battlequest Phase II, Denver, Colorado, USA
Baldwin & Ponce
Both Capture Vacant IKF US Amateur Titles!

Denver, Colorado, USA: According to those in attendance this event was a complete sell-out with standing room only. The nights Main was sure to be a war for the vacant IKF Woman's Amateur IR U.S Featherweight Title. In one corner stood 3 time IKF National Champion Katie Meehan of Colorado, USA (9-3-1/1, 121, 5'5") while in the other corner stood the IKF number 1 Ranked Amateur San Shou Featherweight fighter, Sarah Ponce of Texas, USA (9-1/0, 126, 5'7").

In this exciting bout Ponce threw an amazing amount of head kicks which seemed to impress the judges. From the other side of the ring, Meehan fought a very good fight and was always in Ponce's face using really good boxing and low kicks. After a 5 round toe to toe war, in the end the judges gave it to Sarah Ponce of Texas by decision making her the NEW IKF Woman's Amateur IR U.S Featherweight Champion!

As if the ladies Main Event wasn't enough, before them was the fight for the vacant IKF Amateur MTR Vacant U.S Welterweight Title between Mike Baldwin (5-0) of Colorado, USA and Ryan Farthingham (4-1) of Wyoming, USA. What was thought to be a 5 round war ended quickly at :53 seconds into round 1 when Baldwin landed a high head kick on Farthingham's for a first round KO win making him the new IKF Amateur MTR Vacant U.S Welterweight Champion!

Here is the results of the nights undercard bouts below.

  1. IKF International Rules, 150 lbs
    Matt Howard
    of Colorado, USA (3- D Martial Arts)
    over Atrau Maldanado of Texas, USA (Houston Kickboxing) by decision.

  2. ISCF MMA, 155 lbs
    Chris White
    of Oklahoma, USA (Team Caveman)
    over Phillip Dopkins of Wyoming, USA (American Freestyle) at :55 in the 1st round (tapout)

  3. IKF Muay Thai, 160 lbs
    Donald Cerrone
    of Colorado, USA (Freedom Fighters)
    over Joe Marintzer Colorado, USA (America's Best M.A.) at 1:57 of the first round by TKO.

  4. ISCF MMA 230 lbs
    Tom Clemen
    Colorado, USA (High Altitude M.A.)
    over Vince Lucas of Oklahoma, USA (Team Caveman) at 2:07 of first round by verbal submission.

  5. IKF Muay Thai, 200 lbs
    Elliot Edmonds
    of Texas, USA (Houston Kickboxing)
    over Nick Coggins of Colorado, USA (World Karate) at :49 seconds of the first round by K.O.

  6. ISCF MMA 155 lbs
    Noah Thomas
    of Colorado, USA (Warrior Dojo)
    over Matt Rushing of Oklahoma, USA (Team Caveman) at 2:01 of the first round by submission choke.

The referees on this event did a GREAT JOB! Christian Carvahlo of Manaus Brazil was MMA referee, Sifu Adam Martinez of Loveland Martial Arts handled the kickboxing. This was a very solid event and as always, some new talent was found! For more info please contact Mr. Sven Bean or e-mail at


Texas MMA Promoter Arrested!
Special Press Sent to ISCF By ISCF Fighter and His Trainer

Back on February 17, 2004, an MMA/NHB promoter by the name of Richard Salazar of Garrett Promotions was arrested and booked into the Hidalgo County Jail in Hidalgo, Texas. The hindsight question here is, "If he had sanctioned his event with the ISCF could this action have been avoided?" ABSOLUTELY!

Salazar promoted an event that was overseen by the IFC (A promotional company) in McAllen, Texas on December 6, 2004 at the Dodge Arena called RUMBLE ON THE RIO. Salazar paid the fighters in "Checks" and the checks failed to clear. Other charges are being considered for him failing to follow the Texas Combative Sports Division (The Texas Commission for MMA) rules and regulations in regards to combative sports events. The real question here is "Why were the fighters paid in 'Checks' and not cash?"

Sources have said that the bonding company, CNA Surety of Chicago, has been requested by the Texas Commission to release funds for the fighters. The IFC was also the umbrella organization that was associated with an event called THE BATTLEGROUND in Chicago where promoter Edward Kim failed to pay the fighters. Kim has since filed for bankruptcy protection.

This is why fighters should feel secure when a "LEGITIMATE" Sanctioning body requires ALL Pro fighters be paid IN CASH or Cashiers Checks by the event promoter. Remember, A "REAL" Sanctioning Body is one that DOES NOT Promote their own events. If they did, it means they police themselves and do as they wish with their own rules and regulations. There are MANY good and trustworthy MMA/NHB Promoters out there that do indeed police themselves with their own rules, regulations and guidelines. However, there still many who are not good for the sport! This is why the ISCF was created. The "ONLY REAL" Sanctioning body for Mixed Martial Arts!

FRIDAY, April 2nd, 2004, AT 1:50 PM, PT

Wiezorek & Shipp
Face Off
In UFC Tonight!

Photos Courtesy of

ISCF Pro US Champion Jonathan "Lock N Load" Wiezorek topped the scales at 257 lbs while his opponent, Wade "Nightmare" Shipp made 232 lbs. Both fighters are 6'3" tall and Wiezorek fights out of Valdosta Martial Arts Academy in Valdosta, Georgia while Shipp fights out of the San Diego Fight Club in San Diego, CA. Both are scheduled to face off tonight at UFC 47: "It's On" to be held at Manadalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wiezorek won his ISCF Pro US Super Heavyweight title on April 12th, 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia when he defeated John Dixon at At 2:36 of the second round by tapout. The event will be available via Pay-Per-View over DirecTV, DISH, and cable. Airtime is 9 PM EST.

Wiezorek possesses a 5-0 professional MMA record while Shipp, out of San Diego, CA has an MMA record of 6-1.

The main event on UFC 47 tonight will feature former IKF Kickboxing USA Amateur Champion and number 1 ISCF Ranked Chuck "Iceman" Liddell of San Luis Obispo, CA, USA (12-3, 6'2,) vs number 2 ISCF Ranked "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz of Huntington Beach, CA, USA (10-3, 6'2, 205). On the scales Ortiz weighed in at 202 lbs while Liddell hit 204 lbs.

Liddell won his IKF Amateur title at Strongbow Stadium in Bakersfield, CA, USA on October 17th, 1996 when he defeated Scott Harmon of Simi Valley, CA, USA, by unanimous decision 49-45, 48-46 & 49-46. However he lost the title in his first and only defense to Scott Harmon of Simi Valley, CA, USA on January, 25th, 1997 in Bakersfield, CA, USA when Harmon split open Liddell's chin with a hatchet kick at the end of the second round. Liddell won Amateur Kickboxing Titles with not only the IKF but also the WKA and WMTA.

THURSDAY, April 1st, 2004, AT 9:50 PM, PT

Battlequest Phase II
Denver Colarado, USA

This Saturday April 3rd, 2004 IKF Promoter Sven Bean is all set to host this weekends "Battlequest Phase II". The event is Bean's official RING OF FIRE feeder show and will return to RED & JERRY'S event center. Fight fans will be treated to a tremendous card of IKF Kickboxing and ISCF MMA. Looking at the athletes involved it is plain to see that the bar has been raised for amateur events in the area with this show.

