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FRIDAY, February 27th, 2009, AT 3:25 PM, PT


Capital Entertainment LLC Presents
Jefferson City, Missouri, USA

  • WHEN: Saturday, February 28th, 2009
  • WHO: Capital Entertainment LLC
  • WHERE: Truman Hotel & Conference Center Jefferson City, Missouri, USA
  • WHAT: ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts
  • ISCF Representative: Robert Geiser
  • ISCF Referee: Jack Shepherd
  • ISCF Judges: Doug Massie, Arnold Williams, and Morgan Shank
  • ISCF Timekeeper: Brad Wieberg
  • Event Medical Doctor: Dr. David Stone
  • ISCF PROMOTER: Mr. Rob Howard at (573) 353-1427 or at


    1. AMATEUR MMA 170
      Justin Davis VS Claudio Cobian

    2. AMATEUR MMA 240
      Brian "Frog" Nichols VS Jason Patton

    3. AMATEUR MMA 205
      Jose Casillas VS Eric Emerson

    4. AMATEUR MMA 155
      James Ellis VS Beau Derque

    5. AMATEUR MMA 170
      Nathan Etgeton VS TBA

    6. AMATEUR MMA 155
      Cameron Weider VS Josh Campbell

    7. AMATEUR MMA 185
      Antwan Williams VS William Bagby

    8. AMATEUR MMA 185
      Lance Isner VS Adam Meredith

    9. AMATEUR MMA 240
      Andrew Nichols VS Kraig Walker

    10. AMATEUR MMA 185
      Danny Covarrubias VS Raymond Gray

    11. AMATEUR MMA 145
      Brandon Moore VS Chris Welch

    12. AMATEUR MMA 155
      Josh Hutcheson VS Bryce Kay

  • ISCF Registered Fighters Claiming to be on this event:
    • Burt McDonald

WEDNESDAY, February 25th, 2009, AT 10:30 PM, PT

ISCF Launches
ISCFMMA MySpace Site

FINALLY, the ISCF has created a MYSpace page!
Only up for about 2 hours now, the ISCF Myspace page is already getting new friends.
As the saying goes, "You can't be first, but you can be NEXT!" So, Who's Next?


MONDAY, February 23rd, 2009, AT 2:00 PM, PT

Results From Mad Marvin's Cage Warriors'
February 21st, 2009 - Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

  • WHO: Mad Marvin's Cage Warriors
  • WHERE: Clair E. Gale Jr. High Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA
  • WHAT: ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts
  • ISCF Representative: John Sanders
  • ISCF Referee: Matt May & Jason Casper
  • ISCF Judges: *Bryan Eckman, *Paul Quinton & *Sam Tower
  • Event Medical Doctor: Dr. Derick Cambell
  • ISCF PROMOTER: Mr. Marvin Crain at (208) 390-3159 or at

  1. AMATEUR MMA Welterweight
    Santiago Serano (4-0) VS Derrek Jorgenson (5-1)
    Winner: Santiago Serano by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke). Round at 1:39 of round 2.

  2. AMATEUR MMA Featherweight
    Joe Aguirre (1-0) VS Matt Berry (1-2)
    Winner: Joe Aguirre by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) Round at 1:08 of round 1.
    • Joe Aguirre was scheduled to fight Jose Contreras however Jose Contreras was a no show.

    **Jerman Gascon, (1-3) VS Eddie Card, (1-3)
    • (**) Gascon weighed in too light and has been fined a promoters reimbursement fee of $50 and suspended 30 days.
      Suspension remains until fine has been paid to promoter.
    • The PRO Bout listed on Mr. Card's MMA Database bio fought in France is not the above Eddie Card.

    Justin Bradfield, (5-3) VS Blake Fullmer (0-3)
    Winner: Justin Bradfield by Tap Out (Ground and Pound) Round at 1:28 of round 1.
    Fullmer 30 day suspension.

  5. AMATEUR MMA Welterweight
    Ryker Rainstrum (2-1) VS Derrick Ricks (0-1)
    Winner: Ryker Rainstrum Referee Stop (Ground and Pound) Round :15 of round 2.

  6. AMATEUR MMA Welterweight
    Bryce Mickelson (0-4) VS Sergio Soto (1-3)
    Winner: Sergio Soto Referee Stop (Ground and Pound) Round at :33 of round 1.

    Ryan Wagner, (7-2) VS David Luginbuhl (3-5-1)
    Winner: Ryan Wagner Tap Out (Ground and Pound) Round at 1:06 of round 1.
    • Ryan Wagner was scheduled to fight Nick Williams however Nick Williams was a no show.
    • Luginbuhl has been given a 30 day suspension.

  8. AMATEUR MMA Middleweight
    Saul Luna, (3-0) VS Richie Bauer (3-1)
    Richie Bauer no show at weigh in.

  9. AMATEUR MMA Featherweight
    Josh Solomon (6-4) VS Tim Kelly (4-2)
    Winner Tim Kelly Referee stop (Arm Bar) Round at :39 of round 1.
    • 4-24-09: Today the ISCF received a DVD from the event Promoter (Marvin Crain, February 21st, 2009 - Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA, Mad Marvin's Cage Warriors', SMACK DOWN) to review an unsportsmanlike action of by Mr. Soloman that he did after the bout above. The referee (Mr. Matt May) stopped the bout due to an armbar submission. Directly after the stop, Mr. Solomon acted in an unsportsmanlike manner when he pushed the referee. After the review of this bout the ISCF concluded that Mr. Soloman will be suspended for his actions. Normal disciplinary action for this infraction is a 6 month suspension and a $500 fine and letter of apology to the event official. However, as for Mr. Solomon, the ISCF Officials reviewing the fight footage agreed that the push was not a violent "Shove" However, the rules are clear. A fighter may NEVER touch or physically attack in an aggressive way an event official. Due to the agreement of the contact, the ISCF has concluded that Mr. Solomon will be suspended 70 days from the date of the incident (February 21st, 2009). Suspension will be over on May 2nd, 2009. ISCF is also requiring Mr. Soloman to write a letter of apology to the Referee, Mr. Matt May, for his actions. This letter must be sent here to the ISCF Headquarters at ISCF, P. O. Box 1205, Newcastle, CA, 95658. If no letter is received by April 30th, 2009, a fine of $500 will be added to Mr. Soloman's disciplinary action along with an added 6 month suspension to begin on May 3rd, 2009 and last until October 3rd, 2009 with the payment of his fine and letter of apology.
    • Tim Kelly was never registered for this event.
      • The above Tim Kelly is NOT this Tim Kelly. who is about 185 lbs. +.

