June - 2009

ALL News Found On THIS PAGE Or ANY of Our ISCF NEWS Pages May Be Reproduced for Media Use At No Charge.

ALL News Found On THIS PAGE Or ANY of Our ISCF NEWS Pages May Be Reproduced for Media Use At No Charge.


MONDAY, June 29th, 2009, AT 6:30 PM/PST

Results From Reno Academy of Combat's
June 27th, 2009 - Reno, Nevada, USA

Vasquez Takes Home FIRST

  1. Casye Parlett defeated Jose Sanchez by TKO at 26 seconds into round 1 by knee strikes.
  2. Tyler Diamond defeated John (JP) Poole by TKO at the split of round 1 & 2.

  3. Greg Coger defeated Steven Dolan by TKO at :58 seconds of round 1.

  4. Kenneth Bailey defeated Jeff Day by armbar tap at 1:02 of round 1. After the win, Bailey jumped to celebrate and blew out his knee when he landed.
  5. Joseph Rizk defeated Eric Hunt by TKO due to strikes at 59 seconds of round 1.

  6. Jake Arroyo defeated Larry Gunter by TKO at :34 seconds of round 1.

  7. Haizam Golez defeated Nathan North by TKO due to strikes at :24 seconds into round 1.

  8. Shawn McCarty defeated Tyrone Maxey by TKO due to strikes at 1:52 of round 2.

  9. Christian Rios defeated Damien Creal by choke tapout at :22 seconds of round 1.
  10. Tyler Cowan defeated Joe Gonzales by TKO due to strikes at 1:16 of round 1.

  11. Sean O"Brien defeated Harold Egan by TKO due to knee at 13 seconds of round 1.

  12. Manny Hernandez defeated Willy Boatwright by unanimous decision 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.
  13. Jose "Memo" Vasquez defeated Anthony 'Tony' Weber by Tapout due to strikes at 2:37 of round 1.

Jose "Memo" Vasquez puts an end to his bout with Anthony 'Tony' Weber with ground and pound.
Unhurt but clearly overwhelmed, Weber choose to tap from the strikes to save himself from a TKO and ultimate suspension.



Results From True Fight Fan L.L.C.'s
"Static Fight At The Center"
June 26th, 2009 - Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

Results by Chuck Wolfe ISCF World Representative.

    Justin Norris Vs Jaden Renfro
    WINNER: Jaden Renfro by TKO at 1:41 of Round 2.
    Justin Norris - 30 day Medical Suspension due to TKO.

    Cameron Neal Vs Matt Reeves
    WINNER: Matt Reeves by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:51 of Round 1.

    Steven Luper Vs Cameron Norris
    WINNER: Steven Luper by TKO at 1:58 of Round 1.
    Cameron Norris - 30 day Medical Suspension due to TKO.

    Zeb Vincente Vs Travis Thompson
    WINNER: Travis Thompson by Tap Out (Scarf Choke) at 1:51 of Round 1.

    Bobby Keller Vs Zane Lisenbee
    WINNER: Majority Draw, 27-27, 27-27 and 28-26.
    Lisenbee was deducted a point in Round 2 for holding an hitting.

    Josh Rickert Vs Anthony Bell
    WINNER: Anthony Bell by Tap Out (Guillotine) at 1:06 of Round 1.

    Omar Willingham Vs Tom Thurber
    WINNER: Ton Thurber by TKO (Strikes) at 2:26 of Round 1.
    Omar Willingham - 30 day Medical Suspension due to Referee Stoppage due to Strikes.

    Craig Welch Vs Afa Tapasua
    WINNER: Afe Tapasua by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26 and 29-27

    Gary Dixon Vs Jeremy Green
    WINNER: Jeremy Green by Tap Out (Triangle Choke) at 2:53 of Round 1.

FRIDAY, June 26th, 2009, AT 3:10 PM/PST


Top Ranked Martial Arts Presents
North Vancouver, BC, Canada


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
"Static Fight At The Center"
Blue Springs, Missouri, USA



Reno Academy of Combat Presents
Reno, Nevada, USA


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
"ISCF Grappling"
Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

WEDNESDAY, June 24th, 2009, AT 5:00 PM/PST


Female Fighters That Want To Participate In A New Reality TV Series: Donofrio Entertainment in cooperation with TVS Television Studios and Fox TV Network, are seeking experienced female MMA fighters interested in participating in a new made for TV reality series. Filming will begin shortly.

The TVS film crew will be following the day to day lives of our chosen participants as they work, train, and go about their daily lives. The training segments of this project will be done in the live sound studio of TVS located in Troy, Michigan.

