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TUESDAY, December 31st, 2013, AT 9:30 PM/ PST

Results From Aa' Ron Garrison Promotions'
December 7th, 2013 - Sedalia, Missouri, USA

    Timmothy Midgett (Columbia, Missouri, 0-1) VS Jose Zaragoza (Sedaila, Missouri, 1-0)
    Winner: Zaragoza via Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:16 of Round 1.

    Colton Duncan (Chillicothe, Missouri, 0-1) VS Jimmie Yount (Sedalia, Missiouri, 1-0)
    Winner: Yount via TKO (Strikes) at 2:29 of Round 2.
    Medical Suspension: Duncan due to TKO (Strikes) from 12-7-13 to 1-7-14.

    Jason Stout (Sedalia, Missouri, 1-1) VS Randall Stanfield (Marshall, Missouri, 0-3)
    Winner: Stout via unanimous decision, 30-27 on all 3 judges cards.

    Sean Larsen (Otterville, Missouri, 1-2) VS Matthew Levine (Warrensburg, Missouri, 1-0)
    Winner: Levine via Tap Out (Scissor Crank) at 2:23 of Round 1.

    Steven Dodson (Sedalia, Missouri, 9-4-1) VS Steven Bartlett (Sedaila, Missouri, 0-2)
    Winner: Dodson via TKO (Strikes) at 2:58 of Round 1.
    Medical Suspension: Bartlett due to TKO (Strikes) from 12-7-13 to 1-7-13.

    Billie Guyman (Sedalia, Missouri, 0-1) VS Miguel Zaragoza (Sedalia, Missouri, 3-0)
    Winner: Zaragoza due to TKO (Strikes) at 0:14 of Round 1.
    Medical Suspension: Guyman due to TKO (Strikes) from 12-7-13 to 1-7-13.

    Rodney Adams (Grandview, Missouri, 0-1) VS Joseph "Mitch" Herdliska (Belton, Missouri, 3-0)
    Winner: Herliska via Medical Stoppage at 2:42 of Round 1.

    Igor Sarioglo (LaMonte, Missouri, 4-3) VS Steven Nevels (Warrensburg, Missouri, 2-0)
    Winner: Nevels due to Disqualification.
    After many warnings before the fight and warnings in the ring Igor was disqualified for elbows.
    Igor Sarioglo has been issued a 90 day suspension for not following Amateur MMA Rules until March 28th, 2014.

    Jante Glasgow (Brookfield, Missouri, 2-1) VS Steven Dickerson (Knob Noster, Missouri, 1-1)
    Winner: Glasgow via Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:37 of Round 1.

    Stewart Workcuff (Marshall, Missouri, 2-2) VS Corey Innis (Warrensburg, Missouri, 6-11)
    Winner: Workcuff via Tap Out (Strikes) at 0:58 of Round 1.

    Christopher Terry (Lewistown, Missouri, 2-2) VS Harley Holcomb ( Sweet Springs, Missouri, 4-2)
    Winner: Holcomb via Tap Out (Triangle Choke) at 1:10 of Round 1.

    Dakota Byrd (Sedalia, Missouri, 7-1) VS Nate Allen (Sedalia, Missouri, NEED RECORD)
    Winner: Byrd via Tap Out (Triangle Choke) at 1:51 of Round 1.

    Robert Puckett (Sedalia, Missouri, 5-12) VS Shannon Glasgow (Columbia, Missouri, 2-3)
    Winner: Glasgow via Tap Out (Guillotine Choke) at 0:49 of Round 1.

FRIDAY, December 26th, 2013, AT 12:50 PM/ PST

MMA Fighter Birchak's Shining Moment Makes Sports Illustrated Photos of the Year!

Bantamweight Champion's Celebration Shot Captured At MFC 39!

A spectacular moment of championship glory has earned Anthony Birchak and the Maximum Fighting Championship a spot in the prestigious Sportsman of the Year issue of Sports Illustrated.

Poised on the ring ropes in celebration, Birchak's captured image is prominently displayed as one of SI's Photos of the Year.

"Absolutely surreal," said Birchak.

"I got a Facebook message from someone I haven't talked to in four years telling me I'm in Sports Illustrated. I was thinking not that long ago that I've done a lot in my career so far but I was still waiting for that 'A-ha!' moment. This is definitely that kind of moment."

The photo was taken at MFC 38 when Birchak capped a tripleheader of title fights by winning the MFC world bantamweight championship with a second-round submission of Tito Jones. His spot in Sports Illustrated's Photos of the Year puts him alongside such world-renowned notables as Olympic and World champion sprinter Usain Bolt, Masters champion Adam Scott, and Dave Bolland, who scored the 2013 Stanley Cup winning goal for the Chicago Blackhawks.

It's the only mixed martial arts picture featured.

"Anthony became well-known in the MMA world in 2013 but this is something that puts him on the map in the real world of sports," said MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich.

"I've read Sports Illustrated all my life and for an MFC fighter to be in it and as part of the Photos of the Year, that is just an amazing accomplishment."

Photographer Amber Bracken was perfectly positioned at ringside to capture the image, though at first, she thought she may have missed the moment.

"I remember being disappointed Anthony Birchak didn't turn my way when he was celebrating but I guess the photo turned out anyway," said Bracken. "I was pretty surprised when a friend told me it made the SI Sportsmen of the Year edition. It's not too often you see Edmonton events represented like that. The whole thing is pretty cool."

Bracken's work initially appeared in the Edmonton Sun and throughout the QMI Agency chain of newspapers and websites. Sun photographers are well-regarded for their sports acumen though being in Sports Illustrated is certainly a crowning achievement.

