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MONDAY, October 16th, 2000, AT 4:30 PM PT


IKF Georgia, USA:
A crowd of roughly 450 cheered for a night of kickboxing and mixed martial arts action at Fall Brawl 2000, which was held at Gym One, The Sports Arena, at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia on Saturday, October 14, 2000. The mixed martial arts bouts were sanctioned by the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF), which had sanctioned promoter Jamie Levine's WEF/New Blood Conflict pay-per-view fights in Augusta on August 26th of this year. The "American Rules" (above the waist kicks) kickboxing bouts were sanctioned by the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and the Professional Karate Commission (PKC). The night fights followed a PKC nationally rated daytime karate tournament, featuring forms, sparring, grappling, and shoot sparring divisions.

Although many of the familiar faces in the Southeastern fight scene were in the audience and not in the ring, the card gave a chance for "first timers" and "up-and-comers" to establish themselves. No one left the Fort disappointed, and in the crowd, among others, were Chief Judge of the Richmond County Georgia Civil and Magistrate Court, William Jennings, former WKA World Kickboxing Champion Jackie Eberhart, professional mixed martial arts fighter, George Allen, and World Ranked IKF Professional Kickboxer, Lane Collyer. Also present was UFC referee and judge, Tony Mullinax, who was the "third man in the ring" for the ISCF bouts.

The night began when the head instructor of Augusta Martial Arts Academy, (Mr, Mike Carlson) which promoted the event, delivered a brief but emotional remembrance of his friend and IKF and PKC kickboxer, Mark "The Hammer" Jenkins, who unexpectedly passed away in his sleep only two weeks before Saturday's bouts. "At 44 years old, Jenkins was still actively and successfully competing. He was an inspiration to fighters and fans, not just for that reason, but because he embodied the spirit and values that we all strive for in the martial arts," said Carlson. After a moment of silence and ringing of the bell ten times in his memory, Carlson told the crowd, "If Mark were still with us here in body, and not just in spirit, he would want us to enjoy these fights tonight and support all of the competitors, so let's go!"

The first bout of the night featured a kickboxing match between light middleweights, James Dyson, who is trained by Willie Walker of the Athens, Georgia Boxing Club, and Bobby McKee, of Garland Bray's Buford Martial Arts Academy, in Buford, Georgia. These two newcomers "swung from the heels", for three straight rounds, never seeming to lose energy. In the end, Dyson won the match, by a unanimous decision.

Augusta Martial Arts Academy's David Brinson battled Chris Moncrief, who trains under one of the "First Ladies" of the martial arts in the Deep South,Carol Ivie, of Carnesville, Georgia. Although Brinson scored early with a lead front kick and overhand right combination, Moncrief dropped Brinson in the closing seconds of round two. The warrior Brinson "beat the count" and returned to his corner. After getting a close look at his fighter, Carlson decided to tell referee Gerald Bush that Brinson had "had enough", and Moncrief won by TKO after two rounds in this middleweight match-up.

The first mixed martial arts event of the evening saw two light middleweights, Chris Elms, who trains at Ken Hudson's Family Karate in Augusta, against Joel Weldon of the Valdosta (Georgia) Martial Arts Center, trained by "Gentleman" James Corbett. Elms, who was also cornered by local veteran kickboxer/mixed martial arts fighter/submission grappler Bobby "The Scud" Wilson, aggressively attacked Weldon, slamming him and then quickly transitioning into an armbar to win the bout by submission in 34 seconds.

After a brief intermission, the 2000 IKF U.S. Tournament Kickboxing Champion, Augusta Martial Arts Academy's John Greubel stepped up in weight class to fight middleweight Phillip Botha, who trains at Eagle Jujitsu and Kickboxing with legendary trainer Gary Brown. Due to opponent cancellations, this was technically an exhibition, with both fighters getting a win. However, Greubel and Botha still wanted to fight, and agreed to "send this to the judges" anyway. These were two finely tuned athletes who showed the fans just what technical proficiency and determination are all about, even if the match didn't count. In the end, Greubel wound up winning the exhibition by split decision.

K.I.C.K. World Champion kickboxer, Kevin Hudson of Lyman, South Carolina, entered the ring, only this time to run the corner of his brother, middleweight Shannon Hudson, who saw action against Augustan Michael James, of Ken Hudson's camp. Due to injuries and illness, Shannon had seen no action since his split decision loss to "the Grand Old Man" of competitive kickboxing in the Southeast, Augusta's "Precious" Paul Pearman, who was serving as ring announcer for Saturday's bouts. The lay-off did not seem to adversely affect Hudson, who used his right leg out of a lefty stance like a jab to counter James' aggressive attack on his way to a KO win over the local fighter in 38 seconds of round two.

"White Collar Kickboxing" got a whole new name as middleweight and mortgage loan banker, Doug Towner of Charlotte, North Carolina battled Augusta Martial Arts Academy's Roy Anthony. These two showed a contrast of styles, as Towner countered Anthony's one dimensional attack with superior technique, at one point coming inches from landing a jump spinning back kick. At the final bell, Anthony, however, had won the match, by unanimous decision.

During the second intermission of the night, Mr. Carlson made two announcements. First was to introduce professional mixed-martial-arts fighter, Joe Merit, of Atlanta, to the audience. Merit, who had originally been slated to fight for the ISCF Southeastern United States Light Heavyweight title at the October 14th, event, was unable to do so, due to numerous opponent cancellations. Carlson told the crown that he would make a title shot available again to Merit at the upcoming "Winter Wars 2001", to be held in Augusta in late January or early February of next year. Merit thanked both Carlson and his wife Elizabeth, who coordinated both the day tournament and the night fights, for the opportunity to get a shot at an ISCF title and promised the fans that he would be ready to compete for the title in the next year.

Carlson also announced that Adrian Turpin of Starr, South Carolina, would win the IKF Southeastern Heavyweight Kickboxing title, as his opponent, Mike Ramsey, of High Point, North Carolina, failed to appear at the bouts, or provide notice that he would not appear. Chief Judge Jennings awarded the belt to Turpin, who shows what a true martial artist is made of by helping run day tournament rings at every event he attends, even when he is fighting at night-including Fall Brawl 2000. Turpin told fans that he was disappointed that he did not get to fight for the belt, but that he would show everyone that he deserved it when he steps into the ring at "Winter Wars."