If you have the necessary ingredients such as, being a good quality fighter, an interesting personal life, personality plus, willing to take the time to become a television star, you need to contact Donofrio Entertainment as soon as possible. They are seeking a total of 30-40 fighters only, so this is based on a first come, first served basis. Out of town participants will be provided hotel accommodations for a period of 1 week in the Troy area during their particular filming time.

Please contact Al Cooper of Cooper's Gym in Detroit, Michigan, at (313) 581-5085 or at (313) 581-3435 or at or Mr. Donofrio at donofrioboxing@comcast.netfor schedule times.

TUESDAY, June 23rd, 2009, AT 11:58 AM/PST

Results From True Fight Fan L.L.C.'s
"Quest For Talent 4"
June 19th, 2009 - Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

    Tylar Ingrassia VS Brigham West
    WINNER: Brigham West by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at :38 of Round 1.

    Paul Kolenda VS Robert Basney
    WINNER: Paul Kolenda by Tap Out (Scarf Choke) at 1:20 of Round 1.

    Travis Thompson VS Jake Ward
    WINNER: Travis Thompson by Unanimous Decision, 30-25 all Cards.

    James Fuller VS Dallas Chatham
    WINNER: James Fuller by Verbal Submission at :36 of Round 1.

    Brandon Stark VS Garett Brown
    WINNER: Garett Brown by TKO (Strikes) at 1:05 of Round 1.

    Andrew Watson VS Brandon Tyler
    WINNER: Brandon Tyler by Unanimous Decision, 29-27 all Cards.

    Mike West VS Afa Tapusoa
    WINNER: Afa Tapusoa by Tap Out (Kamora) at 2:31 of Round 1.

    Amanda Cambron VS Amelia Tapusoa
    WINNER: Amelia Tapusoa by Unanimous Decision (30-26 all Cards.

    Cody Peterson VS Kevin Fuller
    WINNER: Cody Peterson by by Unanimous Decision (30-27 all Cards.

    Bobby Keller VS Danny Klick
    WINNER: Danny Klick by Unanimous Decision, 30-25 all Cards.

FRIDAY, June 19th, 2009, AT 11:58 AM/PST


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
"Quest For Talent 4"
Blue Springs, Missouri, USA


Apex Xtreme Engagement LLC Presents
Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

WEDNESDAY, June 10th, 2009, AT 10:35 AM/PST

Results From Tribal Wars Promotions'
"Quest for the Champions"
June 6th, 2009 - Cherokee, North Carolina, USA

This ISCF Promoter's Clyde Dull, Ron Smith and matchmaker Michael Allen hosted their second joint venture as fight promoters in the form of MMA promotion "Quest for the Champions". This was an extremely exciting MMA event as the Tribal War Promotions presented the opportunity to 12 young fighters to obtain Tribal War Championship Titles. However, only 6 of these warriors walked out of the steel cage with these beautiful MMA Title Belts. The event went off flawlessly; this would not have been possible without the event staff behinds the scenes, we would like to express our special thanks to the following individuals that made this event such a success:
Mr. Martin Stiner supervised the fighters area, he ensured the fighters were measured properly for their gloves and remained in the area until that time that they were ready to enter the cage. Mr. Dave Jones supervised the staging area where the fighters were introduced and called to the cage, he did a magnificent job, as many of the fighters had up to 10 individuals coming to cage side with them to demonstrate their support. Mr. Todd Kent was the event DJ, the music was great, the volume was perfect and he never missed his cue. Mr. Alex Earnest did a phenomenal job staying on top of maintaining the cage floor in between rounds, helping ensure the safety of the fighters - thanks Alex from everyone! As always, Mr. Greg Flowers did a perfect job with the video. He stepped it up a notch this time by providing on the spot DVD production for purchase by spectators and/or fighters, he set up a live feed and big screen viewing for the fighters in the warm-up / staging area. If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of the show, you can email Greg at

Without further delay, here are the results of the event:

  1. Amateur Lightweight MMA
    Chris Morris, Waynesville, North Carolina, USA, 1-5 155, 5'8", 9-21-82, David Frady, (828) 507-2947, VS Teruo Mays, (Info??)
    Chris came out and initiated the action, he connected on a right leg kick and followed up with a solid jab and right cross. Terou locked up with Chris and they began to maneuver to gain control, Terou was successful at connecting with a knee to the abdominal of Chris; the knee damaged Chris, at this point Teruo was able to connect with rights and lefts, Chris went to the mat and Teruo followed with a few more strikes; the referee called an end to the bout due to the unanswered strikes.
    Winner: Teruo Mays by TKO( due to Strikes) at :48 seconds in round 1.

