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WEDNESDAY, June 22nd, 2005, AT 5:35 PM, PT

Founder Found Dead

Sacramento, California, USA: We have some sad news to report. We have been informed that the founder of Kikskin Kimonos, Scott Mofhitz, passed away on June 13th, 2005, at age 37 in his Sacramento, California apartment. Mofhitz founded the company in 1994 and was responsible for the first jiu-jitsu gi ever made solely for the American market. He was a student under Cesar Gracie when he realized the impact that jiu-jitsu would have in the U.S.. With plenty of determination he pioneered an industry that has grown astronomically in the past decade.

"Scott was a really likable person and a personal friend. I am very saddened to have heard of his passing and I send my sincere condolences to his family. May God comfort them" said Gracie. His service was held at the Mount Vernon Mortuary in Sacramento this past Monday, June 20 and his Burial Service was yesterday, Tuesday June 21. Scott was born on August 3rd, 1967. A longtime resident of Sacramento, he attended Casa Roble High School. A guestbook for the family is available online by Clicking Here and will remain online until July 21, 2005.

Kickskin was the first company the IKF ever advertised for when they did an article entitled "The Kikskin Company - Great workout Clothes!" back in 1997. Portions of the article read,

"Looking for a great looking and comfortable pair of workout shorts? Well, the new Kikskin gear is exactly what you are looking for. IKF President Steve Fossum was visited by Kikskin main man Scott Mofhitz a while back and Mr. Mofhitz left him some Kikskin shorts to try out and he says there GREAT! Wear them under your Muay Thai shorts, karate or kickboxing clothes or alone as just shorts. The kikskin line is usually advertised on the page opposite the back cover in Black Belt magazine. The gear was mainly focused for grappling and judo, but the gear will be great for kickboxing as well as regular karate classes. Cardio kickboxing programs will also benefit from the clothing as well. For more info, contact Scott Mofhitz at KIKSKIN at 888-KIKSKIN (545-7546)."

SATURDAY, June 18th, 2005, AT 12:20 PM, PT

Dan Severn
Mixed Martial Arts Camp

September 2nd - 4th 2005

This camp includes six, 2 hour MMA training sessions, meals, and lodging for the duration of the camp. Dan Severn is the main instructor for this camp and will be demonstrating many techniques including:

  • Clinches
  • Closing the Distance
  • Throws
  • Submissions
  • Takedowns and much more.

This camp is limited to only 36 participants. The total cost of the camp is $375.00 with a $100.00 deposit to be made out and mailed to:

Michigan Sports Camps
315 N. Fiske Rd.
Coldwater, MI 49036

Portions of this camp may be videotaped for purposes of:
(a) distribution of Instructional DVD's
(b) Scouting for participants in UFC's "The Ultimate Fighter" future series.

Interest in this camp may involve:

  • Improving your skills in the fight world.
  • Learning self defense.
  • Showing the skills you have so you may fight in "Danger Zone" - events, etc.
  • If you are interested in participating in "The Ultimate Fighting Championships" (UFC) "King of the Cage," or "Gladiator Challenge" events.

For more information call us at (517) 278-4908 or email us at

WEDNESDAY, June 15th, 2005, AT 11:40 AM, PT

Results From The
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF/ISCF St Louis, Missouri, USA:
Here are the results from last Saturday nights MIDWEST FIGHT FEST hosted by IKF/ISCF Promoter Jesse Finney and his Shamrock Promotions team at the Broadway Athletic Club St Louis, Missouri, USA.

  1. Boxing
    Josh Barnes,
    Granite City, Illinois, USA defeated Josh Fischer, St. Louis, Missouri, USA by Decision.

  2. Boxing
    Montel Washington,
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA defeated Mike Fairbanks, St. Louis, Missouri, USA by referee stoppage.

  3. Boxing
    Jamie O'Hare,
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA defeated Tonya Cupple, St. Louis, Missouri, USA by KO, referee stoppage.

    Dave Hile, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (1-0, 380, Self) defeated Vladimir Frankovic, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (0-1, 340, 24, 3-11-81, Finney's) by doctor stoppage.

  5. IKF Kickboxing
    Bobby Chu,
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA (1-0, 146, 5'6", 27, 8-9-77, Finney's) defeated Kevin Gutherie, Columbia, Missouri, USA (0-1, 133, 5'8", 18, 1-15-87, Zenny Reynolds) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 and 29-28.

    James Bunch, Lenexa, Kansas City, USA (1-0, 187, 23, 12-30-80) defeated Chuck Rainey, Springfield, Missouri, USA (1-1, 184, 5'11", 27, 2-11-78, Springfield Fight Club) by Rear naked choke.

