OCTOBER - 2010

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SUNDAY, October 31st, 2010, AT 5:10 PM/ PST

Results From 108 Promotions'
October 29th, 2010 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  1. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Jeremy Lambert, Overland Park, Kansas, USA, 3-0, 155, 5'10", 6-19-87, Otis Roper, 816-914-1948,
    VS Shawn Williams, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 0-1, 160, 5'4", 7-26-85, Shawn Butler, (816) 456-3639.
    WINNER: Jeremy Lambert by Tapout due to Guillotine choke, at 1:14 seconds of round 1.

  2. Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Steve Harris, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 1-0, 185, 6'0", 12-3-74, American Jujitsu, (816) 728-7360
    VS Mason Halbert, Manhattan, Kansas, USA, 0-1, 185, 5'11", 6-10-92, Keith King, (785) 447-1058
    WINNER: Steve Harris by TKO due to Referee Stop Contest due to Strikes at :47 seconds of round 1
  3. Amateur MMA Featherweight
    Joe Perry, Independence, Missouri, USA, 8-5, 145, 6', 6-27-72, Dave Hughes and Rasheed English, (816) 731-8948
    VS Adrionne Martinez, Sedalia, Missouri, USA, 3-0, 156, 6', 12-18-89, John Maupins, (660) 221-0990.
    WINNER: This fight was a DRAW, 28-28 all three judges after a one point deduction from Joe Perry for holding the ropes.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Farron Otis, Henry Gueary, Marcus Dansforth

  4. Amateur MMA Middleweight
    Phil Morgan, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 4-5, 185, 5'11", 12-13-84, American Jujitsu, (816) 728-7360
    VS Robbie Ray, Derby, Kansas, USA, 1-1, 201, 5'10", 3-23-80, Jake Kenney (316) 210-2121.
    WINNER: Phil Morgan by Tapout due to Strikes at :57 seconds of round 3.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.

  5. Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Phillip Lovell, Nevada, Missouri, USA, 1-1, 205, 6', 1-29-84, Self, (417) 648-0079
    VS Tom Thurber, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 8-9, 230, 5'10", 5-7- 86, Steve Schneider, (816) 985-4385.
    WINNER: Phillip Lovell by Tapout due to rear naked choke at 1:00 of round 1.

  6. Amateur MMA Middleweight
    Ryan Winegar, Derby, Kansas, USA, 1-0, 170, 5'8", 10-18-81, Jason Kenney, (316) 210-5577
    VS Justin Barstow, Tonganoxie, Kansas, USA, 1-5, 160, 5'10", 12-29-88, Keith Carlson, (913) 369-0090.
    WINNER: Ryan Winegar by Tapout due to Strikes at :25 seconds of round 1.

  7. Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Steven Harrison, Kansas City, Kansas, USA, 1-1, 5'10", 202, 10-20-90, American Jujitsu (816) 728-7360
    VS Tyler Twifor, Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA, 0-1, 205, 6'1", 9-27-73, Shawn Butler, (816) 456-3639
    WINNER: Steven Harrison by Unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Farron Otis, Henry Gueary, Marcus Dansforth

  8. Amateur MMA Middleweight
    Henry Lindsay, Frontnack, Kansas, USA, 2-0, 170, 5'9", 12-2-84, Self, (620) 249-7479
    VS Eric Ulleberg, Independence, Missouri, USA, 0-1, 170, 5'10", 1-12-89, Otis Roper (816) 255-8995
    WINNER: Henry Lindsay by TKO Referee stop Contest due to strikes at 1:26 seconds of round 2 REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.

  9. Amateur MMA Middleweight
    Ernesto Menesses, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 4-1, 185, 6'0", 6-23-89, American Jujitsu, (816) 728-7360
    VS Ryan Garrison, Carbondale, Kansas, USA, 1-1, 170, 6'0", 9-29-90, Gary Williams, (785) 806-1881.
    WINNER: Ernesto Menesses by Tapout due to Guillotine choke at :32 seconds of round 3.

  10. Amateur MMA Featherweight
    Travis Thompson, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, USA, 1-0, 155, 5'9", 9-23-91, Phil Jones, (816) 651-5087
    VS Spencer Tomlinson, Wichita, Kansas, USA, 0-1, 145, 5'8", 4-24-85, Self, (580) 623-0219.
    WINNER: Travis Thompson by TKO Scarf choke (did not tap) at 1:03 second of round 1. REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe

  11. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Horacio Escobar, Kansas City, Kansas, USA, 5-1, 155, 5'6", 6-29-82, David Hughes, American Jujitsu (913) 731-8948
    VS Aaron Winzer, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 6-5, 170, 6', 5-10-88, Self, (816) 923-0336.
    WINNER: Horacio Escobar by Unanimous decision, 29-28, all three judges.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Farron Otis, Henry Gueary, Marcus Dansforth.

