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TUESDAY, May 22nd, 2001, AT 6:15 PM PT


Jackson, Georgia, USA

Brad Bonner of Valdosta Martial Arts Center won the Lightweight Tournament of the Submission Open VII, sanctioned by the ISCF (International Sport Combat Federation) held in Jackson, Georgia, on Saturday, May 19th. The rules for the tournament were Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) allowing punching, kicks, knees, and grappling while standing. Punching and submission grappling were techniques allowed after the competitors reached the canvas of the ring, which is were the former Lowndes High wrestler dominated the competition. Bonner successfully performed takedowns on both opponents and kept the action there for all of the five rounds he fought. He first defeated Dustin Davis of Atlanta with a third round head-and-arm choke submission. Later, he defeated his teammate, accomplished kickboxer, Shaun Gay, with a second round chest smother submission. Gay advanced to the finals after a knockout of PeeWee McCall with a round kick to the head in the third round.

Bonner (Right - On top, working into the superior position) has been training at Valdosta Martial Arts Center for about a month, after being invited to join former LHS wrestling teammate, World Champion Jonathan Wiezorek. "Brad has tremendous potential in mixed martial arts fighting," said his trainer, James Corbett.

"He is an excellent grappler and is demonstrating the ability to be an effective kickboxer also.
We look for him to have a bright career, just like Wiezorek,"

Corbett added.

The Valdosta area public will be able to see Bonner and his teammates in action on June 16th at the Hot Summer Fights 2001, 7:00 PM at the Lowndes Civic Center/Fairgrounds. The event will feature 12 kickboxing and 8 MMA matches, with several title fights. More information is available on the upcoming event at .CAPTIONS: MVC-003: Bonner executes a takedown on Dustin Davisof Atlanta.

THURSDAY, May 17th, 2001, AT 7:30 PM PT

This Saturday In Jackson, Georgia, USA

ISCF Promoter Matthew Waller is all set to host GAUNTLET PRODUCTIONS this Saturday night, May 19th in Jackson Georgia, USA. The event will take place at the Jackson National Guard Armory. No ISCF Titles are planned for this event but theres sure to be plenty of Mixed Martial Arts Action on it. For more info, please contact Mr. Matthew Waller at (478) 475-1092 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE!

MONDAY, May 14th, 2001, AT 3:00 PM PT

Nevada State Athletic Commission & Mixed Martial Arts!

The Nevada State Athletic Commission and Director Mark Ratner (Right) would like to invite all potential promoters of mix Martial Arts in the State of Nevada to a meeting to discuss the future of such events in Nevada.
The purpose of the meeting is to assist commission in becoming more aware of the many types of Martial Arts as well as setting up rules and guidelines for these events. Such matches as the Ultimate Fighting Challenge and other similiar matches will be their primary focus.
The public is invited to attend the meeting on Monday, May 21st at 9:AM in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information call The Nevada State Athletic Commission at (702)-486-2575

More News Of 5-14-01

33 Fighters
In Memphis Tennessee!


Memphis, Tennessee, USA
The first 2001 USA National IKF/RINGSIDE Regional event this year went GREAT! 33 fighters, ages 8 and up entered the regional event in hopes of qualifying for the National Amateur Championships this September in Kansas City USA! Due to the many rule styles and weight classes to select, there were only 6 actual tournament qualifying bouts, which has not been uncommon in the past 2 years of the tournament. Only 1 fighter didn't qualify and the only reason he didn't was because he was in the only 3 fighter bracket division and this year, only the top 2 finishers of each division will qualify for the Nationals. Here are the results of the tournament matches along with some of the fights with walk-over champs vs each other.

