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MONDAY, February 28th, 2005, AT 9:00 PM, PT

Midwest Fightfest Full Of

New Beginning - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF/ISCF St Louis, Missouri, USA
To a sold out packed house, Shamrock Promotions gave the crowd their moneys worth. A total of 12 action packed fights, one of them being an exhibition between two of Finney's up and coming women fighters. The night didn't have any let down to what was supposed to be the best fights that Shamrock Promotions has ever put on. The 3 Kickboxing bouts were just what the crowd was looking for, blood and knockouts. All three fights ended by TKO. The 3 boxing matches were a nice change to the night. Giving all kinds of fight fans a taste of there favorite styles.

The five MMA bouts were definitely the icing on the cake, for the high energy show. Three of the MMA fights went all 3 rounds and were non-stop action from the first to the last bell. The final MMA fight ended in what most people who don't know much about MMA fighting can relate to... the Arm Bar. The fight of the night would definitely be Nick Zona against Anthony Laptria. The first round was packed with action, including the ever famous slams on the mat. The exclamation point of the fight and the night would have to be, Zona connecting with a right hand knocking Laptria out cold and through the ropes. For upcoming fights and other information go to

Here are the nights results (Exhibition not listed).

  1. Boxing
    Kevin "The Hitman" Engel
    (St. Louis, MO)
    defeated Mike "The Maniac" Gladney (St. Louis, MO) by a split decision.

    Tracey "EL Calberon" Taylor
    (St. Louis, MO)
    defeated Fide Romos (Mexico City, Mexico) by an Arm Bar at 1:30 of the 1st Round.

  3. IKF Kickboxing
    Josh "The Fish Stick" Fischer
    (St. Louis, MO)
    defeated Allen Volkween (St. Petersburg, FL) by TKO. Volkween didn't answer the bell at the start of the third round.

  4. Boxing- "Little" Matt Taff (St. Louis, MO)
    defeated Dan "The Killer" Keely (St. Louis, MO) by disqualification. Amateur boxing rules that if you get 3 points taken in the same round it is a disqualification.

    Stan "The Man" Russo
    (Chicago, IL)
    defeated "Mean" Mike Green (St. Louis, MO) by a unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  6. IKF Kickboxing
    Timmy "Irish Pride" Conners
    (St. Louis, MO)
    defeated Josh Sarder (Flora, IL) by TKO at :33 in the first round. Referee Marc Wasem stepped in and stopped the fight.

  7. Boxing
    Branden Flynn
    (St. Charles, MO)
    defeated Derek Harvath (Granite City, IL) by decision 2 to 1.

    Nick "The Brick" Zona
    (St. Louis, MO)
    defeated Anthony "The Dream" Laptria (Clearwater, FL) by KO in the second round. Zona connected with a right hand that KO'd Laptria.

  9. IKF Kickboxing
    Chris Eppley
    (Pacific, MO)
    defeated David Lowery (Tampa, FL) by TKO at 1:32 of the first round.

  10. ISCF MMA
    Dustin Severs
    (St. Louis)
    defeated Adam Lynn (Joliet, IL) by an unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  11. ISCF MMA
    William Winchester
    (Hilo, HI)
    defeated Ross Grady (Chicago, IL) by a unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

For more information check out or call (314) 608-3104.

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Successfully Deploys

Fans Witnessed a Carpet Bombing of Action in Augusta, Georgia, USA

IKF/ISCF Augusta, Georgia, USA
Just as readers of the IKF and ISCF news pages were told, Winter Wars 2005 fired and hit the mark. No one looking for outstanding kickboxing and mixed martial arts action left Fort Gordon (Augusta Georgia, USA) disappointed. From the junior kickboxing matches to the professional bouts, the level of competition and excitement was sky-scraping! The attitude of fellowship and camaraderie between the competitors and fans was also an important element of Winter Wars' success. Sportsmanship was displayed everywhere. The families and, in particular, the children of deployed soldiers who attended Winter Wars as guests, were able to witness the type of attitude that the martial arts are designed to generate.

This was topped off by awards for citizenship and sacrifice being given to citizen-soldier, Hon. Bobby Christine and wounded narcotics investigator Greg Meagher, as well as the honorary third degree black belt bestowed upon Viet Nam veteran and valued IKF and ISCF Team member, Jerry Smith.