  10. AMATEUR MMA Light Heavyweight
    Hector Figueroa (1-0) VS Juan Ortiz (1-2)
    Winner: Hector Figueroa KO Round at 1:47 of round 1.
    Ortiz 30 day suspension.
    • Hector Figueroa and Juan Ortiz were never registered for this event.
    • The above Hector Figueroa is not this Heavy/Super Heavyweight Hector Figueroa.
    • The above Juan Ortiz is not this Lightweight (155) Juan Ortiz.

  11. AMATEUR MMA Lightweight
    EJ Cardona (1-1) VS Brayden Howes (0-1)
    Winner EJ Cardona Tap Out (Ground and Pound) at 1:25 of round 1.
    Howes 30 Day suspension.

  12. AMATEUR MMA Lightweight
    David Robinson, (3-1) VS Ethan Kelly (0-5)
    Winner David Robinson Tap Out (Ground and Pound) at :51 of round 1.
    Kelly 30 day suspension.
    • Ethan Kelly was never registered for this event.

  13. AMATEUR MMA Heavyweight
    Rayce Rainstrum (3-1) VS Shane Charlesworth (2-0)
    Winner Shane Charlesworth KO. Round at :22 of round 1.
    Rainstrum suspended 60 days due to KO.

  14. AMATEUR MMA Flyweight
    Jonell Chase (2-0) VS Stephanie Homer (0-1)
    Winner Jonell Chase KO. Round at :09 of round 2.
    Homer 30 day suspension.

  15. AMATEUR MMA Bantamweight
    Gabe Pelayo (4-4) VS Freddy Artega (6-3)
    Winner Freddy Artega Unanimous Decision 28-29, 27-30, & 28-29.
    • Freddy Artega was never registered for this event.


February 21st, 2009 - Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA



Results From Chiles Martial Arts'
"Throwdown N C-Town 2"
Clinton, Missouri, USA - February 21st, 2009

  1. Amateur MMA Featherweight
    Kent Zigeneein, Richland, Missouri, USA 1-0, 135, 5'10", 1-15-89, Self, (573) 855-4980
    VS Chris Clevenger, Clinton, Missouri, USA 0-1, 143, 5'9", 8-29-89, Self, (660) 525-4014.
    WINNER: Zigeneein by Tapout by Triangle Choke, at 2:08 seconds in Round 1.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Brian Brecht, Mitch Harris.

  2. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Mark James, Lowry City, Missouri, USA 1-0, 155, 5'7", 9-23-90, Self, (660) 885-8852)
    VS Jacob Phillips, Clinton, Missouri, USA 0-1, 151, 5'10", 8-31-89, Self, (660) 885-9166.
    WINNER: James by TKO at .42 seconds of round 2
    Jacob Phillips 30 day suspension due to TKO.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Brian Brecht, Mitch Harris.

  3. Amateur Grappling Match Welterweight
    Steven James, Clinton, Missouri, USA 1-0, 169, 5'6", 1-1-93, Jeb Chiles, (660) 885-8852
    VS Ryan Barnhart, Deepwater, Missouri, USA 0-1, 165, 5'7", 6-3-91, Self, (660) 351-4699.
    WINNER: James by Guillotine Choke at 1:19 second of round 1.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Brian Brecht, Mitch Harris.

  4. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Aaron McNeely, Clinton, Missouri, USA 1-0, 194, 6'1", 10-17-84, Jeb Chiles, (660) 885-8852
    VS Drew Foster, Clinton, Missouri, USA 0-1, 188, 5'11", 8-11-90, Bryan Bleet, (417) 309-0085
    WINNER: McNeely by Tapout with armbar at 2:24 seconds of round 2
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Brian Brecht, Mitch Harris

  5. Amateur MMA Lightweight
    Kyle Supernaw, Calhoun, Missouri, USA, 2-0, 150, 5'6", 1-6-88, Chiles Martial Arts, (660) 885-8852
    VS Timothy Glaum, Lowry City, Missouri, USA 0-1, 146, 5'11", 2-26-80, Jeb Chiles, (660) 885-8852).
    WINNER: Supernaw by Tapout Rear Naked Choke at 2:08 of round 1
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Brian Brecht, Mitch Harris

  6. Amateur MMA Middleweight
    Jeremy Harrill, Clinton, Missouri, USA 1-0, 182, 5'9", 4-13-82, Jeb Chiles, (660) 885-8852
    VS Ryan Moore, Richland, Missouri, USA 0-1, 182, 5'10", 5-9-87, Self, (417) 316-0706
    WINNER: Harrill by Tapout by armbar at 1:22 of round 2
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Brian Brecht, Mitch Harris

  7. Amateur Grappling Match Welterweight
    Devin Liles, Clinton, Missouri, USA, 2-0, 172, 5'8", 12-16-92, Chiles Martial Arts, (660) 885-8852
    VS Robert Hawkins, Deepwater, Missouri, USA, 1-0, 155, 5'8", 8-5-90, Self, (660) 492-9117
    WINNER: Liles by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Brian Brecht, Mitch Harris

  8. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Jacob Leavitt, Clinton, Missouri, USA, 1-0, 165, 5'10", 8-20-90, Jeb Chiles, (660) 885-8852
    VS Spencer Banks, Gardner, Kansas, USA, 1-2, 169, 6'1", 3-9-87, Cory Schwendemann, (913) 206-9064
    WINNER: Leavitt by Tapout by Rear Naked Choke at 2:59 second of round 1
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Brian Brecht, Mitch Harris

  9. Amateur MMA Heavyweight
    David Roberts,
    VS Mic Hercules, Brownington, Missouri, USA, 1-1, 235, 5'10", 7-22-90, Mid Mo Fight Club, (660) 525-6429
    WINNER: Roberts by Tapout by Neck Crank at 1:45 seconds of round 2
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Brian Brecht, Mitch Harris

  10. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Wes Lubberts, (Wes Rupert was the name on the pre bout list) Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, 7-15, 160, 5'9", 10-3-77, American Jujitsu, (816) 728-7360
    VS Cody Wilson, Warsaw, Missouri, USA, 1-1, 170, 5'10", 9-7-74, Jeb Chiles, (660) 885-8852
    WINNER: Lubberts by Tapout by Guillotine choke at :28 seconds of round 1
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Brian Brecht, Mitch Harris.

