July - 2007

ALL News Found On THIS PAGE Or ANY of Our ISCF NEWS Pages May Be Reproduced for Media Use At No Charge.

ALL News Found On THIS PAGE Or ANY of Our ISCF NEWS Pages May Be Reproduced for Media Use At No Charge.


MONDAY, July 30th, 2007, AT 4:20 PM, PT

July 28th, 2007 - Darien, Illinois, USA

  1. AMATEUR MMA: Steve Shaffer Vs Pat Hasting
    Pat Hasting defeated Steve Shaffer by tapout at 1:47 of round 2.

    Tom Westwater Vs Nick Schue

  3. AMATEUR MMA: Miguel Luis Vs David Silva David Silva defeated Miguel Luis by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-26 & 29-28.

  4. AMATEUR MUAY THAI: Dorothy Schultz Vs Laura Mertz
    Dorothy Schultz defeated Laura Mertz by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27 & 30-26.

  5. AMATEUR MUAY THAI: Tim Martin Vs Jose Maldonado
    Tim Martin defeated Jose Maldonado by KO at 1:13 of round 2.

  6. AMATEUR MMA: Joe O'Brien Vs Mike Davis Joe O'Brien defeated Mike Davis by unanimous decision 29-28 on all 3 judges cards.

  7. AMATEUR MUAY THAI: Brian Robertson Vs Danard Harper
    Brian Robertson defeated Danard Harper by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-26 & 28-27.

  8. AMATEUR MUAY THAI: Aaron Swenson Vs Winston Mathius Jr.
    Aaron Swenson defeated Winston Mathius Jr. by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26 & 30-25.

  9. AMATEUR MUAY THAI: Al Rojas Vs Di Carlo Johnson
    Al Rojas defeated Di Carlo Johnson by unanimous decision 29-27, 29-27 & 29-27.

  10. AMATEUR MUAY THAI: Chase Green Vs Stephane Bernadel
    Chase Green defeated Stephane Bernadel by unanimous decision 30-26, 29-26 & 29-27.

  11. AMATEUR MUAY THAI: Vanessa Aliling Vs Mellisa Mason
    Vanessa Aliling defeated Mellisa Mason by unanimous decision 49-45, 48-46 & 49-47.

  12. AMATEUR MUAY THAI: Chidi Njokuani Vs Oliver Davis
    Chidi Njokuani defeated Oliver Davis by Knockout at 1:25 of round 1.

  13. AMATEUR MMA: Josh Eckman Vs John Cantu
    John Cantu defeated Josh Eckman by submission at :45 seconds of round 1.

FRIDAY, July 27th, 2007, AT 3:25 PM, PT


Chi Town Throwdown Promotions Presents
Darien, Illinois, USA

TUESDAY, July 24th 2007, AT 11:55 PM, PT

Python's Punisher's 3 - The Return Of The Python
July 21st, 2007 - St. Gabriel, Louisiana, USA

    Paul Thomassie defeated David Cook by Unanimous Decision.

    Cruz Russell defeated Randy Billiot via referee stop by strikes

    Travis Claridy defeated Trey Ealy by tap out due to injury

    Thomas Webb defeated Omar Garcia via referee stop to strikes

    Michael Monteleone defeated Jason Richardson via knee injury

    Mark Waltermire - Justin (Sid) Fuller No Contest, Illegal Knee

    Andrew Staples defeated Brian Albin via Unanimous Decision

    Christefer Bell defeated K.J. Haney via referee stop. strikes

    Chris Wright defeated Randy Thompson via rear naked choke
    Jason Vasquez defeated Steven Craig via rear naked choke

    Cody Jones defeated Chase Reynolds via cut in scalp in 2nd

    Patrick Billiot draw Jymes Ehlers

    Gary Hancock defeated Alex Jumonville via rear naked choke

  14. PRO MMA
    Donald Mayeaux defeated John Leblanc by referee stoppage by strikes.

"Midwest Fight Fest"
July 14th, 2007 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Action packed is a phrase that could some up (As ISCF Promoter Brett Moses Calls his events) this Ultimate Fight Party. This Ultimate Fight Party was the joining of Boxing promotion company, Rumbletime Promotions, and MMA promotions company, Shamrock Promotions.

This partnership is bringing together fight fans from both sports, and educating them how both sports can exist on one card. This past Saturday night the first of many events to come was held at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The stands were packed to see this Party. The event was made up of 6 Pro Boxing matches and 7 MMA matches. The night was kicked off by the pro boxing show which reflected something off of the WWE. Then the wars started. Boxing kicked off the night with a womens match that was nothing less than exciting. The pro debut of a former IKF North American Amateur Kickboxing Champion Jaime O'Hare. The first half took about an hour and a half, then a short intermission.

Next came the ISCF Amateur MMA. The crowd was wowed as the first fight started. The boxing fans got a quick education on why this sport is taking off. Fritz Rouse made his debut with impact, knocking his opponent OUT COLD within 2 minutes of the 1st round. Boxing and MMA fans alike went nuts. Here are the results:

    Jamie O'Hare (St. Louis, MO) defeated Tiffany Young (St. Joseph, MO) by 1st round KO.

    Mike Wood (St. Louis, MO) defeated Tyler Seever (St. Joseph, MO) by 2nd round KO.

    Robbie Cannon (Festus, MO) defeated Chris Hill (Kansas City, MO) by unanimous decision 40-26,40-26,40-26.

    Kevin Engel (St. Louis, MO) defeated Stephen Johnson (Tulsa, OK) in the 1st round by KO.

    Jose Luis Gonzalez (Garden City, KS) defeated Tim Connors (St. Louis, MO) in the 5th round by KO.

    DeAndre Latimore (St. Louis, MO) defeated Rodney Tatum (Akron, OH) in the 2nd round TKO.

    Fritz Rouse ( Arnold, MO) defeated Dylan Hughey (Carbondale, IL) in the 1st round by KO.

    Samuel Burns (Carbondale, IL) defeated Eli Logsden (Hillsboro, MO) in the 2nd round by KO.

    Natu Visinia (Carbondale, IL) defeated Bobby Bruns (Springfield, IL) by 2nd round TKO by strikes.

    Mike Green (St. Louis, MO) defeated Josh Logsden (Hillsboro, MO) by unanimous decision 30-27,30-27,30-27.

    John Duever (St. Louis, MO) defeated Chris Tickle (Pontiac, IL) by 1st round Triangle Choke.

    Jesse Finney (St. Louis, MO) defeated William Jackson (Colorado Springs, CO) by 2nd round TKO by strikes.



Sponsors.... Listen Up!

Special To ISCF: Last week it was announced the Spike TV will pay $100 Million to Keep UFC. The question is, will they keep it?

"For $100 Million Dollars, your asking 'IF'?"

Yes... IF. That's how powerful a sport MMA has become. "IF", meaning if UFC says "Yes". Not to long ago, UFC and everyone else in MMA were "Begging" for a TV Deal. Now MMA is in the drivers seat. UFC is not the only group looking at the various TV options. Sanctioning bodies such as the ISCF has also been approached for TV since the ISCF Sanctions between 3 and 400 Pro and Amateur events a year in North America.

Michael David Smith of AOL Sports wrote: Spike TV has already said they will pay upwards of $100 million to continue its role as the cable TV home of the Ultimate Fighting Championship for at least a few more years. Although there had been previous reports that either ESPN or HBO would make a big bid for UFC, Spike and UFC have had such a symbiotic relationship -- especially in the way the reality show The Ultimate Fighter made both the channel and the sport more popular -- that it makes sense for them to stay together. The agreement will apparently include more live UFC events on Spike, but make no mistake: UFC still makes most of its money from pay per view, and that won't change. This is mostly about The Ultimate Fighter and second-tier UFC events, and as far as that goes, it sounds like a good deal for both sides.