Bean has 2 great title bouts planned for the night which are sure to add even more great action after the nights exciting undercard! The nights Main Event will be for the vacant IKF Woman's Amateur IR Vacant U.S Featherweight Title. The bout will feature someone who is no stranger at all to us here at the IKF. She is the 2003 MTR IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Bantamweight Champion, the 2002 IR IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Flyweight Champion and the 2001 IR IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Flyweight Champion. She is Katie Meehan of Colorado, USA (9-3-1/1, 121, 5'5")

Meehan will face off against IKF number 1 Ranked Amateur San Shou Featherweight fighter, Sarah Ponce of Texas, USA (9-1/0, 126, 5'7"). Don't let the rule style fool you here. Ponce, who is also a model, will bring plenty of "Non Throwing" game to the ring against the always strong and determined Meehan. This bout alone should be worth the price of admission!

As if the ladies Main Event isn't enough, before them will be the fight for the vacant IKF Amateur MTR Vacant U.S Welterweight Title between Mike Baldwin (5-0) of Colorado, USA Vs Ryan Farthingham (4-1) of Wyoming, USA. This too is sure to be a WAR! - (Sorry no photos were made available of these fighters)

Katie Meehan

Sarah Ponce

Here is the nights undercard as of press time tonight

  1. ISCF MMA 170 lbs
    Dennis Acuna,
    of Colorado vs. David Lindemeyer, of Colorado.

  2. IKF Kickboxing - 200
    Nick Coggins
    of Colorado vs. Elliot Edmonds, of Texas.

  3. ISCF MMA Heavyweight
    Tom Clemen,
    of Colorado vs. Tracey Allen, of Oklahoma.

  4. IKF Kickboxing - 160
    Donald Cerrone,
    of Colorado vs. Joe Marintzer, of Colorado.

  5. ISCF MMA 185 lbs:
    Justin Martin,
    of Colorado vs. J.D. Case, of Oklahoma.

  6. IKF Kickboxing - 200
    Mike Collins,
    of Colorado vs. Fino Soltero, of Colorado.

  7. IKF Kickboxing - 150
    Matt Howard,
    of Colorado vs. Atrau, of Texas.

A host of ROF-BATTLEQUEST sponsors will be on hand to present trophies in the ring to the athletes. All tickets are only $20.00. The show has limited seating and just like the last event, is sure to sell out. The few tickets that are available can be purchased by calling (303) 246-5237. For more info please contact Mr. Sven Bean or e-mail at

SPECIAL NOTE: Our prayers go out to Sven, wife Lisa and their family because last night, Sven's sister in law past away. A tragedy we were sorry to hear.


Mad Dog
Mixed Martial Arts

Columbia, Missouri, USA

This Saturday night, April 3rd, ISCF Promoter Travis Day in association with Powell Sport and Combat Systems LLC will host Mad Dog Mixed Martial Arts at The Fieldhouse in Columbia Missouri, USA. The event is scheduled to have 4 Amateur MMA bouts however the bout schedule was not available at press time. For more info please contact Mr. Travis Day at (573) 256-2289.

TUESDAY, March 30th, 2004, AT 1:30 PM, PT

ISCF Super Heavy Champ
Makes UFC Debut Friday

Jonathan "Lock N' Load" Wiezorek, the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF) Pro U.S. Super Heavyweight Champion, is ready to make his debut in the UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship this Friday, April 2nd. He will face UFC newcomer Wade "The Nightmare" Shipp of San Diego, California, in a preliminary match to the main fight card.

Joe Silva, UFC matchmaker, said that this is a rare opportunity for two newcomers to face each other for a chance to perform with the flagship promotion of American mixed martial arts (MMA). The winner of the debut match will then have a chance to remain among the best of the world's heavyweight MMA fighters. The event will be UFC 47: "It's On" held at Manadalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will be available via Pay-Per-View over DirecTV, DISH, and cable. Airtime is 9 PM EST.

Wiezorek expects Shipp to be his most well-rounded opponent yet. Shipp has said that he is training with K-1 kickboxers, Olympic-level wrestlers and judo players. As well, Shipp trains at San Diego Fight Club with former Abu Dhabi BJJ instructor, Charlie Kohler.

Wiezorek's manager, James Corbett of Valdosta Martial Arts Center, Valdosta, Georgia, says Wiezorek has trained a great deal for the match. "Jonathan has trained as much as many fulltime professional fighters, yet maintaining his graduate fellowship." Wiezorek is in the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's rigorous Sport Medicine program which has him working fulltime as a athletic trainer and attending classes as well. ISCF fighter Andy Foster of Dalton, Georgia, has worked extensively with Wiezorek at United Karate Studios (UKS) in preparation for this match. Foster has added to Wiezorek repertoire of skills and is confident of his new training partner's forthcoming success. Foster says that his own kickboxing trainer and owner of UKS, Ben Kiker, stunned everyone in the facility by praising Wiezorek with, "He is in shape."

Wiezorek possesses a 5-0 professional MMA record. He has defeated such notables as Dan "The Beast" Severn, John Dixson, and Jonathan Ivey. His defeat of Dixson garnered the ISCF title in April of 2002 Wiezorek's last two matches have totaled about a minute in fight time and both ended by choke submission. Wiezorek is sponsored by Casca Grossa, ACH Mortgage, Vulcan Steel, The Langdale Company, Dr. Mike Millner, Dr. Jason Cox, Open MRI of Valdosta, and Harmon's Awards.

Shipp has predicted that he will knockout or submit the ISCF Champion early into the match. "It won't go the distance," he has been quoted. Wiezorek, the quiet champion, having noted Shipp's prognostication prefers to do his talking in the octagon.

Chuck Liddell


The Main Event of UFC 47 of course will be between
Number 1 ISCF Ranked
Chuck "Iceman" Liddell of San Luis Obispo, CA, USA (Left, 12-3, 6'2, 204)
Number 2 ISCF Ranked
"Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz of Huntington Beach, CA, USA (Right, 10-3, 6'2, 205)
This is the mixed martial arts light heavyweight fight that fans have been waiting for!

Tito Ortiz

WEDNESDAY, March 24th, 2004, AT 3:40 PM, PT


Playmakers Pavilion, Fargo, North Dakota, USA, March 20, 2004
Results Attained by ISCF

  1. Brian Bresler defeated Nick Olsen by TKO.

  2. Miguel Cooley defeated Mark Andrew Long by Submission (Front Choke).

  3. Krzysztof Soszynski defeated Kyle Olsen by Submission (Exhaustion).

  4. Cunningham defeated Butch Hajicek by Submission (Gillotine Choke).

  5. Travis Fulton defeated Adam Norciaj by KO.

  6. Marcelo Aravena defeated Matt Blue by TKO.

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MONDAY, March 22nd, 2004, AT 1:10 PM, PT


It is the "EVENT PROMOTER'S" Responsibility to assure that ALL Event Results are sent in to the ISCF Headquarters within 48 hours of the event "BY E-MAIL". ALL Event Paperwork shall follow and be received by the ISCF within 7 days following the event. ALL results must be FULL and COMPLETE which must including full fighter stats, times of stops, etc. Failure of EITHER of these requirements will result in a $500.00 fine for EACH infraction to the promoter and a suspension from sanctioning with the ISCF for a minimum of 6 months!

