January 2007

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MONDAY, JANUARY 31st, 2007, AT 11:59 PM, PT

January 27th, 2007 - Valdosta, Georgia, USA

ISCF Promoter James Corbett turned up the heat in Valdosta this weekend with 13 exciting MMA bouts but Corbett said it was not going to be hot enough so he turned it up one more notch by introducing Valdosta Georgia to the first live MMA bouts in a cage! The venue was sold out with people being turned away at the door and with the high action of the night, he found it hard to keep spectators in their seat!


    Jason Hickey Vs Josh Jennings
    Round 1: Hickey comes out and quickly slams Jennings, once on the ground Hickey gets guard on Jennings. Jennings lands a few strikes to the face of Hickey while Hickey works for an arm bar. Jennings works to escape and then ax kicks Hickey in the back of the head while on the ground. Referee Cam McHargue stops the bout due to the foul and after checking on Hickey, restarts the bout. Hickey takes Jennings down and gets the guard. Jennings lands a few head strikes to Hickey just before the bell rang.
    Round 2: Jennings gets the takedown while Hickey works for a guillotine choke but Jennings escapes. Hickey stands up and lands several kicks to the body of Jennings while he is still on the ground. Jennings works his way back to his feet and both fighters clinch with Jennings landing knees to the head of Hickey.
    Round 3: Hickey comes out showing he has what it takes to go the distance and starts off with some kicks and punches followed up by a quick take down . Hickey gets full mount and begins to rain down punches to Jennings forcing the referee to stop the bout.
    Winner Jason Hickey in 41 seconds of round 3 by referee stoppage due to strikes.

    Loren Bell Vs Josh Thomas
    Bell comes out of his corner like a race horse and after a few quick strikes both fighters end up on the ground. Bell works for a triangle and forces Thomas to tap.
    Winner Loren Bell by tap out from triangle choke at 1:03 of round 1.

    Brett Chism Vs John Johnson
    Johnson comes racing out of his corner off the bell in the same fashion as Bout 2, however Chism welcomed him with a solid punch which drops Johnson. Chism quickly covers the distance and lands several more punches which makes Johnson tap.
    Winner Brett Chism by tap out due to strikes at 10 seconds of round 1.

    Dan Funes Vs Wesley Boland
    Round 1: Both fighters come out and exchange a few strikes, Funes gets the take down but Boland gets back to his feet with Funes quickly behind him. Funes gets another take down and once on the ground Boland works for a triangle and then to arm bar. Funes escapes but finds Boland quickly working for an ankle lock just as the bell rang.
    Round 2: Funes comes out with a few punches and kicks but Boland answers with a take down. Funes lands a few strikes once on the ground and then works for an arm bar just as the bell ended the round.
    Round 3: Boland comes out with a few strikes and then gets the take down landing in the guard of Funes. Boland stands in the guard and passes to side control. Both fighters scramble and Boland works for a rear naked choke. Funes escapes and both fighters get back to their for one more quick exchange of strikes as the bell ends the bout.
    Winner Dan Funes by judges decision.

    David Fermin Vs Joel Weldon
    Round 1: Fermin starts the bout with a few kicks and then takes down Weldon. Once on the ground Fermin lands strikes to the head of Weldon and then gets a rear naked choke forcing Weldon to tap.
    Winner David Fermin by rear naked choke at 2:02 of round 1.

    Chris Patton Vs Tommy Garrett
    Garrett runs across the cage and lands a few strikes just before he clinches and takes down Patton. Garrett lands in the guard of Patton and lands a few punches. Garrett tries to pass and both fighters start scrambling with Patton landing in full mount and landing several punches. The bell rings to end the round.
    Round 2: Both fighters come out throwing strikes and Garrett gets the take down and lands in Pattons guard where he opens up and throws punches until the referee stops the bout.
    Winner Tommy Garrett by referee stoppage due to strikes at 1:14 of round 2.

    Kenneth M. Wright Vs Cody Cruz
    Round 1: Cruz gets the take down while working on a guillotine, Wright works to free his head and then attempts a hammer lock on Cruz. Cruz escapes but Wright gets full mount and Cruz moves roll as the bell rings.
    Round 2: Wright gets an early take down and passes guard to land a few strikes. Both fighters work their way up to their feet again and Wright gets another take down and works on another hammer lock. Cruz escapes just before the bell.
    Round 3: Take down by Wright and he tries to pass the guard . The action slows down so the referee stand the fighters back up. Wright scores another take down and again nobody presses the action so the fighters are stood up again. Wright gets a third take down and gets mount to land several strikes to the body and head of Cruz until time ran out.
    Winner Kenneth Wright by judges decision.

    Kamrin Naville Vs Frank McDaniel,
    Round 1: Both fighters run full speed at one another and jump in the air to clash like two rams looking for dominance on a mountain . Once both fighters land on the ground, Naville slams McDaniel down to the canvas but McDaniel works for a triangle. Naville picks up McDaniel and slams him down again to escape the submission. After several punches were landed, McDainel turns his back and Naville keeps up the pressure by a non stop series of strikes that forces the referee to stop the bout.
    Winner Kamrin Naville by referee stoppage due to strikes at 3:33 of round 1.

    TJ Cook Vs Chris Newsome
    Round 1: Both fighters clinch and begin to muscle each other around. Newsome works a take down and gets mount and lands a few strikes while Cook defends as many as he can but the bell rings to end the round.
    Round 2: Newsome lands a kick and tries for a guillotine choke as both fighters hit the canvas. Cook escapes and lands many punches to the face of Newsome making him turn his back. Cook sinks in the hooks and gets a rear naked choke that makes Newsome tap.
    Winner TJ Cook by Rear naked choke at 1:45 of round 2.

    Tony Hunter Vs John Davis
    Round 1: Both fighters come out and clinch without a strike, Hunter takes a few strikes to the head. Take down by Davis and he works for a hammer lock. Hunter escapes and stand back up and Davis follows him. Hunter lands a powerful slam to Davis and lands a few strikes while Davis is on his knees.
    Round 2: Hunter lands a few leg kicks and then they clinch. Davis gets the take down and secures side control and lands knees to the ribs of Hunter. With ten seconds left Davis gets mount.
    Round 3: Hunter comes out and lands more leg kicks and then a head kick. Davis gets the take down while Hunter works on a guillotine. Davis escapes and Hunter turns his back and they both move around for position. Davis gets side control but with no pressing action the referee stand them back up. Davis gets the take down and lands knees to the ribs of Hunter until the bell rings.
    Winner John Davis by judges decision .

    Jonathan Baldree Vs Lynard Dicks
    Round 1: Both fighters move around the cage and Dicks takes down Baldree and works for a guillotine but Baldree escapes and works for a leg lock. Dicks gets out and opens up his hands with many strikes that makes the referee stop the bout.
    Winner Lynard Dicks by referee stoppage at 3:46 of round 1

    Nathan Barnes Vs Josh Samman
    Round 1: The round starts with a rapid fire of strikes by both fighters. Samman lands a few knees while in the clinch. Barnes gets the take down and then mount to land a few strikes of his own.
    Round 2: Several strikes were thrown and then a clinch followed by knees by Samman. Barnes gets the take down and lands several strikes to Samman. Samman gets a deep chicken wing that makes Barnes tap.
    Winner Josh Samman by tap out at 2:02 of round 2.


    Shaun Gay Vs Josh Hancock
    Round 1 Both fighters meet in the middle and begin to turn up the heat fast with kicks and strikes. Handcock lands a solid punch that knocks out Gay.
    Winner Josh Handcock by knock out at 12 seconds of round 1.

    Scott Harper Vs Jerome Smith
    Many fans were let down when Harper entered the cage to announce that his bout would not be taking place because Jerome Smith could not make weight.
    • Jerome Smith has been suspended by the ISCF for 60 days for not making his fight weight and fined. The amount will soon be determined based upon what Harper lost of his fight purse. if the fine is not paid within 60 days, Jerome Smith suspension will continue and an additional fine will be added for each day past the 60 day suspension.

For a load of event Photos please click HERE!

For more info contact Mr. James Corbett at (229) 244-8810 or or go to


January 26th, 2007 - North Vancouver, BC, Canada

National Fighting Challenge 7: Cold Staredown
January 26, 2007
Squamish Nations Rec Center, Vancouver, British Columbia.


    Jesse Shiu defeated Derek Crowie by unanimous decision after 3 three minute rounds.

    Ryan Polutnik defeated Mighty Gharabaghi by unanimous decision after 2 five minute rounds.

    Adam Smith defeated Chad Freeman by rear-naked choke at 1:41 of Round 1.

    Brad Geiger defeated Sal Ram by unanimous decision after 2 five minute rounds.

    Hardeep Singh defeated Mike Richardson by KO from punches at 2:56 of Round 1.

    Shawn Albrecht defeated Allen Hernandez by arm bar at 4:28 of Round 2.

    Costa Rojas defeated Jerry Elliott by arm bar at 1:36 of Round 1.

    Kane Bolt defeated Gene Lazlo by verbal submission from punches at 2:48 of Round 1.

    Dominic Richard defeated Brent Weatherhill by KO from punches at :06 of Round 1.

    Len Tam defeated Adam Laporte by rear-naked choke at :55 seconds of Round 2.

    Myles Merola defeated Cesar Narita by unanimous decision after 3 five minute rounds.

    John Hall vs. Marcus Vincios: Hall was unable to continue after an illegal elbow to the back of the neck at 3: 39 of Round 1.
    • ISCF has ruled this a DQ for Marcus Vincios and a WIN by DQ for Hall.