  7. IKF Kickboxing
    John Duffy,
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA (1-0/0, 158, 6', 27, 10-24-77, Finney's) defeated Jake Hardesty, Columbia, Missouri, USA (0-1, 155, 5'9", 17, 8-20-87, Zenny Reynolds) by decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

    Mike Green, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (10-4/3, 165, 6'1", 31, 8-1-73, Finney's) defeated Alex Carter, Edwardsville, Illlinois, USA (2-3, 168, 25, 3-6-80, Patrick Heely) by Triangle choke in the 2nd round.

    Tracy Taylor, St. Louis, Missouri, USA (4-0/2, 194, 5'10", 33, 1-24-73, Rodrigo Vaghi and Finney's) defeated Kenny Allen, Rock Island, Illinois, USA (2-2, 190, NA) by triangle choke in the 1st round.

  10. IKF Kickboxing
    Mark Winfield,
    St. Louis, Missouri, USA (17-1/11, 168, 5'9", 28, 7-23-76, Finney's) defeated John Antigliato, New York, New York, USA (8-2, 154, 5'8", 24, 1-25-05, Zenny Reynolds) by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.

For more info please call Finney's Kickboxing at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail at or see go to

MONDAY, June 13th, 2005, AT 10:45 AM, PT

Lock N' Load
To Headline Summer Heat
Photo Courtesy

ISCF Valdosta, Georgia, USA: ISCF U.S. Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan "Lock N' Load" Wiezorek, (Right) will headline the Summer Heat event in Valdosta, Georgia at the Lowndes County Civic Center/Fairgrounds, on Saturday, June 18th. Wiezorek will face Jerome Smith of Americus, Georgia in an ISCF sanctioned, non title, heavyweight bout.

Wiezorek is a Valdosta mixed martial arts favorite, holding several titles, including a World Super Heavyweight title in another organization. Summer Heat will also be the South East Regional Seeding Tournament for the IKF (International Kickboxing Federation). The IKF Regional Seeding Tournament bouts will begin at 8 AM with doors opening for the evening show at 6 PM. The evening show will feature selected kickboxing finals and ISCF mixed martial arts action.

Wiezorek possesses a record of 6-1. He is 27 years old and is a graduate of Lowndes High School, Valdosta State University, and most recently, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His fighting style consists of a mix of wrestling, jujitsu, and boxing. His opponent, Smith, is a striking specialist with a record of 6-5. Most of his 6 wins coming by ground and pound. Most noteworthy about Smith is that he went the distance with the current UFC heavyweight champion, Frank Mir. This happened several years earlier, but is representative of the tenacity of Smith.

Pundits have predicted that this main event will go to a judge's decision as well. Wiezorek has fought recently in Atlantic City, NJ, and last year in the UFC in Las Vegas. At UFC 47, he dispatched Wade Shipp via ground and pound with about 20 seconds left in the first round. As recent Master's degree graduate in Sports Medicine, Wiezorek is in the process of locating an entry position in athletic training. The former Georgia State High School Heavyweight Wrestling Champion is currently training in Dalton with Andy Foster and Ben Kiker at United Karate Studios. Several other ISCF matches will be held on this card as well. Andy Foster will face Wayne Music in a professional MMA bout. Shaun "The Stallion" Gay will rematch Josh "Hollywood" Hancock of Augusta in a professional MMA bout. Jerome Lucas will rematch John Trent of Atlanta in an amateur MMA bout. Shane Stapp will face Rocky Howard in their debut bouts.

Tickets are on sale at Valdosta Martial Arts Center, (229) 245-8622, and Club Boom Fitness. Local fans should listen in as five of the local RTG Media radio stations are giving away tickets for the event on the air. For more information, see "IKF Regional/Summer Heat" at

MORE NEWS OF 6-13-05

Someone To Be Proud Of
Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff
Saturday, June 11, 2005

ISCF Augusta, Georgia, USA: They won't be putting up "Augusta: Home of Mike Carlson" signs anytime soon. But the bright young prosecutor sure has been a better ambassador for the area than some of its other public officials lately. It's not enough that the 39-year-old assistant district attorney spends 70 hours a week or more prosecuting violent, sex and drug crimes here; and that he was a perfect six-for-six in murder trials last year. But this week, after only eight years in the office, Carlson (Right) was awarded the prestigious J. Roger Thompson Award for his role in training new prosecutors across the state of Georgia.

Carlson both instructs, and wrote the protocol for, the Basic Litigation Course taught each year by the Prosecuting Attorneys' Council at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth - a course that has become the nation's gold standard for prosecutor training. This year's class concluded this week, with Carlson's award as a topper. How important is what he does? Consider: The young lions Carlson helps mentor are the last people standing between the public and society's most violent and lawless creatures. We need good prosecutors as much as we need good cops and soldiers.