ALL Kickboxing/MuayThai bouts done on an ISCF Sanctioned event MUST be Sanctioned by the IKF!

We have had too many people contact the IKF Headquarters and ask why promoters were not following IKF rules and regulations. These people were upset at us, and we had nothing to do with it. They had either been told or were assuming or thinking the kickboxing - muay Thai bouts were IKF sanctioned since the MMA/NHB portion was sanctioned by the ISCF, a sister organization for MMA/NHB to the IKF. To avoid this from here forward, and the problems with rules, regulations etc. "ALL" Kickboxing - MuayThai bouts done on an ISCF Sanctioned event "MUST" also be sanctioned by the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation.

ISCF Still Awaiting Missouri Results!

The results shown below are from events where the Promoter or Representative has NEVER sent in the event results to the ISCF and the ISCF has attained the results listed by an outside source. However, as you will see, these are FAR from complete. These do not include full fighter stats, exact bout stop times, decision scores etc.. This explains why many ISCF Fighters are not in the Official ISCF Rankings.

Partial Results From Kansas City's
St. Paddys Day Rumble
Promoter: Christopher Smith

Partial Results From Kansas City's
KC Hook-N-Shoot
Promoter: Steven Crawford

FRIDAY, March 19th, 2004, AT 1:10 AM, PT

From Ray Thompson
Dear Fellow Martial Artists,

As a lifelong martial artist who believes in teamwork, I am calling upon all members of the martial arts community to contact the Senators and Representatives on the Georgia General Assembly and ask that they oppose (House Bill) HB 558. What we all want is the positive growth of the martial sports nationwide. That being the case, what happens in Georgia is important to all of us, no matter where we live. We here in South Carolina as well as people around the country have benefited from all of the great events and developments that have happened in Georgia in recent years. No one who cares about the future of the martial arts should let them slip away without making their voices heard. So please join me and tell the elected officials in Georgia that HB 558 should be stopped dead in its tracks. Please call, e-mail and write to them and let them know how we feel.
In the Arts.
Ray Thompson,
President Upstate Karate, Inc.

For info on HB 558 Click HERE!

Ray Thompson


IKF/ISCF Fargo, North Dakota, USA:
First time IKF & ISCF Promoter Kris Ottem and her Northstar Fighting Association production company in cooperation with KO JAG Promotions will host their first Fight night this coming Saturday, March 20th entitled

"The Best Dam Fights"
At Playmakers Pavilion (2525 9th Ave. SW) in Fargo, North Dakota, USA!

Travis Fulton


Marcello Aravena


Krzysztof Soszynski


Kyle Olsen

Travis "Ironman" Fulton.
is no stranger to MMA/NHB with a fight record of 136-35-8. He's also a veteran of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) having been in UFC 20 and 21. He is also a former ISCF United States Champion. It's been said that he has more KOs than any other MMA/NHB fighter in the world. Fulton started training in submission fighting at the early age of 18. He brought a well grounded background together having been an Iowa-State wrestling competitor, a golden-gloves boxer, and an American Kenpo second-degree black belt. He is also a professional boxer and has competed in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Russia, Croatia, Holland, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, England, Guam, and Mexico. He will meet up with Joe Alvarez, of Canada

Marcello "El Condor" Aravena
Aravena is from Winnipeg, Manatoba, Canada and is a former Canadian Super Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion and started his career in martial arts when he was four years old. From the ages of four to fourteen, Karate was his sport of choice. When he was fourteen, he took up Muay Thai Kickboxing and has been with that ever since. At the age of 17, he made his kickboxing amateur debut. At the age of 20, he made his pro-kickboxing debut. Not only was this Aravena's first professional fight, he won and claimed the title of "Canadian Super Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion" (Organization unknown - Not IKF). His first MMA fight was last year and he is now currently 3-0 in MMA. He will meet up with Matt Blue of North Dakota, USA

Krzysztof Soszynski
At 6'1 260 lbs, Krzysztof Soszynski from Poland is someone who makes you shiver just in his eyesight. He was born in Poland while the iron curtain still cast its repressive shadow over much of eastern Europe. From an early age, Ivan's life was about fighting. Fighting in the preferred Russian Sambo martial arts form of Eastern Europe, fighting in the streets and fighting for his next meal, to say nothing of fighting a repressive, authoritative system of government. As a young man, Ivan escaped to Canada with his parents, and immediately took to the Canadian way of life, excelling in football, soccer, judo and weightlifting. While he adapted to many of our customs, he maintained the hard as steel edge and work ethic he had grown up with in Eastern Europe as a young man. It is this work ethic and cold determination that has led him to elevate quickly from the NHB training center to the most feared man in No Holds Barred wrestling. Certainly his size is impressive. Standing six foot three and weighing in at 275 pounds, Ivan, an avid weightlifter who won the heavyweight division of the Manitoba bodybuilding championships in 2000. He will meet up with Royce Luke from Minnesota.

Kyle Olsen
Speaking of intimidating warriors, lets not forget North Dakota's own, Kyle Olsen. Loaded with plenty of Mass and muscle, Olsen stands 6' tall and tips the scale at 195 lbs. 6'0 195 lbs. He is also a Freestyle Combat Champion.

  • The Featured bouts on the night are:
    • ISCF MAIN EVENT: Marcello Aravena, Canada Vs Matt Blue, USA
    • ISCF SEMI - MAIN EVENT: Travis Fulton (Right) of Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA (Former ISCF United States Champion) Vs Joe Alvarez, of Canada (Former Canadian Super Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion).

the event will also include some IKF Amateur Kickboxing along with plenty more ISCF MMA/NHB Action! Tickets are $25 General Admission and $40 Ringside and are available at Playmakers or Online by Clicking HERE. Tickets purchased online will be waiting at 'Will Call' at Playmakers on March 20, 2004. If you have any questions, or would like to order tickets by phone, please call 1-888-262-6914. Doors will open at 6:PM and the fights start at 7:30 PM! For more info please contact Kris Ottem at (888) 262-6914 or by e-mail at or go to

TUESDAY, March 16th, 2004, AT 9:30 AM, PT

Friends, Romans, Countrymen
Lend Me Your Ears…
Brett Moses (R) - ISCF - IKF Representative


The "Evil Empire," the GA Boxing Commission, has decided that the ruin of boxing is simply not enough. They have now set their sights on Martial Arts. With pure boxing events sharply declining, in GA, and Martial Arts, specifically Mixed Martial Arts, steadily rising, they are attempting to seize control in the legislature. Revenues are down and, in order to justify their existence during a budgetary crisis, they have decided to set their greedy eyes upon us. They slid their bill in near the end of session and were able to push it through the state House Of Representatives last week. The Bill is to be voted upon in the State Senate this week. The Commission has been lobbying the senators and representatives using a medley of outright lies and deliberate misrepresentations. The lobbying effort is headed by Lobbyist Les Snyder Les Scheinder Info - Click Here who just happens to hold a seat on the Boxing Commission (holy conflict of interest, Batman).