For more info please contact Mr. Mike Hammoud at (604) 318-1902 or (778) 885-7774 or or go to


January 27th, 2007 - Rome, Georgia, USA

By Stephen Carnes - ISCF Press
Knuckle Up! came to Rome, Georgia and put on a show. This show demonstrated the desire, passion and excitement local fans had for mixed-martial arts. From the first fight to the last, fans were on their feet and shouting during the action and cheering for their local heroes. However, Knuckle Up! not only produced a great show but also brought with them many legends of the cage. Stars such as former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin, Ultimate Fighter 2 star Jorge Gurgel, Steve Headden and many more were in attendance. The fans were ready and Knuckle Up! knew to provide a professional and successful night of MMA and entertainment.

    Josh Carlyle vs Michael Ryan
    Both fighters came out aggressive and swinging hard. Ryan landed several punches and a kick. Carlyle defended. The fight soon went to ground with Ryan pressing hard. He began to land several hard punches and the fight ended with a referee stoppage at 3:54 into the first round.
    WINNER: Mike Ryan by strikes at 3:54 of Round 1.

    Will Baggett Vs Gary Stone
    From the beginning Stone dominated this fight. However, Baggett would not go down easy. Stone began with heavy strikes and continued throughout the round. Baggett was put on the defensive, trying to gain an opportunity to find an advantage. Stone kept up the pummeling and was in a superior position at rounds end. Baggett did not answer the bell for Round 2.
    WINNER: Gary Stone at end of Round 1 because Baggett did not answer the bell for Round 2.

    Kyle Baker Vs Bryan Goldsby
    Baker and Goldsby put on a great show for the fans. Each fighter wanted to win but only one man could. Early in the match, Baker demonstrated superior striking skills by landing several hard blows. Goldsby attempted a few kicks but was not successful. Goldsby went for the takedown, but Baker was quick with the reversal. Here Baker began a campaign of ground and pound. However, he was warned at 3:10 into the first round for striking the back of the head. Baker then began a barrage of hammer fist that caused Goldsby's corner to throw in the towel at 3:39 into the first round.
    WINNER: Kyle Baker due to Bryan Goldsby's corner throwing in the towel at 3:39 of Round 1.

    Shawn Harris Vs Matt Braswell
    The fourth match of the night gave the crowd their first taste of the ground game.
    Both fighters tried to establish dominance on the ground, and different locks and positions to win the fight. In the first round Braswell established top position and began to land several punches on Harris. Harris was able to defend and the ref had to stand both men up for lack of action. Both men went back to the ground, with neither establishing a true dominance.
    Round 2: The fighters entered the round ready to go, with Braswell throwing an early kick. Harris countered with a grab and takedown. Harris established a dominant position, but Braswell was able to reverse. Neither man was able to do any damage so the referee had to stand the men up again. Harris then threw a kick and punch combination and established a mount. Harris soon put Braswell into a guillotine choke. Harris won by tapout at 3:12 into the second round.
    WINNER: Shawn Harris by guillotine at 3:12 of Round 1.

    Sean Lane Vs Josh Glover
    This fight provided the emotional adrenaline of the evening. Glover and Lane both came to fight and it showed with the action each demonstrated. Glover came out with several kicks and punches, but Lane replied by slamming Glover to the mat. Glover soon recovered and was back on his feet. Glover stepped in and threw a swift round kick to Lane's head, knocking him immediately unconscious. Lane lay motionless but was soon moving after being checked out by medical officials.
    WINNER: Josh Glover by KO kick to head at 1:21 of Round 1.

    Beau Baker Vs Luiz Rodriquez
    The fight began with Rodrigues throwing kicks and a few punches. Baker soon took the fight to the ground where he demonstrated his dominances. Baker established a solid position and began punishing Rodrigues. Baker trapped Rodrigues against the cage and captured one of his feet in a heel hook.
    WINNER: Beau Baker by heelhook at 1:52 of Round 1.

    Matt Ruskin Vs Vladimir Starobinets
    Starobonets opened this bout with a quick kick and then took Ruskin to the ground. Ruskin soon established a position where he began his ground and pound attack that ended with Starobonets tapping due to strikes at 1:58 into the first round.
    WINNER: Matt Ruskin by tap/strikes at 1:58 of Round 1.

    Carl Hirt Vs Robi Ramey
    This fight ended in a flash. Ramey and Hirt came to the center of the cage. Ramey quickly grabbed Hirt by the neck and established a guillotine choke. Hirt was choked unconscious at :23 seconds into the first round. Hirt was checked out by medical officials and found to be okay.
    WINNER: Robi Ramey defeated Carl Hirt guillotine 0:23 of Round 1.

    Justin Moore Vs Larry Landry
    The first professional match of the night was no disappointment. Landry began strong with an assault that puts Moore on the defensive. Moore then took Landry to the ground. Moore landed several powerful strikes, including many elbows that opened Landry's forehead. Landry was able to escape the bottom and place Moore on his back. Moore, however, used this position to his advantage. Landry came in to establish a better position, but Moore placed Landry in a triangle choke at 3:20 into the first round.
    WINNER: Justin Moore by triangle at 3:20 of Round 1.

    Jerry Burns Vs Steve Mitchell
    In this bout Steve Mitchell made his professional debut and he delivered. Mitchell stayed on the offensive the entire fight. Mitchell attacked with kicks and knees early and finally took Burns to the ground, ending the fight with a guillotine at 2:13 into the first round.
    WINNER: Steve Mitchell by guillotine at 2:13 of Round 1.

    Chancelor Edmonson Vs Tony Barker
    ROUND 1: Edmonson and Barker gave the fans their money's worth. In this round the fight soon went to the ground with Barker soon establishing a top position. He tried to wither away Edmonson's defenses, but that was not about to happen. Edmonson tried to gain leverage with his legs, but Barker would not give way. Barker continuously switched from strikes to locks, but was unable to break Edmonson down. At the end of the first round Barker had Edmonson in a choke, but was unable to get him to tap.
    ROUND2: This round followed the same action from the first. Edmonson attempted kicks on Barker without much success, and decided to take the fight back to the ground. Barker attempts many punches and dominated Edmonson on the ground. He landed various strikes, but soon the action ended. Referee Gurgel stood the men back up. Soon, however, both were back on the ground. Gurgel then gave a warning to both for lack of action and stood them up once again. Edmonson attempted another kick without success as the bell rang.
    ROUND 3: The last round proved the warrior in both men. Barker landed a knee to the midsection of Edmonson and soon both were on the ground. Barker attempted another choke, but Edmonson defended. Barker then switched to punches to gain the advantage, but Edmonson tied up Barker to prevent damage from being done. Gurgel stood the men up. Edmonson tried another kick, but Barker countered with a catch and throw that landed Edmonson hard on the cage floor. Both men were on the ground when the bell rang, leaving the fight to a decision.
    WINNER: Tony Barker by Unanimous Decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

    Mich McElroy Vs Sean Kilgus
    ROUND 1: This fight had all the elements true MMA fans enjoy. There was solid groundwork and heavy strikes. McElroy and Kilgus both showed the toughness needed to get in the cage. Kilgus began the round with a solid kick but both fighters soon locked up and the fight was on the ground. Kilgus struggled for top position, but McElroy gained dominance. McElroy landed several punches, but Kilgus never dropped his defenses, several times grabbing McElroy's arm. This battle continued throughout, with Kilgus bucking to get McElroy off. McElroy made unsuccessful attempts at locks. This back and forth was continued till the end of the round.
    ROUND 2: Kilgus came out and opened the round with a kick; while McElroy responded with strikes of his own. Kilgus was soon taken to the mat with McElroy on top. Kilgus made a reversal, but McElroy was able to recover. McElroy landed strikes to the head, and began to work for an arm bar. He secured his legs into position and locked out.
    WINNER: Mitch McElroy BY armbar AT 2:17 of Round 2.

  13. CORRECTED 2-5-07
    ISCF Mistakenly Listed this as a Pro Bout on the initial Result Postings instead of an AMATEUR bout.

    ISCF Amateur Eastern Regional Welterweight Title
    Nate Jolly Vs Brad Wright
    Keith Bach Vs Vs John Trent
    Bach and Trent came out and delivered a stellar performance. Trent attempted a kick. Bach countered and Trent was taken to the mat. Bach stood over Trent, where Trent attempted a forward thrust to Bach's face. Bach responded with his own kicks to Trent's legs. Trent finally got Bach on the ground with Bach on his back. Bach performed a reverse that allowed Bach to obtain an arm bar to win at 1:58 into the first round.
    WINNER: Keith Bach by armbar at 1:58 of Round 1.

    Josh Krueger Vs Franz Mendez
    Krueger and Mendez knew how to end the show for the fans. They gave the fans all the flair and enthusiasm any last bout should have. Krueger came out quickly with several punches, with Mendez responding with punches. Both locked up with Krueger throwing knees as he pressed Mendez into the cage. Mendez put Krueger on the mat and began kicking him on the ground. Krueger then attempted to get up when Mendez dropped Krueger to the mat and began to punch profusely. Krueger then gave his back and Mendez succeeded in obtaining a rear naked choke.
    WINNER: Franz Mendez by Rear Naked Choke at 3:57 of Round 1.