  1. ISCF Cruiserweight Eliminator Bout
    Richard Lee (Memphis) winner 1 min of 2nd round by submission vs Ian Watts (Memphis)

  2. IKF Jr. Girls 14 & 15 years old 130 lbs. IR Championship Bout
    Lielane Payne-Blalock (Chattanooga, TN) winner by U decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) vs Bette Mullins (Memphis)

  3. IKF Jr. FC Non-tournament match
    Shane Shappley (Memphis) winner by u decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) vs John Felts (Pacific, MO)

  4. ISCF Middleweight Championship
    Brian Robinson (Jonesboro, AR) winner .22 seconds of 2nd round rear-naked choke hold vs Jody Stephens (Memphis)

  5. ISCF Cruiserweight Championship
    Jason Turnage (Memphis) winner 1:05 of 1st round arm bar vs Richard Lee (Memphis)
  6. IKF Womens Lightweight IR non-tournament match Sarah Libby (Chattanooga, TN) winner split decision (26-27, 27-26, 27-26) vs Micah Duncan (Memphis)

  7. IKF Light Heavyweight IR non-tournament match
    Al Morano (Tulsa, OK) winner split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) vs John Greaves (Chattanooga, TN)

  8. IKF Heavyweight IR Championship
    David Roberts (Memphis) winner 1:37 of 3rd RSC vs Senad Jaskic (Chattanooga, TN)

  9. IKF Light Cruiserweight FC Championship
    Joseph Harris (Martin, TN) winner split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) vs Darryl Baker (Memphis).

National Championship Qualifiers

    • Nicholas Gentry: FC 8 & 9 year old 60 lbs. Walkover Champion.
    • Justin Lawerence: FC 10 & 11 year old 85 lbs. Walkover Champion.
    • Jordan Moore: FC 10 & 11 year old 80 lbs. Walkover Champion.
    • London Curtis: FC 14 & 15 year old 120 lbs. Walkover Champion.
    • Shane Shappley: FC 16 & 17 year old 130 lbs. Walkover Champion.
    • John Felts: FC 14 & 15 year old 135 lbs. Walkover Champion.

    • Lielane Payne-Blalock. Jr. Girls 14 & 15 year old old 130 lbs. IR Champion.
      • Bette Mullins. 2nd Place Qualifier.
    • Boomer Fischer: FC girls 14 & 15 year olds.135 lbs. Walkover Champion.

    • Mike Fusco: FC Light Welterweight. Walkover Champion.
    • William Suddeth: IR Light Middleweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Corey Davis: FC Middleweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Justin Crawford: FC Super Middeweight. Walkover Champion.
    • John Greaves: IR Light Heavyweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Al Morano: San Shou Light Heavyweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Joseph Harris FC Light Cruiserweight Champion
      • Darryl Baker. 2nd Place Qualifier.
    • Cory Sirumacky: FC Cruiserweight. Walkover Champion.
    • David Roberts IR Heavyweight Champion
      • Senad Jaskic. 2nd Place Qualifier.
    • Jeremy Rardin: FC Super Heavyweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Kurt Hasley: MT Super Heavyweight. Walkover Champion.

    • Micah Duncan: IR Womens Featherweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Sara Libby: IR Lightweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Jennifer Woodrome: FC Super Lightweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Jen Repa: FC Light Welterweight. Walkover Champion.

    • Cliff Riley: ISCF Lightweight. Walkover Champion.
    • Brian Robinson ISCF Middleweight Champion
      • Jody Stephens. 2nd Place Qualifier.
    • Jason Turnage ISCF Cruiserweight Champion.
      • Richard Lee. 2nd Place Qualifier.
    • Mike Thompson: ISCF Heavyweight. Walkover Champion.

This was a Great job by ISCF & IKF Regional Director/Promoter Jeff Mullen of Mid-South Karate in Memphis Tennessee, USA with all the work involved in this event. It's not east getting all these fighters registered, weighed-in as well as organizing the matchmaking for everyone but as a 3 year veteran, Mr. Mullen's "Walked The Walk" himself for the 3rd year in a row! Great Job Jeff!

