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TUESDAY, April 30th, 2002, AT 6:40 PM, PT

Results Of
Submission Fighting Open VIII!

ISCF Georgia - Carlson
Last Saturday night, April 27th, Griffin Georgia played host to ISCF MMA Action and IKF Full contact Rules Kickboxing as Promoter Matthew Waller (Right) Presented the SUBMISSION FIGHTING OPEN VIII. As always Mr. Waller ran a well organized and "Fan Friendly" promotion providing an ample Supply of action.

ISCF U.S Light Middle Weight Champion Cam McHargue was handling the night as "3rd man in the ring" and the judges included UFC Judge and referee, Mr. Tony Mulinax, Academy of Fighting Arts Instructor Mr Joel Chavous, and Mr Chris McGlocklin. ISCF Champions Joe Merit and Steve Headen were also in attendance at the bouts, as was world fifth rated professional cruiserweight kick boxer Joshua Hancock and professional MMA fighters George Allen and John Wehby. MMA action Photographer and enthusiast Cal Cooper also was in Griffin for the bouts.

    155 & Under Division Tourney

    Shannon Smith
    vs Leif Ekholm.
    The Taller Smith took advantage of his reach early on, scoring with jabs and knees to Ekholm's head from a standing clinch. He also scored with a standing front kick to the face. Ekholm later answered with a head level round kick. This was all in the first round of action which ended with a dramatic slam of Ekholm by Smith. The Action slowed in the second round until Smith reversed his position and scored an arm bar on Ekholm, winning the match. Winner Shannon Smith by Armbar in 2:20 of round 2.

    155 & Under Division Tourney

    Harris Norwood
    vs Sean Culbreth.
    After taking Culbreth down in the first round Norwood controlled the action, striking from Culbreth's guard. This became increasingly effective and lead to a referee's.
    Winner Harris Norwood by Referee stoppage in 3:34 of round 1.

    170 & Under Division Tourney

    Joel Weldon
    vs Dan Achetta.
    A Contradiction in styles was evident in this match as the highly skilled Achetta met the methodical Weldon. Achetta scored with a series of leg kicks and knees, followed by hand strikes. The flurried took their toll and Weldon's corner smartly stopped the bout after the was called in to examine the bloodied but game Weldon.
    Winner Dan Achetta by corner stoppage in 3:52 of round 1.

    170 & Under Division Tourney

    Ron Lowe
    vs Todd Moon
    can in with an enthusiastic "Train" of his fight team . Moon's more subtle approach was contrasted by his quick dispatch of Lowe via guillotine choke from the guard.
    Winner Todd Moon by guillotine choke in .18 seconds in round 1.

    185 & Under Division Tourney

    Douglas Edwards
    vs Anthony Middlebrooks
    Middlebrooks seemed unable to contend with Edwards' superior reach and striking skills. Finally Middlebrooks was able to score a take down on the taller Edwards who attempted a triangle and guillotine choke which Middlebrooks escaped. As the second round began, Edwards again initialed his striking attack which culminated with an uppercut which knocked Middlebrooks out.
    Winner Douglas Edwards by KO in 2:20 in round 2.

    Shaun Gay vs Razor Rob Atkins.

    Gay threw effective kicks scoring with numerous round and side kicks before landing a spinning back fist which wobbled the "Razor", who lasted through the round. In the Second round Gay threw a spinning back fist, which connected dropping Atkins for a standing 8 count. Round three Gay connected at will but the game Atkins kept coming . The bout ended in a unanimous decision for Gay.
    Winner Shaun Gay by judges.

    Chris Stanley
    vs Mike Lawton.
    came out very aggressively scoring at will with a kick and followed by several punches, catching Lawton with an overhand right for the KO.
    Winner Chris Stanley by KO in .11 seconds in round 1.

    155 & Under Division Finals

    Shannon Smith
    vs Harris Norwood.
    Both exchanged strikes on their feet but no significant blows were landed standing, and the ground work of the first round was spent with Smith in Norwoods guard and the two exchanging strikes which did little to the other. Round 2 began with Smith executing a take down and taking the mounted position. Norwood reversed the position and went to work in Smiths guard. After Referee Cam McHargue stood the fighters up, the bout returned to Smith fighting from Norwood's guard. In the Third round Smith was able to maintain the mounted position and rained down punches on Norwood. This set up an arm bar , which Norwood resisted for as long as he could but ultimately gave the win to Smith.
    Winner Shannon Smith by Arm bar in 3:40 of Round 2.

    170 & Under Division Final

    Dan Anchetta
    vs Todd Moon.
    The Action went quickly to the ground where Moon struck Anchetta from a scarf hold position. Anchetta reversed, took Moon's back and ended the fight with a rear naked choke.
    Winner Dan Anchetta in 2:10 of round 1.