The night's overall success shows the thirst of Rome fans for MMA action. Future events will show if this has been quenched or if Knuckle Up! can once again bring a fervor to the Forum. If this fight is an example, Knuckle Up! will be able to return again and again to feed the need of Romans and all that traveled to Rome that night! For more info please contact Mr. Tony Metcalfe at (678) 520-8225 or go to or go to




Ark - La - Tex - Promotions Presents
"Judgement Day At The Municipal"
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

THURSDAY, JANUARY 25th, 2007, AT 11:45 PM, PT


Top Ranked Martial Arts Presents
North Vancouver, BC, Canada



"Battle At The Blue Note"
The Blue Note Columbia, Missouri, USA


Valdosta Martial Arts Presents
Valdosta, Georgia, USA


Beat Down Productions & Brett Moses' Fight Party Productions Present
Rome, Georgia, USA

MONDAY, JANUARY 22nd, 2007, AT 9:45 PM, PT

"IFL World Premiere Season"
January 19th, 2007 - Oakland, California, USA

IFL Press: ORACLE Arena, Oakland, California, USA
Ken Shamrock's Lions took three out of the five fights on Friday night, edging out brother Frank Shamrock's San Jose Razorclaws in front of a crowd of just over five thousand at Oakland's ORACLE Arena. Marco Ruas' Southern California Condors topped Maurice Smith's Seattle Tiger Sharks by the same 3-2 margin to win their IFL debut, and Jeremy Horn put to rest retirement rumors with a five-round decision victory over a tough Niko Vitale. Here are all the nights results below.

To get more event details go to

The International Fight League (IFL)...
Putting Fighters First!
By AK Press Oakland, California, USA

Sacramento, CA- January 20, 2006
IFL Co-founder/Commissioner Mr. Kurt Otto (at right) was adamant about his approach to the fight came in understanding the importance of taking care of the fighters better than any other organization. At a glance, some of the perks his organization is offering the fighters and coaches makes it evident that he's serious and passionate about the fight game and seems undaunted at the major hurdle he and his large, very professional team has ahead of them. From annual contracts, stock options, nice salaries, injury insurance and bonuses, Otto understands the value of his most precious commodity...his fighters and coaches. With well advertised abuses of fighters from promoters etc., (in all fight arenas) understanding the power of taking care of your employees and in return motivating them to take care of you is an age-old model that we're sure is welcomed in the fight industry.

The pressure must be on the relatively young, confident and charismatic Otto to produce and produce BIG result! In fact, since the IFL is now a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange...all eyes will be on each and every performance. Coaches will need to train their fighters hard; fighters will need to fight their hearts out demonstrating to the masses their highest level of skills and expertise in their art-form. Moreover, the entire IFL staff will need to make sure every- I- is dotted and -T- crossed to prevent cracks that may crawl and open a huge hole allowing those wanting the IFL to fail to land a lethal strike! It's obvious that many are confident about the company. Rumor has it that on the opening day (s) on the stock market their shares were below a dollar and in a few days millions of dollars poured in sending the IFL's shares around thirteen dollars a pop! Now that's impressive! "I don't care who you are, you gotta like that" as Larry the Cable Guy would say!

The question is… does Otto, CEO Mr. Gareb Shamus (at Right) and team have the right formula to make their league stand the test of time? Or, will the IFL be likening to the internet craze in the 90's that made oodles of millionaires but in a few years most of them were broke. Or, even like that of K-1, the alleged New Fighting Sport that had respectable success for a few years here in the U.S. but today seems to be falling by the wayside to other events. Whether the IFL will be able to reach new levels just as they have already set new standards with the league concept remains to be seen. However, we are reminded of IFL Manager of Public Relations Jerry Milani's e-mail signature that paraphrases a quote from Noble Peace Prize winner, the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ..."The Ultimate Measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy." It's evident that Otto, Shamus and the IFL team are aware of the struggles ahead and are mentally preparing for the long haul. The IFL has gotten off to a great start with millions of dollars to invest. It must be comforting not to worry about bills. However, the IFL must continue to put the athletes first and be willing to adjust and modify as they have in the past in order to go to the next level. For example, they must continue to amend the rules to make the fight game more palatable for the average Joe /Jane as well as campaign to make sure officials working the event understand the culture of what they are attempting to offer the public. When cracks come...and they will, whether from the internal workings of the company ...its staff or externally from media, competition etc. ... that will be the true test for the IFL. Here's hoping the IFL team is ready for life's truest test and become the NFL of MMA and give current and past fighters the dream they have long!

The Weigh-ins

Thursday- January 18, 2007
AKP and IKF/ISCF Press Staff attended the official weight-in for the IFL event. The actual show was held Friday Night (January 19th, 2007) at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA . It was no doubt a first class event as local media flanked to obtain their position to listen as well as take pictures of the multitude of MMA stars that were in attendance. The best of the best blessed the Hilton Hotel with their presence...the likes of greats: Bas Rutten (right) Maurice Smith, Royce Gracie, Marco Ruas, Ken and Frank Shamrock and so many others. Most of them are either IFL Team Coaches or close affiliates of the very new but fleeting company that seems to put the fighter's interest at the for-front of their company. The weigh-ins were the start of an exciting event that would bring together some of the most talented MMA fighters in the world.

All fighters showed up on time and in shape as they made their contracted weights and posed for the enthusiastic audience that applauded them. Although there were some minor issues that caused changes in the fight card, the weigh-in process seemed to go smoothly. Afterwards, fighter, coaches and fans huddled around the bar, in the hotel lobby etc. The mood for the most part of those working directly and indirectly for the IFL was one of optimism. The entire IFL staff was scrambling to make sure the event would run smoothly. There were some (as could be expected) signs of nervousness for some members of the IFL anticipating the reaction of the Oakland-nites who would be attending the event for the first time. Moreover, there seemed to be a slight air of uncertainty to whether there was enough time to market the event.

Additionally, the five roped' ring was only fully approved for use in California by the California Athletic Commission as late as the Wednesday prior to the event! Its freighting to think what might have happened if the ring was not approved. We're sure hundreds of thousands of dollars would have been lost. There was some talk perhaps Oakland may not be a fight-town and might not be on a future roaster. However, with whatever promotional issues they might have had... in the end, Oakland 's fight fans came out in respectable numbers to witness the first fight league in the world! Thurs. night, everyone met at the Oracle Arena where The Athletic Commission covered the rules and the production crew rehearsed fighters and trainers for the show. Step by step, they worked on ring entrance etc. as the talented ring announcer read every line of his script several times as to say...we will be perfect tomorrow night!

Fight Night...

Friday, January 19, 2007
Fighters began arriving at the arena in white vans around 5:PM. You could tell this was not play but the real deal. We've witnessed many times in the past a single fighter coming to the arena with his/her 'game face' but to witness literally 22 fighters entering the arena in top condition with the looks of an assassin approaching the target ...was kind of an intimidating scene!

The newly approved ring for the State of California was set up at center mass of the arena. It had five ropes colored in red, white and blue and the top three ropes were very sturdy with little give. The bottom two ropes were cleverly more relaxed to protect a fighter's neck if they were to fall on them. The actual mat was very sturdy with little bounce as you would see in a normal boxing ring but was well padded. Moreover, the ring had poles with flanks on the sides of them to make them sturdier.

A huge big screen showed all the action from fighter interviews, training as well as a promo video with highlights from previous events and special moments seen in the IFL that was very impressive and brought a roar from the fans as the super sound system thumbed to the hit song...It's My Life... Good Stuff! Media outlets were seated in fine position to view the event as well as to take pictures. The IFL hired experts to upload their websites with results almost as they happened! It was very impressive to witness this group at work. The photographer, armed with a camera and lens about a foot long took the kind of pictures that would make the best of photographers blush at such precision!

The backrooms were neatly set up for the media to gather and eat! (The hot wings were great!) They had a room set up for the Post Press Conference that immediately followed the event. Additionally, they were conducting live interviews at both team's dressing rooms that showed on the big screen for the fans entering the arena...very professional!


The previous night's rehearsal really paid off as the show started on time. Fighters lined the stage preparing to enter the ring in a cloud of fog, fancy lighting and blasting music! After all fighters and coaches were introduced the fights started promptly. The IFL's own Beautiful Ring Girls keep us abreast of the rounds as they pranced around the edges of the ring like models on a runway. Results of the fights can be found on the International Fight Leagues' Website (as well as from the ISCF above this article). However, here are a few observations on some of the fights. The very first fight of the evening started and ended fast! Shad Lierley (Right) of Seattle Washington of Maurice Smith's Tiger Sharks ended his fight in only: 40 seconds of the first round of the scheduled three rounds. A nice right cross landed on the head of Adam Lynn of Southern CA coached by Marco Ruas, Lierley quickly followed-up with more punches to the head of the downed' Lynn and it was a done deal! In an earlier interview AKP conducted with Maurice Smith, he noted the importance of striking and it being an advantage for the MMA fighter... although Maurice's young team would lose this night. However, it was no doubt that his philosophy on striking played a major role in the accurate and powerful striking ability of Lierley.

Some of the other fights would not be as exciting. Several chose to stay on the ground too long and thousand of the fans who began to chant "stand them up!" Ground fighting is what it is. However, what was obvious was that the knowledgeable fans wanted to see more it, kicks, punches, knees, or full body slams to the mat that happened in several bouts! When two combatants stood toe to toe throwing a barrage of punches and kicks, it sounded like thunder had entered the arena as the crowd went crazy! But when they hit the floor...more silence... until someone scored a major lock that caused his opponent to tap out. The IFL may need to review the ground rule a bit more in order to keep the fans coming and enjoying every minute of the show.

