FRIDAY, April 24th, 2009, AT 4:40 PM/PST

Steve Crawford
Named VP Of ISCF!

Steve Crawford

Many here know that when it comes to responsibility beyond ISCF President Steve Fossum (Right) and the in house ISCF staff, Steve Crawford's (Left) name comes to mind. Crawford has worked with the ISCF since 2003 and year by year has become a more important part of the organization from fresh ideas to the growth of the ISCF itself. During that time he has went from an associated trainer and promoter to right hand man to Fossum. With so much effort on his part to grow the ISCF as well as the sport of MMA itself, it comes as no big surprise that earlier today, ISCF President Steve Fossum appointed Crawford as the new Vice President of the ISCF.

This is Crawford's second VP appointment associated with the parent company International Fight Sports (IFS). - - IFC President and CEO Steve Fossum appointed Crawford last year to Vice President of the newly formed International Battle League - IBL - - an MMA team fight league Crawford helped develope with Fossum.

Crawford's duties and responsibilities will pretty much stay the same. The obvious change will be in his role with the ISCF in making important decisions. Over the years Fossum has be getting more and more busy with the growth of the ISCF and this past year, the other top organization under the IFS the International Kickboxing Federation, IKF - has also shown strong growth both here in north America and in Europe and Asia.

Crawford's most recent work was in organizing the new ISCF Grappling Division with Fossum. The new division of the ISCF will provide yet another platform for up and coming martial artists to test their skills as grapplers, sanctioned by the ISCF organization.

Crawford's titles are many. Along with being a proud father and husband who shares his passion for MMA with wife Patty, (Who is also an ISCF Certified Official) he is the owner and operator of Crawfords MMA.

However, his work does not stop there and neither do his titles. He is the Chief Inspector of MMA for the Kansas Boxing Commission as well as being the chief ISCF Certification Instructor for all ISCF certified officials worldwide. The Founder of American Jujitsu and 7th Dan has an impressive resume to go along with his work in the ISCF. For those wondering what VP Crawford has accomplished, take some time to read below.

"This was an easy decision for me and the ISCF as a whole." Said Fossum. "Steve's work ethic and dedication to MMA, not to mention his passion for everything about the sport makes this a good move for everyone associated with the ISCF. He's a leader we are all proud to be associated with."

Steve Fossum

Just a few of Mr. Crawford's accomplishments in the Martial Arts.

  • Student enrollment increased from 3 to over 100
  • Won 4 Gold Medals and 1 Bronze Medal, in the Ken Shamrock North American Pan Am Games in San Diego, CA.
  • Trainer of the Iowa State Heavyweight Cage Fighting Champion, Brad Jones.
  • Students earned 50+ Gold Medals in USA Pankration Federation.
  • Coach and Trainer of Champion in the 2nd Annual Black Out or Tap Out 140 lbs. Division, Travis Phippen.
  • Coach and Trainer of 3rd place winner in Abu Dhabi trials Championships.
  • Coach, Trainer and Manager of Curtis Stout, competitor of UFC 30.
  • 1976–1978: Marlboro Community Judo Club, Kansas City, MO
    • 1976: Marlboro 160 lbs. Midwest Judo Champion,
    • 1977: Marlboro 172 lbs. Midwest Judo Champion
    • 1978: Marlboro 180 lbs. Midwest Judo 2nd Place
  • 1978 –1980: Midwest Aikido Federation, Kansas City, MO
    • Received the Instructor's outstanding Student award two years in a row.
  • 1985 – Present: Shorinji ryu JuJutsu, Kansas City, KS
    • Expanded Shorinji ryu JuJutsu to the Midwest
    • Promoted to 5th Dan on 5/2/02 by Grandmaster Ken Penland
    • Implemented training course for new school
  • 1994 – Present: I.K.C.A. Association, Seals Beach, CA
    • Received 1st Dan in Kenpo, by Grandmaster Chuck Sullivan.
    • Opened Crawford's I.K.C.A. Kenpo Karate school.
    • Tested and oversaw the development of the 1996 version of the Kenpo Training dummy.
  • 1995: Founded American Ju-Jitsu.
  • 1998: International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation Chicago, IL
    • Promoted to Certified Self Defense Instructor Under Carlson Gracie, Jr.
  • 1999: Malibu Martial Arts Association, Malibu, CA
    • Promoted to Rank of Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt Combat JuJitsu By Master Santos Flaniken.
  • Kansas Affiliated School and Instructor
    • Promoted to Rank of Shodan, JuJitsu by Grandmaster Philip Porter.
    • Inducted into the 2002 Hall of Fame.
  • 2000: Coached and Trained 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal winners in the Nationals in Athens, Greece.
  • 2000: Inducted into the Pankration Hall of Fame.
  • 2001: Seven affiliated schools, Opened 3 new schools, Missouri, Colorado, California.
  • 2001: Curtis Stout will fight for the Lightweight Hook-n-Shoot Title.
  • 2001: Coached the first tag team Submission Grappling Champions, Brad Jones and Jobe Duran (Evansville, Ind.).
  • 2002: Inducted into the U.S.M.A.A. Hall of Fame.
  • 2002: Is working with Mr. Walt Justice 6 Dan, IKKO. Running an after school program for the Kansas City, Kansas school district. (Wyandotte).
  • 2002: Mr. Crawford, Mr. Walt Justice and Mr. Shawn Monday will form a new System, American Mixed Martial Arts System's.
  • 2002: Promoted to Shodan in the art of To-Shin Do, By Grandmaster Stephen K. Hayes and 4th Dan Tom Maienza.
  • 2006: ISCF World Representative, International Sport Combat Federation
    • World Representative
    • Fight Card Coordinator
    • Official Certification Course Instructor
  • 2007: New Schools, American Jujitsu New School
    • Phil Jones, AJJ (House of Pain), Missouri
    • John Cornett & Rob Kimmons, AJJ (Xtreme Couture) Missouri
    • Roger Partridge, AJJ (Mid Mo Fight Club), Missouri
    • Chris Henning, AJJ (Henning's AJJ) Kansas.
  • 2008: IBL, International Battle League
    • VP of Operations
  • 2009: Appointed Vice President of the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation.