February 2007

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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27th, 2007, AT 4:05 PM, PT

"Mid Missouri MMA"
February 17th, 2007 - Moberly, Missouri, USA

ISCF World Representative Chuck Wolfe
First time ISCF Promoter Ricky Davidson has a promising career in the fight game if he continues to put on events like this one! The caliber of this show was equal to any seasoned promoter - the arena was top notch; the view from any seat spectacular; the atmosphere was positive and electric; the card was full and the fighters were in excellent condition and displayed awesome sportsmanship! And, the fans were the winners tonight, being entertained by some outstanding MMA fighters! Mr. Davidson quoted Dr. Graham saying "Courage is Contagious! When a brave man takes a stand, the spine of others are stiffened"...and every fighter stepping in the cage tonight was a courageously brave warrior! One of the major highlights of this evening was the war between Goodwin and Tierney - an absolute crowd pleaser! Don't miss the next venue!

  1. Light Heavyweight
    Ryan Holliger Vs Lee Werr
    The fighters exchange rights and Hollinger takes Werr to the ground, throwing some rights in the process. Hollinger attempts to work to the full mount, finding room for some ground and pound. Werr escapes the attack and gets back to a standup position as the fighters separate. Werr's kicks are blocked by Hollinger and again Hollinger gets the full mount and begins more ground and pound, landing rights and lefts. Werr shrimps up to defend and again escapes the ground and pound position, but Hollinger is relentless as he moves to secure a guillotine, cranking hard and forcing Werr to submit! Quick but busy fight!
    WINNER: HOLLINGER by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at 1:45 of Round One.

  2. Lightweight
    Sean Erickson Vs Josh Phillips
    Phillips comes out landing a solid left hook, right hand and knee to Erickson's face! Phillips then proceeds to toss Erickson to the mat as he continues his quick attack from a side mount forcing Erickson to submit! Wow - good fast action!
    WINNER: PHILLIPS by TAP OUT (Strikes) at :22 of Round One.

  3. Heavyweight
    Josh Thomas Vs Eric Jones
    • This Eric is NOT this Eric Jones, However, The top Eric Jone's bout against Nate Gorman is listed on this page.

    Thomas comes out landing a jab, right hand combo. Jones, with his energy high, throws a blind right, and connects! Both fighters attempt to land punches as they grapple up. Jones connects on Thomas and slams Thomas against the cage and then takes Thomas to the ground. Jones gets Thomas in a quick guillotine, but Thomas slips out - but Jones keeps him pinned against the cage as he lands two knees to Thomas' body. Thomas spins Jones around and puts him up against the cage. As the action stalls, Referee Bud Johnson returns the fighters to stand up. With no hesitation, Jones jumps right on Thomas and they grapple up in the center of the cage. Jones on top of Thomas, tying him up as he looks for room to throw his knee strike and Thomas submits!
    WINNER: JONES by VERBAL SUBMISSION at 2:15 of Round One.

  4. Heavyweight
    James Lucas Vs Donald Bunn
    More heavyweight action as these fighters take the cage. Lucas immediately lands a right, but Bunn is there to answer with a right as these warriors grapple up. Bunn throws a leg kick, right hand as the fighters separate. Bunn lands another right, but Lucas is right there answering with a right, then they exchange rights to the body to the appreciation of the crowd! Lucas takes the center of the cage and lands a couple of powerful rights and Bunn answers with a right hand! Lucas won't give up the center of the cage as he taunts Bunn back in for more. Lucas lands a tremendous right which seems to rattle Bunn. Bunn recovers and the fighters exchange leg kicks, then exchange blows as they grapple up against the cage. Lucas gets Bunn into a guillotine, landing a couple of crowd-pleasing knees to the face. They go to the ground as Bunn escapes and gets into a side mount. The crowd is wow'd as Lucas pulls a reversal, tightening a choke and forcing Bunn to submit! Great action! The fans were loving it!
    WINNER: LUCAS by TAP OUT (Choke) at 2:28 of Round One.

  5. Middleweight
    Aaron Poston Vs Chad Beza
    Poston lands a right, answered by Beza's double leg takedown to start this war! Poston attempts to work into a guillotine, but Beza slips, wedging Poston against the cage. With Poston on the bottom, some underhooks in, attempts to hold Beza in position to eliminate any ground and pound. Poston pulls full guard as Beza attempts to get past, stacking up Poston, but Poston continues to defend well. Beza is relentless as he gets past Poston's guard, getting into a side mount. Poston continues his defense, but Beza continues to move into a full mount, looking for room for ground and pound. Poston attempts to bridge out giving his back to Beza. Beza cinches in a rear naked choke, Poston resists, but Beza cinches tight, forcing Poston to submit with just a second left in the round! Excellent grappling action by these warriors!
    WINNER: BEZA by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:59 of Round One.

  6. Light Heavyweight
    Chris Goodwin Vs Colby Tierney The crowd is with these fighters as the action starts fast. Tierney comes out throwing a leg kick, answered by Goodwin's overhand right, and Tierney lands another right that drops Goodwin on the seat of his pants, but Goodwin springs right back up, ready to rumble! Although taking a solid shot, Goodwin shows he's in this fight as he goes after Tierney and takes him down with a double leg, immediately taking the top mount. The crowd is chanting and going wild! Tierney attempts a guillotine, but can't get Goodwin to tap! Goodwin escapes and looks for some ground and pound room as Tierney pulls full guard and shows good defense. As Goodwin fails to stack Tierney up, Tierney fails to cinch in the armbar, but the round ends with Goodwin on top as Tierney continues to defend ending this first action-packed round!
    The fans are ready for round two as these warriors step out! The fighters exchange solid blows as Goodwin takes Tierney to the ground hard! But Tierney gets right back up and attempts a body slam on Goodwin, and Tierney does get the takedown. Goodwin is looking to slip in a guillotine, but Tierney alludes him as Tierney goes into a full mount. Goodwin immediately reverses and takes the top position. Goodwin rolls Tierney over and gets to the side mount position, but Tierney refuses to give up room for ground and pound. Goodwin does land a couple of body shots to end this busy round. The crowd is thrilled at the prospect of another round of action and these warriors are ready to finish this war as they begin round three.
    Tierney attempts a leg kick, but Goodwin answers with one that connects. Tierney throws a series of connecting blows, but Goodwin slips him into a guillotine. Tierney slams Goodwin against the cage as he tries to defend against the choke. The fighters separate as the bombs continue to fly as Tierney lands a flying knee only to be answered by a solid right by Goodwin! Tierney throws a kick, Goodwin lands a punch, but Tierney lands a right, left hook, right over the top and stuns Goodwin, grabbing him and pulling him to the ground. Goodwin keeps his presence of mind, gaining the full mount position and both fighters are exchanging bombs, with Goodwin in superior position with Tierney against the cage. As Goodwin tries to trap Tierney's arms, Tierney bridges, and the fighters continue to exchange bombs clear to the bell as the crowd roars! What a war ~ and what great warriors ~ as we are forced to go to the judges scorecards.
    WINNER: GOODWIN By UNANIMOUS DECISION, 29-28 on all 3 Judges cards.

  7. Middleweight
    Brandon Resch Vs Valente Ortiz
    The fighters immediately exchange blows as they attempt to grapple up in the center of the cage. Ortiz lands an uppercut, and Resch answers with a leg kick, and Ortiz lands another uppercut, right hand. Resch lands a solid front kick, moving Ortiz into the cage. Resch moves in landing a few blows, and Ortiz answers with some solid shots. Resch throws a low, high kick, and Ortiz answers with a leg kick. Resch throws a kick, but Ortiz answers it and again they exchange blows repeatedly. Ortiz manages to land a solid blow, knocking Resch against the cage. These fighters are hooking it up as the action continues. Ortiz lands a leg kick, right blow, then immediately moves in for the takedown, moving right into a full mount looking for some ground and pound. Resch reverses Ortiz, Ortiz pulls guard, and now Resch is looking for some ground and pound. The fighters separate and stand as Ortiz throws a rocket right hand stopping this bout! Great action!
    WINNER: ORTIZ by TKO (Strikes) at 2:43 of Round One.

  8. Welterweight
    Patrick Reeder Vs Caleb Paffrath
    Paffrath lands a straight left, connecting with Reeder's jaw. Reeder responds by going for the single leg takedown. Paffrath moves in for the guillotine, but Reeder escapes. With Reeder on top, they go to the mat as Paffrath pulls full guard. Reeder looks for room for ground and pound and Paffrath reverses, Reeder reverses, Paffrath reverses! The fighters stand up as Paffrath looks to land a straight left, catching Reeder on the shoulder as they return to the mat. Reeder is on top but Paffrath reverses, swiftly gets the full mount and commences to ground and pound, forcing Reeder to submit!
    WINNER: PAFFRATH by TAP OUT (Strikes) at 2:24 of Round One.

  9. Lightweight
    Matt Glass vs Sean McGlensy
    McGlensy starts with a leg kick, takedown, stacking Glass up. Glass quickly moves away as the fighters stand back up, only to have McGlensy toss him to the mat again. McGlensy takes the side mount, looking to ground and pound. McGlensy stands to land a right hand; Glass stands up and McGlensy lands a knee, overhand right. Glass moves to get into a guillotine, but McGlensy takes Glass to the mat as the crowd reacts, but fails to secure his choke. McGlensy is on top, with Glass in full guard, as the action stalls. Referee Johnson stands up the fighters as McGlensy throws a leg kick, and Glass answers with a knee as the round ends.
    Round two starts with some energy as McGlensy lands a right to Glass' face and gets a quick takedown. Glass goes to full guard, and McGlensy looks for room to ground and pound, but the fighters stall and return to stand up. McGlensy lands a right and a sweeping takedown on Glass, with Glass again on bottom. Again, Glass is still effective with his defense, using underhooks and tight positioning to keep McGensy at bay on the ground, ending this round.
    Round three McGlensy throws a left and misses, but immediately follows up by landing a left round kick, right hand, knee strike to Glass' face. Glass shoots in for a takedown, but McGlensy ends up in a full mount, ripping rights and lefts to Glass' head. McGlensy secures a tight choke, forcing Glass to submit!
    WINNER: McGLENSY by TAP OUT (Frontal Choke) at :57 of Round Three.

