APRIL - 2011

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FRIDAY, APRIL 29th, 2011, AT 3:00 PM/ PST


GYF Entertainment Presents
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA


Head To Head Promotions Presents
Bridgwater, England

TUESDAY, APRIL 26th, 2011, AT 9:10 PM/ PST

Results From Rick Collup's
"Ultimate Reno Combat 24"
April 22nd, 2011 - Reno, Nevada, USA

  1. AMATEUR MMA 205
    Brad Robasciotti, (Bridgeport, California, USA, 1-0, AB: 2-2, 206, 6'2", 8-20-82, Larry Robasciotti, (530) 208-6457)
    defeated Andrey Bondarchuk, (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 200, 5'9", 8-20-89, Santiago Terrases, (530) 554-3674) by referee stoppage at 1:13 of round 1. NSAC Doctor determined no medical suspension was necessary.

  2. AMATEUR MMA 170
    Robert Abbott, (Pacifica, California, USA, 2-0, 171, 6'2", 10-5-84, Osman Delira, (415) 574-5807)
    defeated Kyle Lewis, (Carson City, California, USA, 2-1, 168.2, 5'10", 1-15-88, Lowell Anderson, (208) 720-0466) by tap out due to triangle choke at 1:07 of round 2.

  3. AMATEUR MMA 170
    Steve Melao, (Santa Barbara, California, USA, 2-0, 170.8, 6'2", 9-6-89, David Terrell, (707) 235-9047)
    defeated Aaron (Chatham) Van Gundy, (Chico, California, USA, 2-2, 169.6, 6', 5-21-87, Branden Clements, (530) 514-8481) by tap out due to rear naked choke at 2:47 of round 2.

  4. AMATEUR MMA 150
    Ladale Noa, (San Francisco, California, USA, 2-0, 150.6, 5'9", 6-15-81, Zhon Lou, (415) 812-3331)
    defeated Eddie Thrift, (Carson City, Nevada, USA, 1-1, 147.8, 5'8", 6-25-80, Lowell Anderson, (208) 720-0466) by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28 & 30-28.

  5. AMATEUR MMA 170
    Sasha Montgomery, (San Francisco, California, USA, 4-1, 169.8, 5'11", 9-27-81, Charles Gracie, (415) 574-5807)
    defeated Nate Bresnan, (Cofati, California, USA, 3-1, 170.8, 5'9", 1-16-76, David Terrell, (707) 235-9047) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

    Kathryn Davis, (Reno, Nevada, USA, 2-1, 110.2, 5'5", 8-27-87, Rick Collop, (775) 240-8253)
    defeated Jaimee Nievera, (San Francisco, California, USA, 0-3, 119, 5'4", 10-28-84, Zhon Lou, (415) 812-3331) by unanimous decision, 29-28 on all 3 judges cards.

  7. AMATEUR MMA 145
    Joe Neal, (Hayward, California, USA, 3-0, 145.6, 5'6", 7-29-86, Alan & Crispim, (510) 712-9444)
    defeated Karsten Desario, (Placerville, California, USA, 4-4, 145.6, 5'10", 7-29-88, Jim West, (916) 517-2538) by TKO by body slam at 2:19 of round 1.
  8. AMATEUR MMA 155
    Lucas Davis, (Potter Valley, California, USA, 1-0, 154.6, 5'8", 7-27-76, Nate D & Billy Olson, (707) 478-1833)
    defeated Brandon Ricetti, (Chico, California, USA, 2-1, 155.2, 5'10", 3-13-87, Jason Pietz, (530) 514-0418) when referee Dan Stell stopped the bout due to Guillotine Choke at 2:05 of round 2.

  9. AMATEUR MMA 160
    Delorean "D-Lo" Heaivilin, (Sparks, Nevada, USA, 7-0, 158, 6', 11-10-90, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253)
    and Jesse Romero, (Placerville, California, USA, 2-1, 160.2, 5'8", 4-15-92, Jim West, (916) 517-2538) bout was ruled a "Disqualification - NO Contest" due to a foul committed at the opening bell by Heaivilin. Neither fighter's record will be effected by this decision.