Please access the website, find out who your STATE SENATOR is and use the convenient link to let him (or her) know that we do not wish for unknowledgeable people to seize control of the Martial Arts. Various polls have shown that the public perception of boxing is NOT favorable (and rightfully so). Let them know that you do not want the Martial Arts to be cast under a similar shadow. The commission claims that MMA in GA is a monopoly; however, the "real" monopoly will occur when the commission is in control of something they know next to nothing about, without checks or balances. Bottom line: it's all about the "Benjamins" (hundred dollar bills).
Anyone who knows me knows that I would not misrepresent the situation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Regards, Brett Moses -
P.S. Here is the link,
To read more on this, CLICK HERE OR check out the below info on HB558

Brett Moses

MONDAY, March 15th, 2004, AT 7:20 PM, PT

With Mixed Martial Arts

Written By Steve Fossum - IKF & ISCF President

For a Printable Version of this CLICK HERE

Augusta's Ultimate Fighting Championship on, for now

A History of them trying to Take Over MMA Starting With The UFC!

May 30, 1997: By Bill Syken, Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff

The almost-anything-goes Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has escaped the rule of the Georgia State Boxing Commission, at least for now. Tonight's Ultimate Fighting event will go on at the Augusta Richmond County Civic Center as scheduled because Richmond County Superior Court Judge Bernard Mulherin on Thursday shot down the boxing commission's last-minute attempt to get a temporary restraining order. The request for the order was made too late, he said.

A lawyer from the state attorney general's office argued that permitting the fight would damage the state of Georgia by allowing a promoter to sidestep boxing commission rules. But Judge Mulherin said he would do far greater damage to promoters and the Civic Center by stopping the event a day before it was set to take place. ``As far as that's concerned, this is an easy call,'' Judge Mulherin said. The Civic Center made $27,000 on an Ultimate Fighting Championship event this fall attended by more than 3,000 people. Tonight's event had already sold 1,800 tickets, and this event typically draws a big walk-up crowd, said Patrick Cumiskey, Civic Center general manager.

Semaphore Entertainment Group, a New York-based company, expects 150,000 orders for the event on pay-per-view television at $21.95 a pop, lawyers said. A cancellation would cost the company millions, they said. The question of whether Ultimate Fighting should be governed by the state boxing commission to be answered another day, when it can be more fully researched. In Ultimate Fighting, men from karate, wrestling other aggressive sports fight in an octagon-shaped ring where few rules apply. Some states have banned Ultimate Fighting because of its brutality. The state's lawyer argued that because Ultimate Fighting combatants include kick-boxers and karate experts, the event falls under the commission's jurisdiction. The commission sanctions karate and kick-boxing competitions. Ultimate Fighting never applied for a license to put on its event. "If this even goes on unsanctioned, it will encourage other promoters to avoid applying for a state license", said Denise PackWhiting, a lawyer with the Georgia Attorney General's office. The state boxing commission requires safety standards for events it licenses. Georgia Attorney General Mike Bowers wrote an opinion in November that Ultimate Fighting should be governed by the state boxing commission. Judge Mulherin noted Mr. Bowers' opinion, but said it is not binding. Ultimate Fighting's lawyers argued their sport is distinct, even though it draws fighters from the kick-boxing and karate. ``You can't expect the court to be able to determine that fact at a short hearing of this nature,'' Judge Mulherin said.


The Ultimate Ruling
June 3, 1997: Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff
Imagine if you poured your money, time and effort into sponsoring a large entertainment event. Then, at the last minute, outside forces suddenly step in to cancel it. All that work and investment goes down the drain. That almost happened to the promoters of last Friday night's Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center when the Georgia Boxing Commission unexpectedly intervened Thursday. The panel sought a restraining order on grounds that New York-based Semaphore Entertainment Group was trying to sidestep Georgia's rules on boxing, kick-boxing and karate competitions.

Though Ultimate Fighting combines aspects of all those disciplines and some others as well, it is not clear that such events even come under the Commission's supervision. But the real outrage is that the panel could have moved to resolve this and other issues long before it did. The fact that it waited until the eve of the fights suggests commissioners were more interested in inflicting financial damage on the promoters and the Civic Center and, perhaps, in casting themselves in a favorable public relations light.

Ultimate Fighting is a niche sport, much loved by its avid fans, many of whom travel across the country to see the mayhem. But is deplored by many others who find some of these matches barbaric. Several states have even banned Ultimate Fighting. If Georgia wants to impose a ban, fine. But it should be done by a majority of the General Assembly, not an unelected Boxing Commission. In the meantime, Richmond County Superior Court Judge Bernard Mulherin did what he had to do, ruling it would be unfair to promoters and the Civic Center to ban the event at the last minute. As for whether the Commission has regulatory authority over Ultimate Fighting, Mulherin was again right on target, pointing out that's a matter to be thrashed out on another day when the court has more time to consider it.

1998: In 1998, Georgia law was changed to specifically remove "ultimate fighting" from the boxing commission's authority. This accomplishment was, in no small part, due to the efforts of current Assistant District Attorney Michael Carlson (Right) and former state Representative Robin Williams. It was a positive action for the sport at that time, but it left MMA officially unregulated. Ultimately, this would prove to have negative effects as well. Legitimate and unscrupulous promoters alike could now use Georgia as a venue. Eventually, certain promoters would incur the wrath of MMA supporters and state officials combined by blatantly ignoring obvious safety concerns and thumbing their noses at legitimate sanctioning bodies, such as the ISCF. True mixed martial arts fans worst fears were realized when these actions lead to the first version of HB 538 being proposed. That version clearly would have made participating in MMA in Georgia a criminal offense!

1998 - 2001: The beginning stages of HB 538: The new bill, while making specific exemptions for sports like amateur boxing, made "unarmed combat" unlawful. The bill also included criminal sanctions for participating in "unarmed combat." Even after all of the years of struggle MMA has gone through to gain credibility, and after the tremendous positive support the sport has enjoyed in Georgia, "ultimate fighting" was specifically included as to what would constitute "unarmed combat". MMA was very close to being explicitly illegal in Georgia.
Fortunately for MMA fans, Georgia has an extensive network of MMA supporters. One of them who has been a major part in keeping MMA legal in Georgia has been Augusta Georgia Assistant District Attorney Michael Carlson. Carlson is the same man who was present and ready to testify in support of SEG (UFC's Event) at the 1997 Augusta hearing, and who also participated in the effort to take MMA away from the Boxing Commission in 1998. He was warned by several sources in the Georgia State Government that a bill was being introduced which could be trouble for legitimate promoters of MMA.
Carlson and several others gathered information supporting the safety record of MMA versus that of other sports prepared for a major offensive on behalf of the sport. Coordinating with Georgia MMA's old ally Robin Williams, Carlson began mounting an "all out offensive" in the State assembly to keep MMA legal in his home state. Carlson working with open-minded representatives of both parties in the Georgia House and Senate to champion the cause of MMA. He took the position that although certain irresponsible promoters had no place in Georgia, there were legitimate promoters, fans and athletes, who did participate in MMA responsibly who would be hurt by the proposed law. Carlson sought a provision to protect them. After weighing several options, an amendment was made which provided that MMA competition, if in any way waged for profit, will be legal in Georgia, if and only if the competition is "approved, sanctioned, and/or endorsed" by the ISCF. This language was included in the final version of the bill, which was signed into law by Governor Barnes, and it opened the door to the progressive growth of MMA in Georgia.