Computer programmer Clint Wiggins of Augusta Martial Arts Academy saw action against Augusta's Houston Grant in a Heavyweight mixed martial arts fight. Grant was cornered by local kickboxer Sylvester "the Big Cat" James. Also in Wiggins corner was his stablemate and WEF veteran Mike Farrow. Wiggins scored early with a series of leg kicks, which forced Grant to take Wiggins to the ground.Wiggins remained calm, holding Grant in his guard, and fending off any submission attempts. Then, Wiggins successfully swept Grant, reversing position, and was able to mount Grant. From there, Wiggins began a "hailstorm" of blows to Grant who, in turn, gave Wiggins his back. Wiggins then scored a rear naked choke, which ended the bout in 4:47 of the first round. Mr. Carlson, who had been training Wiggins on his ground game at around 6:00 AM on weekdays, hurdled the top rope on his way into the ring to congratulate Wiggins on his win.

"When I fought in RINGS, I had the chance to meet Mr. Monte Cox, who gave me some great guidance and advice. Then, when Mr. Levine brought the WEF here this summer, I spent some very inspirational time with Pat Miletich and Jens Pulver. Those things, along with Mr. Carlson taking time from his assistant district attorney schedule to train with me in the mornings, helped get me this win," said Wiggins.

The final kickboxing match of the night, was a crowd pleasing, all out explosion, with both fighters scoring knockdowns and doing all they could to put the other away. Welterweight Brian Burke of Kevin Hudson's camp wound up winning by unanimous decision over Valdosta Georgia's Shawn Gay of James Corbett's Valdosta Martial Arts Center. Given the action of this battle, a rematch was being talked about before the final call was announced.

In the final match of the night, Ken Hudson's fighter and veteran of kickboxing, submission fighting, and mixed martial arts contests, Sam Smith faced "the Prodigy" Jared Pettitt, of Huntsville, Alabama, in a light heavyweight mixed martial arts bout. This was the highly anticipated debut of Pettitt, who was cornered and trained by his father, jujitsu expert Mark Pettitt. The younger Pettitt also had jujitsu and judo expert Greg Allbritten and kickboxer Paul "Mantis" Edmunds in his corner. In Smith's corner were Hudson, Bobby Wilson, and kickboxer and submission fighter, Steve Ledwith.

During the match both fighters seemed to want to keep things standing. Pettitt appeared content to execute finesse, "one step" strikes, while Smith threw and landed devastating leg kicks. Almost out of nowhere, while both fighters were standing, Pettitt landed two front kicks to the face of Smith. Those shocking kicks and the punches that followed caused Smith to take the fight to the ground. Primarily staying on his feet, Pettitt spun out of and around Smith's various guard and sweep attempts, and struck down at Smith from a standing position. Pettitt starting landing more and more of these strikes, which caused Smith to submit in 2:42 of the second round.

The overall bout results are as follows:

  1. IKF Middleweight Kickboxing
    James Dyson
    defeated Bobby McKee by unanimous decision.

  2. IKF Middleweight Kickboxing
    Chris Moncrief
    defeated David Brinson by TKO at the end of round 2.

  3. ISCF Light Middleweight
    Chris Elms
    defeated Joel Weldon by submission (armbar) in 34 seconds of round 2.

  4. IKF Kickboxing Exhibition
    John Greubel
    defeated. Phillip Botha by split decision.

  5. IKF Middleweight Kickboxing
    Shannon Hudson
    defeated Michael James by KO at 38 seconds in round 2.

  6. IKF Light Middleweight Kickboxing
    Roy Anthony
    defeated Doug Towner by unanimous decision.

  7. ISCF Heavyweight
    Clint Wiggins
    def. Houston Grant by submission (rear naked choke) 4 minutes and 47 seconds in round 1.

  8. IKF Welterweight Kickboxing
    Brian Burke
    defeated Shawn Gay by unanimous decision.

  9. ISCF Light Heavyweight
    Jared Pettitt
    defeated Sam Smith by submission (tap out from strikes) 2 minutes and 42 seconds in round 2.

For more information, please call Augusta Martial Arts Academy at (706) 855-5269.

TUESDAY, September 26th, 2000, AT 11:00 AM PT

Adams, Ward, Canup, Staples, Wozniak
All Win At

ISCF Promoter, Matthew Waller just completed a very successful event at the Jackson National Guard Armory in Jackson Georgia, USA. The GAUNTLET TRIALS II featured top ISCF Matches and the resuls are below. For more info, contact Mr Matthew Waller at (912) 475-1092, or by e-mail by clicking HERE

150 & UNDER:

  1. Rodney Ray defeated Mike Thurman...neck crank.
  2. Dustin Davis defeated Richard Gonzalos... guilloutine/neck crank.
  3. Robbie Adams defeated John Wehby... decision.
  4. Rodney Ray defeated Dustin Davis... verbal submission.
  5. Robbie Adams defeated Rodney Ray... decision.
  6. Robbie Adams-Champion.


  1. Sam Gutzman defeated Brent Parnell... forfeit.
  2. Nekia Barfield defeated Jerry Gummo... decision.
  3. Ernie Ward defeated John Washington... rear choke.
  4. Nekia Barfield defeated Sam Gutzman... armbar.
  5. Ernie Ward defeated Nekia Barfield... triangle/armbar.
  6. Ernie Ward-Champion.


  1. Aitor Canup defeated David Barfield... smother.
  2. Adam Dubose defeated Roy Benke... verbal submission.
  3. Sean Kilgus defeated Rick Jones... rear choke.
  4. Aitor Canup defeated Adam Dubose... forfeit (could not continue).
  5. Aitor Canup defeated Sean Kilgus... triangle.
  6. Aitor Canup-Champion


  1. Keith Wozniak-Champion (Nobody else showed up for this division)

210.1 & UP:

  1. K.C. Staples defeated Chris Hutton... armbar.
  2. K.C. Staples - Champion.

Congratulations to all these guys. All these champs will be travelling to Iowa in December to compete for the National Championships.