"We are proud that one of our top sports pictures produced in a great sports town like Edmonton was featured on the world stage that Sports Illustrated offers," said Tom Braid, Photo Editor of the Edmonton Sun.

Birchak, who recently earned the MFC Fight of the Year for 2013, is expected to make the first title defense of his bantamweight crown at MFC 40.

THURSDAY, December 19th, 2013, AT 12:30 PM/ PST

Male vs. Female Fight

By Guilherme Cruz -

Todays Update on this... Man vs. woman fight won't happen at Shooto Brazil 45

The Fake Fight Tarnishes Reputation of Shooto Brazil, Promoter
Andre Pederneiras.

RIO DE JANEIRO: Shooto Brazil announced a shocking man vs. woman fight for their 25th edition on Friday night in Rio de Janeiro. However, the fight was never expected to happen.

It all started on Wednesday afternoon, when the promotion announced on its official Facebook page that Emerson Falcao (1-0) and Juliana Velasquez (0-0) would meet inside the ring in a three-round bantamweight clash at Shooto Brazil 45. Right after the announcement, MMA Fighting contacted Shooto officials, who confirmed the bout. Team Nogueira and Nova Uniao officials also said the match-up was set.

On Tuesday night, Falcao posted on his Facebook page that he has sustained an injury and wouldn't be able to fight this year, but Nova Uniao leader and Shooto Brazil president Andre Pederneiras told MMA Fighting he would fight despite the injury. It all seemed weird, and the suspicions were right. Multiple sources close to the situation informed MMA Fighting on Wednesday that the fight wouldn't happen, and it was just a way to promote Shooto Brazil's support to "Lei Maria da Penha", a law created to stop violence against women in Brazil.

Andre Pederneiras, Nova Uniao and Team Nogueira officials declined to confirm the information when contacted by MMA Fighting on Wednesday, insisting that the MMA bout would really happen. Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Confederation, the entity responsible for regulating the Shooto Brazil events, said they would only get more information on Shooto Brazil's intentions to promote the fight before the weigh-ins on Thursday.

At 2 p.m. local time today at a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, the stage was set for the weigh-ins. Falcao and Velasquez were there, and stepped in the scale and faced off. Falcao could barely walk without limping because of his injury, but he insisted that he would fight.

"I was hired to fight, and I'm going there to fight," Falcao said. "My job is to train and fight. This is the first of the many man vs. woman fights that will come in the future. You'll see. This is going to be huge. We're here to shock the world."

"We're going to fight," Velasquez said following the weigh-ins. "We're professionals, and we'll fight tomorrow."

Nobody seems worried with the possibility of any legal problems for falsely advertising an attraction, though. "Man, if (Pederneiras), one of the most respected men in the MMA is telling you there will be a fight, you should believe him," Falcao said.

"Don't you think so? Don't you agree with me?" True, Pederneiras is one of the most respected men in the MMA world, but the MMA clash won't happen.

Osiris Maia, member of the Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Confederation (CBMMA) overseeing the weigh-ins on Thursday, confirmed to MMA Fighting that the fight is not real.

"We can't do something like that," Maia said. "(The promoter) can ask everything, even a MMA fight with three guys against one, but we obviously won't allow it."

"This 'fight' has a social representation that is more important for the society than to the sport," he continued. "There's no way a man should fight a woman. This is being done only to show the society the importance of 'Lei Maria da Penha'. You can't have a man beating a woman in a sport, so it shouldn't happen anywhere. That's what they want to show."

WEDNESDAY, December 18th, 2013, AT 9:20 AM/ PST

Male vs. Female Fight
Booked At Brazil MMA Event

Marc Raimondi -

Shooto must be Portuguese for "freak show."

The Brazilian MMA organization plans on holding "What they call" the ***first-ever man vs. woman professional fight this weekend in Rio de Janeiro. The promotion announced the bantamweight bout Tuesday and promoted it heavily on social media. The competitors will be Emerson Falcao (0-1 According to Sherdog)and Juliana Velasquez (0-0 According to Sherdog) who is making her pro MMA debut. At least she can only go up from this circus. To think people were up in arms about Fallon Fox fighting.

Shooto is making Elite XC look like it had the utmost integrity when it pushed Kimbo Slice to the moon. This comes on the heels of a fighter dying before weigh-ins back in September.

Falcao, who fights out of Nova Uniao with the likes of Jose Aldo and Renan Barao, posted to his Facebook that he wouldn't be able to compete until next year due to injury. But now he's being promoted as being on Friday night's show, booked against Velasquez, a judoka out of Team Nogueira.

Velasquez told that it was the idea of Shooto president and Nova Uniao trainer Andre Pederneiras to hold this bout. He asked Team Nogueira for a female fighter, she said. "I'm used to training with man every day," she said. "I'm a professional judoka and I know the adrenaline of the competition, I know how to handle this."

It might not actually happen, especially if logic and reason prevail. Osiris Maia, a member of the entity responsible for regulating Shooto events, told that no rules specifically prohibit a man from fighting a woman -- but they do prevent two people who are not of the same level being put together in a bout. "So there's no way a man should be able to fight a woman," he said. Accurate statement.

Why is he the only one involved actually saying that?

Not At All!!

The fight would be the first official Shooto between man and woman after the establishment of the unified rules of MMA. There have been, in MMA, Rio Heroes in the clandestine event, a fight between man and woman: Ediane "India" Gomes faced a man identified only as "Carlos", and won by submission.

