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THURSDAY, AUGUST 24th, 2006, AT 3:10 PM, PT


Shamrock Promotions & The Blue Corner Present
"Midwest Fight Fest"
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Friday Night, August 25th, 2006
  • WHO: Shamrock Promotions & The Blue Corner
    • Mr. Jesse Finney & Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr.
  • WHERE: Clarion Hotel, Grand Ballroom 9103 E. 39th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, USA - Located next to Arrowhead Stadium
  • TIME: 7:30 PM
  • WHAT: "Midwest Fight Fest"
    • ISCF Amateur United States Middleweight Title
      Cody Parrish vs Derrick Garner
    • UNDERCARD: IKF Amateur Kickboxing & ISCF Mixed Martial Arts
  • CONTACT: For More Info Contact Mr. Jesse Finney (314) 608-3104 or e-mail at or Mr. Benjamin Nogueras Jr at (913) 568-8009 or e-mail at

  1. ISCF Amateur United States Middleweight Title
  2. Eric Siley Vs Chris Barrows

  3. Ben Nogueras Vs Christopher Jones

  4. Roger Jackson Vs Richard Martinson
  5. Jeramy Smith Vs Jordan Best

  6. Donaco Watts Vs Daniel Morris

  7. John Paul Horsch Vs Keith Gardner

  8. Andy Waters Vs Kyle Marquez

  9. Paul Witworth Vs Jeremy Gilimore (Grappling Only - No Strikes)

  10. John McCormick Vs Gerald Holmes

  11. Jason Colobong Vs Bill Shaddox

  12. Chad Vancil Vs Isaac Goins


Breaking Point Productions Presents
Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, August 26th, 2006
  • WHO: Breaking Point Productions - Mr. Lasha Dalakishvili
  • WHERE: Saint Joseph Civic Center, Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA
  • CONTACT: Mr. Lasha Dalakishvili at (816) 244-8132 0r (816) 248-3143 or by e-mail at

  1. Brent Ault Vs Raynondo Sentros

  2. John Mowry Vs Landon Dirks

  3. Chris King Vs Jacob Verhagen

  4. Noah Weber Vs Dustin Schnakenberg

  5. Shawn Lesny Vs Dustin Kirschner

  6. John Attigliato Vs Joey Sugden

  7. Joshua Lyon Vs TBA

  8. Kyle Zeeman Vs Jeremy Whorton

  9. Frank Herod Vs Tyson Rainey

  10. Floyd Jeffers Vs Brad Sawyer

  11. Brian Marvin Vs Matt Hazen

  12. Drew Reed Vs Roy Babcock

  13. Russell Crandon Vs Dominic Brown


Team Warrior Concepts Presents
Shootfighting Challenge
Lincoln, Illinois, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, August 26th, 2006
  • WHO: Team Warrior Concepts - Mr. Scott Ward
  • WHERE: Lincoln, Illinois, USA
  • WHAT: Shootfighting Challenge - ISCF Pro & Amateur MMA
  • CONTACT: Mr. Scott Ward at (217) 698-5040 or by e-mail at

  1. PRO: Curt Bee VS Eric Gwaltney

  2. PRO: Brandon Griffin VS Sal Woods

  3. PRO: Jason Pierce VS Willie Sanders

  4. PRO: Justin Robbins VS Corey Mahon

  5. PRO: Shawn Huffman VS Luke Gwaltney

  6. PRO: Brett Dickerson VS Patrick Riley

  7. PRO: Kinney Allen VS Danny Rodriguez

  8. PRO: Lee Defross VS Erik Hammerich

  9. PRO: Matt Veach VS Aaron Jamieson

  10. AMATEUR: J. D. Travino VS Dave Knogl

  11. AMATEUR: Chuck Painter VS Gabe Holmes


No Love Entertainment Presents
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday Night, August 26th, 2006
  • WHO: No Love Entertainment Presents - Mr. Rich Clementi
  • WHERE: "The River Center" - Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
  • WHAT: Shootfighting Challenge - ISCF Pro & Amateur MMA
  • CONTACT: INFO: - 888-FIGHT 90, Mr. Rich Clementi at
  • 8-24-06: Fight Card Review Results "As of Press Tme Today" Below

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23rd, 2006, AT 10:15 PM, PT

August 11th, 2006 - Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

ISCF Event Representative: Chuck Wolfe: On August 11th, 2006, True Fight Fan L.L.C. hosted CLASH IN THE CAGE 5 at Whiskey Tango's in Grain Valley, Missouri, USA. Anyone who knows anything about Mixed Martial Arts knows these bouts are a battle of the baddest! On this night it was no exception! These gentlemen were made for war!!!! And, war we saw, as these warriors fought for ultimate supremacy - man-to-man! With the fighters coming in top shape, it's anyone's win until the tap or knock out! The exchanges tonight were awesome and the crowd was worked into a frenzy over and over! The victories were sweet - if you missed this event - you missed a lot! Here are the nights results below.

  1. LIGHTWEIGHTS Casey Smith VS Ricky Cromwell
    Smith starts fast - (the Referee throws in a quick warning for grabbing the cage) - As the action continues, Smith gets a takedown followed with some effective ground-and-pound. Cromwell appears a little unable to get his bearings, while Smith throws some knees to the body and head. Cromwell then counters with a knee to the head as the fighters go to the ground. Cromwell has a good guillotine on Smith, but Smith works his way out from the top position adding more ground-and-pound. Then Smith smoothly transitions to secure the arm bar painfully causing Cromwell to tap out!
    SMITH Winner by Tap Out via Arm Bar at 2:30 of Round 1.

  2. LIGHTWEIGHTS Steven McEver VS Chris Buckler
    Buckler throws and lands a swift right hand to McEver's head. McEver responds with some quick knees then a sharp right hand to the body. After a swift exchange, both fighters aggressively crank on each others heads trying to land clean blows. Buckler lands a fast knee cutting McEver, drawing first blood. McEver steps back and stuns Buckler with a strong right cross. The crowd roars as McEver reacts with a succession of right hands, spinning Buckler around! The crowd is pleased as the action continues with both fighters throwing huge rights trying for the one big shot - and most of the blows are landing! As McEver lands a strong right, the fighters clinch. From the clinch, Buckler takes McEver to the ground, but McEver quickly reverses. After a brief but spirited exchange, McEver stands over Buckler, throwing a series of blows, but Buckler is covering well. The crowd is in a frenzy as these fighters proceed, with McEver having some successful ground-and-pound, with Buckler attempting to defend. McEver strategically goes for the arm bar, cranking hard, but Buckler refuses to tap immediately - McEver cranks harder and Buckler finally taps out!
    MCEVER Winner by Tap Out via Arm Bar at 3:33 of Round 1.

  3. MIDDLEWEIGHTS: Daniel Young VS William Combs
    Combs comes out looking like the physically dominate fighter. But, it appears Young has speed on his side, and both fighters look equally ready to rumble! Young comes out trying to land a flying knee, but was ineffective. Combs gets the takedown, going into the top position. Young immediately tries to secure a triangle, but fails. Combs moves to the side mount. Young escapes, turning his back, but Combs cannot secure the rear naked! Young escapes and quickly turns on the heat with some major ground-and-pound, causing Combs to submit with a tap!
    YOUNG Winner by TapOut from Strikes at :45 of Round 1.

  4. MIDDLEWEIGHTS: Mitchell Harris VS Chris Henning
    Henning comes out with a quick knee, but Harris takes him down and remains in the up position, trying to get some room for some ground-and-pound. Henning defends well from the down position. Both fighters stand and Henning gets a quick take-down; from the down position Harris offers Henning his back. Henning takes advantage and lands some lefts and rights with not much response from Harris. Henning worked Harris' body then head. Henning attempts a rear naked choke, but Harris is defending well, covering up with tight arms effectively. Everyone in the crowd is coaching! Henning continues his attempted strikes, and Harris continues his effective defense. Finally, Henning's relentless attacks pay off as Harris verbally submits to end this bout.
    HENNING winner by Verbal Submission from Strikes at 2:45 of Round 1

  5. MIDDLEWEIGHTS: Marcus Mack VS Tony Anderson
    Mack throws a fast front kick to Anderson's body and Anderson responds with a hard round kick attacking Mack's leg. Both fighters attempt to land some short, tight punches, with Mack making room to land a knee. Anderson lands a knee to Mack, trying to get some leverage from a standup position - Anderson has Mack against the cage, then Mack gets the takedown on Anderson, assuming the top position. Mack attempts to gain the dominate full mount position, throwing some sharp lefts in the process, then receiving some of Anderson's left hands! The fighters move to get to their feet successfully, but Mack immediately takes Anderson back down with a hook sweeping takedown, working to gain the full mount position, doing some effective ground and pound landing even more left hands with Anderson working his defense. Mack then improves his position, with Anderson attempting to turn out and cover up, but Mack is continuing to land right and left hands. Anderson gets back up and tries for a reversal, but Mack immediately puts Anderson back down to the ground! As Mack looks to lock in on an arm lock, Anderson escapes. Mack continues to land quick lefts from the up position, then Anderson gets a quick reversal on Mack, gaining the top position, but unable to gain the full mount. The crowd is going wild as the end of this round draws near - the action continuing on in the final seconds, while Anderson had the mount, Mack reverses Anderson as the bell rings!
    Round two starts with promise as both fighters stand! Mack throws a quick jab, cross, right knee combination, with Anderson countering quickly with blows of his own. Mack answers with knees to the body and head, and Anderson counters again. Both fighters remain standing, then Anderson drops to the ground with Mack working from behind to gain the full mount position on Anderson. Anderson defends well from the ground, pulling Mack close and not allowing Mack to have room for punches or to bridge out into any dominate position. Referee John Cornett commands the fighters to continue to improve their position or he'll stand them up. Mack from the top position, tries to land some effective blows, but Anderson's defense continues to keep Mack close. Mack stands, trying to improve his position, then drops Anderson back to the ground. Referee Cornett stands the fighters up back to the starting position, and the fighters continue to throw blows. Mack throws a crowd-pleasing front kick to Anderson's face, followed by a knee, moving Anderson against the cage, working for a takedown. With Anderson up against the cage, Mack finishes the round with a left knee to the head as the bell rings.
    After two impressive rounds, the fighters both look hungry for round three. Mack goes in with a body slam on Anderson, getting the takedown. On top, Mack throws some knees to Anderson's body, but again, Anderson's defense does not allow Mack to gain the full mount. Referee Cornett stands the fighters up and they go right back at it with Mack landing a left jab, left jab, then both fighters trading jabs, followed by a left leg body kick by Mack. Both fighters are in their element throwing blows, then Mack goes for the takedown on Anderson. Again, stalling on the ground, Referee Cornett again stands the fighters. Mack and Anderson immediately trade left hooks, with Mack's boxing skills slightly dominate. Mack goes in for the shooting takedown, slamming Anderson to the ground. As Mack is again in the up and Anderson in the down positions, Mack tries to gain room for punching position and Anderson refuses to give up punching room! These warriors take this fight to the judges cards! All three Judges saw this one the same at 30-27 for Marcus Mack.
    WINNER: By Unanimous Decision Marcus Mack.