FRIDAY, September 22nd, 2000, AT 6:00 PM PT


Waller Ready For

ISCF Promoter, Matthew Waller is all set to host tomorrow nights GAUNTLET TRIALS II at the Jackson National Guard Armory in Jackson Georgia, USA. The event will feature several top ISCF Matches as well as IKF Kickboxing. For more info, contact Mr Matthew Waller at (912) 475-1092, or by e-mail by clicking HERE

SATURDAY, August 26th, 2000, AT 9:00 PM PT

Din Thomas
Captures ISCF World Title
On WEF Promotion!

The ISCF has crowned it's first World Champion during this weekends WEF "New Blood Conflict Part 1" In Augusta, Georgia, USA. The new Champion is Din Thomas of Team Rival. Thomas put a stop to Jen's "The Pulverizer" Pulver of Team Extreme at :35 seconds of the 2nd round with a heel hook to be the first NHB fighter to win a World Title in the ISCF

The event was promoted by new ISCF Promoter, Jamie Levine and Rival, Inc. in association with Augusta Martial Arts Academy. The event was hosted at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia.

Here are the quick results from Augusta Martial Arts Academy:


  1. "Big" John Dixson defeated Jack "The Ripper" Nilsson (AMA) at :32 seconds of the first round by heel hook.

  2. Frank Trigg (rAw) defeated Ray Cooper (Jesus is Lord) by forearm choke at 3:05 of the first round.

  3. Paul Rodrigues (Team Rival) defeated Phil Johns (Team SILVERBACKS) by majority decision.

  4. John Horning (Team Tampa) defeated Mike Farrow (AMA) by armbar at 2:11 of the first round.

  5. Dave Harris (Team Rival) defeated Shane Dunn (Team Tampa) at 2:59 of the first round.

  6. Alexander "Cacareco" Ferreira (Brazil) defeated Kevin "Thunder" Cook (HPMA) by TKO at 1:23 of the first round.

  7. Chad Saunders (Team RIVAL) defeated Stephen Broughman (Team Tiger) at :39 seconds of the first round by arm bar.

  8. Charles "Crazy Horse" Bennett (Team RIVAL) defeated Todd Curney (WWVA) by KO Slam at 2:21 of the first round.

  9. Richard Crunkilton (NSBWC) defeated Robert Irizarry (Team Rival) by unanimous decision.

A full report on this event will be posted later this week. For more info, please contact Mr. Jamie Levine at (954) 683-2229 or e-mail by clicking HERE!

FRIDAY, August 25th, 2000, AT 3:30 PM

WEF Prepares For

New ISCF Promoter Jamie Levine, promoter and matchmaker for World Extreme Fighting (WEF), is all set to host this Saturday nights NHB Action, "New Blood Conflict Part 1" promoted by WEF and Rival, Inc. The event will be held at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia.

A Total of Thirteen mixed martial arts bouts are scheduled along with 1 ISCF World title Bout. Here's a rundown of the feature bouts.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster at (706) 724-2400. For more info, please contact Mr. Jamie Levine at (954) 683-2229 or e-mail by clicking HERE!

TUESDAY, August 15th, 2000, AT 11:00 AM

WEF To Sanction With ISCF
For Georgia Event

From ISCF/IKF Georgia:
In a move unprecedented by most major NHB/MMA promoters, Jamie Levine, promoter and matchmaker for World Extreme Fighting (WEF), has announced the use of an outside sanctioning body for a major upcoming event. The International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF) will sanction the August 26, 2000 "New Blood Conflict" event, promoted by WEF and Rival, Inc. According to Levine, "For the benefit of the competitors and the sport, we have been willing to put ego aside and use an external sanctioning body. This might be unusual, but it should definitely assist in developing our sport's credibility."

"The ISCF has given us the flexibility with utilizing NHB style rules. I would expect that the organization will post a separate mixed martial arts rules division on its web page shortly. Our friend, Mike Carlson of Augusta, Georgia, spoke highly of the ISCF and its president, Steve Fossum. I am glad that Mike made the recommendation for us to go this way for our August event. This is yet another factor that makes Augusta look like the right venue", said Levine.

"New Blood Conflict" event is scheduled for Saturday, August 26, 2000, at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia. Thirteen mixed martial arts bouts are scheduled. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster at (706) 724-2400. For more information on the ISCF, please see its web page, which is also the website for the International Kickboxing Federation, at or e-mail the IKF by clicking HERE! For more info, please contact Mr. Jamie Levine at (954) 683-2229 or e-mail by clicking HERE!

SATURDAY, August 12th, 2000, AT 9:30 AM

World Extreme Fighting

Saturday, August 26th, 2000, Augusta, Georgia, USA will be the HOT SPOT for NHB Style Fighting! WEF Promoter Jamie Levine and Rival Inc. in association with Augusta Martial Arts Academy will feature "New Blood Conflict Part 1" at the Augusta Richmond County Civic Center beginning at 6:PM. The event is scheduled for Live Pay Per View as well.

The featured bouts include 1 ISCF World Title Bout between Din Thomas (Team Rival) and Jens "The Pulverizer" Puiver (Team Extreme). Two ISCF SUPER FIGHTS are also scheduled between Mark Robinson (Obake) vs Joe Leyva (Team Rival) and Branden Lee Hinkel (Hammer House) vs Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko (rAw). 10 Other Exciting Bouts will fill up the nights action!

Event tickets are available through TICKETMASTER. Prices Range from $15 to $100 For more info, please contact Mr. Jamie Levine (954) 683-2229 or e-mail by clicking HERE!