Michael Carlson

April 26th, 2001: Georgia Governor Roy Barnes signed into law a bill (HB 538) which, in part, makes provisions for legitimate, legally operated MMA events. Georgia has previously been a back-and-forth battleground state for the acceptance of the misunderstood sport, and in fact this bill as it was originally introduced would have banned MMA altogether. to Read full story, CLICK HERE.

June, 2003: History of HB 194: The House (Democrat controlled) proposed a bill that would add ISKA and WKA as MMA sanctioning bodies. It was passed and went to the Republican controlled Senate.
Due to its employ of a felon, ISKA was stricken as an additional sanctioning body for MMA. WKA was left in
At the time ISKA was removed, another amendment to the bill was added. That was to ban felons from promoting and prevent sanctioning bodies from using felons as promoters. This would have applied to MMA and Kickboxing. There was a criminal penalty involved.
Senators Cheeks, Hall and Brush introduced these amendments. They were passed unanimously by the Senate. Then, the bill went back to the House. The choice was clear to all, Leave WKA in and keep felons out of MMA and KB or Keep the law the way it was (ISCF exclusive). With these choices in mind, it was the people who originally sponsored HB 194 in the house who decided that they would rather drop WKA than keep felons out of positions of trust and responsibility. WKA in and felons out would have been fine with the Senate. They sent it over to the House that way after all. When faced with no felons in the promoting business, the original sponsors of the bill apparently decided they liked the law as it was. The Senate was willing to accept this. The law was passed with ISCF remaining the exclusive MMA sanctioning body (in lieu of the "felon ban") and WKA allowed to sanction Shidokan. In pertinent part, it is codified at O.C.G.A. § 43-4B-1.
So, the message was clear. The Georgia Senate unanimously decided that:
1: It does not want sanctioning bodies that works with felons to promote in Georgia; and
2: It does not want felons promoting the martial sports in Georgia.

This is no matter of speculation. It is all a public record, as set forth above.
For whatever reasons, there seems to be a small group of individuals that do not like the fact that the ISCF is the only allowed MMA Sanctioning body in the state of Georgia. however, the problem is not here with the ISCF. The problem needs to be directed to the people who inserted WKA and ISKA in the first place and NOT IKF/ISCF or ANYBODY in the Senate. If they would have "JUST SAID NO" to felons, WKA would be legally authorized to sanction MMA in Georgia today. If ISKA would not have accepted a convicted felon as a promoter, they too would probably be legally authorized to sanction MMA in Georgia today.

The facts about the Georgia MMA issues are very clear and all of this information is the record of the Georgia General Assembly. The ISCF has the duty and responsibility to follow the wishes of the legislature. If ISCF were to circumvent the wishes of said legislature, then we would be placing our own existence in Georgia in jeopardy. The situation in Georgia is in no way, shape or form about perpetuating a "monopoly" as several have been claiming it to be. All WKA, or any other sanctioning body has to do is satisfy the wishes of the Georgia Legislature and they have the ability to sanction MMA in Georgia. However, we ask, "What makes a sanctioning body?" To date, NO ONE has seen any MMA rules from ISKA's so called MMA division nor has anyone seen any rules from WKA's so called MMA division. No rules, no regulations, no safety standards, requirements, rankings, NOTHING! Just some letters slapped together. So do their letters alone make them a "Sanctioning Body?" Absolutely not!

February 2004: Bill HB558 introduced. Click Here for the Bill text. To read the entire bill CLICK HERE. Those sponsoring the bill include: Alan Powell, 23rd, Buddy DeLoach, 127th, Mike Boggs, 145th and Mark Burkhalter, 36th.

Les Scheinder (Les Scheinder Info - Click Here) is an attorney lobbyist pushing HB 558. Interestingly, his firm profile notes that he is on the State Boxing Commission. It is sort of funny no one is calling this a "conflict of interest."


"The reason this is happening is because MMA IS MORE POPULAR THAN BOXING in Georgia.
We attract crowds of 2000+ now.
Tom Mishou and the boxing commission want to cash in because they regulated Boxing to death.
Good job Tom!
" Cal Cooper

HB 558

If you are reading this and plan on fighting in the State of Georgia and thinking this bill does not effect you, you need to read closer. This bill directly attacks EVERYONE in sport Martial Arts from "Karate Point Fighting" to Full contact Kickboxing & MMA!
Keep in mind that this covers pro-wrestling too which would fuel the fire of suspicions that this is designed to clear out all of the competition for boxing and that small promoters will be crushed.
Sanctioning bodies (all of them) will also (foreseeable) take a hit.

This section maps out the various definitions that apply throughout the rest of the bill. They are important to recognize as those definitions dictate how the terms of the bill would apply if it were enacted as law. The broad definition of "martial art" is particularly instructive:
(10.1) 'Martial art' means any form of unarmed combative sport or unarmed combative entertainment that allows contact striking, except boxing or wrestling.

This section sets forth the organizations that are exempt from the act. In essence, amateur boxing and amateur wrestling will not fall under the authority of the boxing commission. A list of these excluded organizations is listed in the statute. Not one martial arts organization, from ISCF to NASKA is included on the list. Amateur kickboxing, mixed martial arts, point karate and tae kwon do all allow "contact striking." As such, they would all fall under the definition of "Martial arts" in section 10.1 (see above). This being the case, even at the amateur level, they would be subject to the control of the Georgia State Boxing Commission and the requirements of HB 558.

This section provides that the appointment to the state boxing commission is political, and indicates that "hold over" appointments are allowed. No other criteria are indicated.

Reports from boxing promoters to the commission as to ticket sales are set forth here.

This section criminalizes the promotion of "unarmed combat." Under the definitions set forth in Section 43-4B-1 this would apply to any martial arts (as defined above) competition not controlled and approved of by the state boxing commission.

This section to ticket brokers and fees that they can charge. Generally speaking, ticket brokers are those who sell tickets for events that are not the venue holder or sponsor.