  10. Welterweight
    Brad Jeffries Vs Joel Salter
    What a night as the quick welterweights enter the cage! Jeffries fires off a round kick to Salter's leg! As Jeffries attempts to throw a punch, Salter takes advantage, making him miss, then making him pay and gets a quick takedown, looking immediately for room for ground and pound. Jeffries tries to rotate out, but Salter cinches in a rear naked, cranking tight and forcing Jeffries to submit! Quick action!
    WINNER: SALTER by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at :33 of Round One.

  11. Lightweight
    Andrew Williams Vs Brian Jordan
    Williams starts by throwing a kick, spin heel kick, both missing. Jordan takes advantage by moving in and closing the gap and the fighters go to the ground. Williams moves to a triangle, looking to secure an armbar, but Jordan picks him up and slams him to the mat - but Williams refuses to relinquish the triangle! These lightweights are moving swiftly as Jordan escapes the triangle, moving to a mount, but Williams goes to a tight full guard. Jordan does find room for some ground and pound as he stacks Williams up against the cage, but Williams is relentless with his triangle. Williams again is lifted off the ground by Jordan, but refuses to release his grip, cinching tight and forcing Jordan to submit. Good, swift grappling.
    WINNER: WILLIAMS by TAP OUT (Triangle to Arm Bar) at 2:26 of Round One.

  12. Middleweight
    Clint Fox Vs Jeremy Leight
    Leight comes out landing a right and left, but Fox brings him in close, working to get in the guillotine. Fox uses the guillotine to slam Leight from one end of the cage to the other, throwing a good left knee to the body, right knee to the head. Leight answers with a couple of knees of his own. The crowd is pumped as Fox tries to lock him into the cage, using a couple more knees, yo-yoing from the body to the head, moving Leight around the cage again. Fox is using his knees well to secure a tight guillotine, forcing Leight to submit!
    WINNER: FOX by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at 1:02 of Round One

For more info please contact Mr. Ricky Davidson II at (660) 676-8477 or at or go to


International Fight League Presents
2007 World Premiere Season
February 24th, 2007 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

By Wil Nix, ISCF Press Staff
The IFL brings its show to Atlanta. With this premiere event a new age of mixed-martial arts is born. Fighters from all over the western hemisphere are being brought to Atlanta to display talent and professionalism at a level never before seen. A near capacity crowd and a cable audience (to be aired March 12, check local listings) are witness to the future of MMA action.

As always the IFL carries with it their cascade of MMA stars: fighters such as Renzo Gracie, Bass Rutten, Igor Zinoviev and Carlos Newton. These men helped shape MMA and are molding the next generation of MMA standouts.

The IFL is the first team based MMA organization and event. These teams bring a new level of competition to the sport. A sport bent on growth and with it the IFL paving the way with innovation and bravado. Supplying this are the teams competing tonight in the IFL. Tonight's teams were the Dragons, from Toronto, Ontario, coached by Carlos Newton. They will be facing The Wolfpack from Portland, Oregon, coached by Matt Lindland. Then the Red Bears from Chicago, Illinois coached Igor Zinoviev will compete against the Pitbulls from New York, coached by Renzo Gracie. The nights Main Event has Robbie Lawler of Pat Miletich's Silverbacks facing Eduardo Pamplona of the Pitbulls.

Here are the results of the nights action.

Tonight the Pitbulls dominated the Redbears, with a score of 4-1. Their saving grace Vetell who took advantage early and won decisively. Both teams were well prepared and coached.

The IFL could not have asked for better bouts. Their fighters gave heart and soul to the ring. Atlanta should be a welcome home for events to come and the television audience has a spectacle to anticipate. Any fan should want the IFL's new competition format to succeed. The rivalries created will supply a new spark to both fighters and fans.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25th, 2007, AT 8:35 PM, PT

February 17th, 2007 - Bristol, Virginia, USA

ISCF Promoter Casey Oxendine and his Stateline Mixed Martial Arts crew hosted "Double-Cross" on February 17th, 2007 at the Holiday Inn in Bristol, Virginia, USA. Here are the results below.

  1. Josh Winter (Combat MMA) defeated Jerry Fields (Samson's) by KO of Round 1.
  2. Jesse Grindstaff (Team MOAB/Ox) defeated Chris Steele (Maryland) TKO (Didn't answer the bell for rd 2)

  3. Kyle Baker (Valley Chute Boxe) defeated Luiz Rodriquez (Bullet) by Referee stoppage of Round 2.

  4. Dale Wooden (Team Roc) defeated Mike Ryan by KO of Round 1.

  5. John Long (Team Roc) Heavyweight defeated Justin Moore by KO of Round 1.
  6. Cale Yarborough (Hardcore) defeated Thomas Hensley by Referee stoppage of Round 1.

  7. Ian Boxhorn (Team Ox) defeated Eric Horning (Team Predator) by submission (guillotine) of Round 1.

  8. Jason Kwast (Team Roc) defeated Jesse Peery by submission (rear naked choke) of Round 1.

  9. Devon Plaisance (KBJJ) defeated Steve Manuel (Combat MMA) by referee stoppage of Round 1.

  10. Brad Williams (Hardcore) defeated Dustin Dyer (Team Ox/Kaos) by referee stoppage of Round 1.

  11. Juan Ramos (Team Roc) defeated Jacky McCarty (Samson's Gym) by KO of Round 1.

  12. Jay Page (Team Ox) defeated Stephan Francini (Dead End MMA) by KO of Round 1.

  13. Eric Orta (Team Roc) defeated Matt Norman (Team Kaos) by referee stoppage in Round 1.

  14. Dwayne King (Columbia, SC) defeated Jeff Rouche (Hardcore) by submission (guillotine) of Round 1.

  15. Daniel Webb (ETBG) defeated Tyler Justice (Absolute) by referee stoppage of Round 2.

  16. Kyle Baker (Valley Chute Boxe) defeated Dale Wooden by referee stoppage of Round 1.

For more info please cntact Mr. Casey Oxendine at (423) 773-3030 or at or go to

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24th, 2007, AT 1:15 AM, PT

"IFL Season Event"
February 24th, 2007 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Saturday Night, February 24th, 2007, the IFL, International Fight League hosted another great "Season Event" at the Arena At Gwinnet Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


The entire nights fight report with all the fight details will be posted here this coming Monday. For more info, please go to

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21st, 2007, AT 11:10 AM, PT


International Fight League Presents
"Season Event"
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"Some" Records Are Amateur & Pro Combined - For Breakdown Please Click Name
Fight Card & Weights As Of As Of 2-22-07, 5:00 PM PST


Robbie Lawler
Davenport, Iowa, USA, 14-4, 184


Eduardo Pamplona
Sao Paulo, Brazil, 5-1, 183


Fight Card Entertainment Presents
"$10,000" American Bushido Round 2
Chicago Ridge, Illinois, USA

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16th, 2007, AT 7:00 PM, PT


Mid Missouri Mixed Martial Arts Association Presents
"Mid Missouri MMA"
Moberly, Missouri, USA


Stateline Mixed Martial Arts Presents
Bristol, Virginia, USA

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12th, 2007, AT 8:45 PM, PT

February 3rd, 2007 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

By Chuck Wolfe ISCF World Representative
One again the Caveman Crew continues to "evolve" their fightcards to a higher level! MMA is quickly evolving into a world class sporting event, much in thanks to the quality of fighters presented tonight! It's clear from their physical prowess these fighters train hard, train tough and train in all phases of combat. Their stand-up is as effective as their clinch and ground fighting, making these fighters a triple threat! They step into the cage in shape and clearly skilled enough to entertain these savvy fans. The energy was high from the moment the doors opened and this electric level was maintained throughout the evening! In the evolution of the fight game these promoters aren't forgetting some of the primary styles that contributed to the MMA phenomenon and featured two stand-up kickboxing bouts to start the night! If you aren't taking advantage of the opportunity to see these fights "live" you are totally missing an opportunity of a lifetime, as these warriors only get better and better!

    WINNER: GORDON by Referee Stoppage (TKO ) at :57 of Round Two.

    WINNER: CARROLL by Unanimous Decision, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.

  3. Lightweight
    *Blake Crowly Vs Christopher Salmon
    The first MMA bout of the evening features two fighters who clearly came for war! The fight started with a bang! After a heated exchange of rights and lefts, Salmon gets the takedown, moving to a rear naked choke, forcing Crowley to submit!
    WINNER: SALMON by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:20 of Round One.