  6. WELTERWEIGHTS: Paul Kolenda VS Chris Mann
    Both fighters come out boxing, as Kolenda grabs Mann, sitting down on the mat with him. Mann is in the up, Koldenda in the down position. Mann attempts to get past Kolenda's guard, but Kolenda isn't giving Mann much room. Mann gains the distance he needs and quickly lands a series of hard, effective right and left hands on Kolenda for a little ground and pound, causing Kolenda to tap!
    MANN Winner by Tap-Out from Strikes at 1:31 of Round One.

  7. FEATHERWEIGHTS: Cody Bell VS Nathan Osborne
    Bell comes out landing a hard left round kick on Osborne. Osborne answers with a takedown on Bell, Bell defends well from the ground. From a standing position, Osborne lands a couple of fast leg kicks on Bell. The crowd roars as Bell throws an impressive, but unsuccessful, heel kick, then sweeps for a successful takedown on Osborne. As Osborne is in the down position, Bell works for a guillotine. After a few moments, with Bell still looking to cinch in the quillotine, Osborne picks Bell up and deftly drops Bell on the ground! The crowd loves the action, as the spectators fill the arena with frenzy! With Osborne in the up position, Bell refuses to give up much room, as Osborne fails in his attempts to pass Bell's guard. Osborne is then reversed by Bell, with Bell assuming the full mount position. The action heightens as Osborne then reverses Bell and attempts to get past Bell's guard. Bell's guard is effectively tight, not allowing Osborne to land blows or get past. Osborne changes strategy, works for a figure four armguard on Bell ~ Bell escapes not allowing Osborne to go anywhere. As this great action continues at a really fast pace, Bell moves back to the top position, then Osborne pulls guard. Bell gets loose from Osborne, finding room for some effective ground and pound. Bell rides up high, Osborne turns his back, and Bell attempts a rear naked followed with more effective ground and pound in a series of solid rights and lefts, causing Osborne to tap! The crowd really enjoyed this great, fast paced fight! Both fighters did an awesome job!
    WINNER Bell by Tap-Out from Strikes at 3:15 of Round One.

  8. WELTERWEIGHTS: Garrett Seimer VS Casey Casper
    The crowd had to remain focused not to miss the action in this bout. Casper comes out with a sense of urgency, but Seimer demonstrates his own sense of urgency with a strong takedown! Siemer lands a strong right that KO's Casper The crowd remained at a constant roar for the entire 29 seconds of this fight! Fast and furious - another crowd pleaser!
    WINNER by Knockout at :29 of Round One.

  9. LIGHTWEIGHTS: Matt Dukes VS Joshua Freeman
    Dukes starts the fight by throwing his powerful jump roundhouse kick connecting with Freeman's head and knocking Freeman to the ground. He then follows with a series of finishing blows, gaining a beautiful KO! The entire crowd is up on their feet, witnessing this unbelievable event! This technique is becoming synonymous with Dukes' fight starts! All this in only 8 seconds!
    WINNER Dukes by Knockout @ 8 Seconds of Round One.

  10. LIGHTWEIGHTS: Nathan Cash VS Willie Mack
    Mack starts this bout with an attempted front kick, with Cash answering by slamming Mack to the ground. Mack then attempts a guillotine, but Cash is slick and slips out. Both fighters stand up, with Mack landing two quick knees, with Cash again gaining a successful takedown. Cash tries to get past Mack's guard and succeeds. Mack keeps him close, trying to defend from the down position. Cash comes in a little high, and Mack stands up. With both fighters standing, Mack lands a left knee, then a right knee, then a front kick, left knee, right hand - swift combinations. Cash moves in for a leg takedown. Cash gets in the down position, as Mack, on Cash's back, tries for the rear naked. Mack doesn't have any hooks in as Cash escapes, and moves into a side mount position, trying to pass Mack's guard. The action slows a little demonstrating these warriors core strength, as Cash is on top, but Mack maintains a tight guard, not allowing Cash room to punch or find any leverage on Mack's arm. Cash continues to try to get past Mack's guard, as the crowd chants loudly for both fighters. Referee Bud Johnson stands the fighters back up, where Mack lands a right leg round kick to Cash's face, then Cash answers by getting a slamming takedown of his own as this awesome round ends. The crowd sounds pleased with this match-up, as it appears we have a solid striker against a solid grappler, with both demonstrating both striking and grappling abilities throughout this bout. Mack starts the next round with a strong front knee, Cash answers with a takedown and full mount on Mack. Mack again defends well by bringing Cash in close. Cash is still trying to gain an advantage from the up position, and starts his ground and pound. However, Cash is riding a little high in his full mount position, allowing Mack to successfully bridge Cash off! On again, Cash again is high, giving Mack room to escape into his strength, looking to stand up box and kick. Mack is successful with his kicks, but Cash gets the takedown, assuming the side mount position. Cash attempts to gain good position, but Mack refuses to give up room, defending well from the ground. The action comes to an impasse on the ground, causing Referee Johnson to stand the fighters back up. Mack again looking to box and Cash again looking for a takedown. Both fighters do what they intended - Mack lands a good right leg kick and Cash answers with his takedown! Cash is looking for the headcrank as this round comes to a close. Here we go, final round - the warriors tap gloves as the action quickly begins. Mack continues to look for strikes and kicks. Cash takes advantage of Mack's less-than-committed right leg kick, as Cash shoots in trying for a takedown. Mack throws a quick knee, and Cash drives Mack up against the cage. Cash attempts the full mount, but they are up against the cage, and Mack again defends. Mack reverses Cash, the fighters clash and Cash successfully commits to a full body slam against the cage and down onto the mat on Mack. Cash lands some right hands as Mack is still. Cash continues to strike to get past Mack's guard, but again, is unsuccessful. Cash continues to try to figure out and break down Mack's defense, but Mack's defense proves solid. Cash is definitely getting the riding time in as the third and final round comes near to a close. Mack continues to look for a way to reverse and get them back into a standing position, but Cash quickly begins a strong ground and pound, crowd-pleasing effort. Cash works the head and body trying to gain an advantage. This good, competitive bout caused us to go to the judges' scorecards. This was a very close one.
    WINNER: Cash By Split Decision, 29-28, 28-29 & 29-28.

  11. LIGHTWEIGHTS: Jesse Wolf VS Zach McDonald
    McDonald lands a leg kick followed by a slamming takedown on Wolf. Wolf sprawls, defending well standing back up, then Wolf gets a takedown. Wolf attempts to get past McDonald's guard, both fighting close to the cage. McDonald reverses Wolf and pulls him out to the middle of the cage. McDonald tries to get past Wolf's guard. Wolf attempts a triangle, McDonald slips out. Wolf stands back up, as fighters both exchange right hands and a knee. McDonald throws another knee and Wolf responds with an unsuccessful takedown. Wolf then throws a couple of strong right knees, but McDonald's strategy quickly closes the striking gap. McDonald manages to get Wolf into a guillotine, but Wolf slips this. Wolf then attempts to gain position for some ground and pound, but McDonald won't give him the room. The action stalls a little as both fighters find ways to counter each others moves. Wolf remains in the top, McDonald in the bottom position. McDonald continues to defend well against Wolf's top position, but Wolf manages to land a couple of left hands, allowing McDonald to get back up. McDonald stands, Wolf stands, and McDonald immediately moves toward an attempted quillotine. As both fighters stand, McDonald continues his attempt at a guillotine and Wolf continues his defense with a stomp as the bell rings to close this round.
    Round two shows both fighters ready to go. McDonald fakes a kick, Wolf goes for the guillotine attempt, but McDonald lifts Wolf off the ground and goes for the body slam, causing the crowd to roar! McDonald gets the takedown, and Wolf reverses! McDonald tries to move it, Wolf reverses and gains the full mount position on McDonald. McDonald's mouthpiece flies, but Referee Cornett is awaiting a lull in the action. But, the lull never comes as Wolf deftly gains an armbar and causes McDonald to tap!
    WINNER Wolf by Tap Out via a Arm Bar at 1:08 of Round Two

  12. MIDDLEWEIGHTS: Craig Case VS Nick Nolte
    Case comes out throwing a wicked right that misses, but Case quickly recovers his posture, and follows with a takedown. Both fighters quickly return to a stand up position. Nolte lands a strong right knee to Case. Both fighters attempting to land short right knees, but Nolte is successful in landing a right hand and moves to lock in on a guillotine on Case. Nolte knees Case hard to the face, causing Case to tap as he hits the ground!
    WINNER Nolte by Tap Out from Strikes at :57 of Round One.

