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SUNDAY, June 30th, 2002, AT 1:30 PM, PT

ISCF CHAMP McHargue Takes Home The Title
Cobb County Civic Center Marietta, Georgia

Submitted By ISCF Event Representative Brett Moses

  1. Franz Mendez defeated Edinio Stupine, 2 min. 19 sec. R2 – Tap Out Strikes.

  2. Rick Davis defeated Charles "Crazy Horse" Bennett – Unanimous Decision O.T.

  3. Marcus Aurelio defeated Walter "Pee Wee" McCall, 2 min. 45 sec. R2 – Tap Out Triangle Choke.

  4. Adam Copenhaver defeated Shawn Porter, 3 min. 14 sec. R1 – K.O.

  5. Mike Sheppard defeated Kevin Brooks, 3 min. 50 sec. R1 – Tap Out Strikes.

  6. Mike Nelson defeated Shaun Gay, 1 min. 27 sec. R1 – TKO.

  7. Bout 7: Wilson Gouveia defeatedAhren Davis, 22 sec. R1 – K.O.

  8. Dustin Denes defeated Rory Singer, 1 min. 42 sec. R2 – Tap Out Kimura Lock.

  9. Number 2 ISCF Contender Forrest Griffin defeated Jeff Monson - Unanimous Decision O.T.

  10. ISCF Champion Cam McHargue (Right) defeated Patrick Assalone, .40 sec R1 – K.O.

FRIDAY, June 28th, 2002, AT 7:00 PM, PT

Cage Fights To Rock Atlanta!
WEFC Lightweight Title On The Line!
Bring It ON!!

WEF Staff: World Extreme Fighting Championship I will rock Atlanta Georgia, USA this Saturday night, June 29 at the Cobb County Civic Center (Hudgin's Hall). This no - holds - barred event will feature top-level competition inside a 30-foot steel cage. The style of contest is known as "mixed martial arts", or no - holds - barred fighting. Contestants can use boxing, kickboxing, juijitsu and wrestling moves to win their matches.

Ten fights* are slated for the evening. The ISCF Pro United States Lightweight Champion, Cam McHargue (Left) from Macon, GA, USA, will enter the cage against Miami's Patrick Assalone for the World Extreme Fighting Championship Lightweight (170 lbs.) Title. Both fighters are well versed in all aspects of reality fighting, but McHargue favors MuayThai kickboxing while Assalone has been studying shoot fighting under international champion Eric Paulson.

Jeff Monson will make his comeback after a tough fight in the UFC (Ultimate Fight Championships). He will fight against Athens' Forrest Griffin in the Heavyweight division (225 lbs.). Monson has changed training camps to Ft. Lauderdale's American Top Team in hopes that the elite juijitsu training, which is ATT's trademark, will pay off in the "Win" column of his record. Griffin is quickly making a name for himself. He went the distance against the legend Dan "The Beast" Severn which is his only loss on his fight record.

Area fighters on the card include Walter "PeeWee" McCall, Shaun Gay, Mike Nelson, and Rory Singer. Fighters are coming from as far away as Brazil to take part in this competition.

Tickets may be purchased at the venue on June 28 and 29 (Sales start at noon) The fees are $20 for General Admission, $35 for Lower stands, $45 for Ringside and $100 VIP. Driving Directions to the Cobb County Civic Center are, 548 S. Marietta Parkway, Marietta, GA 30060, From Rt 75 Take exit 263 (Marietta/Roswell/120 Loop). Take the 120 Loop West (Marietta/Southern Poly). You will be on Marietta Parkway SE. Travel 1.8 miles The Cobb County Civic Center is on the left (a Texaco and a BP are at the other corners of that intersection.)

Doors will open at 6:30 PM and the fights will begin at 7:30 PM. For more event info, please contact SOSA PROMOTIONS at 800-345-5074 x 06 or by e-mail by clicking HERE OR contact Renee Rosensteel by Fax at 204/331-2629 or by e-mail by clicking HERE

*Fight card is subject to change.

MONDAY, June 10th, 2002, AT 11:00 AM, PT

IKF Mayhem in Midtown ROCKS!