Also a special Thank You to Duke Roufus of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA for being the IKF Event Representative and scorekeeper for this event who also assisted greatly with Mr. Mullen in event logistics and matchmaking. Mr. Mullen's will be the IKF Event Representative for Mr. Roufus' Regional coming up on June 23rd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. For More Info, Click HERE OR HERE! For additional event info please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901 757-0985 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

More News Of 5-14-01

IKF North Central Regional
To Include ISCF Bouts

IKF North Central MuayThai/Intl Rules Regional Tournament Director Duke Roufus announced today that he will offer ISCF Regional bouts on his IKF/RINGSIDE National Regional Tournament in Milwaukee Wisconsin. For more info on his regional, please click HERE!

Although a date and location has not been finalized yet, the ISCF USA National Amateur Championship Tournament is in the process of being scheduled for sometime in October or November, 2001. Watch for more news of this event soon.

SUNDAY, April 22nd, 2001, AT 2:30 PM PT

One Of The Greatest Upset In
Mixed Martial Arts History!

The greatest upset in mixed martial arts history occurred Saturday evening. ISCF East Coast Champion, Jonathan "Lock n Load" Wiezorek, (Hands raised right) of Valdosta Martial Arts Center, defeated Dan "The Beast" Severn for the new Reality Sports World Super Heavyweight title. Experts in the no-holds barred field were shocked when Wiezorek submitted Severn shortly into the second round.

This shock was because Wiezorek had a little known fight record of less than 10 fights despite his ownership of the notable ISCF - International Sport Combat Federations' East Coast Super Heavyweight title. Severn, a legend in the "No Holds Barred" sport, was the expected victor of the match given his 34 fights and Olympic medallist wrestling background.

The competitors' entered the arena on a ramp to the 38 foot wide octagon lighted by a blazing pyrotechnic display. Wiezorek's entrance was virtually silent, matching the audience's appreciation for his unknown abilities. Severn entered to thunderous applause, saluting the crowd with his trademark "Beast" grimace.

Severn fairly dominated the match the first round beginning with an early takedown. Severn sank a deep key-lock from the full mount position. However, was unable to submit Wiezorek due to his flexibility and determination. A few punches were exchanged after Wiezorek escaped Severn's superior position. Severn again took Wiezorek down but was quickly reversed by Wiezorek.

The second round began to a flurry of punches and a failed takedown attempt by Severn. Wiezorek sprawled and gained control of Severn's head, facedown, then landed devastating knees to cripple the legendary fighter. Severn attempted to escape, rolling face-up. Wiezorek immediately moved to a side control position and then mounted Severn. Wiezorek secured Severn's head and then used his chest to smother and submit the former champion. Severn signaled his submission by tapping Wiezorek's back.

World Extreme Fighting (WEF) promoter, Jamie Levine, awarded Wiezorek the World Title Belt. Wiezorek took the spotlight and then said to the worldwide audience, "I respect Mr. Severn greatly, thanks to Mr. Levine for the opportunity, thanks to my trainer, Sensei James Corbett, my training partners and my family for their support".

This contest occurred live to an international pay per view audience, "Cage Fight: Redemption in the Valley" which was WEF's tenth major event. The venue for the event was the Civic Center in Wheeling, West Virginia. Having beaten the icon that defeated the likes of Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott, Oleg Taktarov, Pat Miletech and many others, Wiezorek now looks to the future. WEF Promoter Levine had numbers of calls shortly after the fight requesting to be considered to fight "Lock n Load" for his first title defense. His trainer and owner of Valdosta Martial Arts Center, James Corbett, commented, "Wiezorek won this fight in part due to his aggressive composure in the ring." Severn was obviously shocked when the first round began to Wiezorek charging in, taking the fight to the Ultimate Fighting Championship Triple Crown winner. Severn probably planned on a "nobody" being very tentative and cautious. But, Jonathan didn't take the ring name "Lock n Load" because he thought it sounded nice." Corbett added, "We were overwhelmed with congratulations from everyone. We continually had well renowned fighters and coaches say that nobody expected this to happen. We were quick to tell them that we expected this because of our appreciation of Jonathan's skills."