Although not an MMA bout, in 1999, 24 year old female kickboxer/muay thai fighter Sunshine Fettkether, of Mesa, Arizona, (5'8", 147 lbs), took on a 39 year old construction working bar-fighter named Randy Pittman, (5'6", 160 lbs) in Phoenix, Arizona. The kickboxing bout took place inside of a cage. In the opening round the referee stopped the bout after Sunshine landed a head kick on Pittman which dropped him, but didn't knock him out. However, after he stood up, he dropped again and the referee stopped it.
Sunshine had also won the 2000 IKF/RINGSIDE USA National Amateur Kickboxing Championship Tournament with a TKO victory at :49 seconds of round 1 over Julie Jackle of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (trained by Duke Roufus.).


Shooto Brazil Announces Man Vs. Woman Fight
For Friday Card In Rio De Janeiro

By Guilherme Cruz -

In the most bizarre matchmaking in recent history, Brazil will possibly watch the first professional MMA fight between man and woman in its history.

Shooto Brazil announced on Tuesday that its 45th edition, set to take place on Dec. 20 in Rio de Janeiro, will feature a three-round bantamweight fight between Emerson Falcao (0-1 According to Sherdog) and Juliana Velasquez (0-0 According to Sherdog).

Nova Uniao's Falcao made his MMA debut last April, suffering a first-round submission loss to Benny Blackat at Upper Sport Combat 2. Velasquez, one inch shorter, trains at Team Nogueira.

Falcao posted on his Facebook page on Monday night that he's injured and whodunit be able to fight until next year, and several sources close to the fighter confirmed the information to However, Shooto president Andre Pederneiras told that Falcao will be able to compete on Friday night.

"Andre Pederneiras came up with the idea," Velasquez told

"He asked Team Nogueira for a female fighter and my team believes I'm ready, so I accepted the challenge. My expectations are the best. I'm well trained to get there and win. I'm used to training with man every day. I'm a professional judoka and I know the adrenaline of the competition, I know how to handle this."

Shooto Brazil 45 will be headlined by a flyweight title fight which is a rematch between Alexandre Pantoja and Lincoln de Sa. Pantoja and de Sa fought for the first time at Shooto Brazil 32 on July 2012, and de Sa won the bout in a controversial decision. Both fighters are 2-0 since the decision.

Osiris Maia, member of the Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Confederation, the entity responsible for regulating the Shooto Brazil events, is not sure if they will allow the male vs. female fight to happen. "There's nothing in the rules that specific prohibits a man to fight a woman, but when you interpret the rules you know that both athletes must be in the same level, so there's no way a man should be allowed to fight a woman,"

Maia told "We haven't received the official card yet from the promotion, we'll get that (on Thursday) at the weigh-ins," he continued. "I wasn't informed about that yet. They announced it to the media only, but if you ask me if we're allowing it to happen, I don't think so. I think it's a disparity. We'll see what's going on tomorrow at the weigh-ins."

WHY would the regulatory body of this event not request the event Fight Card until "The Day of The Event?"

We don't know of ANY "LEGIT" Professional Regulatory body that would wait so long to approve a fight card. However, we do know lots of terrible Amateur Sanctioning bodies that don't even know the fight card until AFTER the weigh-ins... This is just Bad Regulating, and a recipe for potential disaster... We tend to believe that the Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Confederation was going to allow this to happen, up until the main stream media took hold of it and blasted the idea. Now the Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Confederation makes a statement saying "We'll see what's going on tomorrow at the weigh-ins."

WHY WAIT till then? They need to make their ruling on this NOW because otherwise, they are going to have 2 fighters showing up to weigh in, believing all the way up to their weigh-in that they will be allowed to fight.

The Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Confederation needs to stop backpedaling, make their decision NOW and stand by it!
Also wondering... Who is the Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Confederation anyway?

FRIDAY, December 13th, 2013, AT 9:30 PM/ PST

UFC And The Driving
Dana White!



Results From PenDragon Promotions'
November 23rd, 2013 - Springfield, Missouri, USA

  1. ISCF Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Cameron Banks, (1-0, 199, 5'10", 4-8-70)
    VS Jonathan Davis, (0-1, 202, 6', 10-16-89).
    WINNER: Cameron Banks by Unanimous Decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 28-27.
    REFEREE: Zane Davidson.
    JUDGES: Jerry Griffen, Henry Ellick, Ross Swanberg.

  2. ISCF Amateur MMA Flyweight
    Jared Foster, (1-0, 115, 5'4", 9-22-95)
    VS Christian Koop, (0-2, 119, 5'10", 10-25-99).
    WINNER: Jared Foster by verbal submission at the end of round 1.
    REFEREE: Zane Davidson.
    JUDGES: Jerry Griffen, Henry Ellick, Ross Swanberg.

  3. ISCF Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Tyler Johnson, (8-1, 194, 6', 1-8-87)
    VS Christian Adams, (4-3, 199, 6'2", 7-14-93)
    WINNER: Tyler Johnson by Submission via triangle choke at 2:27 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Zane Davidson.
    JUDGES: Jerry Griffen, Henry Ellick, Ross Swanberg.

  4. ISCF Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Levi Manues, (2-1, 189, 6', 1-6-83)
    VS Lance Lee, (2-17, 185, 6', 6-28-87).
    WINNER: Levi Manues by submission to rear naked choke at :52 seconds of round 1.
    REFEREE: Zane Davidson.
    JUDGES: Jerry Griffen, Henry Ellick, Ross Swanberg.

  5. ISCF Amateur MMA Middleweight
    Dylan Edwards, (3-0, 172, 6'2", 3-10-95)
    VS Derek Scott, (1-1, 174, 6', 7-1-95)
    WINNER: Dylan Edwards by Submission via arm bar at 1:32 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Zane Davidson.
    JUDGES: Jerry Griffen, Henry Ellick, Ross Swanberg.