  4. Bantamweight
    *Danny Timmons Vs *Danny Elsrode
    Timmons comes out swinging as Elsrode answers with a solid right! Timmons connects with a right, looking for a takedown, but Elsrode reverses, then Timmons reverses as the fighters return to stand-up. The fighters grapple up in the center of the cage and exchange knees! Timmons lands a knee to Elsrode's face and misses on the takedown. Elsrode slips in a guillotine, but Timmons refuses to submit! The crowd is going wild as Timmons escapes, Elsrode pulls guard as Timmons looks for room for ground and pound. These bantamweights are really getting it on! Elsrode in full guard, Timmons tries to get past as the round ends.
    Both fighters come out swinging in round two! Timmons throws a wild right, but Elsrode makes him miss and makes him pay with a right to the face and a knee to the body! Elsrode is on top, Timmons on bottom, as Elsrode looks for room for ground and pound as Timmons tries to lock him up tight! Elsrode ends round two on top, landing lefts.
    Round three has Timmons coming in with some wild rights and lefts, but Elsrode continues to defend well. Timmons lands a knee to the body, but Elsrode counters with a hard right, and gets the takedown. But, Timmons swiftly rotates out and escapes. The loud crowd is cheering their favorite fighter on as Elsrode escapes Timmons now and lands a left and right. Timmons has Elsrode against the cage looking for room to land a knee. Timmons takes down Elsrode, looking for the full mount, looking for room for ground and pound, landing some blows as Elsrode pulls into a tight defense at the close of round three. Elsrode gets a reversal and lands some blows of his own, taking the top position to end this war! This card is definitely going to the judges scorecards as it's anyone's win!
    WINNER: ELSRODE by Majority Decision, 30-27, 28-29, 29-28.

  5. Lightweight
    *Freddie Royal Vs *Hank Martin
    The crowd is into this event as Martin comes out and misses with a right. As the fighters grapple up, Martin lands some knees to Royal's face. Royal can't seem to find a way out of Martin's underhooks. As Martin goes in for the guillotine, Royal lands a couple of shots, then takes Martin to the canvas. But, Martin quickly reverses Royal and taking the top position, working in for a rear naked choke, forcing Royal to submit!
    WINNER: MARTIN by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:47 of Round One.

  6. Featherweight
    *Mike Smith Vs Mike Mitchell
    Riding high on the energy of tonight these fighters enter the cage ready to do battle. Mitchell jumps on it as he lands a couple of rights, followed by a beautiful flying knee, getting the takedown. Mitchell works into a full mount, Smith tries to reverse but spins out into a tight rear naked choke as Mitchell forces Smith to submit! All this action in less than 30 seconds!
    WINNER: MITCHELL by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at :27 of Round One.

  7. Heavyweight
    Dumberto Salinas Vs Tim Horner
    The heavyweights are ready to rumble as they enter the arena! We already know this fighting class bangs hard and the crowd is anticipating the results - but, it's anyone's fight as the round begins. And, these big guys don't let the crowd down as they come out smokin'! Salinas lands a hard left and right, getting a takedown, then landing more powerhouse rights. Horner attempts to escape, but only gets another solid right for his effort! Salinas on top, Horner on bottom, Salinas is hammering rights to the body and head! Horner wows the crowd with a reversal as the fighters stand, but Salinas shoots off a powerful right, dropping Horner to the mat! That's it!
    WINNER: SALINAS by KO at 1:04 of Round One.

  8. Super Heavyweight
    John Bullard Vs **John Orr
    Riding high on the energy of the Heavyweights, the Super Heavyweights enter the cage ready to brawl! The big boys with the big toys, these warriors are ready to try to dominate one another! Bullard lands a left jab, Orr attempts to counter, but Bullard makes him miss. Orr answers with a solid leg kick, strike. Bullard looks to grapple as Orr lands a knee to the body as the fighters grapple up against the cage. Bullard attempts a hip toss, but Orr escapes. As they come apart, Bullard misses with a left, as Orr connects with a right, dropping Bullard. Bullard springs right back up as Orr moves in. These warriors are slamming knees and leg kicks. As the fighters stall against the cage, Referee Curtis Stout moves them back to the center of the cage. But these Super Heavyweights are proving they have the speed they need as they start exchanging bombs again with Orr throwing a knee, and a couple of solid punches, with Bullard answering with a powerful blow of his own. Orr throws a knee to the face as the fighters grapple up tight. Orr's right hand forces Bullard to spin around and Bullard submits! What a battle!
    WINNER: ORR by VERBAL SUBMISSION at 2:23 of Round One.

  9. Matthew Morris Vs Keith Cook
    Keith Cook is a NO SHOWED. - Will be suspended and fined by ISCF.

  10. Welterweight
    **Chris Page Vs Wes Miller
    Round One starts with a bang as Page lands a hard right and goes for the takedown! Within seconds, Page slams some blows, gaining the full mount and pounding with a hard right, earning a solid TKO from strikes! Wow!
    WINNER: PAGE by TKO (Strikes) at :26 of Round One.

  11. Welterweight
    Travis McEnaney Vs Mike Goodman
    McEnaney comes out landing a left, right, but Goodman goes in for the double leg takedown. Goodman moves into the full mount from the side, looking for room to ground and pound! The crowd is wild as the action continues with McEnaney escaping, standing, and Goodman slams a hard right. McEnaney attempts an ankle lock, but Goodman rolls out. Goodman stands and gives McEnaney a short left as he moves into a full mount. Attacking, Goodman forces McEnaney to submit!
    WINNER: GOODMAN by VERBAL SUBMISSION at 1:42 of Round One.

  12. Featherweight
    Adam Stickley Vs Chad Vandenberg
    These fast featherweights start this war exchanging hard rights, then grapple up for some action. Stickley goes against the cage, quickly reverses and slams Vanderburg against the cage. Vandenburg answers with a hip toss takedown to the canvas, moving swiftly to the full mount. Stickley reverses again and the fighters stand up. Stickley lands a couple of knees but the canvas thuds as Vandenberg lands another hip toss takedown! Stickley uses his underhooks to close the gap, not giving Vandenberg room for ground and pound, but Vandenberg changes strategy and attempts an armbar. Stickley escapes, but Vandenberg answers with some knees. Stickley attempts to reverse, giving Vandenberg his back and Vandenberg takes advantage by cinching in a tight rear naked choke, forcing Stickley to submit! Great action!
    WINNER: VANDENBURG by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:40 of Round One.

  13. Middleweight
    Chris Hale Vs Kyle Miller
    The fighters clearly have fan support judging by the roar of the crowd! The fight starts fast as Miller lands a front kick and a couple of rights, taking the full mount position. Hale looks to grapple up close, but Miller has the full mount position. Taking advantage of Miller's high position, Hale quickly reverses and Miller goes to a full guard as Hale tries to get past it. Mllier attempts a triange/armbar, but Hale picks Miller up and drops him! Miller is relentlessly after the triangle, but can't get Hale's arm with it! Hale reverses and stacks Miller up! These fighters grapple up in a north/south position and Miller gets the reversal! Miller stands up and Hale attempts an escape, quickly reversing Miller as they hit the mat. The fighters stand and Hale lands a solid right, Miller counters with a right and Hale answers with a solid knee to the body! Miller attempts a guillotine and Hale escapes, but Miller again tries to lock on taking it to the stand up and cranking hard! Hale refuses to submit as Referee Stout checks to see if Hale's ok, and Hale responds with a hearty thumbs up! WOW! Miller is relentless too as he continues, but Hale stays focused on attempting a separation, but Miller is holding tight, then Hale escapes. As the fighters stand, the action reverses as Hale gets a guillotine on Miller! The crowd is explosive as this awesome round ends with Miller getting a double leg takedown at the bell!
    Round two starts with these warriors trading rights, then Hale lands a wicked right to Miller's body. Miller responds immediately with an attempted front kick, but eats a right knee in answer! This doesn't stop Miller as he slams some lefts and rights! Hale lands a knee to Miller's face as the fighters separate. Hale then lands a right, left, right over the top, rockin' Miller, but Miller comes back with a right of his own, only to eat a right knee/hand combination. Against the fence, Miller throws another right, as Hale attempts a guillotine, dropping Miller to his knees. Miller escapes, but Hale takes advantage and goes to the full mount and a full ground and pound attack, forcing Referee Stout to stop this war! The crowd witnessed a war here tonight! What great action!
    WINNER: HALE by TKO (Strikes) at 2:13 of Round Two.

  14. Light Heavyweight
    Joe Valdivez Vs Mitchell Harris
    Valdeviez attempts a right, but Harris gets the single leg takedown, quickly moving to a side mount, going for some ground and pound. Harris gets in a Kamora, but Valdeviez gets out and reverses. Harris pulls a tight guard, as Valdeviez looks for room for ground and pound, and Harris makes him miss. Valdeviez lands some rights and lefts, and Harris tries to roll out, giving his back, but Valdeviez can't take advantage, as Harris escapes and reverses, working into a full mount. With Harris on top, Valdeviez reverses, but Harris cinches into a tight armbar, forcing Valdeviez to submit seconds before the end of the round! Fantastic!
    WINNER: HARRIS by TAP OUT (Armbar) at 4:57 of Round One.

  15. Light Heavyweight
    *Craig Welch Vs Wesley Riley
    Riley tries to land a right, but Welch shoots in for the double leg, but misses. Riley lands a couple of knees to Welches face and body, slips, but quickly gets back up landing more blows, ending with a knee to Welch's face. Welch answers with a solid right, then slips to the ground as Riley steps over him. Riley stacks up Welch, as Welch locks in to some under hooks to tie up Riley's arms. Riley attempts an armbar, but Welch slips out. Riley tries to roll out, giving Welch his back as Welch looks for room for ground and pound while attempting to get in a rear naked. Taking advantage of his position, Welch is on top as he lands some hard, effective rights to Riley's face, ending this battle!
    WINNER: WELCH by TKO (Strikes) at 3:15 of Round One.


    Michael Glenn Vs Josh Karney
    These fighters are pumped as they step into the cage. Glen attempts a right, but Karney grapples up quickly and slams Glen to the mat with a hip toss takedown! Karney takes the side mount, looking to ground and pound. Glen counters Karney's attempted guillotine, but Karney is relentless as he goes into the full mount. Glen is defending well as he reverses, but Karney attempts a guillotine, lands an uppercut and Glen shoots in for a double leg. Karney again goes for that guillotine, cinching in tight and forcing Glen to submit!
    WINNER: KARNEY by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at 1:25 of Round One.