    185 & Under Division Final

    Trey Lambert
    vs Kenny Tennorio
    came on strong taking Lambert down and effectively striking from Lamberts guard . Tennorio was forced to submit due to an injury experienced during the match.
    Winner Trey Lambert by Tapout in 2:04 of round 1.

    220 & Under Division Final

    Casey Pendelton
    vs Ross Hagerman.
    The two fighters faced each other with Pendelton scoring a takedown and taking the mounted position and striking Hagerman from there. Hagerman lost due to Referee stoppage, with Pendelton being declared the winner.
    Winner Casey Pendelton in 3:20 of round 1.

    221 and UP

    Keith Blizzard
    vs Jimmy Jennings.
    The Big men were center stage in this match up and wasted no time attacking each other. Jennings attempted a spinning back fist which lead to both men tying up, and Jennings taking Blizzard down. After Blizzard was okayed to continue by the ringside doctor, Jennings tried a spinning attack again, which failed and resulted in Blizzard applying a front headlock on Jennings. After a series of knees Blizzard was able to apply a guillotine choke which won him the bout.
    Winner Keith Blizzard by guillotine choke in 1:46 of round 1.

    Brian Dixon
    vs Tim "Drama" Allen.
    Brian Dixon was declared the winner when his opponent Tim " Drama" Allen failed to appear to compete as agreed upon and required by his contract with promoter Matthew Waller.
    Winner Brian Dixon by forfeit.

    Peewee McCall
    vs Chris Clodfelter.
    The Two tied up throwing many knees from the clinch position. Clodfelter took position early, getting the mount on McCall, who then reversed . Once the fight returned to the feet , McCall took over , scoring uppercuts that lead to devastating knees which Knocked out Clodfelter.
    Winner PeeWee McCall by KO in 2:05 of round 1.

    Sean Kilgus
    vs Juan Mott.
    Shaun Kilgus
    winner as Juan Mott could not get cleared by the fight Doctor to compete.

For more info, contact Mr. Matthew Waller by phone at: (478) 475 1092 or by e-mail at or check out the Georgia Fight Scene Web Page located at

MONDAY, April 29th, 2002, AT 11:25 PM, PT

Ultimate Athlete Magazine
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THURSDAY, April 25th, 2002, AT 9:30 AM, PT

"Submission Fighting Open VIII"

ISCF Promoter Matthew Waller (Right) is all set to host this Saturday nights (April 27th) "Submission Fighting Open VIII" at the Taylor Street Middle School Gym in Griffin, Georgia, USA. Waller's promotional company, Gauntlet Productions fill host some exciting action that will include 6 Different Weight Classes, (155 under, 170 under, 185 under, 200 under, 220 under, 221 and Up). Here's how the divisions as well as other matches look as of press time today;

The event doors open at 6:PM and the action will start shortly after so don't be late because seating is limited.. For more info, contact Mr. Matthew Waller by phone at: (478) 475 1092 or by e-mail at or check out the Georgia Fight Scene Web Page located at

The ISCF Event Representatives will be Mike & Elizabeth Carlson and the ISCF event referee will be Cam McHargue.

TUESDAY, April 16th, 2002, AT 4:45 PM, PT

Wiezorek Takes Home The ISCF Gold In Atlanta!
Hudson & Selbee Take Home IKF Titles As Well.
April 12th, 2002, BATTLE AT THE BREWERY, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"BIG" John Dixon

Mark Selbee

IKF & ISCF Promoter Lane Collyer and his associate Ron Gaiteri had one less task to take care of when the doors opened at their "Battle At The Brewery" event last night at the Atlanta Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. They didn't have to sell any more tickets. Their event was sold out nearly 3 days in advance and the packed crowd was treated to some fantasticISCF and IKF Kickboxing Action!

The nights main event was in the ISCF Mixed Martial Arts Division. Facing off for the recently vacant ISCF Pro Super Heavyweight U.S. Title was Jonathan "Lock N Load" Wiezorek (Right, 305 lbs, with Trainer James Corbett) of Valdosta, Georgia USA against "BIG" John Dixon (Left, 250 lbs) of Gautiar, Mississippi, USA. When the bell rang, Wiezorek charged across the ring like a bull after Dixon and a quick reaction by Dixon forced Wiezorek to miss him. A few more aggressive charges later and these two were on the ground where most of the action took place throughout round one. After 1, Wiezorek led on all the scorecards, 4-1, 3-2 and 3-2.

In round 2, Dixon seemed to gain some momentum when he locked Wiezorek in a strong heel hook. However Wiezorek got out of it and went back into a controlling position. As the round grew longer, Wiezorek started to land more and more strikes. At 2:36 of the second round, Dixon had had enough as he tapped out giving Wiezorek the ISCF Pro Super Heavyweight U.S. Title.

However the victory didn't come cheap. Wiezorek will remember that strong heel hook Dixon had him in for some time. The move injured Wiezorek's knee pretty severely forcing Wiezorek to seek some medical attention after the bout. An early assessment seems that something tore inside his knee but an official medical exam with confirmed results will probably not take place until today or Monday.