This section provides for a total takeover of the martial sporting business at all levels by the State Government. The plain and unambiguous language calls for the following.
*The state boxing commission to have authority over all organizations that authorize martial arts and wrestling matches.
*The state boxing commission would dictate the rules for all martial arts competitions.
*The state boxing commission would determine the standards to determine who will participate in all martial arts competitions.
*The state boxing commission would be able to charge an annual licensure fee for sanctioning bodies (labeled as "licensed organizations").
*The state boxing commission would be able to charge annual licensure fee for promoters (labeled as "holders of match permits").
*The state boxing commission could (at its own discretion) charge sanctioning bodies for its providing (at the its own discretion) of "oversight services," at any and all martial arts matches.
If HB 558 is passed its language would require a total and complete appropriation of all martial sports competitors from the smallest point tournament to the largest pay-per-view mixed martial arts event. There is no limit on the authority of the state boxing commission and no requirement that these political appointees have any knowledge or interest in the positive development of the martial sports. There is also no check on what the boxing commission can charge promoters for licensure fees or for "oversight services." In other words, under HB 558, there is no limit to what can be demanded here.

Here, the annual fee for a sanctioning body is set at $1,000.00 per year. A "permit fee" of up to $250.00 for "each match, contest, or exhibition," held in Georgia is also provided for in this section. Both are to be paid to the state boxing commission. The clear and unambiguous language of this stature would allow for promoters to be charged by the state for "each match" on a given card. A ten bout card, then, if that language were enforced as written, would cost the promoter $2,500.00, payable to the state. Significantly, where this section sets limits on the annual charges for sanctioning bodies and for "permit fees," there is no limit to what could be levied against promoters for annual fees and for the "oversight fees" set forth in 43-4B-50.

Martial arts sanctioning bodies would be required to report all matches to the state boxing commission, as well as an evaluation on the fitness of the athletes 7 days before any bout. The section also requires reporting ticket sales, revenues and sales tax as well as "any other information the [boxing] commission shall require" within 72 hours after an event.

Here, no one who has ever been "convicted of a crime of moral turpitude," can serve in a representative capacity for a sanctioning body. It also makes it a crime for anyone who has any association with a sanctioning body to receive any compensation in connection with a bout. Several matters jump out here. First, no job carries more responsibility with it than that of the promoter. This bill does not preclude those who have plead guilty to felonies from promoting. Also, there is no penalty listed in this section for sanctioning bodies that violate the provision against felons. At the same time, if a member of a sanctioning body board of advisors came to judge a point karate tournament or referee a kickboxing match, he or she could not be paid anything for it. Not gas money, not hotel room, not a meal voucher. Nothing at all of value could be legally accepted that could ever be deemed "compensation" by anyone who could ever be deemed a "member" of a sanctioning body. Clearly, this would annihilate the kind of grass roots support and extended family atmosphere that the martial arts foster, thrive with and depend upon for continued growth and development. By operation, it will also preclude anyone who the boxing commission does not select from being an official at an event. In that way, it will render sanctioning bodies obsolete and/or too costly and administratively difficult to employ.
The net effect of moving sanctioning bodies out will cripple the development of the martial sports. Titles and ranking will have far less meaning and, thus, fighter will have less to shoot for as goals. And with the added expense of promotion due to this bill, the pay will be far less for them, too. That, of course, would funnel more athletes into boxing as their other options were narrowed.

This section gives the state boxing commission the power to suspend, fine or revoke permits to any entity that violates its rules and agenda. This is down to the last match. No limit is put on the state boxing commission's power here. It can fine as much as it wants and it can suspend whoever it wants for whatever reason it wants. There is no right or ability to appeal. In fact there is no body to which an appeal can be made. This represents a format of no checks and balances at all. With this sort of format in place, abuses of power and corruption are encouraged.

The state boxing commission would be authorized to exempt organizations from any and all of these requirements. There is no check or appellate right on its ability to do so one way or the other. There are guidelines for the state boxing commission to consider here, but the decision, either way, can still be arbitrary. Interestingly, keeping the activity safe from the criminal element is not a listed criterion. This is another example of the kind of unbridled power that this bill would give the state boxing commission. It is difficult to see how the martial arts and martial sports could survive, much less grow, if it is passed.

  • Other Points of this Bill
    1. This bill allows the commission to charge the promoter up to $3.00 per ticket sold.
    2. It shall be a misdemeanor for an officer, principal, manager, partner, owner, member, shareholder, trustee, or director of a licensed organization to receive compensation for services relating to a match, contest, or exhibition authorized or governed by the licensed organization. In the bills "WILD" and "Non binding" and "No limit" regulations, would this include any sanctioning fee payments too?
    3. how does the commission define a "Professional"? An individual that...
      • A fighter being given a cash as a salary, purse, or prize for such participation.
      • The event the fighter is fighting on requires for admission, payment of a ticket or other evidence of the right of entry.
      • The event the fighter is fighting on is filmed, broadcast, or transmitted for viewing.
      • The event the fighter is fighting on provides a commercial advantage by attracting persons to a particular place or promoting a commercial product or enterprise.
    4. How much authority will the State Commission have? In determining whether to exempt an organization from licensure and permitting requirements, the commission shall consider the following factors:
      • Whether the matches, contests, and exhibitions are conducted in the course of teaching wrestling or the martial art and are closely supervised by well-trained teachers. - HOW would the Commission determine WHO is a well trained teacher?
      • Whether an admission fee is charged for viewing the matches, contests, or exhibitions. The Commission has the right to tell a promoter if they can charge admission to their events?
      • Whether the matches, contests, or exhibitions offer a commercial advantage to the organization. What?
      • Again, leaving the possibilities here Open and endless! They could come up with ANYTHING TO Exempt an organization.
    5. The bill makes no exception for "nationally recognized" sanctioning bodies. In fact the bill makes being a sanctioning body in Georgia far too expensive for any organization to operate. With 49 other States to work with, the sanctioning bodies would be forced to walk away or charge outrageous sanctioning fees to the promoters. The bill makes no exceptions for any sanctioning bodies at all which means ANYONE can sanction events in Georgia or no one, which would leave the Boxing Commission to appoint their own officials. But will they be trained by the Commission? Who will these officials be?

The Lies going around about the word

  • One of the bogus "monopoly" issues the legislature is hearing is that "legitimate" promoters are being denied ISCF sanctioning. Those with an "agenda" of their own will always find something to attack, but it is a shame when people perpetrate outright lies to gain influence. As of this posting, only 2 promoters have ever been denied ISCF Sanctioning. You ask your self if they meet the "Legitimate" Promoter requirements:

    1. Lane Collyer: Because he is now a convicted felon and the new law does not allow felons to promote. However, both ISKA and WKA have welcomed Collyer with open arms, ignoring the "Felon" ruling of the State of Georgia. For the FACTS about the entire Collyer situation and what all happened Click Here!

    2. Jamie Levine: Because on his last event, Levine bounced several checks to fighters and officials. We (ISCF) will NEVER allow this to happen again! Which it did, in Florida.

MORE NEWS OF 3-15-04



Reported By IKF/ISCF Representative Brett Moses

WINTER WARS 2004 played to a packed house in Augusta, Georgia, Saturday night. The crowd was treated to action-packed IKF Full Contact Kickboxing & ISCF Mixed Martial Arts. Here are the nights results below.