Want to be a sponsor but are a little short of a Million dollars... And a TV Station?
Don't be disappointed Sponsors. Marketing experts are telling their clients that ANY relationship to Mixed Martial Arts today can promise great exposure for any product you are pushing, and we mean "Anything!" Sponsors are doing more than giving money. all kinds of product trades, product donations, car leases, you name it, sponsors are finding more and more ways to get involved in MMA! The fan base has a broad range from 18 to 65 so it's not just focused on a younger fight fan base. Household incomes vary greatly as well. From the college student to the Company CEO, EVERYONE is watching MMA and everything related to it!

Associated sponsors are also bragging about their product exposure with the sport. From energy drinks to new cars, vacation trips to private island giveaways, you name it, sponsors are coming and getting a big return on their sponsor dollars. The future looks even brighter for the sport, EVEN for those events not on TV. In "The most exciting and fastest growing sport in America", you don't have to have your event on TV for people to know about. Sponsors names are popping up on sites like - - and other video host sites all over the net.

Lets face it, looking at this from a sponsors "Exposure" perspective, MMA is bigger than boxing ever was from a product endorsement - sponsorship exposure standpoint. MMA has received headlines in pretty much EVERY Major magazine and newspaper, including the Wall Street Journal! This is why several have asked to, and have already teamed up with a Sanctioning body such as the ISCF since the ISCF who as we noted, sanctions between 3 and 400 Pro and Amateur "EVENTS" a year in North America alone. That means sponsors can get their name in front of all the 3-400 ISCF Sanctioned event fans... Do the math on that one!

Whether It's alining with the ISCF, a Promoter or even a fighter, having your name associated with "The most exciting and fastest growing sport in America" is paying big rewards! TV is great, but for sponsors to win big in this sport, for once, TV is not necessary to get their name out there!

SATURDAY, July 21st, 2007, AT 2:55 PM, PT


"MMA In The Valley"
July 13th, 2007 - Winchester, Virginia, USA

Best Western, Lee Jackson, Winchester, Virginia, USA: So much for superstition. on Friday night, July 13th, Squared Circle Boxing Promotions of Winchester Virginia held its first amateur mixed martial arts event sanctioned by the ISCF with great success. The promoter for this event, Lionel Royer, put on a first class show for his first venture into the mixed martial arts world. Lionel and his crew worked tirelessly to make sure the show went off without any major hiccups. They accomplished this while making sure to accommodate the fighters before, during and after the event. Lionel and his crew also put major effort into ensuring that all patrons attending the event were satisfied with the show, the venue, and the fights. I believe that Squared Circle left its patrons wanting more and if they can find a bigger venue, their fan base will grow and so will mixed martial arts in Virginia.
Here are the nights results below.

    George Wehby (169.8lbs) Vs Jeremy Carper (163.2 lbs)
    Geoerge Wehby defeats Jeremy Carper at 1:56 of Round 1 by TKO (Referee stoppage due to strikes).

    Eddie Abramski (134.0 lbs) Vs Courtney Bridge (130.4 lbs)
    Eddie Abramski defeats Courtney Bridge at 1:15 of Round 1 by TKO - (Referee stoppage due to strikes).

    Philip Waesche (195.8 lbs) Vs Gary Franks (202.8 lbs)
    Phillip Waesche defeats Gary Franks at 2:03 of Round 1 by tapout due to Triangle choke.

    Zach McBreen (143.6 lbs) Vs Billy Barrett (134.2 lbs)
    Zach McBreen defeats Billy Barrett at 1:36 of Round 1 by tapout due to Armbar.

    Jeremy Simms (206.4 lbs) Vs Michael Tucker (220.6 lbs)
    Jeremy Simms defeats Michael Tucker at :28 of Round 1 by TKO (Referee stoppage due to strikes).

    Scott Yingling (180.4 lbs) Vs Erick Trammel (179 lbs)
    Scott Yingling defeats Erick Trammel at :56 of Round 1 by taout due to rear naked choke.

    Brenda Juarez (122.4 lbs) Vs Krissy Barrett (119.2 lbs)
    Krissy Barret defeats Brenda Juarez at 2:03 of Round 1 by tapout due to rear naked choke.

    Matt Wahlstrom (167.4 lbs) Vs Travis O'Roke (158.2 lbs)
    Matt Wahlstrom defeats Travis O'Roke at :41 of Round 1 by tapout due to armbar.

    Steve Chrystal (259.2 lbs) Vs Zach Rygol (238.2 lbs)
    Steve Chrystal defeats Zach Rygol at :29 of Round 2 by TKO (Referee stoppage due to strikes).

    Richie Campbell (151.2 lbs) Vs Derek English (152.8 lbs)
    Derek English defeats Ritchie Campbell by Majority Decision ( 30-29, 29-29, 29-28).

    Mitch Harris (164.8 lbs) Vs Cory Popanz (158.0 lbs)
    Cory Popanz defeats Mitch Harris at :13 of Round 1 By Knockout.

    Robby Huston (183.8 lbs) Vs Joseph Bauserman (176.2 lbs)
    Robby Huston defeats Joe Bauserman at :37 of Round 1 By Knockout.


July 14th, 2007 - Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA

St. Joseph American Legion, Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA: On Saturday night, July 14th, Breaking Point Productions owner Lasha Dalakishvili hosted ZERO TOLERANCE V at the St. Joseph American Legion in Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA. They started by packing the house with fans hungry for action. Then they provided them with 12 action packed bouts. This proved to be a recipe that sent none home unfilled or unfulfilled by the competition that followed. A smaller venue than Breaking Point normally has but what this show lacked in size it made up for in intensity.
Here are the nights results below.

    Kyle Carver Vs Jeff Kaltved
    WINNER - Kyle Carver by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:02 of Round 1.

    Dustin Scott Vs Blake Whorton
    WINNER - Blake Whorton by Unanimous Decision (29-28 30-27 & 30-27).

    Jake Swope Vs Cory Linning
    WINNER - Cory Linning by Tap Out (Guillotine Choke) at :43 of Round 1.

    Ralph Brown Vs Chris Kelly
    WINNER - Ralph Brown by KO (Strikes) at :31 of Round 1.

    Shawn McConnell Vs Matthew Price
    WINNER - Matt Price by Tap Out (Strikes) at 1:41 of Round 1.

    James Krause Vs Hank Martin
    WINNER - James Krause by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at :15 of Round 1.

    Chris Miller Vs Tim Anderson
    WINNER - Chris Miller by TKO Referee Stops Contest (Strikes) at 1:29 of Round 1.

    Todd Walters Vs Jake Fox
    WINNER - Jake Fox by Tap Out (Arm Bar) at :55 of Round 1.

    Josh Ruckman Vs Shawn Harris

    Josh Lyons Vs Ryan Denison
    WINNER - Josh Lyons by TKO Referee Stops Contest (Strikes) at 1:41 of Round 1.

    Ramundo Cisneros Vs Mike Jagger
    WINNER - Ramundo Cisneros by KO (Strikes) at :32 of Round 1.

    Ben Wagers Vs Jeff Karsten
    WINNER - Ben Wagers by Tap Out (Strikes) at 2:02 of Round 1

FRIDAY, July 20th, 2007, AT 10:20 PM, PT


Donald "The Python" Mayeaux Presents
Python's Punisher's 3 - The Return Of The Python
St. Gabriel, Louisiana, USA


Stateline Mixed Martial Arts Presents
Bristol, Virginia, USA

MONDAY, July 16th, 2007, AT 11:10 AM, PT

"Battle Cage 360 Annihilation"
July 14th, 2007 - Bossier City, Louisiana, USA

  1. Submision Match: Winner by decision Kenneth Fuller over Shannon Keller.

  2. AMATEUR MMA: Brent Mason Vs Brandon Sheffield
    Brent Mason winner by stoppage at 1:34 of the first round over Brandon Sheffield.

  3. AMATEUR MMA: Wayne Barnes Vs Juan Ovalle
    Wayne Barnes winner by decision over Juan Ovalle.

  4. AMATEUR MMA: Wesley Allen Vs Greg Walker
    Greg Walker winner by submission at 1:26 of the first round over Wesley Allen.

  5. AMATEUR MMA: Joey Freid Vs Dan Melander
    Joey Freid winner by submission 1:55 of the first round over Dan Melander.

  6. AMATEUR MMA: Ryan Long Vs Michael Raines
    Michael Raines wins by stoppage at 1:17 of the second round over Ryan Long.

  7. AMATEUR MMA: Josh Wells Vs Jason McCarty
    Josh Wells wins by submission 45 seconds of round 1 over Jason McCarthy.

  8. AMATEUR MMA: Michael Crisp Vs Nicholas Jackson
    Majority draw between Michael Crisp and Nicholas Jackson.

  9. AMATEUR MMA: Casey Fuller Vs Douglas Frey
    Winner by doctor stoppage Douglas Frey over Casey Fuller.

  10. AMATEUR MMA: Ryan Moellenkamp Vs Mitchell Thelen
    Mitchell Thelen by stoppage at 2:44 of first round over Ryan Moellenkamp.

  11. AMATEUR MMA: Brian Green Vs Ryan Miller
    Winner by submission Brian Green at 1:38 of first round over Ryan Miller.

  12. AMATEUR MMA: Buddy Caskey Vs Derrick Krantz
    Derrick Krantz winner by doctor stoppage at 26 seconds of the first round over Buddy Caskey

SATURDAY, July 14th, 2007, AT 10:40 AM, PT

"Ring Of Fire"
Friday Night, July 13th, 2007 - Caldwell, Idaho, USA

  1. Junior Muay Thai: Josh Wick (95, 1-0) Vs Tyler Ray Rice (92.1, 0-1)
    Josh Wick defeated Tyler Rice in the 1st round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

  2. Amateur MMA: Charlie Furr (155, 1-0) Vs *Mike - Michael - Sanpayan (161.4 lbs, 0-0)
    Charlie Furr defeated Michael Sampayan at 2:08 in the first round by arm bar.
  3. Amateur MMA: Isaac Tijerina (134.9, 1-0) Vs *Marlon Telmo (127.8, 0-1)
    MMA Isaac Tijerina defeated Marlon Telmo at 1:12 in the second round by TKO (due to Telmo too tired to continue) referee stoppage.

  4. Junior Muay Thai: A.J. Poulsen (156.4, 6-2) Vs Randall Frost (156.1, 1-2)
    Randall Frost defeated A.J. Poulsen by unanimous decision scorecards 26-29, 27-29, 27-29.
    A.J. Poulsen was deducted 2 points in the 3rd round for knees to the head.

  5. Amateur MMA: Roy Ayala (183.8, 1-1) Vs *Gerid Basabe (183.2, 0-1)
    Roy Ayala defeated Garid Basabe at :29 seconds in the 1st round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

  6. IR Kickboxing: Meir Cabaltera (141.8, 0-1) Vs Ricky Steele (137.9, 1-0)
    Ricky Steele defeated Meir Cabaltera by unanimous decision. All 3 scorecards read 27-30.

  7. Amateur MMA: *Frankie Formella (132.1, 1-0) Vs *Elmer Idolor (130.5, 0-1
    Frankie Formella defeated Elmer Idolor at :53 seconds in the first round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

  8. Amateur MMA: Chaase Tabuso (152.9, 0-1) Vs Cody Reyes (146.5, 1-2)
    Cody Reyes defeated Chase Tabuso at 2:56 of the second round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

  9. Amateur MMA: Manuel Rodriguez (159.3, 3-1 ) Vs Cole Conners (163.5, 1-3)
    Manuel Rodriguez defeated Cole Conners at :28 seconds in the first round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

  10. Amateur MMA: *David Manery (169.2, 2-4) Vs Chris Dunn (176.9, 5-3
    Chris Dunn defeated David Manery by unanimous decision. All 3 scorecards read 27-29.
    David Manery deducted 1 point in the 3rd round for a single hand trachea choke.

  11. Muay Thai: Virgil San Nicolas (159, 2-0) Vs Tyren Sillanpaa (157.5, 0-1)
    Virgil San Nicolas defeated Tyren Sillanpaa at 1:30 in the 2nd round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

  12. Amateur MMA: Anthony (Tony) Lopez (193, 4-1) Vs *Andrew G. Moore (200.7, 0- 1)
    Tony Lopez defeated Andrew Moore at 1:47 in the first round TKO (strikes) referee stoppage.

  13. Amateur MMA: *Chuck Jordan (145.5, 1-4) Vs Travis Bennet (144.8, 6-2)
    Travis Bennett defeated Chuck Jordan at 2:40 in the 2nd round tap out due to arm bar.

We would like to thank John & Pepper Bujak, Chris Reyna, Dean Donlin, and all the supporting fighters and trainers. Judges Louie Nedgle, Frank Watts, & alternating referee - judges Pat Lee and Cody Aldredge. Special thanks to Chuck Palmer, timekeeper Sarah McKay, and ring announcer Rick Reyna.

For more info please contact Mr. Chris Reyna at (208) 463-9999 or at or Mr. Dean Donlon at (208) 861-9462 or

FRIDAY, July 13th, 2007, AT 1:00 PM, PT


North West Ring Warriors, Gorilla Taktics & Sidekicks USA Black Belt School, Inc. Present
"Ring Of Fire"
Caldwell, Idaho, USA


Squared Circle Promotions Presents
"MMA In The Valley"
Winchester, Virginia, USA


Battle Cage 360 LLC Presents
"Battle Cage 360 Annihilation"
Bossier City, Louisiana, USA


Breaking Point Productions Presents
Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA


Rumbletime Promotions & Shamrock Promotions Present
"Midwest Fight Fest"
St. Louis, Missouri, USA


But Wait...There's more...
The Strength Behind Titles?

Remember the article about the copy-cat organization formed by Kasey Thompson? Well, we promised you more, and here it is.

Our thought is this... Shouldn't a fighter be Qualified to be an actual "Contender" to fight for a title/ Well, as a REAL Sanctioning body, we though this would be a requirement. However, not MMA Promoter Kasey Thompson.

To hype his shows and sell tickets Thompson has no problem making up fighters records and then send in press releases to the local paper, who of course, believe what he is sending them is true.... NOT!

As noted before, using the Alexa HISTORY page, check out how EXACT Thompson's site match up to the ISCF pages. All that's missing on these pages is their logo, (Which we will post here tomorrow) which believe it or not, was pretty much identical to the ISCF logo except for the name. Check it out and get a laugh by clicking HERE! Some of their links actually linked back to the ISCF pages and some pages still had ISCF still on them somewhere....

Here are some "Hype" Headlines for Thompson's show Saturday night which include his so called, "World" titles:

CLAIM: "Following two major upsets in XFS V on May 12th - UFC veteran Patrick Smith losing his XFS World Heavy Weight Title to Tom Clemon; as well as Bodog's Kyacey "Ice Cold" Uscola's upset loss to Chilo Gonzales for the XFS World Light Heavy Weight Title - XFS VI should prove to be very exciting and unpredictable."
REALITY: Some here may know Patrick (Pat) Smith who basically, when you check his fight record, has been around awhile. However after his last fight in 1999, he came back to fight again in 2006, against some very inexperienced fighters. See for yourself by clicking Here. With this being said, his win loss against basic beginner Tom Clemen's was no big thing.

When Clemen's was booked for the "World Title" fight against Smith, pretty much everyone thought Smith would win over such an unexperienced fighter. Clemen's PRO record was only 2-0... And his amateur record was only 1-0. THREE fights and here's your World title shot... kinda like that comedian who says, "Here's your Sign..." But Thompson's thoughts were more like, "Who cares, it's in Idaho!" As if Idaho fight fans don't know what they are seeing... or do they? Or, are they all just believing what they read in the local newspaper? This is probably more so the case. "If the paper says it, it must be true... Right?" Wrong!

On Thompson's last event in June, he had another "World Title" fight. Chilo Gonzales actually had some experience but not necessarily a commanding winning record at 10-8 (3-1 as an amateur). For the title, Gonzales defeated Kaycey Usacola who had about the same record at the time, 11-7 - 4-4. The win gave Gonzales Thompson's XFS Light-Heavyweight Title. Still, with over 6,000 in attendance, Thompson must be doing something right. Whether it's misleading the public or some great marketing, whatever it is, people are buying it. The question is, will they continue to believe it all, especially after his show this Saturday night?

The opening paragraph for Thompson's event this weekend reads
"Qwest Arena and Knockout Promotions announced that XFS VI "BAD BLOOD," headlined by the Brazilian World Champion Douglas Lima –VS- the Mexican World Champion and Sport Fight World Champion Ed Nunoz, will come to Idaho's capital city on Saturday, JULY 14th , 2007 at 7:00 p.m."

So lets look at this a bit. WHO are these guys?

We happen to know who Douglas Lima is, but we have never seen him win a "Brazilian World Title". Lima has fought on several ISCF Sanctioned events. In fact, probably 90% of his fights were on ISCF Sanctioned events, and he is good, but probably not as good as Thompson wants everyone to believe. Lima's Pro record is 4-1 which followed a good amateur career of 3-0. All his fights except for one have been in Georgia, and that other one was in Colorado. This is no stab at Lima. He IS A GOOD FIGHTER! It's just that Thompson want's everyone to believe he's more than he really is.

As for Lima's opponent, the Mexican World Champion and Sport Fight World Champion Ed Nunoz? WHO is he? Nunoz can't be found in either of the top MMA fighter databases which are FC Fighter (Click Here) and Sherdog (Click Here).

Here are some other claims Thompson makes that are fun to look at:

CLAIM: "Idaho Steelhead's bad boy Jeremy Yablonski will be put to the ultimate test as he takes on the undefeated Jeremy "The Head Hunter" Newman from Salt Lake City, Utah."
REALITY: We did find Jeremy Yablonski, who's 1-0 as a MMA Fighter. As for Newman, this may be correct. We too found Newman undefeated... But than again, we never found him fighting either, in either of the top MMA databases: FC Fighter or Sherdog so 0-0 is indeed... undefeated.

CLAIM: "For the first time in Northwest sports history – Two World Champion Heavy Weight Sumo Wrestlers will be defending their World Titles at XFS; Kelly Gneiting (510 Lbs.) the 2005, 2006 USA World Champion, and Casey Burns (515 Lbs.) the 2003 USA World Champion, will do head-to-head."
REALITY: Kelly Gneiting is actually a US Sumo Champion, we found no reference to any "World" titles". Almost the same for Burns who has some north American title. But wait, this isn't a REAL match is it? how can it be, these guys are friends and co-presidents of the Snake River Sumo Association...Hmmm. They must hold some of Thompson's XFS titles.

CLAIM: "XFS Middleweight World Champion "Relentless" Ray Perales will be defending his title against "The Lion of Boise" Dustin Moe – a fight that's been in the making for over eight years."
REALITY: Impressive... Impressive to be a "World Champion" with "Relentless" Ray Perales (7-14 / 5-6.) Even more impressive how Perales goes back and forth fighting amateurs then pro and back to amateur bouts... maybe that's to help his fight record... At least he's winning some of those amateur bouts. However Perales should by OK against Dustin Moe... (0-5 as a Pro) However, like Perales, he has been going back and forth from amateur to pro to pick up some wins.

Thompson's Nice Tight and Safe Mat...

CLAIM: "The 3 time PAC10 Wrestling Champion from Boise State, Scott Jorgenson, will be fighting James Birdy (8-0) from Seattle, Washington for the vacant XFS Bantam Weight World Title."
REALITY: The hometown boy Jorgenson (3-1 / 1-0) should have no problem here.... mainly since we can't find Birdy ever fighting.

CLAIM: "Idaho Mixed Martial Arts legend, Brandon "Big Dog" Shuey, will be entering the octagon cage for the final time, in this his retirement fight against Eddie "The Hurricane" Belen of Indonesia."
REALITY: Although he hasn't been a sanctioned bout since October of 2006, for his outgoing bout Brandon Shuey (2-4 / 7-2) should have no problem against Eddie Belen (0-1 / 1-3) who won his only bout in 2004. Indonesia though? Maybe he just got back from vacation there.

Well, they say any press is good press, so your welcome for the headlines Kasey. Good luck with fooling the public tonight once again. However, like your sanctioning body, you may want to be careful... This stuff has a way of sneaking up on you...

WEDNESDAY, July 11th, 2007, AT 9:00 PM, PT

NEW Amateur Men's Rankings
NOW Spilt Into TWO Pages

We have taken a lot of time and made the ISCF Amateur Men's Rankings easier to use. we have split them up into two different pages. One page for number ranked fighters with wins and the other page for fighters who are new (0-0) or with no wins. Check out the new formats at the links below;

TUESDAY, July 10th, 2007, AT 10:25 PM, PT

July 6th, 2007 - Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

Congratulations to TRUE FIGHT FAN Promotions on their 16th show! Already established as a first class venue, tonight was no exception! Action-packed 18 great bouts featured this evening, featuring knock-outs, awesome submissions and warriors going the distance. Fans once again got what they came for ~ outstanding performances by warriors ready to rumble. The only losers were folks who didn't make it here tonight!
Results as Follows:

  1. Middleweight
    Neal Fletcher Vs Ted Kuether
    Kuether gets the takedown to start the bout trying to get past Fletcher's guard, but Fletcher pulls him in tight. Kuether lands some body shots trying to make room for ground and pound. Kuether lands a solid right, left combination forcing Referee Bud Johnson to step in for a closer look as Fletcher is clearly on the take. Referee Johnson stops the bout.
    WINNER: KUETHER by TKO (Referee Stoppage due to Strikes) at 2:25 of Round One.

  2. Featherweight
    Brandon Holmes Vs Chad White
    This was a fast and furious bout as White starts this battle with a solid right leading to a double leg takedown. He immediately moves in for some ground and pound. Both fighters manage to get back to their feet, but White cinches in a tight guillotine forcing Holmes to submit!
    WINNER: WHITE by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at :22 of Round One.

  3. Lightweight
    Eric Caward Vs Nick Hunt
    Hunt lands a left right; Cawerd answers with a blow then body slams Hunt. Hunt spins around giving Cawerd his back, but both fighters manage to get back to their feet. Hunt lands a left, answered by Cawerd's right. Hunt slams a knee, right/left punch, followed by a body slam double leg by Cawerd. Hunt zooms in for the guillotine, cranks hard and forces Cawerd to submit!
    WINNER: HUNT by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at :52 of Round One.

  4. Featherweight
    Eric Kelce Vs Corey M. Johnson
    Kelce lands a round kick to the body, then a leg kick. Johnson shoots in for the takedown and Kelce manages to get back to his feet. Kelce attempts a guillotine and it looks like it just might work, but Johnson is relentless in his escape. Both fighters return to their feet and immediate grapple in the center of the ring, exchanging knees in the process. Johnson cinches in a guillotine and Kelce sweeps a takedown, but Johnson maintains his pressure on the choke. Kelce manages to get the top position and the crowd is chanting as this round comes to an end. Johnson comes out hard for round two throwing a near miss left hand, swiftly placing Kelce into a guillotine and tossing Kelce to the ground. Johnson slides right into the rear naked position, cinches tight and forces Kelce to submit!
    WINNER: JOHNSON by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at :31 of Round Two.