    Rudy Bears Vs Will Burns
    The crowd has been primed all night for this event. Bears attempts a leg kick, but Burns steps away. Bears comes right back after him as the fighters exchange knees. Burns spins Bears up against the cage. The fighters exchange several knees to the body as the fighters grapple up, again exchanging hard knees! Burns slams Bears against the cage as the fighters separate. Bears lands a left leg kick that knocks Burns across the cage! Bears throws a few blows, then Burns attempts a round kick, but Bears catches it, swiftly sweeping Burns to the canvas, and moves into full mount position for some ground and pound. After Bears lands a couple of hard rights, Burns somehow manages to get up briefly, but Bears gets back on for some more ground and pound. Burns tries to roll out, but Bears takes his back and continues to land some solid, brutal blows, forcing Referee Stout to stop this war! The crowd is loud tonight as this event ends with a bang!
    WINNER: BEARS by TKO (Referee Stoppage due to Strikes) at 3:35 of Round One.

For more info please contact Mr. Jason Teeman At (816) 589-9423 or at or go to


"Cage Championships 3"
February 10th, 2007 - Union, Missouri, USA

Rob Donaker ISCF Representative
It was a full house with 12 action pack bouts. The fans showed up from all over to watch their favorite MMA Fighters. A large showing of active military was also in the house to root on the fighters. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Jason Cull Vs Nate Kuhnle
    Nate Kuhnle won 2:27 in the first round over Jason Cull, stopped by the referee.

  2. Scott Bear Vs John Schaeffer
    Scott Bear won by submission at 38 seconds in the 2nd round over John Schaeffer.

  3. Mike Showman Vs Roger Richardson
    Roger Richardson won 33 seconds in the first round over Mike Showman, stopped by the referee.

  4. James Fletcher Vs Daniel Chavez
    Daniel Chavez won by submission at 2:13 in the 2nd round over James Fletcher.

  5. Matt Winkle Vs Chris Maurath
    Chris Maurath won 31 seconds in the first round over Matt Winkle, stopped by the referee.

  6. Josh Bowen Vs Valente Ortiz
    Valente Ortiz won by submission 2:15 in the first round over Josh Bowen.

  7. Chad Caron Vs Eric Farmer
    Chad Caron won 2:32 in the second round over Eric Farmer, stopped by the referee.

  8. Wes Osburn Vs Jason Cowman
    Wes Osburn won 1:39 in the first round over Jason Cowan, stopped by the referee.

  9. Steve Purdy Vs Tim Estes
    Steve Purdy defeated Tim Estes by a unanimous decision after three rounds.

  10. Chris Higginbotham Vs *Eric (Erick) Clark
    Eric Clark defeated Chris Higginbotham by a unanimous decision after three rounds.

  11. Brian Schuerger Vs Brandon Benney
    Brian Schuerger won by submission 2:41 in the second round over Brandon Benny.

  12. Tony Hilton Vs Kody Janish
    Tony Hilton won 1:41 in the second round over Kody Janish, stopped by the referee.

For more info please contact Mr. Patrick Smith at (573) 241-0310 or e-mail at or go to

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11th, 2007, AT 8:50 PM, PT

February 2nd, 2007 - Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

By Chuck Wolfe ISCF World Representative
Greater Kansas City fans are being consistently honored with top notch MMA with the CLASH IN THE CAGE events. Hosting number 11, the promoters just continue to outperform their previous events, constantly improving the venue as the fighters constantly improve through experience! Each event has topped the previous event, so the fans are learning to look forward to these events with eager anticipation, knowing they are in for some real, powerful MMA entertainment! And, once again, the TRUE FIGHT FAN promoters deliver - with a bang!

  1. Light Heavyweight
    Jason Graves VS Roger Harris
    Graves slams a right hand and rocks Harris, moving in for a standing Rear Naked Choke, but Harris isn't giving up. Graves lands a couple of knees, pulls out of the Rear Naked attempt and begins landing rights and lefts. Graves continues to work lefts to Harris' head, landing a knee as the fighters break apart. Graves moves right back in with a kick and punch, then Harris manages to close the gap. But, Graves moves in swiftly and secures a tight guillotine, forcing Harris to submit! Great, fast action to start this night!
    WINNER: GRAVES by TAP OUT (Gullotine) @ 1:28 of Round One.

  2. Middleweight
    Michael Carrasco VS Michael Terrell
    The crowd is primed after the first bout, and these fighters enter the cage ready to rumble! The fighters circle and exchange hard rights. Carrasco throws some knees, but Terrell isn't phased, as they exchange solid blows again. Terrell throws a couple of jabs, followed by a hard right, and a couple of swift knee strikes. But Carrasco immediately answers back with an overhand right as these fighters are smokin' and the crowd is stoked! Carrasco lands more rights, and Terrell answers with a knee, left hook, right hand combo! Terrell moves in for the takedown, moving around for a back position. Both fighters are showing slight fatigue, well-earned from the hectic pace they've set! Terrell lands a few lefts to Carrasco's body, followed by a knee strike that wow's the crowd, but Carrasco throws some left and right bombs of his own. They exchange hard rights and grapple up against the cage as Terrell lands some upper cuts. Both fighters are clearly experienced with the striking game, but Terrell locks in to a takedown and lands on the bottom to end the round.
    Round two starts with a bang as both fighters are eager to finish this war, exchanging powerhouse rights! This is clearly war! Carrasco throws a couple of near misses, as does Terrell, then Terrell connects and slams Carrasco against the cage! The crowd is in a roar as Carrasco lands two vicious right hands, and Terrell takes him to the ground, swiftly climbing to a full mount and zoning in for some ground and pound payback! Terrell locks in a solid, tight armbar and begins to crank forcing Carrasco to submit! What a war - the crowd cheers both fighters!!!!
    WINNER: TERRELL by TAP OUT (Arm Bar) at 1:15 of Round Two.

  3. Welterweight
    Nathaniel Bernal VS Chris Haines
    Haines lands a right as the fighters grapple up. Bernal answers with a knee and Haines attempts a single leg, but Bernal steps around looking for a rear naked and gets a takedown still attempting to lock in the rear naked. Haines shows good defense as Bernal moves to the full mount, looking for room for ground and pound. Bernal continues to work his ground and pound, raining down shots. Referee Rob Kimmons steps in to keep a tight eye on this action, as Haines does a reversal, Bernal pulls full guard! Haines can't get past Bernal's tight guard, but Haines picks up Bernal and slams him to gain room, managing to land a right to the head and body. The crowd is responsive as Haines looks to stack up Bernal for some ground and pound, but the action stalls as Referee Kimmons stands them up and Bernal throws some blows to end the round.
    Round two starts fast as Bernal throws a round kick to Haines leg, but Haines gets the takedown and takes the top position. Haines is looking to lock in a Kamori but Bernal resists and reverses, then Haines reverses! With Haines on top, Bernal pulls a full guard, staying tight while Haines attempts some ground and pound. The fighters stand and Bernal lands some solid blows, as Haines attempts to shoot, but he only continues to take shots from Bernal. Haines manages a single leg takedown, but Bernal takes advantage on top, landing some rights and lefts ~ the crowd is loud as Bernal continues some effective, solid ground and pound, forcing Referee Kimmons to step in and stop this action! Excellent action.
    WINNER: BERNAL by REFEREE STOPPAGE (Strikes) at 3:43 of Round Two.

  4. Welterweight
    Chris Evenger VS Matthew Gunsallus
    This fight starts with a bang, as Evenger throws and connects with a huge right. The fighters go down and come right back up, Evenger lands a solid rocking right and a knee back on the mat. The fighters stand and Evenger connects with another right bomb ending his attack and the fight!
    WINNER: EVENGER by TKO (Strikes) at :26 of Round One.

  5. Lightweight
    Zach Nolen VS Blake Kincaid
    Nolen starts with a double leg takedown, moving into the full mount, working some ground and pound. Nolan attempts an armbar, but Kincaid escapes and gets to the top position, landing a few shots before Nolan pulls his tight guard. Nolan escapes as the fighters stand Nolan gets a double leg takedown, going into his mount for some effective ground and pound. The crowd reacts as Nolan moves into an armbar position and somehow Kincaid pulls out, but Nolan is relentless and tightens a Kamora, forcing Kincaid to submit!
    WINNER: NOLAN by TAP OUT (Kamora) at 3:27 of Round One.

  6. Bantamweight
    Ryan Pederson VS Adrian Rinas
    The energy remains high in the arena as these fighters take the cage. Rinas goes for the takedown, but Pederson takes advantage and looks for the guillotine as Rinas resists, but changes to the triangle, locking in tight, forcing Rinas to submit! Nice grappling action!
    WINNER: PEDERSON by TAP OUT (Triangle) at 2:39 of Round One.

  7. Welterweight
    Wes Lubberts VS Dustin Linthicum
    The crowd has seen some excellent action both striking and grappling this evening. These fighters are ready to rock as they enter the cage and exchange rights! Linthicum goes for the takedown into a half mount as the crowd cheers them on! Linthicum attempts a rear naked as Lubberts looks for and finds a way out, moving to the top to strike. Linthicum goes for the guillotine again, but Lubberts won't give it. Lubberts lands some rights from the top, landing some rights and lefts. But, Lubberts changes strategy, reversing Linthicum, cinches in a tight guillotine and forces Linthicum to tap.
    WINNER: LUBBERTS by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at 3:00 of Round One.