Although the event was sanctioned by the ISCF, since it was in California, the ISCF had no say on the officials as they do in other non-commission States. Instead, all Officials were appointed by the California State Athletic Commission. There was a couple of what might be called "bad decisions." Fans and some IFL members were not pleased with these calls. In fact, one of the reasons one fight stayed on the mat was due to the referee not standing them up more often. However, we know that refereeing and judging is totally subjective. When Kickboxing hit Las Vegas, Nevada some years back with the K-1, we did an interview with then Director of the NV Athletic Commission Mr. Mark Ratner. Mr. Ratner understood that referees with mostly boxing experience would need to be re-educated to this new culture of fighting. For California, who only recently allowed MMA to enter its doors, the same will need to happen in this State in order to render fairer rulings for these deserving mixed martial arts combatants.

The last fight of the night billed a Super-Fight between MMA veteran Jeremy Horn of Salt Lake City, Utah and calm, cool and collected Niko Vitale (Right) of Honolulu, Hawaii was exciting! These guys know how to fight! If every fight would have been like this one, there is no doubt the IFL's stock would have soared the next day! (We don't know if the stocks did not go up.) Both men could kick, grapple, and Box and they did it all! In the end, Horn would win this very difficult battle but boy he paid a serious price! Frankly, he may have edged Vitale with some interesting techniques that may have impressed the judges but he got the %$%$ beat out of him! His face looked like it had been bouncing off a wall all night...or more like… off Niko's full arsenal of mixed martial arts techniques!

IFL Commissioner and co- owner Kurt Otto, CEO Gareb Shamus, VP of Operations- Keith Evans and the rest of the IFL's pleasant staff should be overall proud of what it accomplished this evening. The event really did go off well. "It was a good production" said Steve Fossum of the IKF/ISCF. Promoting is not an easy business...if it was easy, more would be doing it. Moving from state to state promoting the level of shows we witnessed the other night, must be a gut wrenching experience and will be a challenge to keep with the pace. As long as the IFL continues to invest in the fighter's future and give the fans and television/PPV executives what they want, they will be successful! However, the aggressive event schedule they've set for themselves this year will have all staff and team members in serious need of one of the free cruises they were giving out to fans! :) Forward March!

AKP and ISCF would like to thank the IFL for allowing us to cover this event as we wish them much success in the future!

FRIDAY, JANUARY 19th, 2007, AT 12:25 PM, PT


IFL Presents
"World Premiere Season"
Oakland, California, USA

International Fight League (IFL) Invades Oakland, California TONIGHT!
The International Fight League (IFL - the worlds first mixed martial arts fighting league will kick off their 2007 season with a great night of mixed martial arts action at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California tonight, January 19, 2007. The event will start at 7:30 PM. The evening is part of the full 11-event IFL 2007 schedule, the most comprehensive advance schedule in the history of fight sports.

Four- 5 man teams will square off to see who is the best as they press forward to later in the year (around September 2007) to see who is the overall best team of the season! Similar to the NFL, the IFL MMA fight league has a regular and post season as well as a final event where the best teams compete for the IFL World Team Championship and will receive among other things an IFL Ring (Left).

Each of the nine regular season IFL events will consist of four teams – each with an athlete in all five weight classes competing – along with a special Superfight, for a minimum of 11 bouts per card. The team that wins the best three of five match setup will be declared the team winner for the match, similar to collegiate and high school wrestling meets.

The IFL also differs from other MMA organizations in that the bouts are held in an oversized five-rope boxing ring (Left) with three, four-minute rounds, each designed to create the most compelling in-arena experience for local fans.

Each of the 12 IFL teams for 2007 will compete in three regular season events; the teams with the top four overall win-loss team records will advance to the semi-finals, which will be held on Thursday, August 2, 2007 at Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, N.J. The 2007 IFL Finals will then be held at The Forum in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 15, 2007.

The 10 venues for the 2007 season (The Forum in Los Angeles will host two events) will scale to between 7,000 and 13,000 seats, which has been consistent with the IFL's plan of managed growth.

Each team is coached by renown fighters such as Maurice Smith, Frank Shamrock, Pat Miletich and Renzo Gracie. There are five weight classes ranging from lightweight (155lbs.) to heavyweight (265 lbs.) The Teams are labeled with such names as the Tiger-Claws, Anacondas, Condors and Tiger Sharks which are the teams competing tonight in Oakland. The event tonight will also feature a super-fight between two veteran fighters Jeremy Horn and Falaniko Vitale

All fighters will battle in a five rope boxing ring especially designed for this type of competition. The use of a boxing ring in California was just approved by the California State Athletic Commission this past Wednesday. The event will be under the authority of the California State Athletic Commission and Sanctioned by the International Combat Federation (, the official sanctioning body of the IFL.

From IFL: Oakland, CA
All fighters made weight Thursday and the bout order was officially set for the IFL's inaugural event of 2007 at Oakland's ORACLE Arena. Despite a few athletic commission shake-ups that necessitated alternates filling in for regular team members, everything went smoothly in the run-up to Friday's event, the IFL's first in the state of California.

"We are absolutely thrilled that the IFL is in California," said Armando Garcia, of the State Athletic Commission. Garcia added that this is the first time the ring, as opposed to a cage, has been approved for a mixed martial arts event in the Golden State. Though it may seem trivial, that detail reportedly kept Japan's Pride Fighting Championships away from California. The International Fight League, however, remained undaunted.

"It was a challenge to get to this point," admitted IFL co-founder and Commissioner Kurt Otto. "Are we going to pack the house tomorrow night? I hope so, but the important thing is we're going places that other organizations don't go. That's a risk for us, but we're willing to take it. We're very proud of everything we've accomplished so far."

Before the weigh-in Otto introduced the four coaches for Friday's event, including brothers Ken and Frank Shamrock, the coaches of the Lions and Razorclaws, respectively. The strained relationship between the two made for a tense moment as Ken Shamrock jokingly lunged at his brother during their photo-op handshake.

Leading things off in the "Shamrock vs. Shamrock" showdown will be lightweights John Gunderson of the Lions and Josh Odom of the Razorclaws. Insiders have pegged this match up as the fight of the night, pitting Gunderson's non-stop aggression against Odom's poise and quickness.

The light heavyweight match between the teams was scratched, however, when the Athletic Commission ruled that the Lions' Vernon "Tiger" White (24-30-2) was simply too experienced to face the Razorclaws Raphael Davis (1-1). Taking their place as alternates will be two lightweights: Joseph Martin (4-5) for the Lions, and Clint Coronel (1-0) for the Razorclaws.

The hot match up in the other team bout appears to be in the light heavyweight division, as the Condors' Justin Levens takes on the Tiger Sharks' Reese Andy, who is coming off an upset win over Jamal Patterson at the IFL Finals in December.

As for the evening's superfight, Falaniko Vitale looked to be in excellent condition for his match with journeyman Jeremy Horn, who is a heavy favorite going into the bout. Though originally set for the middleweight division, the weight limit was raised to 189 pounds at the agreement of both fighters after Horn weighed in at 188.5 pounds.

Live event results, as well as photos from the event, will be posted on as the action unfolds from the ORACLE Arena in Oakland on Friday night. Tickets are still available for the event through Ticketmaster and the arena box office. The full results from the weigh-in, as well as the bout order, is as follows:

Nevada Lions
Lions coach Ken Shamrock sports a mixed martial arts record that reads like a who's who of the sport. In his thirteen-year career he's faced everyone from Royce Gracie to Tito Ortiz, and spread his talents across the athletic and entertainment spectrums. Shamrock got his start in Japan's Pancrase organization in 1993, where he battled fellow IFL coaches Bas Rutten and Maurice Smith. He later moved to the newly formed Ultimate Fighting Championship in America, then back to Japan to take on Scorpions coach Don Frye in the Pride organization.

Shamrock also had a successful pro wrestling career in the WWE, where his volatile ring persona electrified fans. Shamrock is perhaps best known for founding the Lion's Den, a submission fighting academy in San Diego specializing in MMA techniques that were far ahead of their time. The Lion's Den produced many notable fighters under Ken's watch, including Jerry Bolander and Guy Mezger. His protégés were known for their leg and ankle locks, as was Shamrock himself. His Nevada-based team, which must endure the infamously brutal Lion's Den workouts, has the advantage of training with one of the sport's most respected and recognizable figures.

San Jose Razorclaws
One of the IFL's new teams in 2006, Frank Shamrock's squad suffered a heart-breaking loss in their first match against the Toronto Dragons in Moline, Illinois. Though the team's look has changed for 2007, lightweight Josh Odom, an Iraq War vet, returns as one of the team's bright spots after his impressive TKO of Rob Di Censo.

Particularly of interest to coach Shamrock in 2007 is the addition of his brother Ken's Nevada Lions team. The Shamrock brothers have had a strained relationship in the past, and both are extremely competitive with one another. While the Razorclaws look to make a name for themselves in 2007, they'll also have their eye on the Lions.

Seattle Tiger Sharks
Maurice Smith's team got off to a fast start in the IFL, shocking Renzo Gracie's Pitbulls, 3-2, in their first match. Not many expected the team of relative unknowns to be so competitive right away, but the team has rallied under the guidance of the legendary kickboxer Smith.

The Seattle squad has already formed a bit of a regional rivalry with Matt Lindland's Portland Wolfpack, a team who narrowly beat them the last time out. Though Seattle and Portland may be natural enemies in the Pacific Northwest, this one takes that rivalry into the ring, where it can truly be settled.