  1. IKF Amateur FCR Super Heavyweight
    Kevin Corron (North Carolina) defeated Eddie Singleton (Augusta, GA) by unanimous decision. After a close first round, Corron picked up the pace and dominated rounds 2 & 3.

  2. IKF Amateur FCR Middleweight
    Mike Harris (North Carolina) defeated Brad Taylor (Augusta, GA) by unanimous decision. Good exchanges in Round 1, with Taylor landing the harder shots. In Round 2 they came out exchanging bombs with Taylor appearing to tire toward the end of the round. Taylor came out strong landing some solid kicks & punches, but Harris finished the round strong.

  3. ISCF Amateur MMA/NHB: Middleweight
    Jeff McKee (Greenville, SC) defeated Blake Barber (Macon, GA) who verbally tapped due to exhaustion. McKee came out throwing solid knees and punches. As they tumbled to the ground, Barber managed to reverse position and take McKee's back. Barber attempted to sink in the choke numerous times, with McKee defending well. McKee escaped and got back to his feet where he landed solid knees and punches. McKee then executed a hard slam and began raining down punches before referee Gary Brown stepped in to halt the contest.

  4. IKF Amateur FCR Super Welterweight
    Shawn Giles (Dalton, GA) defeated Reggie Kitchens (Augusta, GA) by unanimous decision. In Round 1, Giles lands solid kicks and combos, dropping Kitchens with an overhand right. Round 2 saw more of Giles domination as he landed solid combinations dropping Kitchens again with a right. Round 3 was much closer and, toward the end, Kitchens finally started to get off. Unfortunately, too little too late…

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA/NHB: Heavyweight
    Matt Doherty (Atlanta, GA) defeated David Bellew (Winder, GA) by Tap Out from Rear Naked Choke at 3:33 of round 1. The round started with an exchange of punches. Doherty moved in to clinch and executed a body lock takedown. Winding up in the side body position. He then mounted and began punching. Bellew turned to his back and Doherty sunk in the choke.

  6. IKF Amateur FCR Middleweight
    Tim Guwanda
    (Lawrenceville, GA) defeated Travis Jones (Dalton, GA) by Split Decision. In Round 1 Guwanda threw the harder kicks, while Jones landed the sharper punches. Toward the end of the round, Guwanda came on strong. In Round 2, Guwanda dominated early with crisp kicks and solid combinations. Jones came on strong later in the round, but not enough to take the round away. Round 3 saw Jones pressing an obviously tired Guwanda, to take the round.

  7. ISCF Amateur MMA/NHB: Light Heavyweight
    Usif Murtadi
    (Atlanta, GA) defeated Jeremy Fisher (TBA by unanimous decision. Round 1: Fisher comes out throwing bombs, but Murtadi gets inside for the takedown. Fisher works his way back to his feet and is taken down again, to half guard. Murtadi begins landing punches and the round ends. In Round 2, Fisher lands a kick and Murtadi grabs hold of the leg to attempt a leg lock. He loses the position and Fisher lands some hard punches in the transition. Murtadi is able to pull guard. Fisher punches to the ribs and Murtadi sweeps and rains down punches. In Round 3, Murtadi shoots a single leg and gains side control. He rains knees to the ribs and short punches to the mid-section. With 15 seconds to go, Referee Cam McHargue stands them up. Fisher charges landing a series of hard punches. Murtadi covers up and survives the onslaught.

  8. IKF Amateur FCR Light Cruiserweight
    David Lewis (Dalton, GA) defeated Nick Lavulo (Hinesville, GA) by TKO at 1:01 of round 2. Lavulo starts out landing an array of fancy kicks, but Lewis steps in and drops him with a straight right. After the eight count, Lewis presses and again drops Lavulo. The bell sounds to end the round. In Round 2, they circle and Lewis lands a combination to floor Lavulo and end the bout.

  9. IKF Pro Cruiserweight
    Jason Miller
    (Augusta, GA) defeated Anthony Nievis (Atlanta, GA) by KO at 1:33 of round 1. Round 1 begins with a sharp of exchanges. At 1:33, Miller drops Nievis with a crushing overhand right to end the bout.

  10. IKF Pro Cruiserweight
    Luis Rodriguez
    (Fort Gordon, GA) defeated Harris Norwood (Atlanta, GA) by unanimous decision. Round 1: Rodriguez got the best of the kicks while Norwood scored the more telling punches. Rodriguez ends the round strong with hard kicks the ribs and and punches. In Round 2, the fighters exhibited much of the same. Rodriguez' kicks to Norwood's side had the hometown fans going, while Norwood failed to get in all his kicks. In Round 3, Norwood came on strong, punching hard and clearly winning the round. Round 4 was much like 1 & 2. In Round 5, the fighters both came out landing, but Rodriguez' kicks to the side of Norwood were crisp as ever, bringing the crowd to their feet.

For more info please contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy for details at or at (706) 855-5269.

FRIDAY, March 12th, 2004, AT 3:40 PM, PT

"St. Paddys Day Rumble"
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

This Saturday night, March 13th, first time ISCF Promoter Christopher Smith will host "St. Paddys Day Rumble". The event will feature ISCF Amateur MMA and will be held at the Adams Mark Hotel. The main fighters to watch here are Rob Kimmons & Bobby Volker. Sorry but Mr. Smith did not provide the ISCF with a pre fight bout list so no other information was available at press time for this event. For more info please contact Mr. Christopher Smith at (913) 205-5318.

MONDAY, March 8th, 2004, AT 8:50 AM, PT

Throwdown In V-Town.
Kickboxing & NHB/MMA In Valdosta Georgia, USA

  1. IKF 'JUNIOR' Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Nathan McCall
    vs Jesse Hendrix

  2. Amateur ISCF Middleweight MMA/NHB
    Heath Davis
    defeated Walt Davis by rear naked in the first round.

  3. IKF Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Nole Poff
    defeated Cody Milicevic by decision.

  4. Amateur ISCF Light Middleweight MMA/NHB
    Mikey Gomez
    defeated Jason Detten by armbar in round 1.

  5. Amateur ISCF Light Middleweight MMA/NHB
    Brian Doile
    defeated Kenneth Graham by armbar in round 1 in a good fight that Graham was winning up to the end.

  6. Amateur ISCF MMA/NHB Exhibition
    Trey Brown's
    opponent Matt Edwards was a NO SHOW as Cole Miller's opponent, Chris Clarke so Brown and Miller fought an exhibition.

  7. IKF Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Jason Barrett
    defeated Tim Hendrix in round 2 when the corner threw in the towel.

  8. Amateur ISCF Heavyweight MMA/NHB
    Louigi Faravatini
    opponent Ross Hagerman fell out for reasons unreported as did Shane Blair's opponent, Chris Rockwell. So Faravatini and Blair fought in a special exhibition bout which Faravatini won by rear naked, round 1.

  9. Amateur ISCF Light Heavyweight MMA/NHB
    Andy Foster
    defeated Derek Boikens by rear naked with 4 seconds left in round 1. Whats new... Foster WINS AGAIN!