THURSDAY, May 18th, 2000, , 2000, AT 4:00 PM,

Spring Showdown 2000

Surrounded by a crowd of more than 1,200 martial arts fans, twenty-six various kickboxers and No Holds Barred fighters competed in the Spring Showdown 2000 at Fort Gordon's Gym 1 in Augusta, Georgia. The American/Full Contact rules kickboxing matches were sanctioned by the IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) and the Professional Karate Commission (PKC). The NHB/MMA matches were sanctioned by the ISCF. The referee for the NHB/MMA bouts was UFC referee and judge Tony Mullinax. Following a successful PKC nationally rated daytime martial arts tournament, which featured divisions in kata, sparring, grappling, and submission sparring, the turnout for the evening was quite impressive. Here's a rundown of the nights action;

  1. The evening began with a Welterweight kickboxing bout between two novices, J.J. Edwards of Augusta and Tristan Thompson of Lawrenceville, Georgia. Both fighters threw a tremendous number of kicks, but it was Thompson who won by TKO at the conclusion of round two.

  2. In the first women's fight of the night, Simpsonville, South Carolina's Paula "Dynamite" Duncan defeated Augusta's Michelle Fiesler by unanimous decision in the Featherweight division. This match was quite a slugfest with both fighters unleashing a barrage of well-timed punching and kicking combinations.

  3. The next bout, in the Middleweight division, Mike Culpepper of Augusta was defeated by Chris "G-Man" Grubbs of Simpsonville, South Carolina at the conclusion of round one by TKO/doctor's stoppage due to a cut above the eye.

  4. In the much-anticipated bout of the evening, Augusta's Jack Nilsson was in the ring again with J.J. Wilson also of Augusta in a No Holds Barred/Mixed Martial Arts match. As the Super Heavyweight match began, Nilsson was definitely in control of Wilson and executing the techniques according to his corner's plan. Then, at 4 minutes and 45 seconds into the ten-minute scheduled round, Nilsson backed up, and, preparing for a strike against Wilson, fell to the canvas. The bout was ended due to doctor stoppage.

  5. In the second women's kickboxing match of the evening, Augusta's Summer Miller defeated Lawrenceville's Bobbie Sawyer in the Light Welterweight division by unanimous decision.

  6. The next match pitted Simpsonville South Carolina's Steven "Wonderboy" Thompson against Keith "Kidd Kombat" Esskuchen of Cherry Point, North Carolina. Thompson, who was ahead on points, won the Middleweight bout due to the disqualification of Esskuchen because of his failure to meet the minimum kick requirement of eight kicks per round (The bout disqualification rule for missing kicks is a PKC Rule, not an IKF rule).

  7. Augusta's Roy Anthony won his first fight by TKO at 1 minute and 49 seconds into round 3 over Kenny Allen of Columbus, Georgia in the Light Middleweight division.

  8. In the second No Holds Barred match of the evening, Jason Wascom of Atlanta defeated Augusta's Gabe Huerta in the Light Welterweight division by a rear naked choke at 1 minute and 58 seconds of round two.

  9. In the Heavyweight division of kickboxing, Augusta's Clint Wiggins was defeated by Adrian Turpin of Anderson, South Carolina in a very close split decision. These Heavyweights were all over the canvas exchanging blows in what was a very fast paced fight.

  10. In the next bout, Light Middleweight Doug Towner of Charlotte, North Carolina lost by TKO to Phillip Botha of Port Alfred, South Africa at 58 seconds into round 2.

  11. In the final No Holds Barred/Mixed Martial Arts bout of the night, Augusta's Mike Farrow defeated Sam Smith, also of Augusta, in a Heavyweight match. In three minutes and 1 second into the first round, Farrow used a unicorn choke to defeat Smith.

  12. In Heavyweight kickboxing, Dylan Horsley of Kennesaw, Georgia defeated Sean Griffin of Charlotte, North Carolina by split decision.

  13. In the much-anticipated main event, Augusta's Zack "Attack" Day finally had the chance to compete against Mark "The Mongoose" Brennan of Simpsonville, South Carolina. With both fighters healthy and in top shape, the match never lost momentum as the two kickboxing veterans exchanged blow after blow. Very early Day pulled ahead, controlling the ring and being the aggressor by controlling Brennan with his rapid-fire punch combinations. Day won the match by a unanimous decision.

A complete list of the bout results is listed below.


  1. Light Welterweight Tristan Thompson (Lawrenceville, GA) defeated J.J. Edwards (Augusta, GA) by TKO in round 2.

  2. Women's Featherweight Paula Duncan (Simpsonville, SC) defeated Michelle Fiesler (Augusta, GA) by unanimous decision.

  3. Middleweight Chris Grubbs (Simpsonville, SC) defeated Mike Culpepper (Augusta, GA) by TKO in round 1.

  4. Women's Light Welterweight Summer Miller (Augusta, GA) defeated Bobbie Sawyer (Lawrenceville, GA) by unanimous decision.

  5. Middleweight Steven Thompson (Simpsonville, SC) defeated Keith Esskuchen (Cherry Point, NC) by TKO.

  6. Light Middleweight Roy Anthony (Augusta, GA) defeated Kenny Allen (Columbus, GA) by TKO in round 3.

  7. Heavyweight Adrian Turpin (Anderson, SC) defeated Clint Wiggins (Augusta, GA) by split decision.

  8. Light Middleweight Phillip Botha (Port Alfred, South Africa) defeated Doug Towner (Charlotte, NC) by TKO in round 2.

  9. Heavyweight Dylan Horsley (Kennesaw, GA) defeated Sean Griffin (Charlotte, NC) by split decision.

  10. Middleweight Zack Day (Augusta, GA) defeated Mark Brennan (Simpsonville, SC) by unanimous decision.


  1. Super Heavyweight J.J. Wilson (Augusta, GA) defeated Jack Nilsson by doctor stoppage.

  2. Light Welterweight Jason Wascom (Atlanta, GA) defeated Gabe Huerta (Augusta, GA) by a rear naked choke.

  3. Heavyweight Mike Farrow (Augusta, GA) defeated Sam Smith (Augusta, GA) by a unicorn choke.

For more information, or directions to the event, please contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 706-855-5269, fax 706-855-7119 or e-mail

MORE NEWS OF 5-11-2000. . .

The Best SHINE At
ISCF Rockin Rodeo In Arizona, USA

Proctor Wins ISCF "SUPER BOUT" Over Fulton!