It would be impossible to credit all of the folks who helped make this another outstanding Winter Wars event. Some interesting highlights of the night included University of Georgia law student and Hardcore Gym protégé, Dustin Kirby, putting down the books and prevailing in his MMA bout. XPE Martial Arts of Atlanta established itself as a force to be reckoned with in American rules kickboxing. The Miller family, two sons and their father, all won bouts on the card. Venerated kickboxing trainer, Ben Kiker of United Karate Systems showed unequivocally that his program is still deserving of the respect that it has always garnered. And newcomers to IKF and ISCF events, Sun Tzu Martial Arts of Jolleton, Tennessee, showed that they came willing to fight, as did the always formidable fight team from Velocity in Atlanta. Head officials Gary Brown and George Allen also impressed with their professionalism and effectiveness as third men in the ring.

The night culminated in a professional IKF American Rules kickboxing bout between ISCF U.S. Champion, Cam McHargue and hometown hero Stevie Dement of Augusta. Dement's power and boxing skills were met well by McHargue's impressive display of precise aerial, whirling and commanding kicks. The array of McHargue's kicks and their accuracy literally had fans jaws dropping. So did Dement's ability to survive them and continue fighting. The consensus of those who witnessed the epic main event was that this battle was worthy of pay-per-view and was reminiscent of some of the great kickboxing contests of all time. Dement versus McHargue begs for a rematch and for these great athletes to continue to receive opportunities to fight. Information on how to obtain photos and a DVD of Winter Wars 2005 will be in the IKF and ISCF page soon.

IKF and ISCF want to thank Elizabeth Carlson, in particular, for all of her efforts in coordinating such an outstanding event. We are proud of Elizabeth, her husband Mike and the entire team at Augusta Martial Arts Academy for exceeding expectations, once again. Here are the results from Winter Wars 2005, held on Saturday, February 26, 2005.

  1. IKF Junior Division
    Caleb Plant
    defeated Josh Loftis by split decision.

  2. IKF Junior Division
    Sam Parrish
    defeated Ryan Piper by TKO (referee stoppage).

  3. IKF Junior Division
    Nicholas Torrance
    defeated Nathan McCall by split decision.

  4. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Tim Miller
    defeated Eddie Singleton by KO 18 seconds into the first round.

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Scott Harper
    defeated Nate Horsley by TKO (referee stoppage) in 55 seconds into the first round.

  6. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Josh Jennings
    defeated Reggie Kitchens by unanimous decision.

  7. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    John Sosebee
    defeated Keith Antoine by split decision.

  8. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Micah Miller
    defeated John Trent by submission in 1:25 into the second round.

  9. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Terry Bullman
    defeated Halil Karabegovic by KO at the conclusion of round one.

  10. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Jonathan Hurte
    defeated B.J. Carlisle by TKO at the conclusion of round two.

  11. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Bobby Smith
    defeated Roberto Torres by unanimous decision.

  12. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Jorge Kassave
    defeated Ran Weathers by submission 1:35 seconds into the first round.

  13. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    David Bowles
    defeated Matt Callahan by unanimous decision.

  14. IKF Adult Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Shawn Giles
    defeated Monty Powell by unanimous decision.

  15. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Dustin Kirby
    defeated John Gonzales by submission in 42 seconds into the second round.

  16. ISCF Amateur MMA
    Cole Miller
    defeated Charles Nutt by submission 38 seconds into the first round.

  17. IKF Pro FCR Kickboxing: Professional Bouts
    Shaun Gay
    defeated Joshua Hancock by TKO 24 seconds into the second round.

  18. IKF Pro FCR Kickboxing
    Tony Tucci
    defeated Jason Miller by KO 1:06 into the first round.

  19. IKF Pro FCR Kickboxing
    Stevie Dement
    defeated Cam McHargue by split decision.

For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact Elizabeth Carlson at or (706) 855-5269.

FRIDAY, February 25th, 2005, AT 6:00 PM, PT

Winter Wars 2005
Ready To Fire The First Shots

Fans seeking great IKF Kickboxing an ISCF MMA action should make the trip to Augusta on Saturday, February 26th. One of the most anticipated annual events in the IKF and ISCF is Augusta's Winter Wars. This years fight card is no exception, and at only $15.00 per ticket ($10.00 with a valid military identification), fans will get much more than their money's worth out of the price of admission.