Moreover, we happen to love Carlson's dual emphasis on

  1. protecting the public by getting criminals off the streets and
  2. teaching young prosecutors to be mindful of restoring the public's faith in the criminal justice system.

For his own part, Carlson is deeply proud of demonstrating sincere concern for victims of crime regardless of their station in life. We also appreciate the fact that his boss, District Attorney Danny Craig, is a Jedi master in his own right. Craig also is a statewide mentor, and obviously creates an office atmosphere that encourages excellence. We salute them both - as public officials Augusta can be eminently proud of.

FRIDAY, June 10th, 2005, AT 7:30 PM, PT

Shamrock Promotions
St Louis, Missouri, USA

IKF/ISCF St Louis, Missouri, USA: This Saturday night, June 11th, ISCFIKF Promoter Jesse Finney and his Shamrock Promotions will present another night of exciting IKF Kickboxing and ISCF MMA at the Broadway Athletic Club St Louis, Missouri, USA.

Sorry but no fight card was available as of press time. For more info please call Finney's Kickboxing at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail at or see go to

TUESDAY, June 7th, 2005, AT 8:30 PM, PT


ISCF Atlanta, Georgia, USA: Fight Party Productions' ISCF sanctioned Full Throttle II played to a packed house of over 4,300 at the 70,000 square foot WILD BILL's, venue. The fights were exciting and, as has become a staple of the Fight Party, the pretty people were out in force.

"This was the most difficult card I have ever worked on," said Fight Party promoter Brett Moses (Above Right), "I had five fighters drop out last week and managed to replace them all. Then, on Thursday of this week, I had another three drop out. I was able to replace one of those fights, leaving us with 11 fights. And finally, on fight night, Jeremiah Huskins injured his back leaving me with 10 fights."

The show went on and the crowd was visibly pleased. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Amateur Welterweight MMA
    Stephen Ledbetter (The HARDCORE Gym) defeated Brian Herring (Gorilla Nation)
    Ledbetter was simply too much for Herring, dominating en route to the choke out victory. Ledbetter, win at 1:11 of Round 1 by Rear Naked Choke.

  2. Amateur Welterweight MMA
    Jason Hicks (Universal Fighting) defeated Chad Shafer (The HARDCORE Gym)
    The first round was a barnburner as Hicks showcased some impressive stand up. However, when it went to the ground Shafer appeared to have the edge, coming close to securing the choke as time ran out in the round. In round two Hicks was able to hurt Shafer and ultimately got his back and secured the triangle. Hicks, wins at :50 of Round 2 by Triangle Choke.

  3. Amateur Middleweight MMA
    Tony Barker (Alliance/Jacare) defeated Dustin Kirby (The HARDCORE Gym)
    Barker was just a little too much for the game Kirby. He was able to secure the takedowns, keep position and work for submission. Kirby was able to defend, but couldn't get his game going… Barker by Unanimous Decision.

  4. Amateur Super Heavyweight MMA
    Scott Harper (Xtreme Fighting Academy) defeated James Montgomery (Team Terror)
    Harper attacked from the opening bell, gaining the first round KO. Harper, 1:58 of Round 1 by KO.

  5. Pro Welterweight MMA
    Cole Miller (Team Praxis) defeated Harris Norwood (Velocity)
    Making his Pro debut, the "Wunderkind" did not disappoint, securing the triangle in Round 1. Hats off to Norwood who took the bout on 1 days notice. Miller wins at 3:14 of round 1 by Triangle Choke.

  6. Pro Middleweight MMA
    Tim Stout (Oxendine/Soneca) defeated Tim Gehrsitz (USA Martial Arts)
    As usually, Stout came prepared, showcasing his conditioning and stand up skills en route to the TKO; however, it should be noted that Gehrsitz initially took his Pro debut on one weeks notice. Then, when he was unable to contact his manager (who it turns out had fallen ill) he assumed the fight was off and went off training. He rode the entire six hour trip in sweats, still had to run after arriving in Atlanta, and finally made weight at around 1:30 am. The first round was a slugfest with each fighter landing bombs. The second round began with more of the same, but as time went on Gehrsitz began to tire and by the third round Stout was landing unanswered. The referee stepped in and stopped the bout at 3:12 of Round 3 by TKO.

  7. Pro Middleweight MMA
    Junior Assuncao (Velocity) defeated Danny Payne (Team Terror)
    After two opponents fell through, Payne stepped in to fight the always dangerous Assuncao. Payne was unable to deal with Junior's arsenal, dropped into a ball and tapped. Assuncao wins at :50 of round 1 by Tap Out.