Orange County Condors
Condors coach Marco "King of the Streets" Ruas is a true legend and pioneer in the sport of mixed martial arts. The creator of Ruas Vale Tudo – a visionary fight academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Ruas was the first to truly blend submission grappling and kickboxing techniques into a single coherent art form. The former UFC champion also won bouts in Pride and was a four-time Brazilian Thai Boxing champion, in addition to training many notable champions of his own, including UFC heavyweight Pedro "The Rock" Rizzo.

Ruas is known for his pulverizing leg kicks and methodical, relentless attack. He is considered, alongside the Gracie family, to be one of Brazil's most famous martial artists, and he gained a large fan following after several memorable bouts with "The Russian Bear" Oleg Taktorov. Ruas now makes his home in Laguna Niguel, California, in the heart of Orange County, the home of his Condors team.

For more on the IFL and the January 19th event in Oakland Click Here. Tickets will be available at the door! Don't Miss this exciting event! Look for the event results here after the event.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17th 2007, AT 8:00 PM, PT

January 5th, 2007 - Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

ISCF World Representative Chuck Wolfe
True Fight Fans started the new year in style! This entertaining card featured FOUR ISCF Amateur Title Fights - probably more than many fans get to see in the entire year! And, each fight was outstanding in it's own right - from the ever-popular Troy Talavera's Featherweight US Title Bout, Eric Marriott's show for the Lightweight Title, Sheppard Owens stepping in as the Heavyweight favorite and of course our Lady Warriors battling for the Bantamweight Missouri State Title! And, as always, it's anyone's win until the end - one of the reasons this venue is so exciting to attend! Fight fans attending these events are the biggest WINNERS of all! These fighters appreciate their fan base and train hard to give them what they came to see....ACTION!

  1. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Middleweights
    Kyle Miller Vs Roosevelt Lyons
    Lyons sticks out a couple of good stiff jabs, but Miller counters with a solid overhand right to start this war! Lyons connects with a couple of knees to Miller's body, then gets a takedown going to the full mount looking to do some ground and pound. Miller works on his defense, and the crowd goes wild as Miller pulls a reversal, taking the top position. Lyons moves to full guard and the crowd is loud as the action continues when Lyons picks up Miller and slams him to the mat! Lyons ends this round with some effective ground and pound! Lyons still pumped from round one throws the first blow, a leg kick, but Miller is right there to answer with a kick of his own. The fighters grapple up and Lyons lands a knee to the body followed by a striking combination to Miller's head. Miller again answers with knees of his own; Lyons answers with a left hook combination, but Miller is relentless as he shoots in for a takedown! Lyons quickly reverses and attempts to sink in a guillotine, but Miller finds a way out! Lyons tries to reverse, but gives Miller his back and Miller takes full advantage working to secure a rear naked choke - the crowd sounds like Arrowhead (Cheif's Stadium) as Miller gets the tap! Great first fight of 2007!
    WINNER: MILLER by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:51 of Round Two.

  2. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Heavyweights
    James Jack Vs Travis Hendrix
    These big warriors start this bout with Jack shooting in for a double leg as you can hear the canvas tremble! Hendrix immediately goes to his feet and lands a few rights under and over followed by a knee to the body! Hendrix hits with a knee to the head followed by some swift uppercuts as the crowd goes wild! Jack goes after Hendrix back as Jack attempts a rear naked, but Hendrix resists! As the fighters stand, Hendrix strikes with a right hand, left hook combination. The fighters immediately grapple up and go into the cage. Hendrix throws another knee to the body followed by another uppercut, but Jack just pushes him off. Hendrix throws another right as these fighters are landing the big bombs! Jack goes for the single leg takedown, moving Hendrix against the fence and working his ground and pound on Hendrix as he takes Hendrix' back and slams repeated shots to Hendrix' head! Just before the round ends, the fight is stopped! What a war!
    WINNER: JACK by TKO (Strikes) at 3:57 of Round One.

  3. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Lightweights
    Mike Ruth Vs Bo ( Robert ) Webb
    The lightweights are always fast and furious as Ruth comes out throwing rights and lefts. Webb narrows the gap and gets the single leg takedown, moving to a side mount. As the fighters grapple, Ruth swiftly reverses and cinches in a tight rear naked, forcing Webb to submit! The crowd is lovin' it!!!!! You can barely hear the results over their enthusiasm! Another great bout!
    WINNER: RUTH by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:29 of Round One.

  4. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Middleweights
    Eric Farmer Vs Laif Starforth
    Starforth goes in for a quick takedown, taking the top position on the ground. But, Farmer, a home-town favorite, does a quick reversal, and Starforth moves into a full guard as Farmer pursues with some ground and pound. The crowd reacts to the effectiveness of Farmer's ground and pound, as Starforth is attempting to pull his legs in tight to avoid the choke. But, Farmer remains relentless in his striking pursuit from the top and it pays as Starforth submits! Awesome Attack!
    WINNER: FARMER by TAP OUT (Strikes) at 3:14 of Round One.

  5. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Middleweights
    Mitchell Harris Vs William Chard
    More middleweight action as the fifth bout of the evening begins. The excitement is riding high in the arena as these warriors take the cage! Chard slams a leg kick and Harris answers with a double leg hard slammin' takedown and slides right into a side mount! Harris attempts a guillotine, dropping down, but Chard pulls out of the guillotine and moves to the top! The crowd is pumped as Chard lands a right hand, looking for room to ground and pound, pulling in tight, locking in a tight guillotine, forcing Harris to submit! The crowd cheered both fighters as the results are announced, but the win was clear!
    WINNER: CHARD by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at 1:16 of Round One.

  6. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Lightweights
    Isaac Goins Vs Casey Smith
    This will result in Isaac Goins being suspended until the ISCF has heard from him as to why he "No Showed".

  7. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Featherweights
    Thomas Cambell Vs Chad Vandenberg
    The featherweights take the stage and are clearly ready to rumble as they face off! Round one starts with Vandenberg going for a low shoot as the fighters collide heads. Vandenberg moves Cambell against the cage, but Cambell rolls out and gets the takedown. Vandenberg reverses, Cambell reverses as these fighters demonstrate their agility in the ring. With Campbell on top, Vandenberg takes some right/left hands from Cambell. Cambell answers with some right hands over the top nullifying Vandenbergs attempt at a choke! Cambell takes the up position looking for some room to ground and pound as Vandenberg attempts an armbar, but cannot. Vandenberg attempts to escape, but Cambell takes his back and attempts to strike as the fighters roll to end the round!
    Cambell comes out striking, as Vandenberg fails at a takedown. The crowd is cheering their favorite as the fighters continue the action. Cambell unloads some rights and lefts and Vandenberg responds by trying to work in a triangle choke, but Cambell refuses to submit as he slips out. Vandenberg attempts an armbar, but Cambell pulls out of this too. Vandenberg gives Cambell his back and Cambell ends this round on top with some ground and pound, gaining both good riding time and good strikes.
    After two solid rounds of action, round three starts with Vandenberg attempting to land a right hand on Cambell, stacking Cambell against the cage, but Cambell takes Vandenberg down to the mat and moves into some solid, swift ground and pound, forcing Vandenberg to submit! Excellent action!
    WINNER: CAMBELL by TAP OUT (Strikes) at 1:35 of Round Three.

  8. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Welterweights
    Matt Morelan Vs Joshua Freeman
    The excitement in the arena is palatable as this bout begins. These fighters are ready to go at the bell as they stalk each other in the cage! Freeman throws the first blow, landing a jab and right over the top as the fighters clash heads. Freeman throws a solid leg kick, right hand over the top, dropping Morelan! And, the Referee steps in to stop this fast action!
    WINNER: FREEMAN by TKO (Strikes) at :28 of Round One.

  9. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Welterweight
    Josh Bernal Vs Matt Dukes
    Dukes starts this war by attempting a low kick, blocked by Bernal. Bernal lands a right, as Duke slams Bernal into the cage, taking him to the mat! Dukes takes the top position, looking for room to ground and pound. As the fighters stand, Dukes lands some rights and lefts as Bernal moves in for the takedown, but Duke's jumps and immediately grapples up, cinching into a tight guillotine, forcing Bernal to submit.
    WINNER: DUKES by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at 1:09 of Round One.

  10. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Light Heavyweights
    Dustin Schnakenberg Vs Dallas Browning
    Browning attempts a spin kick, missing, but reacts quickly by slamming Schnakenberg into the cage. Schnakenberg immediately spins him off, throwing him into the cage. Browning lands a leg kick, but his high kick misses and Schnakenberg takes advantage by landing a right, followed by another striking combination. As Browning goes to the mat, he invites Schnakenberg down, but Schnakenberg steps back waiting for Browning to return to his feet. Schnakenberg stalks Browning as Browning attempts a kick which misses, giving Schnakenberg a chance to land a jab, hook. (As Browning loses his footing, going to the mat, Schnackenberg is caught up in the action and throws a kick. Fortunately, it misses as this would have drawn a disqualification). Browning slams Schnackenberg against the cage, but Schnackenberg spins him around and lands a knee to the body. Browning doesn't seem to be affected as he throws a couple of missed kicks, but immediately shoots in for the double leg, but Schnackenberg sprawls to escape and answers with a jab. Browning is relentless as he goes for another leg, again Schnackenberg sprawls, and this action is repeated several more times by both fighters. Ultimately, Browning lands a solid right, moving in on Schnackenberg, forcing Schnakenberg to cover up as Browning continues to strike, forcing Schnackenberg to submit!
    WINNER: BROWNING by VERBAL SUBMISSION (Strikes) at 3:08 of Round One.