  5. Bantamweight
    Brandy Partridge Vs Tara Martin
    Martin and Partridge exchange rights then Martin goes for the takedown, landing more rights to the side of Partridge's head. Martin is on the bottom attempting to get in a guillotine. Partridge holds on for a while, but Martin cinches tight forcing Partridge to finally submit!
    WINNER: MARTIN by TAP OUT (Guillotine) at 1:33 of Round One.

  6. Welterweight
    Nathaniel Bernal Vs Travis McEnaney
    Both fighters throw furious lefts and miss, but Bernal follows with a round kick that lands. McEnaney gets a right hand to the side of his head in answer to a missed spin side kick as the crowd reacts. McEnaney gets the takedown with Bernal in the guard, and McEnaney gets past his guard looking for room for ground and pound. Bernal spins out and attempts an armbar, moving to a sidemount. McEnaney attempts a guillotine, but Bernal adjusts and gets free landing a powerful left forcing Referee Johnson to stop this bout!
    WINNER: BERNAL by TKO (Referee Stoppage due to Strikes) at 1:52 of Round One.

  7. Bantamweight
    Brad Parn Vs Steven Cox
    Cox starts this bout landing a couple of lefts, answered by a left right by Parn. Cox locks him up and Parn attempts a knee to the face and a slam, but Cox escapes. Both fighters looking to land some blows in the stand up position. Parn again attempts a take down again and Cox stops him. Parn manages to get to the top position landing a few rights. Both fighters stand and Cox lands a solid knee, followed by a straight left to Parn's face. Parn steps in attempting a takedown, Cox slips in a triangle arm bar, but Parn escapes. The fighters exchange some solid blows, Cox a hard uppercut answered by Parn's jabs. Cox lands a blow and both fighters stand up. Parn attempts a guillotine as both fighters return to the mat. Cox finds a way out of the guillotine attempt and both fighters get back to a stand up position and Cox gets Parn into a head crank, landing some knees to Parn's face. Cox gets a slamming takedown, Parn gives his back and Cox takes advantage quickly cinching in a tight rear naked choke forcing Parn to submit. The crowd loved this action!
    WINNER: COX by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:38 of Round One.

  8. Lightweight
    Ryan Smith Vs Wes Miller
    Miller's round kick connects with Smith's body. Smith avoids a kick, but is caught by a third kick by Miller followed by a left, right hand. Smith ties him up as they grapple against the cage. Miller lands two strong blows, one to the body, one to the head, followed by another right and left and a knee to Smith's face. Smith relentlessly goes after the takedown; Miller is attempting to work in a triangle, but Smith slams him to the mat. Still pursuing the triangle, Smith escapes and goes in for the finish with powerful blows forcing Miller to verbally submit.
    WINNER: SMITH by VERBAL SUBMISSION (Strikes) at 1:55 of Round One.

  9. Super Heavyweight
    Tim Collins Vs John Orr
    Collins lands a hard leg kick, but Orr grapples in as the fighters trade knees. Orr is relentless with his knees and pins Collins against the fence. Collins swiftly reverses, pinning Orr against the fence. Orr lands some solid shots to Collins' body. Collins gets a solid take down on Orr, moving to the top position looking for some ground and pound. Collins manages some effective ground and pound but Orr keeps his guard tight. Referee Johnson stands these powerhouses up and Orr lands some smashing blows to Collins' head, followed by a knee and a solid, hard right, raining down a series of blows forcing Referee Johnson to step in and stop this war!
    WINNER: ORR by TKO (Referee Stoppage due to Strikes) at 3:41 of Round One.

  10. Welterweight
    Jacob Wolf Vs Derrick Shanks
    Wolf lands a couple of rights, but Shanks answers with a solid right. Wolf responds with a sweeping takedown, Shanks gives his back as Wolf moves in for the rear naked choke. Shanks escapes and the fighters return to stand up. Shanks lands a right, Wolf responds with a right as these fighters exchange power blows as the fighters grapple up. Shanks has his chin high enough to catch Wolf's rights, followed by a few well-placed knees by Wolf. The fighters stay busy as they trade shots, both fighters have their hands just low enough to keep the crowd roaring as it can be anyone's win right now. Shanks throws a jab, right, and takes Wolf back to the mat, working toward a guillotine, but Wolf swiftly moves to a full mount and puts Shanks in a bad position to receive some sharp ground and pound. Shanks attempts to bridge but only receives more ground and pound. Shanks continues to try to escape as Wolf slides in an armbar at the bell to end this action-packed round.
    Round two starts with a bang as Wolf lands a solid round kick, followed by an overhand right. Shanks catches another right on the beard as the crowd roars. Wolf lands another round kick, answered by Shanks right hand. Wolf staggers Shanks with a right, but Shanks recovers with an uppercut, Wolf comes back with another right, leg kick, right combination, but Shanks closes the gap. The fighters grapple up as Wolf cinches in an Armbar forcing Shanks to submit to end this battle.
    WINNER: WOLF by TAP OUT (ArmBar) at 1:22 of Round Two.

  11. Bantamweight
    Ryan Pederson Vs Thomas Higgins
    Pederson throws a leg kick, Higgins answers with a right hand as these fighters grapple up into the cage. Pederson swiftly goes for the takedown, but Higgins ends up on top! Higgins looks for room for ground and pound, but Pederson slips out the back door and reverses the position. Higgins pulls guard, but Pederson is looking to get past. Higgins attempts an armbar, but Pederson quickly pulls out. The crowd loves this action. Pederson gets past Higgins guard, moving to a side mount. Higgins goes for the triangle again, but Pederson slips out moving to the full mount. Higgins lands a right, then spins around, giving Pederson his back. Pederson goes for the rear naked choke, but Higgins manages to defend. Pederson cinches in tight, forcing Higgins to submit to end this fast and furious bout!
    WINNER: PEDERSON by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:04 of Round One.

  12. Light Heavyweight
    Chris Henning Vs Wesley Riley
    Henning jumps in landing several quick lefts, dropping Riley to the mat to end this fight!
    WINNER: HENNING by TKO (Referee stoppage due to strikes) at :14 of Round One.

  13. Light Heavyweight
    Chris Bennett Vs Jon Ott
    These fighters are primed and ready to battle as this war begins. Ott comes out landing a stiff left jab, followed by a double leg takedown. Bennett attempts a guillotine, but Ott slips out, moves to a full mount and immediately begins some ground and pound, forcing Referee Johnson to stop this bout!
    WINNER: OTT by TKO (Referee Stoppage due to Strikes) at :25 of Round One.

  14. Heavyweight
    Billy Jones Vs Tim Horner
    Adrenaline is still flowing fast as Jones rushes out landing a right, gets a hip toss into a takedown, swiftly moves to a full mount and lands a solid right and left hook! Both fighters get to their feet. Then Jones lands a solid right, dropping Horner to the mat to end this fight in less than 1/2 a minute!
    WINNER: JONES by TKO (Referee Stoppage due to Strikes) at :29 of Round One.