The rules for the contest were "No Holds Barred" in which the fighters can use striking, grappling, and submission techniques from various martial arts. Wiezorek, a former State Champion Lowndes High School wrestler, is a Sports Medicine Major at VSU with a 4.0 G.P.A. He is working on this degree as a pre-med student with hopes of being an Orthopedist. This fight is the opportunity of a lifetime for him, but he says, "School comes first." He also says that he wants to be a medical doctor so he can help people. Mixed martial arts action and kickboxing will be held in Valdosta on June 16, featuring several local fighters who train with Wiezorek. The public can meet Wiezorek for autographs and photos at this time. More information on this event is available at or by calling (229) 245-8622.

SATURDAY, April 21st, 2001, AT 7:30 PM PT

In North Hampton, England

ISCF & IKF Promoter Morris Young of Rough & Ready Promotions is all set to hold his ISCF & IKF Pro - Amateur Event at Visage Night Club on St. Peters Way in North Hampton, England this Sunday night, April 22nd. The event will feature 2 ISCF Title Bouts. Fighting for the ISCF Super Heavyweight British Title will be Adrian Wild Vs Keith Dace. The other ISCF bout will feature Jay Gilbey against Martin Ruddock in a Light Middleweight British Title bout.
Also on this event will be the IKF Pro FCR British Heavyweight Title Defense of Gary Stevens of England. For more info, please contact Mr. Morris Young at 01604 475466 or 01604 475488 or IKF European Director Mr. Alby Bimpson at 44 17447 39043 or by e-mail by Clicking HERE.

FRIDAY, April 20th, 2001, AT 11:00 AM PT

Spring Submission Invitational 2001

Ray Thompson's Upstate Karate at 129 N Main St Simpsonville, South Carolina is all set to host this weekends ISCF Sanctioned Submission Grappling Tournament. Registration begins at 10:00 AM and the tournament begins at 11:30 AM. The cost is $25.00 for grappling division $10.00 extra for absolute division (cash, money order, visa, m/c, Amex, Discover - 3% processing fee on credit cards - no checks please) Spectators charge is $3.00.

Skill Levels:
Novice:1 year and under training. Match time 4 minutes.
Intermediate: 1 to 3 years training. Match time 6 minutes.
Advanced: 3 years and over training. Match time 8 minutes.
Weight Divisions: Men: 150 and under, 151 to 170, 171 to 190, 191 and up. 221 & up Absolute (men only). Women: 130 and under, 131 to 160, 161 and up. Absolute (women only).
Rules: Gi is optional. T-shirts may be worn but you will not be able to grab, pull or hold onto the T-shirt for any reason. You may win the match by taping your opponent out by physical tap out or verbal tap out or by the referee calling the match. The Referee will make the call based on potential harm that could be done to the competitor if the technique is fully applied. If you injure your opponent to the point they cannot continue, you will be disqualified. If time expires and a winner is not declared then the judges will decide the winner based on the following criteria: Technical superiority in: Takedown ability, Control ability, and Submission ability.

Rules Novice:
Submission Grappling Rules: Novice Division/1 year or less

  • All competitors will start from standing position.
  • No dangerous throws or take downs. Example - Suplex.
  • No finger, wrist, or toe manipulations.
  • No neck cranks or twists.
  • No heel hooks or ankle twists.
  • No biting, or scratching.
  • No hands, feet, elbows, or knees in the face, throat or groin.
  • No stalling, stalling is when you are resting or avoiding your opponent.
  • No leaving the ring from standing or down position.
  • If you leave the ring UNDER YOUR OWN POWER you will be warned twice. The third time you leave you WILL BE DISQUALIFIED, no exceptions.
  • No Intentional forcing your opponent out of the ring in the standing or down position to stop the match and cause a restart. You will be warned twice and disqualified on the third offense.
  • Unsportsman like conduct will not be tolerated from competitors, coaches, friends or family. All disagreements must be handled in a professional manner or the competitor will be disqualified.
  • Mouthpiece and protective cup are recommended, wrestling shoes, elbow and knee pads are allowed.

Rules Int/Adv
Submission Grappling Rules: Intermediate 1 to 3yrs / Advanced 3 + yrs.