FRIDAY, February 20th, 2009, AT 9:00 PM, PT


Chiles Martial Arts Presents
"Throwdown N C-Town 2"
Clinton, Missouri, USA


Mad Marvin's Cage Warriors Presents
Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA


Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA


TUESDAY, February 17th, 2009, AT 2:50 PM/ PST

Amateur Sanctioning Bodies
Officially Approved In Illinois...

Amateur fight sports (Kickboxing & MMA) are going through some tough times in the State of Illinois. Although the first two reviews for amateur sanctioning bodies was held two weeks ago, as of today, there still are no amateur sanctioning bodies approved to sanction amateur Kickboxing or MMA Events in Illinois. The review for the ISCF and IKF was suppose to be today, but was rescheduled for a week from today, Tuesday, February 24th.

A statement from Rafael Caro II of the Illinois State Professional Athletic Unit, Division of Professional Regulation, Illinois Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation reads:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Please note that as of right this minute, there are still NO sanctioning bodies approved in the State of Illinois. So, that being the case, there aren't any amateur events allowed yet. We do know about one event (Southern Illinois) and are dealing with that now.

Although no Amateur sanctioning bodies have been approved, one of the organizations "Accepted, but not Officially Approved" choose to do their own thing. Two weeks ago, the most well known of the "Rubber Stamp Sanctioning Bodies," Kick International and another Illinois Sanctioning body underwent their review to be accepted by the Illinois Athletic Commission (IAC) to sanction Amateur Kickboxing & MMA Events in Illinois. After both sanctioning bodies went through their review, they were voted on by the IAC for acceptance. After a closed session, the IAC invited everyone back into their meeting room and announced that both were accepted. However, although the other sanctioning body officials stayed at the meeting to see if they were accepted or not, the representatives of Kick, Frank Babcock and Ted Welsh both left after their review. Someone may have past on information to them saying they were accepted, but what they were not told was that although both were accepted, neither was given approval to sanction events in Illinois until they made changes and additions to their rules and regulations to be "Officially" APPROVED.

The biggest issue with Kick with the IAC was blood testing. The IAC was FIRM that they would make blood testing for amateur fighters a MANDATORY requirement for all accepted amateur sanctioning bodies. Although the other organization confirmed they would do so, both Babcock and Welsh of Kick hesitated, then never confirmed whether they would make this a requirement of their sanctioning. This alone should have been a reason not to accept Kick as an accepted sanctioning body at the time. Upon the IAC's announcement, nearly everyone (except for the 2-3 in the room who were kick associates.) in the room was very surprised that the IAC accepted Kick International, even knowing they needed to add and or change some of their rules and regulations before being Officially Approved.

Without official approval from the IAC, Kick went ahead and confirmed sanctioning of an event on February 27th in Illinois. The additional surprise was the added sanctioning body letters on the event ads. A sanctioning body created by the events promoter (Jim Boucher) known as PKL. Not only was PKL never approved by the IAC, they have never even applied. Adding to this, they are not even a real sanctioning body. They are just some letters the promoter put together for his own event titles.

Making things more confusing for the IAC was the Amateur event held in Southern Illinois two weekends ago that was illegal since no Amateur sanctioning bodies have been approved yet. "Although not confirmed," rumor has it that Kick was involved in that event as well.

Another addition required by the IAC was a major jump in insurance requirements for Amateur events. A minimum insurance amount of $25,000 medical, $25,000 accidental death and dismemberment and $500,000 liability/property damage is now a mandatory requirement. All the added IAC requirements can be found on the ISCF Illinois Rules page found by clicking HERE.

One topic that has been a big discussion has been the blood testing requirements. Amateur Promoters need to know that first of all, all MMA fighters must be a minimum of 18 years of age. ONLY Amateur MMA fighters are required to have the Illinois Mandatory Blood Testing done. The Blood Testing DOES NOT apply to Amateur Kickboxing or Karate tournaments for competitors of ANY Age.

MONDAY, February 16th, 2009, AT 4:00 PM, PST

Results From Fighters Central's
"The Bad Luck Brawl"
February 13th, 2009 - Independence, Missouri, USA

Results submitted by ISCF World Representative Chuck Wolfe.

  1. Bantamweights Amateur MMA
    Alex Rakestraw Vs Zach Hubbard
    WINNER: Zach Hubbard by Split Decision, 30-27, 29-28 and 28-29.

  2. Featherweights Amateur MMA
    Jose Cordero Vs Kevin Fuller
    WINNER: Kevin Fuller by Unanimous Decision, 30-26, 30-26, 29-27.
    Cordero was given a point deduction in Round-3 by Referee Rob Kimmons for a Elbow Strike.

  3. Lightweights Amateur MMA
    *James Fuller Vs James Jenkins
    WINNER: James Fuller by TKO (Strikes) at 1:08 of Round 1.
    James Jenkins: Medical Suspension 30 days due to TKO Referee Stoppage from Strikes.
  4. Lightweights Amateur MMA
    Anthony Tsakopoulos Vs Zach Dalton
    WINNER: Anthony Tsakopoulos by Tap Out (Arm Bar) at 1:10 of Round 1.

  5. Welterweights Amateur MMA
    Mike Heron Lee Vs Jon Price-Dukes
    WINNER: Jon Price-Dukes by KO (Strikes) at :16 of Round 1.
    Mike Heron Lee: Medical Suspension 45 days due to KO Referee Stoppage from Strikes.

  6. Light Heavyweights Amateur MMA
    Arthur Tapusoa Vs Ernest Abbott
    WINNER: Arthur Tapusoa by TKO (Strikes) at 1:36 of Round 1.
    Ernest Abbot: Medical Suspension 30 days due to TKO Referee Stoppage from Strikes.