Fans should plan on arriving at the gates 30 minutes prior to fight time, in order to pass through the Fort's security. A driver's license or other photo ID will be required. The fight card (subject to change) for WW 05 looks to be one of the best to date. Fans throughout the Southeast will see a great show. Here is the current card as of press time today.

For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact Elizabeth Carlson at or (706) 855-5269.

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For those questioning what all transpired in 2004 with the Georgia Law regarding MMA, please refer to the page we posted last year when this law discussion was going on by CLICKING HERE

In the workings of the 2004 Georgia MMA Law, those supporting ISCF over the Boxing Commission left WKA in as an additional sanctioning body for MMA in Georgia and sent HB 194 to the House with the felon ban. The House, which was controlled by those supporting the Boxing Commission, would not support that version, so the law stayed as it was. The Senate sent the bill back over to those who sided with the Boxing Commission (As stated, who controlled the House). With the added felon ban, those who sided with the Boxing Commission and who wanted the new bill to pass decided they wanted an ISCF "monopoly" more than they wanted a felon ban. This was NOT what those in favor of the ISCF were pushing for. The Senate version and those who sided with the Boxing Commission, did not want it because of the felon ban. A ban nearly every Athletic or boxing commission in the United States has, and one that the ISCF supporters supported. The way the ISCF supporters left the law reads as follows below before those in favor of the Boxing Commission rejected it:

SECTION 24. (vi)(vii) Mixed martial arts fighting when the competition is sanctioned, approved, or endorsed by the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF), or the World Kickboxing Association (WKA/MMA Division)."

SECTION 24.1. Said chapter is further amended by adding a new Code Section 43-4B-2.1 to read as follows: "43-4B-2.1. (a) No person shall directly or indirectly engage in the practice of being a promoter of kick boxing, Muay Thai, Thai boxing, full-contact karate, or mixed martial arts matches, or be employed or otherwise serve as a manager or organizer for any person or entity engaged in the practice of being a promoter of kick boxing, Muay Thai, Thai boxing, full-contact karate, or mixed martial arts matches, who has been convicted of, has pleaded guilty to, has entered a plea of nolo contendere to, or has been found guilty of a felony under the laws of this state or any offense that, had it occurred within this state, would constitute a felony under the laws of this state. For purposes of this Code section, a conviction shall include but not be limited to adjudication under Article 3 of Chapter 8 of Title 42.

However, don't take our word for it, check out last years bill for yourself by Clicking Here.

MORE NEWS OF 2-25-05

Midwest Fight Fest
"New Beginning"

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

This Saturday, Feburuary 26th, Shamrock Promotions presents Midwest Fight Fest-New Beginning at the South Broadway Athletic Club in St Louis, Missouri, USA. After a 2 year gap from the last Midwest Fight Fest, Shamrock Promotions comes back to the fight atmosphere that put them on the map in the world of kickboxing. Now they are setting there eyes on another sport, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Since MMA became legal in Missouri two years ago when sanctioned through the ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation), Shamrock Promotions has prided itself in making MMA/NHB a household name to the fight fans in St. Louis.

This Saturday is no different! On the card will be 5 ISCF Amateur MMA bouts, 4 IKF Amateur Kickboxing bouts and 3 Amateur Boxing bouts. After trying a diverse fight card over a year ago, Matchmaker/Promoter Jesse Finney (Left) beleives that giving a crowd a taste of all styles gives the crowd a little background when they see the MMA fights. Along with the name coming back, so does the difficulty in getting a ticket for the fights. A week ago there were only 24 tickets lefts, and many people still calling to get there hands on the hottest ticket in town. So Shamrock Promotions did what any Promoter should do... open some more seats. Starting at 5:PM Saturday night Shamrock Promotions is opening an additional 50 standing room only seats on a first come first serve basis. So show up early if you are still without a ticket.

  1. Starting off the night will be a kickboxing exhibition. Jamie O'Hare and Michells Hurchla, both out of Finney's will get the crowd started with an awesome fight.