"Best of the Best" challenged Arizona's best N.H.B. fighters to battle California's best N.H.B. fighters at a cowboy bar in Tempe, Arizona on May 4, 2000, and set the stage for what would become one of the most exciting nights in the world of No Holds Barred fighting sanctioned by the ISCF. Most of the Arizona gyms and dojos contacted by Promoter and martial arts Master Tom Proctor refused to let their fighters participate, saying that the California professionals who fought for a living outmatched the Arizona fighters who all held regular jobs and only fought as an amateur sideline. As preparations unfolded, it boiled down to Arizona fighters almost exclusively from Absolute Martial Arts and Charles Allen's Ultimate Martial Arts versus the rest of the world. The nights referees were Zane Frazier, Chuck Lidell, Ian Jarvis, and others. Here's the results of the 10 fight line-up;

  1. The ten-fight lineup began in the lightweight division with Frederico "Spiderman" Zapelini, a foreign exchange high school student from Brazil, who seemed to be the only Arizona Absolute fighter with an easy fight. Frederico won with a slick 30-second chokeout against Arizona's John "The Predator" Levenson -- both amateurs in debut bouts.

  2. The crowd went nuts when another pair of Arizona amateurs, Ultimate's Keith Udell and Absolute's Jason Ory, both exploded from their corners with Ory's smashing front kick immediately caught and taken to the ground by Udell. Ory's exciting debut kept the crowd on their feet through multiple reversals and overall dominance by the more experienced Udell, until going to a win by TKO to Udell in the second round.

  3. Absolute's Jay "Filipino Warrior" Pages was matched in a seemingly endless war of constantly reversing positions, hard knees, and kicks exchanged with Cruz "Little Big Man" Gomez from California, who couldn't have changed places more if they were fighting on a downhill roll. While Jay repeatedly returned to the top mounted ground - and - pound position, Cruz recoiled again and again in search of knee bars and ankle locks. The second bell sounded with both exhausted fighters in partial submission holds, resulting in a split decision that sent the audience into a roar of disappointment.

  4. Lightweight Sunshine Fettkether's reputation as a killer MuayThai champion has prompted no-shows more than once. Sunshine was primed and ready to fight, but greatly disappointed by her no-show opponent from California, Deseray Rodrigues.

  5. California Cruiserweight Jerry "Miracle Man" Jenkins took on newcomer Clint Siebel, a firefighter/paramedic from Absolute. Seibel froze in the first round under Jenkins' punishing strikes, but came on stronger in the second round, showing that heart can take you the distance. Although both fighters were trained in Jiu-Jitsu, they remained standing through the entire two rounds to a unanimous judges' decision for Jenkins.

  6. Excitement ruled the middleweight division when David "The Beast" Harris, a chemical engineer from Tucson, Arizona gave truth to the saying that when two tigers tangle, one gets killed and the other badly maimed. In a vicious duel against The Shark Tank's Victor Hunsaker, Harris tapped in the first round to an ankle lock.

  7. Arizona's Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch put on a good show against California's Jake Shields, going for an arm bar which Shields pulled out of. Multiple reversals led Shields to a choke against Ritch, winning the Middleweight Championship by tapout.

  8. California heavyweight Arron "The Bull" Torres of Rough Neck fame fought fellow Shark Tanker Ryan Painter to a corner towel- thrown TKO in the second round.

  9. Heavyweight pro Jason "Enforcer" Jones of California faced Absolute's Stephen "Tommy Guns" Thompson in the second fight of Thompson's career. Both fighters came on fast and furious, with the shorter Thompson's knees catching only air on their path to Jones' much taller midsection. Jones planted a heavy knee square in Thompson's groin to end the match in a controversial "accidental" draw. You'll have to see the tape for yourself.

  10. As always, the Super Heavyweights stole the show. Absolute's Brett "Business" Hickson chose his second fight to take on Texas' Dan Chase, veteran of the Baas Ruten Open Extreme Challenge and holder of a very impressive fight record in the N.H.B. World. With speed and agility as well as size, the two giants changed positions, reversed, and continued to punch and knee throughout the battle, until Hickson ended the painful war with a keylock on the ground.

  11. Imagine West Virginia Super Heavyweight George Randolf (6'4", 245) kicking Arizonan Paul Morris (6'6", 250) in the head for a classical Van Damme movie knockout. The loud, loyal contingent of Morris fans were completely surprised by the upset victory.

  12. The pace finally slowed as 24-year-old Travis "Iron Man" Fulton, ISCF Super Heavyweight Champion and leading the N.H.B. world in number of wins with an impressive 89-5-13 record, circled 44-year-old Tom "Absolute" Proctor, ISCF Heavyweight Champion, 18-0 N.H.B. in the Superfight Championship bout. Neither wanted to cross the line into the deadly range of the other's devastating knockout capabilities. Proctor was thrown off guard by Fulton's impeccable timing, and was taken to the ground with every strike he attempted. Fulton seemed equally surprised by Proctor's ground fighting ability, which he understood did not exist. Fulton jammed Proctor's attempted kick and followed it in for a takedown, or caught the kick and took it to the ground. Proctor stalled the fight until it was stood back on its feet, fearing Fulton's legendary overhand right and superior wrestling skill. Proctor tied Fulton's shoulders and biceps, making his strikes unavailable. Finally, in a surprising last ditch effort halfway through the second round, from his guard Proctor stretched both Fulton's arms out by placing his feet in the hips and driving away. He crossed over for a double arm bar, which Fulton pulled out of. Proctor then switched legs for a single arm bar, which Fulton turned to his side. Proctor figure-foured for a classical side mount arm bar, and Fulton tapped the mat.

Email and phone requests for tapes have flooded Absolute Martial Arts since the event. For more information about this exciting N.H.B. match (Proctor vs Fulton) contact Absolute at or TRS Video at For more event info, contact Mr. Tom Proctor at (480) 557-9484 or by e-mail by clicking HERE.