  12. Amateur MMA Bantamweight
    Jacob Akin, Kansas City, Kansas, USA, 8-3, 135, 5'9", 6-2-85, American JuJitsu, (816) 728-7360
    VS Shannon Fowler, Plattsburg, Missouri, USA, 4-4, 130, 5'6", 2-23-88, Cody Barry & Eric Ulleberg, (816) 255-8995
    WINNER: Jacob Akin by Tapout due to Armbar at :42 seconds of round 1.

  13. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Andrew Tyson, Kansas City, Kansas, USA, 10-0, 155, 5'7", 10-3-84, American Jujitsu, David Hughes, (913) 645-2372
    VS Christopher Hawkins, Sedalia, Missouri, USA, 5-2, 150, 5'11", 8-4-84, Mid Mo Fight Club, (660) 525-6429
    WINNER: Andrew Tyson by Tapout due to Rear naked Choke at 2:22 seconds of round 1.

  14. Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Jett Jones, Leawood, Kansas, USA, 12-4, 205, 6'1", 2-16-87, American Jujitsu, David Hughes, (913) 731-8948
    VS Bryan Roberts, Pittsburgh, Kansas, USA, 1-1, 200, 5''9", 12-12-76, Self, (620) 875-1213
    WINNER: Jett Jones by Tapout by Triangle Choke at 2:05 seconds of round 1.

  15. Amateur MMA Featherweight
    Aaron Ely, Leavenworth, Kansas, USA, 6-0, 135, 5'5", 3-18-89, Self, (913) 240-3486
    VS Mark Sears, Lawrence, Kansas, USA, 7-4, 135, 5'6", 2-28-83, Robert Riley (785) 393-9357
    WINNER: Aaron Ely by 10 Finger Guillotine Choke at :41 seconds of round 1.

FRIDAY, October 29th, 2010, AT 2:00 PM/ PST


108 Promotions LLC Presents
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Capital Entertainment LLC Presents
"Battle At The Capital Round 10"
Jefferson City, Missouri, USA


Ron Garrison Presents
Sedalia, Missouri, USA



Results From Palmetto Boxing Promotions'
October 28th, 2010 - Columbia, South Carolina, USA

  1. AMATEUR MMA 145
    Kelly Cook (Aiken, South Carolina, USA, 3-0, 148, 5'7", 2-26-88, Joshua Miller, (803) 292-5107)
    VS James Ronsick (Asheboro, North Carolina, 3-14, 135, 6'11", 2-7-78, Asheboro School of Martial Arts, (336) 465-0249
    Winner: Kelly Cook at 1:32 of round 2 by submission (Armbar)

  2. AMATEUR MMA 170
    Bobby Long (Whiteville, North Carolina, USA, 2-2, 167, 5'10", 1-13-84, Ringside MMA, (910) 642-5700)
    VS Jose Majano (Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA, 1-1, 163, 5'9", 3-17-90, Mike Hientz, White Lion Kung Fu, (919) 600-6738)
    Winner: Jose Majano at :45 of round 1 by submission (Guillotine Choke)
    Bobby Long was originally schedule to compete against Laval Chavis; Laval had an injury that prohibited him from competing and Jose Majano was selected as the replacement.

  3. AMATEUR MMA 135
    Danny Conway (Columbia, South Carolina, USA, 2-3, 135, 12-10-84, Andy Elrod, (803) 309-0607)
    VS Veron Webb (Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA, 5-2, 135, 5'7", 9-17-84, Chris Heintzman, White Lion Kung Fu, (919) 923-8205)
    Winner: Varon Webb at 2:06 of round 2 by TKO (Referee stoppage due to strikes)
  4. AMATEUR MMA 185
    Charles Yandle (Columbia, South Carolina, USA, 1-0, 185, 5'11", 1-11-76, (636) 373-0624)
    VS Daniel Smith (Fountain Inn, South Carolina, USA, 0-1, 185, 6'1", 7-18-84, Brandon Bratcher, Shadow Dragon MMA, (864) 992-0358)
    Winner: Chris Yandle at :29 of round 1 by submission (Tapout due to strikes)

THURSDAY, October 28th, 2010, AT 9:10 AM/ PST


Palmetto Boxing Promotions Presents
Columbia, South Carolina, USA



Results From Tribal Wars Promotions'
"Day Of Reckoning"
October 23rd, 2010 - Cherokee, North Carolina, USA

ISCF Promoter's Ron Smith and Micheal Rhinehart and matchmaker Jeff Harmon hosted the fifth joint venture as fight promoters in the form of MMA promotion titled "Day of Reckoning". This was an extremely exciting MMA event as the Tribal War Promotions helped several young and upcoming fighters. There were several young men fighting their first amateur MMA fight. Although only 8 of the 16 warriors had their hand raised, all 16 of these young men were winners! However all gained knowledge of the sport and the satisfaction of being able to say they have done what very few have the courage to ever do.