Atlanta, GA June 8, 2002: IKF and ISCF Promoter Lane Collyer has once again completed another successful as well as exciting IKF and ISCF Event in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The nights Main Event proved to be as exciting as one would ask for as Ronnie Copeland of High Point, North Carolina, USA (PKB: 20-3-1/17, AMKB: 10-3-1/2, PBX: 7-1/6, 6'4", 220) faced off against Mike Sheppard (10-0-1 with all but 1 win coming by KO/TKO) of Glenville, West Virginia.

This bout was sure to be an exciting one with the two Pro Full Contact Rules Super Heavyweight fighters going for the vacant IKF East Coast Super Heavyweight Title. However no one thought it would end the way it did... These two athletes proved that big men can come to fight, and maintain a high level of skill and intensity throughout a seven round fight. Here's the round by round action...

  • IKF East Coast Super Heavyweight Title
    1. In round 1, the kicks belonged to Copeland, but Sheppard produced big dividends by himself landing with tight solid punching throughout the round.
    2. Round 2 was a continuation of Round 1 with Sheppard closing the gap and preventing Copeland from using his reach, landing solid punches along the way.
    3. In round 3, Copeland began scoring with high kicks, causing bleeding to Sheppard who remained undaunted, still throwing and landing his powerful punches.
    4. In round 4, Copeland became more aggressive, scoring with combinations. His "stepped up" attack clearly affected Sheppard who missed a kick in this round.
    5. In round 5, Sheppard answered Copeland's kicks with a right hand that "stood up" the Carolinian Copeland. It was now Copeland who began to look fatigued and frustrated.
    6. In round 6, Sheppard seemed to be attempting to finish Copeland, rocking him repeatedly with solid punches and forcing him to clinch to stop his intensified attack. At this point it was clear, round 7 would be "THE WAR!"
    7. In round 7, Copeland comes on late in the round with a series of kicks while Sheppard was against the ropes.

When the judges cards came to the score table, the results we're fitting to such a great sea-saw battle. The final decision on the cards was a Majority Draw which means the title remained vacant... So the question is... "Will we see these two great Super Heavyweights Toe to Toe again?"

Here's the remainder of the nights bouts...

  1. ISCF Amateur Light Welterweight
    Harris Norwood vs. Shane Presley
    • Round 1: Norwood scored early with strikes causing Presley to tie-up and take him down to the mat. After receiving some hard knees from Presley, Norwood was able to pull Presley into his guard. Presley managed to escape a triangle choke attempt by Norwood and again executed knee strikes from the side mount position.
    • Round 2: Presley avoided Norwood's strikes, took him down and fell into Norwood's guard. Presley stood up and the fighters faced each other standing, both showing signs of fatigue. The action again went to the ground, with Presley landing strikes while in Norwood's guard.
    • Round 3: At the outset of the final round, both fighters cautiously stalked each other. As the action went to the ground, Norwood brought the crowd to its feet by flying through the air with an attempted diving right cross to Presley who was on the ground. Presley again wound up in Norwood's guard and the action slowed on the ground. Then, the action picked back up as the fighters stood. Presley attempted a guillotine choke and dropped to his guard, but Norwood escaped the submission attempt at the close of the round.
      • Winner: Presley by unanimous decision.

  2. ISCF Amateur Light Middleweight
    Jake Pruitt vs. Brendan Dumont
    1. The action never slowed in this one! Dumont avoided Pruitt's striking and the action went to the ground with Pruitt striking at Dumont from the ground. Dumont avoided a guillotine attempt and began striking. Pruitt then reversed, got Dumont's back and tried a rear naked choke with Dumont escaped. Pruitt wound up in Dumont's guard and Dumont forced Pruitt to submit via a keylock from the guard.
      • Winner: Dumont by submission in 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the first round.

  3. ISCF Amateur Light Welterweight
    Scott Johnson vs. Shawn Porter
    • Winner: Porter by default when Johnson failed to appear.

  4. IKF Pro Heavyweight
    Darren Walters vs. Mark Selbee
    1. Round 1: Selbee scored early with a solid shin kick to the body and used his height and reach to score early on in the round. As the action slowed, Walters began to periodically land some single shots, with the fighters clinching often.
    2. Round 2: Walters responded to Selbee's attack with a left hook that scored solidly. The fighters opened up with Selbee scoring with kicks and Walters' responding with punches. Selbee then fired a brutal overhand right that dropped Walters and ended the fight by KO.
      • Winner: Selbee by KO in 1 minute and 38 seconds of the second round.