WEDNESDAY, May 3rd, 2000, AT 12:00 PM

Rockin Rodeo
In Arizona, USA

Tomorrow night, May 4th, Tom Proctor of Mesa Arizona will look to capture yet another ISCF Title belt to add to his collection. Proctor currently holds the ISCF Heavyweight United States Title and will face off against ISCF Super Heavyweight United States Champion Travis Fulton of Cedar Rapids Iowa, USA in a special SUPER BOUT. The event, "THE BEST OF THE BEST", is scheduled to take place at the Rockin Rodeo in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. For more event info, contact Mr. Tom Proctor at (480) 557-9484 or by e-mail by clicking HERE

MORE NEWS OF 5-3-2000. . .


UFC Veteran & IKF/PKC Champion Top Card!!

Jack Nilsson, successful UFC XIII alternate, and Zack Day, who has won U.S. Kickboxing titles in both the IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) and the PKC, are set to compete in the Spring Showdown 2000, a combination No Holds Barred/Mixed Martial Arts and kickboxing event, which will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2000, in Augusta, Georgia. The NHB/MMA bouts will be sanctioned by the ISCF and the kickboxing bouts will be sanctioned by both the IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) and the PKC (Professional Karate Commission).

Nilsson, a decorated former U.S. Marine, will be competing in a much anticipated rematch against J. J. "Killer" Wilson for the ISCF East Coast U.S. Super Heavyweight title belt. The hometown audience has been anxiously awaiting this rematch for Nilsson, who battled Wilson in their first meeting in February. Nilsson, who has won U.S. Super Heavyweight kickboxing titles with the IKF and PKC since his UFC XIII appearance, is anxious to strip Wilson of the ISCF title.

Wilson, who has experience in both martial arts and wrestling, represents himself as a freestyle practitioner, and will have his work cut out for him on May 6. Nilsson, a kickboxing and jujitsu stylist, who trains at promoter Mike Carlson's Augusta Martial Arts Academy, seems ready for the match, "This time, it won't take long for me to finish this fight." says Nilsson

Augusta Martial Arts Academy's Zack "Attack" Day, is set to compete against Simpsonville's Mark "The Mongoose" Brennan, who won his 1999 PKC U.S. Kickboxing title by walkover when Day was unable to compete due to illness. This is a match that kickboxing fans from all over the Southeast have been waiting to see for over a year, as another previously scheduled match for Day and Brennan was canceled due to injury. Needless to say, the two fighters have been training very hard for this match. Day, a local Augustan, is a mortgage banker and an assistant instructor at Augusta Martial Arts Academy, is looking forward to this much anticipated fight, "I'm in the best shape of my life, and I expect to fight hard and win." Day, a finalist in the National Toughman Championship that aired on cable's FX, has spent a lot of time in the ring preparing for this match. Mike Carlson, head coach at Augusta Martial Arts Academy, had this to say, "Zack is looking very sharp and the fans will not be disappointed."

The entire fight card will feature twelve kickboxing matches and three NHB/MMA bouts, with two women's kickboxing matches as well.

(The evening event will be preceded by a daytime karate tournament that is nationally sanctioned by the PKC and will include divisions in forms, sparring, grappling, and a shoot sparring/submission kumite division. Registration begins at 8:00 AM with the tournament starting at 10:00 AM. This tournament is open to martial artists of all styles. The event will be held at Gym 1, The Sports Arena (706) 791-2599 or (706) 791-7857, at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia and is open to the general public.)

For the night's kickboxing event, the doors open at 6:00 PM with the first fight getting underway at 7:00 PM. The fight card, of course, is subject to change. Ticket prices are $8.00 for general admission ($6.00 with military ID), $3.00 for children, and children under 4 are free. Tickets are available at Augusta Martial Arts Academy and at the door the day of the event. For more information, or directions to the event, please contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 706-855-5269, fax 706-855-7119 or e-mail

MORE NEWS OF 5-3-2000. . .

South Central Regional!

Starting this Friday night and continuing on Saturday, May 5th & 6th, IKF Promoter Jeff Mullen of Memphis Tennessee, USA will host his second annual IKF/RINGSIDE South-Central Tournament for this years 2000 National Championships. This years South-Central Regional will play host to nearly 60 amateur fighters from Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, North Georgia, Arkansas & Kentucky. The event will be held at the New Daisey Theatre in Memphis, Tennessee and will feature fighters in every rule style, including divisions of the ISCF. For more event info, please contact Mr. Jeff Mullen at (901) 757-0985 or by e-mail by clicking HERE!

WEDNESDAY, February 23rd, 2000, AT 11:50 AM

New Gym Registration Page
For Submission Style Fighting!

See the page at this link HERE! To Register your gym, go HERE!

MONDAY, February 21st, 2000, AT 5:00 PM

NHB - Submission Fighting
In California USA?

By Sven Bean - ISCF Colorado
The California Athletic Commission held its regular meeting on February 19, and the primary item on its agenda was the proposed regulations for Mixed Martial Arts events. After taking comments from the public about the proposed rules, the Commission decided to delay a final vote until it can have a public meeting with its Mixed Martial Arts Committee to discuss the comments and finalize the rules. Several commissioners expressed their hope that the Commission will approve the rules at that meeting, the date which has not been set. Manuel "Cal" Soto, the head commissioner, stated that if the Commission does not vote on the rules at the special meeting it will vote on them at their next regular meeting in April. When the rules are approved by the Commission, they will then go to the Secretary of State (or someone like that) for 30 days, after which they go into effect. It is clear that the Commission will pass rules for MMA events.

The comments at the meeting were not about whether the Athletic Commission should sanction MMA events, but rather, what rules will govern them. Among the notable MMA personalities at the meeting were Gene Lebell, Jeff Blatnik, Bas Rutten, Rico Chipparellli, Joe Charles, Ted Williams, Bruce Buffer, Santos Flaniken, Paul Smith (from and the IFC), and Kerri Tribiloch (sp?) from King of the Cage.

Jeff Blatnik made the first comments on behalf of the UFC. His 15 minute presentation explained the history of the UFC, the UFC's safety record and addressed the specific areas where he thought the rules could be improved or needed clarification. His comments are detailed below, but in general he sought to bring the rules more in line with the UFC's rules.