In IKF action, the first IKF title bout was awarded in the ring, but not in the usual way. Well known IKF Amateur Fighter Shannon "TNT" Hudson (Right) of Greer, South Carolina, USA (5-3/2, 165) was scheduled to meet "HOT" Rod Llaneza of Atlanta, Georgia, USA for the vacant IKF Amateur East Coast Super Middleweight Regional Title.

However, on fight say, Llaneza telephoned Promoter Lane Collyer and simply told him, "I just don't feel like fighting." There was no illness, no medical condition, nothing... His actions left Hudson in the ring without an opponent and being awarded the title without a fight...

Adrian Turpin (206, 6', 4-5/0) was looking to regain another IKF title after losing his IKF South East Title back on February 24, 2001 in Augusta Georgia, USA to Sylvester James of Eastman, Georgia by unanimous decision. Turpin had won the title by forfeit on October 14, 2000 in Augusta, Georgia when his opponent, Mike Ramsey of High Point, North Carolina, failed to show up for the scheduled bout.

On the line this time for Turpin was the shot at the vacant IKF Amateur East Coast Heavyweight FCR Title against Mark Selbee (Left with his team, 215, 6'5", 10-0/3) now from Georgia, formerly of Kansas. Selbee had recently moved to Georgia and had not fought for about 10 months. Although Turpin showed his usual toughness as a fighter Selbee's height and reach advantage proved too much for the Champion Turpin.

Selbee won every round of the bout except for round 2 on judge Ray Thompson's card. In the end he became the new champion with a unanimous decision victory, 40-36, 40-36 and 40-37. At his height, Turpin would be a much stronger fighter in the Cruiserweight division (186.1 lbs. - 195 lbs.).

We hope to see these two amateurs like all the others at the upcoming South East Regional Tournament and eventually the IKF National Championships in August.

Jonathan "Lock N Load" Wiezorek
And Trainer James Corbett

Shannon "TNT" Hudson

Here's how all the nights action went...

    Chip Pittard, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2-0/1, 144, 5'6", 19
    defeated Ian Tosayanon, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 1-1/0, 137, 5'6", 21, by TKO at :36 seconds of the 3rd round. Pittard was ahead on all 3 judges cards 20-16 after the first 2 rounds.

    Jason Kuhn, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 4-2/0, 150, 5'6", 25
    defeated George Munn, 6-1, 155, 6', 27 by majority decision, 29-27, 30-26 and 28-28. Munn lost a point for not getting his kicks in round 3.

    Nihad Husic, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2-1-1/0, 150, 5'8:, 20
    defeated Frank Maryska, Atlanta Georgia, 0-1/0, 157, 5'9", 19 by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27.

    Mitsuaki Uchida, Norcross, Georgia, USA, 1-0/0, 184, 5'8", 24
    defeated Shawn Gay, Valdosta, Georgia, USA, 7-5/4, 170, 6'1", 22 by tappout at 4:40 of round 2.

    Marshall Berger, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 3-0/2, 203, 6'3", 22
    defeated Yahosuah Yahudah, Georgia, 0-1/0, 212, 5'9", 20 by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

    Shannon Hudson, Greer, South Carolina, USA, 6-3/3, 165
    defeated Rod Llaneza, Atlanta, Georgia, USA by forfeit to win the vacant IKF Amateur East Coast Super Middleweight Regional Title after Llaneza choose not to show up for the bout the day of the fight.

    East Coast Heavyweight FCR Title

    Mark Selbee, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 10-0/3, 215, 6'5", 33
    defeated Adrian Turpin, Anderson, Georgia, USA, 4-5/0, 206, 6', 34 by unanimous decision 40-36, 40-36 and 40-37.

    Rory Singer, Athens, Georgia, USA, 198, 6'2, 25, keeps getting better as time goes on. Friday night he had little trouble soundly defeating Kelly Williams, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 200, 5'10", 30 by submission due to strikes at 2:54 of round 1. Singer's comment after the bout... "Bronk Rules!"... Bronk is a predictor of Georgia fights in the past... who has not given much credit to Singer in his recent predictions. "Hey Bronk, the time has come for you to see Singer's talent, which has been improving with each bout... you might not want to bet against him next time... Unless you want to lose your cash... Keep Walkin The Walk Rory...!

    Jeff Perry, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, P: 1-0/1, AM: 9-1/4, 158, 6'1, 25 made his pro debut against an unlikely opponent, mixed martial arts fighter Shawn Porter, Greer, South Carolina, USA, MMA: 18-3, KB: 0-1. 155, 5'3", 24. Porter had never done any kickboxing before but wanted to give it a try. In the bout, Perry showed the MMA fighter Porter that in muaythai, your not allowed to go to the ground so you must stand and take the punishment. He managed to do that until the 1:29 mark of round 1. After being knocked down, he refused to stand up as referee Dennis Palmer counted him out.... Perry, winner by TKO.