FRIDAY, February 13th, 2009, AT 2:20 PM, PT


Fighters Central Presents
"The Bad Luck Brawl"
Independence, Missouri, USA

THURSDAY, February 12th, 2009, AT 6:30 PM, PT

ISCF Is Official In Tennessee!

Tonight the ISCF was informed that the "Letter Mistake" in Tennessee has finally been corrected. Tennessee Commissioner Neil Frauwirth informed the ISCF tonight that the ISCF was officially approved in Tennessee during todays Tennessee Commission Meeting.

As reported in December here on the ISCF news page, (December 22nd, 2008) the on September 30, 2008 the Tennessee Athletic Commission had approved Four Amateur Sanctioning Organizations For MMA & Boxing. One of them was for boxing, USA Boxing and 3 others for Kickboxing and MMA which included the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation, WKA, World Karate Association and the ISKA, International Sport Kickboxing Association. However the letters ISCF were not listed as part of the accepted MMA organizations.

The original problem was created when someone associated with the Tennessee State Commission believed that the IKF operated as do other Kickboxing Sanctioning bodies such as the ISKA and WKA, where they sanction MMA under their "Kickboxing" Sanctioning Bodies. As everyone here knows, MMA is not Kickboxing so the IKF does not sanction MMA.

The IKF Sanctions KICKBOXING & MUAY THAI. HOWEVER, the IKF's Sister Organization, the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation DOES sanction MMA. In fact, the ISCF was the first ever MMA Sanctioning Body in the world and is the Largest MMA Sanctioning Body in the World today.

According to the Commission, the IKF was approved as an Amateur "MMA" Sanctioning body in Tennessee. With this thought, the ISCF "Rules" were approved with the Commission, but promoters were told they had to use the IKF letters instead of the ISCF Letters as their sanctioning body. This explains why the ISCF letters and name were not included in the initial State of Tennessee press release issued back in October, about their approval of the Amateur MMA and Kickboxing Sanctioning bodies.

This article can be referred to on its own by clicking HERE


Results From Mid Missouri MMA's
January 31st, 2009 - Moberly, Missouri, USA

  1. Amateur MMA Super Heavyweight:
    Roy Sims VS John Teel,
    Roy Sims Topeka, Kansas, USA 1-0, 289, 5'5", 1-13-82, United Martial Sciences, (785) 246-0301)
    defeated John Teel, Bucklin, Missouri, USA, 0-1, 268, 6'3", 2-16-71, Self, (660) 676-8477 by rear naked choke at 1:39 second of round 1. REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon.

  2. Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Rodney Jake Collier VS Kurt Smith
    Rodney Jake Collier, Cuba, Missouri, USA, 1-0, 185, 6'3", 10-25-88, Robert Wilde, (573) 205-9140
    defeated Kurt Smith, Mexico, Missouri, USA, 0-1, 180, 6'2", 10-6-87, Self, (573) 721-5944, by Rear Naked Choke at .31 second of round 1.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon.

  3. Amateur MMA Heavyweight
    Mike Dawson VS Matthew Sevits
    Mike Dawson, Holliday, Missouri, USA, 1-0, 202, 5'11", 8-11-70, Ricky Davidson, (660) 676-8477
    defeated Matthew Sevits, Moberly, Missouri, USA, 1-1, 202, 6'1", 6-21-81, Self, (660) 346-0260, by verbal submission at 2:31 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon.

  4. Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    **Todd Grigsby VS **Chris Barron Todd Grigsby, Sr, Brookfield, Missouri, USA, 0-0, 193, 5'11", 1-18-68, Self, (660) 734-8203
    defeated Chris Barron, Moberly, Missouri, USA 0-1, 205, 6', 11-28-86, Ricky Davidson, (660) 998-4161 by Guillotine Choke at 1:24 sec of round 1.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon.

  5. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Lee Werr VS Eric McFadden
    Lee Werr, Moberly, Missouri, USA, 4-3, 169, 6'1", 1-15-86, Mike Lagle (660) 676-2207
    defeated Eric McFadden, Foristell, Missouri, USA, 2-0, 168, 6'2", 9-27-89, Norman McFadden, 636-673-1251, by Key Lock at 1:00 of round 2.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon.

  6. Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Brian Spencer VS Wayman Carter
    Wayman Carter, Moberly, Missouri, 1-0, 206, 6'1", 2-21-78, Scott Heston, (785) 246-0301
    defeated Brian Spencer, 205 by KO at .11 seconds of round 1.
    Brian Spencer, Medical Suspension for 60 days due to KO.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon

  7. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Ricky Davidson VS Dwight House
    Ricky Davidson, Moberly, Missouri, USA 1-0, 169, 5'11", 7-29-76, Self, (660) 676-8477
    defeated Dwight House, NEED City & State, USA, 0-1, 162, 5'10", NEED DOB, TRAINERS NAME & CONTACT INFO, by Referee Stoppage Due to Strikes at 1:14 sec of round 1.
    Dwight House, Medical Suspension for 30 days due to TKO.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon.

  8. Amateur MMA Featherweight
    Steve Mulnix VS Kevin Membrino
    Kevin Membrino, Topeka, Kansas, USA, 1-2, 145, 5'9", 4-23-88, Scott Heston, (785) 246-0301
    defeated Steve Mulnix, Moberly, Missouri, USA, 0-0, 140, 6', 3-13-90, Ricky Davidson, (660) 676-8477 by KO at :45 sec of round 1.
    Steve Mulnix, Medical Suspension for 45 days due to KO.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon

  9. Amateur MMA Heavyweight
    Andre' Williams VS Denis Kutmen
    Denis Kutmen, Rolla, Missouri, USA, 1-1, 235, 6'2", 12-25-89, Brian Oxner, (573) 202-0202
    defeated Andre' Williams, Moberly, Missouri, USA, 1-1, 240, 5'11", 9-1-83, Ricky Davidson, (660) 676-8477 by Verbal Submission between rounds 2 & 3.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon

  10. Amateur MMA Welterweight
    Todd Peterson VS Jeff Stoneking
    Todd Peterson, Rolla, Missouri, USA, 2-1-1, 165, 5'8", 8-18-83, Bart Nelson, (573) 201-9981
    defeated Jeff Stoneking, Harrisburg, Missouri, USA, 0-4, 170, 5'8", 6-28-84, Paul Moore, (573) 239-0453 by Rear Naked Choke at :45 sec of round 1.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon

  11. Amateur MMA Lightweight
    Cole Hutchenson VS Cory Grigsby
    Cole Hutchison, Sedalia, Missouri, USA, 1-0, 155, 5'9", 12-22-88, Brian Spencer, (660) 620-2568
    defeated Cory Grigsby, Sr, Brookfield, Missouri, USA, 0-0, 149, 5'9", 1-12-89, Self, (660) 734-8203 by TKO (Referee Stoppage) at 1:18 sec of round 1.
    Cory Grigsby, Medical Suspension for 30 days due to TKO.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon

  12. Amateur MMA Heavyweight.
    Todd Van Soyc VS Sam Shewmaker
    Todd Van Soyc, City, State, USA, 0-0, 211, 5'11", 5-10-82, ( NEED TRAINERS NAME & CONTACT INFO ) defeated Sam Shewmaker, Bethel, Missouri, USA, 0-1, 210, 6'3", 6-13-84, Kevin Coolely, (660) 342-6743 by Rear Naked Choke at :34 sec of round 3.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon

  13. Amateur MMA Light Heavyweight
    Aaron Lane VS Joe Baker
    Joe Baker, New Cambria, Missouri, USA, 1-0, 185, 5'10", 10-12-85, Ricky Davidson, 660-676-8477
    defeated Aaron Lane, Moberly, Missouri, USA, 0-1, 193, 6'2", 12-9-88, Ricky Davidson, (660) 676-8477, by Guillotine Choke at 2:22 sec of round 2.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon

  14. Amateur MMA Middleweight
    **Galen Sells VS Scott Heston
    Scott Heston, Topeka, Kansas, USA, 3-2, 169, 5'11", 6-16-1978, Self, (785) 246-0301
    defeated Galen Sells, Owensville, Missouri, USA, 4-2, 169, 6', 6-16-82, Rob Ward/Rick Hufford (573) 468-5686, by split decision, 29-28 Heston, 29-28 Sells, 29-28 Heston. REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon

  15. Amateur MMA Middleweight
    Michael Hahn VS Ryan Holliger, ( Hollinger )
    Michael Hahn, St. Genievee, Missouri, USA, 2-0, 185, 5'11", 9-5-83, Curtis Griffin, (573) 701-9413
    defeated Ryan Holliger, ( Hollinger ) Moberly, Missouri, USA, 1-3, 182, 5'9", 11-3-1980, Self, Ron Bousch, (660) 775-2431 by forfeit when Holliger pulled out of the fight.
    Ryan Holliger, ( Hollinger ) Has been fined a $100 promoter reimbursement fee and suspended 45 days for his actions. Suspension remains until fine is paid to Promoter.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon

  16. Amateur MMA Heavyweight
    **Colby Tierney VS Chris Goodwin
    Colby Tierney, Sullivan, Missouri, USA, 4-4, AK: 6-0, 210, 5'11", 8-2-82, Rob Ward, (573) 468-5686
    defeated Chris Goodwin, Novelty, Missouri, USA, 14-3-1/3, 225, 6'4", 6-29-79, Michael Prebe, (660) 216-3233 by split decision, 29-28, 30-27, 29-28.
    REFEREE: Chuck Wolfe.
    JUDGES: Patty Crawford, Chris Wolfe, Adam Swon.

MONDAY, February 9th, 2009, AT 2:30 PM, PT

Results From Reno Academy of Combat's
February 7th, 2009 - Reno, Nevada, USA

  1. AMATEUR MMA 170
    Nick Barbarigos (Reno, Nevada, USA, 0-1, 168, 5'10", 2-9-84, Rick Callup, (775) 240-8253)
    VS Francisco Javiar Trujillo (Carson City, Nevada, USA, 1-0, 170, 5'11", 6-2-09, Lowell Anderson, (775) 480-8154)
    WINNER: Francisco Javiar Trujillo defeated Nick Barbarigos by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28.
    REFEREE: Kim Winslow

  2. AMATEUR MMA 155
    Luciano Vincente Isais, (Antelope, California, USA, 2-0, 153, 5'9", 2-28-80, James Irvin, (916) 773-5425)
    Vs Jeremiah Ingram, (Oroville, California, USA, 1-0, 151, NEED HEIGHT, 9-9-81, Self, (530) 534-7934.)
    WINNER: Luciano Vincente Isais Rear Naked Choke at 1:31 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Dan Stell

  3. AMATEUR MMA 170
    Ryan Hall (Nevada City, California, 0-1, 168, 6'1", 7-1-89, Jay Perry, (530) 388-8230)
    VS Cole Nagy (Fresno, California, USA, 2-3, 163, 5'10', 10-10-84, Rudy Valentine & (530) 327-7776)
    WINNER: Cole Nagy by Arm Bar (Kamura) at 1:38 of round 2. REFEREE: Kim Winslow

  4. AMATEUR MMA 140
    Jay Egami (Reno, Nevada, USA, 2-0, 141, 5'4", 1-28-81, Rick Callup, (775) 240-8253)
    VS Chadwick Leroy (Masaila, California, USA, 2-3, 163, 5'10', 10-10-84, Rudy Valentine & Dan Russom, (530) 327-7776)
    WINNER: Jay Egami By TKO via Strikes - referee stopped bout.
    Chadwick Leroy has been issued a 30 day medical suspension. Suspension over on March 8th, 2009
    REFEREE: Dan Stell
  5. AMATEUR MMA 170
    Tyrone Maxey (Reno, Nevada, USA, 2-0, 169, 5'11", 4-29-86, Rick Callup, (775) 240-8253)
    VS Johnathan Hughes (Roseville, California, USA, 0-1, 171, 6', 2-27-84, James Irvin, (916) 773-5425)
    WINNER: Tyrone Maxey by Rear Naked Choke at 2:31 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Kim Winslow