  5. IKF Pro Cruiserweight
    Gary Reed vs. Mike Nevitt
    To Nevitt, this was just suppose to be a mild tune-up bout for his upcoming IKF World Title bout in November. However, as we noted before, Reed had other plans. Here's the action round by round...
    1. Round 1: Both fighters looked sharp, landing precise techniques. Reed scored with a head level round kick, which did not seem to slow Nevitt, who responded with solid punches.
    2. Round 2: Nevitt landed the round kicks early, both to the body and head. Reed, withstood Nevitt's onslaught well but was knocked into the ropes by a right hand. Reed maintained his composure, stayed off the canvas, and completed the round.
    3. Round 3: Nevitt continued to pick up the pace, throwing flurries of kicks and punches. Reed stayed the course, landing single shots. Nevitt maintained control of the round and sent Reed toward the ropes with a side kick as the bell rung.
    4. Round 4: Reed was forced into numerous misses by Nevitt, who seemed satisfied to more carefully select his blows in this round.
    5. Round 5: These warriors stood toe to toe early, both looking for a knockout. As the round progressed, Nevitt "shoeshined" Reed, hitting him with an unanswered series of rapid punches. Reed began to fatigue towards the end of this round, with Nevitt showing no signs of tiredness. For Nevitt, Reed's heart and strength was a surprise. For Reed, lasting the distance against Nevitt was more than a surprise, it was a "Wake-Up Call" to all in Nevitt's division that said, "I'll be back...!"
      • Winner: Nevitt by unanimous decision.

  6. ISCF Amateur Light Middleweight
    Shannon Barry vs. Mitsuaki Uchida
    1. Round 1: Uchida connected with an overhand right that dropped Barry, sending him to the canvas. As the action went to the ground, Uchida attempted a guillotine choke. Barry escaped, and got Uchida's back, forcing him to tap due to rear naked choke.
      • Winner: Barry by submission in 2 minutes and 15 seconds in the first round.

  7. IKF Pro MuayThai Rules Light Middleweight
    Jeff Perry vs. Eric Haycraft
    1. Round 1: This round was all Perry who hit with devastating kicks to the body, even sending Haycraft across the ring with a front kick. On the clinches, Perry slammed knees into Haycraft, keeping the pressure on, and precluding any meaningful response.
      • Winner: Perry by TKO when Haycraft was unable to continue into Round 2.

  8. ISCF Pro Heavyweight
    George Allen vs. Stu Hesselmeyer
    1. Winner: Allen by default when Hesselmeyer failed to appear.

  9. ISCF Pro Heavyweight
    Kent Hensley/ vs. Kevin Brooks.
    1. Round 1: This bout went to the ground early with Brooks attempting a guillotine choke. Hensley escaped and began striking from Brooks' guard. Hensley escaped and put Brooks into a rear naked choke, which Brooks escaped and the fighters were stood up as they went out of bounds. Brooks dropped Hensley with strikes and had a submission attempt foiled as now Hensley went out of bounds. The two exchanged punches again and this time Brooks slipped through the ropes and out of the ring. Due to an injury incurred incidentally in that melee and on the way out of the ring, the ringside doctors stopped the fight.
      • Winner: Hensley by TKO by doctor stoppage in 2 minutes and 55 minutes of the first round.

For more info on this great event, please contact Mr. Lane Collyer by e-mail at:

FRIDAY, June7th, 2002, AT 4:00 PM, PT

"Mayhem In Midtown"
Earthlink Live - Atlanta Georgia USA!
Look Out World: Georgia Shoots for the "STARS" this Saturday Night.
Collyer's Card Adds To The RESURGENCE Of Pro Full Contact Rules Kickboxing!

Lane Collyer

Kevin Hudson

Kent "The Norseman" Hensley

IKF Promoter and Champion Kickboxer Lane Collyer (Left) is all set to host more exciting IKF Pro and Amateur Kickboxing action along with exciting ISCF mixed martial arts action this Saturday night, June 8th At Earthlink Live, 1374 West Peachtree Street in Atlanta Georgia USA. Collyer will don one of his many hats, as he promotes one of the biggest Martial Arts shows the South has ever seen. Collyer will pattern his show after the Las Vegas Blockbusters that have gained such notoriety Worldwide. The show will feature two amateur ISCF bouts, then will go "prime time" with four pro ISCF matches, and four pro IKF kickboxing bouts.