  2. Moving into the second fight will be the first MMA bout when William Winchester out of Marshall, Missouri goes up against Ross Gradyof Joliet, Illinois. Grady is trained by Ron Hill out of Ron Hill Muay Thai and Grappling.

  3. The second MMA bout will be between Dustin Severs and Adam Lynn. Severs is trained by Roderigo Vaghi and has expressed that he is ready to make a run at fighting full time. he's looked awesome in his last 3 wins. Lynn from Joliet, Illinois is also trained by Ron Hill.

  4. The fourth fight of the night is a kickboxing fight between Chris Epply and David Lowery. Epply is trained by Benny Voyles, out of 21st Century Martial Arts. Lowery is trained by Amir Ardabelley and fights out of St. Petersburg, Florida.

  5. The fifth fight is another MMA bout. Nick Zona out of Finneys will face Anthony Lapiatra. Lapiatra is trained out of Clearwater, Florida and is trained by Amir Ardabelly.

  6. The first Boxing match is between Brandon Flynn out of St. Charles, Missouri and Derrik Horuath out of Granite City, Illinois.

  7. The secind Kickboxing match of the night will be between Tim Connors and Josh Sarder. Connors is fighting out of Finney's and is one of the up and coming prospects out of the Finney camp. Sarder is hungry to get his name known. He fights out of Flora, Illinois.

  8. The fourth MMA bout is between two experienced fighters. Mike Green out of Finney's loves to fight. He is a ground and pound fighter. Stan Russo out of Chicago, Illinois is trained by Ron Hill out of Ron Hill Muay Thai and Grappling. Russo has had plenty of ring experience also, and is looking to exend is wins in St. Louis.

  9. The second boxing match is against former kickboxer Matt Taff and Don Keely. Taff is an up and coming fighter with Finney's who is broadening his fight experience with taking some boxing fights. Keely is out of Wohl Center in St. Louis.

  10. The final kickboxing match is between Josh Fischer and Allen Volkween. Fischer is an experience fighter out of Finney's. He has been tearing up the competition lately. Volkween out of Tample, Florida is also no stranger to the ring. He is trained by Amir Ardabelley.

  11. The final MMA match is between Tracey Taylor out of Team Vaghi and Fide Romos out of Marshall, Missouri. Taylor a former St. Louis Rams football player is starting to make a name for himself in MMA after starting out in Jiu Jitsu. Romos trains with a great fighters out of Marshall, Missouri, Derrick Rippley. Rippley has fought a number of times before in St. Louis.

  12. The Main Event is a boxing match between number 2 ranked IKF Light Cruiserweight Kevin Engel and St. Louis top fighter Austin Egiofer. Egiofer took 2nd in the National Glolden Gloves last year. Engel is a two time IKF USA National Amateur Tournament Champion with a kickboxing record of 26-4/10. He won the 2003 IKF USA National Amateur Tournament title with a win over Bill Jardine of Mondovi, Wisconsin, USA by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 to win the Light Cruiserweight title and in 2002 he won the IKF USA National Amateur Super Middleweight title when he defeated Shannon Hudson of Lynn, South Carolina, USA by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27.

The nights Referee is Mark Wasem. For more information check out or call (314) 608-3104.

WEDNESDAY, February 23rd, 2005, AT 4:55 PM, PT

Winter Wars To Recognize Great Americans
Heroic Narcotics Investigator and Citizen Soldier to Receive Honor in Augusta

Two men of courage and integrity will be honored at Winter Wars 2005 in Augusta, Georgia On Saturday, February 26, 2005. One, narcotics investigator Greg Meagher, (Right) who is also a black belt, survived being shot during an undercover operation and is now, back on the job, putting himself on the line to stem the flow of illegal drugs. The other, Judge Bobby Christine of the Magistrate Court of Columbia County, Georgia spent the better parts of 2003 and 2004 deployed in Iraq as a captain in the United States Army national Guard. Judge Christine was also a trial attorney with the Augusta District Attorney's Office for nearly a decade and is now in private practice in the Augusta area, in addition to his service on the bench.