  • All competitors will start from standing position.
  • No dangerous throws or take downs. Example - Suplex or body slam.
  • No finger, or toe manipulations will be allowed.
  • No neck twists will be allowed. Neck cranks will be allowed. Heel hooks & ankle locks, knee bars & wrist locks will be allowed.
  • No biting, or scratching.
  • No hands, feet, elbows, or knees in the face, throat or groin.
  • No stalling, stalling is when you are resting or avoiding your opponent.
  • No leaving the ring from standing or down position. If you leave the ring UNDER YOUR OWN POWER you will be warned twice. The third time you leave you WILL BE DISQUALIFIED, no exceptions.
  • No intentional forcing your opponent out of the ring in the standing or down position to stop the match and cause a restart. You will be warned twice and disqualified on the third offense.
  • Unsportsman like conduct will not be tolerated from competitors, coaches, friends or family. All disagreements must be handled in a professional manner or the competitor will be disqualified.
  • Mouthpiece and protective cup are recommended, wrestling shoes, elbow and knee pads are allowed.

Hotel: Holiday Inn Express, 3821 Grandview Drive, (I-385, exit 27) Simpsonville, SC 29680 (864) 962-8500. For Reservations: Call :(864)962-8500 E-mail: Or visit the website: Ask for "Ray Thompson's Rate" and you will receive the rate of $49.00 per night for a single king size bed or two queen size beds. For more info, contact Ms Rebecca Preacher at (864) 967-3930. Or see their website at

More News Of April 20th, 2001...

Johanning Civic Center in KoKomo, Indiana, USA!
April 14, 2001


  1. Chris Keidel, GJJ, Indianapolis, IN vs Jeremy Green, Freestyle (didn't fill out anything else): Keidel, Rd 1 with RN Choke.

  2. Carlos Perez, BJJ, East Chicago, IN vs Rus Johnson, Freestyle, Kokomo, IN. Perez, Split Dec.

  3. Josh Mason, Wrestling, Kokomo, IN vs Miguel Torres, Muay Tai/BJJ, East Chicago, IN. Torres, Rd 2 with Choke.

  4. Middleweight Tournament Prelim
    Anthony Burton,
    Freestyle, Peru, IN vs Clint Langreck, Jui-Jitsu, Muncie, IN. Burton, Rd 1 by Ref Stoppage from strikes.

  5. Prelim: Brian Schzor, Serrano Jujitsu, Milwaukee, WI vs Darrell Smith, Freestyle, Indianapolis, IN. Smith, Rd 2 by KO.

  6. Finals
    by Forfeit ( Burton did not answer bell )

  7. Light Heavy Tournament Prelim
    Jay Martin,
    Freestyle, Flora, IN vs Josh Kruger, Submission Fighting, Valparaiso, IN. Martin, Rd 2 by tap out.

  8. Prelim: Jay Massey, Jiu-Jitsu, Muncie, IN vs Chris Jones, Integrated Fighting, Indianapolis, IN. Massey, Rd 1 by heel hook.

  9. Finals
    Rd 1 by arm bar.

  10. Heavyweight Tournament Prelim
    Jeremy Brown,
    Freestyle, Kokomo, IN vs Aaron Sullivan, Integrated Fighting, Indianapolis, IN. Sullivan, Rd 1 by "Godsey Choke".

  11. Prelim: Nate Buris, Hammer House, Columbus, OH vs Todd Fields, Freestyle, London, OH. Buris, Rd 1 by KO.

  12. Finals
    by DQ ( Buris made Sullivan tap from keylock, but wouldn't let go. Buris tangled with opponents corner and led to Buris spitting at corner....DQ)

  13. Kokomo Tournament Prelim
    Dan Keirns,
    Freestyle, Burlington, IN vs Andy Smith, Streetfighter, Kokomo, IN. Keirns, Rd 2 by Smith not answering Rd 2 bell.