  15. Lightweight
    Josh Bernal Vs William Joplin
    Bernal throws two hard, stiff, fast jabs, followed by a right that connects with intent. Bernal then slams a knee that drops Joplin, but phased, Joplin has enough presence of mind to try to get right back up, giving Bernal his back. Bernal lands some ground and pound then both fighters go to standing. Joplin attempts a hip toss, but Bernal defends well. The crowd is really into this action as Joplin gets a single leg takedown, but Joplin can't get past Bernal's tight guard. Bernal gives Joplin his back as Joplin attempts a rear naked, but Bernal slips out and attempts a successful reversal, Bernal moving to the full mount. Joplin gives Bernal his back, and Bernal is attempting to get his hooks in to sink in a rear naked choke. Joplin somehow slips his head out, so Bernal attempts to soften him a little with a few lefts and rights, again sinking in a rear naked, but again Joplin slips out. As the fighters stand, Bernal lands a knee ending this outstanding round!
    Round two starts with Joplin's attempt as the aggressor, but Bernal gives him multiple knees for his trouble ~ landing Joplin in trouble up against the cage. Bernal throws another few knees, pinning Joplin against the cage, landing a left/right. Joplin staggers, eats a knee, then gets the takedown on Bernal! Bernal escapes, moving to guard as Joplin attempts to get around the guard for some ground and pound, but Bernal continues to defend well. Bernal reverses, gets the full mount, and rains down some ground and pound, taking Joplin's back, landing more blows to Joplin's head. Joplin attempts to get to his feet, but Bernal continues his ground and pound, landing some knees at the bell!
    Round three starts with a bang as the fighters exchange blows, again with Bernal getting the majority of connections, including a series of uppercuts and knees to the face, followed by a round kick to the face, with more uppercuts, right hands, knee strikes, but Joplin gets another quick takedown! Joplin attempts a guillotine, but Bernal escapes. Joplin continues to pursue the guillotine, Bernal gives Joplin his back, and Joplin throws some ground and pound of his own. Bernal pulls guard, as Joplin tries to find a way through. Bernal cinches in a triangle armbar, but the bell ends this war as we go to the judges scorecards!
    WINNER: BERNAL by UNANIMOUS DECISION, 29/28, 30/27, 29/28.

  16. Middleweight
    Andrew Waters Vs Mike Carrasco
    Both fighters come into this battle with solid striking ability ~ especially good hands. Waters proves this point as he immediately hits Carrasco with a solid, powerpacked right, that drops Carrasco to the mat! Waters takes advantage, jumping swiftly into a side mount. Carrasco attempts to stand up, but Waters works some solid uppercuts, as Carrasco escapes. The fighters return to stand up as Waters connects with a right followed by a single leg takedown. Carrasco lands some rights, then gives Waters his back. Waters cinches in a rear naked choke forcing Carrasco to submit!
    WINNER: WATERS by TAP OUT (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:42 of Round One.


    Troy Talavera Vs Mike Mitchell
    A solid kicker verses a solid grappler, Mitchell gets the takedown after Talavera lands a solid kick. Talavera working out of the guard, Mitchell stands and looks to secure a knee bar, but Talavera quickly reverses him. Mitchell moves to guard as Talavera works some ground and pound. Mitchell attempts a triangle. Talavera lands a left hook, right hand, answered by Mitchell's left hook. Talavera attempts a high kick, moving into a takedown on Mitchell. Talavera goes for the full mount, Mitchell pulls a tight guard. Talavera lands a body slam, left hand, again attempting to get into a full mount, but Mitchell defends well. Talavera is in the side mount as Mitchell attempts a guillotine, that Talavera peels away ending this round!
    Round two has the crowd roaring as Mitchell gets the single leg, quickly moving to a side mount. Talavera reverses! Mitchell attempts a triangle, but Talavera moves to a side mount and proceeds to do some effective ground and pound. Mitchell continues to pursue the triangle, but Talavera continues to slip. Mitchell defends Talavera's mount well, then reverses, trying to make room for ground and pound to end this action-packed round.
    Round three starts with both fighters attempting to exchange kicks that miss, as Mitchell gets the takedown, but Talavera is on top with Mitchell in guard. Talavera tries to get around guard, as these fighters are locked up on the floor, with Mitchell trying for a submission with Talavera trying for a clear, clean shot! Both fighters stand as Mitchell throws a high kick, answered by Talavera's right hand. Mitchell has another takedown, again with Talavera on top, Mitchell in guard. Talavera gets the full mount looking for room for some effective ground and pound. Mitchell reverses him off the cage, Talavera pulls guard as Mitchell attempts to get past his guard. A reversal by Talavera as both fighters are working really hard to the crowds delight - another reversal by Mitchell, as Talavera escapes. Mitchell goes after an ankle lock, attempted knee bar as Talavera escapes into stand up throwing strikes as this round ends! What a war! Excellent work by both fighters to bring an exciting bout to the ring as we go to the judges scorecards!
    WINNER: TALAVERA by UNANIMOUS DECISION, 29/28, 29/28, 29/28.


    Zach Nolen Vs Eric Marriott
    Marriott, current ISCF US Champion, comes out against undefeated Nolen, for what promises to be an exciting bout. The fighters exchange hard lefts, followed by an exchange of leg kicks! Marriott throws a right, answered by Nolen's left with both blows landing. Marriott gets a quick takedown, with Nolen against the cage. Nolen attempts to work a guillotine, cranking hard, but Marriott maneuvers out and into an ankle lock forcing Nolen to submit!
    WINNER: MARRIOTT by TAP OUT (Ankle Lock) at 1:52 of Round One

For more info please contact Mr. Phil Jones at (816) 651-5087 or at or go to


"Cage Championships 5"
JUNE 23rd, 2007 - Sullivan, Missouri, USA

Patrick Smith and his Cage Championship Crew put on a great show in front of a Standing Room only crowd at the Eagles Hall in Sullivan, Missouri. This area of Missouri is known for its great Hunting, Fishing and Canoeing. It is also starting to be known for its outstanding crop of Fighters as well as Competition from this area.
Results as Follows:

    Josh Bowen & Jeremy Saling

    Kyle Janish Vs Greg Maurath
    Janish starts this one with a BANG. Landing a left and right hand that drops Maurath.
    WINNER By TKO Referee Stops Contest Due to (Strikes) at :07 of Round One - Kyle Janish.

    Matt Rathgeber Vs Nathan Delmont
    Delmont starts fast also landing a hard right and left hand that drops Rathgeber forcing Referee Ron Cook to call a halt to this one.
    WINNER By TKO Referee Stops Contest Due to (Strikes) at :09 of Round One - Nathan Delmont.

    Shane Dorton Vs Ryan Schatz
    This was a spirited bout as both fighters showed skill and guts.
    Round One was close with Schatz landing kicks and punches as Dorton controlled the ground action. Dorton lands with some effective ground & pound.
    Round Two Schatz lands a kick and follows with two punches that land on Dorton. Dorton gets cut under the left eye from the right hand that was landed by Schatz. Schatz lands more right hands over the low left hand of Dorton, causing some swelling of Dorton's left eye. Schatz moves well this round but gets caught by a left and a right hand followed with a knee by Dorton. Dorton slams Schatz to the ground and lands some effective ground & pound as this round comes to an end. As
    Round Three starts it is clearly any ones fight. Schatz starts by landing a spin backfist to the head of Dorton. Schatz controls from the start by cleanly landing left and right hands strikes and smartly moving out of range. Dorton's eye closes from the beating forcing Referee Ron Cook to stop this one as Dorton is unable to defend.
    WINNER By TKO Referee Stops Contest Due to (Strikes) at 2:13 of Round Three - Ryan Schatz.

    David Crabb Vs Brandon Benney
    Round One Starts with Benny landing two punches then going for a single leg take down and getting it. Benney quickly moves to a side mount. Crabb gives him his back as Benney moves in to secure the Choke and Tap.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:27 of Round One - Brandon Benney.

    Joe Freeman Vs Robert Garn
    Round One starts with Freeman landing a leg kick as Garn counters with a right & left hand. Freeman gets a big slam on Garn moves to full mount and ground & pounds out the win.
    WINNER By TKO Referee Stops Contest Due to (Strikes) at :44 of Round One - Joe Freeman.