  13. MIDDLEWEIGHTS: Dominic Brown VS Josh Hargis
    This bout starts fast as the crowd cheers as Brown lands a right leg kick, slamming Hargis against the cage. Hargis countered with some upper body leverage against Brown, but Brown refuses to give. Brown then body slams Hargis, causing the crowd to roar for the action! Brown quickly moves to get past Hargis guard, but he is initially unsuccessful as Hargis maintains his guard. Hargis then reverses and quickly gets up - both fighters are standing. Brown pins Hargis against the cage, as Brown attempts a sweeping leg takedown on Hargis. Hargis counters by attempting a guillotine on Brown. After moments, Brown manages to grab Hargis' leg, causing Hargis to release the guillotine, then Brown quickly follows with a right, left hand, knee combination to Hargis' body. After a slight stall, Brown gains a fast sweeping leg takedown on Hargis, and Hargis again goes for the guillotine, but on the opposite side of Brown's body. Brown again attempts to stand up to escape the attempted quillotine and Brown successfully slips out, still on the ground. Brown moves into position for some ground and pound, but Hargis defends closing the gap between them. Brown again attempts to stand up to get some room to strike and successfully lands a few left hands to Hargis' body. Brown gets out of Hargis' grip and again Hargis closes the gap, trapping Brown's arm as this round ends.
    Round two begins with both fighters fiercly circling one another - Hargis throws a quick leg kick, blocked by Brown! Brown counters with a strong right hand, and Hargis counters by closing the gap and attempting a knee to Brown's body. Brown moves Hargis against the cage as he had in the previous round, as both fighters remaining standing, vying for arm leverage and knee room to strike. Brown then attempts to put Hargis to the ground, but Hargis slips and lands a crowd-reacting swift leg kick to Brown's left leg. Brown immediately counters with a powerful right hand, knocking Hargis to the canvass, then inviting Hargis to stand back up. Hargis quickly regains his composure, aggressively going for a shoot, which Brown defends. Both fighters attempt some exchanges, with neither fighter gaining an advantage at this moment. Brown then lands a left knee to the body and moves into position to attempt a rear naked choke hold. But, Hargis maintains his guard and Brown cannot get past; however, Brown is getting substantial riding time in this round. Both fighters again successfully combat one another as this round comes to an end.
    Round three finds the crowd cheering for their favorite fighter. The fighters are clearly (and well-earned) fatigued from their previous warrior rounds. Both fighters stalk one another as each tries to gain the advantage. Hargis pulls out an attempted head kick, but Brown cleanly slips out of the way. Brown counters with a right hand and they separate. Both fighters attempt right crosses, but nullify one another. Brown moves Hargis against the cage, Brown lands a knee - Hargis counters with a knee. Brown lands a few smart knees to Hargis' thighs and takes Hargis to the ground off the side of the cage and Brown attempts to get past Hargis guard. Hargis closes the gap, and Brown looks for room to punch, with success - landing a few right hands to Hargis body and head as he still tries to get past Hargis guard. Hargis defense is still strong, so Brown is not getting the leverage he wants with his right hand strikes. Brown is still gaining the riding time he wants as the round and bout comes to a close. Another awesome match, going to the judges' scorecards.
    WINNER: Brown by Unanimous Decision, 30-27 on all Judges Cards.

  14. HEAVYWEIGHTS: Greg Jacobs VS Sheppard Owens
    Jacobs quickly starts this round throwing some punches, but missing his targets. Owens responds with some shots of his own, including a shot to the head followed by a knee to the body! Owens gets a takedown. Jacobs quickly reverses for some ground and pound, and moves into a guillotine, throwing some knees to the body. Owens tries to hold the leg, but Jacobs moves Owens to the fence. Standing, Jacobs throws another knee to the body followed by Owens punch to the head, with a series of lefts, rights. The fighters circle and Owens throws a sharp knee to Jacobs' head. Jacob counters and spins Owens to the fence, struggling for position. Owens gains a reversal and a take down, pounding Jacobs to the body with a left, right, left combination. Owens continues to dominate with his strikes, as he continues to trap Jacobs with nowhere to go! This forced Jacobs to tap.
    WINNER: Owens by Tap Out from Strikes at 2:41 of Round One.

  15. LIGHTWEIGHTS: Eric Marriott VS Lonnie Stewart
    Stewart starts the round headhunting with his round kick, but misses his mark. Marriott counters with a low kick, missing his mark as well. The fighters move in close to exchange punches, as Marriott continues with a successful leg kick. The fighters circle the cage, and Marriott lets loose another effective leg kick combination. Again, closing the gap, both fighters swing and miss. Marriott continues with a near miss high kick, and a successful body blow combination. Stewart answers with an attempted left hand punch, but Marriott counters with his effective kicks. Stewart again answers with some punches and moves Marriott to the fence attempting a takedown. Both fighters touch the canvass but quickly regain their standing positions to continue the bout. Marriott incites the crowd with a slam and side mount position, working for position. Marriott throws some strikes to the head, still moving for side mount positioning. Stewart attempts a choke, but Marriott works out and puts his own attempted choke on Marriott. Marriott has Stewarts back, trying to find a choke, following with lefts, rights and a good hammerfist. Marriott works for the armbar unsuccessfully, then moves into an attempted triangle, trying to get the crank. Stewart taps! This was quick, fast action and the crowd enjoyed the bout!
    WINNER: Marriot By Tap Out via Triangle Choke at 3:11 of Round One

For more info please contact Mr. Phil Jones At (816) 651-5087 or at or go to

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18th, 2006, AT 2:45 PM, PT

Have A New Fighter...

Hi Everyone. I hope this post finds you all doing well and getting ready for a great weekend. First of all I would like to apologize to those we still owe return phone calls and e-mails to from the past week. We have been out of the office a lot this week, but I assure you, the reason was justified.

This past Tuesday, after a long and exhausting labor, my wife Toni and I welcomed our first child to the world, a baby girl.

Fallyn Brooke Fossum
Was born at 10:08 Tuesday morning, August 15th in Sacramento, California.

Toni has been resting up in the Hospital the past few days and is scheduled to check out of the Hospital later today and finally come home. Baby Fallyn is also doing well, "Kickin & Punchin" and we hope to have her ready for the fight game soon...LoL...

So, if we are a little slow in responding to phone calls and or e-mails, this is why. Still, as many would and should expect, we will keep the ISCF and IKF Train moving forward.

Thank You to all of you that have sent your cards, gifts and messages to Toni and I over the past few days.
They are greatly appreciated.

Back to the fight Game!
Have a Great Weekend Everyone.

Steve Fossum


Bausch Sports Presents
Moberly, Missouri, USA

  1. Jonathan Controtto Vs Bryan Oxner

  2. Charles Carpenter Vs John Adams

  3. Trevor Newland Vs Jonah Brown

  4. Randy Perkins Vs Stephen Carpenter

  5. Lloyd Ray Vs Mike Gabb

  6. Cory Blakemore Vs Will Burns

  7. William Parker Vs Sean Look

  8. Isia Larson Vs Scott Phillips

  9. Ben Brown Vs Arron Jamieson

  10. Nate Gorman Vs Eric Jones

  11. Mark Wall Vs Michael Brown


Joplin, Missouri, USA

  1. Chris Reedy Vs Richard (Tony) Linders Jr.,

  2. Zac Whiteley Vs Brandon Thomure

  3. Ernest Freeman Vs Matt Miller

  4. Johnathan Wood Vs James Fletcher

  5. Kyle CargillVs Tony Keys

  6. Monte Tinnon Vs Don Bell

  7. Colby Tierney Vs Mike Glenn

  8. Landon Jones Vs Drew Reed

  9. Chuck Rainey Vs Josh Bowen

  10. Josh McClure Vs Sydney Bruen

  11. Bill Burton Vs Creighton Davenport

  12. Ben Douley Vs Brad Sawyer

  13. Norvin Tinnon Vs Hank Dooley

  14. Russell Crandon Vs Jeremiah Haynes

  15. Jacob Ritchie Vs Jay Gould

  16. Johnny Reed Vs Mark Gentry


Champions Martial Arts Inc - Impact Promotions Presents
"Battle Cage 360 - Extreme Impact"
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

  1. Alex Jumonville VS Nick Nuila

  2. James Dowden VS Jymes Ehlers

  3. Derrick Krantz VS Chris Johnson

  4. Thomas Hebert VS Aaron Jamieson

  5. Michael Crisp VS Christian Fulgain

  6. Greg Walker VS Tony Kelly
  7. Chad Leondhardt VS Andrew Coleman

  8. Ryan Miller VS Mark Sniff

  9. Michael Braswell VS Buddy Caskey

  10. Josh Hird VS Michael Raines

  11. Michael Flentge VS Robert Hamilton

  12. Brandon Rondon VS *Jason Horak


In Ya Face Fight Productions Presents
"Ultimate Battles"
Houma, Louisiana, USA

  1. Joseph Chapa vs. John Lablanc

  2. Matt Rengal vs. Randy Billiot

  3. Josh Fontenot vs. Micheal Soudelier

  4. Scott Slaton vs. Tony Hickman

  5. Danny Talyor vs. Boo Bernis

  6. Chris Reed vs Jules Bruchez Jr.

  7. Wally Villa Rieal vs. Craig Freque

  8. Scott (Sonya) Sonnier vs. Ricky Chassion

  9. Jeramiya Maxwell vs. Lanny J. Dar Dar Sr.

  10. Blake Verdin vs. Christopher Lablace

  11. Matt Gautreaux vs. Kurry Guch


By JJ Coronel

On Friday night, August 11th, 2006 at Club Europe, the Atlanta fight scene was treated to another installment of Brett Moses' Fight Party. As has always been the case, Moses again brought great match making and exciting fights to the fans. We were treated to 13 exciting amateur and professional fights, again demonstrating why Moses' is one of the best promoters and matchmakers in the game today; and, as he often says "…if it doesn't say Fight Party on it [in Georgia], you never know what you're getting!"

    The night began with the first of 5 amateur MMA bouts with Jason Barrett from TEAM REALITY in Moultrie, GA vs. Chandler Oakes from TEAM OAKES, in Charleston, SC, in a welterweight fight. Barrett and Oakes came out from the onset with bad intentions towards each other, throwing some power bombs! The pace was fast and aggressive with back and forth exchanges.
    Round 2 started the same as round 1 with Oakes taking Barrett down and with Barrett collecting himself and securing a triangle choke :56 seconds into the round to secure the win.

    Fight 2 was a Welterweight bout between Scott Tuggle of DAMAGE INC (Indiana) and Ryan McClellan of the TALLAHASSEE FIGHT CLUB (Tallassee, FL).
    This was a fight with some hard blows being exchanged and takedowns being executed mostly by McClellan, who maintained the top position most of the round and attempted to finalize the very tough Tuggle who would not quit.
    Round 2 started with McClellan slamming Tuggle and again taking the dominant position and continuing to work on Tuggle, who again showed a lot of determination making it through the round. In round 3, both fighters came out swinging with McClellan again taking Tuggle down and working his ground and pound. After being stood up, McClellan continued to dominate and was able to apply a front guillotine choke on Tuggle to end the fight at 1:45 of the 3rd round.