  2. Amateur Lightweight MMA
    Richard Jones, Evansdale, North Carolina, USA, 0-2, 145, 5'6", 5-28-71, Michael Allen, (828) 215-1846 VS Joseph 'TODD' Ray, Marshall, North Carolina, USA, 1-0, 155, 5'6", 5-27-89, Master Tony Rogers, (828) 649-2707
    This was a great match up, the start of the bout began with Richard storming to the center of the cage and delivering a right leg kick. Joseph didn't seemed to be affected and answered with a right cross that made its mark, Richard began his retreat - but Joseph continued his pursuit and caught Richard with a solid right kick directly to the abs that put Richard to the mat. Joseph attempted to take Richard's back, but Richard wasn't done quite yet, he was able to rotate and take hold of Joseph's left ankle. Although Joseph was still on his feet, Richard had a solid hold on the ankle and was arched high, this bought Joseph to the mat. Joseph knew he was in danger and began to roll, on his second roll, his ankle was free and Joseph came quickly to his feet. Richard went for the double leg takedown, but Joseph sprawled quickly, he maintained the pressure on Richards's back for the next few moments. Realizing he couldn't advance his position, Richard rolled, he was able to put Joseph in half guard and then improved his position to full guard. Apparently Joseph wasn't one for submission fighting, he broke free and came to his feet. Richard seemed comfortable on his back, waiting for Joseph's next move. Joseph throw a couple on non-effective kicks and decided he would rather continue his stand-up - so he backed up and the referee brought Richard to his feet. Joseph connected with a few strikes and Richard grabbed Joseph and ended up pulling guard, the two stayed in this position maneuvering to better their position without success. Joseph once again broke free and came to his feet. They circled each other and Joseph connected with a strong right that took Richard to the mat, Joseph went in to finish Richard off … It looked as this was the end but Richard had other plans, he rolled and was now in a very strong position for a triangle choke or an arm bar. It looked like he was just about to lock in the triangle, Joseph was able to position upright and shake Richard off, Richard immediately went for the single leg, Joseph escaped and walked away - telling the referee to bring Richard to his feet. Once on their feet, Richard went for the double leg takedown, this time he was successful. Richard was now in a much better position to attack with his submission attempts, unfortunately the 10 second warning was sounded and the bell shortly followed.
    Round 2 - The two came out and traded punches, Richard went for the takedown - Joseph held him off and backed up, Richard went to his back and invited Joseph to the mat. Joseph backed up and Richard came back to his feet. Joseph wasted no time in pursuing the attack, but Richard grabbed him and attempted to pull guard. When they hit the mat, Joseph wasn't in guard, this time he was in the mount position and he knew he finish the bout from here. He began to reign down with lefts and rights, Richard rolled and gave Joseph his back. Instead of going for the rear naked choke, Joseph continued with the ground and pound, throwing left and right hooks to the side of Richards face. As Richard was still very aware of his situation, but unable to improve his position, he decided to tap due to the strikes instead of being defeated by TKO.
    Winner: Joseph T. Ray by tapout (due to strikes) at : 37 seconds in round 2.

  3. Amateur Welterweight MMA
    Serge Severnchuck, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, 1-0, 170, 5'11", 7-17-87, Michael Allen, (828) 215-1846 VS Josh Taylor, Laceyville, Pennsylvania, USA, 1-2, 170, 5'9", 11-11-86, Michael Dull, (570) 744-2347
    This was one great exhibition of Jiu Jitsu skills. The two fighters came out very cautious, Josh was able to land a solid right leg kick, but it didn't seem to effect Serge. The fighters circled, looking for just the right moment. Josh threw a second right leg kick and then a left leg kick … Serge saw his opportunity and took Josh down to the mat. Serge looked very calm, it appeared that he was thinking about attempting an ankle lock, but he paused, grabbed the ankle again but was quickly pulled down by Josh. Serge was in Josh's half guard … he didn't appear to be in a hurry. Josh was able to reverse Serge and now was in Serge's full guard. Josh was attempting to strike from the guard, but this is exactly the position that Serge was waiting for … he pushed Josh's arm down, threw his leg over Josh's shoulder and secured the Triangle Choke. Josh held on for a few moments but realized he would go out if he didn't tap, thus he tapped and ended the bout.
    Winner: Serge Severnchuck by tapout (triangle choke) at 1:29 in round 1.