    Justin Larue Vs Kody Janish
    Round One - These guys trade right hands then Janish gets the slamming takedown on LaRue. They stand and LaRue gets the takedown on Janish. Janish reverses and moves to a full mount on LaRue. Janish moves to a attempted Rear Naked Choke but LaRue holds out til the round ends.
    Round Two - Janish lands a front kick followed by a right and left hand rocking LaRue. LaRue gets the takedown on Janish but gives Janish his back. Where Janish again goes for the Rear Naked Choke. LaRue escapes only to be mounted by Janish. Janish then starts landing some effective ground & pound forcing Referee Ron Cook to stop it.
    WINNER By TKO Referee Stops Contest Due to (Strikes) at 2:08 of Round Two - Kody Janish.

    Galen Sells Vs Jesse Geringer
    Round One - Geringer gets a two takedowns on Sells but Sells escapes both. Geringer gets another takedown and quickly moves to side mount. Sells tries for a Triangle Choke but Geringer gets out. Geringer gets some effective ground & pound on Sells before this round ends.
    Round Two - Geringer again gets the takedown and moves to side mount on Sells. After stalling out Referee Cook stands them up. Where Geringer lands some right hands on sells as the second round comes to an end.
    Round Three - Sells starts by landing two right hands on Geringer but Geringer does not seem effected by it. After both fighter trade knee's Geringer lands some unanswered right hands on Sells. Geringer and Sells reverse each other as Sells ends this round on top. Good Fight!
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28, - Jesse Geringer.

    Warren Ingersoll Vs Anthony Gusoskey
    Guroskey starts hyper but Ingersol takes him down and quickly works into a Side Choke. Guroskey goes limp forcing Referee Cook to stop this one.
    WINNER By TKO Referee Stops Contest Due to (Side Choke) at :29 of Round One - Warren Ingersoll.

    Jared Rasmussen Vs Tom Aaron
    Aaron makes quick work of Rasmussen. Aaron (Right) proves that his ISCF World Classic Novice win was no joke. Making Rasmuessen Tap early.
    WINNER By Tap Out (Guillotine Choke) at :55 of Round One - Tom Aaron.

    Garrett Sheppard Vs Wes Osburn
    These guys start and keep a fast pace. Both fighters land some big shots standing up. Osborn gets a takedown and precedes to ground & pound on Sheppard for the win.
    WINNER By TKO Referee Stops Contest Due to (Strikes) at 1:43 of Round One - Wes Osborn.

    Andrew Henry Vs Chris Maurath
    This was a good match-up. Maurath had some advantage standing up but Henry kept and controlled it from the ground. Henry slammed Maurath to the mat repeatedly (most every round) clearly giving him the edge in this one.
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision, 30-27 all Cards, Andrew Henry.

    Scott Bear Vs Steve Purdy
    What an end to a exciting night of MMA. Steve Purdy brought a undefeated record to the Cage against ISCF World Classic Champion Scott Bear (Right). These guys battled it out over the full Three rounds. Giving the crowd something to cheer about. Bear landing straight left and rights effectively every round. Bear kept this one on the stand up enough to pound out a solid victory over the game Purdy.
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision, 29-28 all Cards, Scott Bear

For more info please contact Mr. Patrick Smith at (573) 241-0310 or e-mail at or go to


Legit or Fake?
Well, Let's Call It What It Is...

FRAUD as well as FAKE!

Imagine this... Someone wants to bypass the rules and regulations of a REAL Sanctioning body or a State Commission so they decide to just make up their own. But how? Well, the old "Cut and Paste" aspects of a computer makes this task real easy.

Enter the WCSF... This is a so called "Sanctioning Body" out of Idaho Falls, Idaho, but like a lot of these"Start-ups" they only sanction one event... The Amateur events of their creator, Kasey Thompson.

Now we know people copy things from both the ISCF site here and the IKF Kickboxing site, but this guy was a gem in his actions... Thompson thought he could just "Cut and Paste" EVERYTHING on the ISCF Web Site and what makes this funny, he didn't even change the format of it all. All this thinking he could be a legit "Sanctioning Body"... Including the basic elmements of the ISCF logo which they made up at left, which was probably the most effort he put into his task.

Their sanctioning body web site use to be However, a legal order from the ISCF, to owner Kasey Thompson of Xtreme Fight Series, EW International and Knockout Promotions brought him to pay a fine which was followed by him taking the site down.

Here are several factors of the resolution as agreed to and signed by Thompson and his attorney, A.J. Bohner:

Here's the e-mail that Thompson sent to his "Then" webmaster to copy the ISCF site for his own:

From: "Kasey Thompson" kasey@xxx
To: krisswilliams3@xxx
CC: "'Sean Roberts- Extreme Wireless, sean@xxx
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 11:53:40 -0700
Hi Kriss,
Can you please take everything from this website and design our own website - our website will be WORLD COMBAT SANCTIONING FEDERATION - WCSF - WCSF.COM???
Thank You,
Kasey Thompson
EW International

Thompson's new logo for his Promotional Company/Sanctioning body...

"He was trying to abide by the regulations of the Idaho Boxing Commission which requires a sanctioning body for their amateur events." Said ISCF President Steve Fossum. "He didn't want to use a real sanctioning body so he just cut and pasted all of our material and made up his own sanctioning body. How we found out was through the Idaho State Commission."

What makes this story even more funny is that after taking down his copied site and paying his fine, Thompson broke even more ISCF Copyright Laws and started up "Again..." Which was against the legal agreement both the ISCF and Thompson agreed to. But wait... There's more. The state of Idaho Boxing Commission said they would NEVER approve this organization again as a sanctioning body, but guess what... They did, knowing the full truth behind it all! Talk about unethical. Who approved him? Sources all point to Kim Aksamit of the Bureau Of Occupational Licenses for the State of Idaho, who works with the Idaho Boxing Commission. Aksamit approved Thompson the first time, and then found out about the ISCF and notified us here. What surprised everyone here more though is, although knowing the entire story, she once again approved Thompson's "Copied" Sanctioning Body AGAIN... Smell a little fishy to you too? We did some additional investigation into all this and it's no wonder why or how Thompson was once again approved by Aksamit.

"Fraud is putting it lightly" said ISCF International Attorney Robert Parrish. "We let him off the hook last time with a small fine, but this time, we're going all the way with him!"

Using the Alexa HISTORY page, check out how EXACT Thompson's site match up to the ISCF pages. All that's missing on these pages is their logo, (Which we will post here tomorrow) which believe it or not, was pretty much identical to the ISCF logo except for the name. Check it out and get a laugh by clicking HERE! Some of their links actually linked back to the ISCF pages and some pages still had ISCF still on them somewhere.... A mistake by their webmaster...

Here's something even funnier... Before Thompson was caught with his pants down he was a little rude back to the ISCF. In one of Thompson's e-mails back to the ISCF, he wrote: "Before you insult the State of Idaho with your California rhetoric – we suggest you get your facts straight. The WCSF is made up some of the biggest legends in the MMA world in the Northwest; just to name 3: John Holsman, Derek Cleveland and Taylor Irvin." However, on their web page, they listed "4" people. So who is that 4th person listed as "Kris Thompson"... Kasey of course. Here's how it looked on their site prior to the take down... This was their "So Called Board Members..." - note how much MMA experience they all claim to have... Hmmm "When did MMA begin?"...LOL...

But that's not all. During Thompson's short power trip he wasn't always heading his new copied up organization. He wanted people to believe at first that he represented the ISCF. He charged fighters and cornermen for ISCF registration, claiming he was an ISCF Representative. He also told the Idaho Commission that he was an ISCF Representative.