The event went off flawlessly and the atmosphere at the event was electrifying. All of this would not have been possible without the event staff behinds the scenes, and we would like to express our special thanks to the following individuals that made this event such a success:

Mr. Blaine Thomas supervised the cage door. The Ring Announcer for the event was Mr. Sean Crowe. Ms. Donna Ball over saw guest entry for the event. Ambulance and Medic service was provided by the men and women of Cherokee EMT. The Medical Doctor for the event was Dr. Mault. Intermission entertainment was provided by Seram.

Here are the nights results below...

  1. AMATEUR MMA 135
    Jeremy Nimmons, Easley, South Carolina, USA, 1-0, 125, 5'9", 4-11-84
    VS Ross Blevins, Marshall, North Carolina, USA, 0-1, 135, 5'8", 9-3-86, Tony Rogers Sr., (828) 649-2707
    Winner: Jeremy Nimmons won the fight 58 seconds into the second round due to tapout by telephone lock.

  2. AMATEUR MMA 145
    Patrick Stewart, Syliva, North Carolina, USA, 0-1, 145, 5'9", 5-15-90
    VS Sheridan Moran, Newberry, South Carolina, USA, 1-1, 145, 5'6", 2-14-87
    Winner: Sheridan Moran won the fight by unanimous decision with all 3 judges scoring the bout 30-27.

  3. AMATEUR MMA 175
    Ankure Mathew, Athens, Georgia., USA, 1-0, 170, 6', 1-22-88
    VS Tony Rodgers, Marshall, North Carolina, USA, 2-2, 174, 6'1", 12-11-91, Tony Rogers Sr. (828) 649-2707
    Winner: Ankure Matthew won the fight 3 minutes into the second round.
  4. AMATEUR MMA ???
    Blake Queen, Sylva, North Carolina, USA, 4-1, WEIGHT ?, 6'4", 9-12-1982, Clyde Dull, (828) 736-2806
    VS Ben Perry, Marshall, North Carolina, USA, 2-4, WEIGHT ?, 6'6", 2-18-82, Tony Rogers, (828) 649-2707
    Winner: Blake Queen won the fight at 1:59 of round one. Ben Perry tapped out due to a triangle choke.

  5. AMATEUR MMA 170
    Bryan Hutchings, Athens, Georgia., USA, 1-1, 170, 6', 6-30-81
    VS Dylan Marler, Marshall, North Carolina, USA, 0-1, 170, 5'10", 9-30-92, Tony Rogers Sr., (828) 649-2707.
    Winner: Bryan Hutchings won the fight 2:31 into the second round due to tapout from a rear naked choke.
  6. AMATEUR MMA 185
    Craig Naegler, Cullowhee, North Carolina, USA, 7-1, 185, 6'2", 3-27-69, Brent Lance, (828) 736-2806
    VS Joseph Corneroli, Greer, South Carolina, USA, 9-2, AKB: 10-2/5, 170, 5'10", 5-25-88, Ray Thompson, (864) 704-6072
    Winner: Joseph Corneroli won 49 seconds into round 3 due to referee stoppage.
  7. AMATEUR MMA 165
    Charlie Lewis, Easley, South Carolina, USA, 2-0, 165, 5'9", 2-7-81, Wes Strickland & Chris Cromer, (845) 837-9133
    VS Isaiah Chekelelee Tennessee, USA, 1-2
    Winner: Charlie Lewis won the Co-Main Event at 1:15 into round 1 by a TKO due to strikes.
  8. AMATEUR MMA 205
    Casey Baynes, Watkinsville, Georgia, USA, 3-1, 205, 6'1", 9-29-69, Scott Hicks, (706) 254-3195
    VS Corey Sullivan, Newberry, South Carolina, 2-3, 195, 5'7", 7-1-88, Kelly Anundson, (770) 503-5725
    Winner: Casey Baynes won the fight 2:59 minutes into round 1 due to tap out from a rear naked choke.

MONDAY, October 25th, 2010, AT 8:00 PM/ PST

Results From Rick Collup's
"Ultimate Reno Combat 19"
October 22nd, 2010 - Reno, Nevada, USA

  1. AMATEUR MMA 205
    Mikal Orzel (Reno, Nevada, USA, 1-0, 205, 6'1", 11-2-81, Gary Grate, (775) 830-4279)
    defeated Anthony Lopez (Modesto, California, USA, 0-1, 203, 5'8", 9-16-78, Self, (209) 527-1696) by Tap Out due to rear naked choke at 1:23 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Sean McCawley