Seeing the need for Large Professional Events in the Southeast, Collyer recently passed the IKF South East Regional to his friend, fellow Georgia promoter, James Corbett (right) of Valdosta, Georgia. "I wanted to see James become a successful promoter and this is a win-win situation for both of us. I have been very busy promoting my own shows, at the same time pumping-up James' Regional. I knew that this would help bring him a 'great show', and free me up to put on my own large pro shows," said Collyer.

Collyer started promoting with another sanctioning body, but quickly reversed that trend and sanctioned with the IKF on only his second show. "My first few shows were great shows! But I fell flat on my face. However, the last three have been major successes."

The nights Main Event will feature the quest for the vacant IKF Pro Full Contact Rules East Coast Super Heavyweight Title Bout between IKF #4 ranked Ronnie Copeland (Right) of High Point, North Carolina, USA ( PKB: 20-3/17, AMKB: 10-3-1/2, PBX: 7-1/6, 6'4", 220) and Mike Sheppard (10-0 with all but 1 win coming by KO/TKO) of the Dawg House Gym in West Virginia, trained by Leon Ramsey (Trainer of Pro Full Contact Rules Super Heavyweight fighter contender George Randolf)

Although he's been away from the ring for awhile Copeland is no stranger to winning. Having first started fighting in 1991 he won his first and only amateur title in 1993. An amateur North Carolina heavyweight title. He turned pro at age 20 and in 1994 he won another organizations World Heavyweight Title. This was followed by a fight in 1995 where he faced Sergio Baterelli in Sau Paolo, Brazil for another Super Heavyweight World Title where he was stopped late in the 7th round due to a cut on the bridge of his nose. Before the stoppage he was leading on points. In 1997 he won the a Pro U.S. Heavyweight Title and in 1998 he fought on the U.S. kickboxing team to France. His last kickboxing bout was in November of 98 against Roosevelt Moss. In the bout Copeland knocked him out in the 2nd round with a left hook. He later signed with Henry Grooms in Tampa Florida where we here at the IKF first met him when he was fighting his second boxing.

"Sheppard has been training very hard with George Randolph (two-time K-1 veteran), and he hits like a Mack truck," says his trainer, Ramsey. On the other hand, Copeland is known for his aggressive kicking ability. Collyer adds, "This fight is a classic hands versus feet matchup, and both of these big guys can knockout anyone with a mere jab."

Other bouts will include a high profile, IKF Pro Pro Full Contact Rules Cruiserweight matchup between one of the most exciting Full Contact Rules fighters we've seen and IKF world title contender Mike Nevitt of Sycamore, Illinois, USA, (Right, PKB: 20-0/10, AMKB: 27-2/16). Nevitt known as a 'workhorse' in the sport, will soon fight for the IKF Pro Pro Full Contact Rules Cruiserweight World title. He will face off against local fighter Gary Reed of Savannah, Georgia, USA, ( PKB: 0-1/0, AMKB: 22-2/18, PBX: 2-0/1, AMBX: 2-1/1). Reed is best remembered for his devastating knockout of Main Event fighter, Ronnie Copeland, as amateurs, but upon turning pro, ran into IKF Pro Full Contact Rules U.S. Heavyweight Champion Kevin Hudson (Left) Hudson won the slugfest via knockout. While Nevitt's shot at his IKF World Title is set in stone for later this year on November 30th in Loves Park Illinois USA against England's James Watling, Reed hopes to shake things up a bit with a strong showing of his own.

Through years of martial arts and boxing training, Reed too has an exciting style as well. He has developed a style of kickboxing that is truly a compliment to the sport. Noted for both his knockout punches and his strong, quick and powerful kicks. As an amateur, Reed's matches were always action-packed and filled with excitement. After a very successful amateur career, he decided to turn pro. Over the next several years, however, the opportunity for full contact fighters to enter the ring was very difficult to find. Fortunately with the IKF's knowledge of entertainment value and love of the sport, Pro Full Contact Rules kickboxing is on the brink of rediscovery.