  6. AMATEUR MMA 170: Kerry Lenard (Reno, Nevada, USA 2-2, 166, 5'11", 3-31-80, Richard Montoya, (775) 815-0907)
    VS Kurt Brooks (Reno, Nevada, USA, 1-0, 171, 6', 10-10-85, Gary Grey, (775) 830-4279.)
    WINNER: Kurt Brooks via *Rear Naked Choke at 1:36 of round 2. REFEREE: Dan Stell

  7. AMATEUR MMA 140
    Tyler Cowan (Reno, Nevada, USA, 1-2, 139, 5'11", 11-19-90, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253)
    VS Willie Boatwright (Oroville, California, USA, 0-2, 136, 5'10", 9-8-88, Darren Smith, (530) 400-9490)
    WINNER: Tyler Cowan by unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27 & 29-28.
    REFEREE: Dan Stell

  8. AMATEUR MMA 205
    Chris Sheridan (Grass Valley, California, USA, 1-0, 198, NEED HEIGHT, 12-2-83, James Irvin, (916) 773-5425)
    VS Shawn McCarty (Reno, Nevada, USA, 0-1, 184.5, 5'10", 8-29-85, Mitch Cox, (775) 238-1326)
    WINNER: Chris Sheridan by Rear Naked Choke at 2:36 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Kim Winslow

  9. AMATEUR MMA 135
    Manuel Hernandez (Reno, Nevada, USA, 3-1, 134, 5'8", 1-29-88, Reno Academy of Combat, (775) 240-8253)
    VS Asa Aninao (Reno, Nevada, USA, 0-1, 130, 5'7", 8-13-90, Kelly & Tres Weatherford, (775) 746-3888)
    WINNER: Manuel Hernandez by Guillotine Choke at 2:30 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Kim Winslow
  10. AMATEUR MMA 205
    Justin Staley (Elko, Nevada, USA, 0-1, 203, 6'1", 11-24-77, Chris McLoed, (775) 385-7043)
    VS Jose "Memo" Vazquez (Sparks, Nevada, USA, 1-0, 203, 6'2", 6-25-80, Mitch Cox, (775) 233-1326)
    WINNER: Jose "Memo" Vazquez by KO (Punch) at :57 of round 1.
    Justin Staley has been issued a 30 day medical suspension. Suspension over on March 8th, 2009
    REFEREE: Dan Stell

  11. AMATEUR MMA 155
    Ricardo Sanchez Trujillo, (Reno, Nevada, USA, 4-0, 154, 5'7", 11-9-87, Rudy Valentine, (530) 310-0285)
    VS James Stanley (Reno, Nevada, USA, 0-1, 154, NEED HEIGHT, 12-29-69, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253)
    WINNER: Ricardo Sanchez Trujillo by Rear Naked Choke at :41 of round 1.
    REFEREE: Dan Stell

  12. PRO MMA 185
    Sean Neeley (Reno, Nevada, USA, P: 0-1, A: 2-2, 183, 5'10", 12-9-88, Richard Montoya, (775) 233-2304)
    VS Justin Baesman (Susanville, California, USA, P: 2-0, A: 3-0, 185, 5'10", 6-3-81, Rudy Valentine, (530) 310-0285)
    WINNER: Justin Baesman by Rear Naked Choke at 4:05 of round 2.
    REFEREE: Kim Winslow

  13. PRO MMA 145
    Riki Roberts (Reno, Nevada, USA, P: 0-2, A: 0-1, 145, 5'10", 7-26-81, Rick Collup, (775) 240-8253)
    VS Vaymond Dennis (Susanville, California, USA, P: 1-1, A: 8-2, 145, 5'3", 6-14-81, Rudy Valentine, (530) 310-0285)
    WINNER: Vaymond Dennis by TKO (Ground & Pound) at 4:55 of round 2.
    Riki Roberts has been issued a 60 day medical suspension - Return upon medical approval only to ISCF.
    REFEREE: Dan Stell

FRIDAY, February 6th, 2009, AT 8:35 PM, PT


Reno Academy of Combat Presents
Reno, Nevada, USA


Squared Circle Promotions - Valley Fight League Presents
Winchester, Virginia, USA

THURSDAY, February 5th, 2009, AT 9:45 PM, PT


Series Debut Scheduled for Saturday, April 11, 2009 on SHOWTIME
By Mike Afromowitz

NEW YORK (February 5, 2009)
Showtime Networks Inc. and World championship mixed martial arts (MMA) event producer Strikeforce have joined forces to create an all-new series of MMA events that will air live on SHOWTIME® as part of the SHOWTIME Sports franchise. The news was jointly announced today by Ken Hershman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sports and Event Programming, Showtime Networks, and Strikeforce Founder and CEO Scott Coker (Left).

The multi-year agreement calls for SHOWTIME to produce and televise up to 16 live events per year including Strikeforce world championship events as well as a series dedicated to showcasing up-and-coming fighters in the sport. The initial championship event is schedule for Saturday, April 11, 2009 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif. The fight card will be announced at a later date.

"We are very excited to have the opportunity to deliver live Strikeforce events on the SHOWTIME premium television platform," said Coker.

"SHOWTIME is a forward-thinking innovator with a reputation for producing outstanding original programming in sports and entertainment. They have been a phenomenal partner in the past and we are looking forward to growing our relationship with them and bringing the Strikeforce brand of MMA to millions of SHOWTIME subscribers."

"Strikeforce has a history of presenting high-quality, compelling mixed martial arts events and we are thrilled to be able to bring their world-class events to our subscribers," said Hershman.

Hershman was responsible for pioneering the network's entry into MMA in 2007, when SHOWTIME became the first premium network to televise the explosive sport.

He continued, "This relationship with Strikeforce will allow SHOWTIME to continue to deliver some of the best MMA match-ups in the rapidly growing sport as well as to expose the future champions of MMA to our audience."

The agreement reunites SHOWTIME and "Strikeforce following their successful "Shamrock vs. Baroni" event, presented by SHOWTIME PPV® in 2007. In the main event, former UFC middleweight champion and MMA legend, Frank Shamrock, submitted knockout artist, Phil "The New York Badass" Baroni, in the second round of action whereby Shamrock became the first-ever "Strikeforce World Middleweight Champion.