  4. Amateur Light Heavyweight MMA
    William 'Billy' Marshall, Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA, 2-1, 205, 6', 5-31-82, Michael Allen, (828) 215-1846 VS Bill Taylor, Laceyville, Pennsylvania, USA, 1-1, 205, 6', 11-10-84, Michael Dull, (570) 744-2347
    These big boys came for business. The two came to the center of the cage and Marshall immediately went for the double leg. He secured Bill's legs and picked him up shoulder height and slammed him to the mat. Once on the mat, Marshall started to look for the opportunity to gain mount position, which he was able to accomplish. Marshall started to deliver some devastating ground and pound; it looked as the bout was over. Just as the referee was starting to step in, Taylor grabbed Marshall, pulled him down, and informed the referee that he was ok. Taylor bucked and bucked, attempting to throw Marshall off of the mount position. With every failed attempt to get Marshall out of the mount position, Marshall delivered more strikes. Finally, Taylor was able to roll, Marshall ended up on his back - providing Taylor the opportunity to back up, stand, and regain his composure. Marshall jumped to his feet, the two locked-up and Marshall pushed Taylor against the cage. Marshall secured a single leg, picked Taylor up and delivered another high impact slam. Marshall was now in side control and started to deliver more punches, Taylor rolled to his stomach, Marshall gained back control and sunk in a rear naked choke that ended the bout.
    Winner: Billy Marshall by tapout (rear naked choke) at 2:50 round 1.

  5. Amateur Featherweight MMA
    Adam Dull, Herrickville, Pennsylvania, USA, 2-1, 145, 5'7", 1-9-90, Michael Dull, (570) 744-2347 VS Adam Bogle, Elyria, Ohio, USA, 0-1, 145, 5'7", 4-20-90, Master Dee Daniels, (440) 610-2920
    Dull attacked quickly attempting a takedown and pushing Bogle against the cage. Bogle secured a standing guillotine choke and was arching hard. Dull was working for a double leg; it appeared that he was attempting to pick Bogle up for a slam. Bogle let the guillotine go and secured underhooks to prevent Dull's takedown attempt. Dull was still able to reach down, secure Bogle's legs, pick him up high and delivered the high impact slam, putting him ahead on the judges' scorecard. Dull ended up in Bogle's full guard; he was pushing down on Bogles right leg attempting to pass. Bogle realized that he may not be able to prevent Dull from passing, so he swung around and came to his feet. This time on their feet, it was Bogle that took Dull to the mat ending up in his guard. Dull was able to secure a triangle choke that ended the bout by tapout.
    Winner: Adam Dull by tapout (triangle choke) at 1:25 round 1.

  6. Amateur Bantamweight MMA
    Dustin Bradley, Marshall, North Carolina, USA, 0-1, 140, 5'6", 10-22-83, Master Tony Rogers, (828) 649-2707, VS Mitchell Hatton, Canton, North Carolina, USA, 3-1, 145, 5'7', 3-3-90, Jeff Harmon, (803) 463-5900.
    There was no lack of action in this bout, the fighters came out throwing kick after kick, Dustin was able to tie Mitchell up, he secured underhooks and appeared to a throw and slam, but Mitchell shifted his weight and ended up falling directly on Dustin. Once on the mat, Mitchell attempted to gain back control, Dustin turned into Mitchell prevent Mitchell's attempt; Mitchell rolled and pulled full guard. From Guard, Mitchell attempted a failed triangle choke attempt, Dustin was able to escape, turn and secured a guillotine choke on Mitchell. Mitchell patiently worked free and reversed Dustin, he then put Dustin in his guillotine choke while in Dustin's half guard. Mitchell then rolled to his back, pulled his leg free and secured a body triangle while holding the guillotine choke tight; forcing Dustin to tap.
    Winner: Mitchell Hatton by tapout (guillotine choke) at 2:24 round 1.

  7. Amateur Bantamweight MMA
    Ryan Conn, Cullowhee, North Carolina, USA, 1-2, 135, 5'4", 5-11-87, Blake Queen (828) 226-2457 VS Jesse Grindstaff, Mountain City, Tennessee, USA, 4-1, 145, 5'10", 8-10-85, Tim Stout (423) 291-9161.
    These two Bantamweights came out throwing lefts and rights, it was Jesse that ended up pushing Ryan against the cage and then pulling guard. Jesse put his right leg on Ryan's left hip and was pushing Ryan's left arm in close; he was attempting to secure a triangle choke early in this match. Ryan stayed alert and prevented Jesse from advancing his position. Ryan and Jesse came to their feet, however Ryan took Jesse back to the mat with a single leg takedown. Ryan was landing some great strikes, however, Jesse was once again setting up for the triangle choke. After several failed attempts to get the triangle choke, Jesse was able to trap Ryan's right arm under his left leg, Jesse was able to get his left leg over Ryan's right should and completed the move by securing the triangle.
    Winner: Jesse Grindstaff by tapout (triangle choke) at 2:10 round 1.