Reed's deep rooted desire is to be a key player in bringing the full contact style of kickboxing back into the public's eye as being exceptionally entertaining and as a true spectator sport. Among the titles that Reed has won in other organizations are, Georgia State Heavyweight, North Carolina State Heavyweight, Florida State Heavyweight, Southeast U.S. Cruiserweight and a U.S. Cruiserweight. Some of the fighters that he has faced in his career are current IKF Pro U.S. Heavyweight Champion Kevin Hudson along with top Super Heavyweight contender Ronnie Copeland, Josh Collins, Mark Spaziana, Dean Cochran, and Al King.

The final IKF Pro Pro Full Contact Rules bout will be in the IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Heavyweight division between Darren Walters of Lubbock, Texas versus Mark Selbee of L.A. Boxing in Atlanta Georgia.

But lets don't forget the other styles as well. Head instructor of Louisville Muay Thai of Kentucky, Eric "The Hammer" Haycraft (3-3/0) will face-off against 2001 IKF National Amateur Muay Thai Middleweight Champion, Jeff Perry (a student of IKF World Champion Khunpon) to determine one of the best Muay Thai Middleweight fighters in the Southeast.

As mentioned, the event will also feature some exciting ISCF MMA Action. These bouts will include Pro ISCF welterweight Scott Johnson of Reality Sports versus Shawn "The Executioner" Porter of Spartanburg Martial Arts. Pro ISCF heavyweights George Allen of Eagle Combat versus Stu Hesslemeyer of Reality Sports. Pro ISCF heavyweights Kevin Brooks of Eagle Combat versus Kent "The Norseman" Hensley (Left) of Palmer Kickboxing. There was also suppose to be a bout between ISCF Pro Middleweights Mitsuaki Uchida and Shannon Barry however it was not confirmed in the promoters press release today.

For more info, please contact Mr. Lane Collyer by e-mail at: Event tickets are available at all Ticketmaster Outlets.

James Corbett

Ronnie Copeland

Mike Nevitt

MONDAY, June 3rd, 2002, AT 6:00 PM, PT

The Battle Of The
Big and the Bad

An Exciting Night of Fighting and Racing!

First time ISCF Promoter Todd Williams was extremely pleased with the success of his first event, the Battle of the Big and the Bad, held on Saturday, June 1st, 2002. It was held at William's Albany (Georgia) Motor Speedway and treated fans to a combination of stock car/motorcycle racing and ISCF sanctioned mixed martial arts/no holds barred matches. The fight event featured tournaments in the Light Middleweight, Light Heavyweight, and Super Heavyweight divisions.

The Light Middleweight division had three competitors. The first round had veteran Shaun Gay, of Valdosta Martial Arts Center, weighing in at 162 pounds, against Larry Boyd, Ninjitsu expert and novice fighter from Albany, weighing in at 157 pounds. Boyd landed a stiff jab to Gay that Gay quickly answered with a sharp round kick to Boyd's head. The second round saw Gay stalking Boyd and landing several hand combinations. Gay scored a knock down with a left hook and allowed Boyd to return to his feet. Gay then clinched, landed a knee, went to Boyd's back and finished with a rear choke.

The finals of the Light Middleweight division had Gay advancing to face Ben Stuart of Florida, weighing in at 163 pounds. Stuart received a bye to the final round. Stuart opened up the match by charging Gay to a corner and scoring with a lunging front kick to the stomach. Gay clinched Stuart and took him down with a bear hug and went immediately to a full mount. A chess game ensued with Gay scoring with several flurries and moving to a rear mount to choke Stuart to a tap.

The Light Heavyweight division opened with experienced toughman fighter, Shawn Love of Bainbridge, Georgia, weighing in at 177, against Mike Burch, an advanced kung fu practitioner of Phenix City, Alabama, weighing in at 178. Love overpowered the scrappy Burch, scoring three takedowns and winning with a tap after a hard takedown.

The second round the Light Heavyweight division had two fights. Love advanced to face Californian Brian Lefleur, student of Renzo Gracie and novice fighter, who weighed in at 199 pounds. After a brief exchange, Lefleur clinched and Love scored another his bear hug takedowns, with Lefleur immediately moving to guard position and setting up a guillotine choke, which Love powered out of. The second round of this fight had Lefleur missing a single leg takedown as Love sprawled and soon tapped out as the game Lefleur worked to improve his position.