  10. AMATEUR MMA 185
    Corey Wyatt, (Eugene, Oregon, USA, 6-2, 184.2, 6'3", 10-1-84, Oregon Combat Sports, (541) 218-8152)
    defeated Jordan Williams, (Cameron Park, California, USA, 5-1, 186, 6'1", 10-13-90, Jim West, (916) 517-2538) due to referee Kim Winslow stopping the bout due to excessive blood from a cut on Williams at 2:52 of round 3.
  11. AMATEUR MMA 125 - 5 ROUNDS
    Shaun Nance, (Grants Pass, Oregon, USA, 5-1, 125, 5'7", 11-10-89, Greg Jones, (541) 218-8152)
    defeated Oscar Ramirez, (Sparks, Nevada, USA, 5-1, 129, 5'8", 5-5-92, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253) by unanimous decision, 50-45, 50-45 & 50-46.

  12. AMATEUR MMA 135 - 5 ROUNDS
    Brandon Frunk, (Fernley, Nevada, USA, 9-2, 141, 5'8", 5-14-89, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253)
    defeated Marcus Ocegueda, (Chico, California, USA, 4-7, 128, 5'8", 2-23-90, Braden Clements, (530) 514-8481) by TKO due to strikes at 2:49 of round 2.


Results From Niavaroni's Kickboxing, Red Lion & Uppercut Promotions'
April 22nd, 2011 - Sacramento, California, USA

Professional Boxing
Comes Back To Sacramento
1 Pro ISCF MMA Bout

Article Details Assisted From John J. Raspanti, Stockton Boxing Examiner
& Mario Ortega Jr. of Photos by Stephanie Trapp

Sacramento, California's Red Lion Hotel was Sold Out this past Friday night as both Professional and Amateur IAB Boxing filled the Ballroom along with 1 Pro ISCF MMA Bout.
Here are the nights results below.


Hector Martinez (Broderick, California, USA, 6-5/1 KO, 225, 6'5", ) and Yohan Banks (Redwood City, California, USA, 4-5/2 KO, 277, 5-9-75 ) engaged in a six round battle. Giving away 52 ½-pounds, the current sparring partner of James Toney, Martinez avenged a closely-contested decision defeat with a six-round unanimous decision over Banks. The fight was not the action-packed slugfest their first encounter was last year, but surely Martinez was happy to reverse the result no matter how the route. Banks was tentative in the early going, as he allowed Martinez to control the distance with his long arms. Martinez landed his first telling combination in the second, catching Banks with a jab, followed up by a right. Once the punch landed, Martinez was in Banks' range, and thus forced a clinch to get back on the outside. It would be a strategy that would work well for Martinez for much of the contest. In the moments that Martinez would stay in range, Banks was quick to fire his right, but the shot hit the target only sparingly.

Banks began the third well, snapping Martinez' head back with a looping right. Martinez quickly got on his bicycle. Once Martinez got his legs back to one hundred percent, the local favorite went right back to his one-two and hold technique to great effect. Action picked up in the fourth, as Martinez began to fire quick combinations when on the inside, before backing back out at range. Banks looked quite drained by the fourth, as the big guy threw even less and often took heavy breaths. Wearing out Banks further, could have been Martinez' longs arms and tall body hanging on him when they would clinch. When the fight was a wrestling match, Martinez had the advantage because he would look for an opening to throw in those situations. Banks on the other hand, looked to be looking for a rest when they would come together on the inside. After some mauling rounds, Martinez took the fight by scores of 58-57, 59-56 and 60-54.

"I felt that I had to redeem myself," said Martinez Monday. Banks had scored a four-round split decision over Martinez in Oroville, California in March of last year. Martinez has been in training camp with future hall of famer James Toney. "It's like going to college," said Martinez of the experience. "I'm going to the school of hard knocks and learning from the professor. The living legend: James "Lights Out" Toney." Martinez will return to the ring on the undercard of Toney's upcoming fight with Vinny Maddalone. That bout will take place May 21st at a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. Martinez is already scheduled to come back to the Red Lion Hotel on the next Sacramento IAB Boxing event, June 17th as well.

