Promoter Suspensions And/Or Fines

January 2014



  • Rico White, Promoter
    • COMPANY: International Championship Fighting, LLC
      • Mr. Rico White at (702) 838-8008 or (702) 357-1723 - e-mail at

    • EVENT DATE: June 7th, 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

    • 4-15-10: After numerous times of calling and e-mailing Mr. White and leaving message after message about a NSF Check written to one of the event judges, ISCF is forced to post a Promoters Suspension on Mr. White for failure to pay an event official.
      • Suspension remains until all past fees and fines are paid in full, including the fees due to the SC Commission.

    • 10-4-10: Fine & Suspension re-confirmed on October 4th, 2010.

    • 1-20-14: Fine & Suspension re-confirmed on January 20th, 2014.
      • Updated Info
        • P.O. Box 3303, Kalamazoo, MI, 49003, 269-779-6409.
        • Owner Big Dog Development L.L.C.


  • Charles Headley & Ms Tracy Headley - Promoters
    • COMPANY: Bad Boy's Promotions LLC's - "Taking Lafollette by Storm"
      • (423) 784-7032 and

    • EVENT DATE: March 28th, 2009, Jacksboro, Tennessee, USA

  • 3-30-09
    • At the above event, the ISCF Officials agreed to work the event for travel fees only.
      • ISCF Representative: Ron Thomas
      • ISCF Referee: Shawn Pitcock
      • ISCF Judges: Ray Thompson, Dave Stoner, and Maxine Thomas
      • Event Doctor: Dr. Jan Robbins

    • This decision was made after they all met and decided to do so for the fighters, so the fights would take place. They were paid "Travel Fees" only, but no "Officials Fees" after seeing there was basically no paying spectators.

    • In addition, in the days following this event, ISCF discovered that Charles Headley and the listed promoter, Ms Tracy Headley had other unpaid bills still due. These bills were for various fees due from the above event which included hotel fees, cage rental, promotional belts (Not ISCF Belts), travel fees to some trainers and fighters, ring card girl fees and several other miscellaneous bills.

    • The final determination to suspend the Headley's was made on the above issues.

    • For more details click HERE.

    • ISCF will remove the suspension once they are given written documentation of "All Bills Paid in Full".

  • 10-1-09
    • Due to the continued non payment of the above items, Mr. Charles Headley has also been suspended as an ISCF Official.
      • Suspension remains until all past due bills are paid in full.

  • 4-17-10:
    • ISCF has now added a $2,500.00 fine to Mr. Hadley's suspension for falsifying that he was promoting an ISCF Sanctioned event in Kentucky on the weekend of April 23rd, 2010.

    • No such event was ever discussed with anyone at the ISCF Office. ISCF was informed of this proposed event on Friday, April 16th by ISCF Referee Kimberly Winslow.

    • Hadley had contacted ISCF Officials Kimberly Winslow and Steve Mazagatti and hired them to work this event at a very high fee.
    • However, 2 weeks before the show, Hadley stopped returning their calls.

    • Suspension remains until all past fees and fines are paid in full.

  • 10-4-10: Fine & Suspension re-confirmed on October 4th, 2010.

  • 1-20-14: Fine & Suspension re-confirmed on January 20th, 2014.

Charles Headley


  • Mr. Kevin Chavers

      • "FIGHT 2 THE FINISH II" on November 9th, 2007 Kevy Boy Productions at the Congress Theater in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Promoted by Kevin Chavers of Matteson, Illinois, USA at (630) 664-6607,
        • Mr. Chavers has been fined and suspended for failure to meet financial obligations on this event. (All of his checks bounced) He has been fined $1,000.00 and suspended indefinitely by the ISCF.

        • Mr. Chavers phone number of (630) 664-6607 has been disconnected and his web site is down: - His last known e-mail address was

      • 10-4-10: Fine & Suspension re-confirmed on October 4th, 2010.

      • Chavers has had his own battles with the legal system. In 2013 he was arrested 3 times:
      • 1-20-14: Fine & Suspension re-confirmed on January 20th, 2014.


  • David Oblas
    May 10th, 2005
      • SUSPENSION: Indefinitely

      • FINE: $500.00

      • Oblas was suspended as a Promoter by the ISCF for Failure to Comply with Mandatory ISCF Sanctioning Requirements along with promoting false accusations about the regulatory procedures of the ISCF.
        • Issues related to this suspension actually started in 2004. The final issues came after Oblas' last ISCF Sanctioned event:
          After his April 29th, 2005 Atlanta, Georgia ISCF Sanctioned event, Oblas went on a public message board and made false accusations (Lies) about how the ISCF Event Officials handled things at his event. Some Examples:
          • Oblas tried to harm the regulating credibility of the ISCF going on a public message board within a few hours of his event writing:
            • 05/01/05 12:04 AM: "At this time I am still yet to be asked for proof of the insurance on the show by the iscf World President that I flew in town or proof of the pro contracts showing what the fighters were paid."
          • ISCF President Steve Fossum responded in an e-mail, reminding Oblas:
            RE INSURANCE
            • "There was no need to ask for your proof of insurance at the event. I had already had this faxed to me the week of the event on April 27th, 2005 at 4:13 PM by either you or the Insurance Company, Laurence Cole out of Dallas Texas. The Policy number is FD9212SP, Policy Holder: Undisputed Productions, Coverage Date: April 29th, 2005. Coverage Amount: $2,500.00 Deductible: $500.00.
              Now David, If I never had this policy, how would I know all this? I never asked you for it because I already had it in my possession, the night of your event in my files.
          • CONTRACTS
            • ISCF made sure in an e-mail to Oblas prior to his event for him to make sure he had all the PRO fighters pay in either cashiers checks or cash. Oblas assured ISCF it would be in cash.
            • ISCF Did ask Oblas for the contracts on Thursday night, April 28th, 2005 at the weigh-ins. Oblas' response to the ISCF was, "I don't have them here, but here is what the fighters are to be paid." Oblas then gave Fossum & Waller the amount of every PRO fighters purse, plus who was to receive bonus money if they won.
            • ISCF (Fossum & Matthew Waller) asked for these purses just before the event of Friday night, April 29th, 2005. In this conversation, Oblas told ISCF that "2" fighters had already been paid "Through tickets they sold". These 2 fighters were close friends of Oblas, Kevin Gittemeier and James Thorpe. Since Oblas knew these two closely and the ISCF was well aware of this, the ISCF OK'ed this action.
            • Despite some delays, Oblas paid all the remaining fighter (4) purses to the ISCF prior to the start of the event.
            • After the event, the ISCF paid all 4 Pro Fighter's their full purse with the sealed envelopes signed by Oblas and the ISCF.
        • For many months Oblas had continually attacked the regulatory duties of the ISCF, trying greatly to discredit the ISCF on public message boards, web pages, etc. etc. In the spring of 2005, ISCF and Oblas made amends and agreed to move on to a positive future. However, on Oblas' part, the amends was as false as the many accusations he had made about the ISCF in the years prior. It was almost as if Oblas was only working with the ISCF so that he could try to find a weak link or a failure spot, which he never was able to find, because there was none.
        • Oblas had made it a common action to continually insult both the ISCF as well as ISCF Officials in Georgia and at ISCF HQ.
        • His dirty tactics eventually killed the progression of MMA in Georgia, all because he found himself suspended for failure to follow up with his post event requirements.
        • Oblas was and still remains an individual who uses a computer keyboard as his weapon of choice. He will never confront or stand up to his accusations made to others in person, but stands tall behind his keyboard.
        • The ISCF wishes him success in his future, but the ISCF will not be a part of it.