The historic event was followed up with a live SHOWTIME telecast of one of the sport's most anticipated showdowns of all-time "Shamrock versus undefeated IKF World Kickboxing Champion Cung Le" (Left) on March 29, 2008. In a battle that has since been proclaimed "Fight Of The Year" by industry experts and critics, Le seized the "Strikeforce middleweight crown by pouring on a relentless offensive and fending off Shamrock's counter attacks before breaking the defending champion's arm with a hard roundhouse kick and forcing Shamrock to retire from the bout between rounds three and four.


Connection To

RESURGENCE! This one word is the description of the job the International Battle League - IBL has ahead as it begins it's "Resurgence" back into the MMA World again with several fresh ideas that hope to make the 2009 IBL Season more organized with more exposure and easier to follow for everyone involved.

This time last year the IBL was an exciting new organization that many wanted to be a part of. The letters IBL were quickly a hot topic on MMA Message boards around the USA with many watching closely to see how the new independently team owned IBL was going to do in the hotbed of todays MMA as compared to the failed IFL. Teams signed on quickly, more than twice the amount the IBL projected for the opening season and everyone was eager to start. However, many quickly learned there was more to owning a team than just paying a fee and signing the team agreement.

As part of the upcoming 2009 season, IBL Commissioner Steve Fossum announced a few days ago that at the end of the 2009 IBL Season, President of Strikeforce, Scott Coker has agreed to sign on 3-5 of the Top IBL Fighters in the League. If Coker and his Team see more talent, they will make additional offers as desired.

To read the entire IBL RESURGENCE article (Posted WEDNESDAY, January 21st, 2009), go to the IBL News page at



By Mike Afromowitz

In a transaction signaling the dawn of a new era in the world's fastest growing sport, world championship mixed martial arts (MMA) organization Strikeforce®, has acquired certain fighter contracts from ProElite, Inc, the parent company of former Strikeforce® co-promoter, Elite Xtreme Combat (EliteXC).

Strikeforce® also acquired other specific assets of ProElite, including a library of EliteXC events, which were distributed live on either CBS or Showtime Networks.

"This is a tremendous development that will bolster the Strikeforce® roster and allow us to produce even more competitive matchups between top fighters," said Scott Coker, (L) Founder and CEO of Strikeforce® "Some of these athletes have been on the sidelines for a while now and are eagerly waiting to return to competition. We look forward to providing them with the opportunity to do so in the next few months."

EliteXC burst onto the MMA scene with "Destiny," the first live, SHOWTIME®-televised MMA fight card in history, on February 10, 2007. Held at Southaven Mississippi's DeSoto Civic Center, the main event pitted Shamrock against Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert, Renzo Gracie.

The promotion made history again by bringing, for the first time, a live MMA event to the CBS Television Network on May 31, 2008.

A martial arts promoter for over 23 years, Coker has gained widespread acclaim among industry colleagues and the media, including Rolling Stone magazine, Yahoo! Sports, and The San Jose Mercury News. Coker elevated his 14-year-old Strikeforce® organization to become a major player in the World's fastest growing sport. Strikeforce's® inaugural MMA event hosted a capacity crowd of 18,265 at San Jose's HP Pavilion on March 10, 2006. The live gate figure also broke the then all-time record for attendance at an MMA event held in North America.



Amateur Sanctioning Approval
In Illinois


This past Tuesday the Illinois State Professional Athletic Unit Division of Professional Regulation Financial and Professional Regulation held the first of two meetings in regards to the approval of Amateur Sanctioning bodies in Illinois. This first meeting the commission interviewed two of the 5 Amateur Sanctioning body applications, KICK and Combat Consulting. After each groups interview the Commission voted to approve each sanctioning body with several conditions of some of their rules and regulations that need adjustments or changes. Once these adjustments and changes have been accepted, these two sanctioning bodies will be allowed to sanction both Amateur MMA and Amateur Kickboxing in Illinois. However, all adjustments and changes will first need to be approved by the Commission for them to get the green light to sanction amateur events.

ISCF and IKF President Steve Fossum attending this first of two meetings even though the ISCF and IKF was not on the first meeting schedule. Sadly to say, some people walked away with the wrong idea about the results of the first meeting. Already associates of KICK International as well as the heads of KICK International themselves have been heard claiming that they are one of only two accepted amateur sanctioning body in Illinois with no need of revising their rules or regulations and that no other sanctioning bodies will be approved.

The main comment we have been informed that the KICK International guys are saying reads something like, "Only us and Combat Consulting were approved and they said no to ISCF, IKF and ISKA and that they will need to re-apply."

This of course is totally false and it's sad that the KICK guys are making such accusations, but we would expect nothing less from them. The ISCF and IKF (Along with the ISKA) were not in a sense, "turned down or turned away" by any means. The ISCF and IKF knew they were not on the agenda to be reviewed by the board for this first of two meetings.

The reason is because ISCF, IKF and ISKA got their paperwork in "After" the other two did and they did not have time to review ISCF, IKF and ISKA because of how long the reviews were in addition to all their other agenda items on for this first meeting. Mr. Fossum attended the meetings simply because he wanted to hear everything the commission talked about along with discuss the new rules and regulations with some of the members of the commission in person. "Being there was of great value." Said Fossum. "Even though we were not on the agenda to be reviewed, it gave me an opportunity to hear the many items of discussion among the many in attendance." The ISCF and IKF review will be on February 17th, along with the ISKA and another sanctioning body.

The State of Illinois has made a mandatory/minimum rules requirements for any and all Amateur Sanctioning bodies for MMA (With some rules applying to kickboxing as well) and the ISCF has posted them off of their Rules Page. The page link can be accessed by clicking HERE.

WEDNESDAY, February 4th, 2009, AT 9:00 PM, PT

Results From Bad Intentions'
January 30th, 2009 - St. Joesph Missouri, USA

  • WHO: Bad Intentions
  • WHERE: Ramada Inn, St. Joesph Missouri, USA
  • WHAT: ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts
  • ISCF Representative: Chuck Wolfe
  • ISCF Referee: Damon Reed
  • ISCF Judges: Chris Wolfe, Bud Johnson and Chuck Wolfe
  • ISCF Timekeeper: TBA
  • Event Medical Doctor: Dr. Rance McClain
  • ISCF PROMOTER: Galen Brown

    James Mango VS Donnie Lehman
    WINNER: Donnie Lehman by Tap Out (Guillotine Choke) at 1:02 of Round 1.