  2. AMATEUR MMA 150
    Fred Ruelas (Modesto, California, USA, 1-0, 149, 5'10", 1-18-10, Gene Fields, (209) 262-8976)
    defeated Omar Castro (Caldwell, Idaho, USA, 0-1, 147, 5'4", 10-20-87, Johnny Perez, (208) 890-4356) by split decision, 29-28, 30-27 & 28-29.
    REFEREE: Kim Winslow

  3. AMATEUR MMA 125
    Julio Rios (Riverbank, California, USA, 1-0, 122, 5'4", 8-31-89, David Sleeman, (209) 541-4134)
    defeated Noe Jacinto (Sparks, Nevada, USA, 0-1, 125, 5'3", 10-10-89, Rich Lee, (775) 379-5691) by TKO due to strikes at 2:39 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Sean McCawley
  4. AMATEUR MMA 185
    Roy Benitez (Caldwell, Idaho, USA, 3-0, 186, 5'11", 4-26-92, Johnny Perez, (208) 890-4356)
    defeated Kyle Zemp (Carson City, Nevada, USA, 2-1, 182, 6', 3-7-90, Frank Peralda, (775) 443-2727) by Verbal Tapout from armbar at 2:36 of round 2.
    REFEREE: Kim Winslow

  5. AMATEUR MMA 145
    Jose Ayala (Sparks, Nevada, USA, 4-3, 144, 5'9", 12-20-83, (775) 240-8253)
    defeated Andrey Mitchell (Arbuckle, California, USA, 3-1, 143, 5'8", 2-15-89, Mike Chu, (916) 549-4430) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 & 30-27.
    REFEREE: Sean McCawley

  6. AMATEUR MMA 155
    John Cervantes (Turlock, California, USA, 1-2, 145, 5'3", 12-10-74, Gene Fields, )
    defeated Dustin Walters (Longmont, California, USA, 1-2, 153, 5'9", 7-8-81, Self, (720) 882-2358) by tapout due to rear naked choke at :51 seconds on round 1.
    REFEREE: Kim Winslow

  7. AMATEUR MMA 155
    Aaron (Chatham) Van Gundy (Chico, California, USA, 2-0, 154, 6'1", 5-21-87, Brenden Clements, (530) 514-8481)
    defeated Eric Villegas (El Monte, California, USA, 0-2, 153, 5'10", 8-23-91, Vince Duchetta, (626) 786-1211 ) by split decision, 29-28, 29-28 and 28-29.
    REFEREE: Kim Winslow

  8. AMATEUR MMA 155
    Tomasz Kotowski (Reno, Nevada, USA, 3-1, 155, 5'8", 7-5-79, Gary Grate, (775) 830-4279)
    defeated Clayton Demera (Folsom, California, USA, 2-1, 152, 5'8", 4-11-83, Shon Moore, (916) 439-0309 ) by knockout at :15 seconds of round 1 from punch.
    REFEREE: Sean McCawley
  9. AMATEUR MMA 130
    Oscar Ramirez (Sparks, Nevada, USA, 4-0, 129, 5'8", 5-5-92, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253)
    defeated Marcus Ocegueda, (Chico, California, USA, 2-5, 128, 5'8", 2-23-90, Brandon Clements, (530) 514-8481) by referee stoppage due to armbar at 2:11 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Kim Winslow

  10. AMATEUR MMA 145
    Christopher Fajardo (Eagle Rock Colorado, USA, 4-1, 145, 5'6", 5-11-88, Vincent Duchetta, (626) 786-1211)
    defeated Derek Formoso (Elk Grove, California, USA, 2-2, 144, 6', 8-7-90, Jeff Baca, (916) 271-7006) by verbal tap at 1:58 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Kim Winslow

  11. AMATEUR MMA 155
    Delorean "D-Lo" Heaivilin, (Sparks, Nevada, USA, 7-0, 154, 6', 11-10-90, Rick Collup, (775) 290-8253)
    defeated Nick Balestra (Sacramento, California, USA, 5-2, AKB: 3-2, AB: 101, 154, 6'2", 9-9-91, Danny Brito, (916) 470-5312) by tapout due to guillotine choke at :45 seconds of round 3.
    REFEREE: Sean McCawley

THURSDAY, October 21st, 2010, AT 7:50 PM/ PST


Rick Collup Presents
"Ultimate Reno Combat 19"
Reno, Nevada, USA


Tribal Wars Promotions Presents
"Day Of Reckoning"
Cherokee, North Carolina, USA

SATURDAY, October 16th, 2010, AT 4:10 PM/ PST

Dirty Politics?
Who's Trying To Get A 'Leg Up' In Indiana
And Other States With Sanctioning MMA?

Some people reading our website feel the ISCF goes out of it's way to negatively attack other sanctioning bodies for what they believe to be no reason at all. Such as the article the ISCF wrote some time ago entitled, "Don't Sanction Me" which can be found by clicking Here...

"Stick to your own business and don't mind the others!"
is what some say.