Undefeated Maximilliano "Max" Becerra (Vacaville, California, USA, 5-0/2 KOs, 136) remained that way with a hard fought unanimous decision over Christian Gonzales (Bakersfield, California by way of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, 2-1/1 KO, 136). Becerra knocked Gonzales down twice in the second round but found himself being backed up and pummled later in the fight as the game Gonzales rallied.

Becerra turned back the challenge of the game Gonzalez as Gonzalez came out throwing in the first, but his punches clearly did not have the same force behind them as the ones that would be uncorked by Becerra. After competitive exchanges in the first, Becerra turned the fight completely in his favor in the second round. Seconds in, Becerra unloaded a right hook that dropped Gonzalez into a corner. Gonzalez got up, but was soon downed by a flurry which looked to be helped by the tangling of their feet. When Gonzalez got up he was rocked by a straight left and right hook combo that almost put him down a third time. Had Gonzalez not stayed up, the fight would have been over.

Gonzalez managed to make it out of the second, even throwing back as the round concluded. In the third Gonzales caught Becerra with a solid right, which began a good back-and-forth between the two. Gonzalez' main problem was getting inside on the much taller and longer Becerra. The Mexican native almost had to eat one or two punches just to get close enough to throw one of his own. Still, Gonzalez continued to press the fight, even landing a pretty combination in the fourth. The power difference remained clear however, as Becerra shook off the Gonzalez rally before taking all three official cards by the scores of 38-36 and 40-34 twice. Becerra will likely be back in the ring June 3rd at the Fairfield Sports Center in Fairfield, California and then return to the Red Lion Hotel for the next IAB Event on June 17th.

The joy of yet another Sacramento fighter's pro debut was dampened by an out-of-towner, as Lee Reyes (Hollywood, California, USA, 1-0, 160) started his professional career on the right track by defeating Juan Luna (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 159) by unanimous decision in a toe to toe battle that had the crowd roaring throughout.

Reyes, the son of well known Santa Clara, California-based martial artist Ernie Reyes Sr, was also making his pro debut. Luna got off to a great start, landing a stiff left hook that got the attention of Reyes. Reyes soon landed a left hook of his own and the fight was on from there. Luna was controlling the round with his boxing for a moment, before Reyes landed another left hook that rocked the local product and likely stole the round. Reyes, who trains out of the Wild Card, found himself bloodied over his left eye sometime in the second, but that turn of events would not deter him as he controlled the round with his higher output. Reyes began to utilize his right more in the third, often following it with a left that would rock Luna. In the fourth, Luna came out determined and forced Reyes into a neutral corner. Reyes adeptly fought his way off the turnbuckle and had a winded Luna in some trouble as the round progressed. Luna then briefly turned the tide, before getting stunned again to close out a thrilling final round of action. In the end, all three judges favored Reyes, 40-36. However, just as in the De La Torre-Walters bout, the loser had nothing to be down about and looks to have a bright future as a fighter for pay.

In one of two exciting four rounders on the card that evenly matched fighters making their pro debut, Bret De La Torre (Vacaville, California, USA, 1-0, 142 ½,) and William Walters (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 142 ½) battled for four rounds with De La Torre winning a majority decision.

Both fighters showed quickness and a desire to mix it up with De La Torre landing some good shots and Walters countering well. The action was fast and furious from round one on and throughout the fight. De La Torre got things going as he quickly backed Walters into the ropes. De La Torre, who kept his hands unusually low almost the entire fight, got a little cocky, which opened the door for Walters to take a turn at forcing the action. De La Torre then landed a pretty one-two combination before Walters came on again just before the bell. After Walters had a successful round two, De La Torre clearly took the third with some excellent combination and counter-punching. The high work rate seemed to catch up to De La Torre late in the third, as he was visibly breathing heavily before the round ended. With De La Torre still looking a bit winded, Walters rocked the Vacaville native against the ropes in the fourth. The tired De La Torre was in retreat much of the final round, but Walters did not cut off the ring enough to do any real damage. In the end, one judge had the fight even, 38-38. The other two favored De La Torre, 40-36 and 39-37. The 40-36 card seems highly questionable, considering De La Torre barely landed a punch in the fourth. Fans of both fighters thought their man won so a rematch could be in order.