  11. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Featherweights
    Cody Bell Vs Cody King
    This fight starts fast as Bell comes out and attempts a spin hook kick and is taken down by King. As the fighters fight for position, King gains the top position, looking for room for ground and pound. The crowd is behind both fighters as the action continues. The fighters stand and exchange blows again. King takes Bell down to end round one.
    Round two sees Bell throwing some effective, powerful rights, but as the fighters go to the ground King quickly reverses Bell and continues his barrage. Caught up in the frenzy of action, King gets some negative feedback from the crowd as he attempts to kick at Bell's legs. Bell retaliates with some blows, but King takes him right back to the ground. King maintains the riding time through round two.
    King comes out for round three throwing blows and taking Bell back to the mat, throwing some wicked ground and pound! Bell attempts to defend, but King draws first blood. The fighters stand and King delivers some powerpacked blows to Bells head. This fight was action packed! All the judges gave King an edge every round.
    WINNER: KING UNANIMOUS DECISION, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.

  12. ISCF AMATEUR MMA - Lightweights
    Brian Davidson Vs Chance (Chase) Poindexter
    The fighters exchanged punches and Poindexter gets the takedown. Taking the top position, Poindexter throws more blows to Davidson's head. The action stalls as the Referee stands the fighters up and Davidson lands a right hand. The fighters return to the mat, but Davidson escapes as the fighters return to stand up to end the round.
    Davidson starts round two with a kick. The fighters circle as Davidson throws a knee that connects, causing a cut over Poindexter's eye! Davidson capitalizes and scores a solid left, followed by leg kick. Poindexter is attempting to wipe the blood from his eye as Davidson moves in and connects again. Poindexter attempts two leg kicks, but Davidson makes him miss, then makes him pay with a solid right, followed by another series of blows high and low to finish this round strong!
    Round three has the crowd cheering loudly as the fighters face off. Davidson is still the aggressor, connecting with a couple of jab cross combinations. Poindexter is attempting to answer back, but continues to miss his mark with both hands and feet. Davidson wows the crowd by pulling out another hard knee to Poindexter's face! Davidson continues the assault, landing more blows, especially a hard left that rocks Poindexter. Blood flowing, Davidson continues the barrage, forcing Poindexter to submit!
    WINNER: DAVIDSON by VERBAL SUBMISSION (Strikes) at 2:37 of Round Three.

  13. ISCF Amateur Woman's Missouri State Bantamweight Title
    Tonya Evinger Vs Jennifer Babcock
    Evinger starts this battle, landing with a left, right combination. The fighters immediately go to the ground, with Evinger taking the top position. Evinger makes room for some ground and pound, scoring some right hooks to Babcock's body, forcing Babcock to submit!
    WINNER: EVINGER by TAP OUT (Strikes) at 1:52 of Round One.

  14. ISCF Amateur MMA Missouri State Heavyweight Title
    John Jarvis Vs Sheppard Owens
    The energy was high when these fighters took the cage. Jarvis threw the first blow, landing a hard kick to Owen's body. Owens answers with a takedown and moves in for some ground and pound. The fighters both appear strong on the mat, but Owens manages to maintain the dominant riding time. The action stalls, and the Referee stands the fighters back up.
    Round two starts with Jarvis throwing a hard kick to the leg, followed by a knee that landed a bit low. Owens shook this blow off and proceeded to sprawl as Jarvis attempts a takedown. Owens quickly gained the top position, mounting Jarvis and moving into some ground and pound. Owens takes advantage of this movement by sliding into position, tightening a rear naked choke, forcing Jarvis to submit.
    WINNER: OWENS by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:44 of Round Two.

  15. ISCF Amateur MMA U.S. Lightweight Title
    Andrew Waters Vs Eric Marriott
    The crowd is ready for this battle as these fighters face-off. Waters throws the first blows, landing a right and left kick combination. He moves in to throw a right hand, right knee combination next. Marriott attempts to answer with a leg kick, but Waters lands a solid right. Marriott takes advantage by taking Waters to the mat, which is dangerous territory for his opponent! Marriott shows his grappling prowess as Waters attempts, but fails to escape! Marriott then moves deftly into the side mount position, and secures a figure four. Waters slips, but Marriott is relentless and goes right back into position, gaining the Kamora and forcing Waters to submit!
    WINNER: MARRIOTT by TAP OUT (Kamora) at 3:04 of Round One.

  16. ISCF Amateur MMA U.S. Featherweight Title
    Troy Talavera Vs Derek Arcement
    Talavera lands a solid leg kick to start but Arcement answers with a right hook. As Arcement attempts to throw a knee, Talavera takes him to the mat! Talavera immediately moves into a full mount. Arcement manages to reverse and gain the top position momentarily. Talavera stands, throws a right hand, then moves back into a side mount to secure an armbar, forcing Arcement to submit!
    WINNER: TALAVERA by TAP OUT (Armbar ) at 1:24 of Round One

For more info please contact Mr. Phil Jones At (816) 651-5087 or by e-mail at or go to


"2007 American Bushido"
January 13th, 2007 - Chicago Ridge, Illinois, USA

ISCF Representatives: Ron Hill, James Hill, and Brian A. Thompson

    Rick Fitch of Republic, OH, 5'8, 170, 3-1, Defeats Phonsamay "Fonz" Attanaphone of Joliet, IL. 5'8, 166, 1-1, Via TKO Referee Stoppage at 44 seconds of round 1.
    Decarlo Johnson of Chicago, IL. 6'2", 168, 4-1, Defeats Miguel Quinonez of Plano, IL. 5'7", 167.5, 0-1, Via TKO, Referee stoppage at 1:07 of round 3.
    Robert Deleon of Aurora, IL. 5'6", 168, 1-0, Defeats John Schaeffer of Hanover Park, IL. 5'9", 152.6, 4-3, Via TKO 2:55 of round 1.
    Deray Davis of Gary, IN. 6'1", 183.5, 2-1, Defeats Deon Baines of Carey, OH, 5'8", 186.3, 1-2, Via TKO 1:51 of round 1.
    Joshua Lee
    of Chicago Heights, IL,. 5'10", 170, 2-2, Defeats Howard Longus of N. Plainfield, NJ, 5'8", 172.5, 0-2, Via TKO Referee Stoppage at 1:00 of round 1.

For more info please contact Mr. Nestor Soto at (708) 752-2431 or by e-mail at

FRIDAY, JANUARY 12th, 2007, AT 1:15 AM, PT


Fight Card Entertainment Presents
"2007 American Bushido"
Chicago Ridge, Illinois, USA

MORE NEWS OF 1-12-07

Up Close and Personal Featuring The One and Only...
Mr. Maurice Smith

Special To ISCF

Recently, AKP Press had the pleasure of speaking with Kickboxing/MMA Champion Mr. Maurice Smith of Seattle Washington. We were elated he took time out of his very busy schedule to speak with us. He surprised us with some of his comments regarding different groups and his opinion on where he feels the state of Kickboxing and MMA is today and where it's going. He cuts no corners and is very candid and gets right to the point. Mr. Smith has done more for the combat industry than most of us can dream. He has a great story and we hope you will enjoy our conversation with him.

Maurice "Mo" Smith recently celebrated his forty fifth birthday and has accomplish great things in the sport of Kickboxing and MMA. He's won a total of three kickboxing world titles, a K-1 USA Grand Prix Title as well as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title to name a few. Maurice has a unique sense of humor but lets you know that he loves and wants great things for the martial arts as a whole. He and his team, The Tiger Sharks are preparing for the big International Fight League (IFL) Championship Show next Friday night at the Oracle Arena in Oakland , CA. The IFL is relatively new and the only fighting league that squares off teams in full contact mixed martial arts (MMA) action. Maurice Smith is one of their prominent coaches and has high regards for the direction of the IFL. Here's more with the legendary…Maurice Smith.

  • AKP: Maurice, most people have something or someone who inspired them to strive to reach certain goals. What and, or who sparked your interest in the martial arts?
  • MS: "That's an easy one, at the age of thirteen, I went to see film star Bruce Lee in a Kung Fu Movie called The Chinese Connection and after that… I was hooked! Additionally, I saw Sugar Ray Leonard, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan on TV and knew I wanted to be something in their likeness! Since I'd fallen in love with martial arts, I thought why not martial arts? Shortly after seeing the movie, I started classes in Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu and began participating in a few point karate tournaments but did not do that well. I wanted to do more...I wanted to be able to make more contact. I had my first full contact bout when I was around 18."

  • AKP: Maurice, you had a nice long run fighting for the K-1 organization, how was that for you? Do you feel that K-1 helped the sport and if so, what did it do for you?
  • MS: "Not really, I don't call it a nice run...but it was a run. Overall, I did not like the way K-1 dealt with their fighters. They did not do well with the matching of bouts that many times made for boring and mis-matched fights. The crowd can tell if a fight is even or not. Moreover, they use you while you are winning but lose a few and they drop you. Don't get me wrong, I think it was good for what it was and I don't want it to fail but it could have been so much more. You can not expect to grow an event and market its fighters, if you are only having your event in one place ( Las Vegas ) a couple times a year. If you live in Florida and want to see the show, you would need to purchase an airline ticket to attend the event. The IFL is bringing the shows to you... saving you money while giving you a first class event!"

  • AKP: Why do you think MMA is so popular? (AKP-His answer was a little surprising...)
  • MS: "I think it's popular because so many people can do it. Kickboxing and Boxing is much harder than MMA!