  10. PRO ISCF Light Heavyweight MMA/NHB
    Charles McCarthy
    defeated Jeff Fenno by choke.

  11. PRO ISCF Middleweight MMA/NHB
    Mike Lee
    easily defeated Shaun Gay in round 1 by referee stoppage from strikes.

SATURDAY, March 6th, 2004, AT 3:10 PM, PT

Saturday March 13 Fight Card Promises Abundant IKF and ISCF Action

On Saturday March 13, 2004, one of IKF and ISCF's most noteworthy annual events will bring kickboxing and mixed martial arts action back to Augusta, Georgia. Augusta Martial Arts Academy is proud to present Winter Wars 2004!

The event will be held at Fort Gordon's Gym #5 with doors opening at 6:00 PM with the first bouts beginning at 7:00 PM. "Winter Wars is a show that everyone across the IKF and ISCF is familiar with and looks forward to," said IKF and ISCF World President, Steve Fossum, "And the March 13 card looks to bring a lot to the table."

In addition to the IKF and ISCF matches, Winter Wars 2004 will be part of a day of martial arts activity at Fort Gordon's Gym 5. Beginning at 9:00 am, the Gym will play host to a daytime karate tournament, courtesy of black belt and Republican political guru Robert "Byrd" Blandenburg. The event, hosted by Blandenburg's Augusta Tang Soo Do, the "A-K Challenge" will feature divisions in traditional kata, weapons, continuous sparring, and grappling. Registration is $40 and every registered competitor will receive a trophy or medallion. For more information, please see

The current fight card for Winter Wars is as follows - Bouts & Order subject to change.

  1. IKF Pro Cruiserweight
    Luis Rodriguez
    (Fort Gordon, GA) vs Jim Abrille (Atlanta, GA)

  2. IKF Pro Cruiserweight
    Jason Miller
    (Augusta, GA) vs Anthony Nievis (Atlanta, GA)

  3. ISCF Amateur MMA/NHB: Light Middleweight
    Tony Cantrell
    (Augusta, GA) v Harris Norwood (Atlanta, GA)

  4. ISCF Amateur MMA/NHB: Middleweight
    Blake Barber
    (Macon, GA) v Jeff McKee (Greenville, SC)

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA/NHB: Heavyweight
    David Bellew
    (Winder, GA) vs Matt Doherty (Atlanta, GA)

  6. ISCF Amateur MMA/NHB: Light Heavyweight
    Evin Rohrbaugh
    (Macon, GA) vs Usif Murtadi (Atlanta, GA)

  7. IKF Amateur FCR Super Heavyweight
    Eddie Singleton
    (Augusta, GA) vs Kevin Corron (North Carolina)

  8. IKF Amateur FCR Middleweight
    Brad Taylor
    (Augusta, GA) vs Mike Harris (North Carolina)

  9. IKF Amateur FCR Super Welterweight
    Reggie Kitchens
    (Augusta, GA) vs Shawn Giles (Dalton, GA)

  10. IKF Amateur FCR Welterweight
    Terrie Hicks
    (Augusta, GA) vs Pam Baines (Temperanceville, VA)

  11. IKF Amateur FCR Light Cruiserweight
    Nick Lavulo
    (Hinesville, GA) vs David Lewis (Dalton, GA)

  12. IKF Amateur FCR Middleweight
    Tim Guwanda
    (Lawrenceville, GA) vs Travis Jones (Dalton, GA)

  13. IKF Amateur FCR Light Cruiserweight
    Adrian Turpin
    (Anderson, SC) vs David Bowles (Dalton, GA)

Fight card subject to change and not in final order.

Admission for Winter Wars is $12.00.
Directions to Gym 5, Fort Gordon
From Atlanta: Take I-20 to exit #194 Belair Road/Dyess Parkway. Continue right onto Dyess Parkway. This leads to Gate 1 at Fort Gordon. Continue straight-this becomes Chamberlain Avenue once inside the Fort and turn left onto 26th Street. Parking is on the right at the 26th and B Street intersection. Gym 5 is on the left. Fans should consider giving themselves an additional 15-25 minutes to get through the checkpoints and make sure that anyone 16 & over have a photo-ID with them for entry on to the base. Fans should keep an eye on the IKF and ISCF News pages for updates or may contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy for details at or at (706) 855-5269.

FRIDAY, March 5th, 2004, AT 4:30 PM, PT

Throwdown In V-Town.
Kickboxing & NHB/MMA In Valdosta Georgia, USA

IKF & ISCF Promoter James Corbett of Valdosta Martial Arts Center has teamed up with John Turner of Evolution Promotions to present "Throwdown in V-Town." This event is a complete fight and martial arts event. The planned evening fight card will feature 13 ISCF mixed martial arts bouts along with 3 IKF full contact rules kickboxing matches.

The event will be at the Lowndes Civic Center/Fairgrounds (E. Hill Ave./Hwy. 84, in Valdosta, Georgia) and the doors will open at 6:00 PM with the fights planned to begin at 7:00 PM. The always beautiful Hooter's Girls will be on hand to serve VIP ticket holders and carry round cards. The after fight party will be held at Hooter's of Valdosta featuring happy hour drink specials and deals on food for after fight party folks.

Earlier that day at 9:00 AM, an open martial arts tournament will be held. Divisions include kata, sparring (continuous contact), grappling for kids, and submission for adults. Advance Tickets can be obtained at Valdosta Martial Arts Center at 406H Northside Drive, Valdosta. For more information, call (229) 245.8622, or go to


  1. PRO ISCF Middleweight MMA/NHB
    Shaun Gay
    vs Mike Lee

  2. PRO ISCF Light Heavyweight MMA/NHB
    Charles McCarthy
    vs Jeff Fenno

  3. PRO ISCF Super Heavyweight MMA/NHB
    Chris Rockwell
    vs Shane Blair

  4. Amateur ISCF Light Heavyweight MMA/NHB
    Andy Foster
    vs Derek Boikens

  5. Amateur ISCF Light Middleweight MMA/NHB
    Jason Detten
    vs Mikey Gomez

  6. IKF Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Jason Barrett
    vs Tim Hendrix

  7. Amateur ISCF Welterweight MMA/NHB
    Cole Miller
    vs Chris Clarke

  8. Amateur ISCF Heavyweight MMA/NHB
    Ross Hagerman
    vs Louigi Faravatini

  9. Amateur ISCF Light Middleweight MMA/NHB
    Matt Edwards
    vs Trey Brown

  10. Amateur ISCF Middleweight MMA/NHB

    Walt Davis
    vs Harry Cachonas

  11. Amateur ISCF Welterweight MMA/NHB

    Joel Weldon
    vs Peter Rivero

  12. Amateur ISCF Light Middleweight MMA/NHB

    Brian Doile
    vs Kenneth Graham

  13. Amateur ISCF Welterweight MMA/NHB

    Philip Peterson
    vs John Owens

  14. IKF Amateur FCR Kickboxing

    Cody Milicevic
    vs Nole Poff

  15. IKF 'JUNIOR' Amateur FCR Kickboxing

    Nathan Mccall
    vs Jesse Hendrix

Fight card subject to change