The second fight of the second round was a slugfest with John Chinappi of Bainbridge, Georgia, weighing in at 199, against Georgian Brian Hodges, weighing in at 183. The beginning of the first round was a give and take brawl with Chinappi eventually gaining an edge due to conditioning. In the second round, Hodges tapped out after a standing barrage by Chinappi.

The final fight of the Light Heavyweight Division had Chinappi facing Lefleur. Lefleur shot in and took Chinappi down to a rear choke winning the quickest fight of the night at 19 seconds of the first round.

The Super Heavyweight division opened with an action filled fight. Chris "The Canadian Crippler" Vega, 220 pounds faced Michael Ricks, of Moultrie, Georgia, weighing in at 220 pounds. Vega scored a takedown on Ricks early in the round and moved to a failed guillotine as Ricks achieved a half mount. Vega powered out of the mount and Ricks knocked Vega to a knee with a right. Vega returned to his feet and landed two hard leg kicks as the bell sounded. The second round opened with Ricks hitting Vega with a cheap shot as he was touching gloves. Vega replied with a series of crippling leg kicks and a few shin kicks to Ricks' stomach. The third round had more punching and a takedown by Vega and who controlled the action on the ground with a guillotine hold. The judges unanimously scored the fight for Vega.

The final fight of the Super Heavyweight division had Jeremy Harrell (received a bye to the final round) of Moultrie, Georgia, and weighing in at 236 pounds, against Vega. Vega opened the round with a double leg takedown and finding the guillotine again. Harrell slipped out the guillotine and stood up. Vega landed a body shot and took Harrell down again. Harrell moved to a dominant position and Vega got a half guard. Harrell worked a series of punches from that position until stopped by the bell. The second round started with Harrell withdrawing from the fight early.

The ISCF Referee for the event was Russell Lane of Lake Park, Georgia. Judges included Buddy Blount, Jeff Williams, and John Leonard, Jr. and the ISCF Event Representative was James Corbett of Valdosta, Georgia. Here are the quick fight results:

  1. Light Middleweight Division
    Shaun Gay VS Larry Boyd.
    Gay by rear choke, 1:44 of round 2.

  2. Gay VS Ben Stuart.
    Gay by rear choke, 1:25 of round 1.

  3. Light Heavyweight Division
    Shawn Love VS Mike Burch.
    Love by tap after a hard takedown, 1:30 of round 1.

  4. Love VS Brian Lefleur.
    Lefleur by tap out due to exhaustion, 55 seconds of round 2.

  5. John Chinappi VS Brian Hodges.
    Chinappi by tapout from punches, 59 seconds of round 2.

  6. Chinappi v. Lefleur.
    Lefleur by rear choke, 19 seconds of the round 1.

  7. Super Heavyweight Division
    Chris Vega VS Michael Ricks.
    Vega by unanimous division.

  8. Vega VS Jeremy Harrell.
    Vega by refusal to answer bell in round 2.

For more info, please contact ISCF Promoter Todd Williams at (229) 431-0190 or ISCF Representative James Corbett at or for more information check out

MONDAY, May 20th, 2002, AT 11:00 AM, PT

The Danger Zone
Is Heading South!
The Most Action Packed Fighting Event in the Country!

MAY 25, 2002 AT CLUB SOUTH BEACH MACON, GA: Georgia's own Kevin Brooks will headline the event taking on Jonathon Ivey from team Team Havok in the pro bout of the evening. The single amatuer bouts set for this action packed night of fighting are as follows:

  • 195 lb. Robert Bridges TX. vs. Kyle Olsen ND.
  • 140-150 lb Joe Laughlin vs. Harris Norwood GA.
  • 175 lb Jason Scouten OH. vs Dan Achetta GA.
  • 185 lb. Stacey Hakes AZ. vs. Matt Corsey GA.
  • 185 lb. Josh Hancock GA. vs. Alexi Marti GA.

One four man tournaments will also take place at 150-160 lb. The fighters are: Robert Akins, Travis Shook, Jerry Gummo and John Rodriguez.

The Danger Zone is working with Gauntlet Productions Matthew Waller in Macon to make this show a successful one. Tickets are $15 and $25. and are available at the door. Club South Beach is located at 4821 Sheraton Dr. in Macon, GA. Laquinta Inn is the hotel for the fighters and they are located less than 5 minutes from the venue. 3944 River Pl. Dr. 478-475-0206. Dan The Beast Severn ( Right) will be on hand signing autographs as well as Cam McHargue (Left) the ISCF title holder and many more!

