November & December, 2003

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FRIDAY, December 12th, 2003, AT 8:15 PM, PT

ISCF In Columbia, Missouri
This Weekend!

ISCF Promoters Mr. Travis Day and Mr. Jeff Powell of Powell Sports & Combat Systems LLC are all set to host Saturday nights (December 13th) MAD DOG MIXED MARTIAL ARTS at the THE FIELDHOUSE in Columbia Missouri USA. For more info please contact Mr. Travis Day or Mr. Jeff Powell at (573) 256-2289.

THURSDAY, December 11th, 2003, AT 8:30 PM, PT

A Tragic Loss...
By Matthew Waller

George Allen is a man who has been in the fight scene in Georgia when it all first started, and competed anywhere he could. George's oldest son, Kenny, (Right) who was 18 was shot on December 9th at about 10:30 PM in Atlanta Georgia while inside a gas station. He passed away in route to the hospital. Kenny was always by his side and also trained with George at home and at Eagle Kick Boxing and MMA.

Anyone who ever met Kenny Allen knew how special he was. If I had to use one word to describe him it would be "Beautiful". I have created a paypal account for the Allen Family, so if anyone would like to donate to it, it can be found on the SFO webpage at

Mailing Address for cards is P.O. BOX 1777, Stone Mountain, GA, 30086. Although we compete in the ring we are still one big family outside of it. My heart goes out to George and his Family, I have always looked up to you and please know you are in my thoughts. Matthew Waller

  • "As someone who had the privilege of watching Kenny grow and develop this is a particularly devastating blow. He was a young man with tremendous promise who will be greatly missed. Our sincere condolences and prayers go out to the entire Allen family." Mike Carlson
  • "Really sorry, George. My heart goes out to you and your family. Kenny will be missed!" Brett Moses
  • "My prayers are with you and your family." Rob Smith
  • "To the Allen Family, our prayers are with you. Kenny was a fine young man and he will be missed by all." Ken Hudson
  • "George our prayers and thoughts are with you." Carol & JJ
  • "Youll be missed kenny." James Thorpe
  • "George our prayers and thoughts are with you. we will miss you kenny!!!!" Junior,Raphael Assuncao
  • "George, My heart goes out to you and your family. Kenny was a great person and he will be well remembered. I just can't believe what happens to the best people in this life. You are in my thoughts and prayers." Penny
  • "George, There is little we can say to help at times like this. We love you and your family. We will miss Kenny and pray for strength for you and family in the coming days." Sincerely, James Corbett

Kenny Allen

Make a Donation By Clicking Here.

From Matthew Waller on December 11, 2003 at 14:23.
I spoke with George today, He wanted me to send his thanks and let everyone know that he appreciates the kind words and the donations. When each donation comes in I get an email from pay pal that tells me who each person is. I will put together a card and make sure that each person's name is listed on it and give it to him.
He also wanted me to let everyone know about this weekend,
The funeral will be held Sunday in Columbus, GA at the Allen Temple A.M.E. Church at 2:30, directions coming from Atlanta are as follows:
85 south to185 south into Columbus, take the Bueno vista rd exit . Make a right off the exit and travel about 5 min to 9th street. Make a right onto 9th street and the Church will be on the left . At the intersection of 9th and Washington Ave.
The number to the church is: (706) 323-5622
From 12 - 5 on Saturday will be the viewing which will be held at Progressive Funeral Home located on St. Marys Road. directions coming from Atlanta are as follows: 85 south to 185 south into Columbus. Take the St. Marys Road exit and make a left off the exit and it will be located on your left.
Anyone who can make it please come out, George would love to see you.
Matthew Waller

Casca Grossa the fastest growing fight gear company have joined the Kenny Allen Memorial Fund Drive. In order to persuade more people to donate to the fund, Casca Grossa will be giving away incentive prizes to all who donate. Each item awarded will be proportional to the amount donated so the more you donate, the better the item. The Allen family faces a great financial burden, especially at this time of the year, and every little bit counts. This is Casca Grossa's way of helping out.
For a $5.00 donation you will receive a Casca Grossa decal.
For a $50.00 donation you will receive a Casca Grossa Shirt.
For a $100.00 donation you will receive a Casca Grossa Beanie.
A special Thanks to JJ for stepping up when asked.

Publication: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Teen Shot, Killed, 2 Others Wounded
By LATEEF MUNGIN, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Kenneth Allen's family is at a loss to explain his death. Police are searching for a person who shot and killed one teenager and wounded two other teens who were standing outside a Norcross-area convenience store. The incident occurred outside a store in a Texaco gas station at 6070 South Norcross Tucker Road at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Gwinnett police Cpl. Dan Huggins said.
The shooter walked up to the victims, pointed a pistol and started shooting, Huggins said. Kenneth Allen, 19, was hit in the chest; Joseph Stevens, 17, was hit in the leg; and a 16-year-old was hit in the stomach, Huggins said. Police have not released the name of the 16-year-old because he is a juvenile. Stevens and the 16-year-old were taken to Gwinnett Medical Center, Huggins said. Their wounds were not considered life-threatening.
Allen's father was grief-stricken but stoic. He said the suspect was an acquaintance who recently had hung out with the victims. "I don't know his name, but I've been told that [the suspect] was at a friend's house with my son three days ago," said George Allen. "This is so difficult. We really don't know why this happened."
"He was into martial arts. He loved to cook. I was getting him to enroll at Georgia Perimeter College." Allen said.