  8. Pro Welterweight MMA
    Steve Kinnison (Martial Athletics) defeated Diego Saraiva
    Kinnison obviously had a game plan to neutralize the skills of the accomplished grappler and BJJ Black Belt. He exercised it to a "T" as he dominated the stand up and easily thwarted Saraiva's slick submissions attempts en rout to the victory. Kinnison won by Unanimous Decision.

  9. Pro Middleweight MMA
    Efrain Ruiz (FFA) defeated Steve Horton (USAF)
    Horton, the decorated wrestler, was flustered by the skills of Ruiz and quickly succumbed to the triangle. Ruiz won at 1:55 of Round 1 by Triangle Choke.

  10. Pro Light Heavyweight MMA
    Andy Foster defeated Mat Santos.
    Santos came out strong, gaining a quick takedown and working and striking from Foster's guard. Foster remained calm, swept and got Santos' back for the RNC victory. Foster wins at 2:49 of Round 1 by Rear naked Choke.

For more info contact the Fight Party Hotline at (404) 315-7235 or go to
Special Thanks To WILD BILLS -


ISCF History Is Made As
Hicks Is Surprised By Case At

Heavyweight Gladiators - Return to Colosseum
Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA

ISCF Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA:
ISCF History was made this last Saturday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

In the only MMA bout of the night at the Heavyweight Gladiators, Return to Colosseum event in Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA this last Friday night, Professional MMA Woman Fighter Jen "Genetic Wonder" Case of Clay Center, Topeka, Kansas, USA (3-0, 152, 5'7", 22, 6-14-82, Steve Twlmlow, (785) 273-4343)
defeated Greta "Mo Betta" Hicks of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA (PMMA: 1-2, AMMA: 1-0, 155, 5'10", 29, 2-26-76, Adrian Serano, (414) 305-1135) by rear choke submission at 2:18 of round 1 of the scheduled 3 round bout.

The bout made history as the very first ISCF Woman's bout. Congratulations go out to Jen Case! For more event info Contact Scott Joffe of Ad Cetera Sports Inc. at (414) 967-7767 or at or go to

THURSDAY, June 2nd, 2005, AT 9:50 AM, PT

Heavyweight Gladiators
Return to Colosseum

Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA

IKF - ISCF Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA: This Friday night, IKF Promoters Scott Joffe and Duke Roufus will present Heavyweight Gladiators Return to Colosseum Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. the event will feature Amateur and Professional Kickboxing and Professional ISCF Mixed Martial Arts. Look for a full fight card line-up early tomorrow morning as well as see additional articles about this event below. For more event info Contact Scott Joffe of Ad Cetera Sports Inc. at (414) 967-7767 or at or go to

MONDAY, May 30th, 2005, AT 4:20 PM, PT

Fight Party Productions, LLC.


ISCF Atlanta, Georgia, USA: This coming Friday, June 3rd, ISCF Promoter Brett Moses (Right) and his Fight Party Productions, LLC, the UNDISPUTED King of Georgia Martial Arts Promotions, in conjunction with WILD BILL's, America's LARGEST Country Music Dance Club and Concert Hall proudly present:


Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful FULL THROTTLE I show, Full Throttle II promises more of the same; good fights between great athletes. Come see up and coming Georgia favorites Tony Barker (Jacare), Keith Bach (Alliance/US Army), Ryan Ellison (Jacare), Junior Assuncao (Velocity), Diego Saraieva (Velocity), Juan Guevara (Tiger), Cole Miller (Praxis), Stephen Ledbetter (HARDCORE), Chad Shafer (HARDCORE), & the return of Andy Foster (United/Velocity), stepping up to his toughest test to date, Providence Rhode Island's Matt Santos! See the return of Little Rock's Seth "The Doctor Of Mass Destruction" Kleinbeck fresh off of his devastating 8 second knockout victory in Full Throttle I.

Opponents hail from New York, Rhode Island, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas & Illinois. Come watch the fighters of the future, up close today. After the fights, stick around for the Wild Bill's After Party. Mingle with the fighters & ring girls and dance to today's hottest sounds. The diversity of Wild Bill's and the Fight Party mystique come together in undeniable fashion. Doors Open 7:PM, Fights begin 8:30 PM. Here is a rundown of the currently scheduled 13 bouts as of press time today:

  1. Efrain Ruiz vs. Stephen Horton
  2. Andy Foster vs. Matt Santos
  3. Seth Kleinbeck vs. Jeremiah Huskins
  4. Junior Assuncao vs. Danny Payne
  5. Ryan Ellison vs. Dan Covel
  6. Diego Saraieva vs. Steve Kinnison
  7. Tim Stout vs. Tim Gehrsitz
  8. Scott Harper vs. James Montgomery
  9. Cole Miller vs. Keith Bach
  10. Dustin Kirby vs. Tony Barker
  11. Jason Hicks vs. Stephen Ledbetter
  12. Juan Guevara vs. Justin Eason
  13. Bryan Herring vs. Chad Shafer


is located at 2075 Market Street, Duluth, Georgia. (678) 473-1000. Off of I-85 and Pleasant Hill Road, adjacent to the Gwinnett Place Mall.
For more info contact the Fight Party Hotline at (404) 315-7235 or go to