Both men will be recognized for their, "courage, sacrifice, and dedication in showing the true spirit and integrity of the martial artist in his service to his fellow citizens." Augusta Martial Arts academy chief instructor and Winter Wars driving force Mike Carlson considers his association with Meagher and Christine to be a point of personal and professional pride: "I have had the distinct privilege of working with these gentlemen and know the extent that they are willing to give of themselves to make the world a better place for others. It is their embodiment of this principle, which is the true spirit of the martial arts, that has earned them this well deserved recognition."

IKF and ISCF World President, Steve Fossum, agrees, "These are both men of integrity and virtue who deserve this recognition. Augusta is fortunate to have such people in its midst."

Winter Wars 2005 will take place on Saturday, February 26th at Gym 3 in Fort Gordon (Augusta), Georgia, USA. The doors will open at 5:30 PM, with the action beginning at 6:30 PM. Tickets prices are $15.00 for general admission or $10.00 with military identification. For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact Elizabeth Carlson at or (706) 855-5269. Fans need to bring a current ID and should allow an additional thirty minutes for entry onto the base due to base security at the entree gate.

PHOTO AT RIGHT: Hon. Bobby Christine (Right) while an ADA arguing to the jury for the prosecution in the famous Georgia trial of the case of State vs Rodney Richardson (the defendant was convicted of murder even though no body was found)

Hon. Bobby Christine

TUESDAY, February 15th, 2005, AT 7:30 PM, PT

Fans Can Expect Bang For Their Buck
At Winter Wars

February 26th Augusta Card Looking Solid And Extensive

The much anticipated Winter Wars 2005 fight card has been released, and kickboxing and mixed martial arts fans will not be disappointed. For a $15.00 admission price ($10.00 with a military identification), spectators will be able to view some of the finest action that the South can offer. "We had a flurry of quality fight camps wanting to participate in the event," said event co-organizer and IKF and ISCF World Advisor, Mike Carlson, "So we have decided to start the card a bit earlier. But whenever someone chooses to arrive, they will see some great action."

An interesting bout will place ISCF U.S. Light Middleweight Champion and premier Southeastern martial sports figure, Cam McHargue, in a light heavyweight professional kickboxing bout with Augusta Martial Arts Academy's, Stevie Dement. This will be under the IKF's Full Contact rules and promises to be a match up that many will want to see. IKF and ISCF World President, Steve Fossum sees Winter Wars 2005 as living up to its predecessors: "This is just the kind of fight card that everyone associated with the IKF and ISCF has grown to expect from Winter Wars. Those of us in the fight game and especially those in the Promoting Business can appreciate and relate to the efforts the Carlson's and their team in Augusta have put into organizing their event."

About McHargue's participation in the kickboxing bout, Fossum adds, "This is a big step for Cam to step into the ring for a stand-up only fighting bout. We know he is a warrior in MMA and we are eager to see how he handles himself as a Kickboxer. Actions like this prove why he gets the respect that he does in this business." Winter Wars 2005 will take place on Saturday, February 26th at Gym 3 in Fort Gordon (Augusta), Georgia, USA. The doors will open at 5:30 PM, with the action beginning at 6:30 PM. Tickets prices are $15.00 for general admission or $10.00 with military identification. For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact Elizabeth Carlson at or (706) 855-5269. Fans need to bring a current ID and should allow an additional thirty minutes for entry onto the base due to base security at the entree gate.

THURSDAY, February 10th, 2005, AT 4:40 PM, PT

WW 05

Huge Fight IKF And ISCF Card Anticipated For February 26 In Augusta

Can fight fans handle a buck a fight? Well, that is what is projected for to be the value of a $15.00 general admission fee for Winter Wars 2005, a night of IKF American rules kickboxing and ISCF mixed martial arts action to be held in Augusta, Georgia on February 26, 2005.

You see, at least fifteen bouts are already set. And soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines will get and additionally discount. Admission is only $10.00 with a current, military identification. IKF and ISCF World President Steve Fossum is highly enthusiastic: "All indicators show that this will be another great Winter Wars card. The value of the ticket relative to number of fights speaks for itself. And hats off the Carlsons for including a discount for our service men and women."

Winter Wars driving force and IKF and ISCF World Advisor, Mike Carlson (Right) adds, "Everyone associated with this event is expecting great things from it. I am glad that Fort Gordon and our troops could be supported as part of the effort as well. We all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude."