  8. Amateur Featherweight MMA
    James Davis, Shelby, North Carolina, USA, 3-1, 140, 5'5", Brian Jones, (704) 770-1495 VS Don McLain, Lexington, South Carolina, USA, 2-2, 145, 6'4", 11-8-75, Jeff Harmon, (803) 463-5900
    James came to the center of the cage, he delivered a series of leg kicks: an inside leg kick, push kick, inside leg kick and an outside leg kick. He backed up and then took Don to the mat with a double leg, once he took him to the mat, James was able to secure mount position. Don made attempt after attempt to push James back to half guard, but James prevented his escape attempts and threw a series of punches to include a shoulder strike to Don. Due to the strikes, Don rolled to his stomach offering up his back for the taking. James attempted a rear naked choke two times while on Don's back, Don held him off for a few moments, but James was able to make a third attempt, this time with success, forcing Don to tap.
    Winner: James Davis By tapout (rear naked choke) at 1:42 round 1.

  9. Amateur Lightweight MMA
    Jacob Allman, Cullowhee, North Carolina, USA, 3-0, 155, 6', 10-07-85, Blake Queen (828) 226-2457 VS Steven Ross & Stephen Ross, (Same Person) Fountain Inn, South Carolina, USA, 2-2, 155, 5'7", 4-29-86, Self, (864) 704-2235
    Jacob and Stephen started to circle, both waiting for the other to make the first move … Jacob went for the double leg, he picked Stephen up high and delivered a high impact slam. Stephen was able to put Jacob in a guillotine choke, but was not able to keep it secure. Jacob had worked his was to side control allowing him to escape the guillotine attempt, he attempted to gain mount control, but his attempts were quickly shut down. Stephen shifted his body and put Jacob in full guard. They both worked hard to advanced their positions, but neither of them were able to cause any damage to the other. Jacob pushed back and went to his feet, the referee asked Stephen to also rise and a restart was about to begin. The referee noticed an equipment failure of the glove on Stephen's left hand; he quickly corrected the equipment and restarted the match. Just as both fighters threw their overhead rights at each other, the bell ended the first round.
    Round 2 - Jacob came out with a superman punch that barely missed it's mark, he took a couple of steps back and dived for the double leg takedown. Once he secured Stephen's legs, he picked him up over his shoulders and slammed him to the mat. Once on the mat, Jacob ended up in mount position, Stephen knew this was not the place to be, so he quickly started to reverse Jacob. Instead of allowing the reversal, Jacob jumped to his feet. Jacob pushed Stephen against the cage but Stephen returned fire with some knees that landed to the midsection and drove Jacob back. Stephen delivered a front kick that pushed Stephen back hard against the cage. The two fighters took their time and started to look for the opportunity; Stephen threw a leg kick, but Jacob caught the leg and took Stephen to the mat. Stephen was now in side control, after a few moments, Stephen improved his position to mount and started to dish out some heavy ground and pound. Stephen didn't let up and finished the bout by TKO with only 10 seconds left in the round.
    Winner: Jacob Allman by TKO (Strikes) at 2:50 round 2.

  10. Amateur Middleweight MMA
    Jerry Hartsoe, Columbia, South Carolina, 4-3, 185, 6'1", 12-23-80, Alvin Decker, (803) 873-8711 VS Rocky Shelton, Shelby, North Carolina, 3-1, 185, 6'4, Brian Jones, (704) 770-1495.
    It was apparent the these two fighters had a great deal of respect for each other as they came to the center of the cage. It was Jerry that made the first offensive move with a double leg high impact takedown, Rocky attempted to secure a guillotine choke but he was unable to hold on. Once on the mat, Jerry postured up while Rocky held him in full guard. Rocky was able to transition his left leg up high to rubber guard position. While holding the rubber guard position, he trapped Jerry's right arm and started to move in for the arm bar. Apparently Jerry knew what Rocky was attempting and immediately went to his feet and postured straight up. The referee noticed something wrong and intervened; he separated the fighters and questioned Jerry about his arm. Jerry refused at first and then acknowledged that his arm had popped, he then verbally tapped due to the arm bar and ended the bout.
    Winner: Rocky Shelton by tapout (arm bar) at 1:09 round 1.