    Fight 3 was a Middleweight bout between two very promising fighters: "NASTY" "Nasty Nate Edwards of TEAM BAD INTENT UNDERGROUND FIGHTERS (Charleston, SC) and Nissen Osternic of TEAM RELSON GRACIE/DOJO (Charleston, SC).
    This fight started with some really hard blows being exchanged, many submission attempts and reversals between Edwards and Osterneck. They made the first round most exciting by finishing strong and refusing to backing down from one another. Round 2 started with both Edwards and Osterneck in the same fashion as they had started. Nissen took Edwards down hard and started to dominate, Edwards reversed and Nissen ended up securing a very tight triangle choke to end the fight at 1:38 of round 2.

    Fight 4 was a Middleweight bout between Chad (Jonathan ) Burns of TEAM HEADHUNTER (South Carolina) and Pete Snider of the Atlanta's location of ALLIANCE/TEAM JACARE.
    This fight began with Snider picking up, slamming and starting to work submissions on Burns. Pete went for a toe hold, foot locks and after Burns managed to escape the holds, Snider picked him up and slammed him to the canvas to set up the win with a rear naked choke at 2:14 of round 1.

    The final amateur fight, Bout 5, was a Heavyweight fight between BIG John McKenzie from CREIGHTON MMA (Duluth, GA) and Joe Papp of the TALLAHASSEE FIGHT CLUB.
    This fight started with the 2 big bulls coming at each other with some very bad intentions. A lot of heavy leather and knees were exchanged, with neither McKenzie nor Papp backing down. For the entire round the heavyweights set a pace that was fast and furious - a real crowd pleaser!
    Round 2 started with more heavy hands being exchanged. McKenzie executed a hard take down and started to work his ground and pound game on Papp who showed great heart, but came up short this night. McKenzie by referee stoppage :57 round 2.

    Fight 6 was the first Pro fight of the night, a Lightweight bout between YORK ASH of TEAM INFERNO (Dallas, TX) and JONATHON BROOKINS of USA MARTIAL ARTS (Ocala, FL).
    This fight started at a fast pace. as would be expected with two lightweights: a lot of hard shots landed by both Ash and Brookins. Ash took Brookins down and started to work his ground and pound game plan, but Brookins had plans of his own, getting up and escaping. More hard shoots were exchanged with Brookins more dominant and after rocking Ash able to securing a standing guillotine choke at 3:58 minutes of round 1.

    Fight 7 was a Lightweight bout between BEN PIERCE of THE HARDCORE GYM (Athens, GA) and CORY MAHON of DAMAGE INC (Indianapolis, IN).
    Pierce stepped up to accept this fight, his Pro debut, on just a few days notice after his teammate, Stephen Ledbetter, suffered an elbow injury training for the fight. This fight started with both parties coming out hard. Pierce slammed Mahon. Pierce began to work Mahon, but Mahon was able to reverse. Pierce then swept Mahon attempted to apply a submission. With the action stalemated, the fighters were stood up and began to exchange hard blows and kicks, Pierce was able to take Mahon down again and ended the round in the top position.
    Round 2 began with both continuing to exchange hard blows. Mahon took Pierce down and attempted to submit him. Pierce worked hard to defend, but Mahon was a little too much too soon, as he was able to end the fight with an arm bar at 2.51 (R2) round.

    Fight 8 was a lightweight grudge match between LARRY "THE LETHAL LEPRECHAUN " LANDRY of KNUCKLE UP (Kennesaw, GA) and MICAH MILLER, now representing the HARDCORE GYM (Athens, GA).
    This fight was fast and exciting for the fans. Landry came out very hard and had two very hard slams on Miller, who showed a lot of composure in weathering the storm. Miller composed himself and was able to immediately secure a tight triangle choke and finished a very game Landry in 1:13 minutes of round 1.

    Fight 9 marked the return of local Light Heavyweight favorite BERNARD RUTHERFORD of EAGLE KICKBOXING in a bout against MIKE HANSEN of Minnesota's TEAM STUD RANCH.
    This fight started with heavy exchanges. Rutherford was able to execute two hard slams on Hansen who gamely reversed his position but to no avail, as Rutherford was able to take his back and secure a rear naked choke 2:02 into the first round.

    The night's tenth fight was a Welterweight bout between stoic SHAWN CONNOR, from THE TALLAHASSEE FIGHT CLUB, and the always controversial RAN WEATHERS of KNUCKLE UP (Kennesaw, GA).
    This was a very entertaining fight as local favorite Weathers never fails to make it interesting. Both parties came out swinging with Connor being able to take Weathers down and take a top dominant position and begin to work his ground and pound. Somewhere midway into the round, Weathers loses his shorts and the action was delayed for a moment for an equipment check and adjustment, The action resumes with Weathers reversing Connor and attempting a choke. With time running out, Connor reverses to end the round in dominant position.
    Round 2 starts with both exchanging hard blows and kicks in the center of the cage. Connor was able to take Weathers down and continue to work until they were stood up. Connor again trips Weathers and ends in the top position ending round 2. Round 3 starts with Weathers scoring with a hard knee. Connor, a MARINE, showed a lot of heart by absorbing Weathers' attack, taking Weathers down and securing the top position Both fighters continued to exchange blows and reverse each other until the round ended, with Connor in the dominant position. Connor wins the fight at the end of regulation by judges' decision.

    Fight 11 was a welterweight bout between highly regarded LUKE GWALTNEY of TEAM STEVE BERGER/OTTAWA NAUTILUS (Streeter, IL) and local hero HARRIS " SMALLVILLE " NORWOOD.
    This was considered by many in attendance the best fight of the night and a stand up war for the books! Both fighters came out with a vengeance and this fight was non-stop action. Three rounds of high kicks by Norwood and some real hard punching by Gwaltney. They both worked their strategies with Norwood working numerous low and high kicks and accurate punches. Harris neutralized Gwaltney a great deal with his kicks. Gwaltney swung hard at Norwood trying to knock him out. He attempted throwing some hard kicks at as well. Both fighters showed a lot of heart and it was a battle of wills with neither man backing down. While each left all he had in the ring, Norwood seemed to gain control in the third. The judges agreed with Norwood getting the decision.

    Fight 12 was a Middleweight bout between accomplished grappler, RYAN ELLISON of ALLIANCE/TEAM JACARE and Auburn, Alabama's KEITH "THE ONE " JOHNSON
    Both fighters came out swinging with Ellison quickly getting inside and taking Johnson to the canvas. From there it was Ellison "cooking", and working the guillotine choke for the submission at 1:15 of round 1.

    The Main Event, Bout 13 was a Featherweight contest between JEFF "LITTLE POPEYE" BEDARD of CREIGHTON MMA /HARDCORE Gym and DOMINICK BJERKE of TEAM STUD RANCH, Minnesota.
    The fighters came out circled each other and Bedard immediately hit one of his trademark, lightning-fast double legs to take Bjerke down. The usually cautious and conservative Bedard went for the jugular, taking Bjerke's back, putting in the hooks and sinking in the rear naked choke to end the bout at :33 seconds of the first round, making it the fastest submission or stop of the night. Bedard, who was already considered a contender in the Lightweight division, showed an added dimension and has to be considered one of the most dangerous fighters in his class.

For more info on this event please contact Mr. Brett Moses at or call (404) 315-7235.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 11th, 2006, AT 11:30 PM, PT


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

  1. Eric Marriott VS Lonnie Stewart

  2. Greg Jacobs VS Sheppard Owens

  3. Garrett Seimer VS Casey Casper

  4. Dominic Brown VS Josh Hargis

  5. Craig Case VS Nick Nolte

  6. Nathan Cash VS Willie Mack

  7. Jesse Wolf VS Zach Mcdonald

  8. Matt Dukes VS Joshua Freeman

  9. Casey Smith VS Ricky Cromwell

  10. Marcus Mack VS Tony Anderson

  11. Paul Kolenda VS Chris Mann

  12. Cody Bell VS Nathan Osborne

  13. Daniel Young VS William Combs

  14. Mitchell Harris VS Chris Henning

  15. Steven McEver VS Chris Buckler


Fight Party Productions Presents
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    Chandler Oakes vs Jason Barrett

    Scott Tuggle vs Ryan McClellan

    "Nasty Nate Edwards vs. Nissen Osternic

    Chad (Jonathan ) Burns vs. Pete Snider

    John McKenzie vs Joe Papp

    Ben Pierce vs Cory Mahon

    Larry "The Lethal Leprechaun Landry vs. Micah Miller

    Bernard Rutherford vs. Mike Hansen

    Shawn Connor vs. Ran Weathers

    Luke Gwaltney vs. Harris "Smallville Norwood

    Ryan Ellison vs. Keith "The One Johnson

    Jeff "Little Popeye Bedard vs. Dominick Bjerke


Supreme Fighting Challenge
JULY 22nd, 2006.- Belleville, Illinois, USA

ISCF Belleville, Illinois, USA: After some exciting storms came through the Metro St. Louis area only a couple of days before the SFC fights on Saturday night, a lot of people were needing to get out of the house, due to power loses. There was no better place than Belleville, Illinois! There was plenty of power and thunder at the SFC. The night was hot from an earlier storm but that didn't stop the fight fans from packing the event. The night was action packed and full of great fights.
Here are the Nights Results:

    Rich Weeks defeated Jeremy Genin by rear naked choke.

    Danny Rodriguez defeated Dave Cochran by decision.

    Matt Veach defeated John Chester by ref stoppage in the 2nd round.

    Dennis Janis defeated Juan Escatel by triangle choke.

    Danny Sandman defeated Reese Shaner by ref stoppage in the 3rd round.

    Alex Carter defeated Mark Anderson by 1st round Rear naked choke.

    Brandon Griffin defeated Shawn McCaulle by 1st round Rear naked choke.

    Justin Hutter defeated Sal Woods by 1st round triangle choke.

    Adam Bass defeated Jason Kiglar by 1st ref stoppage.

    Matt Jaggers defeated Jeff Bima by 1st ref stoppage.

    Kurt Bee defeated Cody West by 1st round KO.

For more info about this event please contact Mr. Jay Sodini at or Mr. Joe Geromiller at (618) 345-9635.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 10th, 2006, AT 5:15 PM, PT

Results From Unleashed Combats
July 29th, 2006, Kansas, City, Missouri, USA
By Benjamin Nogueras Jr.

ISCF Promoter Daniel Summers completed yet another successful ISCF Event at the Emeralb House in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Andrew (Andy) Waters -vs- Chad White
    Chad White quickly attempts to take Andrew Waters out of his game plan by shooting for a single leg. Andy however stops Chad's attempt by forcing a strong cross-face against the cage which ultimately led to a guillotine choke in 2:43 seconds of the first round.
    Andrew Waters wins by submission.