  • AKP: Really!
  • MS: "Look! Boxing and Kickboxing takes years to master. With MMA, you don't have to master any particular art form, you just have to get a little of each and you are ready to go! Most MMA Fighters can't Box and it all starts from a standup position where the punch is closest first. A good striker will have a slight advantage at first...this is why I prefer to strike."
    (AKP- Maurice eluded to the fact that another reason MMA was so popular is because everyone likes to see a good brawl and that's what many of the matches turn into…its good entertainment.)

  • AKP: Tell us more about the IFL and why you feel it's the best thing out there?
  • MS: "First, let me say this, I feel very fortunate to be a part of this great organization. I feel that they really want to take care of the fighters. They are a model for other fight organizations to follow...all of them...Boxing, Kickboxing and other MMA orgs!"

  • AKP: Why do you say that?
  • MS: They care about the fighters! They set you up on a one year contract and pay you around a $25,000.00 annual salary.

  • AKP: That's more money than most fighters make.
  • MS: Plus, you get paid per show upwards of $12,000.00. You are guaranteed at least three fights per year. A fighter has Injury Insurance and can win additional money for best fight of the night, best knockout or for having the most heart etc. Moreover, since the IFL is now traded publicly, the coaches of each team receives stock options. I feel all of them will be millionaires in a few years!" Oh, and the coaches also get a piece of the sponsorship revenues as well."
    • AKP: You could hear the extreme enthusiasm in Maurice's voice as he spoke about the IFL's great benefits.

  • AKP: You mentioned Millionaires...When do you think MMA will have its first million dollar purse?
  • MS: "It really doesn't matter when…what matters most is that these fighters can count on making certain funds and that they will have more security...that's more important than shooting for a million dollar payday."

  • AKP: ... that makes sense. The IFL deals with the team concept much like the NFL. They have a pre and post season then a final and or...a Super Bowl type event...correct? Do you see your team in the finals? See Maurice's Team.
  • MS: "Right for the most part. Yes, I see my team in the finals. I have a solid team. Some of them are strikers while others are better ground fighters…we have a great team!"

  • AKP: Do you have a star player on your team who may stand out a little?
  • MS: I consider all of my team members star players because everyone's win or loss counts for or against us. However, I do have one fighter that seems to have what it takes to be a superstar player one day. His name is Brad Blackburn. He strikes a lot like me but has a better ground game. Additionally, he has a great attitude and looks nice too…he's marketable!

  • AKP: OK, lets compare the IFL to the NFL...will the IFL eventually have Eastern and Western Divisions and will they have International Teams?
  • MS: "There are about 16 teams now. I think they are looking at a divisional conference type deal. We already have international teams… like Canada , Brazil , England , Japan , France and Russia …and more coming on soon."

  • AKP: It sounds like you really like what the IFL is doing. It certainly sounds great…. a couple more questions about you. You have fought many tough battles with big all time great Kickboxer Rick Roufus in the K-1, MMA with Bas Rutten and Randy Couture, Ken Shamrock, Marco Ruas and the list goes on... Who do you feel was your toughest opponent?
  • MS: "All of them were tough in their own way. However, I feel that Randy Couture handled me a little more and although not a tough fight, he controlled the fight more than the others. I should also mention I will have a rematch with Marco in March as the Super Fight on the card...the first match ended with me winning but he was injured coming into the bout. The rematch should be a good one!"

  • AKP: Maurice, with your celebrity status, what kind of things are you doing in the community to assist others and also helping them believes they can attain their dreams?
  • MS: In conjunction with the IFL we are doing "Free" Domestic Violence Seminars for abused women as well as I work with kids suffering from Diabetes.

  • AKP: Sum up your career for me... how would you like to be remembered?
  • MS: "As one who accomplished a lot in the fight game... I also want to be remembered as a person who gave back to the sport by training others who aspire to be their personal best and, or world champions. I want to leave a piece of me in each of them."

  • AKP: Thanks Maurice for your time and we really enjoyed talking with you!

Interesting enough, AKP received an e-mail from another former world champion fighter who is doing other things today - Jerry "Golden Boy" Trimble out of Southern California. The e-mail spoke of a poem called "The Dash." It started with a man speaking over his departed wife and noting that there was a beginning date of her birth -"A Dash"- and an ending date- the day she past on. He wanted every one to know that although the little line is often looked over, there was an entire life lived that represents that small dash. Based on all of Maurice Smith's accomplishments, he is a fine example of living life to the fullest and making his "dash" a legacy for so many to remember him for years to come.

Maurice Smith is a team coach for International Fight League (IFL). His team is the Tiger Sharks and they will be fighting Marcos Ruas' team, the Condors on next Friday night at the Oracle Arena in Oakland , CA. Each team fights in professional MMA bouts in a specific weight class. The most wins by knockout or submission for the evening, wins the event and gets valuable points heading up to the end of the season.

The January 19th IFL event will be under the authority of the California State Athletic Commission and Sanctioned by the International Combat Federation (ISCF). The ISCF is based out of Northern California along with it's sister organization for Kickboxing, the International Kickboxing Federation, IKF, and together are the largest sanctioning body in the world for Kickboxing and MMA events. For more on the IFL and the January 19th event in Oakland ...see their site at For Tickets Click HERE!

THURSDAY, JANUARY 11th, 2007, AT 8:30 PM, PT

"Battle Cage 360 - Extreme Impact 2"
January 6th, 2007 - Bossier City, Louisiana, USA

    Brian Green defeated Matt Singer at 1:24 in round 2 with Rear Naked Choke.

    Tony Warrior defeated Christefer Bell at 2:29 in round 2 with Rear Naked Choke.

    Brandon Rondon defeated Chase Herrera (Rivera) by Unanimous Decision.

    Travis Bennett defeated Ryan Moellenkamp by Unanimous Decision.

    Thomas (TJ) Reynolds defeated Josh Poteete at 2:32 in round 1 by Tapout due to Armbar.

    King Gladney defeated Jeffrey Brown at 1:28 in round 1 by Tapout due to Punches.

    Derrick Krantz defeated Joey Crawford at 1:06 in round 1 due to Doctor Stoppage.

    Shea King defeated James Dowden by Split Decision.

    Gary Hancock defeated Bill Lau at 0:33 of round 1 by Tapout due to Armbar.

    Michael Braswell defeated Kenneth Booten at 1:20 in round 1 by Tapout due to Armbar.

For more info please contact Mr. Albert Cole at (318) 746-5425 or by e-mail at

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10th, 2007, AT 4:00 PM, PT

Two Are Better Than

Two of Georgia's top MMA Promoters have decided to join forces and become the Top MMA Promotion company in Georgia if not the South East! Brett Moses (Right) and his Fight Party Production Team has joined forces with the new kids on the block, the Beat Down Crew, who were first known as Knuckle-Up lead by Tony Metcalf (Sorry, no photo on file) and Chris Stolzman.

Georgia MMA fans will again be treated to responsibly matched fights engineered through knowledge and experience by the pioneer, Fight Party & Beat Down Crew teams! For more info please e-mail Mr. Brett Moses at or go to or

MONDAY, JANUARY 8th, 2007, AT 9:00 PM, PT

Midwest Fight Fest
December 16th, 2006 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Chuck Wolfe ISCF Event Representative
Shamrock Promotions & The Blue Corner Promotions combined again to close out the year with yet another strong and well run event. Results as follows:

    Tonya Evinger vs Channel Rand
    Evinger controlled the action in every round. Using a good jab combined with a long right hand to win every round on two of the Judges cards. The other judge had Rand winning two rounds to one.
    WINNER By Majority Decision (30-27, 30-27 & 28-29) Tonya Evinger.

    Katrina Canfield vs Stacy Jennings
    Round one starts with Canfield working a good jab followed by left, right combo's. Jennings lands a few jabs of her own to make it a competitive round. Canfield lands more jabs followed by overhand rights. The overhand rights set up a good body attack at the end of this round. Jennings starts strong in round three backing Canfield up against the ropes with some jab right hand combo's. Canfield counters back effectively.
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision (30-27 all cards) Katrina Canfield.

    Bryan Carrol vs Adam Cella
    Exciting exhibition by both fighters. Cella demonstrating good kicking and boxing skills. Carrol good leg kicking skills.

    Natu Visinia Vs John Orr
    These big guys came to fight! Visinia lands a right hand, leg kick and a takedown only to be reversed by Orr. After some effectiveness by Orr, Visinia reverses Orr for some ground & pound as the round ends.
    Round 2 - After a few heated exchanges by both fighters Visinia lands a big right hand that KO's Orr.
    WINNER By KO (Strikes) at 2:32 of Round 2 Natu Visinia.

    Andrew Keahn vs Dan Velton
    A leg kick and a right hand by Keahn starts this one. Keahn follows with a take down. Velton answer was a good ground defense, that set up the triangle into a arm-bar.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm-Bar) at 2:10 of Round 1 Dan Velton.

    Mike Dilday Vs Chad Vancil
    Dilday lands a right hand that Vancil answers by landing a knee to Dilday's body. Dilday gets a takedown and moves to a full mount. Vancil locks into the arm-bar from there.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm-Bar) at 1:02 of Round 1 Chad Vancil.

    Thad Owens Vs Brandon Reinbold
    This was all Reinbold. He goes from takedown, to mount, and ground & pound. Then secures the arm-bar.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm-Bar) at 1:41 of Round 1 Brandon Reinbold.