Ron Brian spoke on behalf of the International Freestyle Fighting Federation. He sought true NHB/vale tudo rules (which did not seem to go over to well with the committee).Gene Lebell also made a short presentation and answered several questions for the Commission.

Santos Flaniken, representing the Mixed Martial Arts Counsel, talked briefly about the new breed of athlete that MMA was producing. He attempted to dispell the myth that the competitors were brawlers who had a few mixed drinks and got in the ring to duke it out. (Thank God, nobody asked him about Tank).

The only real detractor at the meeting was Roy Englebecht, a boxing promoter. First, he wanted to be sure that the MMA promoters will follow the same rules as boxing promoters (i.e. whether they will be required to get medical exams for the fighters, blood tests, etc). He was told that MMA promoters would be subject to the same rules, except that they would not have to pay into the state boxing pension since MMA fighters are not eligible for the pension. He complained about this, despite the fact that the commissioners explained that eligibility for the pension is controlled by state law, and cannot be altered by the athletic commission. Later, Englebecht question whether the MMA events would bury the Athletic Commission with too much work, but he was assured that the Athletic Commission had already done feasibility studies and there would be no problems. Englebecht said that he was not opposed to MMA events, but it was clear that he was not too happy about them.

The only other notable comment was by a different boxing promoter. He was concerned that the Commission will be run by the MMA promoters when it comes to ensuring fair match -ups since it will have to rely on the promoters to tell the commission how good a fighter is. The Commissioners made some brief remarks, but witheld their substantive comments until the next meeting.

The rules Jeff Blatnik was concerned about are as follows:

  1. Rounds. He wants 3 rounds of 5 minute for regular fights and 5 rounds of 5 minutes for championship fights (i.e. U.F.C. rules). The proposed rounds are longer, but the total proposed fight time is roughly the same.
  2. He wants the reference to "blood sport" that is in the rules taken out since "blood sport" refers to fights to the death and present MMA in a negative light.
  3. Padded striking surfaces/gloves. Jeff is against heavily padded gloves and other padded striking surfaces (like shin guards). He argued that they allow the person striking to hit harder, and therefore the person being hit gets hit harder and is hurt more easily.
  4. Abdominal guard. He wanted clarification about what this is. Jeff was concerned that abdominal guards will give a handle to hold onto while grappling.
  5. Rules regarding weight differential. There was an ambiguity regarding whether fighters of different weights could compete against each other.
  6. Rules regarding mixed-sex fights. Jeff wanted clarification because the rules do not clearly allow or prohibit mixed-sex fighting.
  7. Fouls for knees above the shoulder. Jeff questioned why knees above the shoulder were outlawed since they are legal in California Muy Thai fights.
  8. Fouls for palm heel strikes. Jeff questioned why these were illegal since closed fist striking is allowed.
  9. Fouls for kicking the head of a down fighter. Jeff wanted a to know if you can kick a down fighter on places other than his head.
  10. Fouls for hitting below the hip. Jeff wanted clarification as to what this prohibited and whether this outlawed low kicks to the legs.
  11. Fouls for point of elbow strikes/strikes to the spine. Jeff wanted to change the rules to UFC style rules regarding elbows (legal except to not to the back of the head/upper spine).
  12. Fouls for kidney strikes. Jeff thought this was unnecessary, and that the rule was an unnecessary carry over from boxing.
  13. Fouls for attacking trachea. Jeff wanted clarification to be sure chokes are allowed, especially since chokes are allowed in Judo.
  14. Unintentional fouls. Jeff thought that there should be only intentional fouls.
  15. Jeff wondered whether the Commission was going to charge $1000 per event or per fighter at each event.

MONDAY, February 14th, 2000, AT 3:45 PM

Winter Wars 2000
NHB/ISCF Thrills & Surprises!
Wilson Wins ISCF East Coast Title

Winter Wars 2000 arrived with tremendous fan support as a packed house at Fort Gordon's Gym 1 in Augusta, Georgia came to see ISCF - NHB and MMA action. The NHB bouts were sanctioned by the ISCF, and kickboxing bouts by the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation and the PKC, Professional Karate Commission.

In the first NHB bout of the night WEF VIII veteran George Allen of Gary Brown's Eagle Boxing, Kickboxing and Jujitsu in Lawrenceville, Georgia stepped into the ring with Golden Gloves boxing champion and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner Charlie Wispert, in a Light Heavyweight bout. Allen's many Augusta fans were looking forward to seeing just what this match would bring, as Wispert had been very confident about his prediction for an easy victory in the weeks leading up to the bout.

The first round surprised many observers as Wispert went on the offensive, attempting to take Allen down to the canvas. Allen, ultimately secured a full mount on Wispert who did what he could to close the distance between himself and Allen. As the round progresses, Allen's elbows to Wispert's shoulders began to take their toll, and Allen was able to fire impressive punches from his mount as the first round came to a close.

The second round saw a flurry of stand-up activity as Allen demonstrated he not only is proficient "on the ground", but that his work with Brown, who has trained numerous World Champion Kickboxers, has allowed him to develop a considerable striking arsenal as well. In the end, the flurry of punches, head, body, and leg kicks proved too much for Wispert, who was sent rocketing into the ropes by Allen who won via TKO in 58 seconds into the second round.

The second NHB bout of the evening featured another Light Heavyweight match up as one of Brown's students, Roger Waters, saw action against Scott Usry of Mike Carlson's Augusta Martial Arts Academy. The two began by stalking each other, attempting to land strikes. Waters quickly advanced, tied Usry up, and took him down with a slam that nearly shook the building! The two struggled until Usry attempted to escape from Waters' mount and gave Waters his back. Waters was able to "get his hooks in" and began to strike. Conceding the obvious and avoiding serious injury, Usry tapped out in 1 minute and 15 seconds into round 1.

