Failure to obey the following Cornerman & Trainers Rules & Regulations will result in a
Minimum Fine of $250
And possible suspension from working any fighters corner on ANY MMA Event. Please see bottom of this page for such details.

  1. All fighters are allowed a maximum of three (3) cornermen or trainers at cage-ringside while the bout is in progress.

  2. ALL CORNERMEN are required to STAY in their fighter's corner (outside the ring or cage, of course) while the match is in progress.

  3. For the SAFETY of the Ringside Officials and Fans: IF a fighter's trainer or cornerman leaves his/her corner area and goes directly ringside or cage side where the two fighters are grappling that is not their corner area to coach their fighter, the referee shall stop the bout and make one of the following determinations:
    • Warn the Coaching Corner to Stay in his/her Corner.
    • Deduct one (1) point from the fighter whose cornerman left their corner.
    • End the round, awarding the entire round to the opposite fighter.
    • End the bout, awarding the entire bout to the opposite fighter.

  4. Such cornermen shall only be APPROVED cornermen by the ISCF.

  5. Cornermen shall stay OFF the cage-ring floor/canvas etc., while the bout is in progress. NO LEANING ON THE RING OR CAGE!

  6. During the round breaks, only one cornerman is allowed in the ring while the other two can stand outside the ring ropes on the outside edge of the ring or on the floor. If the bout takes place in a cage, TWO cornermen are allowed in the cage area designated for such coaches to attend to that coach's fighter.

  7. Cornermen must obey the referee at all times during the match.

  8. Cornermen must conduct themselves with appropriate and proper sportsmanship in all ways connected with the match.

  9. Cornermen may spray (not pour) water and apply ice to a fighter between rounds. No other substances may be applied between rounds, and the cornermen are responsible to dry the corner area before the next round commences.

  10. Violation of the rules by corner personnel can result in warnings, point deductions, and/or disqualification of that corner's fighter.

FINES & SUSPENSIONS: ALL Trainers and Cornermen working on an ISCF Sanctioned event must conduct themselves with appropriate and proper respect to ALL ISCF Ring Officials. Any "Unacceptable and Unjustified" rude or disrespectful behavior of ANY kind occurs by a Cornerman or Trainer working an ISCF event the result of such action will be a minimum fine of $250.00 up to $2,500.00. In addition, if such a violation occurs, the ISCF has the right to suspend the Trainer or Cornerman from working as a cornerman for up to 12 months in ANY MMA event worldwide. If such a suspension is given and the Trainer or Cornerman continues to work a fighters corner while under suspension, they will be banned from any role on any future ISCF event indefinitely as a Trainer or Cornerman as well as a fighter.