    Forest Griffin, Athens, Georgia, USA, 216 served Kent Hensley, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 207 his first defeat in MMA in 10 bouts after winning by a triangle choke at 2:26 of round 1. Hensley was working in the right direction to get out of the choke but being in the corner of the ring, the ropes made it impossible for him to move enough to get free.

    Super Heavyweight U.S. Title

    Jonathan Wiezorek, Valdosta, Georgia USA, 304, 6'2, 23
    defeated John Dixon, Gautiar, Mississippi, USA, KB: 17-1/17, BX: 6-6/6, 245, 6', 35 by submission by strikes at 2:36 of the second round.

For more info on the Battle At The Brewery event, please contact Mr. Ron Gaiteri at (770) 518-1887 or by e-mail at or Mr. Lane Collyer by e-mail at

WEDNESDAY, April 10th, 2002, AT 9:00 AM, PT

April 12th, 2002, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Shannon Hudson

Kent "The Norseman" Hensley

IKF & ISCF Promoter Lane Collyer and his associate Ron Gaiteri will feature another chapter of the "Battle At The Brewery" this Friday night at the Atlanta Brewing Company, 1219 Williams Street, North West, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. On the line will be 2 Regional Title Bouts and an ISCF US Title bout. Fighting for the Vacant IKF Amateur East Coast Heavyweight FCR Title will be Mark Selbee Vs Adrian Turpin.

Fighting for the vacant IKF Amateur East Coast Super Middleweight Regional Title will be Shannon "TNT" Hudson (Left) of Greer, South Carolina, USA (5-3/2, 165) will face "HOT" Rod Llaneza. Hudson's last victory came when he defeated Phillip Botha of Aurora, Georgia, USA (9-4/2, 162) by unanimous decision, 30-25, 30-25 & 30-25 in Augusta Georgia last month.

Changing gears to ISCF Action, the big boys will take to the ring as Jonathan "Lock N Load" Wiezorek will face off against "BIG" John Dixon for the vacant ISCF Pro Super Heavyweight U.S. Title. Dixon is remembered from his victory over Lane Collyer for the IKF U.S. MuayThai Rules Title and Wiezorek is best remembered for his defeat of Ultimate Fighting Triple Crown Champion, Dan Severn last year.

ISCF Pro USA East Coast Light Heavyweight Champion Kent "The Norseman" Hensley (Left) will be one of the featured fighters in a special ISCF Pro Prestige Bout where he will meet up with Forrest Griffin. Hensley won his ISCF title on December 7th, 2001 in Atlanta Georgia on the first "Battle At The Brewery" event. In the event he defeated Jared Pettitt of Huntsville, Alabama by TKO when Pettitt didn't answer the bell for round 2. Hensley dominated round 1 where he dropped Pettitt with a devastating forearm strike which was heard across the room.

Another ISCF bout will feature IKF Champion Rory Singer (Right) Vs Kelly Williams. Singer of Athens, Georgia, USA recently defeated Clint Wiggins of Augusta Georgia USA by unanimous decision 48-47, 48-47 and 50-45 in an IKF Full Contact Rules bout. Over the 5 rounds Singer threw 54 kicks to Wiggins 52. Singer is well remembered in the NHB ring from his bout last February, 2001 in Augusta Georgia when he faced off against Jared Pettitt (Huntsville, AL). What most of us remember was when Singer attempted a takedown, Pettitt landed a sharp knee to Singer's forehead that instantly split it open spilling blood. However, the bout referee couldn't see the cut since Singer's back was to him as both fighters went down to the ground with Pettitt on top. Several more knees were landed by Pettitt before the referee finally saw the blood covering the matt where he quickly stopped it. This cut was so large it amazed us at ringside that Singer's corner first didn't throw the towel in to prevent further damage and secondly, that their corner doc actually wanted to just tape it up and let him continue. Pettitt was awarded the bout by doctor stoppage at 2:13 in round three.

Singer, who works for the University of Georgia as a Research Engineer, has fought in diverse venues stretching from Thomaston, Georgia to Johannesburg, South Africa and is known for his commitment to training and a "never say die" attitude in the ring. He has a strong work ethic and trains at Athens Georgia's The HardCore Gym, (which Rory co-owns and operates with his brother and trainer Adam Singer) Rory started his career as a combat athlete in amateur boxing. Having been involved in this and other martial arts for a long time, NHB was an obvious progression. Singer has trained with some great people throughout the years who include Randy Couture, Rigan and Jean Jacque Machado, Matt Thornton as well as others. Singer is managed by ISCF promoter Matthew Waller.