However, what many don't know are the real reasons the ISCF address issues related with other fight sport sanctioning bodies in the first place. Surly the ISCF is not perfect, but they do their best to strive to be, and as the saying goes,

"When you strive for perfection you achieve excellence."

Excellence is something the ISCF hopes "Everyone" in the fight sports attains from sanctioning bodies to promoters, fighters, officials, trainers and the sport as a whole. However, the sport will have it's setbacks as long as there are individuals who just try to "Get By" doing only the basics just to make the money the sport has to offer... The ISCF organization believes in giving more, doing more and helping those associated with them to achieve more... Achieve EXCELLENCE! this is why the ISCF is the only MMA Sanctioning organization with amateur and professional fighter rankings with contact numbers for fight promoters to find these fighters for their events, even non ISCF sanctioned events. It's why the ISCF has an upcoming events page, a news page, fully detailed rules pages, even a page where all Past ISCF Champions, pro and amateur can be found. "Give More, Do More" is the belief of the ISCF. Not just enough to "Get By" and receive a sanctioning fee check!

Stepping up and doing the right thing came easy to the ISCF. it was a tradition long established in their sister organization for kickboxing, the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation. It's not being afraid to STEP UP when someone needs to and in this case, it's following the beliefs of an individual named Edmund Burke who once said,

"All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."

"It's what should be required of all of us." says ISCF/IKF President Steve Fossum. "To not just Get by, but to do Better than just Get By, Give More, Do More! It's what we all need to do."

So why does the ISCF worry about other sanctioning bodies business? "Because it's our business to not only know our competition but to make sure our competition does not destroy the fight sports by just doing enough to 'Get By'." Says Fossum.

Why else? Well, to begin with, in the past the ISCF has seen or pointed out rule violations of other sanctioning bodies such as large allowed weight spreads, pros fighting amateurs, fighters fighting while under medical suspension, mismatched bouts, unqualified officials and on and on, that are not just hearsay, but proven facts. Secondly, far too often, many of these other sanctioning bodies go out of their way to contact ISCF promoters and others in regions to tell them a lot of false and misleading information to try and get their business as their sanctioning body. like any business, there is always dirty pool, or in this case, dirty politics... And like any business, it's good business to address the bad business actions of others, and address the false and or misleading allegations others may imply of you. This is the common sense reason why the ISCF, as would any other credible business, make the public aware of the truth as compared to the BS!


Sadly, when the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF) find out about false or misleading information being spread about them, they end up being in the position where they have to defend themselves from these comments and claims made by other sanctioning bodies. These issues seem to come up more with two sanctioning bodies than any others, the ISKA and Kick International.

Who knows their reasons why but ISKA has made loads of false allegations to promoters in Florida, Tennessee, Nevada, South Carolina and other states that "THEY" are the only accepted sanctioning body for Kickboxing and MMA... The truth be told, This is incorrect! Sadly it has not only been representatives and officials of the ISKA who have made these claims but the actual President of ISKA as well, Cory Schafer. (Right)

NO STATE has just the ISKA as their sole sanctioning body for MMA or Kickboxing... NO STATE! On top of that, where the ISKA sanctions events, the ISCF and IKF are also approved to do the very same thing along with other sanctioning bodies.


When a State allows Sanctioning Bodies to regulate the rules and regulations for amateur Kickboxing or MMA in a state, it seems to be a very common practice of both the ISKA and Kick International to try and quickly discredit both the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF). Knowing this, the IKF and ISCF are always on the lookout as to who is going to make the first false alligation to try and get a leg up on other approved sanctioning bodies.

This coming November 1st the State of Indiana will be requiring all Amateur MMA events to be sanctioned by an approved sanctioning body by the State of Indiana. So far about 5 different organizations have applied for State Approval. Among them is Kick International... This is an organization the ISCF has often found themselves discussing due to their many rule violations with MMA.

Along with confronting this organization in issues related to MMA, the ISCF's sister organization, the IKF (International Kickboxing Federation has been more vocal in their defense of "MANY" false allegations by them towards the IKF along with MANY exaggerations associated to their many failed attempts of an Amateur Kickboxing Tournament in past years as they attempted to better their name or make themselves appear larger than life. The majority of these false claims and false allegations came from one of the co-owners of KICK, Ted Welch. Over the years the IKF has vigorously defended each false alligation against them.

However, this is NOT meant to be a "Mud Slinging" article as some may want to make it out to be...
Far from it!
This article is being posted today simply to defend the ISCF's reputation as a Sanctioning and Regulating body for Pro and Amateur Mixed Martial Arts around the world.