    Aaron Jones vs Derek Garner
    A jab and double leg takedown by Garner that Jones quickly reverses. Garner gives Jones his back and Jones move in to secure the rear-naked choke.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Naked) at :56 of Round 1 Aaron Jones.
    Josh Carney Vs Travis Sveum
    A solid takedown by Karney. Karney moves to a full mount and gets room to ground & pound. Referee Engle stops this one shortly after.
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at 1:55 of Round 1 Josh Karney.

    Lonnie Dodge Vs Adam Noll
    These guys came to prove who was the best striker. Noll lands a leg kick followed by a right hand. Dodge answers with a right hand of his own. Both fighters trade knee's to the body and right hands. Noll lands a solid left hook that drops Dodge.
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at 1:12 of Round 1 Adam Noll.

    Van Powell Vs Severeno Woods Jr.
    This one could be the main event on any ones card. Powell and Woods pound it out and counter each other all the way to the end of the first round.
    Round two starts with more of the same. This time Woods lands a right and a left hand that drops Powell forcing Referee Engle to put a stop to this one.
    WINNER By TKO (Strikes) at 1:46 of Round 2 Severeno Woods Jr..

    Andrew Waters Vs Tony Goldsby
    Waters wasted no time getting the takedown and moving in to secure the arm-bar on Goldsby.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm-Bar) at :28 of Round 1, Andy Waters.

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr. at (913) 568-8009 or e-mail at or go to or


Mixed Martial Arts...
Making More Than an Impression in the Fight Arena!
International Fight Leagues' (IFL)
Unique marketing strategy setting examples on the way up!

Johnny Davis, AK Press: Sacramento , CA - January 8, 2007
Mixed Martial Arts... or MMA as it is commonly called is the art of putting the most popular forms of martial arts fighting (Boxing, Kickboxing, Grappling etc.) in one bout. It's evident today that the great martial arts film star Bruce Lee, who was an advocate of mixing different kinds of fighting forms to create your own fighting style, was correct. He knew over thirty plus years ago that this art-form was a great means of self defense. Perhaps he was not aware of the potential of MMA as a spectator sport but his theory was on the right track as we see its overwhelming popularity today.

At present, mixed martial arts is raging around the world as former and current boxers, kickboxers and grapplers are clambering to get into a cage or ring to show off their full arsenal with hopes of bigger paydays, fame and glory. Its no doubt that other fighting arts have felt the brunt of MMA's success as kickboxing and boxing events are seeing their gates dwindle in the shadow of this new fighting dinosaur. However, in speaking to several promoters of boxing and kickboxing, they feel confident that their events will stand the test of time as some of MMA's new found fans will balance out and return to their roots, as well as they too are marketing for new fans as millions more are turning to martial arts for fun, profession or as a spectator. This may be true. However, all evidence is showing that mixed martial arts fighting like the gladiator fights of ancient Rome, their deep pockets and televised events are here to stay for decades. Pictured at right- IFL Fighter Jeremy Horn grounds and pounds his opponent. Photo courtesy of the IFL web site.

Kurt Otto

Promotions company's like the (UFC) The Ultimate Fighting Championships that showcase great champions as Chuck "Iceman" Liddell of San Luis Obispo, CA (a former kickboxer - And IKF Champion) who is simply annihilating all opponents who challenges his brut and skills) are making millions in casinos and PPV events. Its been rumored that revenues from MMA events are putting a major dent in boxing's reservoir especially in big fight states like Las Vegas, NV. Furthermore, The International Sports Combat Federation( ISCF), is reporting big numbers from sanctioning a record number of events in 2006 with an already busy year of promoters locking down dates for their events in 2007 including sanctioning of the our next subjects' events, the International Fight Leagues' Promotions (IFL), they are looking at yet another record breaking year.

The International Fight League or IFL is making big news due to their unique approach to the fight game. Their fight league, similar to the National Football League (NFL) has hit the big time as they joined Wall Street, one of America's top money makers and are now traded publicly. IFL Commissioner and co-founder Kurt Otto (Pictured at Left) is excited about the potential of his new league. He wants to send a strong message to the MMA community as he envisions great success for his fight league and pledges to take care of all fighters that participate the best he can! This is great news for any martial arts' fighter who has struggled to make ends meet. Mr. Otto further stated He pledges that Fox Sports Net (FSN) broadcast of events will be more "consistent and comprehensive." Additionally, he feels that by announcing his entire season of events early on will give the IFL an upper hand with sponsors and television networks because everything is right in front of them allowing more preparation time for programming and budgeting. All of these moves by Mr. Otto are designed to make the IFL "The NFL of Mixed Martial Arts."

Jeremy Horn

The IFL is set to bring a big show to Oakland California on January 19th, 2007 at the Oracle Arena. Thousands of California fight fans will get a chance to witness top notched, professional MMA fights from a team perspective. It's sure to be a great night of action!

Mixed Martial Arts fighting has indeed made a big impression on the fighting world. New rules and an endless sea of revenues seem to keep this exciting fighting art plowing forward to bigger and brighter days. Who knows when and, or if MMA's run will end? But in the meantime, "fighters are paying their rents and mortgages" says Otto… while fight fans are quenching their thirst at 'the fight oasis' located at huge fight venues around the world!

Later this week, Johnny Davis and his AK Press department plans to speak with some of the coaches for the IFL Teams who will be competing in Oakland, CA on January 19th. These current and former champion-trainers of a variety of combat sports are serious about the IFL and their participation. More to Come...


International Fight League (IFL)
Invades Oakland, California!

The International Fight League (IFL) the worlds first Pro mixed martial arts fighting league will host a great night of mixed martial arts fights at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. The event will be held on January 19, 2007 and will start at 7:30 PM. Four- 5 man teams will square off to see who is the best that evening as they press forward to later in the year (around September 2007) to see who is the overall best team of the season! Similar to the NFL, the fight league has a regular and post season as well as a final event where the best teams compete for the IFL World Team Championship and will receive among other things an IFL Ring.

Each team is coached by renown fighters such as Pat Miletich, Bas Rutten, Maurice Smith, Frank Shamrock and Renzo Gracie. There are five weight classes ranging from lightweight (155lbs.) to heavyweight (265 lbs.) The Teams are labeled with such names as the Tiger-Claws, Anacondas, Condors and Tiger Sharks for example. The event will also feature a super fight between two veteran fighters Jeremy Horn vs Niko Vatale. All fighters will battle in a five rope boxing ring especially designed for this type of competition.

The event will be under the authority of the CA Athletic Commission and Sanctioned by the International Combat Federation (ISCF). For more on the IFL and the January 19th event in Oakland...see their site at


ISCF Looking At New
Rules & Regulations For 2007

In addition to the already announced rule changes for 2007, the ISCF is looking at several other possible rules changes. Some of these rules are the use of elbows and forearms for both pros and amateurs. The ISCF is looking at the results from the use of various forearms and elbow strikes and would like to make the sport safer. Although the current rules say Forearm strikes are allowed, the issue is "What" are some calling a forearm and what some call an "Elbow." Currently the ISCF does not allow any Rounded, Downward or Spiking elbows at all but does allow Forearm Strikes and Rounded Elbows in both Pro and Amateur bouts. The question is, "Should even forearm strikes be eliminated, or at least to the head and face.?" This is what the ISCF is currently looking at.

The other rule has to do with the brand and style of Gloves all MMA Fighters are allowed to wear at an event. At all IKF Sanctioned Kickboxing events, all fighters are required to wear the SAME style, size and brand of glove their opponent is wearing. This is assured by the Promoter being the one who supplies the gloves. Currently, MMA fighters may wear the gloves they bring to the event they are fighting on. Some promoters DO supply all the fight gloves, where as some do not. This results in various glove weights and padding differences. This will surly be an approved rule the ISCF will be changing for 2007. In conjunction with this, the ISCF will announce what brand of gloves they will approve for ISCF Sanctioned events. They will also regulate glove size requirements between amateur and pro MMA fighters. The gloves approved by the ISCF (As are boxing gloves by USA Boxing) will be the ONLY brands allowed to be worn by MMA Fighters in all ISCF Sanctioned bouts. Look for both of these this official announcement and others to come later this month.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 5th 2007, AT 1:10 PM, PT


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Tonight, January 5th, 2007
  • WHO: True Fight Fan L.L.C.
  • WHERE: Whiskey Tango, Grain Valley, Missouri, USA
      • ISCF Amateur Featherweight US Title Bout Troy Talavera Vs Derek Arcement
      • ISCF Amateur Lightweight US Title Bout Andrew Waters Vs Eric Marriott
      • ISCF Amateur Heavyweight Missouri State Title Bout John Jarvis Vs Sheppard Owens
      • ISCF Amateur Woman's Bantamweight Missouri State Title Bout Jennifer Babcock Vs Tonya Evinger
  • ISCF Representative: Chuck Wolfe
  • ISCF Referee: Rob Kimmons
  • PROMOTER: For more info please contact Mr. Phil Jones At (816) 651-5087 or by e-mail at


Impact Promotions Presents
"Battle Cage 360 - Extreme Impact 2"
Bossier City, Louisiana, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Nght, January 6th, 2007
  • WHO: Impact Promotions
  • WHERE: Harrah's Louisiana Downs Bossier City, Louisiana, USA
  • WHAT: "Battle Cage 360 - Extreme Impact 2"
    • ISCF Amateur MMA
  • ISCF Representative: Andres' Landor
  • ISCF Referee: John Munz
  • PROMOTER: For more info please contact Mr. Albert Cole at (318) 746-5425 or by e-mail at