Brett Moses

WEDNESDAY, May 25th, 2005, AT 9:00 PM, PT

Whiskey Tango Throwdown II
Thursday, May 26, 2005

IKF Kansas City, Missouri, USA: With the overwhelming success of their last show that saw Kansas City's own Alvin "The Quickster" Brown capture the vacant WBA North American Title and establish himself as a legitimate Top 10 Contender in the World as a Featherweight boxer; Squared Circle Promotions is pleased to announce their second installation of the Whiskey Tango Throwdown series.

They have not only acquired the Best Fighters in the Midwest, they have also developed local boxing talent into World Ranked Professionals including Galen Brown who battles Darren Humphrey for the WBO North American Title on May 13. The most recent addition to the Squared Circle family is established World Class fighter and former Jr. Middleweight Champion of the World Carl Daniels of St. Louis.

On Thursday May 26, Carl will make his Squared Circle and Kansas City debut as he begins his quest to recapture the Worrominence that he once held. All local scores will be settled as Isaiah "The Prophet" Henderson of Kansas City takes on Louis Pena also of Kansas City for the vacant NABC Midwest Super-Middleweight Title. These two fighters met in L.A. vying for a spot on "The Contender" series with Sylvester Stallone. There have been words and challenges issued since that encounter which sets this Main-Event up to be one of the best ever seen in the area.

This bout will headline the 7-Bout Boxing portion of the event as Squared Circle will stay with their concept of bringing Professional Boxing and ISCF Amateur MMA together on one show to give fight fans everything that they hoped for and more. The time has finally arrived for the most intimidating fighter in the area and local hero Matt Cox (Kansas City, 5-0, 218, 6-2,) to avenge his reputation as he was forced to pull out of the first "Throwdown" event due to injury. Local National Judo Star Phil Jones of Lee's Summit has patiently waited for his chance to become known as the "baddest man in town" with the rescheduled Mega-War match-up finally taking place on this card. This bout will headline the 4-Bout ISCF MMA portion of the show that will also include Brad Jones and hot new up-and-comer Jason Teaman.

Also special *LIVE* Music provided by "Dream Catcher" the hottest new band in town. Playing sets from 6:00 to 7:00 pm - between the boxing and MMA bouts - and again after the fights! Whiskey Tango, I-70 to Grain Valley Exit. (816) 847-5650, Grain Valley, Missouri, USA. For more info please call (816) 668-4752.

MONDAY, May 24th, 2005, AT 4:55 PM, PT

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

    Justin Heckler of Kansas City, Missouri, USA defeated Chris Cunningham of St. Louis, Missouri, USA by Unanimous Decision.

  2. IKF FCR Kickboxing
    Cade Woodall of Kansas City, Missouri, USA defeated Adam Meyer of Kansas City, North Missouri, USA by KO at 1:23 of the 2nd Rd.

    Seben Costner of Overland Park, Kansas defeated Joshua Martin of St. Louis, Missouri, USA by Majority Decision.

  4. IKF FCR Kickboxing
    Chris Sublette of Smithville, Missouri, USA defeated Nathan Dewater of Gladstone, Missouri, USA by Unanimous Decision.

    Grant Hartwig of Overland Park, Kansas, USA defeated Alex Carter of parts unknown by Tap Out at 2:09 of the 1st Round.

  6. IKF Muay Thai
    Rodger Jackson of Overland Park, Kansas, USA won by forfeit over Mark Donohue of Liberty, Missouri, USA when Donohue was a "NO SHOW" for the event.

    John Cornett defeated Daniel Lowe by TKO at 1:51 of round 1.

  8. IKF FCR Kickboxing
    Benjamin Nogueras of Kansas City, Missouri, USA defeated Brad James of Little Rock, Arkansas, USA by Split Decision.

    Bobby Voelker of Overland Park, Kansas, USA defeated Josh Johnson of Kansas City, Missouri, USA by Tap Out at :52 seconds of round one.

For more info on this event please call Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail at or see their website at or contact Mr. Patrick Harrington of the Blue Corner Group at or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras at or go to

THURSDAY, May 19th, 2005, AT 3:55 PM, PT


Kansas City, Missouri, USA

IKF/ISCF Missouri, USA: This Saturday night, May 21st, IKF & ISCF Promoter Jesse Finney and his Shamrock Promotions will be teaming up with The Blue Corner Promotions to host "MIDWEST FIGHT FEST". The event will take place at the Clarion Hotel located next to Arrowhead Stadium at 9103 E. 39th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. The event will feature IKF Amateur Kickboxing, ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts and Amateur Boxing.