  2. Jason Shields -vs- Jeremy Brandes
    Jeremy starts with a single-leg that ultimately results in Jason catching him in a triangle choke in :59 seconds of the 1st round.
    Jason Shields wins by triangle-choke.

  3. Ryan Witten -vs- Wade Killgore
    Wade jumps into action with a quick double leg take down and a barrage of bombs. Ryan somehow lands a great, leg kick on Wade as Wade attempts the double leg. Both fighters struggle on the mat to gain dominate position, but Ryan reigns supreme by implementing a Triangle Choke in 2:58 of the first round.
    Ryan Witten wins by triangle choke.

  4. Kirk Mata -vs- Casey Lasley
    Both fighters come out strong, attempting to slam each other to the mat. Casey finds a way to catch Kirk in position to perform a rear slam, but in his attempt Kirk lands on Casey's leg. Casey dislocates his knee in the fall resulting in a stoppage of the bought.
    Kirk Mata wins by TKO injury over Casey in :45 seconds of the first round.

  5. Anthony Young -vs- Kyle Waag
    Kyle Waag starts this bought very strong, with a right cross which landed perfectly. Once he landed the right cross Kyle positioned himself to mount Anthony. Once he did mount Anthony, he just started dropping vicious bombs. All Anthony could do is attempt to scramble and avoid Kyle's punches, but gets caught with a perfect right-cross to his nose, which seemed to break it. Stunned, Anthony gets caught in a rear naked choke in 1:10 of the first round.
    Kyle Waag wins by rear-naked choke.

  6. Bill Shaddox -vs- Brandon Reinbold (Submission Only Match)
    Brandon wins with a submission neck crank.

  7. Jeff Cox -vs- Laif Starforth
  8. Erik Fernandez -vs- Joshua Freemann
    Both fighters come in swinging, throwing each other into the cage and both landing hard knees and toe stomps. Joshua manages to pick Erick up for a slam trying to prevent from being caught in a guillotine which Erick attempted to apply. The majority of the round was pretty much an even exchange, but Erick landed slightly more in the exchange.
    Round two started with Erick throwing a front thrust kick which lands on Joshua's chest. Joshua however, just brushed it off and continued to press the momentum, at one point telling Erick to bring it. Joshua then takes Erick down to the mat and attempts to mount him, but Erick somehow gets Joshua in an arm-bar. Bought finished at 1:36 in the second.
    Erick Fernandez wins by arm-bar in the second.

  9. William Combs vs Matt Morelan
    William starts this fight with five consecutive jabs that land. Matt however finally times William's jabs perfectly before taking William down to the mat. Matt then takes side mount and knee's William on his side. In the skirmish, Matt takes full mount and lands a right cross to Williams temple which knocks him out.
    Matt wins by TKO in 2:26 of the first round.

  10. Chris Henning wins by default due to his opponent, Miller Araujo, never showing up.

  11. James Bunch vs Mike Gabb
    James quickly jumps into action by landing a powerful right hook that splits Mike's left eye open and sends him to the mat. Mike valiantly attempts to escape James barrage, but James was too much for him. James mounted Mike and pounded him to a submission.
    James wins by TKO.

  12. ISCF Amateur Missouri State Welterweight Title Bout
    Cody Parrish -vs- Garrett Seimer
    This was an unexpectedly great fight. We all thought that Cody would do as he did the first time they both met. We thought Cody would control the fight then submit him in the end, but Garrett had a different thought entirely. And we should have known it when he stepped into the ring. He was as calm as can be, and he was focused as can be. He only had one thing in mind and that was beating Cody. Cody however came in pumped up and ready to roll when he stepped on the mat. If there were no referee in the ring, he would have started the battle the moment he stepped on the mat.
    The fight started out with both fighters displaying there boxing skills, both landing bombs that most men would crumble to the ground, if hit. Both stood in the center of the ring exchanging bombs, then Cody lands a vicious knee right on the face of Garrett. Garrett nods as to say, "Good hit dude, but I'm still standing". Then Garrett lands an over hand right that stuns Cody. Cody also takes the shot and gives Garrett a look indicating he also was still standing. Both guys go at it again, exchanging bombs, then Cody hits the mat after a right cross that Garrett landed. Cody however recovers quickly and motions to Garrett to bring it on. Both fighters then start working on the ground to get dominate position, but the end of the round stops the action.
    Round two was just as exciting as the first with fists flying, Knees flying, and I think, even fireworks flying too. Both of these guys looked to just put it all on the line and giving it all they could. What a war. Garrett again attempting to control the round came out banging, and seeming to land before Cody could get to him. Again Cody hits the mat, but only for a second to gain composure. Then up he went to bang it out with Garrett. Both of these guys just would not stop dropping bombs. Everybody in the venue were standing and screaming for their favorite fighter. In one episode for the fight both fighters hit the mat, as Garrett tried to take dominate position. In his attempt, he forgot that Cody had decent ground skills and was caught in a triangle that he could not get loose off. Cody applied a perfectly timed Triangle which ended the great war that they started.
    Cody Parish wins by submission by Triangle choke in :58 of the second round and becomes the new ISCF Amateur Missouri State Welterweight Champion.

For more info please contact Mr. Daniel Summers At (913) 963-1031 or at


"Friends No More"
JULY 29th, 2006 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

ISCF & IKF Promoter Mr. Charlton Young hosted "Friends No More" at the Shreveport Municipal Building, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA this past July 29th, 2006. Here are the nights results below.

    David Allen (153) winner by decision over Tony Kelly (149)

    Chase Herrera (144) defeated Tommy Ford (135) by TKO.

    Jacob Hart (218) defeated Christian Fulgain (202) by KO in round 2.

    Mark Audleman (235) winner by decesion over Clark Vaughn (227)

    Daniel Bell (155) winner by decision over Kenneth Booten (155)

    Derrick Krantz (170.1) winner by stoppage over Kevin Williams (178)

    Blake Franklin (137) winner by decision over Jeff Foster (142)

For more info, please contact Mr. Charlton Young at (318) 687-7521

SATURDAY, AUGUST 5th, 2006, AT 3:55 PM, PT

Brett Moses' Fight Party Productions and Creative Loafing Present
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

On Friday, August 11th, at 8:00 PM, Brett Moses' Fight Party Productions and Creative Loafing proudly present, FULL THROTTLE 8 EXTREME FIGHTINGtm

Since it's inception in 1999 Fight Party Productions has promoted the best fights Georgia has to offer and Full Throttle 8 will be no exception.

Jeff "Little Popeye" Bedard, Ryan Ellison, ,Bernard Rutherford, Kevin Brooks, Ran Weathers, Shawn Connor, Luke Gwaltney, Harris Norwood, Stephen Ledbetter and the young guns Micah Miller and Larry Landry are but a few of the fighters in action on the 11th.

These fights will take place LIVE in the CAGE at the Club Europe Ballroom. Tickets are $25.00, $35.00 & $55.00 and are VERY limited and available only at

Or through the Fight Party Hotline at (404) 315-7235.

They can also be attained through a few of your favorite local fighters and gyms and, of course, at the door.

Remember, if it doesn't say Fight Party Full Throttle Extreme Fightingtm, you never know what you're getting. Forget the haters and imitators and get your tickets to Full Throttle 8 today!

Club Europe
4001 Presidential Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30340
(770) 452.1240 -

THURSDAY, July 27th 2006, AT 1:10 PM, PT


Unleashed Combat Presents
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

    Andrew (Andy) Waters -vs- Chad White

    Jason Shields -vs- Jeremy Brandes

    Ryan Witten -vs- Wade Killgore

    Kirk Mata -vs- Casey Lasley

    Anthony Young -vs- Kyle Waag

    Bill Shaddox -vs- Brandon Reinbold

    Jeff Cox -vs- Tim Townsends
    Erik Fernandez -vs- Joshua Freeman

    Chris Henning -vs- Miller Araujo

  10. ISCF AMATEUR MMA / 170
    Rodney Borden -vs- Matt Morelan

  11. ISCF AMATEUR MMA / 185
    Laif Starforth -vs- Mike Gabb

    Cody Parrish -vs- Garrett Seimer


C & C Entertainment Presents
"Friends No More"
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

SUNDAY, July 23rd 2006, AT 7:00 PM, PT

Schiller Park, Illinois, USA

Results from Robert Hinds, ISCF Representative.

For more info please contact Mr. Nestor Soto at (708) 752-2431 or by e-mail at

FRIDAY, July 21st, 2006, AT 10:50 AM, PT


Fight Force Entertainment Presents
Schiller Park, Illinois, USA


Supreme Fighting Challenges Presents
Supreme Fighting Challenges
Belleville, Illinois, USA

  1. Jeremy Genin VS Rich Weeks

  2. Danny Rodriguez VS Dave Cochran

  3. John Chester VS Matt Veach

  4. Dennis Janis VS Juan Escatel

  5. Caleb Krull VS Jason Pierce

  6. Danny Sandman VS Reese Shaner

  7. Alex Carter VS Mark Anderson

  8. Brandon Griffin VS Shawn McCaulle

  9. Sal Woods VS Justin Hutter

  10. Sam Becktell VS Adam Bass

  11. Matt Jaggers VS Jeff Bima

  12. Bill Mayer VS Josh Taibil

  13. Kurt Bee VS Kenny Allen



July 14, 2006 - Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

By Chuck Wolfe - IKF & ISCF World Representative: ISCF Promoter Phil Jones and TRUE FIGHT FAN - Hardcore MMA Cage Matches hosted an exciting night of MMA action, CLASH IN THE CAGE 4, at "WHISKEY TANGO" in Grain Valley, Missouri, USA this past Friday night, July 14th.