  6. ISCF Amateur MMA Welterweight
    John (David) Woodall, (Aurora, Missouri, USA, 6-1, 160, 6'1", 10-1-93, Mark Williams, (417) 678-3317)
    VS Micheal Hardiman, (4-3, 160, 5'10", 6-27-94).
    WINNER: David Woodall by submission via triangle choke at 1:37 of round 2.
    REFEREE: Zane Davidson.
    JUDGES: Jerry Griffen, Henry Ellick, Ross Swanberg.

  7. ISCF Amateur MMA Lightweight
    Alex Medina, (2-1, 154, 5'10", 12-26-90)
    VS Nathan Flores, (2-3, 152, 5'6", 10-24-88)
    WINNER: Alex Medina by submission via rear naked choke at 2:01 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Zane Davidson.
    JUDGES: Jerry Griffen, Henry Ellick, Ross Swanberg.

  8. ISCF Amateur MMA Featherweight
    Dakota Cole, (1-0, 132, 5'10", 10-26-94)
    VS Dustin Snedeger, (2-1, 137, 5'11", 8-28-19)
    WINNER: Dakota Cole by TKO at :27 seconds of round 1.
    Frank Miller 30 day suspension until December 24th, 2013.

    REFEREE: Zane Davidson.
    JUDGES: Jerry Griffen, Henry Ellick, Ross Swanberg.

  9. ISCF Amateur MMA Featherweight
    ***(Jimmy) Isaac Badger, (Lockwood, Missouri, USA, 6-3, 135, 6'1", ***5-10-82, Levi Manues, (417) 396-6645)
    VS Aaron Loudermill, (5-5, 135, 5'8", 7-27-82).
    WINNER: Issac Badger by TKO at 2:21 in round 2.
    Levi Manues 30 day suspension until December 24th, 2013.
    REFEREE: Zane Davidson.
    JUDGES: Jerry Griffen, Henry Ellick, Ross Swanberg.

  10. ISCF Amateur MMA Flyweight
    Dean Vaughn (5-3, 113, 5'2", 3-18-82)
    VS Ryan Hobbs, (3-2, 119, 5'6")
    WINNER: Dean Vaughn by TKO at :54 seconds of round 3.
    Mark Williams 30 day suspension until December 24th, 2013.

    REFEREE: Zane Davidson.
    JUDGES: Jerry Griffen, Henry Ellick, Ross Swanberg.

  11. ISCF Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    John (Jon) Hickman, (Springfield, Missouri, USA, 7-0, 183, 6', 3-11-87, Eric Stevens, (417) 693-1796)
    VS Braden Webster, (Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA, 8-1, 185, 6', 4-29-87, Independent)
    WINNER: Jon Hickman by submission arm triangle at 2:36 of round 2.
    REFEREE: Zane Davidson.
    JUDGES: Jerry Griffen, Henry Ellick, Ross Swanberg.

THURSDAY, December 12th, 2013, AT 9:50 AM/ PST

Results From Lucas Green & Magazine Law Firm With Xtreme Sports And Entertainment Present
December 7th, 2013 - New Port Richey, Florida, USA

    Thomas Farrell, (Hollywood, Florida, USA, 1-0, 199, 6', 10-19-90, Nelson Acosta, (786) 512-0089)
    VS Jeremy Deskins, (New Port Richey, Florida, USA, 1-0, 199, 5'8", 1-8-86, Daniel Blevins, (352) 650-2860)
    Winner: Thomas Farrell by TKO at 44 seconds of round 2.
    Referee: Josh Rutgers

    ISCF has issued a 30 Day Medical Suspension for Jeremy Deskins due to the TKO until January 8th, 2014.
    Jerrel Marcalle, (Cape Coral, Florida, USA, 5-2, 151, 5'8", 5-28-92, Willie Hardoy, (941) 875-0875)
    VS Robert Leparatti, ( Leporatti ) (New Port Richey, Florida, USA, 2-3, 5'11", 6-26-88 Coach Lee, (727) 277-3268)
    Winner: Jerrell Marcalle by Arm Bar at 1:42 of round 3.
    Referee: Josh Rutgers

    Alberto Aller, (Cape Coral, Florida, USA, 2-0, 154, 5'9", 6-23-87, Willy Hardy, (941) 875-0875)
    VS Christopher Shaw, (Ocala, Florida, USA, 0-1, 156, 5'5", 8-20-88, Self, (904) 305-6132)
    Winner: Alberto Aller by TKO at 2:30 of round 1.
    Referee: Josh Rutgers

    ISCF has issued a 30 Day Medical Suspension for Christopher Shaw due to the TKO until January 8th, 2014.

WEDNESDAY, December 11th, 2013, AT 7:30 PM/ PST

UFC Signs 11 Female Strawweight Fighters
For Their New Women's Division

Of Them Are IKF Champions!

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) President Dana White has confirmed today that they have been assigned 11 female strawweight fighter contracts for the organization. The 115-pound women will be part of 20th season of The Ultimate Fighter in May 2014. White said the remaining spots on the show will be filled with an open tryout.

The season winner will be crowned the first UFC Women's Strawweight Champion.

"The women's 135-pound division in the UFC has been amazing and we know there are a ton of talented women's mixed martial artists out there," White said in a statement.

"Now, you'll see even more great women's bouts in the UFC with the addition of the 115-pound division. We're excited to crown the first-ever UFC women's strawweight champion in 2014 after a historic season of The Ultimate Fighter."