In this defense, it's the ISCF that has come under attack of sever false and misleading allegations. This time, according to (Dr.?) Jim Thomas (Left - An mma promoter the ISCF had suspended as a promoter due to rule violations in the past.), claims that Kick International President, Frank Babcock (Right) has been going out of his way trying to discredit the ISCF. In a statement made on Thomas' own website (Alliance Martial Arts in Centerville, Indiana), Thomas claims Babcock told him the following which he posted on his website newsletter page;

"Use KICK International as your Sanctioning Body. Do Not Use ISCF, this sanctioning body was dismissed from the state of Illinois a couple years ago and is now under federal investigation for other wrong doings. However, KICK International is the way to go whenever you host combative sports in your state. We provide insurance, integrity and Dr. Jim Thomas and I are great friends and KICK International is the leading, oldest networks…All states we will guide you, contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx."

Once ISCF President Steve Fossum read the post on Thomas' website newsletter, he called Thomas directly, leaving a message for a call back on his voicemail. Later that same day Thomas returned the call. Thomas claimed he posted the above on his newsletter because there was still comments on the ISCF website about his wrongful actions that the ISCF held him accountable for a few years back. On those actions, Thomas was a co-promoter of an event and broke several rules in regards to fighter registration, fight card changes and some other things. About a year ago, Fossum and Thomas came to terms and the ISCF removed the suspension of Thomas and all details of the rule violations were removed from the ISCF web site.

When Thomas first made claims about negative things still posted about him on the ISCF website the ISCF reviewed all their web content and no where was any comments about Thomas. What the ISCF did find was some comments about Thomas on the MMA Message Board that was hosted on the ISCF web site. This thread was removed that same day.

In the same phone conversation with Thomas, he informed Fossum that it was the President of KICK International, Frank Babcock that had told him all the posted information about the ISCF. Thomas told Fossum that it was also Babcock who first told him this same info back in 2008/09. Back then, Thomas pointed the finger at an individual with the State of Indiana, John Lagauttata who Thomas claimed told him that ISCF was "Kicked out of Illinois."

In that conversation, Thomas promised Fossum that the false and misleading allegations would be removed from his website the following morning. However, here we are two days later and the content is still up. Both yesterday and today Thomas was requested to remove the content or the ISCF would be forced to defend the false allegations and to take additional action. Each time Thomas said it would be removed, yet it the content remained as of today at 1:00 PM/PST, which brought the reason for this article.

Surly anyone reading this would like the ISCF to answer to the allegations Thomas and or Frank Babcock has attacked the ISCF with. Still, according to Thomas' post on his newsletter, quote-unquote, "Jim Thomas and Frank Babcock {President of KICK International} are great friends" so no matter who wants to take claim to these false allegations, seems they both are behind it. Here is the official reply of the ISCF of the false allegations in question below.

FALSE ALLEGATION 1: Do Not Use ISCF, this sanctioning body was dismissed from the state of Illinois a couple years ago.

ISCF REPLY: The ISCF (Or the IKF Kickboxing organization) have NEVER been dismissed or banned from ANY State. However, Thomas claimed today (October 14th, 2010) to ISCF President Steve Fossum, that it was Frank Babcock {President of KICK International} that had originally told him this about the ISCF both in the past and recently. Was Thomas protecting himself from a potential slander lawsuit and waived the blame to Babcock, or would Babcock have made such a highly FALSE accusation, fully knowing the obvious reality of a slander lawsuit against him? You be the judge, but one thing is true... The comments were made on Thomas' website.

As for Illinois, the ISCF was never kicked out! The State of Illinois stopped all amateur events in late 2008 and asked all sanctioning bodies to re-apply for approval to sanction in Illinois. As all other sanctioning bodies did, theISCF "AND the IKF re-applied, and were asked to follow up on a few minor things, mainly related to weight spreads for Junior age Kickboxers (This was with the IKF, NOT the ISCF). The changes were sent in and the ISCF and IKF were awaiting approval. After all of this transpired, in August of 2009, the state of Illinois changed gears yet again and said, "No Amateur MMA or Kickboxing event requires any sanctioning from any sanctioning body." So after spending thousands of dollars flying back and forth to meetings in Illinois from California along with all the adapting of rules and regulations to meet what the State of Illinois claimed they wanted, in the end it was all worthless work... For ALL the sanctioning bodies that had applied to sanction amateur kickboxing and MMA in Illinois at that time. The ISCF was never "Kicked out" of Illinois for ANY reason, or any state.

FALSE ALLEGATION 2: The ISCF is now under federal investigation for other wrong doings.

ISCF REPLY: Interesting... The ISCF would LOVE to hear where this "Mystery" complaint is found because the ISCF has NEVER done anything wrong and there is no Federal or any other investigation towards the ISCF or towards the IKF (Kickboxing) organizations.