Winter Wars 2005 will take place on Saturday, February 26th at Gym 3 in Fort Gordon (Augusta), Georgia, USA. The doors will open at 5:30 PM, with the action beginning at 6:30 PM. Tickets prices are $15.00 for general admission or $10.00 with military identification. For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact Elizabeth Carlson at or (706) 855-5269. Fans need to bring a current ID and should allow an additional thirty minutes for entry onto the base.

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SATURDAY, February 5th, 2005, AT 2:00 PM, PT

Quick Results From
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

For more info go to

MONDAY, January 31st, 2005, AT 5:05 PM, PT

Fight Party Productions Presents
At Compound Atlanta, USA

ISCF Promoter Brett Moses (Right) is ready to bring more ISCF MMA Action to Atlanta Georgia this coming Friday, February 4th. Atlanta's most innovative and cutting-edge Destination And Event Complex will host the sport of the future: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Made famous by the Ultimate Fighting Championship & Promoted worldwide, MMA integrates various fighting styles including, but not limited to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Karate, Kickboxing and Kung Fu, in a quest to determine which fighter is the best. These are real athletes competing in REAL fights, only legal in Georgia when sanctioned by the ISCF.

Compound Fracture II will feature 13 MMA bouts. Doors open at 6:30 PM, fights begin at 7:30 PM. Tickets are available exclusively through the Fight Party Hotline (404) 315-7235 and are very limited.
1008 Brady Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30318,
(404) 872-4621


For more information go to

MORE NEWS OF 1-31-05

Results From Adrenaline Extreme Combat's
"War in the Cage II"
January 21st, 2005

This event was another wild night of NHB and Submission fighting action featuring talent from all over the country. AEC would like to thank the wild crowd of 1,500 fans who packed the Beaumont to support this sport. Go to for information on the next show! Here are the nights results below.

For more info go to For additional info contact Mr. Chad Osborne at or call (816) 914-6527.

FRIDAY, January 28th, 2005, AT 10:40 PM, PT

Winter Wars 2005
Declared In Augusta

Annual IKF And ISCF Event Returns On February 26th!

IKF/ISCF Augusta, Georgia, USA
One of the most highly recognized events every year in the IKF and ISCF is Augusta's Winter Wars. This year, event organizers are working diligently to deliver another stellar night of IKF American rules kickboxing and ISCF mixed martial arts action.

"This has always been a highly recognized event among the many IKF and ISCF events we do every year" says IKF and ISCF World President, Steve Fossum,

"And I know that the Carlson's (Mike & Elizabeth - Right) and their entire team in Augusta will provide another first class production."

Fight fans throughout the Southeast and across the IKF and ISCF should keep an eye on the news pages for regular updates and reports. Winter Wars 2005 will take place on Saturday, February 26th at Gym 3 in Fort Gordon (Augusta), Georgia, USA. The doors will open at 6:PM, with the action beginning at 7:PM. Tickets prices are $15.00 for general admission or $10.00 with military identification.

For more information, or if you are interested in competing, please contact
Elizabeth Carlson at
or (706) 855-5269.

FRIDAY, January 20th, 2005, AT 1:00 PM, PT

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

ISCF Promoter Mr. Chad Osborne and his promotional company Adrenaline Athletics is all set for tonights "WAR IN THE CAGE II" at the Beaumont Club in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Doors open at 6:30. Fights start at 7:30.

For more info go to For additional info contact Mr. Chad Osborne at or call (816) 914-6527. Tonights ISCF Event Representative will be Mr. Chuck Wolfe. Mr. Wolfe's assistant will be Mr. David Salyers. The ISCF Referee will be Mr. Steve Berger & Mr. James Allen.

MORE NEWS OF 1-21-05

MMA Meeting

A special note to those who are registered to attend the ISCF Georgia MMA meeting. The location for this meeting has been changed. It will still be held on Sunday, January 23rd at 1:00 PM, however the location had to be changed. Due to the response for attending this meeting, Mr. Chris Stolzman (Original meeting host at Velocity Kickboxing in Atlanta, Georgia) has made arrangements for The Five Seasons Brewery (Right next door to Velocity on Roswell Road in the Prado) to host the MMA meeting. They will be much better equipped to handle all the people who have committed to coming to the meeting providing us a private room with enough seats for everyone. Please spread the word to anyone interested in coming. Mr. Stolzman will have someone at his club until 1:30 to redirect people over to the restaurant who are on the list but did not hear of the change of location.