It was only one month ago that the organization was showing interest to open a new UFC women's division

Filming for the show will begin on May 18 but a debut date for the first episode has not been announced yet. In an interview White said that the participants likely will be coached by men, but isn't ruling out female coaches. He added that a date and location for the show's finale and title fight has yet to be determined.

"The fans like it, I'm thrilled with it, and we're going to dive into the 115-pound division," White said. "We're invested, we're in, as far as the women go."

White said the UFC will continue to work with Invicta, which he said would rebuild its strawweight division.

"We'll continue to work with them and other promoters," he said.

Approximately one year ago, White signed Strikeforce women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey to a contract when a broadcast deal with the promotion's television partner, Showtime, failed to materialize. Rousey became the UFC first ever women's Bantamweight Champion.

More Women MMA Fighters made their debut in the octagon when Rousey headlined UFC 157 opposite Liz Carmouche. In March, the UFC recruited male and female bantamweights as contestants on "The Ultimate Fighter 18," which featured Rousey and ex-Strikeforce champ Miesha Tate as coaches. White said the success of the co-ed season opened the door for the first all-women season of the show.

White said that the fighters in the new division will not compete before next May, allowing them to be healthy for the upcoming TUF season.

  • Tecia Torres
  • Felice Herrig
  • Joanne Calderwood
  • Carla Esparza
  • Claudia Gadelha
  • Rose Namajunas
    • Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    • 2-1 As A Pro MMA Fighter.
    • A: 4-0
    • Unranked

  • Bec Hyatt
    • Brisbane, Queensland Australia
    • 5-3 As A Pro MMA Fighter.
    • Unranked

  • Emily Kagan
    • Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
    • 3-1 As A Pro MMA Fighter.
    • Unranked

  • Alex Chambers
    • St. Ives, New South Wales, Australia
    • 4-1 As A Pro MMA Fighter.
    • Unranked

  • Julianna Lima
    • Belo Horizonte, Minas, Gerais, Brazil
    • 6-1 As A Pro MMA Fighter.
    • Unranked

  • Paige Van Zant
    • Sparks, Nevada, USA
    • 3-1 As A Pro MMA Fighter.
    • 1-0 As An Amateur MMA
    • Fought under the ISCF as an Amateur Fighter
    • Unranked

MONDAY, December 10th, 2013, AT 6:00 PM/ PST

Absolute Adrenaline & Phoenix Fight Night Presents
Bournemouth, England


  1. IAB Pro Boxing: Cruiserweight
    Adam Urban (Bournemouth, England, 5-3, 84.5kg, 5'9", 07-06-74, John Orchard, 00447507295487)
    VS Danny Knight (Portsmouth, England, 4-3, 86.1kg, 5'6", 05-13-92, Mark Ellins, 00447876807091)
    WINNER: Adam Urban by unanimous decision 40-37, 40-36, 40-36.

  2. IAB Pro Boxing: Cruiserweight
    Paul Williams (Bournemouth, England, 7-2-2, 87.9kg, 6', 06-10-86, Ross Phillips, 004475965514348)
    VS Roger Dorway (Bournemouth, England 13-2-5 88.4kg, 6'3", 13-01-69, Jem Heldman, 00447557669369)
    WINNER: Paul Williams by TKO 0:28 Round 1.
    Roger Dorway receives medical suspension for 30 days until December 31st.

  3. IAB Pro Boxing: Welterweight
    Clara Norman (Bournemouth, England, 0-3-2 FCR 4-2-1, 64.5kg, 5'9", 11-18-70, Carl Sams, 01202294223)
    VS Gemma Hewitt (Bournemouth, England, 3-0, 64.9kg, 5'4", 12-24-84, Andy Lawrence, 00447867482072)
    WINNER: Gemma Hewitt by unanimous decision 39-37, 39-38, 39-37.

  4. IAB Pro Boxing: Super Welterweight
    Fran Paz (Bournemouth, England, 8-2, 71.3kg, 5.8", 21-10-86, John Orchard, 00447507295487)
    VS Danny Salter (Portsmouth, England, 13-6-1, 68.8kg, 5'8", 09-29-77, Mark Ellins, 00447876807091)
    WINNER: Danny Salter by TKO 0:42 Round 1.
    Fran Paz receives medical suspension for 30 days until December 31st.

  5. IAB Pro Boxing: Middleweight
    Justin Hicks (Yeovil, England, 22-17-4, 72.6kg, 5'9", 07-15-76, Self, 01963362573)
    VS James Crow (Bournemouth, England, 6-1-2, 73.9kg, 6'0", 11-08-84, Cornelius Carr, 00447871874200)
    WINNER: Majority Draw 38-39, 38-38, 38-38.

  6. IAB Pro Boxing: Cruiserweight
    Jake Best (Bournemouth, England, 3-0, 79.8kg, 5'10", 03-06-85, Marc Plunkett, 00447857355453)
    VS Harrison Western (Portsmouth, England, 2-3-1, 82.6kg, 5'6", 03-02-93, Mark Ellins, 00447876807091)
    WINNER: Jake Best by unanimous points 40-36, 40-36, 40-37.

  7. IAB Pro Boxing: Light Heavyweight
    John Orchard (Bournemouth, England, 17-4, FCR 57-4-2, 79.2kg, 6'1", 09-17-79, Carl Sams, 01202294223)
    VS Martin Durrant (Portsmouth, England, 17-4-1, 80.6kg, 5'11", 05-07-82, Mark Ellins, 00447876807091)
    WINNER: John Orchard by R.S.F 1:03 Round 2.
    Martin Durrant receives 30 day medical suspension until 31st December.