Fighters on the event will include Benjamin Nogueras, Bobby Volker, Seben Costners, and Roger Jackson. A complete card will be posted later today.

The event doors open at 6:PM and the action begins at 7:30 PM. For more info on this event please call Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail at or see their website at or contact Mr. Patrick Harrington of the Blue Corner Group at or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras at or go to

TUESDAY, May 17th, 2005, AT 11:40 AM, PT

British Columbia, Canada

ISCF British Columbia, Canada: Last Friday, May 13th, Top Rank Martial Arts Inc. hosted 7 MMA fights to a sellout crowd in NFC III, (National Fighting Challenge) at the Squamish Nations Rec Centre, in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Here are the results below:

For more info please contact Mr. Mike Hamoud at (604) 318-1902 or (778) 885-7774 or or Mr. Rob Harris at or go to their website by Clicking HERE!

FRIDAY, May 13th, 2005, AT 3:00 PM, PT

Public Meeting In Georgia
Special To The ISCF
From Thomas E. Mishou, Office of the Secretary of State

Senate Bill 224 was signed into law on Monday, May 9th by Governor Sonny Perdue. As you know from previous communications this legislation assigns certain limited and new regulatory responsibilities to the Georgia Athletic & Entertainment Commission. Among these new responsibilities is limited regulatory responsibility over mixed martial arts and kickboxing promotions in Georgia. The commission will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, May 17th beginning at 1:00 PM. The meeting will be held in room 450 of the State Capitol Building. Room 450 is located on the fourth floor, in the southwest quadrant of the building. Parking is available on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, as well as in and around Underground Atlanta. This meeting will be held under the rules and restrictions of the Georgia Open Meetings Act. Recording of the proceedings, either audio or visual, is permitted. There is no telephone access to the meeting room.

I anticipate that the meeting will, for the most part, be unstructured. Open and free discussion is and will be encouraged. The end-goal is to reach a few conclusions concerning minimum and basic medical safety standards which should be adopted by the commission in the form of administrative rules. A copy of this legislation can be accessed over the Internet by linking to:

Please post this message you your web site and to forward it to any and all interested parties. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions you might have in this matter. My contact information is
Thomas E. Mishou
Office of the Secretary of State
Room 802 – West Tower
#2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Atlanta, Georgia, 30334, 404-656-2868,
Thank you much. I look forward to seeing you on the 17th and to working with you in the future.

MORE NEWS OF 5-13-05

British Columbia, Canada

ISCF British Columbia, Canada: Tonight, May 13th, Top Rank Martial Arts Inc. will Present NFC III, (National Fighting Challenge) at the Squamish Nations Rec Centre, in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This event will include a Dinner Show in a black-tie suggested environment with full bar, incredible food and some of the best matched MMA fights in the world.

Promoter Mike Hamoud is an ex-fighter himself and has turned his efforts to promoting and has done so in the greater Vancouver area for the past 10 years. he is the co-founder of the NFC.

His partner, Rob Harris has been involved in the west coast Kickboxing and boxing scene for years, Helping in all events in the lower mainland, wether its a Mike Hamoud production or Gionco Sports World and now the NFC.

For more info please contact Mr. Mike Hamoud at (604) 318-1902 or (778) 885-7774 or or Mr. Rob Harris at or go to their website by Clicking HERE!

TUESDAY, May 10th, 2005, AT 4:20 PM, PT

Legal MMA In California
Delayed Again

Thanks To "1" Person...

According to VERY RELIABLE SOURCES, Thanks to Assistant Chief Athletic Inspector, Sal Barajas of the California State Athletic Commission, Legal MMA in California will have to wait longer before being approved. From what we were informed today Barajas choose to stay home instead of go to work on the deadline date (May 2nd, 2005) for a meeting with Anita Scuri, who is from Legal Affairs of the Department of Consumer Affairs as a senior legal counsel. Her and Barajas were scheduled to meet on May 2nd to finalize the legal structure of MMA in the State of California. Because of this, now those planning to start their MMA events in California will need to wait until at least "September!" That's right, "September 2005" to promote their MMA Events in California. However, MMA is still being promoted on Indian Reservations throughout the State.

Are The CA State Commission Days Numbered?
Again... Thanks To "1" Person...

As if this is not enough, we have been informed that Barajas is a major reason for the potential abolishment of the Commission running on their own. Instead, the Commission may not have it's own office. Instead, it will be in the offices of the California State Department of Consumer Affairs. This will mean the appointed Department Director, who will oversee combat sports in the State, may know nothing about Boxing or Kickboxing let alone Mixed Martial Arts.