Fighting for the first time in almost two-and-a-half years, Andrey Kim (Sacramento, California, USA, 3-3/1 KO, 137) jumpstarted his pro career again with an impressive third-round knockout of Matt Mahler (Stockton, California, USA, 0-3, 137). Mahler had been out of action since a January 2009. The idea of a knockout was never a factor in the bout. Kim wobbled Mahler with the first left hook he landed in the bout's opening moments. The left would be there all night for Kim, who also controlled the distance with his movement. Finally in the third, Kim caught Mahler with a straight right, followed by that left hook again. The combo had Mahler stumbling around the ring, before Kim planted him with a right hook that put him down flat on to the right side of his face. No count was needed, as referee Jon Schorle waved it off at 2:01 of the third round.

This was the Pro Boxing debuts for both fighters and the highly cheered Larry Ward (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 223) was hoping for big things coming off a successful amateur career in the IAB "Badge Vs Badge" division that only features law enforcement and fire fighters. However, Ward was introduced to the "Other" side of talent in Boxing other than those he faced in the "Badge vs Badge" division and Toughman events. Former New York Golden Gloves champion Joshua Landers (Hollywood, California, USA, 1-0/1 KO, 230) spoiled Ward's pro debut as Landers stopped Ward in the first-round to silence the boisterous Red Lion crowd. Although both threw bombs at each other it was Landers connecting first in what resulted in the first round knockout.

Ward, who works full-time at the California Medical Facility, a state prison in nearby Vacaville, backed Landers to the ropes early and seemed to get overconfident after his brief success. Landers turned the momentum in his favor with a right that stunned Ward. Landers followed up the right with a left hook that rocked Ward, almost wobbling him to the mat. For a moment, it looked as though Landers was letting Ward off the hook, as he backed into the ropes and allowed Ward to come in throwing shots. With his back to the ropes, Landers landed a left hook that dropped Ward hard to the canvas. Referee Ed Collantes immediately waved off the fight at the time of 2:47 of the first round. Despite the loss, Ward will try it again June 17th back at the Red Lion Hotel.

Former IKF Amateur California Super Middleweight Kickboxing Champion and 2003 IKF/TKO USA National Amateur Tournament Champion Derrick Burnsed (Citrus Heights, California, USA, 7-1/3 KOs, 154) flashed some power with a scary first-round knockout of Moses Baca (Pleasant Hill, California, USA, 3-5) Burnsed dropped Baca seconds in and quickly pounced on his prone body before the referee could step in and call off the fight. Official time of the knockout was 1:01 of the first round. Baca was taken out of the ring by paramedics on a stretcher.

Promoter Nasser Niavaroni of Uppercut Promotions promoted the fights, with former professional fighter Eddie Rodriguez handling the matchmaker responsibilities. Niavaroni and Rodriguez are already planning their next event which will be an outdoor event at the Red Lion Hotel on June 17th. When tickets for the event go on sale, they will be made available by calling the hotel at 916-782-4757. is the most unique boxing website. Founded in 2002 the website covers boxing from all angles with award winning columns from Michael Swann, Bart Barry & Norm Frauenheim plus in depth coverage from the likes of Marc Abrams, Mario Ortega, Joon Lee, Anson Wainwright, Johnny Schulz, Arben Paloka & Matt Yanofsky to name a few. Plus some of the best ringside photos from Claudia Bocanegra The website has the most diverse way of covering events which ranges from the Popular "Boxing Show" audio show to audio, video and print interviews to being able to watch selected fight from around the globe. Within the last year, has become an industry leader with Gary Herman's coverage of MMA.