  8. IAB Pro Boxing: Cruiserweight
    Mo Kargbo (Bournemouth, England, 38-6-2, 85.4kg, 5'11", 07-11-69, Self, 00447976917022)
    VS Dan Guthrie (Yeovil, England, 45-12-1, 80.7kg, 6'2", 07-23-82, J Vance, 00447962388994)
    WINNER: Mo Kargbo by KO 1:07 Round 1.
    Dan Guthrie receives 45 day medical suspension until 16th January.

  9. IAB Pro Boxing: Light Heavyweight
    Rich Walker (Southampton, England, 7-4-1, 78.3kg, 5'9", 02-10-76, Self, 0447969166652)
    VS Kai Larson (Bournemouth, England, 14-6-2, 79.0kg, 5'9", 06-20-68, Dave Hyde, 00447905914974)
    WINNER: Rich Walker by TKO 0:38 Round 1.
    Kai Larson receives 30 day medical suspension until 31st December.

  10. IAB Pro Boxing: Cruiserweight
    Sam Morrison (Bournemouth, England. 11-2, 82.5kg, 6'1", 12-18-84, Marc Plunkett, 00447850660941)
    VS Paul Morby (Reading, England, 17-12, 79.9kg, 5'11", 10-15-79, Mike Ballingal, 00447748092145)
    WINNER: No Contest due to accidental head clash in R1. Morrison unable to continue.

  11. IAB Pro Boxing: Cruiserweight
    Alex Thorne (Bournemouth, England, 1-1 MMA 7-4, 85.1kg, 6'2", 01-05-90, Jim Johnstone, 01202 241649)
    VS Oliver Frettsome (Portsmouth, England, 4-2, 87.2kg, 6'1", 06-13-90, Mark Ellins, 00447876807091)
    WINNER: Oliver Frettsome by unanimous decision 40-36, 40-36, 40-37.

  12. IKF Pro K1 Rules: Light Middleweight
    Dan Winstanley (Blandford, England, 3-1 Am 36-4-2, 69.6kg, 5.9", 12-24-90, Self, 00447889831321)
    VS Ed Kelly (London, England, 5-4, 72.3kg, 5'10", 06-07-81, Winston Newton, 00447910045586)
    WINNER: Dan Winstanley by split decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  13. IAB White Collar Boxing
    Lee Mackeckie (Bournemouth, England, 0-1, 78.1kg, 5'8", 02-03-23, Cornelius Car, 00447985062616)
    VS Maciej Borkzynski (Bournemouth, England, 1-0, 78.4kg, 6'0", 09-22-80, John Whittam, 01202 294223)
    WINNER: Maciej Borkzynski by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.

  14. IAB White Collar Boxing
    Gary Landers (Bournemouth, England, 1-1, 78.9kg, 6', 02-23-68, John Orchard, 00447834286085)
    VS John Hassett (Bridgwater, England,1-0, 80.4kg, 5'10", 03-16-64, Arthur Meek, 01278 452128)
    WINNER: John Hassett by unanimous points 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  15. IAB White Collar Boxing
    Tom Chubb (Bournemouth, England, 1-3, 72.3kg, 5'9", 10-04-89, Marc Plunkett, 00447867494451)
    VS Ray Batsun (Portsmouth, England, 0-1-2, 74.6kg, 5'9", 02-04-78, Mark Ellins, 00447427643136)
    WINNER: Tom Chubb by split decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  16. IAB White Collar Boxing
    Jack Eason (Bournemouth, England, 1-0, 86.4kg, 5'10", 6-4-84, John Orchard, 00447507295487)
    VS Steve Barthlumue (Portsmouth, England, 0-1, 82.7kg, 6'1", 6-2-78, Mark Ellins, 00447427643136)
    WINNER: Jack Eason by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  17. IAB White Collar Boxing
    Gary Rooke (Bournemouth, England, 1-0, 80.9kg, 5'10", 10-22-80, John Orchard, 00447507295487)
    VS Les Symons (Bournemouth, England, 2-1, 81.9kg, 5'7", 1-10-71, Geoff Page, 00447766740608)
    WINNER: Gary Rooke by unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.

  18. IKF Amateur FCR: Cruiserweight
    Darren Peterson (Bournemouth, England, 1-1, 87.6kg, 6'2", 4-16-81, Ross Phillips, 00447581467770)
    VS Jimmy Killick (Hastings, England, 1-0, 85.5kg, 5'11", 9-27-88, Andy Chambers, 00447739390911)
    WINNER: Jimmy Killick by KO 1:16 Round 1.
    Darren Peterson receives 45 day medical suspension until 16th January.

  19. IKF Amateur K1 Rules: Super Middleweight
    Luke Butcher (Bournemouth, England, 1-0, 77.8kg, 5'9", 5-26-77, Ross Phillips, 00447581467770)
    VS Steve Board (Weymouth, England, 0-1, 77.4kg, 5'11", 11-23-91, Tom Ashe, 0044781240950)
    WINNER: Luke Butcher by RSF 1:06 Round 2.
    Steve Board receives 30 day medical suspension until 31st December.
  20. IKF Amateur K1 Rules: Heavyweight
    Jamie Sloane (Bournemouth, England, 1-1, 102.7kg, 5'10", 11-1-89, Michael Namrit, 01202 486922)
    VS Eddie Issac Griffiths (Reading, England, 0-4, 105.3kg, 6'0", 12-20-78, 00447951497987, Darren Drake, 00447951497987)
    WINNER: Jamie Sloane by TKO 1:29 Round 1.
    Eddie Issac Griffiths was issued a 30 day medical suspension until 31st December.