So where does Barajas come into play here? According to our sources, the cashier technician (Frank Munoz) of the California State Athletic Commission office had been out on medical leave from the Commission Office for approximately 7 months and is still out. Due to his absence, the cashiering for the Commission was not being done at all. The person who was assigned the duty to handle all of this was Sal Barajas. Barajas failed to do any of the required duties such as logging all the financial items into the State Commission system. Such financial items, or checks paid to the State include, pension, neuro, state taxes, fines and licenses. Since Barajas never did any of this work, these items became backlogged for several months.

Finally in February, 2005 the Executive Officer of the California State Athletic Commission (Who is located in Los Angeles) requested the Department of Consumer Affairs to send someone to the Athletic Commission Office in Sacramento, California to pick up all these checks. (Both the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Athletic Commission office are located in Sacramento) When they arrived, Barajas would not allow the cashiering representative of the Department of Consumer Affairs to have the checks... Why? Because Barajas claimed the Commission could not Audit their shows without the actual physical checks, even though there were copies of each check attached to each application.

What this caused was the bells to sound off at the State Auditors Office for an investigation to see why the checks were not deposited. This meant, none of this money could earn interest in the States account. What was the amount laying around at the Sacramento Athletic Commission office? How does over $300,000 in uncashed checks sound! Yes... $300,000! That's a lot of missed interest over 7 months.

Barajas is still denying he failed to do his duty of logging all these checks into the State system as instructed by the Executive Officer who is located in Los Angeles. Barajas excuse is it was all a misunderstanding between him and the representative of the Department of Consumer Affairs who came to pick up the checks for deposit into the States account.

Now, it has been confirmed within the last few weeks that the State of California will no longer have the California State Athletic Commission office structure as it does today. Downsizing may be in the picture for an already overworked office along with many other changes. What does this mean for combat promoters in California? First of all this will not be happening overnight. It could take as long as a year to be structured. However, when the changes all do take place the State will still have someone supervising combat sport events. However, as noted above, the scary thing is they do not know if this person will know anything about Boxing, Kickboxing or let alone, Mixed Martial Arts... Only time will tell.
More on this as we know it...

MONDAY, May 9th, 2005, AT 8: 50 PM, PT

"Harrah's River Rumble"
The Heat is On

IKF/ISCF Kansas City, Missouri, USA: Titan Entertainment in association with Harrah's North Kansas City Hotel and Casino are pleased to announce live championship boxing and kickboxing at Harrah's North Kansas City Convention Center. Titan Entertainment, will treat fans to another exciting event, featuring two title bouts that showcase local heroes. On June 11th, firefighter Mary "The Heat" Ortega and former police sergeant John "JJ" Barnes fight the most important fights of their careers.

The first of the two Co-Main Events will feature police sergeant JJ Barnes vs Randy Pogue in a 10-round bout for the vacant IKF United States Super Middleweight FCR Kickboxing Title. Pogue is has won World Kickboxing titles in the USKBA and ISKA. He is also the FFKA United States Champion and KICK East Coast Champion. In june, he will make the quest for the prestigious IKF United States Title to his resume. This will be the first title shot for Barnes and he is ready to take home the gold.

The second Co-Main Event will feature one of the top female fighters in the world, Mary "The Heat" Ortega, 28-2-1 (6 KO's) against an opponent to be named. Ortega puts her ranking on the line in this battle for the IWBF Jr. Flyweight World Boxing Title.

Also in action are IBC Americas Lightweight Champion Josh "Nino Asesino" Sosa 7-0 with 4 KO's, Junior Middleweight sensation Jose Sosa Jr., 5-0 with 4 KO's, up and coming Super Middleweight Julius Fogle III, 3-0 with 3 KO's, talented Middleweight Jeremy Welch, 1-1 with 1 KO, and super sized heavyweight prospect Glen Cusimano, 3-1 with 3 KO's.

Titan Entertainment brings you 7 exciting bouts featuring some of the most elite fighters in the Midwest. Championship boxing and kickboxing are back at Harrah's North Kansas City Hotel and Casino, this event is destined to have every patron on their feet. Be a part of it! For any information concerning press credentials or tickets, which can be purchased for as low as $30, please contact Titan Entertainment at (866) 454-1123 or on the internet at - You can also contact Mr. Joe Kelly at (816) 454-1123 or or Mr. Steven St John at (816) 454-1123 or at

SUNDAY, May 1st, 2005, AT 10:20 PM, PT

Kelly Takes IKF Gold At
Wiskey Tango's Throwdown
By ISCF/IKF Representative Chuck Wolfe