For more info, go to

-card is subject to change-

FRIDAY, May 17th, 2002, AT 4:00 PM, PT

Iron Spirit ISCF USA
South East Challenge Was A HOT ONE!

Ray Thompson

Iron Spirit Staff, NC: Ray Thompson (Left) from Iron Spirit Promotions and his "crew" put on a "HOTROD" submission grappling tournament. There were fighters from South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. Jacare from Atlanta, Lois Togno from Charlotte and Johnny Husky from Asheville along with many others were there in attendance. We also had a special guest attend our event. One of the great wrestlers from when wrestling was REAL was there and his name is Mr. Billy Wicks (Right -

You can tell he has had an influence on the Asheville group also. Man those guys were doing things that would make your head spin. There were a few "loners" there also like Lamont Tyler who by the way, entered four divisions (the most you could enter) which gave him a total of ten matches to fight. He took home some serious hardware Saturday. There are some young guns in the "novice" division we should take notice of as well. There is a young man by the name of Josh Domagalski that has been really wearing out the competition in his division along with Blake Grice, Brian Portugias and Dalero Berkeley. All these guys train under Casey Oxendine (Ruas Vale Tudo) and James Linic (Machado Jiujitsu) at Upstate Karate there in Simpsonville, S.C.

There is a new face on the scene that you might want to look out for and his name is Bian Shoemaker. Bian has been at Upstate Karate for about a month and was wearing out some competition this weekend. Bian had to fight one of Jacare's hotrods by the name of Emmon, who by the way is ONLY 15 years old, for the "Gi Absolute" title. Emmon won in overtime by "position" victory. Another of Jacares fighters by the name of Ryan Ellison was as smooth as silk and a pleasure to watch.

What made this tournament so unique is that it is a TRUE submission tournament. There are NO POINTS. You win by submission in regular time or in overtime by submission or position. There is a 3 second stall rule (that's right 3 seconds) in affect in this tournament series also. If you sit there for three seconds without moving to advance your position you get a warning, the second time a penalty and the third time a disqualification. The action was fast and EXCITING. The crowd was into the competition also. They were cheering for there favorite fighters and I am glad to report that there was absolutely NO JEERING at the competition either. The referees got a few jeers because of the 3 second stall rule but nothing to write home to mom about and after it was all over all I could hear about is how exciting the competition was and that there wasn't a boring match in the whole tournament (thanks to the 3 second stall rule).

Billy Wicks

The next event in this series is in september so for all You "submission grapplers" out there that don't want to play the "point game" and want to compete in a fast intense submission grappling tournament be here in september. Until then KEEP TRAINING!!

For more info, contact Upstate Karate and or Mr. Ray Thompson at (864) 313-1134 or by e-mail by clicking or or

For full event info, wee the website at

THURSDAY, May 2nd, 2002, AT 2:30 PM, PT

Iron Spirit ISCF USA South East Challenge!

Ray Thompson

As it was last time, this weekend (May 4th) Iron Spirit ISCF USA South East Challenge event promoted by Ray Thompson (Left) is shaping up to be a super submission grappling event at Ray Thompson's Upstate Karate in Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA. (129 N Main St, Simpsonville, South Carolina, USA) Anyone interested in checking the event out beforehand can go to

Weigh-ins will be on Friday night May 3rd from 7-10:PM and an additional weigh-in on Saturday morning, May 4th from 8:30-10:AM. Rules meeting at 10:AM and the Tournament starts at 12 noon. The Cost is $35.00 for one division and $10.00 for each additional division. Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place finishers and Medals to the 4th Place finishers. For all you "ANIMALS" out there that REALLY want to test your skills event is a good place to do it.

Winners from each of the three tournaments (One already past earlier this year) will earn POINTS. The top four point winners in the Advanced division will be invited back in November for the opportunity to fight for a regional title belt sanctioned by the ISCF. Novice Fighters will fight for the championship status in their division but not for an actual title on the same November event. After this event there will be 1 more event on September 7, before the big Iron Spirit Title Belt Championships in November.

We hope to see you there. For Event Info, Contact Mr. Ray Thompson at (864) 313-1134 or by e-mail by clicking or or

For full event info, wee the website at