    Bill Whitley VS Courtney Kline
    WINNER: Bill Whitley by Tap Out (Guillotine Choke) at 1:11 of Round 2.

    Tyler Stout VS Dakota Runnells
    WINNER: Tyler Stout by TKO (Sriikes) at :30 of Round 2.
    Dakota Runnell - Medical Suspension 30 days due to TKO Referee Stoppage from Strikes.

    Tim McCoy VS Mike Watson
    WINNER: Mike Watson by Tap Out (Strikes) at :44 of Round 2.

    Zach Elder VS Mike Wilson
    WINNER: Zach Elder by Tap Out (Rear Naked Choke) at :38 of Round 1.

    Taylor Schmitz VS Brandon Travis
    WINNER: Brandon Travis by Split Decision, 28-29, 29-28, 29-28.

MONDAY, February 2nd, 2009, AT 11:00 AM, PT

Results From Battlefield Fighting Championship's
"Battlefield FC"
January 24th, 2009 - Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

  • WHO: Battlefield Fighting Championship - Inauguration Fights
  • WHERE: SLAPSHOTZ - Golden Skate World, 12220 Five Mile Road, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
  • WHAT: ISCF Amateur Mixed Martial Arts
  • ISCF Representative: Robert Zingg
  • ISCF Referee: Brad Duruttya & Zach Rainey
  • ISCF Judges: The off bout referee will be the # 1 judge, Paul Parker (#2), Scott Gunoe (#3)
  • ISCF Timekeeper: Brad Wieberg
  • Event Medical Doctor: Dr. Sebastian A. Sicari, DO
  • ISCF PROMOTER: Contact Mr. Aaron Jacobson (610) 331-0431 or at

  1. Amateur Super Cruiser Weight MMA
    Rob Smith VS Fred Morris
    WINNER: Rob Smith by Referee Stoppage (Strikes) TKO at 2:47 of Round 3
    Referee - Bradley Duruttya
    Recommended 30 day suspension due to TKO.

  2. Amateur Light Heavyweight MMA
    Will Petry VS Todd Morris
    Bout Cancelled: Will Petry became ill in the dressing room, prior to his fight. He had elevated pulse and blood pressure, vomiting. He was examined by the Ring Dr. The bout was postponed for 30 minutes for reevaluation. Dr. Sicari examined him again after 30 minutes and found little change. Dr. Sicari would not allow him to fight. Dr, Sicari recommends Will Petry to be examined by his primary care physician and submit to the ISCF Home Office an affidavit that he is physically fit to fight before being allowed to fight again.

  3. Amateur Lightweight MMA
    Adam Graves VS Billy Reynolds
    WINNER: Adam Graves by Unanimous Decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.
    Referee - Zachary Rainey

  4. Amateur Super Cruiserweight MMA
    Elder Ramos VS Jeff Orazi
    WINNER: Elder Ramos by Referee Stoppage (Strikes) TKO at 1:58 of Round 2.
    Referee - Zachary Rainey
    Recommended 30 day suspension due to TKO.

  5. Amateur Lightweight MMA
    Duke Koblinsky VS Lee King
    WINNER: Duke Koblinski by TAPOUT (Overwhelming force) at 1:37 of Round 1.
    Referee - Zachary Rainey

  6. Amateur Super Heavyweight MMA
    Crissy Adler VS Ronnie Reaper
    WINNER: Crissy Adler by TAPOUT (Overwhelming force) at :23 of Round 2.
    Referee - Zachary Rainey

  7. Amateur Flyweight MMA
    Brian Robey VS Joshua Peters
    WINNER: Joshua Robey by TAPOUT (Triangle choke) at 2:11 of Round 1.
    Referee - Bradley Duruttya

  8. Amateur Super Middleweight MMA
    Warren Sollers VS Taz Burrous
    WINNER: Warren Sollers by TAPOUT (Arm bar) at 1:42 of Round 2.
    Referee - Bradley Duruttya

  9. Amateur Super Middleweight MMA
    Dan Root VS Brian Davenport
    WINNER: Dan Root by TAPOUT (Guillotine Choke) at :46 of Round 1.
    Referee - Bradley Duruttya

  10. Amateur Featherweight MMA
    Jackson Luce VS Matt Stemmler
    WINNER: Matt Stemmler by Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.
    Referee - Zachary Rainey

  11. Amateur Super Middleweight MMA
    Chanlder Harris VS Henry Cumberland
    WINNER: Chandler Harris by TAPOUT (Triangle choke) at 1:34 of Round 1.
    Referee - Zachary Rainey

  12. Amateur Super Cruiserweight MMA
    Tyrone Warren VS Jason Heflin
    WINNER: Jason Heflin by Referee Stoppage (Strikes) TKO at 1:53 of Round 2.
    Referee - Zachary Rainey
    Recommended 30 day suspension for TKO.

  13. Amateur Featherweight MMA
    Brandon Cherry VS Justin Jones
    WINNER: Justin Jones by KO at 1:10 of Round 1.
    Referee - Bradley Duruttya
    Recommended 45 day suspension due to KO.

  14. Amateur Middleweight MMA
    Nick Robison VS Matt Dean
    WINNER: Nick Robinson by TAPOUT (Guillotine choke) at 1:40 of Round 1.
    Referee - Bradley Duruttya

  15. Amateur Super Heavyweight MMA
    Russell Garcia VS Daniel Madison
    WINNER: Daniel Madison by TAPOUT (Strikes) at :45 of Round 1.
    Referee - Zachary Rainey
    No suspension recommended.

  16. Amateur Light Weight MMA
    Larry Hughes VS Nick Hanzivasilis
    WINNER: Larry Hughes by Referee Stoppage (Strikes) TKO at 2:06 of Round 2.
    Referee - Zachary Rainey
    Recommended 30 suspension due to TKO.

Note: A fight between Waja Varsislis and Matt Beitz was in the works but could not be finalized, so the bout did not occur. No Harm-No Foul on either fighter.