POST ON THOMAS' NEWSLETTER PAGE: However, KICK International is the way to go whenever you host combative sports in your state. They provide insurance, integrity and Dr. Jim Thomas and Frank Babcock {President of KICK International} are great friends and KICK International is the leading, oldest networks…Tell Frank that Jim sent you! All states he will guide you, contact Frank Babcock at XXX-XXX-XXXX

ISCF REPLY: To begin with, Yes, Kick International does provide Insurance... In fact, for those who don't know this, Frank Babcock and his partner, Ted Welch (Who according to their website is serving as treasurer of Kick) are more in the "INSURANCE" business than the "Fight Sport Sanctioning Business". Do your own research on that one... KICK has their own insurance company owned by Ted Welch. Those who have promoted with KICK will see that Ted's "SON" Gary Welch, (Gary Welch Insurance in House Springs Missouri - AIG insurance group) will sign off on whatever insurance work they offer their promoters. Many of their promoters have even claimed they have never received an insurance policy when they sanction with KICK... Why? Could it be because they don't want their promoters to see that THEY are the ones selling the insurance.

Well, if what Thomas is saying is true, that Frank Babcock filled him with all this "Babble", seems like Babcock has some questions to answer to... Possibly in a court of law... However, will he be sitting next to Thomas, or sitting alone?

The only question we may want to bring up is
"Why would the word Integrity be used in the same sentence as Kick International, Dr. Jim Thomas and Frank Babcock after they just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar... trying to spread more false allegations just to get a 'Leg Up' in yet another state... This time in Indiana?"

Can't we all just get along....
See you Cageside!

The ISCF Mission For Mixed Martial Arts...
"Safety, Credibility, Fairness, Recognition, Support & Unification of Mixed Martial Arts Around The World"

"The goal of the International Sport Combat Federation is to regulate safe and fair rules and regulations and help provide exposure and opportunities for local, regional, national and international competition among amateur and professional mixed martial arts fighters, trainers, promoters and officials. We will, through adherence to and enforcement of these rules and regulations, strive to make competitive mixed martial arts fighting a safe and fair sport as we continue to help bring exposure to and enhance the present as well as the future of the sport we serve, Mixed Martial Arts."

MONDAY, October 11th, 2010, AT 3:00 PM/ PST

Results From Rick Collup Presents
"Ultimate Reno Combat 18"
October 9th, 2010 - South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA

  1. AMATEUR MMA 170
    Lewis Gonzalez, Turlock, California, USA, 2-0, 170, 5'10", 9-19-87, Gene Fields, (209) 262-8976
    defeated James Morley, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA, 0-1, 170, 5'7", 3-15-82, Mike Myrtle, (541) 218-8152, by TKO due to strikes at :38 seconds of round 1.
  2. AMATEUR MMA 115
    Kathryn Davis, Reno, Nevada, USA, 1-0, 113, 5'5", 8-27-87, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253
    defeated Priscilla Anderson, Murphy, Oregon, USA, 0-1, 114, 5'5", 8-26-76, Greg Jones, (541) 218-8152, by referee stoppage at 2:02 of round 1 when Davis was unable to defend herself. No suspension was given by ringside medical staff.

  3. AMATEUR MMA 170
    John Miller San Francisco, California, USA, 1-0, 170, 5'11", 3-15-87, Zhong Lou, (415) 812-3331
    defeated Raymond Carnwright Coleville, California, USA, 0-1, 168, 5'11", 2-13-85, Luis Reyers, (718) 924-8876, by TKO due to strikes at 2:31 of round 1.
  4. AMATEUR MMA 150
    Jose Ayala Sparks, Nevada, USA, 3-3, 152, 5'9", 12-20-83, Rick Collup, (775) 750-6909
    defeated John Cervantes Turlock, California, USA, 0-2, 147, 5'3", 12-10-74, Gene Fields, (209) 262-8976, by tap out from rear naked choke at 2:46 of round 1.

  5. AMATEUR MMA 155
    Ethan Ama, San Francisco, California, USA, 1-0, 155, 5'10", 6-27-91, Zhong Lou, (415) 812-3331
    defeated Homero Garcia, Sonora, California, USA, 0-2, 163, 5'9", 7-5-79, Jesse Madden, (209) 768-8103 by TKO from strikes at 1:50 of round 1.
  6. AMATEUR MMA 185
    Ray Mesa, Turlock, California, USA, 1-0, 185, 5'10", 12-9-82, Gene Fields, (209) 262-8976
    defeated Isreal Graham, San Francisco, California, USA, 0-1, 188, 5'10", 7-14-82, Zhong Lou, (415) 812-3331 due to medical stoppage at the end of round 2.
  7. AMATEUR MMA 170
    Joseph Hinkle, Oroville, California, USA, 1-0, 172, 6'2", 4-21-87, Josh Hinkle, (570) 327-8131
    defeated Fernando Barrera, Merced, California, USA, 0-3, 169, 5'8", 2-9-85, Gene Fields, (209) 262-8976, by tap out from rear naked choke at 2:53 of round 1.