  14. Prelim: Kevin Handy, Pit Fighter, Carroll, IN vs Josh Daily, TKD, Lafayette, IN. Daily, Rd 1 by KO.

  15. Finals
    by Forfeit.

Indiana State
Amateur Middleweight Title:

Chad Wagoner,
Freestyle, Burlington, IN vs Todd Kiser, BJJ, Muncie, IN.
Kiser, Rd 1 by TKO.

Super Fight #1:
Chris Lytle,
Integrated Fighting, Indianapolis, IN vs Jake Ambrose, Vale Tudo, Chicago, IL. Lytle, Rd 1 by tap out.

Super Fight #2:
Tony Ross,
Integrated Fighting, Indianapolis, IN vs Pat Heidenreich, KOBK, Ft.Wayne, IN. Ross by Unan. Dec.

For more News about CageRageII, go to

For more info, contact Mr. Donnie Michael or Mr. Terry Gruel at (765) 457-4083.

THURSDAY, April 18th, 2001, AT 6:50 PM PT

ISCF East Coast Champion
Wiezorek To Fight Severn
For World Extreme Fighting Title

ISCF East Coast Champion Jonathan Wiezorek, of Valdosta Martial Arts Center, is set to fight for the WEF World Super Heavyweight title. Wiezorek is going to fight Dan "The Beast" Severn in a World Extreme Fighting (WEF) event on April 21 in Wheeling, West Virginia. The event will be carried on Pay Per View internationally, but not televised herein the U.S. The rules for the contest are "No Holds Barred" in which the fighters can use striking, grappling, and submission techniques from various martial arts.
"Lock and Load" Wiezorek is the current ISCF Super Heavyweight U.S. East Coast Champion. He's ranked #2 behind Travis Fulton. Wiezorek won his ISCF title after defeating J.J. "Killer" Wilson last June. Wilson defeated Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Jack Nilson twice when he first won the title. Severn is the current WEF Superfight Champion and is an icon in the mixed martial arts arena. He is a veteran of over 30 NHB bouts, winning most of those. Wiezorek, a former State Champion Lowndes High School wrestler and is a Sports Medicine Major at VSU (Valdosta State University, Georgia, USA) with a 4.0 G.P.A. He is working on this degree as a pre-med student with hopes of being an Orthopedist.
This fight is the opportunity of a lifetime for him, but he says, "School comes first." He also says that he wants to be a medical doctor so he can help people. More information on this event will be posted as it develops at The official announcement is posted at Information on Wiezorek's ranking is available at ISCFPRORankings.htm. For more information on Valdosta Martial Arts Center, see

MONDAY, April 16th, 2001, AT 1:00 AM PT

Kiser Becomes First ISCF Indiana State Champion!

ISCF Promoters Donnie Michael & Terry Gruel are excited about this last weekends CAGE RAGE II at the Johanning Civic Center in KoKomo, Indiana, USA! With a packed house of over 2,500 in attendance, who wouldn't be... The main event featured the first ever ISCF Iowa State Middleweight Title bout between Chad Wagoner and Todd Kizer. In the end, Todd Kiser became the first ISCF Indiana State Champion. He won by TKO in the first round.

Also, in attendance at CAGE RAGE II was UFC vet's Dan Severn, Mark Coleman, Kevin Randleman, Jason Godsey, Alex Steibling, Chris Lytle, and Adrian Serrano. For more info, contact Mr. Donnie Michael or Mr. Terry Gruel at (765) 457-4083. More to come later in the week!

WEDNESDAY, April 11th, 2001, AT 9:20 PM PT

This Ain't BALLET.
CAGE RAGE Ready For Action In Kokomo, Indiana, USA!

Kokomo, Indiana, USA
If for some reason you arrived at this site with the hope of learning about bird "cages" or coping with PMS "rage" - GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! On the other hand, if you want to see some hardcore dudes kick the tar out of each other, man, you have come to the right place.

No Guts, No Glory. Kokomo's CAGE RAGE II a mixed martial arts contest of guts, determination, and skill. All to find out who's the best and toughest around. The contests are made up of bouts with contestants from all over the country as well as the midwest with some notable CAGE RAGE appearances like Mark Coleman (Right) and others that have come to strut their stuff. And to start the night off on the right foot, entrance music will be played by Mercy Tree, Indiana's hottest band!