  8. Heavyweight
    Brandon Reinbold VS Jesse Pringle
    These fighters charge out and Reinbold lands several of quick knees and immediately goes for the takedown. Pringle throws a knee to Reinbold's body, but Reinbold answers with two knees to Pringle's face, pinning him to the cage and landing even more knees. Reinbold gets the takedown as Pringle pulls guard. Reinbold stacks him up into the cage, looking to get past Pringle's guard for some room to ground and pound, but Pringle defends tightly as the round ends!
    Round two starts to the crowd cheers as these warriors grapple up. The fighters exchange knees, and Pringle wows the crowd with a solid leg kick, two rights, knocking Reinbold to the ground. But, Reinbold takes immediately advantage with a single leg from the ground, jumping on top of Pringle as Pringle is forced to go to full guard. Reinbold uses his entire body to stack Pringle up, moving into position to secure a tight armbar, bridging out and forcing Pringle to submit! Excellent action!
    WINNER: REINBOLD by TAP OUT (Arm Bar) at 2:33 of Round Two.

  9. Light Heavyweight
    Troy DePriest VS Dustin Schnakenberg
    The crowd is electric and these fighters are pumped as this fight begins - and ends! Schnakenberg comes out swinging, landing solid blows that knock DePriest to the mat. DePriest stands up only to be knocked to the mat again by Schnakenberg, earning a quick and awesome TKO in just 16 seconds! The crowd is loving it!
    WINNER: SCHNAKENBURG by TKO (Strikes) at :16 of Round One.

  10. Heavyweight
    Ronnie Jackson VS Devon Schwan
    This action starts fast and furious as Jackson lands a right, Schwan answers by landing a front kick to the body of Jackson followed by a couple more right hands. Schwan throws an overhand right, slamming Jackson against the cage, but Jackson answers back with a huge body slam, getting the takedown as the crowd erupts! Jackson is looking for the mount, getting on top as Schwan pulls a tight guard, then escapes as the fighters stand. Schwan begins to attack with some solid strikes, including a right hand over the top that forces Referee Kimmons to step in and stop this war!
    WINNER: SCHWAN by TKO (Strikes) at 1:26 of Round One.

  11. Super Heavyweight
    James Jack VS Terrell Brown
    Jack throws the first blows then gets the takedown, moving to the top. Jack spins Brown into the cage - the fighters are standing. Brown lands an uppercut, right hand, but Jack answers with a right of his own. Brown throws a right and knee, but Jack again counters with a knee of his own to Brown's face. Jack looks for room but Brown won't give it. Jack throws a couple more knees to Brown's leg, then body. Jack moves in and gets a double leg takedown, going to a full mount for some ground and pound, as round one ends.
    These giants are ready when the bell rings for round two as Jack spins Brown against the fence. Jack gets a single leg takedown, moving again to the full mount, landing some effective ground and pound! The crowd cheers as Jack goes in for the armbar, cinching in and cranking hard, forcing Brown to submit! Great action!
    WINNER: JACK by TAP OUT (Arm Bar) at 2:20 of Round Two.

  12. Featherweight
    Willie Mack VS Courtney Landis
    Landis gets a double leg takedown as Mack pulls guard. Landis stacks Mack up, but Mack escapes and gets a double leg takedown on Landis, but Landis gets on top. Mack pulls guard as Landis looks for room for ground and pound, landing a few rights and lefts, but Mack pulls him in close cinching an armbar, but Landis counters. The crowd is going wild as these fighters grapple. Mack is continuing to lock in, but Landis continues to counter well -as the crowd is seeing good action. Landis breaks away, landing some rights and lefts, but Mack is still holding guard well ending this action packed round.
    Round two starts with Mack attempting a round kick to Landis' face, but is blocked. Mack lands a straight right, but Landis gets a double leg takedown, landing on bottom. Landis escapes Mack's triangle attempt, but Mack goes in again for a leg triangle, looking for an armbar. Landis defends well as they continue to grapple hard. Landis manages to get past Mack's guard and lands some blows from a full mount, ending round two with a bang.
    Round three starts fast as Mack lands a leg kick, throws a missed high kick, followed by more leg kicks. Landis shoots in trying for a double leg, but Mack sprawls effectively! Landis mounts, but Mack quickly bridges out, and tries for a reversal. Both fighters counter well as the action continues. Both fighters are relentless as Landis stacks Mack up, but Mack continues to attempt to secure an armbar. Landis manages to get to a full mount, but Mack pulls in a tight guard as the action continues, and Mack gets a solid reversal. From the side mount, Mack looks for some room for ground and pound as these fighters fight til the bell, forcing the decision to go to the judges' scorecards! Awesome action!
    WINNER: MACK by SPLIT DECISION, 28-29, 28-29, 29-28.

  13. Middleweight
    Garrett Seimer VS Robert Jackson
    Jackson starts with an attempted leg kick, but Seimer steps out of the way. Jackson lands a leg kick as Seimer answers with a left cross. Jackson throws a few more blows as the fighters grapple up. They break and exchange blows again, with Jackson's kick landing right under Seimer's arm, but the fighters exchange solid rights and more effective blows! Excellent striking by both fighters as they grapple up again. A constant exchange continues, pleasing the crowd. Jackson's high round kick draws attention from the crowd, but the fighters continue to exchange as the round ends.
    Round two starts as Seimer lands a right, forcing Jackson's right to miss, but Jackson's round kick lands to Seimer's body. Seimer answers with a jab cross, but Jackson counters with a right hand. Seimer goes for a single leg, but Jackson sprawls and goes to Seimer's back, looking to get his hooks in. Jackson lands rights and lefts to Seimer's head to gain room for a rear naked, cinching it in tight and forcing Seimer to submit! What action!
    WINNER: JACKSON by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:07 of Round Two.

  14. Middleweight
    Craig Case VS Jason Shields
    Shields lands an overhand right, and Case misses his shoot. Shields throws some more strikes and Case answers with an armdrag takedown quickly moving into a full mount. Shields attempts to work out, but Case slips in a tight rear naked choke, forcing Shields to submit! Quick, good action by the striker and grappler!
    WINNER: CASE by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at :57 of Round One.

  15. Lightweight
    Josh Bernal VS Erik Fernandez
    These lightweights are fast and furious as they begin this war, with Fernandez immediately landing leg kicks, followed by Bernal's overhand right that connects, slamming Fernandez against the cage. Fernandez reverses, slamming Bernal against the cage. The action continues at a fast pace as the fighters work for position, with Fernandez getting a takedown, but Bernal escapes and lands a right to Fernandez' face, but Fernandez pulls a tight guard. The action stalls as Referee Kimmons stands the fighters back up. Fernandez quickly fires off a couple of round kicks, landing effectively, followed by a nice exchange from both fighters! Good, straight hard blows. The fighters are trading hard knees at the bell.
    Round two starts with Bernal's left jab, followed by Fernandez' solid kicks. Bernal jams Fernandez against the cage, as the fighters again exchange kicks and blows. As Fernandez lands a knee, Bernal gets an effective double leg, slamming Fernandez against the mat, but Fernandez continues to defend well and reverses the situation. Fernandez is looking for a full mount and room to ground and pound as round two comes to an end.
    Round three has the crowd loud, as these fighters face off with Fernandez attempting a high round, following by connecting with a front kick. The fighters trade solid rights, with Fernandez going to the body. But, Bernal reverses Fernandez position on the fence and gets a slamming takedown. Fernandez quickly goes to guard, with Bernal looking for room to ground and pound. The action again stalls, Referee Kimmons stands them up, and again they exchange right hands! Fernandez lands a knee to Bernal's leg, as the fighters continue to reverse each other, fighting strong as this round comes to an end and we are forced to go to the judges' scorecards. Excellent action overall!
    WINNER: FERNANDEZ by UNANIMOUS DECISION, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

  16. Welterweight
    Mike Showman VS Brian Marvin
    This crowd has been truly entertained tonight! The anticipation is high for the Main Event as these warriors take the cage. It's anyone's win as the action starts. Marvin lands a leg kick, shooting in for a double leg takedown. Marvin on top, Showman on bottom, Marvin is looking to get past Showman's guard, putting himself in position to cinch in. Showman is working his defense as the crowd chants MARVIN. The fighters separate, then Marvin takes the top looking for room to ground and pound. Showman is trying to defend, but Marvin is relentless as he focuses and works for the Kamora. Showman slips out of the attempt, taking the top, looking for room for ground and pound. Marvin immediately cinches in the armbar tight, forcing Showman to submit to end this bout! What a night!
    WINNER: MARVIN by TAP OUT (Arm Bar) at 2:46 of Round One.

For unknown reasons the fight between Joshua Freeman and Levi Thurston did not happen.

For more info please contact Mr. Phil Jones At (816) 651-5087 or at or go to


February 9th, 2007 - Kennesaw, (Atlanta) Georgia, USA

By JJ Coronel, ISCF Representative: It was another great night for MMA in Georgia! Another sold out show with over 3,000 in attendance At Cowboy's in Kennesaw (Atlanta Area) by The Fight Party and Beat Down Productions, They have really raised the bar in the South and the productions these guys do can go up against any others in the country. The fans and officials in attendance where treated to another great card. Look for great things from them in 2007.

  1. Amateur Lightweights
    Brandon Gay Vs Arthur Huynh
    Both fighters came out swinging and connecting hard, swapping punches and kicks. The fight was exciting and both fighters showed a no quit attitude! It went to the 3rd round when Brandon Gay took Huyuh down and applied an Anaconda choke.
    WINNER: Brandon Gay by Anaconda choke at 1:04 of the 3rd round.

  2. Amateur Heavyweights
    Lewis "Mac" Smith Vs Danny White
    This was a short fight in which Smith came out not holding anything back. Dominating the whole fight with hard punches and kicks. White was a game opponent but not enough to stop Smith who put an end to the fight by KO.
    WINNER: Lewis "Mac" Smith by "Headkick" KO at 1:29 of round 1.