A packed house is what I would call it! A crowd of over 2200 people were on hand to see Phil Jones and the True Fight Fan crew put together there 4th successful event in a little over 4 months. They were not disappointed. Whiskey Tango's is one of the largest bar's in the Mid-West so everyone was comfortable. It was loud, fast and furious in the cage and out of the cage. The results are as follows:

  1. Willie Mack vs Ryan Ridinger - LIGHTWEIGHTS
    The crowd went wild as these first two fighters came out fast and hard. Ridinger comes out with a slam takedown. Mack pulls guard. Ridinger gets off a little ground-n-pound. Mack looks to be in trouble close to the cage, but Ridinger cannot get past Mack's guard. Ridinger throws some quick glancing right hands, but they have no affect on Mack. The first round ends with Ridinger on top definitely getting more riding time in.
    Round two starts with Ridinger getting a quick take-down. Reversed by Mack. Mack then stands up, followed by Ridinger. As the fighters circle in the stand up position, Ridinger again moves in for a slam takedown. As Ridinger improves his position and gets past Mack's guard he's ready for some Ground-n-Pound, which is quickly reversed by Mack. Ridinger again pulls guard. As they stand, Mack throws a fast round kick to the body followed by a strike to the head. Mack then follows with two sharp front kicks to the body and a left to the head. Standing, Mack goes for the take-down. Ridinger reverses, working to attempt to secure a guillotine, Mack just won't tap. Round two ends with Mack getting a reversal and getting on top of Ridinger - good, strong round.
    Round three starts with an impressive jump round head kick by Mack, but Ridinger shows no reaction! Ridinger quickly moves to an ankle pick takedown, Mack follows with right/left hands, and Ridinger tries for the ankle pick, but he gets caught up in Mack's leg and Mack takes full advantage of his positioning, causing Ridinger to Tap!
    WINNER: Willie Mack At 1:30 of Round 3 by TapOut.

  2. Isaac Goins VS Steven McEver - LIGHTWEIGHTS
    Side kick by Goins followed by a takedown by McEver, but it's quickly reversed by Goins. Moving quickly to a tight guard McEver gives Goins no room to punch. Both fighters move to a standing position and Goins attempts a takedown, causing an injury to his right knee forcing him to verbally submit, and causing Referee Bud Johnson to stop the bout in the first round!
    WINNER: Steven McEver at 2:10 of Round 1 by TKO ~ Verbal Submission.

  3. Joshua Freeman VS Anthony Young - LIGHTWEIGHTS
    This fight proved to be fast and furious! These fighters were ready for action and quickly began with a takedown by Young with Freeman pulling guard. Within seconds, Young threw a knee, which was answered with Freeman's right hand, left uppercut, and continuous action with effective ground-n-pound! Causing Referee Johnson to step in.
    WINNER: Josh Freeman at :34 of Round 1 by TKO.

  4. Eric Siley VS Marcus Mack - MIDDLEWEIGHTS
    The Mack brothers were ready for war! Mack starts with a takedown, but Siley works for a guillotine from the down position. Mack escapes the attempt, and tries to improve his own position for an effective ground-n-pound. Both move to a standup position, with a leg kick landed by Siley. A slam into the side of the cage by Mack followed by an unsuccessful takedown by Mack as Siley sprawls. Siley pulls guard as Mack makes an unsuccessful attempt to gain advantage from the up position, but cannot get past Siley's guard. Round 1 ends with Mack on top, but an evenly fought round.
    Round 2 sees the fighters standing up. Siley throws two quick rights that connect and Mack takes them to the ground. Siley attempts the guillotine with some stronger technique, but Mack continues to evade and tries to gain advantage from the top position. Siley gains control and causes Mack to TapOut!
    WINNER: Eric Siley at 1:20 of Round 2 by TapOut.

  5. Bryan Oxner vs Dustin Schnakenberg - HEAVYWEIGHTS
    As with most heavyweight fighters, these gentlemen came out slugging! Schnakenberg lands numerous and huge right blows causing Referee Johnson to stop the bout in just 10 seconds of the first round!
    WINNER: Dustin Schnakenberg at :10 of Round 1 by TKO.

  6. Matt Dukes VS Chris Mann - WELTERWEIGHTS
    Dukes starts this bout with a quick takedown and quickly gets past Mann's guard. Dukes moves into a top mount and begins his effective ground-n-pound. Dukes then works for a rear naked choke, and effectively gains the TapOut!
    WINNER: Matt Dukes at 1:20 of Round 1 by TapOut.

  7. Jeramy Smith VS Justin Eichoff - LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHTS
    Two strong right hands and a swift knee are thrown by Eichoff. Both fighters try for the advantage of the stand up position. Eichoff throws a couple of sharp knees, with Smith attempting a guillotine. Eichoff quickly taps!
    WINNER: Jeremy Smith at 1:00 of Round 1 by TapOut.

  8. Jason Ramey VS Johnny Kim - HEAVYWEIGHTS
    Great fast action by the big boys! Ramey attempts a round kick, followed by a quick takedown by Kim and an immediate reversal by Ramey. Another takedown, by Ramey attempting to gain a dominate position from the top. Kim pulls guard and Ramey successfully gets past Kim's guard. Ramey proceeds to ground-n-pound with Kim showing little defense, causing Referee Johnson to stop the bout.
    WINNER: Jason Ramey @ 1:13 of Round 1 by TKO.

  9. Mike Showman VS Chris Page - WELTERWEIGHTS
    Good leg kick by Page, followed by right hand by Showman. Page goes for the takedown and gets it, moving into an attempted side mount that fails, but Page does get on top. Showman pulls guard as Page lands rights to Showman's body. Page looking to end this one early from the top position, landing short rights to the body and head of Showman. Showman attempts guard, but can't escape the right hands. Page keeps Showman into the cage and lands a few more right hands, causing Referee Johnson to pay close attention to the punishment Showman is taking! Page continues to work from the top , Showman continues to pull a good defensive position as this round comes to a close.
    Round two demonstrates some good, sound coaching by Showman's corner between rounds, as Showman comes out with a strong round kick and Page goes for a takedown, but Showman slips in a strong guillotine causing Page to TapOut.
    WINNER: Mike Showman at :18 of Round 2 by TapOut.

  10. Eric Marriott VS Jesse Wolf - WELTERWEIGHTS
    Leg kick by Marriott and takedown by Wolfe. Reversal by Marriott, Marriott tries for an unsuccessful leg lock. Marriott standing throws a leg kick and an attempted ax kick on Wolfe. Marriott attempts another ankle lock, Wolf struggles to resist the lock, but Marriott continues his pursuit, gaining the TapOut!
    WINNER: Eric Marriott at 2:45 of Round 1 by TapOut.

  11. Travis Sveum VS Cody Parrish - MIDDLEWEIGHTS
    Sveum throws an uppercut, which is answered by numerous right knees by Parrish! Travis attempts a left knee in response, but Parrish gets the take-down, a full mount followed by some effective ground-n-pound, knocking out Sveum!
    WINNER: Cody Parrish at 1:07 of Round 1 by KO.


    Dominic Brown vs Jason Teeman
    Teeman throws a quick right leg to Brown's head. Brown shakes it off. Both fighters want to stand and fight. Brown throws a couple of strong leg kicks. Teeman answers with a sharp left hook and a takedown by Teeman. Teeman gains the top position as both fighters attempt to move. Brown pulls guard as Teeman attempt to get past Browns guard. The crowd goes wild as the fighters try to move and strike to take advantage over the other. Both fighters show effective defense and offensive techniques. Teeman showed strong riding time for the majority of this action packed first round.
    Round 2 The fighters come out for round two pumped. Teeman lands a front kick to Brown's body as Brown answers with a leg kick. Teeman throws a knee as Brown tries for a takedown. Teeman gets another takedown as Brown tries for an attempted figure 4; Teeman escapes to a standing position with Brown on his back. Teeman gets the takedown and lands a strong left from the top mount position, but Brown takes the move away by grabbing his head. The crowd is going wild! Both fighters brought the fans to their feet. Teeman again effectively gains riding time during round two.
    Round three starts with a bang, as both fighters trade punches! Teeman immediately goes for the takedown, but Brown defensively tries for a takedown of his own. Brown gets a reversal and gets to a top mount position, getting past Teeman's guard, with Teeman against the fence. It's the first time in this bout that Brown's been on top! Both fighters are showing amazing stamina this late in the bout. Teeman attempts his escape, giving Brown his back as Brown looks for the rear naked, as Teeman successfully defends against the move. The crowd is chanting both fighters names as Teeman escapes and again gets the takedown an assumes the top mount position. Brown attempts an arm bar, but does not get it. Teeman answers with some strong lefts. Seconds into the end of this round it's clear this bout is going to the cards! What a great show! Both fighters gave the crowd quite a show!
    WINNER: Jason Teeman by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 29-28, & 29-28

For more info contact Mr. Phil Jones at (816) 651-5087 or at or go to

MONDAY, July 17th, 2006, AT 9:20 PM, PT

NFC 6: Natural Disaster
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Held July 15, 2006 At the Squamish Nations Rec Center Vancouver, British Columbia

For more info contact Mr. Mike Hammoud at (604) 318-1902 or (778) 885-7774 or or go to


Gladiator Fight Night
July 15th, 2006 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

ISCF Representative Andres Landor: On July 15th, 2006 Gladiators Academy of Baton Rouge, Louisiana hosted Fight Night II at The Gladiator Gym. The crowds were lined up at the doors waiting for a night full of amateur MMA action and once the doors were open there was standing room only. The night started off with a submission match and two amateur boxing matches to get the crowd ready. After a short intermission the real combat began. Ten hard hitting matches with only two going the distance. Here are the nights results below.

  1. Justin Strodderd Vs vs Alex Jumonville (Proggressive Martial Arts) 170
    Justin Strodderd wins by submission 2:23 sec of round 1.

  2. *Carlos Hernandez (American Top Team) vs Robert "Ben" Porter 155
    Carlos Hernandez wins by referee stoppage 1:54 of round 1.
  3. Hank Huges (Team Savage) Vs Lucas Leboeuf (Gladiator) 155
    Lucas Leboeuf wins by submission 2:24 of round 1.

  4. Hank Hamilton (Gladiator) vs Justin Scafidi (Denton BJJ) 170
    This bout had to be stopped and Hank Hamilton was given 5 minutes to recover from a accidental knee to the groin.
    Hank Hamilton won by submission 2:47 of round 1.

  5. Johnny Stewart (American Top Team) Vs Jude Bailey (Gladiator) 185
    Johnny Stewart wins by submission :55 sec of round 1.

  6. Chris Ahles Vs Justin Chappell (Gladiator) 186
    Justin Chappell wins due to Chris Ahles unable to answer the third round bell.

  7. Tom Panico Vs (American Top Team) Vs Brock Kerry (Team Voodoo) 155
    Tom Panico wins by judges decision.

  8. John Leblanc (Dragons Den) Vs Brandon Jinnies (Gladiator) 160
    Brandon Jinnies wins by submission :58 of the 2nd round.
  9. Eric Dunn (Denton BJJ) VS Keith Warner (Gladiator) Heavyweight
    Keith Warner wins by submission :12 seconds of the third round.