  11. Co-Main Event Amateur Heavyweight MMA
    Ryan Bedini, Asheville, North Carolina, USA, 3-3, 245, 6'3", 12-19-81, Johnny Huskey, (828) 665-2007 VS Emanuel ( Mont ) McMullens, Shelby, North Carolina, USA, 2-1, 265, 6'2", 7-18-73, Brain Jones, (704) 770-1495.
    These two giants started out by throwing a few jabs and feeling out the cage, the first to land a blow was Mont, he landed two successful right leg kicks and immediately backed up. They started to circle each other once again, then Mont delivered a third leg kick, this time to the inside left leg of Ryan, and then he landed a fourth kick to Ryan's right leg. Ryan felt it was time to change the tempo and went in for the clinch, Mont was able to get underhooks and throw Ryan to the mat. Ryan immediately came to his feet, but received several blows (uppercuts and right crosses) while doing so; Ryan was able to defend off Mont momentarily. Mont landed two more leg kicks to Ryan's left leg, this time it was apparent that Mont was starting to damage Ryan's leg;. Ryan was not as secure in his stance. The next leg kick was to the inside of Ryan's left leg and was a little too high; the referee separated the fighters, Ryan indicated he was ready to go and the referee restarted the match. The fighters demonstrated great sportsmanship, they touched gloves, backed up and restarted the fight. Ryan decided to let Mont know that he was still in this fight and landed a solid right cross. Mont attempted to answer and Ryan caught him once again. Ryan's confidence was rising he went in for the attack once again and landed a good left hook. He pushed Mont against the cage, but by this time the round was coming to an end and the bell sounded.
    Round 2 - Mont came out to the bell with another kick to the leg of Ryan, he landed a jab and demonstrated that he had some serious boxing skills by avoiding a series of punches by Ryan and countering with jabs and crosses; Ryan went down and Mont pursued with rights and lefts. The referee stopped the bout due to strikes. These two great fighters met in the center of the cage and demonstrated a lot of class and sportsmanship.
    Winner: Emanuel McMullens by TKO (Strike) at :50 round 2.

  12. Main Event Amateur Welterweight MMA
    Blaine Thomas Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, USA, 6-2, 170, 6'2", 9-11-89, Self, (214) 417-3921, VS **Jesse Finch Potterville, Pennsylvania, USA, **1-1, 170, 6', 11-10-81, Michael Dull, (570) 744-2347
    Jesse came to the center of the cage and landed one of the hardest leg kicks that I've seen in a long time, Blaine answered with a right leg kick to Jesse's chest that echoed throughout the building. Blaine circled to Jesse's right and landed a left jab, then he landed a solid right cross, followed by a left that buckled Jesse's knees and took him to the mat. Although Jesse went down, he wasn't done with this fight, as he posted his right hand, he sprung to his feet. Blaine landed another right hook and was following through with a left uppercut; Jesse ducked under the uppercut and was going for the double leg takedown. Blaine stopped the takedown and attempted to gain mount position as the two fell against the cage. Jesse postured up, regained his footing and secured double under hooks; he empted another takedown. Blaine prevented the takedown, but took a solid right knee strike delivered by Jesse. Blaine obviously decided he wanted the fight on the mat; he rotated to Jesse's left side, posted his leg in order to cause a trip and pull guard. Once he had Jesse in his guard, Blaine secured Jesse's left arm and started his offensive attack. He placed pressure on Jesse's left shoulder and rotated his right leg over Jesse's head, as Blaine rolled to his stomach, the pressure on Jesse's arm started to increase causing Jesse to tap.
    Winner: Blaine Thomas by tapout (Armbar ) at :50 seconds round 1.


Results From True Fight Fan L.L.C.
"Clash In The Cage 39"
June 5th, 2009 - Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

Results by Chuck Wolfe, ISCF World Representative.

  1. 135 Lightweight Amateur Kickboxing
    Brandon Tayler VS Steven Luper
    WINNER: Brandon Tayler by Unanimous Decision, 30-26, 30-26 and 29-27.

  2. 155 Lightweights Amateur MMA
    Alex Stewart VS Jordan Wojenski
    WINNER: Jordan Wojenshi by Tap Out (Guillotine Choke) at :40 of Round 1.

  3. 135 Bantamweights Amateur MMA
    Jaime Rodrigez VS Johnny Uhl
    WINNER: Johnny Uhl by Verbal Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 1:31 of Round 2.

  4. 155 Light Middleweight Amateur Kickboxing
    Sean Allen Hicks VS Zane Lisenbee
    WINNER: Zane Lisenbee by Unanimous Decision, 30-25 all cards.

  5. 170 Welterweights Amateur MMA
    Robert Basney VS Chris Kolb
    WINNER: Robert Basney by Tap Out (Strikes) at :44 of Round 1.