In the highly anticipated NHB return of Augusta's Jack "The Ripper" Nilsson, the enigmatic J.J. "Killer" Wilson proved he came to fight, stunning many of Nilsson's local fans, by coming away with the ISCF East Coast U.S. Super Heavyweight title in the process. Nilsson's hiatus from NHB competition showed as the bout wore on, and fatigue became a significant factor and the dauntless Wilson kept up the pressure. Repeatedly during the bout, Nilsson would score with strikes and submission attempts, but the game Wilson refused to quit, and Nilsson could not seem to "turn the corner". At one 1 minute and 47 seconds into the third round, Nilsson stopped the bout due to exhaustion, and Wilson and his trainer Elbert Maddox walked out with the ISCF belt.

For more information, or directions to the event, please contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 706-855-5269, fax 706-855-7119 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

THURSDAY, February 10th, 2000, AT 12:30 AM


IKF /ISCF Georgia, USA

IKF/ISCF Georgia
Jack Nilsson, successful UFC XIII alternate, and George Allen, who fought on the recent WEF VIII card, are set to compete in Winter Wars 2000, a combination NHB/MMA and kickboxing event, which will be held on Saturday, February 12, 2000, in Augusta, Georgia. The NHB/MMA bouts will be sanctioned by the International Sport Combat Federation (ISCF), and the kickboxing bouts will be sanctioned by both the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) and the Professional Karate Commission (PKC).

Nilsson, a decorated former U.S. Marine, will be competing for the ISCF East Coast U.S. Super Heavyweight title belt against J.J. "Killer" Wilson. The hometown audience has been anxiously awaiting an Augusta NHB fight for Nilsson, who has won U.S. Super Heavyweight kickboxing titles with the PKC and IKF since his UFC XIII appearance, both by first round knockouts! Wilson, who will be cornered by boxing trainer Elbert Maddox, represents himself as a freestyle practitioner. While noting that he has a background in both martial arts and boxing, Wilson does not wish to divulge much more about his experience or strategy, claiming that, "He (Nilsson) will feel it." Nilsson, a kickboxing and jujitsu stylist, who trains at promoter Mike Carlson's Augusta Martial Arts Academy seems undaunted by Wilson's confidence, simply responding, "We'll see about that."

WEF VIII competitor George Allen, who many regard as Georgia's top fighter in his weight class, will be competing in the ISCF's Light Heavyweight division (185.1-200 lbs.) against the supremely self-assured Golden Gloves Champion and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner Charlie Wispert. Allen trains at Eagle Boxing/Kickboxing/Jujitsu in Lawrenceville, Georgia, with the high profile kickboxing and jujitsu trainer Gary Brown. Allen sports many fans in the Augusta, Georgia area as well, who are very much looking forward to this bout to see what veracity Whispert's boastful predictions about the outcome of this match will have once the bell sounds.

Stablemates of Nilsson and Allen will face each other in an NHB match that night as Augusta's Scott Usry will face Lawrenceville's Roger Waters. Usry, an experienced kickboxer and wrestler, is looking forward to his first foray into NHB. If the very game Waters shows the tenacity that area spectators are accustomed to from Brown's fighters, these two should provide a great match.

The Paul Pearman versus Shannon Hudson kickboxing bout is of particular interest, as the veteran Pearman will face a true "up and comer" in Hudson. Pearman who was 1998 Light Middleweight kickboxing champion in the PKC and 1999 Light Middleweight national tournament runner-up with the IKF will face Hudson, who is trained by his brother, World Champion kickboxer Kevin Hudson. The younger Hudson recently knocked out one of Pearman's sparring partners, so this bout, which will pit age and experience against youth and power, has extra promise as a potential "grudge match".

The entire fight card will feature nine kickboxing matches and three NHB/MMA bouts, with two women's kickboxing matches as well. The evening event will be preceded by a daytime karate tournament that is nationally sanctioned by the PKC and will include divisions in forms, sparring, grappling, and a shoot sparring/submission kumite division. Registration begins at 8:00 AM with the tournament starting at 10:00 AM. This tournament is open to martial artists of all styles.

The event will be held at Gym 1, The Sports Arena (706) 791-2599 or (706) 791-7857), at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia and is open to the general public. The doors open at 6:00 PM with the first fight getting underway at 7:00 PM. The fight card, of course, is subject to change. Ticket prices are $8.00 for general admission ($6.00 with military ID), $3.00 for children, and children under 4 are free. Tickets are available at Augusta Martial Arts Academy and at the door the day of the event.

For more information, or directions to the event, please contact Augusta Martial Arts Academy at 706-855-5269, fax 706-855-7119 or e-mail by clicking HERE.

WEDNESDAY, January 26th, 2000, AT 2:45 PM


Hello everyone and welcome to the new ISCF Ringside News Page. Many of you have been waiting for us to get something going with the ISCF but the IKF organization has kept us so busy worldwide since the ISCF was introduced last year that we just couldn't give it the time it deserved. . However, as you will soon see, in 2000, the ISCF will be like soon take on the same saying that the IKF has for 2000. Because even in the ISCF and the world of NHB & Submission Style fighting, The Game Has Changed! We are currently working with several Submission Promoters here in the United States with MANY more to come later in the year. There has also been discussion about the ISCF organizing a National Amateur Tournament as the IKF has done for kickboxing. Keep watch on these pages submission fans and if you have any news to offer, please do so. We have a lot of work to do here and we'll need the TEAMWORK of the Submission Promoters, Trainers and of course, the fighters from around the world to do it.

In closing, we would like to say announce to all Submission People out there, "It's YOUR GAME!" We as the ISCF are just here as a legitimate Sanctioning Organization to bring you Organization, Opportunities and Recognition in the world of submission fighting as we have done with kickboxing people worldwide. we hope you appreciate and support our efforts. Now..... Lets have some fun...

"At 32 years of age
Standing 5' 8" tall
Weighing in at 195 lbs.

From the

Gladiator Training Academy
In Redwood City, California U.....S..... A.......

Ladies and Gentlemen
Please Welcome,


Eugene Jackson (Above Right) will be one of the fighters the ISCF plans to promote along with other Gladiator stars such as Doug Evans (Right), Tim Lajcik along with team captain Cary Nathan.

One thing we especially like about the
Gladiators Training Academy
is their famous saying:

"Your weakness is my strength
Your fear is my courage
Your loss is my gain."

We believe we used such a quote many times ourselves as well.
Thanks Guys!!