For more info on the Battle At The Brewery event, please contact Mr. Ron Gaiteri at (770) 518-1887 or by e-mail at or Mr. Lane Collyer by e-mail at

Jonathan Wiezorek

Rory Singer

MONDAY, March 25th, 2002, AT 10:00 AM, PT

Awarded Barry Grizzard Award

Midori Yama Budokai (MYB) recently awarded the Barry Grizzard Award to Jonathan Wiezorek, Reality Super Fighting World Champion and ISCF East Coast Super Heavyweight Champion. This honor is the highest award given by MYB in recognition of competitive achievement in the martial arts. Wiezorek was recognized by MYB specifically for his defeat of Ultimate Fighting Triple Crown Champion, Dan "The Beast" Severn, where he earned the RSF World Title.

Midori Yama Budokai is an organization of various martial arts styles founded in 1962 by Shihan Leo Wilson (deceased). Today, MYB has over 200 member schools and offers belt rankings in various martial arts that carry international reciprocity with a number of martial arts organizations. MYB's 8000 members are located throughout the United States and foreign countries.

Wiezorek will seek to advance his ISCF standing at the next Battle at the Brewery In Atlanta on April 12th. He will face the versatile IKF Muay Thai Heavyweight US Champion John Dixson for the ISCF US Super Heavyweight title in the main event. A number of IKF sanctioned kickboxing matches are also on the card. For more information on this event, call Lane Collyer at (404) 906.0110.

MONDAY, March 18th, 2002, AT 3:25 PM, PT

Headden & McHargue's Take Home ISCF Titles

PHOTOS By Cal Cooper, Graphic Designer, ( 770) 442-3200

Kevin Hudson

Lane Collyer

Dennis Alexio

IKF & ISCF Promoters Mike and Elizabeth Carlson (Below Right) can add another great success to their resume of promotions. Last Saturday nights WINTER WARS 2002 event was yet another flawless event with plenty of exciting action in both IKF Kickboxing and ISCF Mixed Martial Arts. However, the talk after the main event sent a buzz around the auditorium... The buzz for Full Contact Style Fighting!

There seems to be a great misconception in the sport of kickboxing today. Many of you know what were talking about. The false belief that "American Kickboxing" or above the waist full contact rule style fighting is dying out. Try selling that line to anyone who was at WINTER WARS 2002 in Augusta Georgia, USA last Saturday night and you better throw in a zillion dollars for them to buy such a claim. Full contact rules has out numbered both MuayThai and International (Leg kick) 2-1 at all 3 previous IKF USA National Amateur Tournaments and last Saturday night, Kevin Hudson and Lane Collyer (And several others you'll read about below) proved that not only are there still fighters that want to fight Full contact rules (FCR) but there's still plenty of GREAT BOUTS to be matched in the FCR style fighting.

Many had thought Hudson was done with fighting having retired due to lack of fight offers a few years back, but Winter Wars promoter Mike Carlson offered him the shot at an IKF title and hopes of another larger title down the line if he won. It was all Hudson needed to accept the bout. His opponent would be past FCR style fighter turned MuayThai fighter Lane Collyer of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Collyer stopped fighting FCR a few years back as well but instead of retiring, he had his sights set on the fame, glory and potential big paydays of K-1. Him, like almost every other heavyweight and super heavyweight pulled away from FCR and adapted to fighting MuayThai style and International Rules matches in hopes of those bigger paydays and the fame that K-1 could bring.

Hudson and Collyer's match was a classic toe to toe slugfest that would have made any TV Network proud to show. With the classical high kicks that you see in most FCR bouts, the crowd saw what skilled FCR fighters are suppose to look like and better yet, for those big fight lovers, these were 2 heavyweights. Both fighters threw over 100 kicks in the 10 round match-up (Collyer -Below Left- 113 and Hudson -Below Right- 104).

In round 1, the two seemed to be evenly matched and a coin toss could have determined who to pick. Despite a 10-10 round by any of the judges, Judge Moses scored it 10-9 Hudson as did judge Wilson. Judge Hudson (Not related to Kevin) scored it 10-9 Collyer. In round 2, Hudson caught Collyer with a straight right that dropped him to the canvas. Collyer rose up quickly to take the standing count from referee Gary Brown. However the punch didn't hurt Collyer any as he seemed to be the one who controlled the remainder of the round which explains why 2 of the 3 judges scored it 10-9 Hudson instead of 10-8 as Judge Wilson did.

Round 3 was a turning point for Collyer as he started to press the action more winning on both judge Moses and Wilson's score cards but not on Hudson's for some reason. Collyer easily took round 4 and 5 on all 3 judges cards. In round 6 it appeared he won easily as well but judges Moses and Wilson both gave the round to Hudson. After 6 the scores were 57-57 even on judge Moses card, 58-56 Collyer on judge Hudson's card and 57-56 Hudson on judge Wilson's card.

In round 7, and 8, Collyer appeared to press the action even more landing 13 and 12 kicks in the 2 rounds to Hudson's 10 and what we counted as 6 kicks in round 8. However, all 3 judges gave both rounds to Hudson 10-9 which was a dramatic changing point in the bout. Hudson now lead on all 3 judges cards going into the 9th round, 78-74, 77-75 and 77-74.

In round 9, Hudson seemed to relax more and acted as if he gained a second wind. He was landing 2 shots for every 1 shot Collyer landed. Although Collyer pressed the fight more, Hudson was able to elude his shots and fire back with some effective jabs and front kicks. When round 9 ended, 2 of the judges sided for Hudson 10-9 while the 3rd went with Collyer. It was clear as round 10 started that Collyer would need a knockout to win. However, it was clear to many in the crowd who weren't seeing the round by round scores that this was still anyone's fight. It was clear even Hudson felt the same way. Round 10 saw Collyer still on the offensive, pressing the fight, but he was paying for his attack with every shot thrown. Hudson was able to slip his first punch and counter with jabs. Collyer continued to land some strong punches but it may have been the effectiveness of Hudson's kicks that won this one for him. Collyer, still close to the style of leg kicks seemed to be having trouble throwing good side and round kicks. It was with his punches and front kicks where he was scoring best. Hudson on the other hand slipped around the ring like he was running away at times but it was more of his strategy. It proved effective because he only stopped moving when he wanted to attack. It was this strategy that proved to be superior to Collyer's forceful offensive attack.

In the end, Kevin Hudson took the win and the IKF FCR United States Heavyweight Title by majority decision. Judge Hudson had scored it even at 95-95 which was probably closer to how we saw it at ringside. Judge Moses scored it 97-93 for Hudson while judge Wilson, who scored Collyer with an 8 in round 2, had it 97-92 Hudson.

This was a GREAT BOUT by BOTH fighters! Despite Hudson's layoff, he showed why he once held a World Title in this rule style before his last fight a few years back. Collyer showed he was a warrior in any rule style (Full Contact, International Rules and MuayThai) a matchmaker wants to match him in. He may have lost his last 2 fights, but the truth is, he was very much in them both. There's been some talk about a re-match of this bout but we'll have to wait and see. Regardless, these guys both had their eyes set on the IKF Heavyweight World Title. However, currently in their way is IKF World Heavyweight FCR Champion Dennis Alexio (Left). The question now comes up, IF an attempt were made to match someone with Alexio, what would it cost for Alexio's purse? The truth is, he's worth every cent he asks for. A purse of 5 figures plus would not be far from what he's been paid in the past. However, on the flip side, he hasn't defended his IKF title for years now. Not because he doesn't want to, instead, because no one has "Shown him the money!" And with a record of 70 wins and only 2 losess who can blame him...

The purse situation is what has kept #1 IKF FCR ranked heavyweight Rick Roufus (Right) from fighting Alexio for years now. Roufus holds the IKF International Rules World Title. He vacated his full contact rules Light Heavyweight World Title he won back in 1994 (Against Mike McDonald, KO at 43 seconds into the first round, Caesars Tahoe, January 22nd, 1994, Showtime PPV) to switch to leg kick rules, claiming he had no interest to fight Full Contact Rules ever again. However, we know that "MONEY" would turn ANY FIGHTER to ANY Rule style. If the money were there, so would be the fighters!

Mike & Elizabeth Carlson

Rick Roufus

Alexio Vs Roufus to this day is still considered one of the greatest Full Contact Rules matches to make. However, unless someone comes up with the money, we may never see either fight again. But lets don't forget the great Heavyweight fighters across the pond in Europe. Several of whom currently hold IKF Titles. They include number 4 ranked European Champion Dylan Williamson, number 5 ranked British Champion Kevin Smiles and number 6 ranked English Champion Chris Ballard. Any of these fighters could be matched up against Hudson now for a possible IKF Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. Or, a promoter could match Hudson for the North American Title next against someone like number 7 ranked Mike McDonald, Vancouver, BC, Canada. However, this isn't likely since McDonald has now been captured by the money from K-1 so he may be out of the picture completely. Still in the FCR mix though could be number 9 ranked Dan Lucas (USKBA World Champion) of Rochester, New York, USA. Or number 11 ranked Dick Kimber of Lynn, Massachusetts, USA.

Regardless, last Saturday night proved to a lot of people that Full Contact rules style fighting is still an exciting style of fighting. TV ratings in the USA have never been as great since FCR style fighters were featured on weekly televised events. Will there be a strong resurgence in the Full Contact Rule Style fighting? Only one thing will make this possible... MONEY! If big dollar purses could be offered, it wouldn't take much arm bending with even some of the best MuayThai fighters to switch over and accept a full contact rules style fight. It's not rules that fighters seek, it's the Money! And who can blame them. Like any other Professional Athlete in every professional sport, if the money is right, the athletes will follow and if FCR attains a much needed big dollar sponsor, K-1 style fighting may have some competition in where all the fighters will fight. We've said it before and we will say it again... We support all the rule styles. All of them can be exciting to watch and all of them have their own great support, but whoever dictates the great purses, the big dollar winnings is sure to also dictate the rules and no one can argue there. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for our sport. Will Full Contact Rules make a come-back? will K-1 rule the big dollar purses and TV rights forever? who knows, but you can count on this, we're not done talking about this one yet... Look for more press on Full Contact in the coming days...

Here's a rundown of the rest of the nights action AT WINTER WARS 2002!

    Shannon Hudson of Greer, South Carolina, USA (5-3/2, 165) defeated Phillip Botha of Aurora, Georgia, USA (9-4/2, 162) by unanimous decision, 30-25, 30-25 & 30-25. Although Botha had 11 kicks in round 1 he a point on all 3 of the judges cards in round 2 for not getting his minimum 6 kicks in (only had 3). He had 7 in round 3. He lost another point in round 3 for a low blow. Hudson had little trouble getting his kicks in getting 17 in round 1, 9 in round 2 and 7 in round 3.

    Terrie Hicks of Augusta Georgia, USA (3-3/1, 147) defeated Andrea Grishman of Slidell Louisiana, USA (1-1/1, 143) by TKO at 58 seconds into the first round. Grishman took a standing 8 count 10 seconds into the fight by referee Gary Brown and another 10 seconds after the 8 count. Brown stopped the fight when Grishman was overwhelmed by Hicks and went down in the corner.

    Pee Wee (Walter) McCall of Valdosta, Georgia, USA (3-0, 156) defeated Jake Pruitt of Buford, Georgia, USA (3-3, 155). At 2:40 of round 2, McCall landed a right hand punch that cut open Pruitt's head and dropped him for the KO.

    Summer Miller of Martinez, Georgia, USA (4-2/1, 132) defeated Penny DeGraw of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (1-3/0, 130) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-27. One thing can be said about both ladies, they had plenty of kick action in the bout. Miller had 47 kicks in the 3 rounds to DeGraw's 48.

    Gene Silas of Augusta, Georgia, USA (1-0/1, 246) defeated Sean Blanchette of Naylor, Georgia, USA (0-1/0, 214) by TKO at 1:55 of round 2 when Blanchette's corner threw in the towel.

    Mike Grivas of Atlanta Georgia, USA (1-0/0, 174) defeated Emmanuel Vero of Grovetown, Georgia, USA (4-3/0, 180) by unanimous decision 29-27, 30-27 and 30-27.

    Brendan Dumont of Atlanta, Georgia, USA (1-0/0, 174) defeated Joe Jobes of Evans Georgia, USA (0-2/0, 180) by split decision 8-7 Jobes, 10-5 Dumont and 10-5 Dumont.

    Rory Singer of Athens, Georgia, USA (5-1/0, 195) defeated Clint Wiggins of Augusta Georgia USA (1-2/0, 195) by unanimous decision 48-47, 48-47 and 50-45. Over the 5 rounds Singer threw 54 kicks to Wiggins 52.

    South East Middleweight Title

    Steve Headden of Atlanta Georgia, USA (7-2-1, 182.5) wasted little time in quickly defeating Shaun Gay of Valdosta, Georgia, USA (9-5, 171). Headden won by submission in only 23 seconds of the opening bell to claim the vacant ISCF MMA Title.

  10. IKF FCR Kickboxing
    Amateur South East Light Middleweight Title

    At last years IKF South East Regional Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 188 lb Ruben Lopez of Atlanta Georgia, USA defeated James Newkirk by KO when Lopez landed a strong right hand on Newkirk's jaw at 1:00 into round 1. The win qualified Lopez for the 2001 IKF National Tournament and also, the Adult Men's FCR Cruiserweight Title for the region.
    • That same day, at 175 lbs, Steven Thompson of Simpsonville South Carolina, USA defeated Claudiu Bucur after landing a Head Kick for the Knockout win at :50 seconds into round 3. His victory also gave him a spot in the 2001 National Championships and gave him the Adult Men's FCR Light Heavyweight Championship title in the region as well. At the 2001 IKF National Tournament, Thompson put himself in the National tournament record books when he defeated Vilavahn Seukpanya by TKO at 14 seconds into the first round. It was the only strike thrown in the bout and set a new record for quickest win by KO/TKO. The kick broke Seukpanya's arm. It was Thompson 2nd straight National Tournament title. (At the 2000 National Tournament he won the Middleweight National Title when he defeated number 1 seed Peyton Russell of Bloomington, Minnesota by unanimous decision 30-23, 30-24, 30-24.) However, Lopez never made it to the 2001 National Finals because he choose more pleasure and less pain making an appearance on TV's Pleasure Island. Although they would have never met in the National Championship Tournament (Being in 2 different weight classes) there was plenty of talk in regards to this being a great match.