  3. Amateur Welterweights
    Clay Harvison Vs Agustin Aguirre
    Both fighters came out throwing hard punches. Aguirre attempted a spinning back kick and missed, he dropped to the ground and was illegally head kicked by Harvison.
    2-21-07: The DVD of this bout has been reviewed by the ISCF and the Official decision on this bout has been ruled.
    WINNER: Agustin Aguirre by Disqualification of Clay Harvison for doing an illegal technique: He kicked Aguirre in the head as Aguirre was starting to get up, but Aguirre was clearly still down.

  4. Amateur Light Heavyweights
    Anthony "Scottie" Newton, Jr. Vs Shane Primm
    This fight started with some brutal exchanges by both Newton and Primm, exchanging heavy knees from the clinch and a flying knee by Primm that had the crowd on its feet, Primm started taking Newton down with takedowns and securing the top position to work his ground and pound.
    WINNER: Shane Primm by referee stoppage due to strikes 3:53 of the 1st round.

  5. Amateur Light Heavyweights
    Mateo Cutbill Vs Chad Walker
    Cutbill came out swinging hard against a game Walker who took this fight on short notice, Cutbill took down Walker secured a dominant position worked his ground and pound, took Walkers back and applied a rear naked choke to end the contest.
    WINNER: Mathew Cutbill by Rear Naked Choke, 1.12 of the 1st round.

  6. Pro Welterweights
    Anthony Nieves vs Chancellor Edmonson
    Chancellor Edmonson "No showed" and will be fined and suspended by the ISCF.

  7. Pro Heavyweights
    Todd "The Irish Car Bomb" Duffee vs John "The Rhino" Spears
    Dufee came out really hard and Spears could not stop Duffe's hard and fast barrage of punches.
    WINNER: Todd Duffe by referee stoppage due to strikes at :15 seconds of the 1st round.

  8. Pro Featherweights
    Brian Bowles vs Shane Weinische
    Both came out really fast swapping punches and takedowns. Bowles was able to reverse Weinsche and take a dominant position that enabled him to take his back and apply a rear naked choke to end the fight.
    WINNER: Brian Bowles by Rear Naked Choke at 1:38 1st round.

  9. Pro Lightweights
    Andy Roberts vs John Owens
    Fans where treated to a great start to the PRO part of the program. Both fighters came out hard and fast, exchanging head kicks, punches, takes downs and some hard ground and pound action! Owens proved to be to much for Roberts who was able to get a dominant position and pound Roberts until the referee put a stop to the contest.
    WINNER: John Owens by referee stoppage due to strikes 4.37 1st round.

  10. Pro Lightweights
    Mike Corey vs Greg Lajoy
    Both fighters came out throwing hard leather at each other. Corey was able to land a flying knee that was more than Lajoy could handle. Corey was able to take Lajoy down, secure a head triangle to make Lajoy tap.
    WINNER: Mike Corey by head triangle 1:27 of the 1st round.

  11. Pro Heavyweights
    Sam Holloway vs Patrick "The Bear" Barrentine
    This was a WAR between to big men. Vicious exchanges with both taking each other down repeatedly, both showed great heart and a willingness to leave it in the cage, the exchanges of high kicks and knees was amazing the fans really appreciated this fight. In the end Holloway proved just bit to much for Barrentine, Holloway was able to take Barrentine down take his back and apply a rear naked choke to end the fight.
    WINNER: Sam Holloway by ear Naked Choke 3.37 2nd round.

  12. Pro Heavyweights
    Ethan Garrison vs Carpaccio Owens
    This was another great match up between 2 very conditioned fighters. They both looked great and gave all of us a great performance and showing of themselves. This one had it all! Fast action, hard punches, kicks and exchanges with both fighters taking each other down. In the end Garrison showed superior technique and was able to take Owens down take the mount and rain a vicious ground and pound until the referee stopped the fight.
    WINNER: Ethan Garrison by referee stoppage due to strikes 3:36 1st round.

  13. Pro Lightweight
    Micah Miller vs Josh Kukuk
    This fight was extremely fast paced and it had a lot of submission attempts by both fighters. They both showed their superior grappling pedigrees, which lasted most of the 1st round.
    In the 2nd round Miller changed tactics and came out fast and hard against Kukuk and landed many hard shots until the referee stopped the fight.
    WINNER: Micah Miller by referee stoppage due to strikes :15 seconds into round 2.

  14. Pro Middleweights
    Franz Mendez vs Nissen Osterneck
    This has to be up there for fight of the night! Both Mendez and Osterneck left it all in the ring. It was a total war with neither fighter holding anything back! They had the crowd on their feet with both exchanging on the ground and standing up. What incredible action! Both had opportunities to end it in the 1st round but neither one would quit.
    2nd round started with both fighters exchanging at a slower pace. Both where exhausted from their performance in the earlier round. In the end, Osterneck was able to get Mendez's back and apply a rear naked choke to end the fight
    WINNER: Nissen Osterneck by Rear Naked Choke at 1:09 of round 2.

  15. Douglas "Baby Boy" Lima vs Matt "The Immortal" Brown
    ISCF PRO Eastern Regional Welterweight Title
    This fight was also in contention for fight of the night! It was a hard fought fight with both fighters coming out with bad intentions. A lot of kicks both high and low and knees from the clinch and flying knees. it was incredible of the heart that Lima and Brown showed, demonstrated by why they where the main event. The exchanges where brutal and neither one would back down.
    The 2nd round was a continuation of the first. Brown was able to connect a hard solid punch that stunned Lima. Brown was then able to capitalize and jump on Lima until the referee stopped the fight Matt Brown
    WINNER: Matt Brown wins the ISCF PRO Eastern Regional Welterweight Title by referee stoppage due to strikes 2:50 of round 2.

For more info please contact Mr. Brett Moses at (404) 315-7235 or or go to

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9th, 2007, AT 2:00 PM, PT


Brett Moses'
Fight Party Productions
In Affiliation With Beat Down Productions

Kennesaw, (Atlanta) Georgia, USA


Cage Championships LLC Presents
"Cage Championships 3"
Union, Missouri, USA


IFL - Houston!
February 2nd, 2007 - Houston, Texas, USA!

IFL Press: Houston, Texas, USA
Bas Rutten's L.A. Anacondas had a point to prove Friday night against the defending champion Silverbacks, and after an exhilarating 3-2 team victory they have the satisfaction they were denied in 2006, even if they don't have the rings.

"This was the finals for us," said coach Rutten after the victory. "In our minds now, we're the champions. We don't need a ring. We're going to take it, but we don't need it." The Anacondas certainly fought as if the championship was on the line, twice battling back from what looked like certain defeat.

To read this entire article, Click HERE.

Here are the nights results below:

To read the entire IFL Weigh-In article, Click HERE!

To get more event details go to

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6th, 2007, AT 6:40 PM, PT

"Midwest Fight Fest"
February 3rd, 2007 - St. Louis, -Fenton- Missouri, USA

ISCF St. Louis, -Fenton- Missouri, USA
St. Louis, MO Shamrock Promotions once again started out their 2007 fight season with a bang. The card was set with 13 action packed fights, 1 of which was an exhibition that got the crowd going early. This past Saturday the wind chills hit below zero in St. Louis, that didn't stop people from coming out to watch some great fights. This night was packed full of energy and action. Promoter Jesse Finney anounced that he is stepping back into the ring on the April 14th show. This will be an NHB match against a great wrestler and striker, Jasper Mayfield. Below are the nights results.

    Lance Benoist (Festus, Missouri, USA) defeated Mike Green (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) in the 1st round by TKO.

    John Duever (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) defeated Frank Grim (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA) in the 1st round by KO.

    Eric Huebner (Bethalto, Illinois, USA) defeated Nick Fletcher (Hillsboro, Missouri, USA) in the 2nd round by TKO.

    Jacob Eversmeyer (Pacific, Missouri, USA) defeated Dave Harper Jr. (Washington, Illinois, USA) in the 1st round by TKO.

  5. AMATEUR Kickboxing
    Adam Cella (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) defeated Tim Knoldy (Belville, Illinois, USA) by split decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

    Brian Sanguinet (Columbia, Missouri, USA) defeated Chris Hammond (Little Axe, Oklahoma, USA) in the 1st round by choke.

    Dan Velten (Velton) (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) defeated Jeremy Henderson (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) in the 1st round by TKO.
    Troy Kious (Harrah, Oklahoma, USA) defeated Chad Vancil (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) in the 2nd round by Gulitine.

    Natu Visinia (Carbondale, Illinois, USA) defeated Justin Anderson (Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA) in the 1st round by TKO.

  10. AMATEUR Kickboxing
    Nick Reeder (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) defeated Dwayne Stanley (Detroit, Michigan, USA) in the 2nd round by TKO.

    Steve Ward (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) defeated Derek Brown (East Peoria, Illinois, USA) in the 2nd round by arm bar.

  12. AMATEUR Kickboxing
    Marty Zajac (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) defeated Ivan Sichenko (Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA) in the 2nd round by KO.

  13. AMATEUR Kickboxing - Exhibition
    Todd Metcalf (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) - Sean Felts (Pacific, Missouri, USA).

For More info Please Contact Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail by clicking or go to

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, 2007, AT 8:00 PM, PT

"Battle At The Blue Note"
January 26th, 2007 - The Blue Note Columbia, Missouri, USA

ISCF World Representative Chuck Wolfe
The Blue Note is an establishment with a quarter century history of bringing the best in sweet sounds to the Columbia area! Tonight the Cage of Honor swung into rhythm with some bouts resulting in music to our ears! Columbia's fanbase were treated to some excellent battles as CAGE OF HONOR once again brings a class act to the cage!