  21. IKF Amateur K1 Rules: Middleweight
    Marina Nash (Bridgwater, England, 4-0-1, 73.1kg, 5'6", 12-23-87, Arthur Meek, 004477650424414)
    VS Kate Bowerbank (Bournemouth, England, 0-1, 74.3kg, 6'0", 5-04-79, Andy Lawrence, 00447832168757)
    WINNER: Marina Nash by split decision 30-28, 29-28, 28-29.

  22. IKF Amateur K1 Rules: Super Middleweight
    Jamie Hopcroft (Hemel, England, 0-4-6, 78.3kg, 5'10", 11-13-90, Ashley Gettings, 00447581051647)
    VS Henri Burnaham (Hastings, England, 2-1-1, 77kg, 6'1", 02-13-91, Andy Chambers, 00447739390911)
    WINNER: Henri Burnaham by split decision 30-28, 29-28, 28-30.

MONDAY, December 9th, 2013, AT 3:00 PM/ PST

The Worlds Of MMA & Muay Thai
Say Good-bye To
Shane Del Rosario

Former Muay Thai Champion and Pro MMA fighter Shane Del Rosario left us all yesterday following a nearly two week battle after a Catastrophic Cardiovascular Collapse on Tuesday, November 26th. He had been hospitalized at the Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, California in critical condition after suffering from full cardiac arrest after two heart attacks.

That same day, Del Rosario's manager Jason House said in a statement to that "Shane del Rosario had a catastrophic cardiovascular collapse at home on Tuesday morning, He was brought to the hospital in full cardiac arrest. He was resuscitated in the emergency room back to a stable heart rhythm and blood pressure. He is currently in the coronary care unit critically ill. Our prayers are with him and his family."

According to Erik Apple, a training partner who has known del Rosario since they were in high school, Del Rosario was found at home by his roommate, UFC flyweight Ian McCall. McCall called 911 and administered CPR to Del Rosario before he was taken to the hospital.

The days following have been confusing weeks as several misreported his passing. ESPN reported Del Rosario had died on November 28, and this was repeated in various outlets. The credited author ( Josh Gross ) denied having written the story, and later reported Del Rosario alive, though without brain activity.

On November 30, Apple said Del Rosario was off life support and breathing on his own. He also registered brain activity and squeezed his mother's hand. Doctors believe he may have a rare heart condition called Long QT Syndrome.

After two confusing weeks and several mis-reports of his passing, Del Rosario took his last breath yesterday.

Del Rosario was both a Champion Muay Thai fighter and Pro MMA fighter (11-2) who had fought under the UFC, Strikeforce, M-1 Global, ShoXC, and King of the Cage. He was on an undefeated, 11 fight win streak (10 of those only took Shane 1 round and 8 of them were wins by TKO/KO) until hit by a drunk driver in 2011.

He was scheduled to fight Dave Herman at UFC 162 in July but had to pull out of a bout due to injury. He was also scheduled for his first fight in 2013 against Guto Inocente at UFC 168 in December, but recently pulled out due to a rib injury.

His last two bouts were under the UFC Banner in the heavyweight division and his last bout was over a year ago on December 15th, 2012, a loss to Pat Barry.

Shane was born and raised in Orange County, California, and is of Norwegian and Hawaiian descent. He started training as a fighter when he was 17 years old with Marco Ruas. He then attended and graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in psychology out of UC Irvine.

Shane was a Muay Thai Kickboxer before an MMA fighter. As a pro Muay Thai fighter he held a record of 8-1 with 8 wins by KO/TKO. He competed as a Heavyweight on the World Championship Kickboxing series of events hosted by In Sync Productions.

On November 9th, 2006, Del Rosario fought Tyler Grear and dropped him with a power punch early in round two giving Del Rosario the win by knockout at 16 seconds of the second round. After defeating Justin Carver by first round knockout on January 11, 2007, Shane then fought reigning WBC Muay Thai International Heavyweight Champion Ricardo van den Bos for the vacant WBC Muay Thai World Heavyweight Championship.

Del Rosario dominated van den Bos throughout the majority of the bout. After dropping van den Bos twice in round number two, Del Rosario landed a knee that finished Ricardo van den Bos at the last second of the round. He was then declared the winner by knockout at 3:00 of round two and the new WBC Muay Thai World Heavyweight Champion. The win also made him the first American to have won the WBC Muay Thai World Heavyweight title.

Del Rosario's first career loss came in his first title defense against Dutch kickboxer Ginty Vrede on January 12th, 2008. Going into the bout as the fan favorite, he appeared to hurt Vrede in the opening round. Vrede came back with a powerful hook that stunned Del Rosario and forced a standing eight-count by the referee.

After beating the count, Del Rosario was dropped by an immediate high kick. The referee stopped the fight at 2:24 of the first round and declared Vrede the new WBC Muay Thai World Heavyweight Champion.

SadlyGinty Vrede's reign as Champion didn't last long. On January 28, 2008, just over 2 weeks after his bout with Del Rosario, Vrede also past away. He was on an impromptu training session in the Pancration Sports Centre in Amsterdam when at some point he stated that he did not feel very well, and collapsed moments later. CPR was administered for nearly half an hour could not save him. He died on his way to the hospital.

After Ginty Vrede's death the WBC World Heavyweight title was vacated. On July 26th, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Del Rosario faced off and defeated Mexican kickboxer Ricardo Romero by knockout at 1:20 in the second round to win the title for a second time.