A REMINDER that ONLY those Registered by 5:00 PM Pacific Time TODAY will be allowed to attend this meeting. As of this posting, those registered to attend are shown below:

  1. Steve Fossum
  2. Ray Thompson
  3. Brett Moses
  4. Cam McHarque
  5. Austin Wingo
  6. Mark Selbee
  7. David Oblas
  8. Chris Stolzman
  9. Steve Headden
  10. James Thorpe
  11. Matthew Waller
  12. Adam Singer
  13. JJ Coronel
  14. Carol Coronel
  15. Cliff Fretwell
  16. Richard Trammell
  17. Matt Larsen
  18. Kevin Gittemeier
  19. Sherri Thompson
  20. Jeff Dickerson
  21. David dos Santos
  22. George Allen
  23. Ken Coffey
  24. John Flood
  25. Mitchell Moses
  26. Jeff Bedard
  27. Cal Cooper
  28. Tom Nguyen
  29. Stephen Carnes
  30. Angel Carnes
  31. Andy Foster
  32. Jonathan Wiezoerk
  33. Raphael Assuncao
  34. Camron Wiltshire
  35. Junior Assuncao
  36. Ken Hudson

THURSDAY, January 13th, 2005, AT 11:30 PM, PT

MMA Meeting

We here at the ISCF would like to make a public invitation to anyone in Georgia, USA to a meeting we are having about MMA in the State of Georgia. If anyone reading this knows of anyone who wants to attend this meeting, but does not have internet access or may not know about this meeting, please inform them with what knowledge we have provided you here as well as have them call the ISCF Headquarters at the number above to register. All individuals will be confirmed at the front door of the meeting from an active list we are keeping on the MMA Message Board. To see this list CLICK HERE. In this meeting we will be clearing up various issues which will include but not be limited to:

If someone shows up at the meeting and is not on the list on the Message Board Page, they will not be allowed to attend. This way we can properly plan for space, seating etc. for this meeting. Those already registered to attend as of this notice include:

  1. Steve Fossum, ISCF/IKF President, California, Meeting Moderator
  2. Ray Thompson, ISCF/IKF South Carolina, Meeting Moderator
  3. Brett Moses, Promoter & Official
  4. Cam McHarque, Official, Fighter & Trainer
  5. Austin Wingo, Promoter
  6. Mark Selbee, Fighter
  7. David Oblas, Promoter
  8. Chris Stolzman, Trainer
  9. Steve Headden, Fighter & Trainer
  10. James Thorpe, Fighter
  11. Matthew Waller, Trainer & Promoter
  12. Adam Singer, Fighter
  13. JJ Coronel, Team Casca-Grossa
  14. Carol Coronel, Team Casca-Grossa
  15. Cliff Fretwell, Fighter
  16. Richard Trammell, Trainer & Fighter
  17. Matt Larsen, Trainer
  18. Kevin Gittemeier, Fighter

Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you all at the meeting.

MORE NEWS OF 1-13-05

Well known Georgia MMA Fighter
Forrest Griffin
On UFC Spike Reality TV Show!

Portions of this article are from TheUltimateFighter.TV

Many who read the ISCF News page have heard of him but this coming Monday night on Spike TV, you may get a chance to see him in action. Light Heavyweight MMA fighter Forrest Griffin (Of Augusta, Georgia) was an Augusta, Georgia Police officer outside the ring but inside the ring he has compiled an MMA fighting record of 9 wins and 2 loses. His 2 loses came to mega MMA stars Dan Severn (63-11-7) in his first bout and Jeremy Horn (69-13-5).

You say, "WAS" a police officer? According to another well known Georgia Fighter Rory Singer of The HardCore Gym where Forrest is from, "Forrest had to quit his job as a Police Officer to be on the show. He certainly wants to remain in law enforcement in the future though. Guess we will just have to see what is in store for him as far as fighting. I cannot wait for the show to air. I will be watching it along side Forrest and many of our friends. It will be awesome."