Fresh meat for hungry dogs. The event will take place at the Johanning Civic Center in delightful Kokomo, Indiana, on Saturday, April 14, 2001. It starts promptly at 6:00 PM. And it will mark the second time the CAGE RAGE spectacle has come. Call for ticket prices as this is $20, $35, and $55 with food and beverages available for the evening. CAGE RAGE II is expected to be a SOLD OUT event, so get to the Johanning Civic Center early that evening!

The Event. CAGE RAGE matches are all the rage because there is 1) a cage and 2) rage. Simple, huh? Once contestants step inside the cage, it is totally up to them to determine who is the toughest, most determined, and more skilled. Fighters utilize a wide array of techniques and disciplines to beat their opponents. They include boxing, karate, kickboxing, wrestling, and whatever gets the job done. This style of fighting was originally made famous in the Ultimate Fighting Championships often seen on cable or satellite pay TV.

The Rules. Each opponent can use nearly any technique available to punch the other guy's ticket. However, there is no eye-gouging, kicks to the groin, etc. and victory is usually obtained with submission holds or knock outs. Or both.

The Fighters. CAGE RAGE II has an truly outstanding lineup of the some of the most feared and experience competitors in the country. Headlining the event is the scheduled appearance of Mark "The Hammer" Coleman and defending CAGE RAGE Middle Weight Champion, Chad Wagoner (Right). And there is an army of other great fighters who will compete in mixed martial arts at its best. So, come to the Johanning Civic Center on Saturday, April 14th, and watch them all in action up close and personal.

This great event has been brought to you by... Donnie Michael, Terry Gruel,, and the ISCF. These are the guys responsible for making this whole thing possible. Many other people and sponsors mentioned on this site have contributed to make CAGE RAGE the event of the year. We urge you to thank and patronize these fine folks so they'll keep coming back for more.

Get a kick out of CAGE RAGE II action! Hey! Your Momma wears combat boots! Who really knows what motivates the CAGE RAGE fighters to climb into the ring to face off in such brutal competition? And who cares? But you will get to see enough action to last you until the next event...we promise. The CAGE RAGE fighters and mixed martial arts practitioners have worked long and hard to get in shape for the spectacular CAGE RAGE II matches on Saturday, April 14th. And YOU can be there to see it live!

Karate? Boxing? Savate? Ju Jitsu? Barstool? The age-old questions linger on. Who are the best fighters and what makes them the toughest? Coming to the CAGE RAGE II event on April 14th is one way of finding out. If you are looking for an exciting evening - this is the place to be on April 14th. It makes HBO Boxing seem like a quilting bee.

The perfect occasion for an outstanding time for your knockout date. CAGE RAGE II is a great place to take a date. Better than any action movie. More exciting than bowling. And sure beats getting all dressed up for a dinner at Denny's. And for those REAL women out there who dig mixed martial arts fighting, you will definitely find your dream man at CAGE RAGE II. There are a limited number of seats available at CAGE RAGE II, so make sure you get there early on Saturday, April 14th. (Note to self: Hey, if she's not going to like CAGE RAGE fighting, what is the rest of your life going to be like if your marry her?)

Curiosity running wild? Chuck Berry knew how to get to Kokomo when he was ridin' along in his automobile. So, YOU have no excuse. The facility is located just 60 miles north of Indianapolis and the International Airport. For those coming from the south or Indianapolis, just head north on Meridian Street or US 31 until you get to Kokomo. The Johanning Civic Center is 2 miles north of Hwy 22/35 on US 31 - it's on the east side of US 31 For those coming from the north, just come DOWN US 31.