  8. AMATEUR MMA 155
    Michael Crowell, Modesto, California, USA, 2-0, 152, 5'8", 5-24-82, Gene Fields, (209) 262-8976
    defeated Kenneth Price, Stockton, California, USA, 1-1, 156, 5'6", Noah Schnabel, (209) 406-2275, by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-18.

  9. AMATEUR MMA 170
    Joseph or Joe Rizk, Reno, Nevada, USA, 6-1, 171, 6'1", 1-23-89, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253,
    defeated Robert Gamble, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA, 2-1, 168, 6', 10-18-85, Greg Jones, (541) 218-8152, by referee stoppage - Verbal tap, due to armbar at 2:27 of round 1.


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THURSDAY, October 7th, 2010, AT 6:20 PM/ PST


Rick Collup Presents
"Ultimate Reno Combat 18"
South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA

SUNDAY, October 3rd, 2010, AT 6:55 PM/ PST

Results From Rick Collup's
"Ultimate Reno Combat 17"
October 1st, 2010 - Reno, Nevada, USA

    Brandon Ricetti, Chico, California, USA, 1-0, 159, 5'10", 3-13-87, Jason Pietz, (530) 514-0418
    defeated David Arciga, Lancaster, California, USA, 1-1 160, 5'10", 4-7-86, Bob Anderson, (360) 224-4661, by TKO at 2:13 of round 1.
    Oscar Ramirez, Sparks, Nevada, USA, 3-0, 130, 5'8", 5-5-92, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253
    defeated James Hester, Palmdale, California, USA, 0-1, 129, 5'9", 9-10-90, Bob Anderson, (360) 224-4661 by TKO due to strikes at 2:55 of round 1.
    Kenneth Pric, Stockton, California, USA, 1-0, 156, 5'6", Noah Schnabel, (209) 406-2275
    defeated Derek Gordillo, Bakersfield, California, USA, 0-1, 155, 5'10", 5-19-89, Miguel Soza, (661) 376-7332, by TKO at 10 seconds of round 1.
    Robert Sandoval, Lancaster, California, USA, 1-0, 140, 5'3", 8-22-78, Bob Anderson, (360) 224-4661
    defeated James Endicott Reno, Nevada, USA, 0-1, 135, 5'10", 10-14-82, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253 by guillotine choke at 2:09 of round 1.

    Robert Abbott, Pacifica, California, USA, 1-0 170, 6'2", 1-5-84, Osmar Delima, (415) 57458
    defeated Raymond (Ray) Garcia, Jr., Lodi, California, USA, 0-1, 5'11", 1-19-87, Noah Schnabel, (209) 810-6979, by Tap Out from rear naked choke at 1:22 of round 2.

    Jose Ayala, Sparks, Nevada, USA, 2-3, 153, 5'9", 12-20-83, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253
    defeated Johnny Rivas, Lancaster, California, USA, 1-1, 154, 5'8", 9-8-78, Bob Anderson, (360) 224-4661, by TKO due to strikes at :55 of round 2.
    Sasha Montgomery, Daly City, California, USA, 2-0, 180, 5'11", 9-2-81, Omar Deluna, (415) 574-5807
    defeated Francisco Delgado, Calsonville, California, USA, 0-1, 180, 6', Luis Reyes, (781) 924-8876 by Tap Out due to rear naked choke at 1:44 of round 1.

    Joe Rizk, Reno, Nevada, USA, 5-1, 178, 6'1", 1-23-89, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253
    defeated Shawn Goode, Reno, Nevada, USA, 2-2, AK: 1-0, AB: 30-3, 177, 6', 4-25-80, Justin, (517) 614-1823, by Head Kick KO at :09 seconds of round 1.
    Andrey Mitchell, Arbuckle, California, USA, 3-0, 142, 5'7", 2-16-88, Mike Chu, (916) 549-4430
    defeated Ronald Hohstadt, Riverbank, California, USA, 0-2, 145, 5'6", 5-17-86, Family First MMA, (209) 541-4134, by Tap Out due to rear naked choke at 1:53 of round 1.

    Brandon Frunk, Fernly, Nevada, USA, 7-2, AB: 1-1, 143, 5'7", 5-14-89, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253
    defeated Chris Deluna, Fairfield, California, USA, 2-4, AK: 4-0, 145, 6-12-83, Roque Rapacon, (707) 319-5386 by referee stoppage due to strikes.


ISCF Rankings More Detailed

The ISCF just made the Amateur Rankings a bit more easier to navigate. Now instead of web viewers trying to navigate through the many aspects of the rankings, the ISCF has now broken things down in more detail. Now there are 6 different Amateur Ranking pages to view. Here they are for your review:

FRIDAY, October 1st, 2010, AT 12:10 AM/ PST


Rick Collup Presents
"Ultimate Reno Combat 17"
Reno, Nevada, USA