All of us here at ISCF MMA and IKF Kickboxing would like to extend our sincere condolences to Del Rosario's friends and loved ones.

Shane Del Rosario Page

SUNDAY, December 8th, 2013, AT 3:00 PM/ PST

CSAC Executive Officer
'The difference between a 10-8 and 10-9 round is having adverse consequences on MMA fighters'

The Executive Officer California State Athletic Commission (CSAC)
Andy Foster, released an open letter last week, where he detailed a list of changes he feels would go a
long way in fixing today's mixed martial arts (MMA) scoring system.
Here, in an interview conducted last week with, he elaborates on his plan.
By C.J. Tuttle -

Andy Foster is the Executive Officer of the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) and recently released an open letter to the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) in the hope of sparking dialogue on the touchy subject of judging.

After reading his suggestions, which revolve around three core points: an emphasis on scoring "damage," a definitive 10-8 round and the simple phrase of, "Who won the fight?"
I was able to speak with Foster last week about things that came to my mind when discussing a new scoring system. While Foster did not specify any results that may or may not have directly influenced him to sit down and write the letter, quite possibly the most hotly-debated decision in MMA history occurred last month at UFC 167 when Georges St-Pierre squeaked by Johny Hendricks via split decision.

FRIDAY, December 6th, 2013, AT 12:50 PM/ PST


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New Port Richey, Florida, USA

MONDAY, December 2nd, 2013, AT 1:00 PM/ PST

CSAC Executive Officer
Andy Foster's Open Letter For Change
'Judging system used to score MMA requires evolution'

Andy Foster, Executive Officer California State Athletic Commission (CSAC),
is calling for mixed martial arts (MMA) judging change in the wake of high-profile, controversial decisions in the main events of UFC 165 and 167, among others.
Below is his un-edited open letter.

There are times when reasonable people disagree over who won a particular fight. But there are, in Mixed Martial Arts, too many times when it is clear that who "won" the fight is different than what the score reflects.

The judging system used to score Mixed Martial Arts needs to evolve into something better.

The 10-9 system, developed and used in boxing, is not performing adequately in mixed martial arts. Why? The 10-9 must system used in boxing and MMA scores each round independently. Professional boxing is scheduled in even increments of 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 (championship) rounds.

Professional Mixed Martial Arts is scheduled in odd increments of 3 or 5 (championship) rounds. In addition, MMA rounds are 5 minutes in duration, where boxing is only 3 minutes. The less number of rounds and increased duration per round in mixed martial arts creates a situation where a judge is required to score an individual round taking into account significantly more information that yields a much heavier weighted effect on the overall result of the fight.

For example, like we have recently seen, one competitor can win two rounds with a much larger margin, and the judges see the other competitor winning the other three rounds at a very close margin. The result is the winner on the scorecards is not the winner of the actual fight.

Again, I ask why?
A major reason is the lack of objectivity in scorning a 10-8 round in MMA. In boxing, 2 points are deducted (almost always) for a knockdown, and the judges in boxing are informed by the referee if the knockdown occurs. The boxing referee rules either a slip or knockdown, letting the judges know whether to deduct the 2 points.

No such objective criterion exists in MMA (nor should there be).

MMA is much more dynamic with literally geometrically increasing ways to "effectively strike" and "effectively grapple". This lack of an objective measure of a 10-8 round in mixed martial arts has contributed to the "incorrect" decisions in the sport and the hesitation of a judge to write down 10-8 as the score.

Also troubling is the lack of an objective criteria for a 10-8 round creates an environment where it is possible that one judge scores a fight 10-8, the other two 10-9, and the end result on the final scorecard can create absurd or even bizarre results. The very nature of judging, if performed by trained and educated judges, is appropriately subjective, however, requiring judges to subjectively assess a 10-8 round based upon "effective striking" and "effective grappling" without a clear objective indicator like in boxing is unfair to the judge but more importantly it is unfair to the athlete being assessed.

We can and must do better.

There are probably hundreds of good ideas on how to fix this, and I don't claim to have a monopoly on them, but one thought might be that the 10-9 system is still used, but it is not the "official" determinator of who won the fight. The judge could score each round independently using the 10-9 system just as the unified rules of mixed martial arts requires, however, at the end of the fight the official judges score card would not be numerical, but rather a question "Who won the fight?"

This final official scorecard would allow the judges to take the entire fight into consideration and, with trained and educated judges, should create the correct result at a higher percentage than is currently realized. Using the 10-9 system in an unofficial capacity would allow regulators and members of the media to continually monitor the judges selected to ensure that these judges are competent and scoring "correctly" using the numerical 10-9 system.

This system would be a merger between the pre regulation past of scoring the entire fight in totality and the commission regulated present of using a boxing system to score mixed martial arts. Mixed Martial Artists train very hard, make many sacrifices, and take risks to their personal health and safety when competeing.

It is disturbing when a fighter who clearly has performed better than his opponent loses because of a flawed scoring system. It is essential that state athletic commissions select the MOST qualified officials available and provide a system of scoring that produces the correct result.

Without selecting the most qualified officials available, officials who have an almost expert knowledge of striking and grappling arts, any scoring system will fail. I am publicly requesting that the Association of Boxing Commission's mixed martial arts judging committee call a public meeting so we can begin dialogue about making sensible changes to the judging system used to score mixed martial arts.

This meeting should include all the stakeholders – regulators, promoters, athletes, media, and members of the public. The market is demanding improvements, and if we don't produce them, the sport will suffer. They want to know "Who won the fight?"

And we need to be able to tell them.

Andy Foster
Executive Officer California State Athletic Commission (CSAC)