We would like to hear from the many fighters who paid Thompson for fight Registration while he was masquerading as an ISCF Official. we will include you all in the "Class Action Suit."

But there's more... Wait till you hear the Rest of this Story...

MONDAY, July 9th, 2007, AT 6:00 PM, PT

"Walkin Tall"
June 30th, 2007 - Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

    Chase Herrera (140) Vs Josh Oden (140)
    Oden wins by Doctor Stoppage due to cut & broken nose at 2:52 of Round 1.

    Wesley Allen (170) Vs Mitchell Thelen (167)
    Thelen wins by Referee Stoppage due to punches at 1:21 of Round 2.

    Miles Bray (163) Vs Juan Ovalle (170)
    Bray wins by Split Decision.
    Travis Bennet (Bennett) (145) Vs Justin Glaspie (145)
    Bennett wins by Submission due to Armbar at 2:14 of Round 1.

    Kregg Jones (185) Vs Paul Hurdle (184)
    Jones wins by Submission due to Straight Armlock at 0:55 of Round 1.

  6. AMATEUR Kickboxing International Rules
    T.J. Dickey (179) Vs Brian Addison (176)
    Dickey wins by KO due to a head kick at 0:11 of Round 2.

    Tim Myers (170) Vs Jewel Scott (170)
    Scott wins by Submission due to Guillotine Choke at 2:28 of Round 1.

  8. AMATEUR Kickboxing International Rules
    Greg Grace (178) Vs Justin Stroderd (179)
    Stroderd wins by Corner Stoppage at 1:29 of Round 3.

  9. AMATEUR Kickboxing International Rules
    Kevin Sanford (280) Vs Brian Bradshaw (251)
    Majority Draw.

    Derrick Krantz, (170) Vs Cody Key (169)
    Krantz wins by Submission due to Side Choke at 1:49 of Round 1.

    Rafel Miramontes (205) Vs Mike Sams (200)
    Sams wins by Submission due to Kimura at 0:52 of Round 2.

    Justin Davis (210) vs Jason McCarty (241)
    McCarty wins by KO due to punches at 0:58 of Round 1.

THURSDAY, July 5th, 2007, AT 6:45 PM, PT


True Fight Fan L.L.C. Presents
Grain Valley, Missouri, USA

MONDAY, July 2nd, 2007, AT 8:10 PM, PT

June 30th, 2007 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Midwest Fight Fest Packed Full of Action! What more can someone say when it comes to the fights Shamrock Promotions puts on? This past Saturday night might of been called awesome! The event was a success from the start of the weekend. At weigh-ins the professionalism of the trainers and fighters was great. All the fighters showed up on time and also on weight. Many thanks to the gyms and trainers for helping with a great event. Its too hard to talk about every fight, and have to pick a couple to call the best. Some of the fighters lost who have been tearing up the competition, which shocked the crowd. The event was packed full of action from the start.
Here are the results:

    Jordan Moore (Pacific, MO) defeated Justin Caton (Springfield, IL) by 2nd round TKO.

    Dalton Voyles (Pacific, MO) defeated Zach Naylor (Zack Maylor? - Mt. Zion, IL) by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

    Nick Reeder (St. Louis, MO) defeated Leif Mueller (Mt. Zion, IL) by unanimous decision 30-27,30-27,30-27.
  4. AMATEUR Mixed Martial Arts - MMA
    David Sharp (Troy, MO) defeated Tony Diaz (Decatur, IL) in the 1st round by by referee stoppage due to strikes.

  5. AMATEUR Mixed Martial Arts - MMA
    Brandon Reinbold (Manhattan, KS) defeated Natu Visinia (Carbondale, IL) in the 2nd round by Arm Bar.

  6. AMATEUR Mixed Martial Arts - MMA
    Chris Tickle (Carbondale, IL) defeated Brian Sanguinet (Pacific, MO) in the 2nd round by by referee stoppage due to strikes.

  7. AMATEUR Mixed Martial Arts - MMA
    Rocky Vercher Vs (Lafayette, LA) defeated Bruce Yoakum (Decatur, IL) in the 2nd round by rear naked choke.

  8. AMATEUR Mixed Martial Arts - MMA
    Mike Green (St. Louis, MO) defeated Casey Wiley (Springfield, IL) in the 1st round by rear naked choke.
    Matt Brown (Clayton, MO) defeated Rhet Spengel (Springfield, IL) by 2nd round TKO.
  10. MMA - NONE STRIKING - Exhibition:
    Justin Lawerence (Pacific, MO) defeated Damian Jeffro (Herrin, IL) in the 1st round by rear naked choke.

  11. AMATEUR Mixed Martial Arts - MMA
    *Aladin Hegic (St. Louis, MO) defeated Dustin Frisella (Fercella) (Imperial, MO) split decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

For more info please contact Mr. Jesse Finney at (314) 608-3104 or by e-mail by clicking or go to


"MID-MO Fight Show 2"
JUNE 23rd, 2007 - Moberly, Missouri, USA

    Trevon Ewing Vs Patrick Reeder
    WINNER By Tap Out (Guillotine Choke) at :45 of Round One - Trevor Ewing.

    Ryan Denison Vs James Lucas
    WINNER By Tap Out (Side Choke) at :39 of Round One - James Lucas.

    Nathan Chapman Vs Justin Berrey
    WINNER By Tap Out (Strikes) at 2:34 of Round One - Nathan Chapman.

    Micah Stockton Vs Philip Stacey
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:02 of Round Two - Micah Stockton.

    Robert Peralez Vs Jonah Brown
    WINNER By Tap Out (Strikes) at 2:39 of Round One - Robert Peralez.

    Daren Bodine Vs Phillip Raine
    WINNER By Verbal Submission (Strikes) at 1:09 of Round Three - Phillip Raine.

    Lloyd Ray Vs Cory Young
    WINNER By Verbal Submission (Triangle Choke) at 1:09 of Round One - Cory Young.

    Bryan Oxner Vs Eric Jones
    WINNER By Tap Out (Guillotine Choke) at 1:27 of Round One - Eric Jones.

    Mike Simpson Vs Caleb Paffrath
    WINNER By Tap Out (Arm Bar) at 1:14 of Round One - Caleb Paffrath.

    Shawn Hance Vs James Keith
    WINNER By TKO Referee Stops Contest Due to (Strikes) at :57 of Round One - James Keith.

    Brian Hodge Vs Chris Nichols
    WINNER By TKO Referee Stops Contest Due to (Strikes) at :25 of Round One - Brian Hodge.

    Alex Clemsen Vs Ryan Holliger ( Hollinger )
    WINNER By TKO Holliger does not answer Bell for Round Two - Alex Clemsen.

    Joshua Zabokrisky Vs Aaron Derrow
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:00 of Round Three - Josh Zabokrtsky.

    Jonathon Prebe Vs Josh Wisdom
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at :43 of Round One - Jonathon Prebe.

    Jeremy Light Vs Lee Werr
    WINNER By Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at :54 of Round One - Lee Werr.

    Kyle Rogers Vs Matthew Yount
    WINNER By Unanimous Decision (29-28 all cards) - Kyle Rodgers.

    Justin Zabokrtsky Vs DeMarris Macklin
    WINNER By TKO Macklin does not answer Bell for Round Two - Justin Zabokrtsky.

    William Joplin Vs Andrew Williams
    WINNER By Split Decision (29-28, 30-27 & 28-29) - Andrew Williams.

    Clint Fox Vs Valente Ortiz
    WINNER By Split Decision (29-28, 30-27 & 28-29) - Valente Ortiz.

    Chris Goodwin Vs Rowdy Douglas
    WINNER By KO (Strikes) at 1:29 of Round One - Chris Goodwin

For more info please contact Mr. Ricky Duane Davidson II at (660) 676-8477 or at or go to