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Moving Forward with your ISCF Sanctioned Event

  • Promoter must have approval of the ISCF Headquarters to host an Officially Sanctioned ISCF Event.

  • All Sanctioning Fees must be paid in full to the ISCF Office, before an event can be advertised as an ISCF sanctioned event.

  • For the least expensive price for your event Sanctioning Fees, we suggest that you pay your fees a minimum30 days prior to your scheduled event. This will assure you a very good discount off the regular Sanctioning Fees for your event and requested title bout fees.

  • Inside 30 days prior to your scheduled event, your Sanctioning Fees will go up, but you will still receive a discount off the regular Sanctioning Fees for your event and requested title bout fees.

  • If your Sanctioning Fees are not received by the ISCF office within 15 days prior to your scheduled event, you will be required to pay the Full Regular Sanctioning Fees as listed with no pre pay discount.

  • If Sanctioning Fees are not received within 5 days prior to your event, your event will not be sanctioned by the ISCF.

  • Whenever any State Commission has jurisdiction over a mixed martial art competition at an ISCF event, the State Commission will hold the weigh-ins and safety equipment check ALONG WITH the ISCF event representative.

  • All ISCF event Officials must be approved by the ISCF Head Office BEFORE the event. The ISCF Event Representative and ISCF Head Office have the authority to change officials at the event at any time, Before and During the event if necessary.

  • Each event will have
    • One (1) ISCF Representative in attendance.
      • One (1) ISCF Scorekeeper
        • These 2 positions are many times held by 1 person, The ISCF Event Representative.
    • 3 or more ISCF Certified Judges.
    • One (1) or moreISCF Certified Referee(s).
    • In areas where already certified ISCF officials are not close by, arrangements will be made to secure qualified officials for the event.

  • The promoter must pay for all awards, purses and ISCF title belts (If Any) in advance of the event.

  • In addition to the general event expenses, Promotional, sanctioning, purses, venue etc, the event promoter will pay all Officials expenses as well. For Officials Fees, Click HERE and HERE

Event Requirements For ISCF Promoter

  1. The ISCF Representative at the event must approve All Fight Gloves.

  2. Fight Gloves shall be whole, clean, in sanitary condition and subject to inspection by the referee or the ISCF representative at the event. Any gloves found to be unfit must be replaced with gloves in better condition.

  3. All ISCF Sanctioned Promoter's are liable for any medical costs of any injury sustained by any Fighter who is Fighting on the Promoters ISCF Sanctioned Event.
    • To cover any such fighter medical expenses, the ISCF Sanctioned Promoter must have a minimum of $2,500.00 coverage (Higher limits may be a mandatory requirement for some states) in fighter medical Insurance for his ISCF Sanctioned event.
      • The ISCF STRONGLY Recommends Promoters carry a higher amount of "Fighter Medical Insurance", however, the ISCF offers this as an option to the event Promoter. The ISCF Event Promoter must understand that no matter what the costs of an injured fighters medical bills, the ISCF Sanctioned Event Promoter is liable for 100% of any such medical costs related to any injury the fighter receives on an ISCF Sanctioned event.

    • The ISCF Event Promoter must provide proof of their fighter medical Insurance by faxing a cover page of their insurance to the ISCF Headquarters (916-663-4510) prior to their event.

    • The ISCF Event Promoter must also have the entire insurance coverages, original paperwork available to show the ISCF Event Representative.
      • If Promoter has not faxed to the ISCF Headquarters a copy of "Proof of Fighter Medical Insurance" and or cannot show any proof of such insurance to the official ISCF Event Representative prior to the event, the event will be cancelled immediately by the ISCF Event Representative. For rates on such insurance click Here.

  4. Promoter must have a minimum of 1 LICENSED MEDICAL DOCTOR with ringside fight experience at ringside at all times during the event. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED A PROMOTER HAVE TWO RINGSIDE DOCTORS. For requirements click HERE.

  5. Promoter must have 1 Ambulance & 2 Paramedics at their event at all times.

  6. Promoter must have Oxygen and Stretcher at ringside for medical emergencies.

  7. Ring cards and ring girls/guys to display to the crowd which round the bout is in. This is optional for the promoter.

  8. Promoter must have Ringside officials tables & chairs;
    • 3-4 is best for all officials, placed around the ring.
    • If a boxing ring these will be placed on each side of the ring (8 total, 2 each side is best.)

  9. Promoter must have A minimum of two separate spaces for fighters to warm-up in.

  10. Promoter must have Ice and Water to offer all trainers/fighters.

  11. Promoter must have a Ring Announcer - Click HERE.

  12. Promoter must have ISCF Certified event officials for his/her event.

  13. Promoter will supply any and all Title belts and other awards.

  14. Promoter must have Event Security.

  15. All additional needs to support an event which include but are not limited to, venue, fighters, hotel rooms etc. Contact the ISCF if these areas are unclear.

    • ALL PRO PURSES are to be paid to the ISCF Event Representative PRIOR to the beginning of the event (directly after the event weigh-ins or before the Official event Rules meeting.) in the form of cash or cashiers checks made out to each fighter to secure the promise of these fees due to the Pro Fighters. NO PERSONAL OR BUSINESS CHECKS WILL BE ALLOWED!

    • AFTER THE EVENT the ISCF Event Representative and the Event Promoter will BOTH pay each Pro Fighter their cash purse in private.

    • If the Promoter cannot pay the ISCF Event Representative all the Pro Purses in this form before the event, the event will be cancelled immediately and legal action will be assisted by the ISCF towards the event promoter from each Professional Fighter.



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