  10. Chris Salinas (Team Savage) VS Andy Chapman ( Gladiator) 170
    Andy Chapman wins by decision.

For More Info Contact Mr. Tony Jarreau At (225) 218-8871 or at or go to

FRIDAY, July 14th, 2006, AT 9:45 AM, PT


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

  1. Dominic Brown VS Jason Teeman

  2. Eric Farmer VS Don Johnston

  3. Mike Showman VS Chris Page

  4. Eric Marriott VS Jesse Wolf

  5. Dustin Schnakenberg VS Michael Holderby

  6. Craig Case VS Craig Welch

  7. Ryan Ridinger VS Chance Poindexter

  8. Jeramy Smith VS Justin Eichoff

  9. Travis Sveum VS Cody Parrish

  10. Jason Ramey VS Johnny Kim

  11. William CombsVS Marshall Jackson

  12. Matt Dukes VS Chris Mann

  13. Isaac Goins VS Steven McEver

  14. Eric Siley VS Marcus Mack

  15. Joshua Freeman VS Anthony Young


Gladiators Academy Presents
Gladiator Fight Night
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

  1. Chris Salinas Vs Andy Chapman

  2. **Carlos Hernandez Vs Robert "Ben" Porter
  3. Jude Bailey Vs *Johnny Stewart
  4. Hank Huges Vs Lucas Leboeuf

  5. Justin Strodderd Vs Alex Jumonville

  6. Eric Dunn Vs Keith Warner

  7. Hank Hamilton Vs Justin Scafidi

  8. Chris Ahles Vs Justin Chappell
  9. *Tom Panico Vs Brock Kerry
  10. Brandon JinniesVs John Leblanc


Top Ranked Martial Arts Presents
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

THURSDAY, July 13th, 2006, AT 6:00 PM, PT

Your Kidding Us... Right?

If any of you MMA Fans thought you had seen it all, well, here's some more "CRAP" on how the outsiders are trying to "Cash In" on MMA! Kickboxing had it happen to them with the WBC about a year ago and now, believe it or not, another "BOXING" Sanctioning body has announced it will "Sanction" - Yes, we said that right, "Sanction" it's first MMA Event. A "BOXING" Sanctioning body...

It was bad enough when the WBC decided to sanction Muay Thai, but now MMA? What the hell does the WBC know about muay Thai? Worse yet, what the hell does ANYONE in Boxing know about MMA! This is a SLAP in the face to the MMA Faithful! Everyone reading this knows that MMA has not only stood up to boxing crowds but that it has past them like they were standing still. Boxing is dieing and these boxing organizations KNOW IT! Corruption has taken over their sport and they are looking for a new avenue to make their cash go to work.

So what boxing organization has claimed to "Sanction" MMA? Welcome the NABC who claims they will sanction their first MMA event later this month on July 28th in Indiana promoted by a promotional company that calls itself, Legends of Fighting Championship. Oh it gets better...

Not only are they going to sanction this event, but they have already announced there will be a NABC MMA TITLE fight on the event. However, they have no ratings and we know they have NO knowledge of the MMA fight game, so HOW did they select top contenders? Your right, they didn't. It appears the Promoter just "Told" the NABC his two guys are worthy of a title and they said "Yes"... Obviously for the $$.

Eddie Sanchez of "Michigan" who sports a non impressive pro record of 6-5 will face off against Davion Peterson with a Pro fight record of 8-2. These two will fight for the newly established NABC Indiana State Title. We only have one question left... HOW can a fighter from "Michigan" fight for an "Indiana" State title? Maybe someone at the NABC needs to take a geography class or maybe someone here can mail them a map of the United States.

This is not a JOKE! Wait, did I say that out loud? sorry, maybe I didn't say it loud enough, "THIS IS A JOKE! They even have the balls to post on their website a headline that reads, Bring More Attention and Recognition to Your Next MMA Event It's the word Recognition we got a kick out of. So who is next to go after the MMA game? NASCAR, NFL, the NBA? I mean this is gone too far. It went too far when the WBC decided to sanction Muay Thai. We need to stand up for our sport(s) and KEEP THE BOXING PEOPLE OUT OF IT! They already did a great job SCREWING up Boxing, so WHY are these Indiana MMA Promoters letting them in "OUR" Door?

Here's a tidbit of information you may be interested in. NABC has this statement on their website:

The website is among the top 4 boxing organizations visited every day per the third party tracking site, in part because over 2000 websites link to the NABC per Google.

Sounds impressive doesn't it... Well, the truth is, that's not impressive at all. Have you ever used to check out web ratings? Well, the IKF (Our sister organization for Kickboxing) uses them all the time. You may find it interesting to see what site receives more traffic, the ISCF Site or the NABC site. To see for yourself, start by going HERE.

Alexa tracks sites 1 through 6 million of the approximately 25 million web sites in the world. Like in Golf, the lower the number the MORE traffic the site is getting. The lower the number indicates closer to the Number 1 ( Hit/Traffic) web site in the world. The higher the number, the fewer hits this sites receives. For those who don't want to take the time to research what sites get more traffic, here's the answer:

  1. As of "TODAY",(The rankings change weekly) the IKF ( Ranks in at 147,034 - It is the most visited Kickboxing site on the internet today. It even ranks higher than which ranks in at 552,205 and nearly 600,000 lower than it's closest Kickboxing Sanctioning Body competitor, which ranked in today at 733,062. Remember, the LOWER the number, the MORE traffic the site receives. During the busy time of the year (Winter/Spring) the IKF site has rated as low as 47,000.
  2. As of "TODAY", the ISCF Ranks in at 234,008. During the busy time of the year (Winter/Spring) the ISCF site has rated as low as 120,000.
  3. As of "TODAY", the NABC site Ranks in at 285,901. Over 50,000 Sites Below the ISCF site... The NABC site has NEVER dipped below the 200,000 rating.

NABC claimed above that "over 2000 websites link to the NABC per Google". (2,060 to be exact.) However, according to Alexa, only 60 sites link to them. We did the same test with the ISCF and our results were a tad better. 4,360 For IKF Kickboxing it listed 12,100

So what does all this mean? That the IKF and ISCF news article here will be the best advertisement for the NABC they will get today. Oh and in case you are wondering what is the number 1 site on the Internet? It's

Ol Ed Hutchison, President of the NABC asks anyone who request an NABC MMA title match sanctioning on their next MMA card to send an email to him explaining about the who when and where . This must be so he can know what the hell he's talking about when he gets back to you.

Someone pinch us, wake us up, and tell us this "BS" is all a JOKE! Your Kidding us... Right? If not, we would like to announce that the ISCF and IKF are going to begin sanctioning Professional Boxing starting first thing tomorrow morning... And you know what, we will probably do a much better job than who's doing it now!

But than again... That isn't saying much for a sport that has shot itself in the head.
We say, let Boxing die on it's own...And don't answer the door when they knock on it looking to get into the pockets of MMA...Because the only thing standing on the other side of that door is a salesman selling pet rocks, and we all know what they are worth today...ZILCH!


It appears the MMA Faithful feel the same way we do.
CLICK HERE to read their thoughts!

TUESDAY, July 11th, 2006, AT 6:30 PM, PT

"Midwest Fight Fest "
July 8th - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

  1. Boxing
    Jeremy Ramsey
    (Pacific, MO) defeated John Donzey (St. Louis, MO) at 1:05 in the second round by referee stoppage.

  2. Boxing
    Matt Taff
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Tom King (Granite City, IL) at 1:23 in the third round by referee stoppage.

    Derek Garner (St. Louis, MO) defeated Gerald Holmes (Kansas City, KS) at :57 in the first round.

    Eric Hebner (Alton, IL) defeated Jedediah Smith (Brownstown, IL) at 2:28 in the first round.

  5. IKF Kickboxing
    Sisco Orine
    (Pacific, MO) defeated Whitney Waddell (Chicago, IL) at 1:09 in the first round by TKO.

    Chad Vancil (St. Louis, MO) defeated Jeremy Gilmore (Kansas City, MO) at 2:38 in the second round by arm bar.

    Nick Janson (St. Louis, MO) defeated Richard Martinson (Indianapolis, IN) at 1:14 in the first round by triangle choke.

  8. IKF Kickboxing
    Jamie O'Hare
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Noe Perrera (Waikiki, HI) by decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Brian Sanguinet (Pacific, MO) defeated Eric Martin (Oklahoma City, OK) at :44 of the first round.

  10. IKF Kickboxing
    Adam Cella
    (St. Louis, MO) defeated Frank Bryant (Kansas City, KS) at 1:14 of the first round by KO.

  11. ISCF MMA
    John Duever (Pacific, MO) defeated Jason Eyman (Vandalia, IL) at 1:48 in the first round.

  12. ISCF MMA
    Titis Taylor (St. Louis, MO) defeated Daniel Morris (Ecuador, South America) at 1:06 of the first round by choke.

For More info contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail by clicking or go to



July 8th - Little Rock Arkansas, USA

  1. Jordan Smith of Lonoke, Arkansas, Team Prathet Thai (5-0) faced off against Matt Mucolough of Jacksonville, Arkansas (0-0) in an International Rules Exhibition Bout when Smith's opponent Ethan Epperson was a not show.

  2. David Rammell of Little Rock, Arkansas, Self (0-0) and Zak George of Oklahoma, Scott "Conan" Mincey (3-0) fought in a International Rules Exhibition Bout when Danny Rodriquez was a no show for his Pro MMA bout against George.

  3. Dusty Miller of Oklahoma trained by Scott "Conan" Mincey and Chelse Hendrickson also of Oklahoma trained by Chris Pollman fought an Amateur FCR Exhibition bout, giving both fighters time in ring.

  4. Geoffrey Porter of Little Rock, Arkansas (2-1-1) trained by James Upchurch took on Garic Johnson (4-1) trained by Chris Pollman in an Amateur FCR bout. In a heated exchange between both fighters, Johnson scored a standing 8 in the first round. Johnson controlled the second with Porter making a comeback in the third round. Exciting fight for both fighters
    Johnson receives the win by split decision.