  6. 170 Welterweights Amateur MMA
    Craig Adams VS *Bobby Keller
    WINNER: Craig Adams by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at :28 of Round 1.
  7. 155 Light Middleweight Amateur Kickboxing
    Justin Noris VS Danny Klick
    WINNER: Danny Klick by TKO at 1:14 of Round 2.
  8. 170 Welterweights Amateur MMA
    Jason Witt VS Chuck Gilman
    WINNER: Jason Witt by TKO Referee Stops Contest (Strikes) at :29 of Round 1.
  9. 125 Flyweights Amateur MMA
    Camaron Noris VS Danial Jeffers
    WINNER: Daniel Jeffers by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:39 of Round 2.

  10. 160 Middleweight Amateur Kickboxing
    Brain Carol VS John (JJ) Capek
    WINNER: Brian Carol by (KICK KO) at :15 of Round 1.
  11. 155 Lightweights Amateur MMA
    Chris Long VS Jovani Chaidez
    WINNER: Jovani Chaidez by Forfeit
  12. 145 Featherweights Amateur MMA
    Eddie Torres VS Shane Denton
    WINNER: Shane Denton by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:27 of Round 2.

  13. 145 Featherweights Amateur MMA
    *Jordan Howard VS Cody Peterson
    WINNER: Jordan Howard by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

SUNDAY, June 7th, 2009, AT 8:20 PM/PST

Results From International Championship Fighting, LLC's
"The Power of Champions 3"
June 7th, 2009 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  1. AMATEUR MMA 145: JP Poole defeated Tyler Freeman by unanimous decision, 29-28 on all 3 judges cards.

  2. AMATEUR MMA 170: Joel Black defeated Jeremy Burns by Rear Naked Choke at 1:04 of round 1.

  3. AMATEUR MMA 145: Alain Gonzalez defeated Victor Vorgar by tapout due to choke in round 2.
  4. AMATEUR MMA 165: Adam Morse defeated Chris Ortega by tapout from choke at 2:38 of round 1.
  5. AMATEUR MMA 175: Shawn McCarty defeated Chris Eigenmann by unanimous decision, 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27.

  6. AMATEUR MMA 170: John Allsup defeated Rodrigo Viggiani by TKO at 1:48 of round 1.
  7. AMATEUR MMA 170: Robert Hrcka defeated Kyle Neal by TKO at 1:53 of round 1.
  8. AMATEUR MMA 185: Fred Weaver defeated Patrick Edwards by Knockout at :32 seconds of round 2.

FRIDAY, June 5th, 2009, AT 1:30 PM/PST


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
"Clash In The Cage 39"
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA


Tribal Wars Promotions Presents
"Quest for the Champions"
Cherokee, North Carolina, USA


International Championship Fighting, LLC Presents
"The Power of Champions 3"
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