MONDAY, APRIL 25th, 2011, AT 9:30 PM/ PST

Coming Tomorrow...
Results From Rick Collup, "Ultimate Reno Combat 24", Reno, Nevada, USA
Niavaroni's Kickboxing, Red Lion & Uppercut Promotions, "RAGE AT THE RED LION", Sacramento, California, USA

Results From Midwest Ultimate Cage Fights'
April 23rd, 2011 - Branson, Missouri, USA

  1. AMATEUR MMA 145
    *Johnathan Moore, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 3-4, 149, 5'5", 7-30-87, Dan Bolden, (775) 596-6437
    VS Ryan Smith Springfield, Missouri, USA, 3-2, 146, 5'8", 9-30-84, Springfield Fight Club, (417) 619-0189
    Winner: Jonathan Moore by TapOut due to Guillotine at 0:39 of Round 3.

  2. AMATEUR MMA 170
    *Brandon Johnson Springdale, Arkansas, USA, 1-4, 170, 5'10", 6-20-91, Self (479) 799-6262
    VS *Jerad Thomas Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, 2-1, 170, 5'11", 5-8-90, Marc McFann (501) 551-7779
    Winner: Jerad Thomas by TapOut due to Rear Naked Choke at 1:10 of Round 2.

  3. AMATEUR MMA 145
    *Arron Clark St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 1-5, 145, 5'9", 1-15-91, Ken Porter (314) 456-3966
    VS *Lance Blagg Springfield, Missouri, USA, 3-0, 140, 5'7", 6-3-88, Springfield Fight Club (501) 681-5777
    Winner: Lance Blagg by TapOut due to Rear Naked Choke at 0:46 of Round 1.

  4. AMATEUR MMA 155
    Parker Whitman Neosho, Missouri, USA, 4-4, 155, 5'8", 2-24-87, Sean Clifford (417) 389-9095
    VS *Alejandro Castaneda, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA, 6-0, 155, 5'7", 8-7-87, Darrin Baldridge (479) 238-6864.
    Winner: Alejandro Castandea by Unanimous decision 27-30, 27-30, 27-30.

  5. AMATEUR MMA 205
    **Clint Carroz Bolivar, Missouri, USA, 3-1, 205, 5'10", 8-7-84, Self (573) 406-8416
    VS **Chance Moore Prairie Grove, Arkansas, USA, 4-3, 205, 6', 9-8-86, Mark McFann (479) 387-0557.
    Winner: Clint Carroz by TKO due to Strikes at 2:13 of Round 1.
  6. AMATEUR MMA 185
    *Micheal Parrish, Cassville, Missouri, USA, 3-1, 185, 5'11", 6-9-88, TJ Nobles (386) 795-8046
    VS *Damon Force, Washburn, Missouri, USA, 6-1, 185, 5'11", 3-16-68, Mark McFann (479) 659-2785.
    WINNER: Damon Force by TKO due to Strikes at 0:56 of Round 1.
  7. AMATEUR MMA 185
    *Roger Stennett, Nixa, Missouri, USA, 0-1, 185, 5'8", 5-28-83, Brian Greene (417) 848-2086
    VS *Brock Medows, Branson, Missouri, USA, 1-0, 185, 5'11", 1-25-77, TJ Nobles (386) 795-8046 14.
    WINNER: Brock Meadows by TKO due to Strikes at 2:47 of Round 1.
  8. AMATEUR MMA 135
    *Mark Thomlinson, Joplin, Missouri, USA, 8-1, 137, 5'10", 1-20-91, Sean Clifford (620) 704-7558
    VS *Mason Robinson, Des Moines, Iowa, USA, 6-0, 135, 5'8", 6-9-92, Self (515) 419-5916.
    WINNER: Mark Thomlinson by TapOut due to Anaconda Choke at 0:46 of Round 1.
  9. AMATEUR MMA 155
    *CJ Hunter, VS St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 7-1, 155, 6'1", 7-21-91, Charles Rodgers (314) 749-3651
    VS **Larry Sellers, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA, 5-3, 155, 5'8", 9-9-86, Darren Baldridge (479) 238-6864.
    WINNER: Corey Hunter by TapOut due to Rear Naked Choke at 1:20 of Round 2.
  10. AMATEUR MMA 265
    *Charles Rogers St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 11-5, 6'1", 9-24-89, Self (314) 498-2015
    VS Alex Huddelston, La Monte, Missouri, USA, 5-0, 6'6", 263, 8-11-86, Self, (660) 257-0799.
    Winner: Alex Huddleston by TKO due to Strikes at 1:34 of Round 1.