WEDNESDAY, December 3rd, 2003, AT 9:40 AM, PT

This Friday Night On The
IKF Kickboxing TV Show

Friday Nights, 11:PM EST - 10:PM CST

Due To Popular Demand, We are having a re-run of Show Number 7

    • Justin Lawerence, Pacific, Missouri, Vs Andre Camarena, Norcross, Georgia.
      (2003 IKF/TKO USA National Light Atomweight FCR Title: 13 Year Olds.)

    • John Castle Indiana Vs Chuck Baxter, Iowa.
      (2003 IKF/TKO USA National MTR Heavyweight Title Bout

    • Tom Grimmer, Pewaukee, Wisconsin vs Andy Hoffman, Hanna City, Illinois.
      (2003 IKF North American MTR Super Middleweights Title.

    • Jeremy Harminson, Lerna, Illinois, vs Chris Weitz, Dubuque, Iowa.
      (Pro MuayThai)


    • Corner Talk

      • Trent Tompkins, (Right) Waterloo, Iowa
        IKF Amateur FCR Super Heavyweight World Champion.

    • On The Road

      • Ryan Blackorby, Peoria, Illinois
        IKF Promoter and Trainer.

      • Jeremy Harminson, (Right) Lerna, Illinois
        IKF Pro MuayThai Champion.

    • Hits & Highlights
    • Final Round

Due to this re-run, we had to do some shifting of our planned program schedule.
To see the final schedule of shows for 2003, Click HERE!

Trent Tompkins

Jeremy Harminson


New ISCF Promoter
In Missouri!

This coming Monday night, December 8th, first time ISCF Promoter Craig Cummings will host a night of Boxing and ISCF MMA at the Adams Mark Hotel in Kansas City Missouri, USA! Cummings is new to the ISCF and plans to host several ISCF events a year in the Kansas City Missouri area. For more info please contact Mr. Craig Cummings at (816) 668-4752.

WEDNESDAY, November 26th, 2003, AT 11:05 AM, PT

This Friday Night On The
IKF Kickboxing TV Show

Friday Nights, 11:PM EST - 10:PM CST

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday we will be running a re-run of the most voted on program which is Show number 6 as detailed below.

    • Tony Stumpf, Nebraska, Vs Jason Moore, Michigan, (2003 IKF/TKO USA National IR Light Heavyweight Title Bout)
    • Dan Pemble, Michigan, Vs Yahosuah Yahudah, Georgia. (2003 IKF/TKO USA National MTR Cruiserweight Title Bout)

    • Bill Jardine, Mondovi, Wisconsin Vs Stephen Thompson, Simpsonville, South Carolina. (2003 IKF North American Amateur Lt. Cruiserweight Title.)


    • Corner Talk: Stephen Thompson, (Right) Simpsonville, South Carolina, 3 Time USA National Champion, 2002 North American Champion.

    • On The Road
      • Bertina Lee, Richmond, Virginia. (IKF Woman's Amateur MuayThai North American Champion. Interview with Bout Footage.)
      • Tony Stumpf, Omaha Nebraska (IKF National Amateur Champion.) & His Trainer Mick Doyle, Omaha Nebraska. (IKF National Amateur Champion.)

    • Hits & Highlights
    • Final Round

Check out the IKF Kickboxing Show Schedule that was just updated today by clicking HERE!

MORE NEWS OF 11-26-03

Winfield & Zona
Come Up BIG In St. Louis

RESULTS FROM Finney's St. Louis Fights!

IKF/ISCF St. Louis, Missouri, USA: Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts has put on another great show to end out the 2003 year. This fight was filled with great fights and plenty of action. In the IKF Kickboxing Main Event Mark Winfield came out wanting to start where he finished in the last fight when he and Dwayne Stanley met.

Stanley had lost some weight and was in better shape, and gave Winfield a great fight in round one.

In round two, Winfield came out and started to get into a groove, landing several great punch combinations, and dropping Stanley. As if the drop wasn't enough, Stanley missed his kicks in the second round and cost him a point.

In round three Winfield came out wanting to end it, landing more kicks and punches until he dropped Stanley again. In the end, there it no surprise that Winfield took this one by unanimous decision.

    Leo Pla,
    Kansas City, Kansas defeated Kyle Hancock of St. Louis, Missouri when Hancock was unable to continue after breaking his toe.

  2. IKF Kickboxing
    Rob Rickerman of St. Louis, Missouri defeated Jeff Thompson of Detroit, Michigan. Thompson missed his kicks in the second round which cost him a point and lost by Unanimous Decision.