  5. Jerry Keefer of Jacksonville, Arkansas (0-1) of Team Prathet Thai faced off against Patrick Greene of Houston, Texas (1-1) who is trained by himself in a Modified Muay Thai bout. Greene came out hard with a jab, then a straight right which surprised Keefer which caused a standing eight. Keefer then could not close the gap between the taller Greene who used some of his boxing skills to keep away from Keefer's knees.
    Greene wins by TKO, when referee Jon Munz, stopped the fight in the first round due to the 3 knock down rule.

  6. Main Event.
    Pro K-1 Rules. Kelly Leo of Atlanta Georgia went head to head with Mo Fawzy of New York, New York. This headliner proved to be the fight of the night when both fighters came in cautious but Fawzy used his quickness by getting in and using great clenching, and knee work. Hard lefts from Leo could not stop Fawzy getting in.
    Fawzy gets the win by unanimous decision from the great combination of knee and clench work.

Honorable mention to 8 year old J.R. Keefer who trained hard for his fight and got disappointed when his opponent was a no show. Other honorable mentions go to Jordan Smith, Chelse Henderson and Zak George when their fighters were also no shows. David Rammell was a great sport when he accepted a exhibition bout with Zak George. For More Info Contact Mr. David Oudthone at (501) 920-4594 or by e-mail at

FRIDAY, July 7th, 2006, AT 1:10 PM, PT


Shamrock Promotions Presents
"Midwest Fight Fest "
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Saturay Night, JULY 8th, 2006
  • WHO: Shamrock Promotions, Jesse Finney
  • WHERE: Stratford Inn, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • WHAT: "Midwest Fight Fest "
    • IKF Kickboxing & ISCF Amateur MMA
  • CONTACT: For More Info Contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail by clicking

  1. Titis Taylor -vs- Daniel Morris

  2. (*)John Duever -v- Jason Eyman
    • (*) 7-7-06: Registration form was faxed to us but no fees were paid. Has NOT been approved to fight.

  3. Brian Sanguinet -v- *Eric Martin
    • (*) We hope the above Eric Martin is not this one - CLICK HERE

  4. Nick Janson -v- (*)Richard Martinson
    • (*) 7-7-06: Registration form was faxed to us but no fees were paid. Has NOT been approved to fight.

  5. Chad Vansil -v- Jeremy Gillmore

  6. Eric Hebner -v- Jedediah Smith

  7. Derek Garner -v- John Reinnegger


Little Rock Arkansas, USA

  • WHEN: Saturay Night, JULY 8th, 2006
  • WHO: KICK EM' PRODUCTIONS, Mr. David Oudthone
  • WHERE: Clear Channel Metroplex, Little Rock Arkansas, USA
    • IKF Pro & Amateur Kickboxing & ISCF Pro MMA
  • CONTACT: For More Info Contact Mr. David Oudthone at (501) 920-4594 or by e-mail at

WEDNESDAY, July 5th, 2006, AT 4:40 PM, PT

Caveman Battles
June 23rd - Independence, Missouri, USA

By: ISCF World Representative Chuck Wolfe: It was truly a night to remember in Harry Truman's hometown of Independence, Missouri. A near capacity crowd at the Harry Truman Memorial Auditorium in Independence, Missouri, USA watched as first time promoter Jason Teeman, with the help of Steve Snider's - Caveman Crew, put on a show that even the former late/great President would be proud of. From the start to the end, the show proved to be a class act.
Results as follows:

    Shane Lynchard of the (The Caveman Crew) vs Layand Conner of the (The Caveman Crew)
    This was an inter-school match but the crowd could not tell as these warriors looked serious before this one started. Lynchard starts with a take down and tries for a rear naked choke but loses it as Conner escaped. Conner starts landing a few right hands to Lynchard's head tries for a front choke but Lynchard escapes. Both fighters stand up and Conner lands a running right hand countered by a front kick; two round kicks and a knee by Lynchard. Lynchard gets another take down gets reversed by Conner who does some effective ground and pound forcing Lynchard to Tap.
    Winner by Tap Out at 4:58 of the first round Layland Conner.

    Nathon Winters of the (The Caveman Crew) vs Bryan Timmons of (Lone Wolf Fight Club)
    Timmons starts with a take down and starts to ground and pound - knocking out Winters which allowed Referee Rob Kimmons to officially stop the bout giving Timmons the knock out win.
    Winner by KO at 2:24 of first round Bryan Timmons.

    Michael Lucas of (Team Reality) vs Matt Wehrbein of (Lone Wolf Fight Club)
    Round 1: This looked like we might see some stand up as these fighters stalked one another around the cage. Wehrbein gets a take down and lands some rights to the body of Lucas. Gets passed Lucas's guard and lands more rights and an occasional left. Lucas bridges into an attempted rear naked choke by Wehrbein as the round ends.
    Round 2: This round started fast as Lucas tries for a guillotine breaks it off to knee Wehrbein in the face. Wehrbein takes Lucas to the ground and lands a knee to Lucas head while on the ground. Referee Kimmons takes a point away from Wehrbein. On the stand up Lucas attempts a right round kick, but immediately slips to the ground. This allowed Wehrbein to gain a full mount and a Head Crank for a Tap Out.
    Winner by Tap out at 2:00 of round two Matt Wehrbein.
    * Later it was determined that Lucas broke his instep when attempting the round kick.

    Gregory Jacobs Jr., (Independent) vs Caleb Phelps of (Team MFS)
    Jacobs clearly a crowd favorite comes into the ring in top shape and ready to rumble! The crowd wasn't disappointed. Jacobs starts with a right hand followed by a flying knee that connects to Phelps. Following up with more strong rights Jacobs forces Phelps to Tap.
    Winner at :35 of the first round Gregory Jacobs.
    P.S. - Although a fierce fighter inside the ring, this man is a gentle giant outside the ring, telling his fans thanks and sharing his appreciation with a heartfelt " everyone and God Bless!" Great sportsmanship!

  5. AMATEUR HEAVYWEIGHTS Scott Phillips (Independent) vs Jason Ramey of Team Reality
    Ramey starts with a hard left leg round kick followed by a right hand, right knee and right hand combo. Phillips goes down, verbally submits.
    Winner by Verbal Submission at 1:18 of the first round Jason Ramey.

    Travis McEnaney of the (The Caveman Crew) vs Chris Page ( Independent)
    Page lands a good right kick and gets the take down. McEnaney pulls guard as both fighters go for an ankle lock. Page gets his for a Tap!
    Winner by Tap Out at :34 of the first round Chris Page.

    Rudy Bears of the (The Caveman Crew) vs. Brian Marvin (Lone Wolf Fight Club)
    This bout had great promise as these fighters are known for their prowess as a Striker (Bears) against a Grappler (Marvin). And, the crowd wasn't disappointed!!!
    Round - 1: Marvin gets a huge body slam take down to start this one. Gets past bears guard goes for a submission but Bears slips out and gets to his feet. Marvin gets another take down tries to ground and pound but Bears gets free with a reversal. The crowd goes wild as both these fighters reverse each other several times each as the round ends.
    Round - 2: This round has more of the same as both fighters take turns reversing and ground and pounding each other. The round ends with Bears on top doing the ground and pound. Between round Bears seems strong and ready, while Marvin is squatted looking worn by Bears effectiveness.
    Round - 3: Both fighters trade kicks to start this round with Bears landing a sidekick to the body followed by a round kick to the face of Marvin. Marvin answered with a take down and attempted arm bar. Bears reverses Marvin and starts to ground and pound for a verbal submission from Marvin.
    Winner by Verbal Submission at 2:04 of the third round Rudy Bears.

    Eric Fernandez of the (The Caveman Crew) vs Tony Goldsby of (Team MFS)
    Fernandez starts with a right leg kick and right knee as Goldsby goes for the take down and gets it. Both fighters trade reversals and trade guard position til Fernandez does some effective ground and pound setting up a rear naked choke.
    Winner by Tap Out at 4:05 of the first round Eric Fernandez.

    Justin Niedens of the (The Caveman Crew) vs. Larry Reyes of (Team K2L)
    Neidens goes for take down and Reyes counters with a attempted guillotine. After a stand up Reyes goes down from a knee injury. Reyes right knee was dislocated.
    Winner by Verbal Submission at 1:07 of the first round Justin Neidens.

    Sheppard Owens of the (The Caveman Crew) vs. Codie Phelps of (Team MFS)
    Owens gets the take down and a rear mount then unintentionally strikes Phelps in the back drawing a verbal warning from Referee Rob Kimmons. Phelps tries to answer by landing a right hand on Owens but gets swept to the ground. Owens secures a good Head Crank for a Tap.
    Winner by Tap Out at :43 of the first round Sheppard Owens.

    Mike Glenn vs. Jesse Pringle of Team K2L
    This was the fight of the night. These warriors put on a show of stamina, toughness and technique.
    Round - 1 Glenn slams Pringle to the ground after two failed attempts and gets past Pringles guard. Pringle tries for a reversal but doesn't get it. Glenn lands some right hands and tries for a submission but can't get it done as Pringle escapes. Glenn gets most of the riding time as the round ends.
    Round - 2 Pringle starts with a knee to Glenn's body as Glenn goes for the take down. Glenn takes a front kick to the face on his way to a take down. Glenn has a good attempt at an arm bar but Pringle escapes it by using his legs to secure a figure four leg lock. Glenn escapes somehow and gets in more riding time. The fans go wild as the round ends.
    Round - 3 Both fighters showed signs of well-earned exhaustion as they circled the cage in a standup round. Pringle lands a few knees to the body and a good leg kick to Glenn. Glenn counters by backing Pringle into the cage. Pringle lands a few right hands and a few more knees before this round comes to a close on the ground with Glenn once again on top. This one went to the scorecards.
    Winner by a Majority Decision 28-29 29-28 and 29-28 Mike Glenn.

    Phil Jones of (Team K2L) vs. Roy Babcock of (Lone Wolf Fight Club)
    This much awaited bout of the evening matched two Head Instructors of their respected clubs against one another. The fans were not disappointed as these warriors clearly "practice what they preach"! Jones starts with a take down as Babcock pulls guard. Jones works past it to land some good rights and left hands to the face and body of Babcock. After a stand up Jones gets a leg sweep take down and attempts an arm bar. Babcock gets a reversal and gets Jones in a rear naked choke and makes him tap before the round can end.
    Winner by Tap Out at 4:59 of the first round Roy Babcock.

For more info about this event please contact Mr. Jason Teeman at (816) 589-9423 or by e-mail at or go to