According to TheUltimateFighter.TV, Sixteen men from across the Americas will travel to Las Vegas with one dream, one goal, to become The Ultimate Fighter™. In the end, one fighter from each of the two weight classes will succeed with the challenge and fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship® event. Fighters will be brought to Las Vegas where the UFC® has its National Training Center. For the next seven weeks the competitors will be under the strict supervision of two of the most successful and famous UFC® fighters and trainers on the planet, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture and UFC Light Heavyweight #1 Contender Chuck Liddell.

The competitors will train together, live together, and fight against each other inside and outside of the storied UFC Octagon. The men are split into two teams, Team Liddell and Team Couture. The two squads compete against each other within their weight classes to avoid elimination. In each episode, the competitors will also compete in a "Challenge." The Challenges revolve around old school training techniques, physical stamina, and mental strategy. The team that wins the challenge controls which fighters must fight to avoid elimination. At the end of each week, one fighter from each team must fight in the Octagon to avoid being kicked out of the UFC Training Center The training center is located off of Flamingo behind The Palms Casino. The fighters will fight until only two remain in each weight division. In the end, The Ultimate Fighter will be decided by a competition match, a head-to-head fight to the finish inside the Octagon®.

The Ultimate Fighter TV will first air on Monday, January 17th at 11:PM Eastern time and a new episodes will air every Monday. Replays will be on Friday, 12:AM, Saturday, 7:PM and Sunday at 5:PM. For more info on the show go to www.TheUltimateFighter.TV. According to sources the fighters were selected by an open tryout, and personality weighed just as heavily as martial art skills. Video tapes of fight highlights and interview were sent in and then they met with guys in person. From what we have been informed, most of the fighters are Pro Fighters which means there is sure to be plenty of Great MMA action with Couture and Liddell leading them on.

Along with Griffin the other fighters include

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Want to hear some other news... Mike Tyson is training in jiujitsu and wrestling as well as boxing now... is MMA in his future?

MORE NEWS OF 1-13-05

Packed House Enjoys
Beaumont Brawl II

By Chuck Wolfe - ISCF Missouri Representative

ISCF MISSOURI, USA: ISCF Promoters Joe Kelly & Craig Cummings of Titan Entertainment, L.L.C. packed the house again for his Beaumont Brawl II on Friday, January 7th at the Beaumont Club in Westport, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. The crowd was entertained by a women's MMA fight as well as an ISCF Amateur Midwest Regional Heavyweight Title fight. The fight card started with 6 Pro Boxing Bouts which proved to be the warm up for the MMA bouts on this night. The results are as follows:

  1. Tammy McDonald of Kansas City Missouri, USA won by Tap-Out via a arm bar at 1:47 of the first round over Cosba Powers of St. Joesph Missouri, USA.
  2. Rob Lilly of Blue Springs Missouri, USA overpowered Bobby Greg also of St. Joseph Missouri, USA with a full body slam and followed up strikes to the head forcing Referee Brad Jones to stop the match at 1:07 of the first round.
  3. Rob Kimmins of Kansas City Missouri, USA won by Tap-Out at just :24 of the first round over Nathan Frampton of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA
  4. Cisco Guerra of Kansas City Missouri, USA won by Tap-Out at 1:54 of the first round over Robert Gallegos of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA
  5. ISCF Amateur Midwest Regional Heavyweight Title
    Matt Cox of Blue Springs Missouri, USA took the Title home with a win by Tap-Out via a strong arm lock over a very game Robert Bruce of St. Joseph, Missouri, USA.

Not a good night if you were from St. Joe but another excited show put on by Joe Kelly, Craig Cummings and Titan Entertainment. For more info call (816) 454-1123 or e-mail at or go to

FRIDAY, January 7th, 2005, AT 9:10 AM, PT

Beaumont Brawl II

Tonight, January 7th, 2005, Joe Kelly of Titan Entertainment, L.L.C. will presents "BEAUMONT BRAWL II". the Main Event will be the quest for the vacant ISCF Amateur Midwest Regional Heavyweight Title between Robert Bruce and Matt Cox. The event will take place at the Beaumont Club in Westport, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. For more info call (816) 454-1123 or e-mail at or go to