  1. *Brandon Gaines Vs Andrew Tuman
    The fighters circle and Gaines lands a right hook. Tuman gets a choke hold on Gaines as the fighters go to the ground, fighting for position. Tuman scores lefts to the head while securing an armbar, forcing Gaines to submit.
    WINNER: TUMAN by TapOut (Armbar) at 1:19 of Round One.

  2. Cory Sanders Vs *JC Morris
    The fighters exchange blows as Morris takes Sanders to the mat. Sanders takes the top position and throws some effective ground and pound. The fighters return to their feet and exchange blows again, but Morris gets the majority of connects! The crowd is enjoying the exchange as both fighters throw repeated blows! Morris grapples in, tightening a rear naked choke, forcing Sanders to submit!
    WINNER: MORRIS by TapOut (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:59 of Round One.

  3. Anthony Kasinger Vs Robert Peralez
    This fight starts with a quick exchange as Peralez gets the takedown, swiftly moving in for some ground and pound! Peralez stands, as Kasinger is on his back, and again the fighters return to the mat as Peralez throws some effective blows from the top position. As the fighters stand again, they exchange blows again and return to the mat. Peralez works his hands effectively, and then tosses Kasinger to the mat! As Kasinger attempts to stand, Peralez drags him back down for more ground and pound to the crowd's delight, forcing Kasinger to submit!
    WINNER: PERALEZ by TKO (Strikes ) at 2:48 of Round One.

    *Will Thorpe Vs Daniel Chavez
    These fighters appear ready to rumble as they enter the cage. The fighters exchange blows, with Chavez landing some solid upper cuts, but Thorpe answers back with a solid left hook! Again, they stay busy throwing strikes and knees, pleasing the crowd! As Chavez throws a hard left leg kick, blood appears on his brow, but it doesn't stop his attack! Busy round!
    Round two begins with much of the same, as the fighters exchange leg kicks and strikes repeatedly! Nice, solid exchange! But, no ground work so far in this fight as these fighters are clearly powerful strikers!
    Round three finds both warriors ready to finish this war~as they step in throwing hard blows, with Chavez remaining very busy and intense! The fighters finally hit the mat, fighting for position, with Chavez working some effective ground and pound! The Referee stands the fighters up and they continue to battle as the bell rings to end the fight.
    WINNER: CHAVEZ by Unanimous Decision, 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

    Patrick Gates Vs *Jacob Folk
    Gates starts as the aggressor, as he moves Folk into the cage. The fighters exchange some blows, then Gates wows the crowd with a full body slam and takes a side mount position as he attempts to ground and pound. Folk attempts to reverse, but Gates continues to throw blows as he secures a tight guillotine, forcing Folk to submit!
    WINNER: GATES by TapOut (Guillotine) at 1:52 of Round One.

    Bill Bensing Vs Nathan Kuhnle
    Kuhnle throws the first blow, but Bensing returns a blow. The fighters continue the exchange, then Bensing takes Kuhnle down and moves in for some ground and pound. Fast action as Kuhnle and Bensing reverse, as Kuhnle attempts to lock in a guillotine, then attempts a triangle as the round ends. Good grappling action!
    Round two starts fast as the fighters exchange leg kicks as Bensing takes Kuhnle down to the mat. As the fighters grapple with Bensing on top, the fighters exchange as Kuhnle gains the full mount and moves into some furious ground and pound, forcing Bensing to submit!
    WINNER: KUHNLE by TapOut (Strikes ) at 1:54 of Round Two.

    Cody Carrillo Vs Michael Robinson
    Carillo starts this war with some solid strikes, then takes Robinson to the mat! Carillo attempts some ground and pound as he remains busy hammerfisting Robinson's face. Carillo picks up Robinson and slams him to the mat! Both fighters stand and Carillo lands more effective blows, drawing blood. Carillo cinches in a Rear Naked Choke, forcing Robinson to submit.
    WINNER: CARILLO by TapOut (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:37 of Round One.

    ***Tony Castillo Vs William Dieckhoff The energy is still high in the arena as Dieckhoff takes Castillo to the mat. Both fighters immediately fight for position as Dieckhoff goes for an armbar from a side mount. He then changes strategy and goes for a Kamora, then Dieckhoff moves into a full mount and does some ground and pound. As the fighters return to their feet, Dieckhoff slams Castillo to the canvas and moves in for more effective ground and pound forcing the Referee to stop this bout! Referee Stoppage due to Strikes.
    WINNER: DIECKHOFF by TKO (Strikes) at 1:43 of Round One.

    Joe Muscia Vs Jamey Noll
    This fight starts with Noll landing a couple of blows, but Muscia immediately takes Noll down and moves into a side mount. Muscia attempts some ground and pound, but Noll pulls guard. Muscia works into a full mount, and cinches in an armbar forcing Noll to submit!
    WINNER: MUSCIA by TapOut (Armbar) at 1:37 of Round One.

    Jay White Vs Savier Marquez
    White throws the first kick, and Marquez answers with a series of blows. White quickly answers with some blows and begins to grapple, then continues to strike. Marquez takes White to the mat and is unsuccessful in his guillotine attempt. The action stalls as the referee stands the fighters up. They commence exchanging blows again as the round ends!
    Round two finds the fighters ready to strike as White throws and connects with punches in bunches knocking Marquez out!
    WINNER: WHITE by KO at :26 of Round Two.

    Jason Cowman Vs James Lucas
    Cowman throws a kick, Lucas responds with strikes. Cowman stuns Lucas with a right hand, forcing the Referee to stop the bout! Quick Fight!
    WINNER: COWMAN by TKO (Strikes ) at :16 of Round One.

    Zackariah Breeden Vs * Chris Drezinski
    Dresinski comes out throwing blows as Breeden answers with a series of blows of his own. Breeden attempts a takedown, but Drezinski throws a right left combo dropping Breeden to the canvas!
    WINNER: DRESINSKI by KO at :47 of Round One.

    Josh Buckner Vs Cody Dolly
    Buckner starts the action with a leg kick, but Dolly answers with a hard kick to Buckner's body, dropping him hard to the canvas!
    WINNER: DOLLY by TKO (Strikes) at :26 of Round One.

    Benjamin Brown Vs Josh Phillips
    Phillips lands a left jab, right cross, but Brown takes Phillips to the mat! Brown is on top as he cinches in a Rear Naked Choke, forcing Phillips to submit!
    WINNER: BROWN by TapOut (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:01 of Round One.

    Jason Eyman Vs Brain Jordan
    No Fight due to Illness (Eyman).

    Dustin Gent Vs Andy Hunter
    Jent throws a jab, knee that connects, taking Hunter down, but Hunter stands him right back up. The fighters exchange some shots, then Jent throws a right bomb, dropping Hunter to the canvas!!!!
    WINNER: JENT by KO at :55 of Round One.

    Will Burns Vs Roger Richardson
    Richardson throws a leg kick, but Burns answers right back. Richardson takes Burns down, mounts and does some effective ground and pound, forcing the Referee to stop this bout!
    WINNER: RICHARDSON by TKO (Strikes ) at :51 of Round One.


  • If you are a fighter above that has an "*" by your name, the ISCF STILL NEEDS your Fighter Registration Form! If ISCF does not receive their Fighter Registration Forms they will not be ranked, which means they will ALL need to Re-Pay and Re-Register to fight again. Please fax in "FULLY COMPLETED" Registration forms to (916) 663-4510. Fighter Registration Forms not filled out in FULL will result in the fighter NOT being registered and no ranked.
    The DEADLINE for the ISCF to receive these forms is WEDNESDAY, February 7th by 5:00 PM PST. After this time, ALL fighters missing forms will need to pay to register to fight again.

For more info please contact Mr. Brandon Schwin (417) 724-2747 or by e-mail by clicking or go to


"Judgement Day At The Municipal"
January 31st, 2007 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

By ISCF/IKF Representative Albert Cole
Ark - La - Tex - Promotions hosted a night of IKF Kickboxing & ISCF MMA action at the Municipal, Auditorium, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA entitled "Judgement Day At The Municipal". Here are the nights results.

  1. Amateur Lightweight MMA
    Chase Herrera (151 lbs) Vs Travis Bennett (154 lbs)
    Round 1. Bennett starts off with a right hook into a tight clinch. In the clinch Herrera throws a mean knee and slips on a guillotine choke. Bennett takes Herrera down and lands in his guard. Herrera tries a few arm bars and triangle chokes only to be diswayed by Bennetts punches. Bennett disconnects and they stand back up. They clinch once more with a takedown by Bennett. The bell sounds ending round 1.
    Round 2. Bennett starts with a vicious right hand that knocks Herrera to the mat. Bennett goes to work on Herrera only to land in his half guard. Herrera lands a left punch of his own to Bennett's nose causing it to bleed. Herrera then ends up taking Bennett's back only to be reversed to have him in guard. Bennett begins to punish Herrera with a bunch of punches. Bennett then breaks out of guard and Herrera stands back up. Bennett attempts a single leg takedown and ends up in guillotine again. Herrera takes it to the ground and Bennett breaks out of the choke. Bennett begins to drop more punches on Herrera and the bell sounds.
    Round 3. Bennett starts off being cautious and then out of no where lands a huge right hand and gets the double underhook. Bennett gets a big slam on Herrera only to end up in half guard again. Again, Bennett throws some good solid punches down on Herrera, but Herrera moves his hips and takes full guard. Bennett passes the guard with a kneebar attempt, and Herrera is about to tap and then rolls out. Herrera attempts another armbar, only to be blocked by Bennett. Then exhaustion sets in and they begin to just hold each other down. The referee restarts. A few techniques are exchange at the bell.
    Travis Bennett defeats Chase Herrera by Unanimous Decision.