Plenty of parking. Plenty to eat and drink. And plenty of ass-whuppin'. You'll find both paid lot and free parking right next to the Johanning Civic Center. The earlier you arrive to purchase your tickets, the better the parking spot. And we'll have a great selection of CAGE RAGE food waiting for you: hot dogs, nachos, pork rinds, and chips rule. And beer is also served to those over 21 years of age.
Help us keep the aggressive behavior in the CAGE where it belongs. The fine folks behind CAGE RAGE II have worked long and hard to bring such a fine action program to the central Indiana area. We expect a lot of enthusiastic support form a great crowd, but we ask for reasonable behavior for the evening so we can come back again soon. A CAGE RAGE Security Staff and plenty of police will be on hand to make sure a good time will be had by all.

Saturday, April 14, 2001, Johanning Civic Center, Kokomo, Indiana, Start: 6:00 PM, General Admission: $20, Table: $35, Front Row: $55,

Want to contact us? Want to reserve seats or tables? Need more information about directions, sponsorship opportunities, or participation in CAGE RAGE II? Here's how you can get in touch with the key people involved with the event.

For tickets and entry information, contact: Donnie Michael, Donnie Michael's Kicks, Inc. Shorinryu Shorinkan Karate Do and Mixed Martial Arts, 1104 South Dixon Road, Kokomo, IN, 46902, Phone: 765-457-4083 or 765-457-4824, or by e-mail: or Terry Gruel, Terry Gruel Karate Studio, Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate, 116 East Jefferson, Tipton, IN, 46072, Phone: 765-675-3454 or by e-mail:

TUESDAY, April 10th, 2001, AT 2:00 PM PT

A NEW Equipment Company
That Gives

NOTE: This Company was closed in 2003 and the live links have been removed because someone else Stole the name, "Dragons Choice".

Hey Everyone, how about an equipment company that offers you a 50% return on profits? Sound too good to be true? Think again. The time has come for an equipment company that has YOUR Financial needs in mind as well as your product needs. Welcome the new way to do business... Welcome The Dragons Choice!

The Dragons Choice is a One Stop Shop for all your martial arts needs from uniforms to point karate gear and from shirts to kickboxing equipment they have it all. They also just introduced what they call their "50/50 Program". This is a GREAT program for school owners, coaches and instructors to sign-up on. Whether you have a large school or you just teach in your garage, the 50/50 Program allows YOU to have your own on-line shopping page for all your students. This is YOUR Web site! This is your On-Line Store! How it Works? Simple;

  1. Once your school is registered you will receive your wholesale and student numbers.
  2. Student number: When your students order from The Dragons Choice you receive 50% of all profits! On-line-Phone-Fax-Mail-Email (their choice)
  3. You will receive a cash payment each Month from all sales generated through your account.
  • Benefits
    • No Sales Tax!
    • No money tied up in inventory!
    • No personal Checks!
    • No Collections!
    • The Dragons Choice accepts all major credit cards!


  • The Dragons Choice handles all accounting and sends you a check every 30 days!
  • All items purchased by the 15th of the month are paid on by the 5th of the following month.
  • No personal checks.
  • Same return policy as their regular web site customers.
  • All major credit cards and electronic checking accepted on-line.
  • The Dragons Choice will send you a list of all Wholesale-Retail prices at your request.

Enhancements through Your School Number!

  • On-line reports of your school's sales.
  • Track your students buying habits.
  • Track your profits - per student and school.
  • Your Number allows you to buy Wholesale from our major vendors such as RheeMax, TOP TEN, Immortal, Wipss, Focusmaster, Tigerclaw, Fairtex, Eosin and many more...

Kickboxing to Kung Fu... The Dragons Choice carries virtually everything for the fighting arts. They have selected only those product lines offering quality products at great values. Their Retail customers will find selections at the lowest possible prices available, while their wholesale customers will be afforded below wholesale pricing and customer service second to none.
is much more than another Martial Arts Supply Company. The Dragons ChoiceThey offer yearly grants to Martial Arts Schools who take the Arts to their public school systems. They recognize contributions to the Art by profiling Martial Artists, Instructors, Fighters and Trainers monthly and annually. The Dragons Choice believes its involvement in providing products and services to the Art carries with it the responsibility of giving something back to everyone.

For more info, contact The Dragons Choice toll free at (866) 251-8471 or by Fax at (402) 597-1310.