      Thompson was perfect at 19 wins and no loses and Lopez was only 1 bout shy of the exact same record at 18 wins and 1 loss. What made this particular match-up even better was that it was matched on a neutral promotion with no hometown ties with any officials. On paper, the bout was a "Dream Match" for any promoter. Better yet, this was a DYNAMIC BOUT in reality as well.

      In round 1 these 2 went toe to toe with everything they had with both landing great combinations. Thompson though seemed to be landing more clean blows and the judges agreed giving him the round 10-9 on all 3 judges cards.
      In round 2, Lopez came out throwing some creative combinations but had trouble keeping his feet. Then, at 1:24 of the round, Lopez threw a jump spinning kick that Thompson stepped out of the way of. Lopez went crashing to the canvas on his own, landing on his elbow. It was clear he had hurt something as referee Gary Brown approached him. Brown asked him to get up but he wouldn't stand, holding his arm. Brown had no choice but to start an 8 count. As the count grew higher, Brown stopped and waived it off clearly seeing Lopez's pain and unability to continue. The ringside physician checked his arm and thought there could have been a possible dislocation, but wasn't for sure, requesting he get it X-Rayed. Although he wasn't excited about the way it ended, Thompson was awarded the TKO win and the vacant title. This bout is sure to be rescheduled in the months ahead and if you missed this one, you need to be ringside for the next one... It's only going to get better...

    Light Middleweight United States Title

    Cam McHargue of Griffian Georgia, USA (9-2, 168) has been well known to the South East USA MMA crowd. However, Saturday night he put his name in front of the world when he defeated Todd Carney of Moundsville, West Virginia, USA (10-5, 167) by triangle choke at the 1:16 mark of round 2 to claim the vacant ISCF Title. This title was previously held by Jay Pages of Mesa, Arizona, USA and was vacated by the ISCF. The reason? When the ISCF contacted Pages trainer Trevor Lally in January, of this year to defend the title against McHargue, he didn't recognize it so the ISCF vacated the title on 2-1-02.

WEDNESDAY, March 13th, 2002, AT 5:20 PM, PT

Lots To Talk About For
Winter Wars 2002!

MONDAY, March 11th, 2002, AT 10:20 PM, PT

Fort Gordon Soldier & Department of Army Civilian
To See Action at...
Winter Wars 2002

Two combat athletes who have dedicated their careers to the defense of America will step into battle of a different kind on Saturday, March 16, 2002, as part of Winter Wars 2002, a combination kickboxing and mixed martial arts event to be held at the Augusta State University Athletic Complex, off Wrightsboro Road in Augusta Georgia.

Fort Gordon soldier Emanuel "Soldier" Vero, who holds the rank of Sergeant in the United States Army, will do battle with Mike Grivas, in a Light Heavyweight kickboxing bout. Department of Army Civilian and former U.S. Army Sergeant "Joltin'"Joe Jobes will face Brendan Dumont in an ISCF, sanctioned Middleweight mixed martial arts contest.

Vero looks forward to representing his school, the 35th Military Police Detachment, Fort Gordon, and the armed services in the bout, "I am really looking forward to stepping into the ring on March 16 and giving my fight team here at Augusta Martial Arts Academy ("AMAA") and all of those who serve something to cheer about." Vero, a former student of martial arts legend Jim Harrison, was elated to find AMAA when he was stationed in Augusta, "I couldn't believe that I could come to a dojo in a place like Augusta, Georgia and find a school basically identical to that of Mr. Harrison's in its teaching, attitude and philosophy, but I did. The only surprise to me was that Sensei (Mike) Carlson was not one of Mr. Harrison's former students!"

Jobes is looking forward to avenging his loss to Ray Thompson protégé Mike Robinson. "I have a much better outlook on this fight than I did when I went in against Robinson in Valdosta last summer," says Jobes, who works as an intelligence analyst at Augusta's Fort Gordon, "Getting into the ring is not alien to me now, and, being here at home, I have a lot more to fight for."

Winter Wars 2002,organizer, Mike Carlson, who trains both Vero and Jobes, reflects that having these two particular athletes competing is of special significance, given the current state of world events, "With the world stage playing out a war against terrorism of which the American military is taking a leadership role, I believe that it is very significant that these two men who have elected to serve and sacrifice for all of us are looking to get into the ring and set an even further example of discipline and excellence." Carlson adds, "No matter what the outcome of either of their matches might be, I would expect that their fellow citizens will appreciate their willingness to take things to even a higher level."

Vero and Jobes' bouts will be part of a full night of kickboxing and mixed martial arts bouts scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM, with the doors opening at 6:00 PM. Earlier that day, at the venue, a daytime karate tournament and grappling seminar with mixed martial arts superstar Dan "The Beast" Severn will be held. For more information, call Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269, E-mail at or at the event web page at

Fight Card subject to change.