  2. Amateur IR Kickboxing
    Greg Grace (180 lbs) Vs Scott Mutter (184 lbs)
    Scott Mutter did not show for the event due to hospitalization the night before due to dehydration and irregular heartbeat. Greg Grace did not have the opportunity to fight, winning by forfeit.

  3. Amateur MMA: Tim Myers (166 lbs) Vs Miles Bray (165 lbs)
    Bray throws some good body shots followed by a big right hand but misses. Myers shoots in gets the double underhooks and slams Bray and lands in side control. Bray moves his hips out only to be mounted by Myers. Myers begins to just bomb Bray with big punch after big punch. Bray tries to keep his hands up, but Myers keeps going in between them. The referee stops the bout due to lack of protection on Brays part.
    Tim Myers defeats Miles Bray by Referee Stoppage due to punches at 1:13 of Round 1.

  4. Amateur Light Heavyweight MMA
    Chris Dieterich (198 lbs) Vs Chris Spence (188 lbs)
    Round 1: The bout starts with Dietrich throwing a nice kick to Spence's mid section but nothing on it. Then they clinch. Dietrich gets the takedown to side control, and then to top mount. He then begins to throw punches but Spence posts up and Deitrich cannot hit him. Spence then rolls only to give his back to Dietrich. Dietrich gets rear naked choke in, but Spence just relaxes and weathers the storm.
    Round 2: Both fighters throw some kicks, but nothing really lands. Then Dietrich lands a great kick to the side of Spence's head. Spence dazed, clinches to get away from Dietrich's kick. Dietrich then judo throws Spence and takes mount. With great punches being thrown, Dietrich gets warned for throwing an illegal forearm to Spence. Dietrich loses a point. When they are restarted, Dietrich takes Spence down only to be reversed. Spence takes side control. Dietrich scrambles and makes it to his knees only to be put in guillotine. Dietrich breaks free and then takes top mount. The bell sounds ending the round.
    Round 3: Dietrich leads off with a good left leg kick to the face of Spence. They then both throw a series of punches back and forth. Dietrich does a basic sweep and takes Spence to the ground and takes mount. Dietrich takes the arm and goes for armbar. Spence is holding to his own hand to stop the submission. Finally, Spence taps.
    Chris Dietrich defeats Chris Spence by Armbar at 0:42 of Round 3.

  5. Amateur FCR Kickboxing
    Daniel Bell (157 lbs) Vs Kenneth Booten (158 lbs)
    This fight was a punching battle most of the way. All three rounds were basically the same. Bell starts with a combination of punches only to be answered by Booten with a series of punches. Bell lands quite a few straight jabs; however Booten is reluctant and keeps coming forward. Bell stands at least 6" taller, but Booten refuses to let that be a burden. Bell continues to utilize his jab and long reach. Booten gets in and throws some wild but fast punches. Booten, however, does not get all of his kicks in Round 2 and loses a point. After the final bell, it is unanimous.
    Daniel Bell defeats Ken Booten by Unanimous Decision.

  6. Amateur Heavyweight MMA
    Bob Hester (210 lbs) Vs Rafel Miramontes (210 lbs)
    Round 1: Hester leads off with a huge right hand only to be countered and returned by Miramontes. They then clinch, and using his strength, Hester takes Miramontes to the ground. Miramontes puts Hester in his half guard. Miramontes rolls over and Hester takes his back, but does not have hooks in. Miramontes rolls and disengages. They get back to their feet. Miramontes throws a big kick only to miss Hester's head. They end up clinching and throwing punches back and forth. It is a battle for supremacy. Miramontes then lands a big left knee to Hester's chest only to be hooked and slammed big time by Hester. Miramontes scrambles and gets back to his feet yet again. They trade some more good punching blows. Again they tie up and clinch. Hester gets a guillotine choke on Miramontes, but cannot squeeze it tight enough and Miramontes breaks it and throws a big right knee. Hester tries for a takedown but misses only to be hit with another big knee. They tie up and fall to the ground to exchange some punches. Bell.
    Round 2: Miramontes throws a good right leg kick to Hester's left thigh, followed by a good left knee and a mean right uppercut. Hester stumbles out of dangers way, but Miramontes follows and clinches with a series of knees being thrown to Hester's head. Referee stops the match.
    Rafael Miramontes defeats Bob Hester by Referee stoppage due to Knees at 0:48 of Round 2.

  7. Amateur Welterweight MMA
    Brent Mason (169 lbs) Vs Derrick Krantz (167 lbs)
    This fight was a battle of big punches, great scrambles and referee restarts. While standing Mason and Krantz both were relentless with big punches coming all the way from way back. They would both land strong punches on each others face. On the ground it was Mason who mostly had top control, but could not finish the fight. Krantz would buck and roll and end up in the ropes and the bout would be restarted away from the ropes. Both fighters were warned about grabbing the ropes and shorts, but in round 3 Mason loses a point for holding once again. Mason begins utilizing his leg kick to Krantz's left thigh. They are taking their toll. Again a nice exchange, but both fighters are exhausted. Krantz lands a big left hook right cross combo. Mason counters with a knee. Then right before the bell both fighters are just eyeing each other, and very few techniques are exchanged. It was a pretty even match, and could go either way.
    However, with the point deductions, the judges scored 29-27 Mason, 28-28 Draw, 28-29 Krantz. When asked if they were ready for a forth round both fighters agreed, NO, so This Match Was Determined a DRAW.

For more info please contact Mr. David Cox at (318) 687-3127 or at

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1st, 2007, AT 11:20 PM, PT


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Friday Night, February 2nd, 2007
  • WHO: True Fight Fan L.L.C.
  • WHERE: Whiskey Tango, Grain Valley, Missouri, USA
    • ISCF Amateur MMA
  • ISCF Representative: Chuck Wolfe
  • ISCF Referee: TBA
  • PROMOTER: For More info Please Contact Mr. Phil Jones At (816) 651-5087 or at


IFL Is Ready In
Houston, Texas, USA!

  • WHEN: Friday Night, February 2nd, 2007
  • WHO: International Fight League
  • WHERE: Reliant Arena, Houston, Texas, USA
  • WHAT: Pro MMA
  • Event Representatives & Officials:
    • Texas State Athletic Commission (TSAC) will oversee this event. All Event Officials will be appointed by the TSAC and the TSAC will oversee all aspects of this event.
  • PROMOTER: International Fight League

Houston, Texas, USA: Scorpions middleweight Shane Johnson failed to make weight Thursday, prompting a cancellation of the team middleweight bout between the Scorpions and Sabres. Johnson was reportedly over the limit of 185 pounds and in too poor a mental condition for doctors to allow him to continue cutting weight just hours before the deadline.

"He's not acting as a professional athlete right now," said IFL co-founder and Commissioner Kurt Otto. "He came in way over weight. He felt confident that he would be able to make it, but he wasn't able to make it. The doctor decided that he wasn't able to fight because he put himself in that position. I'm disappointed because I like Shane, but if he can't cut mustard than he doesn't belong here."
To read the entire IFL Weigh-In article, Click HERE!

  • Tokyo Sabres vs. Tucson Scorpions

    • Antonio McKee (168 lbs.) vs Gabe Rivas (167 lbs.)

    • Vladimir Matyushenko (204 lbs.) vs. Dwayne "Compton" Legros (203.5)

    • John Marsh (223 lbs.) vs. Chad Griggs (230 lbs.)

    • Savant Young (154.5 lbs.) vs. Ed West (151 lbs.)

    • Masaaki Izena (149 lbs.) vs. Matt Ver Halen (148 lbs.)

  • L.A. Anacondas vs. Quad Cities Silverbacks

    • Matt Thompson (245.75 lbs.) vs. Ben Rothwell (264.5 lbs.)

    • Jay Hieron (169 lbs.) vs. Victor Moreno (173 lbs.)

    • Benji Radach (184.5 lbs.) vs. Ryan McGivern (184 lbs.)

    • Chris Horodecki (153 lbs.) vs. Bart Palaszewski (155.25 lbs.)

    • Alex Schoenauer (204 lbs.) vs. Mike Ciesnolevicz (205 lbs.)

For More Info on this weekends
IFL Houston Event Click


Shamrock Promotions Presents
"Midwest Fight Fest"
St. Louis, -Fenton- Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, February 3rd, 2007
  • WHO: Shamrock Promotions
  • WHERE: Stratford Inn ( Fenton, Missouri, USA
  • WHAT: "Midwest Fight Fest"
    • ISCF Amateur MMA
    • IKF Amateur Kickboxing
  • ISCF & IKF Representative: Ben Nogueras Jr.
  • ISCF & IKF Referee: Mark Wasem
  • PROMOTER: Tickets: (314) 961-1177. For More info Please Contact Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail by clicking

  • (*) Listed in fcfighter database but not Registered - Ranked with ISCF.
  • (*) Fee & Registration forms to be paid & faxed in by 12 Noon, Friday, 2-2-07.


Flatnose Productions Presents
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, February 3rd, 2007
  • WHO: Flatnose Productions
  • WHERE: 5100 Ararat Drive, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 64129

    • ISCF Amateur Central Regional Light Heavyweight Title
      Mike Glenn Vs Josh Karney

    • ISCF Amateur Central Regional Middleweight Title
      Rudy Bears Vs Will Burns

    • Supporting Undercard: ISCF Amateur MMA & IKF Amateur Kickboxing

  • ISCF & IKF Representative: Chuck Wolfe
  • ISCF & IKF Referee: Curtis Stout
  • PROMOTER: For More info Please Contact Mr. Jason Teeman At (816) 589-9423 or at

  • Kickboxing

    1. Bryan Carroll Vs Jay Collins

    2. Johnny Gordon Vs Max Deal

January 2007 ISCF News - Click HERE