    Nick Zona
    of St. Louis, Missouri defeated Damion Smith of Kansas City, Kansas by Rear naked choke.

  4. Kickboxing
    Mike Green
    of St. Louis, Missouri defeated Joe Johnson of Detroit, Michigan by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

    Chris Valdicia
    of Kansas City, Missouri defeated Rich Winter of Kansas City, Missouri by KO.

  6. Boxing
    Eric Watson
    of St. Charles, Missouri defeated Brandon Bove of Troy, Missouri by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.

  7. IKF Kickboxing Exhibition
    Erin McNamara
    of St. Louis, Missouri and Robin Connelly of Augusta, Georgia.

For more info please contact Finney's at, (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking: HERE or

MORE NEWS OF 11-26-03

Discovery Channel Event

Special To The IKF
This is a reminder to tune into the biggest martial arts documentary in years. The Discovery Channel's 2-hour documentary, "Xtreme Martial Arts", airs on Sunday, November 30th at 9:00 p.m. This groundbreaking program features science and special effects to examine the physiology and impact of martial arts techniques. This show includes material filmed at the 2003 US OPEN and World Martial Arts Championships. Additionally, the show will also promote Tom Cruise's upcoming $100-million-budgeted "The Last Samurai".

For a preview, check out the Discovery Channel's website


FRIDAY, November 21st, 2003, AT 10:00 AM, PT

Another Edition Of
Finney's St. Louis Fights!

With the end of the year just 5 short weeks away. Finney's Championship Kickboxing and Martial Arts, has put together another spectacular fight card for the St. Louis fight fans for tomorrow night, November 22nd, 2003, at Lucky's Nightclub On The Landing in St Louis, Missouri, USA. The main event is a rematch from the September fight. The night has a perfect match of action, including 4 FCR kickboxing, 3 NHB, and 1 boxing match. St. Louis favorite Mark "KY" Winfield is going up against Dwayne Stanley from Ontario, Canada. Stanley has been in the gym since his previous loss, and has improved dramatically.

The rest of the fight card is as follows:

  • NHB: Kyle Hancock, St. Louis, MO -vs- Leo Pla, Kansas City, KS
  • Kickboxing: Rob Rickerman, St. Louis, MO -vs- Jeff Thompson, Detroit, MI
  • NHB: Nick Zona, St. Louis, MO -vs- Damion Smith, Kansas City, KS
  • Kickboxing: Mike Green, St. Louis, MO -vs- Joe Johnson, Detroit, MI
  • NHB: Rich Winter, Kansas City, MO -vs- Chris Valdicia, Kansas City, MO
  • Boxing: Eric Watson, St. Charles, MO -vs- Brandon Bove, Troy, MO
  • Kickboxing: Erin McNamara, St. Louis, MO -vs- Robin Connelly, Augusta, GA.

For more info please contact Finney's at, (314) 351-5226 or by e-mail by clicking: HERE or

MORE NEWS OF 11-21-03

"KC Hook-N-Shoot"

First time ISCF Promoter Steven Crawford and his SAC SPORT PROMOTIONS is all set to host their


event tonight at the Adams Mark Hotel in Kansas City Missouri USA. Sorry but we were not sent any info on the nights fight card.

For more info please call Mr. Crawford at (816) 728-7360 or go to

FRIDAY, November 7th, 2003, AT 6:30 PM, PT

Platinum Pride Productions Presents
"Total Velocity In The Valley"

Here is the fight card for Tomorrow nights, "Total Velocity In The Valley" at the The Roy Martin Center in Columbus, GA, USA.

  • 145 pound tournament
    • Joel Weldon, Valdosta, GA
    • Joe Laughlin, Anderson, SC
    • Phillip Petersen, Birmingham, AL
    • Cole Miller, Macon, GA
  • 145 Tournament Alternates - Those present will fight for alternate slot to tourney, if needed.
    • Mike Custodio, Lake Ridge, VA
    • Raphael Assuncao, Smyrna, GA
    • Lorenzo Woodard, Columbus, GA
  • 155 pound single match
    • Junior Assuncao, Smyrna, GA Vs Chris Keller, Durham, NC
  • 175 LB. Tournament
    • Jaime Harrision, Jacksonville, FL
    • Jeff McKee, Anderson, SC
    • Blake Barber, Macon, GA
    • FIGHTER NEEDED - See Below.
  • 190 LB. Tournament
    • Troy Todd, Marietta, GA
    • Damien Stelly, Columbus, GA
    • Jeremy Fischer
    • FIGHTER NEEDED - See Below.
  • Pro Matches
    • 175 LB Match: Shaun Gay, Valdosta, GA Vs Chris Mize.

Two fighters dropped from this event today leaving 2 openings in the 175 and 190 lb divisions. This is a novice level amateur tournament. The promoter is paying the fighters $50.00 for travel and providing lodging. Interested parties please call Lewis Chesser at (706) 442.5021. Tickets are $20.00. For more event info please call Lewis Chesser at (706) 442-5021 or by e-mail at