ISCF & IKF Missouri, USA: This last Thursday night, April 28th, IKF and ISCF Promoters Squared Circle Productions hosted over 2,600 spectators in a standing room only show at the Wiskey Tango's Throwdown at Whiskey Tango's, Grain Valley, Missouri, USA. All were in the house to see two top Pro title bouts. The NABA Featherweight Title Fight and the IKF Super Lightweight Mid-West Title. Along with this was 5 Amateur MMA fights. The results were as follows:

  • IKF Pro FCR Super Lightweight Midwest Title
    This fight was a barn burner. Mike Kelly of Grandview, Missouri, USA (7-0 with 2KO/TKO) won by TKO over Dillion Crushhorn of Waynsville, Missouri, USA at 1:24 of round seven. Kelly fell behind losing the first 2 rounds. He rallied in round 3 hurting Crushhorn with a spinning backfist. Kelly won every round till the end when he caught Crushhorn with a front kick to the face then followed up with good punches to the head to force the referee to stop the fight with less than 40 seconds to go. Kelly wins the vacant IKF Kickboxing Pro FCR Super Lightweight Midwest Title.

  • ISCF Amateur MMA
    Dominic Brown Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 6-2-0 4 KO's, won by TKO over Andy Campbell of St. Joe Missouri, USA, 0-1-0, at 2:15 of the first round.

  • ISCF Amateur MMA
    Oscar Montenegro Overland Park Kansas, USA fought to a Draw with Max Connelly of Bonner Springs, Kansas, USA.

  • ISCF Amateur MMA
    Tommy Denage of Grain Valley Missouri, USA won by Tap Out at 3:45 of the first over Tony Davis of Olathe, Kansas, USA.

  • ISCF Amateur MMA
    Jason Teeman of Kansas City, Missouri, USA won by Tap Out at 1:00 of round one over Tyler Mendez of St. Joe, Missouri, USA.

  • ISCF Amateur MMA
    John Jarvis of Overland Park, Kansas won by TKO at just :10 of round one over Jason Hass of St. Joe, Missouri, USA.

  • NABA (Pro Boxing) Title Fight
    Alvin Brown of Grandview, Missouri, USA won by a Split-Decision over Angelo Torres of Lakewood, Washington, USA.

For more info please contact Mr. Craig Cummings at (816) 668-4752 or at


Friday Night Fight Results

ISCF Atlanta Georgia, USA: This last Friday night, ISCF Promoter David Oblas and his Undisputed Productions, promotional team hosted yet another version of Atlanta's Friday Night Fights at Earthlink Live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The nights crowd of around 500 saw 6 MMA bouts, 3 amateur and 3 professional. Here are the nights results below:

    Cliff Fretwell
    of McDonough, Georgia, USA (2-1, 149) defeated Jaral Bowman of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (0-2, 145) by armbar tapout at 2:17 of round 1.

    Darren Roberts
    of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (1-0, 172) made the most of his MMA debut as he defeated Joseph Bauserman of Winchester/Gore, Virginia, USA (2-7, 169) by choke tap out at 1:44 of round 1.

    Brian Bowles
    of Athen's Georgia, USA (3-0, 144) defeated Philip Peterson of Birmingham, Alabama, USA (1-3, 142) by choke tap out at :58 seconds of round 2.

    James Thorpe
    of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (2-0-1, 294) was planned to fight Harry Moskowitz. However when Moskowitz was a "NO SHOW" at weigh-ins, in stepped Jerome Smith of Americus, Georgia, USA (8-5-1, 235). Thorpe took rounds 1 and 2 by a 10-9 score (The ISCF is in the process of changing all events to a 10 point must system). However, Smith had the stamina to not only win round 3 but won it convincingly with a score of 10-8 on two of the three judges cards. In the end, you guessed it, it was scored a majority draw, 28-28, 28-28 and 29-28.

    Kevin Gittemeir
    of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (7-1, 170) continued his winning ways with a rather easy win over a less experienced Dale Sapp of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, (0-3, 167) by triangle choke at 1:20 of round 1.

    Quincy Sutton
    of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (3-0, 177.5) was the clear underdog entering his match with Chatt Lavender of Snellville, Georgia, USA (14-5, 170). However, numbers didn't matter much to Sutton as he took it to Lavender and won by TKO due to strikes at 4:20 of round 1. In Lavender's defense, Sutton was suppose to weigh-in at 175 lbs. Lavender weighed-in at 170. However, Sutton came in at 179.5 and after talking it over, Lavender's camp agreed if Sutton came down to 178, they would still take the match. In the end, maybe that wasn't the best decision, but hey, hindsight is 20-20. Give it up for Lavender for taking the bout and for Sutton who faced Lavender with far less experience.