THURSDAY, June 4th, 2009, AT 7:20 PM/PST

Results From 108 Promotions LLC
"Shock And Awe"
May 30th, 2009 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  1. Amateur MMA Bantamweight
    Jacob A. Akin, Kansas City, Kansas, USA, 2-1, 150, 5'9", 6-2-85, American Jujitsu, (816) 728-7360, or VS Cory Schwendemann, Olathe, Kansas, USA, 1-1, 135, 5'10", 7-1-78, Mike Reyes, (913) 206-9064
    WINNER: Jacob Akin, at 1:09 seconds of round 1 by Tap out due to strikes.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  2. Amateur MMA Middleweight
    Jett Jones, Leawood, Kansas, USA, 2-0, 205, 6'1", 2-16-87, Gerald Hill, (816) 838-1453, VS Darrin Seely, Pryor, Oklahoma, USA, 0-1, 185, 6'0", 11-28-85, Brandon Limes, 918-207-9103
    WINNER: Jett Jones, at 2:54 seconds of round 1 by Tap out by way of armbar.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  3. Amateur MMA Lightweight
    Jeremy Lambert, Overland Park, Kansas, USA, 1-0, 155, 5'10", 6-19-87, Otis Roper, 816-914-1948 VS Jonathon Price-Dukes, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 1-1, 165, 5'10", 7-2-89, Self, (816) 478-8458.
    WINNER: Jeremy Lambert at 2:26 second of round 1 by TKO Referee stop contest. REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe. JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  4. Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Dave Milliren, Mission, Kansas, USA, 2-2, 205, 6'4", 10-10-75, American Jujitsu, (816) 728-7360, or, VS Brandon Courtney, Deepwater, Missouri, USA, 0-1, 205, 6'2", 10-8-88, Self, 417-619-9023
    WINNER: Dave Milliren at :51 seconds of round 1by Tap out due to strikes.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe. JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  5. Amateur Kickboxing Welterweight
    Matt Malone, Winston, Nevada, USA, 1-0, 145, 5'11", 5-10-82, NEED TRAINERS NAME & CONTACT INFO, VS Anthony Fredricks, Carlson, California, USA, 0-1, 146, 5'10", 3-28-80, Joe Nelson, NEED TRAINERS CONTACT INFO,
    WINNER: Matt Malone at :12 seconds of round 2 by TKO due to strikes. REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  6. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Cody Munsterman, St. Joseph, Missouri, USA, 2-0, 175, 5'11", 3-8-87, Jeremy Whorton, (816) 261-0405 VS Nick Ellison, Belton, Missouri, USA, 0-1, 170, 5'9", 3-16-90, Dan Tharp, (816) 560-1964.
    WINNER: Cody Munsterman at 2:20 seconds of round 1 by TKO due to strikes. REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  7. Amateur MMA Middleweight
    Derek Williams, Higginsville, Missouri, USA, 1-1, 155, 5'11", 1-15-88, Matt Huston, (660) 238-5867, VS Shawn Crowley, Excelsior Springs, Missouri, USA, 0-1, 185, 5'11", 12-13-86, Phil Jones, American Jujitsu (816) 651-5087.
    WINNER: Derek Williams at :04 seconds of round 2 by Verbal Submission.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  8. Amateur MMA Middleweight
    Calder Young, Overland Park, Kansas, USA, 2-0, 170, 5'6", 1-26-79, Cory Schwendemann, 913-710-8808, VS Derek Brown, Lawrence, Kansas, USA, 0-1, 170, 5'11", 2-11-87, Tony Collins, 417-684-5892.
    WINNER: Calder Young at 1:14 seconds of round 3 by TKO due to strikes. REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  9. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Chris French, Olathe, Kansas, USA, 1-0, 170, 5'9", 1-5-86, David Hughes, 913-731-8948 VS Justin Barstow
    WINNER: Chris French at 1:14 seconds of round 2 by TKO due to strikes. REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  10. Amateur MMA Bantamweight
    Erin Harris, Winston, Nevada, USA 1-0, 145, 5'11", 5-10-82, NEED TRAINERS NAME & CONTACT INFO, VS Melinda Wood, Springfield, Missouri, USA, 1-4, 130, 5'2", 9-20-80, Self, (417) 839-8614.
    WINNER: Erin Harris at :55 seconds of the 2 round by Tap out with scarf choke.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  11. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Richard Bouphanouvong, NEED ALL STATS, VS Romon Barber, Pittsburg, Kansas, USA, 1-1, 155, 5'6", 4-12-82, Self, (620) 719-0274.
    WINNER: Bouphanouvong by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  12. Amateur MMA Featherweight
    Kevin Fuller, Grain Valley, Missouri, USA, 2-0, 144, 5'10", 1-3-86, Ferron Otis, (816) 550-9965, VS Tom Adkins, Tonganoxie, Kansas, USA, 1-3, 140, 5'7", 10-19-80, Scott King, (913) 297-0275.
    WINNER: Kevin Fuller at 2:06 seconds of round 2 by Tap out with rear naked choke.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe. JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons

  13. Amateur MMA Featherweight
    Stephan Sweet, Independence, Missouri, USA, 2-1, 155, 5'11", 11-13-75, Lone wolf, 816-261-0405, VS Horacio Escobar, Kansas City, Kansas, USA, 1-1, 155, 5'6", 6-29-82, David Hughes, (913) 731-8948.
    WINNER: Stephan Sweet at 2:57 seconds of round 2 by Triangle choke.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons.

  14. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Matt Stine, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 1-0, 170, 5'10", 5-20-1987, Wayne Marbel (816) 224-2822, VS Gary Dixon, Edwardsville, Kansas, USA, 4-1, 170, 12-27-81, Craig Welch, (913) 579-3232.
    WINNER: Matt Stine at 1:44 seconds of round 1 by Tap out with Triangle choke.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons.

  15. Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Heath Finkemeier, Olathe, Kansas, USA, 2-0, 205, 6', 6-26-84, Al Harris, (913) 207-9666 VS Bryan Roberts, Pittsburgh, Kansas, USA, 1-0, 200, 5''9", 12-12-75, Self, (620) 875-1213.
    WINNER: Heath Finkemeier at 2:42 seconds of round 1 by KO. REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons.

  16. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Andrew Tyson, Kansas City, Kansas, USA, 3-0, 170, 5'7", 10-3-84, David Hughes, (913) 731-8948, VS Chris Robare, Hastings, Nebraska, USA, 2-1, 155, 5'11", 5-18-84, Self, 402-902-9611.
    WINNER: Andrew Tyson at 1:30 seconds of round 1 by Referee stop contest due to strikes. REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Phil Jones, Neal Fletcher, Rob Kimmons