THURSDAY, APRIL 14th, 2011, AT 9:05 AM/ PST


Rick Collup Presents
"Ultimate Reno Combat 24"
Reno, Nevada, USA


Niavaroni's Kickboxing, Red Lion & Uppercut Promotions Present
Sacramento, California, USA







Midwest Ultimate Cage Fights Presents
Branson, Missouri, USA

TUESDAY, APRIL 19th, 2011, AT 11:50 AM/ PST

Results From EFC Africa's
April 14th, 2011 - Carnival City, Johannesburg, South Africa


  1. Pro MMA Light Heavyweight
    Raymond Ahana, Lagos, Nigeria, (1-3-1, 91, 1.90, 10-05-80, Valentine Morah, +27 83 458 8450)
    VS Sean Robinson, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa (0-1-0, 96, 1.79, 14-3-76, Hardy Mileham, +27 83 458 8450)
    This fight went the full 3 rounds. Sean nearly got the armbar submission on Raymond in the second round, but Raymond hung on until the round ended.
    WINNER: Raymond Ahana by TKO.
    REFEREE: Wiekus Swart.
    JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit

  2. Pro MMA Light Heavyweight
    Chett Meyer, Johannesburg, South Africa (4-1-0, 93, 1.87, 08-06-78, Richard Quan, +27 83 676 5700)
    VS Riaan Lombaard, Johannesburg, South Africa (1-2-0, 93, 1.87, 07-03-85, Gavin de Villiers, +27 76 547 4197).
    This was a very poor bout. The Doctor stopped this fight at the start of the second round for a cut to Riaan's left eye.
    WINNER: Chett Meyer by TKO.
    REFEREE: Arno Pienaar.
    JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit

  3. Pro MMA Welterweight
    Victor Anyaogu, Lagos, Nigeria, (1-1-0, 72kg, Gym; Combat League Gym, Valentine Morah, +27 83 458 8450)
    VS Neil Diesel, Johannesburg, Gauteng, (18-2-0, 76kg. Gym; Urban Warriors, Neil Diesel, +27 83 458 8450)
    Neil's left knee was damaged early in the first round, but he bravely continued until he had to tapout (due to pain) 4 minutes and 18 seconds into the second round.
    WINNER: Victor Anaogo by Submission - Verbal.
    REFEREE: Arno Pienaar.
    JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit

  4. Pro MMA Welterweight
    Josh Muller, Johannesburg, South Africa (1-1-0, 77, 1.90, 21-3-89, Brad Bloch, +27 82 852 7974)
    VS Francois Kabulu, Cape Town, South Africa (5-0-0, 79, 1.80, 22-9-88, Anthony Kettle, +21 556-2313)
    Josh refused to answer the bell for the third round.
    WINNER: Francois Kabulu by "TKO".
    REFEREE: Walter Wendt.
    JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit

  5. Pro MMA Featherweight
    Jean Luc Kazadi, Hotbox, Johannesburg, South Africa, (5-1-0, 64, 1.72, 28-07-93)
    VS Demarte Pena, Pretoria, South Africa, (1-0-0, 63, 1.72, 23-09-89, Gym: Undisputed MMA, Dimitri, +27 79 549 5726.)
    This fight went all three rounds and was 90% on the ground and both fighters showed their skills.
    WINNER: Demarte by Majority Decision.
    REFEREE: Wiekus Swart.
    JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit

  6. Pro MMA Middleweight
    Dallas Jakobi, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, (10-4-0, 82, 1.77, 15-03-82, Gym: Gorgous Boys, Dallas Jakobi, +27 79 516 0946)
    VS Wade Henderson, Boksburg, South Africa, (20-10-0. 84, 1.89, 10-07-81, Gym: Titon Fight Club, Wade Henderson, +27 82 896 1116)
    Dallas controlled the fight and ended it in the mount while grounding and pounding 4 minutes and 42 seconds into the 2nd round.
    WINNER: Dallas by TKO.
    REFEREE: Arno Pienaar.
    JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit

  7. Pro MMA Welterweight
    Dino Bagattin, Johannesburg, South Africa (8-1-0, 80, 1.83, 28-09-81, Walter Wendt, +21 82 803 2647)
    VS Juan Lubbe, Johannesburg, South Africa (3-4-0, 82, 183, 26-06-82, JP Joubert, +27 83 280 4815.)
    Juan was leading this stand-up bout until he was struck down by Dino. Juan tapped thereafter, 2 minutes and 11 seconds into the 1st round.
    WINNER: Dino Bagattin by Verbal Submission.
    REFEREE: Arno Pienaar. JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit

  8. Pro MMA Lightweight
    Alex Cheboub, Johannesburg, South Africa, (8-5-0, 75, 1.74, 06-03-82, Brad Bloch, +27 82 852 7974)
    VS Mark Jones, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, (5-2-0, 72, 1.76, 27-08-82, Mike Mouneimne, +27 83 458 8450.)
    Mark Jones was ahead in score when he was caught 3 minutes and 32 seconds into the first round with a devastating up-kick by Alex.
    WINNER: Alex Cheboub - KO. REFEREE: Walter Wendt.
    JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit

  9. Pro MMA Heavyweight
    Ruan Potts, Cape Town, South Africa (2-0-0, 111, 1.88, 1978, Quentin Chong, +27 83 675 2743)
    VS Baygon Ubutobe, DRC, Africa, (5-4-0, 109, 1.90, 1978), Anthony Kettle, +27 83-592 9794)
    This was a great battle between the two heavyweights, but Ruan won this fight 3 minutes and 54 seconds in the first round by ground and pounding Baygon.
    WINNER: Ruan Potts by TKO. REFEREE: Arno Pienaar.
    JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit

  10. Pro MMA Welterweight
    Adam Speechly, Johannesburg, South Africa, (12-2-0, 79, 178, 17-09-88, Walter Wendt, +21 82 803 2647)
    VS Nolan Swanepoel, Johannesburg, South Africa, (3-2-0, 78, 1.78, 26-05-79, Nolan Swanepoel, +27 83 458 8450 )
    After Nolan won the first round he made an critical mistake and Adam grabbed him in a neck choke to win the fight 27 seconds into the second round.
    WINNER: Adam Speechly by Submission.
    REFEREE: Arno Pienaar.
    JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit.

  11. Pro MMA Welterweight
    Costa Ioannou, Johannesburg, South Africa, (3-0-0, 75,1.75, 01-07-85, Richard Quan, +27 83 676 5700)
    VS Wenzel Nel, KZN, South Africa, (7-3-0, 75, 1.76, 29-07-76, Mark Delafield, +27 83 458 8450)
    This fight was a battle between the two lightweights MMA athletes. Costa caught Wenzel in a triangle choke which made him pass out 3 minutes and 13 seconds into the first round.
    WINNER: Costa Ioannou by Submission. REFEREE: Walter Wendt.
    JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit

  12. Pro MMA Welterweight
    Garreth McLellan, Johannesburg, South Africa, (6-1-0, 84, 1.84, 09-01-82, Richard Quan, +27 83 676 5700)
    VS Jacques Joubert, Centurion, South Africa, (9-7-0, 84, 1.86, 28-12-84, Arno Pienaar, +27 83 458 8450.)
    This was the best display of MMA techniques ever seen on the African Continent. Gareth (an excellent grappler) controlled most of the fight until Jacques (a very well know striker) tapped out in the fourth round after 3 minutes and 14 seconds.
    WINNER: Garreth McLellan by Submission.
    REFEREE: Wiekus Swart.
    JUDGES: Jason Bezuidenhout, Cobus Fourie, Chris du Toit

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Results From Taurus Promotions / Absolute Adrenaline's
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Taurus Promotions / Absolute Adrenaline Present
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